50 of the World’s Most Impressive Female Cosplayers

Some little girls dream about becoming their favorite superhero (or villain), while others take it to the next step and become phenomenal cosplayers when they grow up. To be a good cosplayer, you need to have pretty good makeup skills, knowledge in costume design, and knowing how to sew can also come in handy.


Check out these 50 talented women who bring their fantasies to life. You might actually start believing in superheroes after this. Enjoy!

Green Lantern

Green Lantern never quite managed to translate itself into films very well, probably because it lacked the female beauty of Green Lantern-ess Jessica Cruz! But as a comic book hero, it’s everything a reader is looking for.


Meet Priscylla, a 23-year-old self-described dreamer with a lot of ambition and creativity to match. You can find her on Deviant Art where she goes by the name Surfingthevoid. Her costume and makeup were entirely done by her, and the attention to detail certainly shows!


Kara Zor-El, also known as Supergirl, is just as powerful as her older cousin, Superman. The family are probably the inspiration behind many of the more modern superhero families such as The Incredibles. Kara also has the added benefit of being extremely cute and very easy on the eyes (but then again so is Clark Kent).


 This cosplayer’s handle is @enjinight and she truly manages to capture the look and feel of the woman of steel. You’d practically expect lasers to burst out of her eyes at any moment! Check out her Instagram for many more incredible cosplays.


Tinkerbell might be portrayed in the Peter Pan universe as cute and tiny, but this bombshell has also made her incredibly sexy. You can find this girl on Instagram with the handle of @twerkingherkin.


 Our real-life Tinkerbell is an Australian cosplayer who sells her various pinups and cosplay pictures (and makes quite a great living out of it). You can find many more of @twerkingherkin’s cosplays from Black Widow to Jessica Rabbit on her Instagram channel.


It’s no surprise that this amazing cosplay outfit managed to snag an award during the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con cosplay competition. It took @magnetomystique a long time to put it together, as everything had to be made by hand into perfection.


This cosplayer took her inspiration from the full-body suit and makeup combo worn by Jennifer Lawrence in the popular X-Men films. Check out her Instagram at @magnetomystique.


Rogue was originally portrayed in the X-Men’s movies by the beautiful and talented Anna Paquin. No matter how well she may have done the role, there’s no doubt that @lizkatzofficial is a serious competitor in terms of the character’s looks. We don’t even care that she took the picture in her kitchen!


Our cosplayer, Liz Katz is ready for any coming up modeling gigs and even claims to be a highly talented video-gamer. Based on how well she did justice to this cosplay, we tend to believe her.


Polish cosplayer @Merrysynth managed to combine makeup and great hair styling to recreate the exotic queen of Atlantis, Kida. This cosplay was done just right, and managed to turn this cute cartoon character into a very attractive underworld creature.


Cosplayer Merry actually has dark hair in real life. She’s the winner of the 2018 Polska face awards competition and is living in Warsaw, Poland as a tattoo and makeup artist. Her Instagram is full of gothic and exotic modeling pictures, you’ve got to check it out because it’s simply incredible!

Princess Bean

You might know Princess Bean from the satirical Netflix fantasy web sitcom, Disenchantment. The show follows the story of Princess Bean, an alcoholic and rebellious “heroine”.


The character was almost perfected here by @nika_enot, a 23-year-old Russian cosplayer named Veronica. Her Instagram channel is full of gorgeous cosplay which features all the popular fantasy shows and films, from Game of Thrones to Harry Potter.


When we think of Aquaman, most of us immediately picture the hunky Jason Momoa in his iconic costume. This was true until Janey Lade, a popular model, fitness instructor, and cosplayer managed to take the character and gender-bend it into perfection.


Check out her Instagram at @LaneyFeni, where she can actually be seen posing with Jason Momoa during the 2017 Comic-Con convention. She has now cosplayed as most of DC’s main superheroes and has portrayed many other popular female vixens from Supergirl to Harley Quinn. We’re just surprised that she hasn’t been cast as one of these characters yet!


Ginger Kutschbach put on her classic white and purple suit, covered herself in green paint and went to Comic-Con as the powerful She-Hulk. While she doesn’t look nearly as buff as her male counterpart, it’s clear that this beauty can pack a mean punch.


In reality, Kutschbach is obsessed with fitness, especially squatting, as you can tell by her Instagram handle @chief_squat_low, where she has over 50,000 followers and posts beautiful fitness and modeling photos. If you’re looking for an inspiring fitness instructor who will motivate you to the extreme, you should check Ginger out on Instagram for inspiration.


Cosplayer Hanna Eva took to Comic-Con last year and put on a realistic and beautiful portrayal of Elza from the hit kids phenomena, Frozen, and no we won’t let it go!


Hana claims to be “that weird introverted kid you picked on in school”, but for us, she’s more like the girl next door that everyone was secretly in love with. You can check out her Instagram channel at @hannaheva, where she cosplays as some of the most iconic Disney characters of all time.


Filipina cosplayer @maweezy has made it her passion and business to go around Comic-Cons and cosplay as beautiful female characters. She loves to try out various edgy gender-bender roles and doesn’t shy away from portraying popular anime villains either.


This up and coming cosplayer has just over 30,000 Instagram followers, and gives geeks and gamers an excuse to keep checking and refreshing their Instagram channel! Outside of the fantasy world, she’s also a full-time Registered Nurse. Now that’s hot.


The Hellboy franchise didn’t have the smoothest come back into theaters when the attempted their return with the 2019 box office failure starring David Harbour as Hellboy. Perhaps it would have done much better if the film had portrayed this beautiful cosplayer as its main actress.


Tanuki Tinka Asai drove everyone at Comic-Con wild when she took the buff and scruffy Hellboy character and turned it into Hellgirl. This sinister and beautiful portrayal of the character makes us wonder why it wasn’t made as a female demon to begin with! You can follow her on Instagram at @tanuki_tinka_asai, where she has many more daring and beautiful cosplays.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have always been two major threats to the vigilant Batman. The combination of psychotic chaos and seductive nature almost got the Dark Knight into trouble many, many times. The two have worked together often throughout the Batman universe, and make a beautiful duo when portrayed in cosplay.


These costumes were recently done by cosplayers Ryoko-Demon and Rei-Doll, who made their entire costume and makeup up by hand. You can follow them on Instagram at @ryoko_demon and @rei.doll. We sure hope to see this dynamic duo in action again at this years’ Comic-Con!

Tomb Raider

Whether you’re a video-gamer or just love seeing characters in cosplay, there’s a good chance you’ve already come across the beautiful Lara Croft! This female heroine was one of the first popular female video-game characters and literally launched the action-adventure gaming genre as the female Indiana Jones.


She’s portrayed here by @enjinight, a cosplayer and costume artist based in Hungary, Budapest. This beautiful cosplayer has almost a million followers and is one of the most popular Instagrammers in her field. Most of her costumes are based on video-game characters. We’ve heard from good sources that her photos are responsible for enough gamer drool to fill a football stadium!


Domino became a popular female comic book character when she was portrayed by the beautiful Zazie Beetz in the hit Ryan Reynolds film, Deadpool 2. She was recently cosplayed by the gorgeous 23-year-old Unique Sora, a fine arts student that loves to portray some of the world’s most popular comic book and video-game characters.


Her Instagram handle is @uniquesora, currently has more than 150,000 followers. This cosplayer is also an avid LGBTQ+ supporter and is currently in a relationship with the beautiful @khyvacraft. The two often cosplay together and love kissing as iconic characters from popular films.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen immediately became one of the most popular characters in comic-con when she came on the super-successful TV show, Game of Thrones. She was portrayed by Emilia Clarke, a relatively unknown actress, that is now a household name. Russian Cosplayer Christina Filinka Fox attempted to bring the character to life and managed to do an almost perfect job with it!


Fox regularly appears in Comic-Con doing various cosplays of famous characters. You can check her Instagram out at @kalinkafox. There’s no doubt that Christina puts much more effort into cosplays than most of her contemporaries, as almost every picture she does is heavily edited with dramatic effects and backgrounds.

The Wasp

You might remember the Wasp from the 2018 Marvel film, Ant-Man and the Wasp. The character was originally portrayed by Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly. During a recent Comic-Con, this female cosplayer took a jab at the character and managed to reproduce the costume almost perfectly.


Lilly first rose to fame when she got the role of Kate Austen in the ABC series Lost from 2004 to 2010. She’s is not your typical 23-year-old model either but this just gives her the ability to transform herself into many more characters from much loved comic books and movies. Today the Actress/cosplayer mostly works as a children’s books author. Lucky kids.

Wonder Woman

Rocío Madariaga is a beautiful fashion and cosplay designer from Santiago, Chile. She recently managed to perfectly recreate the iconic Wonder Woman outfit, including weapon, shield, backdrop, pose and all! The character was originally made famous by Israeli actress, Gal Gadot, who became a household name for her role as Princess Diana (the character, not the Royal princess).


You can find her channel on Instagram at @rociocosplayer, where she shows off her incredible fleet of cosplay costumes. Madariaga has even managed to make a sexy Freddy Krueger portrayal, which just goes to show that cosplays can really put a new spin on popular characters, even if they’re horror villains.


Many actresses and models have tried to successfully recreate the weather-controlling X-Men character, Storm, and many have unfortunately failed. This character has had many looks in the past and is extremely hard to recreate in real life due to her unique and exotic appearance.


Whoever this cosplayer is, we can say for a fact that she did an amazing job portraying the character! She chose to stick to the original comic-book rendition of Storm, which in our opinion is the most iconic version you can get.

Dr. Strange

You may remember Dr. Strange as the time-and-matter manipulating wizard from the popular Marvel comic books and films. Although he was always a bit of an unconventional character, we never thought he would work so well when portrayed by a female! This version of the character was perfected by cosplay artist, @rachelmeiklecosplay.


This definitely wasn’t the model’s first daring cosplay, as she’s been known to take on various other non-conventional characters. We won’t spoil these for you, and urge you to check out her Instagram channel at @rachelmeiklecosplay. Most of her costumes are handmade and she has a relatively small following, so go ahead and give her a thumbs-up! She’ll surely appreciate it.


Out of all the characters that one can turn into a sexy gender-bender, we never thought that Hades from the Hercules cartoon film would be on that list! German Cosplayer Jacqueline brought this costume to the Leipziger Buchmesse Manga Comic Convention, where she made heads turn on every step. She did the makeup and her own body paint but had the costume done by Leipziger Buchmesse Manga Comic Convention.


You can find her stuff on Deviant Art where she goes by the name Jacklinn. She also has a great YouTube channel with many tutorials. You can find it by searching for ‘Jak Cosplay’ on the popular video site.


It’s truly amazing just how realistic and accurate this Batgirl cosplay is! It was made recently by the beautiful and talented Lola V, who decided it was time to dawn the bat cape. Although Ruby Rose is doing a great job portraying the character on the popular CW show, Lola is definitely doing the costume justice strutting along among us humans.


You can check out more of Lola V’s ventures on Instagram at @lola_v_cosplay. She’s originally from New Zealand and currently lives in Australia. Outside of Cosplaying, Lola is an avid dancer, geek, gamer and world traveler.


You probably remember the hilarious and cute Mantis from the first two Guardians of the Galaxy films. She was recently spotted on an LA street party being cosplayed by @lianne507 (who also uses the Instagram handle @lianne.cosplay).


Although she has the least amount of followers on our list, Lianne is doing some of the most creative and unique portrayals we’ve ever seen. You should definitely check her work out. We guarantee you’ll be amazed at her creativity.


If you’re looking for a cosplayer who can turn an innocent cartoon character into an absolute babe, look no further than Oh My Sophii. This gorgeous beauty is one of the most popular cosplayers on the planet and based on her Instagram, it’s easy to understand why.


She has over 55,000 followers and is a full-time prop maker. All of her cosplays outfits are custom-made and feature heavy edits that make each photo stand out brilliantly. She recently did a wonderful work portraying Raven from Teen Titans, just one more successful job out of hundreds so far. Follow her on Instagram with the handle @OhMySophii.


Princess Kitana was first introduced to gamers in Mortal Kombat II, the sequel to the brutal arcade fighting game which shattered popularity records. Many players often find themselves playing as her and yelling the iconic “Finish Him!” just before winning a match. This cosplayer used an outfit bought from an Etsy store called ‘Kitana Store’ and made a perfect rendition of this character!


This coplay honestly looks like something straight out of the game, as we literally couldn’t find anything that isn’t spot-on about it. If you’re in the mood for dressing as one of Mortal Kombat’s lead female fighters, the Etsy store this remarkable costume came from sells custom made outfits.

Pepper Potts

What happens when you combine brilliant engineering skills and an absolutely gorgeous babe? We found the answer to that question in this genius Pepper Potts cosplay by Katharina Kastian. This German redhead cosplays as various popular comic book characters, and sells custom outfits and accessories on her Etsy store.


She built this suit using highly-dense foam and got it custom painted. It wasn’t hard getting everything to look like Robert Downey Jr. outfit, but she still managed to pull it off on a budget much lower than his. Katharina Kastian tends to stay away from social media, but you can still find more of her creations through some good old fashioned Googling.


Pennywise terrified readers and viewers in both the original Stephen King novel and the two It films released in recent years. The clown attracts children using various manipulations and ends up eating them for his own pleasure.


This costume was sold on the popular social commerce site Polyvore, which was unfortunately shut down just a year ago. We’re not yet sure how Stephen King would react to his horror villain turning into a beautiful and alluring model, but we doubt he’d disapprove of this stunning cosplay work!


Whoever said that male gamers don’t love strong female characters should take a serious look at Samus Aran from Nintendo’s Metroid video game series. This strong female character was first introduced in the original 1986 game on the NES and remains as one of video gamers most beloved lead characters.


Samus was recently cosplayed by Amanda, an extremely sexy dancer, raver, traveler, gamer and mental-health activist from Canada. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington, where she was spotted wearing this perfect Samus Aran costume. We’d love turning into evil aliens if it meant she’d go after us too!

Snow White

Snow White cosplays are about as common as they get, as this Disney princess has been around longer than many of the others. Just like most of the popular Disney princesses, many have tried to perfect their look but few have managed to pull off quite as perfect a job as this young lady!


The combination of high-quality fabric, an original wig, and some masterful makeup go a long way and make this one into one of the best Snow White cosplays of all time! If there was anything else we could possibly ask for of this dead-on portrayal of Snow White it would be the addition of her seven height-challenged, bearded little friends.

The Bride

Anyone looking to recreate a strong, lead female character from a Quentin Tarantino film is quite alright in our books. This one above is a fantastic cosplay of the iconic Bride from the two Kill Bill films by the esteemed director.


The costume was purchased for under $150 from the Sugarpuss online clothing store. It doesn’t come with the sword, but you shouldn’t have a problem finding a fake (or real) katana if you live in a mid to large-sized city. This model managed to recreate a perfect cosplay of the Bride and she definitely looks like someone you do not want to mess with.


Stephanie Rose is what happens when you take a Twitch streamer, a content creator, and an international cosplayer, and combine them into one person. You can check out her Instagram channel at @sutefaniiroozu, where she uploads awesome cosplays and selfies.


In this picture, she did a fantastic gender-bender of the popular Deadpool and managed to turn the immortal hero into an unbelievably hot heroine. The photo was part of a photoshoot by Fractured Photography. You can check out Stephanie’s website for many more cosplays, and an incredible cosplay store which includes stickers, pinups, and more!

Captain America

Captain America is one of the most beloved superheroes in all of Marvels line up. The Captain, who came into existence in 1942 at the height of world war two was everything America could have hoped for. Unfortunately, at the time, We don’t think America was ready for this sweet female version of the beloved hero but cosplayers today sure are.


You might confuse this cosplay of Captain America with an extremely patriotic college cheerleader. While we’re missing the captain’s iconic shield, there’s no doubt that this version of the character is much sexier. And the best party? You can purchase this costume practically anywhere online for close to nothing!

Captain Marvel

Marvel fans were thrilled when they found out that Captain Marvel was being imported onto the big screen, especially with Brie Larson at the helm. This cosplayer who was photographed in a recent Comic-Con event could have easily worked on set as her double for the film! Her Instagram handle is @OMgCosplay, where she has almost 700,000 Instagram followers, thanks to her incredibly bold pinups.


The popular cosplayer has a highly successful Patreon account and probably makes north of $5k per month doing these pictures. She’s also quite the inspirational type, and claims that “Every pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself”.

Sailor Jupiter

Not many people are aware of just how big Sailor Moon used to be back when it ran as a manga in the ’90s. The franchise generated over $13 billion in merchandise and sold over 35 million mangas worldwide. Self-confessed wizard and “maker of things” Gillian Owen recently posted this awesome cosplay of one of the franchise’s characters.


Her Instagram handle is @gilly_kins, where she uploads a ton of personal pictures with her dog. She is also associated with @henchmenstudios, an entertainment design & fabrication studio, which makes some of the highest quality props and makeup work in the world for popular video-games.


You might get confused by the gorgeous face of cosplayer Hannah Ray, before looking down and seeing the massive skull on her outfit. She is cosplaying as none other than Frank Castle, who is known as The Punisher in Marvel’s comic books and cinematic universe. The character is a self-confessed killer who expertly and brutally takes down various criminals without even blinking.


You can find Hannah on Instagram under the handle @HannahRayNinja, where she promotes her incredible cosplay and other comic-related content. She is one of the most beloved cosplayers in the world and is a regular ar the annual Comic-Con.

Jessica Rabbit

While most characters on this list can be cosplayed using a costume and some great makeup, Jessica Rabbit requires a very specific type of person. To pull off a successful cosplay of the character, you’d need a beautiful face that would make even Marilyn Monroe jealous, and a very specific… curvature to match.


This cosplayer managed to not only use all of these assets to her advantage but literally created the best Jessica Rabbit cosplay we’ve ever seen. If there ever is a movie about the character, this is exactly how she should look like. The smoke and special effects add even more atmosphere to the picture, and the seductive pose and expert makeup definitely help too.


Fans of the Daredevil comic book can instantly recognize this cosplay as Electra from Daredevil. She’s the primary love interest of the lead hero, although her violent nature and tendency to kill people often get in their way.


The character was portrayed in 2005 by Jennifer Garner, but it seems that this cosplayer did an even better job than the actress. Her face is just right for the role, as it inspires both a feeling of seduction and a vague sense of threat. You can check out more of her work by searching for ‘shiroganesama’, but you might not want to do it at the office since some of her pictures are definitely not office-safe.


While most hero costumes work out great in their female versions as-well, something about the big helmet of Ant-Man makes this a hilarious gender bender. It was made using various parts that were purchased through eBay and has the look and feel of the character for sure.


The cosplay was done by Eternal Rose, a Reddit user who loves to portray various Marvel characters. This was reportedly her first-ever serious cosplay attempt, which is why we’ll give her a free pass on this one and congratulate her on the attempt!

Black Panther

Black Panther broke many of Marvel’s records when it was first released, and became one of their most beloved and best-selling films of all time. What really made it unique is that the cast featured almost entirely diverse characters, and made for a flick that everyone could be proud of.


Popular cosplayer and artist @cutiepiesensei is the one featured on this image. She loves doing cosplay for popular video games and comic book characters and is a regular at Comic-Con. With almost 200,000 followers, she seems to be doing quite well for herself. Don’t get your hopes up though, because this sexy lady is already happily married.


This awesome cosplay was done by the same cosplayer from our previous Aquawoman entry. Laney Jade is hands down one of the best cosplayers in the world and treats the venture as much more than just a hobby. She can be seen here portraying the powerful Superwoman, who recently got her very own TV show.


You can follow Laney Jade on Instagram at @laneyfeni, where she has more than 50,000 dedicated fans and followers. She consistently makes the “best of” lists for cosplays, which is no surprise considering the quality, dedication and love she has for her craft.

Gamora and Nebula

You might be slightly confused by this picture because it looks like it was pulled straight out of the Guardians of the Galaxy films. However, this is in-fact, a cosplay, and an extremely good one at that. It was done by female cosplayers Sara Moni and Amber Skies, who each portrayed Gamora and Nebula respectively.


You can follow them on Instagram at @saramonicosplay and @theamberskies, where they do a whole lot more impressive cosplays of various characters. The two often collaborate in these kinds of pictures, showing that they definitely know what fans love about their work!


We’ve never thought the Cyclops, the X-Men’s leader could be nearly as hot or as beautiful as this cosplayer managed to make him. This is one of the sexiest gender-bender cosplays we’ve seen this year, and it was done by none other than Camila Menezes.


You can find her on Instagram with the handle of @camenezesx, where she does many other male Marvel characters and turns them into sexy vixens. She even did Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, which is quite impressive considering that even guys have trouble turning him into a real-life character.

Kim Possible

Let’s face it, everyone knew that Kim Possible had the potential of becoming an incredibly hot cosplay character, and Lola V definitely proved it with her go at the character. She can be seen here wearing the same work pants and tool-belt, along with the long-sleeved shirt that reveals her fit abs. The cosplayer even dyed her hair for this one and managed to perfectly recreate the character, albeit in a much hotter way.


We’ve already promoted her channel in a previous entry, but just as a reminder, you can check out the Australian’s work on Instagram with the handle @lola_v_cosplay.


It’s hard to imagine a better cosplay for a Naruto character than this beautiful portrayal of the show’s character, Sakura. She is one of the leading protagonists of the manga and anime, thanks to her skills as a ninja. Despite starting out as little more than Naruto’s love interest, she quickly turned into a strong character that broke many stereotypes of the time.


Sakura was cosplayed by the Spanish model Dids, who is a long time fan of the show. Her Instagram account @didsrainfall features many other fantastic Japanese cosplays. These seem to come naturally to her, as she has a very anime-type face and figure.


There aren’t enough popular Spanish cosplayers at Comic-Con, which is why we’re so proud to show you Lakette, who recently portrayed Spider-woman.


When she’s not posing as a beautiful comic-book character, Lakette is actually a full-time architect and has a full and interesting life in general. You can check out her Instagram channel which has almost half a million followers via the handle @barraza_lakette. She loves posting pictures of her incredibly curved and fit Latino body, as-well-as the occasional cosplay.

Lana Kane

You may recognize Lana Kane from the popular animated FX comedy series Archer, which is mostly aimed at adult audiences due to its hypersexual nature. Lana is a field agent, and the girlfriend of Archer, the show’s main protagonist.


This cosplay was done by the beautiful Unique Sora, which we’ve mentioned in a previous entry. We considered as close as you can possibly get to an exact replica of the character, right down to those cat-like eyes. We’d take the cosplayed Unique Sora version of the character over the cartoon one any day of the week!

Pink Ranger

Angela Domanico took it upon herself to outdo all of the Power Rangers cosplayers who came before her and create the ultimate Pink Ranger. She not only managed to do that but honestly blew away everyone’s expectations in the process.


Her suit was made by Supergeek Designs and custom-tailored by Zentai Zone. Everything from the suit to the stylish helmet was the result of various entities and artists, except Angela’s beautiful face and body, which belong exclusively to her. Her Instagram handle is @angeldomanico_ and contains some incredible works of makeup and body art, which is her primary career at the moment.


While most people might confuse this cosplay as Wolverine, this is actually X-23, a female clone of the character and later the adopted daughter of Wolverine. She shares many of the character’s abilities, except that fact that she has two claws on her hands (instead of three), plus an additional claw at end of each foot.


She was portrayed in the picture by Rebecca from @becksters_lab, who did an incredible job of bringing the character to life. This is just one of many incredible cosplays done by this beauty, which include everything from Batman to Thor, and even Venom.

Black Cat

Spider-Man’s enduring love interest, Felicia Hardy, likes to spend her nights stealing from the wealthy in her anti-heroine persona — Black Cat. This is one cosplay that definitely made us go “MEOWWWW!”, as the wonderful CutiePieSensei managed to portray the character to the letter.


Everything from the hair, to the costume, and even her impressive physique was captured perfectly, which is why we put this at second place in our list! You can check her out at @CutiePieSensei on Instagram to see more of what she can do.

Harley Quinn

Finishing off this list, we’ve got a literal piece of perfection in this amazing cosplay of the psychotic Harley Quinn. Portraying the character in real life is not an easy job, as you need a combination of the costume, the physique, and the slightly insane mannerisms in-order to make it work.


Despite these challenges, cosplayer Karishma Cosplay managed to do just that and outdid herself with this seductive work. You can find her on Instagram via the handle of @karishma_cosplay_magic. Her channel was mysteriously removed, but will probably be back on track before you even know it.

Black Widow

This Australian beauty who goes by Katyuska Moonfox has portrayed a string of characters from shows such as the Nier series, an array of Marvel comics and Gurren Lagaan. One of her more iconic looks was Black Widow from the hit Marvel comic series (now a film of course) of the same name.


Katyuska is a huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise and is now even pursuing the study of game development. Even with her new pursuits, her decade long cosplay career has shown no signs of ending.


Tasha Cosplay hails from South Korea and is arguably one of the biggest names from there. Her Sarah Louise Kerrigan, (the self-styled Queen of Blades) from the game StarCraft cosplay is hauntingly beautiful and demonstrates her utmost dedication to the art of character portrayal.


She leads a cosplay group named the Spiral Cats who focus their cosplay work mainly on characters from the gaming world and have even collaborated with Riot Games and Blizzard.


Linda Le or more famously known as VampyBitMe is a Vietnamese-American cosplayer who is now California based. While she pulls off a fantastic Psyclocke AKA Elizabeth Braddock from the beloved Marvel series, she does a lot more than that. VampyBitMe is largely popular for embodying many different characters from various films, anime series, and games.


The cosplaying beauty has appeared in the magazines, Playboy and FHM and was even the guest of honor at the 2013 Singapore ComicCon.


Jannet Incosplay is a Russia based cosplayer that shot to fame for embodying the amazing character Widowmaker from the anime game favorite ‘Overwatch’. Not only does she make impeccable costumes, but she is also an expert wig stylist who has put together some pretty complex hairdos. She has been in the game since 2012.


While Jannet is a dedicated cosplayer with a studio she constantly works in, she also is a qualified vet! It looks like the cosplay world takes up most of her time though.


This originally Kiwi-born superstar cosplayer is probably the most recognized name in the industry. Jessica Nigiri got some pretty big attention for her iconic Pikachu cosplay in 2009. Since then she has continued with her work of portraying sexier versions of anime or game characters. She has even voiced Super Sonico in the English dubbed anime.


Nigri now lives in the United States and continues her cosplay work there, sometimes collaborating with big gaming companies such as  Kodakawa Games, Ubisoft, and Tecmo Koei.


Moving back to Asia, here we have Alodia Gosiengfia, possibly the most famous Filipina cosplayer in the world and hands-down the greatest  D.Va cosplayer there is. In 2003 after being a judge for a string of anime conventions, Gosiengfia became increasingly more recognized. Her role in the cosplay community has landed her several endorsement deals for skin brands, sushi restaurants, fashion lines, and more.


In addition to that, Gosiengfia was even once dubbed as the sexiest woman in the Philippines, as well as the most influential.

Code: Empress

The queen of Eve cosplay, Amie Lynne entered the world of cosplay in around 2009. It was then when she first tried out cosplay from Code Geass and realized that she had stumbled on a life-changing moment. Amie Lynn works hard on creating and crafting her garments completely alone, whether it be armor for Final Fantasy’s Lighting or her white hairstyles for Code Geass.


While her cosplays are impeccable, she still insists that it is just a hobby and she is not a purist when it comes to the art form.


Cosplayer AniMia got her start in the spotlight in modeling in 2001 before she fell into the cosplay community. It was only in 2008 that she fell in love with the art form. Now a world-famous star in the cosplay community, AniMia is now professionally judging cosplay competitions around the world.


With a background in modeling, she has managed to combine to these two worlds and has appeared on the cover of many magazines. She is sponsored by Crunchyroll and is pursuing this full-time.

Lili” de Rochefort

The South Korean born beauty, Aza Miyuko who is best known for her Lili” de Rochefort cosplay from the game Tekken is another leader in the anime world. Like Tasha Cosplay she also began with the group Spiral Cats. While she did leave in 2013 she is still an active member of the cosplay community even if she is focusing on her studies.


Currently, she is a fashion design student, so, of course, with her nearly 8-year long cosplay background, she can really shine in this field by creating all of her stunning outfits.


When it comes to experience, Ely, the Taiwanese cosplayer sure is in the lead. She is mostly known for wowing her fans with her SAO (Sword Art Online). Ely also prides herself on her complex and high-quality costumes, working hard to perfectly embody the characters that she portrays.


She shot to fame in the East Asian cosplay community mostly for her notable and spot-on portrayal of Sakuya from the Touhou series.


Another leading cosplayer, Lyz Brickley is a hard-core fan of the anime and video game world. As an Overwatch fan, she best embodies the character Mercy. She also brings her passions to her popular YouTube channel ‘ButtercupBrix’ where she discusses all of the latest in anime and cosplay culture. Lyz loves to embody a range of Pokemon Go trainers, Asuka Langley Soryu and one of the fan favorites, Jinx from League of Legends.


In addition to making fun and videos and interesting reviews on a variety of anime series and games, she also models professionally.


ChiangJiaJu, or more widely known as Misa Chiang is a Taiwanese based cosplayer who has been in the game since 2010.  Her most iconic look is as the character Dizzy from Guilty Gear. She has seen her fair share of conventions and festivals and has been a guest of honor at 30 of them. The Taiwanese beauty has also been a judge at several international cosplay conventions making her real cultural icon in the community.


Her favorite cosplays include characters from No Game No life, League of Legends, Shakugan no Shana and much, much more.


Another Taiwan cosplay icon, Meng Ting Hsieh, or more popularly known simply as Mon, has been dubbed the queen of ‘kawaii’ which in Japanese means cuteness. Mon is possibly one of the most popular cosplayers in Taiwan and is so obsessed with the performance that she has even been spotted on multiple occasions doing regular everyday activities such as grocery shopping in costume.


Her fans are incredibly drawn to her cuteness and innocent charm which have the ability to add an extra dimension to the already colorful characters that she portrays.


It’s hard to pick a specific cosplay by the Tawinase icon, Neneko. She has famously portrayed an array of popular anime characters from various genres in her signature ‘Lolita’ style of cosplay and incredible makeup skills. Nenko, together with Dream Project has her own brand of key chains that just about every anime fan has.


Some of her favorite characters are Tsushima Yoshiko and Kurosawa Ruby and she is also a huge fan of the multimedia project Love!Live!Sunshine!


One of the few Japanese people on our list, Reika is a superstar in the anime fan and cosplay community. Reika is most widely known for her mouth-dropping crossplay looks which is the art of embodying opposite genders. Her male cosplays demonstrate both her masculinity and feminine beauty. She is also an incredible makeup artist. Her best work can be seen in the form of Levi from Attack on the Titan.


She has also portrayed Genos from One Punch Man, Rei from Free and much, much more. Aside from her uncanny male cosplays, she also has the ability and unparalleled skill in crafting some of the most intricate costumes in just a few days. There is a reason she is loved by all genders.


Sakimichan, if you don’t know is the pen name for the world-renowned Candian artist who creates digital anime versions of popular western cartoon characters from Disney, Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network. Rinnie Riot, the incredible Chinese cosplayer embodies these characters perfectly. Rinnie is actually one of the original cosplayers in the community who are is also a hard-core gamer.


You can catch her on her live-streaming League of Legend games on Twitch where she is just as good as the boys. She also has a channel where she reviews not only games but beauty products too.

Ivy Valentine

The greatest anti-heroine from the Soul series video games, Ivy Valentine is in good hands. No one does Ivy better than the New York-based cosplayer Stella Chuu. But her work doesn’t end there. Unlike most of her fellow cosplayers who are pretty tight-knit in their community, Stella seeks to spread the culture to a mainstream audience and as a former burlesque performer also exposed the culture to other art forms.


Her DIY costumes have received a lot of praise, especially the Master Yi cosplayers, Devil Homura and of course, Ivy Valentine. Her quirky personality has landed her publications such as Mashable, Tech Insider. Nerdist, Kotaki and more. When it comes to brands, Stella is sponsored by quite a few such as Soda Pop miniatures, Purple Plum, RAWR! Burlesque and others.


South Korean cosplayer Tomia (born Kim Jung Hoon) is known for her extremely bubbly personality and cuteness. She plans to more of the gaming part of cosplay and is most famously has loved to cosplay Riven from League of Legends. Her other favorites include Boku wa Tomodchi ga Sukunai, Kotori Minami of Love Live! School Idol Project and much more.


She is a dedicated cosplayer who works around the clock to perfect her costumes, wigs and makeup.

Yaya Han

Born in China but now based in the United States, Yaya Han is a completely self-taught, super DIY cosplayer who has crafted close to 300 costumes from a range of anime series and comic books, as well as video games and films. Some of her designs are even original creations. She has appeared as a guest judge King of the Nerds, a highly popular TBS reality show.

Getty Images Photo by Albert L. Ortega

Han has also been featured on the Syfy channel, Heroes of Cosplay, making her one of the leading female voices in the community.