All Aboard: Yachts Owned by Super-Rich Celebrities Part 2

Open up a tabloid mag and you will soon learn that celebs don’t always have it so easy. But before you start feeling too sorry for them, know they can quickly escape the limelight pressures, jump on one of their mightily impressive yachts and seek peaceful solitude in the great blue.
Getty Images Photo by Dave Benett
Getty Images Photo by Dave Benett
If you’re still “window shopping” your fantasy yacht, check out what these wealthy celebs use when they set sail.

Jackie Chan Can Practice Martial Arts at Sea

Action star Jackie Chan can do backflips from almost any surface. When he’s out in the ocean, he can do it from one of the three decks (or helipad) of his Jinlong 4601 superyacht. This isn’t Chan’s first yacht. He’s had a 125ft long vessel but after a while, he figured he should trade up. (As one surely does.)

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The Jinlong 4601 took almost two years to complete. It has a beautiful, minimal design complete with anything you need for a perfect cruise — flat screens and king-size beds in each of the four cabins plus a bar, a sun deck, a jacuzzi, a movie theater, spa facilities, and more.

Naomi Campbell Struts the Galaxy Catwalk

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has seen her fair share of yachts in her life. One of her favorites is the Galaxy superyacht, which she charters for 249,000 euros a week. With her affection for all things luxury, the Galaxy is the perfect fit for her.


The boat features a number of lounging areas, a cinema screen, and a formal dining area. The whole design is tied together with the help of several pieces of original art and complete with an original painting by Andy Warhol.

The Fresh Mischief

Will Smith has been living up to his Fresh Prince reputation and is not planning on quitting anytime soon. Not only that, but he passes this legacy on to his family. When they all went on vacation to Amalfi Coast with Denzel Washington, he chose the Mischief superyacht, and it’s easy to see why.

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This 170ft vessel has a spa pool, on-board jet-boots, jet skis, wakeboards, snorkeling gear, two stand up paddleboards and fishing equipment. It’s all enough to pack a vacation with non-stop fun.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Favorite

Kourtney Kardashian is no stranger to luxury. This is why she loves chartering the Sealyon yacht. It is with that vessel that she and her family chose to cruise around the Mediterranean.

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They circled Monaco, Portofino, and Capri in style with this elegant boat and got to enjoy its many modernities, including a main-deck master suite, a total of eleven more rooms (all fully equipped, of course), a sun deck, lounge areas, a 12-person Jacuzzi, and more (not counting the jealousy of everyone who’s heard about it).

Bernard Arnault’s Yacht Is Eco-Friendly

French billionaire Bernard Arnault’s yacht is a symphony both literally and figuratively. Its name, Symphony, is all you need to guess how elegant and chic it is. The beauty is well-designed and well equipped to entertain 16 guests and 27 crew members.

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But the best thing about the Symphony is not the name, or luxury, or even the sheer fact that it is owned by a real-life billionaire. It is the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. It uses approximately 30% less fuel than other similar yachts without compromising comfort or speed.

Amancio Ortega’s Drizzle Is the Ultimate Getaway

Amancio Ortega, the Spanish billionaire who founded the Zara fashion group, can surely enjoy sailing in style. He does that abroad the Drizzle, his unbelievable superyacht. This kind of boat is estimated to be worth a whopping $80 million.

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The Ortega family, and Amancio in particular, are notoriously private, and the Drizzle definitely helps them go on private vacations. The vessel can hold up to 18 crew members as well as 10 guests. The guest cabins, as well as the three decks, are super spacious, and you might even get a glimpse of it yourself if you happen to be cruising by St. Tropez at the right time.

Ellie Goulding Lives the Fast Life

When British singer Ellie Goulding decided to go on a cruise to St. Tropez, she chose to charter the Silverfast superyacht for the job. It doesn’t take more than looking into the different features on this vessel to understand that she’s made the right choice.

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The Silver Fast has loads of lounging areas, a bar, a helipad, and a Jacuzzi that can fit up to eight people. It also has a movie theater, a gym, a spa, indoor and outdoor dining spots, and more. There can be no more than 12 guests enjoying all this luxury at a time. They will obviously be staying in eight cabins.

David Haye Lives the James Bond Fantasy

British boxer David Haye is no James Bond, but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy chartering the Skyfall superyacht. Haye used the vessel for business too and had the Skyfall equipped for different kinds of sports, such as yoga and basketball.

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Other than that, the boat offers pleasures, including a jacuzzi and a plunge pool. Haye can have up to 11 guests aboard the ship and entertain them in the grand lounge, bar, spa, or cinema.

Hello From Adele’s Ghost

Adele is notoriously private when it comes to her personal life. However, we did manage to get some information about the yacht she chartered during her Australian tour. It is a 123ft Ghost II which can house as many as 12 guests in five luxurious cabins.


The yacht’s amenities include a main deck master suite with a panoramic 360-degree view. It also features a spacious lounge and dining area, an outdoor Jacuzzi, and a bar. All designed to a tee, of course. With a swimming pool and a wifi connection, it’s hard to find a reason for the singer to get off the yacht at all!

Lewis Hamilton Doesn’t Race at Sea

Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton likes to relax in style. One of his ways of doing it is chartering Roxane, a beautiful yacht. Those of you who follow him on Instagram must have seen Roxane all over his feed. The yacht has four luxurious cabins that can accommodate as many as 9 guests.


When you picture the luxurious cabins, think of en suite showers and walk-in closets. This elegant water princess features a large main lounge with two small dining tables, a cocktail bar, and comfy sofas. On its outside, you will find furnished deck spaces where Hamilton and his friends can work on their tan.

Tony Parker’s Retirement Splurge

Tony Parker is known for the great role he played in the San Antonio Spurs since 2001 when entering the NBA. He’s taken the team to 4 ring wins and won a Finals MVP award. After he retired, his number 9 jersey retired with him.

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His current net worth of $85 million means he could happily splurge on a nice yacht such as his Kando 100. He and his wife were on the market for a while until they chose this beautiful, stylish four-decker. Purchased from AvA Yachts, it can accommodate up to 12 lucky guests.

Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and His Precious Topaz

Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and he has the kind of yacht that you would normally associate with such a status.

Alamy Stock Photo

This luxury yacht goes by Topaz. It is 482 feet long, which can put some cruise ships to shame. No pictures or information about the yacht’s interior has been released to the public. Obviously, it means that speculations of the different features go beyond the wildest of dreams.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia Might Rule the Oceans Too

The Saudi Arabian king owns a lavish yacht which includes a gym, pool, cinema, spa, and more – sounds like more of a cruise ship than a yacht!

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This floating city of a yacht is called Tueq. Built by the Van der Giessen de Noord shipyard and designed 9both inside and out) by Michael Leach, it can hold up to 30 people as well as a crew of 21. This beauty can be seen docked around the Mediterranean, most notably in Cannes.

The House of Khalifa Likes to Go Big

Clearly, the House of Khalifa (the royal family of Bahrain) is a very wealthy family. It makes you wonder — what do they do with all of that money? Well, they invest some of their earnings into extravagant yachts. You know, like The King’s personal yacht, which was custom built in Italy in 1991.

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One of the family’s yachts even has the title of the largest in the world! It is called the Azzam and it’s about the size of a cruise ship.

Dan Snyder’s Special Lady

Dan Snyder owns the Lady S — a $100 million Superyacht with an Imax movie theatre on board. That is despite all the things his college professors said about him. The college dropout is the founder of Snyder Communications, which outsources marketing services, and is also a primary investor in Red Zebra Broadcasting.

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With the success of his company, Snyder bought the legendary Washington Redskins back in 1999 for a figure that, back then, made it the most expensive purchase in sports history at the time: $800 million. With a current net worth of $2 billion and a superyacht, it looks like he made the right call.

Dwyane Wade Likes to Do Things His Way

One of the most popular NBA stars, Dwyane Wade hasn’t let his money stay in his wallet for too long. Wade has enjoyed a long career and has played for the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, and Cleveland Cavaliers. Oh, and a huge yacht he fittingly named The Way of Wade.

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This yacht has a custom-made wrap-around customized logo of his own face. It is a never-before-seen 130-foot masterpiece with a flashy interior that served as a great setting for his 34th birthday. This guy definitely knows how to party!

Carmelo Anthony’s Yacht Wasn’t as Private as He Thought

NBA star forward, Carmelo Anthony has had some rough patches in his life before being added to the Portland Trailblazers’ roster in 2019. During his more difficult times in his career, he actually used coupons when shopping. Now, however, is a different story.

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Carmelo has demonstrated frugal practices but he is also worth $160 million. One of his most noteworthy purchases was his yacht. Said yacht was once used to entertain a lady friend away from the public eye. Or so he thought until the two were spotted by some persistent paparazzi.

Larry Page’s Sixth Senses

Larry Page, the co-founder of Google,  is one of the richest people in the world. With a net worth of more than $70 billion, he can afford to buy himself literally anything. He bought the yacht Senses for $45 Million from a Kiwi businessman in 2011.


The yacht is equipped with a helipad, gym, multi-level sundecks, ten luxury suites, a crew of 14, and interior design by French designer Philippe Starck. While it probably has some serious maintenance fees, Larry surely has no problem paying them.

Timothy Spall’s Princess

If you have seen the Harry Potter films, then you surely recognize actor Timothy Spall. Timothy played the treacherous Peter Pettigrew in the franchise. In the muggle (non-wizard) world, Timothy likes to sail around Britain with his wife aboard Princess Matilda, which they purchased for about $350,000.

Getty Images Photo by Ian Nicholson/shutterstock

The two are famous for their sailing trips and were featured in 4 BBC series and 2 books. Looks like owning the boat actually ended up making him more money!

Katy Perry May Not Have an Academy Award but She Does Have an Oscar

Pop sensation Katy Perry is not one to hide from the paparazzi. In fact, the way in which she lives her life only attracts the photographers even more. They often catch her enjoying her yacht vacations, like that one time she was spotted with actor hunk Orlando Bloom who happened to be in the nude…


she recently chartered the 103.41-foot motor yacht Oscar II which cost the star a whopping $80K a week. With a net worth of over $330 Million, money is probably the least of her worries.

Lindsay Lohan’s Oasis at Sea

The actress who was made famous by playing twins in “The Parent Trap”, has been through a few rough years as a notorious Hollywood party girl. That reputation has often gotten her into trouble with the law. While she seems to have calmed down in recent years, she still likes to have fun and was recently seen chartering this super luxurious 193-foot Oasis in Cannes that costs $400K a week.

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We aren’t really sure how she can afford such a luxury, as last we knew, her net worth dwindled down to less than one million dollars. Hopefully, consulted with a financial advisor and isn’t accumulating loans.

Pierce Brosnan? More Like Fierce Brosnan!

Pierce is most prominent for his role as James Bond. Now that he is retired, he gets to use his hard-earned money for pure enjoyment purposes.

Getty Images Photo by Stefania D

He was seen on a romantic getaway with his wife Keely Shay Smith on two luxury yachts – the 65.75-foot motor yacht, D’Artagnan, and the 132.76-foot sailing yacht Solaris. While it costs $25K a week, it probably hasn’t even created a dent in Brosnan’s bank account.

Betsy DeVos Must Be Incredibly Educated

For those of you who aren’t very invested in politics, Betsy DeVos played an important role in the Trump Administration as the US Secretary of Education. We wonder if her acceptance was based on her being rich enough to own this 153-foot luxury yacht SeaQuest.

Alamy Stock Photo

She purchased this bad boy for a mouth-dropping cost of $40 Million. We can assume that the politician has the bank account to afford such a luxury.

Colin Firth Splurges on His Sunliner

Actor Colin Firth has had quite a successful career since he first started acting in the 80s. His films have made more than $3 billion from 42 releases worldwide. It’s not astonishing that the talented star has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Winter

With all that success, Colin was able to take to the seas aboard his Sunliner Yacht while on his way to the Cannes Film Festival. It cost him $57K per week. We are sure that the cost didn’t even budge him!

Heidi Klum Has a Yacht for Every Occasion

When she can, supermodel Heidi Klum likes to spend time aboard the Nirvana. The luxurious yacht has carried Klum — and whoever was lucky enough to be invited — around the world. Most notably, by the stunning St. Tropez.

Getty Images Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Levent Kisi/Anadolu Agency

Klum’s 2019 wedding, however, was done on board a different yacht. She and her groom, musician Tom Kaulitz, chartered the Christina O, which used to belong to Jackie O herself. The Christina O was full of guests and flowers, and sailing off the coast of Capri for the joyous occasion.

Michelle Rodriguez Doesn’t Get Fast or Furious Aboard the Ecstasea

Starring in “The Fast & Furious” franchise made Michelle Rodriguez incredibly wealthy. It seems that Michelle has gotten quite used to the life of the rich and famous as she’s been spotted multiple times vacationing aboard the Ecstasea — a 282-foot yacht that costs her $500K a week to rent.

Shutterstock/Getty Images Photo by Photo by James Fraser

The star, who is worth $30 million, can obviously afford such luxuries. And luxuries they are, with a full massage room for spa treatments, a huge gym, jet skis, and two helipads. She’s got it good.

Andrey Melnichenko’s Yacht Gets an A

Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko is the proud owner of the 11th largest yacht in the world. Melnichenko has a net worth of over $14 billion, so it’s no surprise that he can afford to have a 390-feet-long yacht worth $300 million!


His yacht, which is also known as “A”, is a luxury motor yacht. It was designed by Philippe Starck and engineered by naval architect Martin Francis. A can accommodate 14 guests in its 7 guest cabins, and a crew of 35. Mirrored surfaces are featured throughout the interior, and there is even a secret room hidden behind mirrored panels. The yacht has hosted some Hollywood A-listers, but we won’t get into the names.

Does Neymar Practice Soccer on His Yacht?

Brazilian soccer legend Neymar knows how to enjoy the money he makes. His move to Paris Saint-Germain for a record-breaking transfer fee has completely shaken the world of football. After consulting with his financial advisor, the star purchased the Azimut 78, a second-hand Italian yacht, for a whopping $15 million.


We just hope that he’s aware of the expensive maintenance fees because those can be pretty taxing on one’s bank account. They can cost more than $500K, so we sure hope that his weekly salary can afford such frivolous expenses.

Nina Dobrev Avoids Vampires at Sea

Nina made quite the name for herself (and fortune) after playing the damsel in distress in “Vampire Diaries”. Clearly, money is not much of a problem for the actress. She posted a picture on Instagram of her and friends working on their tan aboard the L’ALBATROS by St.Tropez.


The vacation on the private yacht cost her $100K-a week. She also posted other photos that made her followers quite envious. The photos showed her on jet skis, living it up, and sliding down a waterslide from the 13-foot yacht.

Jennifer Lopez Named Her Boat After Her Own Life

We love seeing how stars take a break from work. We also love drooling over their lavish lifestyle and almost resent them for it as we pay our rent. When Jennifer Lopez takes such a drool-worthy break, she does it aboard her Utopia III luxury yacht.


As a mother and a woman of family, J-Lo obviously doesn’t go on her vacations alone. She takes her boyfriend, children, nannies, and best friends with her. As long as they can fit on the yacht, why wouldn’t she? Hey Jen, put me on the waiting list for next time, will you?

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Take Sailing Seriously

This vessel gained Tom Hanks’ one of his two entries on this list. Prior to 2004 and the launch of Athens by Royal Huisman, the Phocea yacht was the world’s largest sailing yacht. It was built at the Toulon Naval Dockyard in 1976 and later by Alain Colas.

Getty Images Photo by Cindy Ord

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita, amongst other celebrities, love renting it out for a romantic getaway. Hanks’ films have smashed the box office so well, they made him one of the highest-grossing actors in the US. So when the couple wanted to rent a yacht for $200K a week, they know they can afford it.

Paul Allen Must Be Really Into Marine Life

Microsoft co-founder is another on our list who can afford big and luxurious things. This purchase answers to the name “The Octopus” (although it probably won’t answer to anyone with a net worth of less than $100 million). It is 414-feet long and one of the biggest yachts in the world.


Before purchasing the boat for $200 Million, it was used for exploration projects and scientific research. The yacht itself has two helicopters, hangars at the stern, a landing craft, and everything else you could possibly want.

Elle Macpherson’s Favorite Season

Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson is the executive producer of NBC’s reality show “Fashion Star”. She is known for her record five cover appearances for the “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit issue in the 80s, which lead to “Time” nicknaming her “The Body”.

Getty Images Photo by Frederick M. Brown

As the founder of multiple business projects, she has money coming in from several sources. So it isn’t so shocking that she could afford herself a luxurious yacht, Mad Summer which cost her $32 million. It can serve up to 10 guests and 14 crew members.

James Cameron Lives His Jules Verne Fantasy With Triton

Okay, so this may not be a yacht, but this aquatic vessel is definitely not something you see every day or one by anyone. James Cameron, as you probably know, is the man behind masterpieces such as “Terminator”, “Avatar”, and “Titanic”.

Alamy Stock Photo/Alamy Stock Photo

The latter gained him critical acclaim and a lot of fortune in the late 90s. It makes sense that he owns several submarines in order to use them in shooting underwater sequences for his movies. The Tritan is one of those submarines and is worth around $3 million.

Pitbull’s Boat Both Barks and Bites

Pitbull apparently spends $225,000 to rent a luxury yacht for a week. He has used his Superyacht named Arianna not only for leisurely purposes but also in his work, appearing in it for several music videos.

Getty Images Photo by Manny Hernandez/Alamy Stock Photo

The boat added a lot of flair to the video, as it has a very elegant interior design and luxurious amenities including a spacious fitness room, sauna, spa bathtub, bathroom, and a private deck.

James Packer Gives Maria a Run for Her Money

James Parker is singing sensation Mariah Carey’s ex-fiancé. He is also an Australian Billionaire who has a passion for investing in luxury properties.

Getty Images Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Alamy Stock Photo

This luxury yacht, the Arctic P, has its own beach club, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and entertainment hub. As for me? The next time I’ll be anywhere near a vessel with an upkeep cost of 10 million dollars a year would be when I read about it online.

Dr.Dre’s Best Patient

Dr. Dre has produced albums and overseen the careers of many other rappers you probably know; Eminem, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and a bunch more. Besides working with top-notch rappers, he is the founder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics. So, you might expect him to have a huge bank account, and that he does.


With a net worth of over $800 million, he has earned the right to live opulently. Every time he takes a vacation, he rents the 241-foot Superyacht called Naia. It is the definition of luxury, with a VIP suite and entertainment facilities, and costs him $580,000 per week.

Kris Jenner Keeps Up With Her O’Ceanos

The world knows that the Kardashians like to live big. Anybody who’s watched their “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” has seen that the family lives in an extravagant home and takes five-star vacations.


And they learned it all from their queen and mother of the clan, Kris Jenner. She chartered this 162-foot Superyacht during a vacation in Greece, which apparently costs a whopping $185,000 per single week.

Diane von Fürstenberg’s Stylish Sailing

This elegant three-masted lavish sailing vessel is called the Eos, and it is estimated at $100 Million. Very fitting for its fashionista owner, fashion designer Diane Von Furstenburg.

Alamy Stock Photo/Alamy Stock Photo/Alamy Stock Photo

It is beautiful, expensive, and grandiose, much like Diane’s first husband, billionaire Barry Diller. The ship has room for 16 guests and a crew of 21 members ready to serve them. I wonder who she chooses to take along.

Kirsty Bertarelli’s Personal Beauty Queen

Kirsty was crowned as miss UK in 1988. The former beauty queen is now married to Ernesto Bertarelli, an Italian-born Swiss billionaire and philanthropist. Her husband is one of the wealthiest people in the UK, which makes Kirsty Britain’s quite wealthy herself.

Getty Images Photo by Chris Jackson/Alamy Stock Photo

Kirsty can hold her own though. She is a singer, songwriter, and philanthropist. For downtime, the couple enjoys sailing in their private yacht Vava II which is worth around $130 million. It is also the 33rd largest in the world.

A Riddle Not to Be Solved – Tom Hanks’ ENIGMA

Award-winner Tom Hanks has starred in some iconic films in very memorable roles. He played Jimmy Dugan in the 1992 comedy movie A League of Their Own, Forrest Gump and Philadelphia. He is definitely a fan favorite. And how do big stars celebrate wedding anniversaries? They rent a yacht for a romantic getaway.


Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson celebrated their wedding anniversary luxuriously while sailing on a rental yacht named ENIGMA. Lucky for the couple, they can afford to shell out the $275K per week that it cost.

Roberto Cavalli’s fashionable Baglietto

They say that you can tell a lot about somebody by what their car looks like. If the same is true about yachts, then Italian designer Robert Cavalli is one classy guy. The “Baglietto” yacht is a colorful, custom-built 134-foot longship with room for 8 guests and a crew of 4.

Getty Images Photo by Mark Von Holden/WireImage/Alamy Stock Photo

An unconventional yacht for unconventional fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. Sounds about right. So does its estimated cost of $40 million.

Kendall’s Axioma (and no, it’s not a disease)

If you’ve kept up with the Kardashians, you know Kendall Jenner, the millionaire socialite, model, and fledgling entrepreneur. Kim’s half-sister certainly enjoys partying on and jumping off the 236 ft. Axioma into the Mediterranean. This super-yacht has a two-story living room, helicopter landing pad, large swimming pool, scuba gear, inflatable water slide, and cinema, as yachts do.

Alamy Stock Photo

Kendall likes to share her ship with her squad, including Haily Bieber, Gigi Hadid, and her sister Bella. You can enjoy this yacht too for the modest sum of 595,000 per week. Don’t worry, just become famous for…what does she do again?

Another Boat in The Seawall: David Gilmour’s Astoria

As part of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour became one of the most iconic guitarists in history. Just look at his 27-meter houseboat. Gilmour uses it as a recording studio, having recorded the three latest Pink Floyd albums and parts of his solo albums in there.

Alamy Stock Photo

He saw it was for sale in a magazine at his dentist’s office. The previous owner, Fred Karno, built the yacht in 1911 for 20,000 pounds (2.2 million today) to fit a 90-person orchestra.

Mr. Steven (yes, that’s the name of Elon Musk’s boat)

Mr. Steven isn’t a pleasure craft. Elon Musk uses this 203-foot mega-yacht to recover SpaceX rocket fairings. Mr. Steven can catch these heat shields by positioning the net in a certain way after they detach from the main rocket. Fairings are very expensive to manufacture, so reusing them again makes a lot of sense.

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images

Despite its tumultuous history, SpaceX has achieved more than any other company in the private aerospace industry. It has the first privately owned liquid-fueled rocket to enter orbit. Elon Musk, the legendary founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, is worth an estimated $132 billion.

Mariù by Giorgio Armani

Mariù isn’t the name of Giorgio Armani’s newest fragrance. It’s the name of his super-yacht. Being worth $9.1 billion, Armani designed this yacht to his exact specifications. The ship can host 12 people and has luxurious pine floorboards, oak paneling, and aluminum ceilings. If that wasn’t enough, there’s an elevator too.

Alamy Stock Photo

Painted in gray and white, Mariù is Armani’s second yacht (which you’ll hear about soon) were made to be elegant. He sold Mariù in 2010 for 19.95 million euros. If you want to take it for a spin in the Mediterranean, it will cost you 185,000 euros per week.

Diddy’s Maritime Oasis

Going by many names through the years, Sean Combs is a rapper/producer millionaire who bought his yacht, Oasis, from the executive chairman of Google because, well, he could. The music mogul is worth $855 million. Every breath he takes earns him money. We’ll be watching you, Diddy.

Getty Images Photo by Anadolu Agency & Evan Agostini

The 195-foot sea vessel has a nightclub and an AquaGlide waterslide. Oasis is big for Diddy to party with his friends like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé, and their respective husbands Kanye West and Jay-Z, among other A-list celebrities.

Regina d’Italia by Dolce & Gabbana

As titans of the fashion world, Dolce & Gabbana got them an equally titanic boat. Let’s hope Leo doesn’t get on board anytime soon. Regina d’ Italia hosts some glamorous parties full of models and celebrities on her luxurious decks (which will probably tempt Leo). The amenities include a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and 167-foot custom waterslide.

Getty Images Photo by Venturelli

All the doorknobs are outstretched hands made of gold, and leopard-skin rugs cover the marble floors. The ship can host 12 guests, and each room follows the theme of a different exotic animal.

Richard Branson’s Necker Belle

Richard Branson is a billionaire philanthropist known for kitesurfing with nude models on his back. Being the proud owner of a private island, buying a 5.3-million-pound yacht to reach it shouldn’t be a problem. Branson’s 105-foot vessel, the Necker Belle, is a pleasure craft and houses its own submarine — the Neck Nymph.

Alamy Stock Photo

There is something about Branson that makes him seem part Bond villain, and part all-around nice guy. He bravely used his yacht in relief efforts following Hurricane Irma and Maria. The billionaire later sold his award-winning catamaran in 2018 to a secret buyer. Could it be Dr. No?

Tiger Woods’ Privacy (and he needs a lot of it)

Tiger Woods often docks his super-yacht, Privacy, near golf courses where he’s competing. The superstar golf player has overcome many rough patches in his career, from injuries to his highly publicized marital infidelities. It’s easy to see why he would hang out in his yacht so much.

Getty Images Photo by Joe Raedle & Mike Ehrmann

The super-yacht has everything he needs to live on the high seas while he’s away from home. This $20 million ship has a gym, bar, five guest rooms, two wall safes, and more. Tiger has come a long way, winning his fifth Master’s title, and I’m sure he celebrated in Privacy (pun intended).

Elton John’s Rumored Ex-Yacht

There was a rumor that the Rocketman owned the Wabi-Sabi. Whoever the owner was, the super-yacht was sold for $25.9 million. The sea vessel included a large plasma-screen television, sofas, a barbecue area, and a large dining room table that can serve 12 guests.

Alamy Stock Photo

The Wabi-Sabi also had a swimming platform, jacuzzi, air conditioning, and underwater lighting, as well as room for 11 crew members to make sailing as smooth as possible. Thanks to the current owners, Moran Yacht & Ship, you can now charter the Wabi-Sabi for $195,000 per week. Excentric glasses not included.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Silolona (it’s not made by Goop, thank goodness)

Gwyneth Paltrow, A-list movie star and owner of Goop, takes a “creative” approach when it comes to her health and wellness routines. Nevertheless, she does have more of a mainstream taste when it comes to luxury vacations. Paltrow blogged about her experiences in the 164-foot Silolona while sailing through the Komodo Archipelago in Indonesia.

Alamy Stock Photo/Shutterstock

The yacht is elegant and old-fashioned. Its classic design comes with everything the actress/entrepreneur and her family need to enjoy the high seas for $108,500 per week. With a master suite and four triple cabins, there is room enough for 12 guests and 16 crew members.

Nicolas Cage’s Sarita and his over-the-top lifestyle

Between 1996 and 2011, Cage reportedly went on a $150 million spending spree that included a dinosaur skull and shrunken pygmy heads, as well as a variety of luxury yachts. His favorite was a 126-foot super-yacht, called the Sarita, which could entertain 12 guests.


In 2008, he put the 227-ton ship for sale. A year later, Cage got fined $6.2 million by the IRS. He also sold several properties, including a Bavarian Castle. Of course, Cage blamed everything on his accountants and business partners. Unlike his character in “Vampire’s Kiss”, I guess he misfiled something. Bad call, baby doll!

J.K. And Depp’s Amphitrite (No, It’s Not A Magical Beast)

J.K. Rowling and Johnny Depp have more in common than the Fantastic Beasts franchise. They also owned the same yacht, albeit at different points in time. You could even say that Harry Potter’s mother bought Jack Sparrow’s yacht for 20 million pounds.

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images

The boat came with many features like saloons, jet skis, kayaks, five cabins with their own skylight, and a wine bar. In the end, J.K. sold the 156-foot-long houseboat for 7 million pounds less than what she paid for it. No worries. She’s still making tons of cash.

Michael Jordan’s Catch 23

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, a shrewd businessman, and the current owner of the Charlotte Hornets. He is so competitive that he spends his retirement crushing other golfers on the golf course. You probably remember him from the movie “Space Jam.”


Fond of sailing, he uses his favorite $80 million sportfish super-yacht to compete in fishing competitions as well. The name of his yacht shares the number of his jersey. It’s also a play on words of the title of the novel “Catch-22”. Being in a Catch-23 doesn’t seem too bad.

Queen B’s Galactica (Battle)Star

R&B’s most prominent couple, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, like to spend time with their kids on the Galactica Star, not to be confused with the science fiction TV show, Battlestar Galactica. This $42 million beast’s owner is actually Nigerian billionaire Kola Aluko. Hov and Bey only rent it for $900 million per week.

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The Carters get a lot for their money: hot tub, pool, cinema, and the ability to entertain 12 guests. Even though the ship is enormous (weighing 961 gross tons), it can go up to 28 knots. Galactica Star is one of the fastest yachts in its class.

Sail the Seven Seas with Steven Spielberg

Some might say that Seven Seas is the “bigger boat” that Brody mentioned in Spielberg’s beloved film “Jaws”. Unsurprisingly, the filmmaker’s $200 million super-yacht houses a movie theater with a projector, a large screen, and rows of seats.

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There is a gym, a jacuzzi, and jets skis included. There are also large windows from floor to ceiling in the dining room that can be opened when the weather permits. Spielberg didn’t expect to like sailing so much, but he put Seven Seas for sale in 2015 to get a bigger boat. See what I did there?

The Talent Judge’s Escape: Slipstream

Simon Cowell, the “mean judge” of talent competitions, enjoys the money he has made berating talentless contestants by vacationing on the Slipstream. No, this isn’t Star Trek, his favorite 196-foot long super-yacht is the Slipstream. He takes it around Ibiza with his family.

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Slipstream has a spa pool, barbecue, dining area, and sitting area — and that’s just on the sun deck. Inside the ship are seven rooms and enough room for 12 guests. There’s an observation lounge, a VIP suite with a private balcony, and a sky lounge that turns into a cinema. It’s all yours for 330,000 euros per week.

Vantage by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the wealthiest people in the fashion industry. From his famous underwear to his elegant suits, the designer’s products are ubiquitous. The Vantage follows Klein’s eye for sleek elegance. Plush carpeting and warm colors line the interior, while the exterior hosts a jacuzzi, bar, and barbecue grill.

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Klein has hosted many parties during the Cannes Film Festival on the Vantage with many A-list celebrities on the waiting list, no doubt. The yacht is big enough for 12 guests and nine crew members. You can charter this 150-foot yacht with the starting price at $180,000 per week.

The Edge of Cyan (Or Is It the Other Way Around?)

Cyan belongs to The Edge. Don’t forget that. The Edge certainly doesn’t want you to. It’s hard not to take it personally when people think that Bono is the only U2 band member who can splurge on a yacht. The Edge set the record straight: “It’s mine,” said the guitar player, “Bono doesn’t know anything about boats.” Yeesh.

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In reality, The Edge needed help from his friend to buy the 160-foot vessel and redesign it. They added a jacuzzi, high-end music system, and bar. So Cyan belongs to The Edge and friends. I wonder if Bono is one of them.

Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse

The Russian billionaire is the owner of the Chelsea Football Club and a truly remarkable boat. Named the Eclipse, it’s the second-biggest private yacht. The 538-foot vessel has hosted parties with guests like Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Salma Hayek, and many more A-list celebrities. It pays to be wealthy, am I right?

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With 24 cabins, a mini-submarine, and a missile detection system, this 340-million-euro yacht eclipses the competition. Abramovich made his fortune in the steel and nickel industry. Worth $13 billion, he is quite able to pay the crew of 70 people it takes to operate the super-yacht and serve the guests.

iVenus (actually, it’s just Venus)

Steve Jobs ordered the creation of his super-yacht, never knowing that he would die before it was ever completed. His surviving family owns the luxurious ship now. No pictures have yet been released of its interior, so much of the ship still remains a mystery. The only thing anyone knows is that the computers onboard are all Macs. No surprise there.

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The yacht was designed by Philippe Starck, who actually impounded the ship because Jobs’s heirs still owed him 3 million euros for his work. Fortunately, they reach a solution, and the 256-foot Venus sailed once more.

Rihanna’s Sweet Little Latitude

Born and raised in Barbados, Rihanna knows how to enjoy the sea. The singer/fashion mogul likes soaking up the sun aboard this 172-foot ship through the Mediterranean. The Latitude has five decks, six double staterooms, a beach club, and a sky lounge. Rihanna charters the 812-ton vessel for $300,000 per week.

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Rihanna first rented the super-yacht after performing at 2011’s V Festival and has used it ever since. She’s currently worth $550 million. Rihanna also makes $70 million a year without lifting a finger. Her company, Fenty, made a whopping $100 million in the first 40 days after launch.

(Heartless) Sir Philip Green’s Lionheart

This retail magnate is planning to close his Arcadia retail empire while chilling on his yacht, the Lionheart. Worth $5 billion, Green can surely afford to sail in luxury. Lionheart is his third luxurious yacht. It can accommodate 12 guests and is valued at around $150 million.

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Nevertheless, the Lionheart has become famous for reasons that Green would rather keep to himself. As mentioned before, he’s planning to shut down his empire, leaving 19,000 employees to fend for themselves, while he takes time off indefinitely in tax-free Monaco.

Nadal’s Beethoven: Better than the 9th symphony?

Rafael Nadal is worth a whopping $180 million. It’s not surprising for such a high caliber tennis player who has been a staple of every grand slam tournament for the past decade. The Spaniard grew up on the Balearic Islands, where he enjoys sailing on the Beethoven.

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Worth $2.5 million in 2016, the ship can speed up to 31 knots (surprising for its size) and entertain eight guests. Nadal likes taking the yacht out around his native Mallorca with his famous friends after training for the day. Rafael, you’ll be receiving my friend request soon.

The Sun Rises on David Geffen

David Geffen’s 138-meter super-yacht has a full gym, cinema, spa, sauna, and wine cellar. The basketball court on the top deck doubles as a helipad. He can afford it. After all, he is the founder of Asylum and Geffen Records and the owner of Dreamworks.

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It cost $200 million to build this giant vessel, which can reach speeds of up to 28 knots. The Rising Sun is worth double nowadays. Initially created for Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle Corporation, the super-yacht has hosted celebrities like Oprah, the Obamas, Tom Hanks, and Julia Roberts.

Maìn (also) by Giorgio Armani

As one of the world’s wealthiest and most iconic fashion designers, Giorgio Armani knows how to spend his money with gusto. He designed his second super-yacht (after having already designed his first one, the Mariù) with elegance in mind.

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The blinds and windows continuously wrap around the boat to make it look like there aren’t any walls. And the paint is deep green to camouflage the ship. Maìn might not look flashy, but it’s quite impressive with 14 cabins, a gym, a cinema, a stateroom, and a hot tub for chilly nights (or any night for that matter).

The Ghost (of their relationship)

Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie knew how to chill in style (when they were still together, that is). The ex-couple liked spending time with their children on The Ghost. Owned by Australian accountant Anthony Bell, this 122-foot super-yacht can now be chartered for way higher than what most people make in a year. Probably because the couple isn’t using it anymore.

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Having won design awards, the Ghost has three guest cabins and can accommodate six guests. There is also a custom catamaran for those who like sailing. This super-yacht is fast, having competed in super-yacht regattas. It can go as quickly as Pitt and Jolie’s marriage.

Leo’s Yacht of Choice: The Topaz

Ok, so Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t own this super-yacht, but he does rent it. For a whopping 3,750,000 euros, Leo charters the Topaz for a week of partying. In 2014, he threw an ’80s themed party, echoing “Wolf of Wall Street” (2013). Leo invited Orlando Bloom and Jamie Foxx, among other A-list celebrities.

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Built by Lürssen Yachts in 2012, the Topaz is considered one of the largest in the world at 483 feet long. There’s a gym, a conference room, a water sports center to chill with supermodels, and two helipads, which is better than what Jack (Leo) got in “Titanic”.

Hail Hokulani! The Yacht of Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban

Hokulani is actually actress Nicole Kidman’s name in Hawaiian. She and her country-superstar husband used it to name their 3-story super-yacht. It comes with a jacuzzi, televisions, water skis, wakeboards, snorkeling equipment, and a glass atrium roof. Ten guests and eight crew members can sleep inside the belly of this 150-foot beast.


Estimates point its value at around $4.5 million. That doesn’t really matter to a couple that’s worth $195 million. This sea vessel was designed for elegance, with wood furnishings, large windows, and a champagne-colored exterior. I’m not sure about the color but sign me up for water skiing.

Eric Clapton Rocks Onboard his Va Bene

Eric Clapton, who was the subject of many graffiti declaring “Clapton is God,” is one the greatest guitarist of all time, as well as one of the most recognizable names in rock and roll. Clapton is also known for his 156-foot super-yacht, which is worth around 9 million pounds.

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The Va Bene has enough room for 12 guests and 12 crew members. There’s a barbecue grill, two dining centers (one formal and one informal), and a karaoke lounge. Clapton put the yacht up for sale in 2016, but don’t worry. He’s got another one.

Big Shaq Living Larger Than Life

Shaquille O’Neal, AKA Shaq, is arguably one of the biggest players in NBA history, and at 7 ft1 in, we mean that figuratively as well. Shaq has an estimated net worth of $400 million, so for him, buying a fancy yacht is as much of an investment as buying a car is, for normal people.


In an almost two-decade-long career, Shaq has already achieved more than he ever imagined growing up. So, now he can afford to take a break whenever he chooses, and what better way to do that than to sail out in the open sea, in style.

Bill Gates’ Serene

Bill Gates’s super-yacht makes you feel serene just by looking at it. Although the founder of Microsoft once was the world’s richest man, he never splurged, except for this yacht. He leased this 439-foot super-yacht for $5 million per week in 2014. With a helicopter hangar, saltwater swimming pool, and two helipads, Serene can entertain 24 guests.

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Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia purchased it for 500 million euros in 2015. Unfortunately, Serene had an accident in 2017 when it went crashed off the coast of Egypt. She’s fixed now, and you can charter it if you want to.

V for Billy Joel’s Vendetta

Everyone knows the “Piano Man” and his songs about Italian restaurants. Billy Joel is one of the most successful singer/songwriters of all time. His success has translated into piles of money. Piles that have allowed him to buy no less than five yachts. That’s more than enough to impress any “Uptown Girl.”

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The fastest of Joel’s ships, the Vendetta, is a replica of 1920s commuter yachts that the singer helped design. In fact, he’s a pretty talented yacht designer, having sold 50 boats for around $500,000 each. In case this music thing doesn’t pan out, he could always build boats full-time.

The Beckham’s Horizon E88

As the most iconic British couple after the Royals (of course), David and Victoria Beckham know how to enjoy their holidays in style with a 3.8-million-pound super-yacht. The Horizon E88, nicknamed The Sophisticated Lady,” can sleep 12 guests and includes a state-of-the-art gym. There is plenty of room for the celebrity couple and their friends.

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The couple is worth 1 billion despite having retired from the worlds of sport and music. Most of their wealth comes from their lucrative fashion empires and sponsorship deals. Some people retire with pensions. Others are called the Beckhams.

Ecsta-sea, get it?

With such lousy taste in boat names, “The Biebs” makes up for it by hosting lavish celebrity parties and family vacations on the Ecstasea that he charters from an unknown owner. The boat was built for Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich (so that’s where the name came from) and is valued at $75 million,

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The yacht can sleep 15 guests in seven cabins and has fun amenities like a Flyboard, a gym, jacuzzi, helicopter hangar, and air conditioning. It’s all you need to host parties with Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez around Ibiza. Now you know what to do.

Mariah Carey’s Monster Boat: Capri

Judging by the picture below, Mariah Carey’s Capri probably should have been named the “Coastguard” or “The Bigger Boat,” but that’s just me. When you’ve sold as many records as legendary “Songbird Supreme,” you can do basically anything you want. So, when the singer wanted to spend the entire summer of 2016 living on a boat, who could deny her?

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Capri is, by no means, an ordinary boat. It has five decks, a gymnasium, multiple dining areas, two bars, a jacuzzi, a library, and a grand piano that Mariah bought from Marilyn Monroe’s estate, costing Mimi 265,000 euros a week.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Infamous Aya

The Portuguese soccer superstar actually made the news in 2017 when the cops raided his ship. He had chartered it for 45,000 euros per week to go on holiday with his family to Ibiza. Cristiano was eating dinner with his girlfriend when the authorities climbed onboard the Aya.

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The police were looking for evidence of tax fraud. An hour later, the cops left with some papers. In 2018, Cristiano had to pay a fine of 18.8 million euros and serve a short prison sentence (which got knocked down to probation).