All the Times Kate Middleton Wasn’t Camera-Ready

The Royal Family are some of the most famous and revered people in Britain. They are tasked with promoting humanitarian causes, maintaining the good spirits of the people, and representing the UK. With all their glamour, luxury and high-class demeanor, we sometimes forget that everyone in that family, from Elizabeth II to Kate Middleton, is human.

Getty Images Photo by Kate Green
Getty Images Photo by Kate Green

Middleton is particularly hard to relate to out of all the family, as she is beautiful, graceful, and married to a prince (things we all strive for). But what people don’t remember is that she wasn’t always a royal and used to be a plain old Jane, just like us. Just to prove how human Kate is, we’ve managed to gather some of the less flattering pictured moments by the Duchess of Cambridge.

Yummy Time

When the Duchess of Cambridge takes her time to taste a piece of fruit, everyone stops to pay attention. Prince William and the other bystanders were eagerly waiting to see her reaction.


You can practically see the excitement on William’s face as he anticipates his loving wife’s reaction from the tasting. Kate looks beautiful as usual, and the UK flags in the back certainly help with the ambiance. But let’s face it, there was never a flattering photo of someone putting food in their mouths. Remember that next time you’re considering a food selfie.

Gone With the Wind

Wearing a dress always has the potential for disaster when a strong gust of wind blows by. The Duchess of Cambridge had to use her quick reflexes to prevent a seriously embarrassing picture from existing.


Luckily, Kate managed to turn this picture from a front-page TMZ cover to just another funny photo. Queen Elizabeth II was also quick on her reflex, and immediately hid her face just in case this did turn out as a flop. We know shorts under dresses are not very fashionable, but next time you’re up against a windy day, just stick with a pantsuit to avoid any risky business.

Wrong Pose

When Kate visited the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 in London, she never thought this photo would be on the news. She must have stepped on something and wanted to check it out. Unfortunately, this is the result.


The Duchess of Cambridge was wearing a great outfit that made her fit perfectly with the scenery. Too bad the most popular photo from the event ended up looking all kinds of wrong. Next time you’re checking out the bottoms of your shoes, be aware of your hand positioning and avoid pulling a “Kate”.


We can only imagine how happy Kate must have been when this picture was taken. She either heard the best joke ever, experienced a win for her favorite sports team, or is just a really, really good actress.


William must be proud to have a wife with such a beautiful smile. It’s clear that when the Duchess laughs, everyone’s faces light up as well. Speaking of smiles, can anyone point us to her dentist? This photo would make him a heck of an ad campaign.

We Swear This Photo Wasn’t Planned

Let’s face it, Kate is a really, really beautiful woman. Her perfect figure, beautiful face, and flowing hair all fit the Royal Family’s wishes and standards perfectly. Prince William sure made a great choice with her.


In this unplanned photo she can be seen attending the launch of the King’s Cup Regatta, at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, England. Everything lined up perfectly in this picture, giving it an almost staged appearance. Just look at that waistline… wow! And where is that fan hiding?

Rowing Her Way

Kate is quite happy to sit in this German rowboat, or at least that’s what it looks like. This is actually an RG Heidelberg row boat. They are a German rugby union club from Heidelberg, Germany.


The Duchess of Cambridge is certainly not one to find herself swimming in a lake, so we hope there weren’t strong winds at the time. Either way, there’s nothing like a casual afternoon swim in the pond on a nice summer day. As for Kate, even in this secretly taken photo, her posture in appealing. Good for you Kate!

Walking Away in Style

If you’ve ever seen an action film, you might recall the popular trope of the action hero walking away from an explosion in style. This picture makes it seem like that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Getty Images Photo by Max Mumby

We can only assume this photo is what inspired every street strutting scene from many, many chick flicks. We can clearly see Carrie Bradshaw working her stuff much to the same tune in an iconic scene from ‘Sex and the City’. Either way, kudos to Kate’s stylist because she looks absolutely stunning here, all the way from head to toe.

A Game of Pantomime

Sometimes we find ourselves having a tough time expressing what we want with words. This is when exaggerated expressions and hand movements really go a long way.


In this picture, the duchess was visiting the coast guard base in Caernarfon, Wales. No, Kate wasn’t pantomiming the words for “buy me two large melons”. She was actually trying to look really excited and confident and it translated into her body movements with this slightly awkward photo.

Not Her Best Day

We all have bad days occasionally. Sometimes they follow a night of too much heavy drinking, and other times we just lack a bit of sleep. Kate here looks like she had a bit of both.

Getty Images Photo by Julian Parker

The Duchess of Cambridge appears to be really trying to focus and listen to whoever is speaking. Unfortunately for her, she also looks like an ad for the world’s worst hangover. As we all know only too well, tiredness and a possible migraine are quite hard to ignore. At least her fashion choice is spot on, as usual, and she still looks quite pretty.

Keeping Her Daughter Happy

When Kate is not suffering pulling all-nighters, she likes to spend quality time with her royal daughter. Kids sometimes get in bad moods, and there’s no one better at calming this one down than her loving mother.

Getty Images Photo by Chris Jackson

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge was a bit fussy after the two had a long helicopter ride. The two-year-old wasn’t feeling so good, as these things can get quite loud and bumpy. Unfortunately, a photographer scooped up a couple of shots before the mother could fully console her tired child, and this picture will forever remain as evidence to that.

Too Much Publicity

Being part of the royal family isn’t just glamour and fun. There are many responsibilities involved with the job, and you’re basically working 24/7. A huge part of the job is publicity, which can get extremely tiring sometimes.


Kate is seen here being slightly uncomfortable, which isn’t surprising, considering how many people are probably yelling and screaming behind her. Despite being uncomfortable, she carries herself quite gracefully, as she does her best to shut out the background noise and keep her answers nice and short for the dotting gentlemen in the picture.

Quick William, Hide Me From Merkel

Chancellor of Germany and leader of the Democratic Union, Angela Merkel, can be quite an intimidating figure. She’s a very stoic and loud woman, which might explain why Kate was hiding behind William here.


The royal couple and the German leader were meeting on some official political business. But while Prince William and Merkel handled the meeting, Kate preferred to stay in her husband’s shadow. Hopefully, Kate got her act together eventually and at least gave the German leader a proper greeting. She really doesn’t look like she wanted to be there at all.

So Many Possibilities

When we see Kate Middleton in this picture, so many different things come to mind. She might be practicing her karate moves in a subtle way, or perhaps the Duchess of Cambridge is doing a bit of mental math.


Either way, Kate is effortlessly beautiful even when she’s in deep thoughts. The royal lady is wearing a gorgeous autumn dress and purse to match her shoes, so all in all, how bad of a photo can it be? As we see from her hands yet again, Kate is obviously quite an expressive woman, which just makes her even more lovable to the nation.

Finally Some Pink!

Both Kate and her daughter, Princess Charlotte, look absolutely stoked in this photo. The two must have gotten their first chance in a long time to wear pink, and the expression on their face shows just how excited they were.

Getty Images Photo by Mark Cuthbert

Her hat is absolutely fabulous, and her daughter is dressed extremely well too. Most people stop being able to pull off an entirely pink ensemble once they’re out of diapers, but not Kate. We only wish that being in full pink wasn’t just a royal thing, since walking around in bubblegum colors looks like a lot of fun!


The expression on Kate’s face is completely priceless in this one. She clearly saw something that made her go “wait… what?” in her mind, and this was the outcome.

Getty Images Photo by Max Mumby

If we didn’t know any better, this photo could easily be confused with that of a baffled child on their first spelling B! Whoever took this picture was either really lucky, or asked her something that created this expression. It was probably something more along the lines of “what did you think about Brexit”? But who knows…

Look What You’ve Done

Poor prince George has that guilty face we all shared when we did something wrong as kids. It appears that Kate is busy giving a moral lesson here, while her daughter, Princess Charlotte, is having all the fun.


We love how Kate makes sure to go down to George’s height in order to talk with the boy. Children need adults to talk to them eye to eye, and we’re sure little Prince George appreciated whatever it was his mother had to say. Can anyone say “best mom ever”? We also love how absolutely mesmerized Princess Charlotte seems to be with those balloons!

Mona – Kate – Lisa

The problem with faking a smile is that under certain circumstances, it might end up looking like a condescending smirk. The duchess is revealing her teeth a bit too, as she probably saw something she really didn’t like.

Getty Images Photo by Samir Hussein

We call this pose the ‘Mona – Kate – Lisa’, because just like the famous painting, no one can tell what Kate is really feeling here. Is that a smile? If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that Kate’s body language is also very closed. She’s guarding her bag close to her body, and her shoulders are rounded and slumped in. We wonder what she saw…

Cowboy Time

You might ask yourself what do Prince Williams and Kate Middleton have to do with what looks like a bull riding event. Unfortunately, we have no idea either. The two look fantastic in their cowboy hats, at least that’s for sure.

Getty Images Photo by John Stillwell

The two look like they were pulled straight out of a Western movie. Perhaps they should consider starring in one together. Now that’s a movie we would all go to the theater to see! Unfortunately, we doubt the queen would allow it, as staring in westerns is not high up on the family’s obligation list.

‘You Did What?!’

This is the exact face we make when our partner comes home from work to tell us they have just purchased a timeshare on some far off, god-forsaken island. And no, it’s not flattering on any of us.

Getty Images Photo by Samir Hussein

“You did what?!” is our chosen phrase of disbelief and shock, but truthfully, we don’t know what Kate was saying, so we can only speculate. Perhaps she was asked a really uncomfortable question and she was busy thinking of a way to answer without forgetting her manners. Clearly, whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words was speaking of this one.

A Peek Inside the Mind of Kate

This is a truly unflattering photo of Kate, but clearly even on her worst day, she still looks great. The Duchess of Cambridge must have had a pretty terrible day, and this is the last smile she had to put on that day.

Getty Images Photo credit DARRYL DYCK

Being part of the Royal Family also means that you have to exude a sense of optimism and decor at all times. Kate appears to be doing quite well, given the circumstances. She’s smiling alright, albeit this smile makes her look like she may just be on the verge of a mental breakdown. No doubt Kate managed to pull it together moments later, as Kate always does.

It’s a Bit Hard to Explain

Just like we’ve seen, the lovable Duchess uses a lot of body language in order to properly express herself. All signs show that she is most probably speaking to her friend about the best burger she’s ever tasted.

Getty Images Photo by Clive Mason

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to find the right words, and Kate certainly seems to be struggling. We’re sure she eventually managed to get her point across though, leaving just this photo behind to be figured out. In this picture, Kate’s neck is twisting and stretching in all the wrong angles. We’re sure she wasn’t too pleased with the photographer.

Three Royal Ladies

Sometimes you’re just not picture ready, no matter how well you’ve gotten dressed and put on your makeup. The three royal ladies were definitely not ready for this photo snap, perhaps even arguing about something between them.


Still, all three of them look really gorgeous. We can’t help but notice just how different each one is, both in style, and in demeanor. For example, while Meghan seems to be fine with looking a little dazzled, Kate is still doing her best to remain calm and poised, just like a duchess always should.

The First of Many

William sure loves to make Kate laugh. If there’s one thing you should make sure you have as a semi-bald guy, it’s a great sense of humor. Of course, it also helps if you’re the grandson of the Queen of England.


This is just one of many pictures of Kate laughing hysterically at one of William’s jokes. The guy’s a serious comedian, and can always be seen making his loving wife laugh. Although this is certainly not her best photo, there is still something regal and beautiful about Kate with her neck arched back like that.

William is Not the Only One Who Makes Her Laugh

What Kate Middleton undoubtedly knows, being a mother herself, is that kids can also be quite funny sometimes. Perhaps Kate found it funny that the kid on the right was trying to eat her cup rather than drink from it.

Getty Images Photo by Peter Nicholls

The Duchess of Cambridge does much humanitarian work and volunteers with many children’s organizations. We can see her here surrounded by some of the sweet children she works with. It’s easy to see that she is genuinely laughing in this one. Her face is glowing, and every single muscle is being used to hold herself from bursting into tears.

Luxury Driving

This is hardly the face you’d expect from someone wearing a diamond studded tiara, riding around in a beautiful Bentley and sitting next to, sorry, no, married to a prince! Which is what made this photograph such a great one.


Kate doesn’t look happy here at all. In fact, she has that classic “you know what you did” face on, and seeing how uncomfortable William seems to be here, he probably does know. The two are riding around in one of the world’s most expensive luxury vehicles and almost look as if they were on their way to the prom to be adorned as prom king and queen.

Keep Taking Pictures

It seems that there are more phones than actual faces in this one. The three girls on the right and the guy behind them are all busy snapping those sweet Instagram stories to later be tagged as #Katewalking.


Kate looks like she’s giving one of her half smiles again, probably in an attempt to maintain a certain level of coolness, decor and class. We can’t imagine being filmed and shouted at by so many people at once though, so kudos to her on keeping it together and strutting her stuff in those gorgeous shoes.

“I Can’t Even…”

In this unfortunate photo, Kate was either having a bit of trouble hearing someone, or she wished she was, because she does not look pleased with what she is apparently hearing.

Getty Images Photo by Chris Jackson

As bad as her face looks in that reaction, it’s unbelievable who amazing Kate can still look in any outfit. It’s as if her head and body weren’t connected, and her body knew exactly what it should be doing. The Duchess of Cambridge could easily be confused with a star walking on the red carpet. That is, if she wasn’t so preoccupied with the news she had just gotten.

‘That One’

Putting aside how beautiful the Duchess of Cambridge looks in this picture, we can’t help but notice she’s pointing directly at something. Kate also has an expression on that means business.


She must explaining to her friend how these pony show events go and which one is her favorite show horse. Her friend then finally understood whose horse was playing versus whom and she was finally relieved to be cheering for the right horse. We are so glad to have Kate around to explain things that need so much explaining.

“William, What Did You Do?”

This photo looks like every one of those times we find ourselves bickering with our spouse in public. The Duchess of Cambridge appears to be very unhappy with something William did, and the Duke of Cambridge is wearing his “Dear, this is not the place” look.


Prince William clearly knows he did something wrong, but the question is — will he admit it and make up for it? Based on how much he loves to make Kate laugh, we bet she forgot what the fuss was about before the day had ended.

Extreme Laughter

We’d also laugh our heads off all the time if we had teeth like Kate! The beautiful Royal lady can be seen here wearing a beautiful dress, and in her naturally wavy hair. At least that’s what she wants us to believe.


Kate actually bears a remarkable resemblance to Meghan Markle in this photo, which probably has something to do with the easy going attitude her laughter brings with it, much like Meghan’s. In the photo, Kate was attending a charity ‘Action for Children’ event in Kingston, southwest London, and we bet that Prince William had something to do with her hysterical burst of laughter!

‘What Are You Looking At?’

Princess Kate couldn’t look more royal and beautiful in this photo. It’s almost like she posed for it, as everything about her appearance and expression looks absolutely flawless.

Getty Images Photo by Max Mumby

The same however, cannot be said for little Prince Louis here, who was caught in a slightly less inspirational angle. The little guy is, as always, incredibly cute, but that doesn’t take away the fact that he looks like he has a vendetta for someone in this photo. We bet he’s trying to be the man of the house, and is actively protecting his mother from the paparazzi.

Another Burst of Laughter

Kate sure loves to laugh! With that kind of smile, who wouldn’t? We bet that whenever the beautiful duchess starts laughing, everyone around her can’t help but begin to laugh with her.


This picture was taken at the opening of the Anna Freud Center of Excellence in London, in May 2019. Kate is the “Patron” of the Anna Freud National Center for Children and Families. By the looks of it, she could not be more excited about the opening of the new center. And she should be, it is quite an achievement.

Prince William Makes Another Homerun

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were hanging out in Greenwich, London on May 7, 2019, to launch the King’s Cup Regatta at Cutty Sark. Once again, Kate seems to be utterly enjoying herself.


Prince William clearly said something that made her burst out laughing. He’s such a great comedian that he can pull off his jokes with only a slightly visible smile. While not everyone photographs well during the midst of a hysterical laugh, Kate is actually more beautiful in this picture than many of the posed ones.


This picture was taken when men’s tennis player Novak Djokovic was defending his 2019 Wimbledon championship against Roger Federer. Kate looks absolutely stunned by what she saw, which makes sense.


In case you missed the game, let’s just say that there was one moment that seriously demanded the expression on Kate’s face right here. The woman behind her also has her jaw open, proving everyone was just as surprised. However, this facial expression is not working in Kate’s  favor, as it made her neck muscles all tense up just in time for the shot.

Job Well Done

And speaking of unflattering facial expressions, this photographer at the 2019 Wimbledon didn’t rest until he got them all. Sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due. If there was ever a perfect expression for a job well done, it would be Kate’s face right here.


The Duchess of Cambridge can be seen clapping in appreciation as Novak Djokovic won the 2019 Men’s Wimbledon Championship. The game went to an epic five sets and lasted almost five hours. It ended up being one of the longest Grand Slam finals in history.

Kate Poppins

If Kate ever wanted to go into the movie business and portray Mary Poppins, this would be the perfect outfit for her. With that ribboned blouse and tilted hat on, she’s got the look down to a T. And let’s not forget that special magic umbrella…


Perhaps the Duchess of Cambridge is smirking because she knows just how good she looks. The only difference between the actress who portrayed Mary Poppins and the Duchess of Cambridge here is that Mary Poppins would undoubtedly be holding her own umbrella.

‘Say What?’

The Duchess of Cambridge can be seen here as she was leaving the Foundling Museum in 2019. She must have had another one of those sleepless nights, as she looks absolutely exhausted here.

Getty Images Photo by Tristan Fewings

Based on Kate’s appearance, it seems that she was met by a lot of people on her way out of the museum that she really didn’t want to see. The princess has that face that says “not this again” all over it. But like Kate knows, such things like smiles and hand shaking ultimately come with the position she signed up for when she married into the royal family.

Trying to Look Interested

Kate Middleton always makes sure to respond gracefully whenever she talks to people. It doesn’t matter which angle or timing the paparazzi catch her in, she will always be seen remembering her manners.


They will however catch her looking frazzled and overly interested at times. She was seen here having a conversation with Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, and appears to have a bit of a hard time enjoying it. Judging by her outfit, they were probably just leaving the 2019 Wimbledon games and Kate was doing her very best to keep up with some of the polite chit-chat expected of her.

Commercial Beauty

The Duchess of Cambridge must really love playing polo if it makes her look this happy. The photographer who took this photo genuinely caught her looking like a model from a shampoo commercial, and just as stunning as ever.

Getty Images Photo by Max Mumby

Kate was attending the King Power Royal Charity Polo Match, and both she and Prince Harry were competing in the event. The winner was slated to receive the Khun Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Memorial Polo Trophy. Yeah, we can’t really pronounce that either.

Anywhere but Here

Kate looks really unhappy in this picture, and judging by her dress, it was taken at the same event as another not so pleased photo of the duchess. She appears to be very reserved, and going by her body language, she clearly does not want to be there.


Nevertheless, Kate is doing her best to keep up appearances and is trying hard to appear civil and gracious, even though it’s not working at all. The photo was taken back in mid-2019. The Duchess of Cambridge was sitting at the first annual gala dinner in recognition of Addiction Awareness Week at the Phillips Gallery, but there was clearly something else on her mind. Any guesses as to what it could have been?