All The Times Folks Got Called Out For Their Bogus Posts

As wonderful as the internet is, it’s also home to hoards of trolls. These online little devils pray on innocent folks with rumors, fake news, and, worst of all, bad memes!
It’s important to know where to put your energy, and the following images will teach you exactly that how to do that. These wise web sleuths managed to successfully call out what they knew to be classic bogus content and keep the internet a safe and wonderful place.

The Great Outdoors

This woman put on her hiking gear and boldly set out for a hike in the great outdoors; she even has the triumphant-looking pose to prove it.


Unfortunately, the other side of this image tells another story, and her sibling was there to tell it.

Benz Bash

People love clickbait, and this particular headline sure did create a stir. Who wouldn’t want to take revenge on an unfair boss by smashing up their fancy car?


Well, whoever wants to may have to rely on their imagination because this video of a tractor smashing this slick-looking Benz is from a marketing campaign for an insurance company.

The Art Fraud

This promising young artist got accepted into the prestigious Disney College Program and even posted an adorable Disney-inspired drawing of her receiving the news.


If only we had the Disney-inspired drawings of her being busted. Luckily we have screenshots for that. Hopefully, the college program caught wind of this one and let the real artist in.

The Fuel Protest

Using powerful imagery to create change never hurts. But this poster that attempted to unite people in the fight against corrupt systems should have perhaps been a little bit more careful in their selection.


In reality, the mass fuel protest in Germany never happened, and this image is actually just from a traffic jam in China. It’s the thought that counts.

Self Love-Hate Relationship

When looking back on our school days, some of us are pretty pleased with how far we’ve come. This woman sure is and is only too happy to let everyone else know about it.


Oddly enough, nothing was particularly wrong with her then either, as this ex-classmate pointed out. This ladies and gentlemen, is a classic case of “clout chasing.”

Quality Control On Point

Leave it to the Redditors to cause an internet stir. When it came to this post of a faulty airplane, things could have very quickly spun out of control.  Who would want to step into a plane with a broken window?

Thankfully quality control caught ‘wind’ of it immediately and set the record straight. Airline workers successfully traced the aircraft in question and proved that it was, in fact, in storage. No one got on that plane!

That’s “Dowdful”

We love celebrities and tend to hang onto their every word, even if that word turns out to be false. The gossip mags certainly know that, which is why they have no qualms about publishing what often appears to be exaggerated rumors.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Tullberg/Twitter/Irishmirror

Irish actor Chris O’Dowd used his platform for good and challenged this post by the Irish Daily Mirror. As an Irish actor in Hollywood, we’re sure he’s only too happy to play American parts, and he definitely proved that with this reply.

Super Vintage

Vintage photoshoots are all the rage, so when this Redditor posted a picture of his girlfriend’s mother in 1970s, Bristol, some folks online knew what to look out for.


Here we learned that while the 70s did have some cool technological inventions like Walkmans and floppy disks, they still hadn’t quite cracked the Fitbit.

Doing It Alone

It’s no secret that the Kardashians are worth a pretty penny. They’ve conquered reality TV and are behind countless big brands; in fact, each one is a major success story and Kylie Jenner, who is now a billionaire, is no exception.

While she is a billionaire, it is important to state that she did grow up in a family of people that were already millionaires, as this post points out. Let’s hope she holds onto those billions.

Sounds Like News To Us

There are some big words in the English language, ones that require some serious dictionary time. Apparently, the word “news,” which is supposedly an acronym, is one of them.


Or so this person thought. They didn’t actually post any sources and perhaps just came to that conclusion by themselves. In order to halt the spread of some misinformation, the famous dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster came to the rescue.

Star Trek Scandal

Trekkies beware; there’s some beef behind the scenes of everyone’s favorite sci-fi show. The shows’ executive producer Rick Berman claimed on Twitter that actress Denise Crosby gave him her communicator badge after the shoot of the finale “Skin of Evil.”


That was over thirty years ago. But the actress decided to set things straight with what really happened and the truth, according to her, sounds far less sentimental.

Clock Those Hours

According to this chiropractor clinic, the amount out of hours required to get accredited is, in fact, more than what a medical doctor would need. If we were to believe every Facebook ad, then this post would perhaps be cause for concern.


Alas, unsurprisingly, someone called this ad out for being totally wrong. Our advice. Don’t rail on other professions to try and boost your own. It’s ok; there’s a place for both doctors and chiropractors.

Soggy Chips

Giving a food outlet a bad review can be harmful, which is why many restaurant owners do not take these things lightly and strive to please their customers.


Apparently, receiving soggy chips was a big no-no, with the disappointment so great that nothing could rectify it, not even a new plate. The owner also felt it was necessary to point out why they were soggy in the first place!

Very Inconsiderate

When using public transport, it’s courteous to give up your seat to those more in need, such as the elderly or the physically challenged, especially if you’re young. Reinforcing this is great, but don’t let grumpiness blur your vision.


This angry lady (who is not that old) felt super put out by these two youths taking up seats that she didn’t even notice one was already available. It took an online comment to the point that out. Feeling silly yet?

Mom Knows Best

Most kids can’t wait until they’re out of the financial clutches of their parents, or at least they can’t wait to boast about it, because let’s face it, life is expensive, and a cool ride costs a pretty penny.


When this Facebook user’s mom caught wind of their kid’s post, she didn’t hesitate to out him. It looks like it’s time for that boy to move out.

Worst Place Ever

Jason was not happy with his experience at The Bierkeller and believed that it was literally the worst place he’d ever been to (and also a rip-off.) He felt so strongly about it that he had to write about it on Facebook.


Unfortunately for Jason, the reality is a little different. Perhaps he dreamt it or got confused with another place because it looks like the owner informed him of a pivotal piece of info – that being that the place was not even open yet.

Do the Math

This post is worrisome, partly because this 15-year-old is leaving school at their boyfriend’s behest, partly because they seem a little young but mostly because it’s completely fabricated.

An observant Redditor spotted some inconsistencies in this user’s stories and rightly concluded that this is all purely for attention. It’s important to keep track of your digital paper trail.

Captain Marvel News

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a pretty well-developed one with countless narratives and characters, many of them getting their own films, sometimes a series of films. It’s bound to create a stir among fans whenever a new one is set to be released.


But this fan page got over eager in its announcement of future Captain Marvel sequels. Who better to end the hype than Captain Marvel herself, actress Brie Larson.

Hey, I’m Alive

There have been horrible celebrity death hoaxes over the years. These are often brought on by trollers and spammers, but rarely is a verified publication behind such things.

When it came to this post about “The Fog,” director John Carpenter, the popular movie site, seriously botched things up, he saw the fake news and took the liberty of correcting them. No one can verify this better than the man himself.

Teeth Whitening?

There are certain advertisers that will do anything to try to sell their product, especially if said product isn’t a particularly good one. This teeth whitener is a prime example.


It took an observant Facebook user who spotted this ad to point out that while those teeth may have been whitened, it was not necessarily the product that did it. We might have to credit photoshop for this dental miracle.

Stick To Your Story

A lot of people love reinventing themselves behind the safety of a screen, but generally, they stick to one idea. It can get pretty messy to keep creating different identities, especially on a single social media account.

This Redditor must have forgotten their alias, or they were just seeking attention. Who knows, really, but they were definitely busted big time.

Where’d Ya Get That Sling?

It’s great to get sympathy when you’re feeling hurt; if you’re really hurt, that is. For some reason, this Reddit user felt it was necessary to seek out sympathy from an attack that never happened!


What’s stranger, she deemed a stock image for an Amazon sling ad as the most credible source of proof and simply blacked out the face to remain anonymous. Needless to say, she was caught out.

Someone Got Lost

There are countless manipulated images online. These images are tweaked and re-touched and turned into something else entirely. Then there are photos that are simply mislabeled.

Getty Images Photo by Mauro Flamini/REDA&CO/Reddit

When it comes to this famous wall in Pesaro, Italy, it wasn’t hard to get to the truth. A native Italian spotted it in a second and reached out to correct the misinformation.

Don’t Censor Me

When you’re dealing with tech tycoons like Elon Musk, it’s tempting for many journalists to spill the tea on all the ins and outs of the cutting-edge industry.


Unfortunately, this woman tried to accuse Musk of something that never happened. The SpaceX CEO made sure he got his point across about what goes public.

The Mysterious Disappearance

No, it’s not Pacman-style pizza; it’s just incomplete pizza! Or so we thought! This person posted a picture of their frozen pizza that very much resembled the image on the box.

Of course, anyone who is familiar with the brand, or any frozen pizza for that matter, knows very well that this would never happen. They clearly sliced out a piece, as this Reddit user wisely pointed out.

Not The Father

You can find some pretty bizarre stuff on Reddit message boards. In fact, one user just happened to be happily scrolling through when he came across someone that looked oddly familiar. It was him! And his son!

Thankfully the OP (original poster) had the screenshots to prove that whoever posted this was a total fraud. He (rightly so) called the user out berating him for trying to steal his identity!

Some Earth Day!

It looks like these environmentalists partied a little too hard that Earth Day. One might question their agenda if this is how they leave a public park. And we suppose that’s exactly what the poster hoped to do. Get people to hate environmentalists. Why? Who knows.

His efforts were thwarted when a poster proved that this photo is not at all reflective of the caption. It’s not even in California. This is the aftermath of a football tailgate party at the University of Georgia. Seems more fitting.

Read All The Reviews

When out dining, there’s nothing less appetizing than finding unwanted items in your food – especially when those items are fingernails and hair. Horrible. Thankfully we have Google Reviews to keep future customers safe from bad service.


Still, it’s always important to read more than one review before making a decision. Here we have the owner responding back to this awful post by revealing that the restaurant is not even open. That clears that up.

Not This Time

Elon Musk gets into a lot of public scandals. It mustn’t be easy to feel constantly targeted by the media. But that is what journalism is all about, after all.


On the other hand, we know certain publications do tend to opt for more sensationalist headlines. Musk was having none of that and called out Time Magazine for slacking on their fact-checking skills.

Vine Star Fail

Famous Vine star Thomas Sanders was so pleased when he discovered the folks who worked at the delivery place knew who he was. He was also grateful enough to reach out to the mystery person who wrote it.


He didn’t have to look for far, though, since, as a fellow Tweeter pointed out, delivery instructions are given by the person making the delivery, in other words, Thomas Sanders himself.

Skull Mountain Mystery

This scene looks like it’s something out of a classic action film like “Indiana Jones,” but according to this Facebook post, this image is completely real and took place in Mexico.


Luckily someone quickly put this fake story to rest, assuring the public that this was an award-winning image from digital enhancing techniques.

Car Collision

Sometimes driving can be hard; this is why so many accidents happen. But when they do (if things aren’t too serious), it’s always a relief when the blame is on someone else.


This is why this screenshot is super cringy. This person was exposed, and now they have to deal with the embarrassment of telling that little “white lie.”

In the Box

You can find tons of things on Facebook Marketplace. Some old, some new. Just make doubly sure you know who you’re buying from. This guy thought he could get away with this little sales fib.


Little did he know that his face is right there in the thumbnail and unmistakably wearing the “new pair” of sunglasses he’s trying to sell.

No Pets

Pet: a domesticated animal that lives in the home, typically a dog or a cat. One should clear up their definition of pets before selling furniture that supposedly never had an animal on it.


That cat is right there in plain sight. How exactly did they think they’d get away with this? Well, we suppose they weren’t really thinking.

Not a Shadow of a Doubt

A photoshop job? Fake squinting? Who knows. This guy’s supposed shadow is on the wrong side of his body if he claims that the sun was in his eyes.


It looks like he got a lot of hate for this image, which is sort of understandable. The bigger question, though, is; what is so great about this photo in the first place?

Your Smart is Showing

This genius kid proved just how easy they have it. With their immense brainpower, they can calculate complex problems in their head. Electrons and nuclei? No problem


Unfortunately, they slipped, and a fellow scientist picked up the flaw and immediately corrected them. Someone with an IQ of 150 should be ashamed.

Fly Your Flag

Stephanie wanted to show her patriotism by calling out Ikea on their flag-hanging abilities. Ikea might be Swedish, but this is America, people, and they have to know that.


Unfortunately for Stephanie, this wasn’t any shade-throwing on Swedens’s part; this is just the law between two friendly nations.

Space Experts

When it comes to space innovation, America has often been one of the leaders in the game. As this post indicates, when Russia had its stab at it, their attitude was a little different and, ultimately, pretty damn smart.


But what internet trolls don’t know is that there’s really a whole complex history as to why the space pen was created in the first place. Thankfully this user put it out there and educated everyone.

A Good Christian

This woman loves The Rock, but as a lady who lives her life by the good book, his ‘body markings’ trouble her. Beliefs are important, and this lady wants him to know that.


But then along came this Facebook user and gave her a little bit of her own medicine. Yikes.

You Have 30 Seconds

Nowadays, hackers can work their way into just about anything. Surely some dude’s iPhone is no biggie for this tech genius. We’re not really sure about why, but this hacker was set out to destroy.


Luckily, the “victim” didn’t flinch and calmly tested the supposed hacker until more than thirty seconds passed. It looks like it worked. If not, that hacker probably has some sweet pics of cute pigeons.

Miracle Weight-loss

This woman has become the poster kid for weight-loss success. Unfortunately, countless random weight-loss companies are trying to cash in on that and use her photo without her permission.


If they’re publically posting her photo, she can publically call them out, which is exactly what happened here. Hopefully, they got the message.

I Think Therefore I Am

This self-appointed English teacher took to the internet in order to educate the masses on the English language. They had a lesson to teach, and they were going to do it, dammit!


It didn’t matter if they were right or wrong! A funny Redditor decided to educate them using this famous meme.

Part of History

This dramatic scenery is supposedly a part of Polish history. The chairs have been there for years, and ever since, trees have grown through them, creating a rather artistic display.


So artistic, in fact, that it’s actually an art installation. It also happens to be in Belgium and not Poland, but hey, that’s the internet for you.

The Mountain Strikes Back

Ser Gregor Clegane, AKA The Mountain, is one big guy who easily towers the rest of the “Game of Thrones” characters. But back home, amongst his brothers, he’s the short one. Except these guys are not his brothers.


The Mountain took to the internet and fixed this fake information, telling us that those guys are Icelandic basketball players. That explains the tallness.

Mark’s Fave Film

It must be the greatest compliment in the world when the legendry Luke Skywalker loves your new action movie. If only that was the actual reality.


Hamil must have been super adamant about disliking the film that he took Twitter to confirm this fact. That “NOT” really drives home the point. Sorry, Zack.

Hanging With Harry

Running into celebrities can be crazy. It looks like this guy’s run-in with Harry Styles at the Tigers game also made him $100 richer. Very cool story, bro.


But as it goes with mega-pop stars, they’re definitely used to some outlandish stories of fans knowing them. Luckily Harry decided to let everyone know that this story was pure imagination.

False Banana Alarm

Spotting this secret banana message does look troubling at first glance. No one wants to see someone stuck supposed slavery in Bali!

While this looks troubling at first glance, this cry for help turned out to actually be a hoax, at least according to this avid Redditor. We can all feel relieved now.