4 Ways to Stay in Shape While on the Road

Do you ever feel like you can never find enough time to work out on the road? Do you wish you had a simple and easy plan to help boost your metabolism and lose those pounds? They say your attitude determines your altitude, meaning the better you think about your body and physique, the better your fitness will become because you believe in yourself and your abilities.

1. You don’t need a gym or a class

You can work out in your hotel room for free: start by doing 20 jumping jacks in sets of 3 reps – this will help to get your heart rate up so that you can feel alive during the workout. Next, you can perform a series of 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups to be done back to back. You can do this circuit for 2 reps before resting. The push-ups and sit-ups will help to strengthen your upper body and flatten your tummy so that you can enjoy the local foods during your vacation. You can end this hotel workout by 15 in place air squats using your body weight. Make sure to extend your hips, bend your knees, and keep a level back posture coming back up to a resting position.

2. Use the furniture in your hotel room to exercise

For example, to perform triceps push-up, all you need is a chair: place your hands on the armrests and lower your body down and back up for 10 times. Do this for 2 reps, as it helps to build your triceps and strengthens your lower back muscles. If there’s no chair in your room, the work desk or the bed can work the same way.

3. Airport gym (yes, there is such a thing)

If you’re flying on a long international flight with a long layover, you can work out in the airport gym (did you know they have them?). Some select airports in the United States and aboard allow guests to use their workout facilities. You can lift weights, run on the treadmills, or if you aren’t into those heavy workouts, they also have a sauna where you can sweat out the stress of your travel.

4. Cycling is always a solution

You can work out while on the go to your next tourist destination by renting a bike to ride around the city. Another option is to join a tourist biking group and get a get workout while meeting new people. Finally, you want to make sure that you use your feet and walk between bus stops or up the block waiting for your taxi, or even challenging yourself by using the stairs instead of the elevator at your hotel can help build up your body stamina. These 5 tips can make your travel workout a flying success if you apply them consistently on your future travels.

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