4 of the Most Inspiring Fitness Accounts on Instagram

If there are two things Instagram is good for those are food bloggers and fitness accounts. When you’re bored, there’s nothing like looking at photos of appetizing dishes and desserts you’re never going to make, followed by a long session of scrolling through fitness accounts. These days, you can find thousands of fitness accounts on Instagram, and if you’re looking for some inspiration, or a professional trainer you can learn from, Instagram is your best friends. The number of fitness accounts on Instagram can be daunting, so we’re here to help you narrow it down with some of the best fitness accounts out there.

Kayla Itsnes

If you’re new to Instagram, you might not be familiar with Kayla Itsines, but she’s one of most popular trainer on Instagram these days, and has been among the top for a few years now. Kayla Itsines has developed the popular Bikini Body Guide (also known as BBG), a 12-week program to get in shape. Kayla has over 10 million followers, a number that speaks for itself, and plenty of happy customers who can testify her program actually works. If you’re serious about getting into shape, taking a look at her Instagram account would be a good place to start.

Hannah Bower

Hannah Bower is another popular name in the Instagram fitness sphere. Part of what makes her account popular, and ideal for times like these, is that she shares videos of exercises you can do at home, and she has done so way before it became popular. She’s also incredibly amiable, and her son or dog often show up in her videos, making them quite entertaining even if you’re not into fitness. Hanna also has an inspiring story, and her journey to success is quite remarkable.

Kelsey Wells

With over two million followers on her Instagram account, Kelsey Wells must be doing something right. She often offers inspiring words to go along with her workout videos, and her “no pain, no gain” attitude seems like a sure recipe for success. Kelsey’s page would provide you with plenty of workout videos that reveal her secret to staying fit, all the while encouraging you not to give up.


Jessamyn’s jam is yoga, and she does like like no one else. On her successful Instagram account, @mynameisjessamyn, she shares bits and pieces of her life, as well as yoga instructions and workout videos. She brings to the table something that Instagram is often lacking: honesty and authenticity. She’s body positive and a role model, she’s open and she’s sincere. If you’re tired of the typical fitness trainers on the app, and you’re looking for something different, this might be the address.

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