An Original Copy of This VHS Might Make You a Small Fortune

While it’s no secret that some people will pay just about anything for their favorite pieces of fandom, it’s still shocking when you learn how much they’re willing to spend. This list isn’t exclusively Disney films, although there do happen to be more Disney movies than anything else. If you haven’t heard of a Black Diamond edition Disney film, let me introduce you to the pieces of plastic that some people are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to own – or at least, there are people trying to get them to.
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The thing is, some of these films, even the rare, collector’s editions, aren’t worth nearly the amount they’re listed for. A few sellers are more forthcoming than others, noting in their ads that they’re aware the price is outrageous, but they’re hoping someone cares enough about owning the movie that the right person will see it and make the buy just because they feel like changing someone’s life. Then, there are other sellers who list items for hundreds of thousands of dollars and barely include any description at all. We’ll let you be the judge as to whether or not these original films are worth their listed price. And, if you happen to have one of these lying around the house, maybe it’s time to make that eBay account you’ve been thinking about for a while now.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Going for: $20 You may get a cool $20 if you don’t mind parting with this family favorite Disney film from 1996. Of course, Quasimodo and Esmeralda really made you feel things as a kid (okay, and as an adult,) so it may be hard to let go. But, if you really need that cash, go ahead and put your copy up on eBay and you can get that pizza you wanted for tonight.


Frollo taught us all some great lessons about boundaries and how being a disgusting, desperate lunatic doesn’t get you what you want – especially if what you want is to force someone who obviously wants nothing to do with you to love you. But perhaps the biggest theme of the film was about bullying someone because they look different than you, which is something that is never cool to do.

The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

Going for: $20 Watching Pooh and the gang was like a childhood rite of passage for so many of us. The stories that took place in the Five Hundred Acre Wood shaped a ton of young minds, and Eeyore introduced us to the concept of clinical depression early on. The original copy of this film, which came out in 1977, can be found online for around $20. Of course, the actual amount you may get if you put one up for sale depends on the condition that it’s in – and whether or not it’s some type of special edition.

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If you’ve got a first edition of the book by A. A Milne, you can get a lot more than just $20. One seller even has their copy listed for $750.00. Who knew that a book that was originally sold in 1926 for so much? In fact, there’s a rare, limited copy edition of that same book that was recently auctioned off for nearly $3 million. Then, there are some collectibles that are going for everywhere from $5,000-$25,000, which is how much one person is asking for their 12-inch Pooh’s Colorful Rainy-Day plush toy.

Peter Pan

Going for: $20 Oh, Peter Pan, the first male character in a major movie to rock a pair of green tights (but not the last, hello, Robin Hood.) This film first came out in 1953, and spawned other films such as Hook, and Wendy, which is coming out later this year. But you can grab a copy of the original VHS for somewhere in the $20 range. That’s actually pretty impressive, considering this movie is decades older than the others on this list so far.

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The main theme in Peter Pan was about not wanting to grow up, and the desire to remain a child for life. In fact, the film was actually based on a play titled The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, by J.M Barrie. And hey, do you blame him? Being an adult isn’t all that it’s cracked up to me. Although Peter Pan must be the only child in the history of children who didn’t want to be an adult (and sooner than later!)

Sleeping Beauty

Going for: $50 And, we’re back to Disney. Actually, there are a ton of Disney’s “Black Diamond” VHS tapes on our list. If you haven’t heard that term before, it refers to the original and rare versions of these classic films that can be found on sites like eBay for several thousand dollars. Of course, just the original versions aren’t worth that much in most cases, like with Sleeping Beauty, but you may be able to get around $40 for it.

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Some people trying to sell the originals for much more than that – although that doesn’t necessarily mean anyone’s buying it. In fact, if you Google “Disney Black Diamond” you’ll find all of the naysayers that argue that you shouldn’t even dream of spending $2,000 on something that you can find elsewhere for $20. We’re going to have to agree with the naysayers on this one. But if you’re going to get in on the Black Diamond craze, make sure you’re on the winning team. That’s the team that’s making all of the money, not spending it.


Going for: $50 Pinocchio is the best movie of all time. Okay, if I were Pinocchio, my nose would have just grown an inch. Although there are probably people out there who would argue that it is actually the best. The film is definitely a classic and one that taught us all about the importance of honesty as children. It also made us feel kind of bad for inanimate objects. I mean, all Pinocchio wanted was to be a real boy, and we all wanted it for him, too. In 2019, Disney decided to reboot the film in a live-action version which was directed by Oscar winner Robert Zemeckis.

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If you’ve got an original copy of this Disney original tucked away in an old cabinet in the basement or something, you may want to dust it off and put it up on eBay. If it’s in solid condition, you can get around $50 for it. And, unless you’ve got a collection going, why not? It isn’t like you can’t find the movie on one of the many streaming services (most likely Disney+,) if you get the urge to watch it.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Going for: $75 We’re moving on up with the scale of prices on our list of the most expensive DVDs and VHS tapes. E.T The Extra-Terrestrial is one of the most classic films of all time. It’s referenced in countless other shows, songs, and movies, and basically everyone on earth knows the phrase, “E.T phone home.” So, it only makes sense that the original version of this popular family movie can be sold for over $70 eBay. There are actually some rare, Black Diamond editions that are going for over $4,000, so someone can definitely swing $75 for a good copy.

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The film was one of three Steven Spielberg films that broke box office records when it first came out in theatres. The director later revealed he shot most of the film from the level of a child’s eyes to give the audience more perspective and make us feel closer to E.T – and it worked! Anyone who says they don’t at least get a little teared-up at the end must not have been watching the same film as the rest of us.

Song Of The South

Going for: $100 Hey look, we’ve hit triple-digit territory now, we’re really warming up (although you still haven’t seen anything yet.) That’s probably because this movie, which came out in 1946, is one of Walt Disney’s more controversial films. The movie received a ton of backlash and was even referred to as “one of the most racist films in history.” So, why one may want to own a copy of this film is beyond me, but apparently some do because there are sellers who have it listed on eBay for a cool $100.

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Despite the controversy of the original film, there were some remakes and spinoff stories to emerge after the fact. One such spinoff was a newspaper comic strip that came out in 1986, created by Floyd Norman. Norman himself has several pieces listed on the online marketplace, including another comic strip he wrote for Disney titled, “The Funny Side of Walt’s World,” for $135.

My Neighbor Totoro

Going for: $120 My Neighbor Totoro is a 1988 Japanese children’s movie written and directed by Hiyao Miyazaki. The year after it was released in Japan, the English-dubbed version hit the scene and started making its rounds. In 2010, Empire magazine listed it on their Top 100 Best Films of World Cinema list. And Totoro, the main animated character, made number 18 on their list of the 50 Best Animated Film Characters.


The movie follows a pair of young sisters who are living with their father as their mother recovers from an illness, and they have all kinds of adventures with spirits in the woods near their home. If you happen to have the DVD of this film, you may be able to get anywhere from $105-$120 for it. Of course, there are a lot of people selling it online for $100, so it may take a while to get the maximum for it unless you luck out and find someone who really wants it.

The Legend of Hillbilly John

Going for: $150 This 1972 film follows a traveling musician who encounters a giant bird creature in the Appalachians and travels back in time. The general consensus may only be worth about three stars, but it developed a cult-like following from those who connected with the film. And that’s why there are copies of it selling online for $150.

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And, if you’re a fan of the whole “good versus evil,” the devil controls the world, type of stories, you may want to search it out for yourself. Of course, there’s actually a free version of the film on YouTube, so you should start there before you spend a ton of money. But hey, if you’re a big Hedges Capers fan, you may not mind getting out the debit card.

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Going for: $160 The platinum edition of this class British children’s show can be found for all the way up to nearly $160 on eBay. Of course, the films were all spinoffs of the original show, which was just called Thomas & Friends. There are have been several shows and movies created since, some much better than others, including this one, which is by far the most expensive of all of the classic DVDs.


Of course, the person who’s selling this copy of the three-disc set may not wind up making any money, considering there seem to be others of the exact same quality on the online selling platform for a lot less money. And, as far as the ad lists, there’s nothing special about it that would warrant charging so much. If you’ve got a copy you’re looking to sell, check eBay first and see what others who are selling the same thing are doing, and priced accordingly.

Kung Fury

Going for: $200 Kung Fury is a Swedish martial arts comedy and action film from 2015. It may appear to be an 80’s Kung Fu film, but that’s only because that was the entire point – to pay homage to the great films of those times. The film was written and directed by its main star, David Sandberg, and features an appearance from David Hasselhoff.


The rare two-disc set floating around eBay for $199 features a bonus interview with the writer/director/star, commentary by Laser Unicorns, location hotspots, a blooper reel, and more. If you’ve got any interest in getting your hands on this Blu-Ray set, you’d better act fast. There are nearly 30 people “watching” and ready to pounce on it on eBay!


Going for: $300 This is an occult classic and one that’s given some of us too many nightmares to count on our hands and feet. The 87’ British horror film follows the unfortunate souls who are condemned to be ripped to shreds by creatures known as the Cenobites, interdimensional beings who used to be humans at one point too but now exist in a hellish realm where they torture new souls. The Cenobites are summoned to Earth as someone gets their hands on a puzzle box, known as the Lament Configuration, and accidentally unlocks the gates of hell. Probably the most famous of the creatures is their leader, Pinhead.

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One limited-edition film is selling for nearly $300 on eBay, and that’s not even the most expensive thing from this franchise on the site. There are figurines of Pinhead going for double the cost of this film. And speaking of hell, at this point, we’re getting into the “who the hell would pay that for a movie” range on our list. Of course, it’s still nothing compared to what’s to come.


Going for: $300 If you had to name one movie that takes the cake for being the ultimate, classic slasher horror film, how many would say it’s John Carpenter’s Halloween? After all, they’re still making more of them today because of how popular the original was. The newest film, which also starred the original star, Jamie Lee Curtis, came out in 2018, and although it wasn’t directed by Carpenter, he was involved “in every step of the way” according to one of the writer’s, Danny McBride.

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Being a superfan of anything can be expensive, but if you’ve got a thing for Halloween, you better also have some pretty deep pockets. This version of the film, a still-sealed VHS from 1978, is going for right around $300. And considering there’s another film in the works that are supposed to hit theatres later this year, it’s probably just going to keep getting more expensive.

The Godfather

Going for: $350 This is another one of those classic films that can be quoted at random out loud in a store and at least two or three people nearby would catch the reference. The 1972 gangster film was nominated for seven different awards at the 30th Golden Globes, including Best Picture and Best Screenplay. Then, it was nominated for another 11 during the 45th Academy Awards.

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The film follows a New York crime family father and son, played by Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. Not all versions of the film are selling for $350, but perhaps if you’ve got a rare and collectible copy or a collection like this gift set, you may want to consider putting it up on eBay. Or, if you’re one of the many fans of the film series, you should check out everything people have to offer on the online marketplace. Let’s just say $350 is nothing compared to some of the other stuff, including some of the original movie posters and even the screenplays, which are priced at over $5,500.

Professional Wrestling Tapes

For $700 Depending on which side of the fence you’re on about wrestling, you probably either get into it or think it’s ridiculous. But regardless of those who see it as silly, professional wrestling is a big deal, with nearly 20% of Americans claiming to be fans of the sport, according to a recent poll by Gallup. And we all know that numbers don’t lie, so this $800 price tag on a pro wrestling DVD collection says it all.


Granted, there are 68 DVD’s in their original boxes in this set, but still – $800 is a lot of money to pay for a film collection. And that’s not the only pro-wrestling set that’s going for the big bucks on eBay. There are several WWE bundles for well over $100. If you happen to have some old wrestling videos lying around, maybe you should consider putting them together and pricing it to sell!

Barney & Friends

Going for: $950 Barney has definitely got to be one of the most famous cartoon dinosaurs in existence, that’s for sure. After all, the giant, friendly purple reptile shaped many young minds with his helpful lessons. If you’re lucky enough to have some Barney tapes around from when the kids were young and you need (or want) some extra money, take some pictures and put them online! There are a wide range of prices on each set, but they’re mainly between $200-$1,000.


This particular seller claims their copy is one of the library-only versions from its 1992 year of birth. Then, there’s another VHS selling for around $600. As someone who was entirely creeped out by Barney and chose to watch Nickelodeon, it’s hard to understand those prices, but hey, people like what they like! If you’re willing to drop over $900 to hold a physical copy of a childhood memory, you know where to find it!

Sword In The Stone

Going for: $1,000+ This 1963 Disney film tells the classic tale of young King Arthur before he becomes king, who goes on a magical journey of transformation with the help of the great wizard Merlin. There are plenty of life lessons rolled into the incredible animated movie, including how powerful intellect can be, and why having morals without any reason to have them is important. But no matter how great the film may be, can you imagine spending quadruple digits on a copy? Well, apparently some people can because that’s how much some sellers have it listed for on eBay – and actually, some have it listed for more.


The consensus for a Black Diamond Edition of The Sword in the Stone seems to be that $1,000 is a catch since that’s what many people are selling their copies for. But the numbers keep rising up on this one, which even has one listing for nearly $18,000. If you’ve got a copy of this that you’re willing to part with, you can get some serious dough for it. And if you’ve got a rare copy, you may even (apparently) be able to buy a new car.

The Evil Dead

Going for: $1,100 The Evil Dead is one of the greatest supernatural horror films of all time – and especially the ’80s when slasher flicks were more common. The film follows five unfortunate college students that decide to spend their break from school vacationing in a cabin deep in the woods. But remember, they did so before we all knew what happened to the idiot kids who make that mistake. Now that there’s been a long string of horror films that feature people getting chopped to bits and pieces at the hands of madmen who don’t appreciate teenagers making out in their territory, anyway.

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The film has gained a cult-like following, which is why eBay is full of movies and other Evil Dead gear that’s being sold for top dollar. This particular copy happens to be a limited edition, so if you’ve just got an original copy of the 81’ VHS, or a more recent DVD print, you won’t be able to claim that much cash for it. Those are all listed more around the $15-$12 range.

The Jungle Book

Going for: $1,200+ This family favorite may be able to put food on the table in your house for months to come. If you happen to have a Black Diamond version of the original Jungle Book VHS, you may be able to make some serious money off of it. Some limited-edition copies are selling from anywhere from $1,000-$8,000 online. The craziest part is the ones that are going for that much aren’t even sealed or in great condition.


This film’s brought tears to the eyes of many children (including my own when I was younger.) The adventures of Baloo and boy-cub Mowgli wrapped us into their world and took us with them on their heart-wrenching journey of self-discovery and evading trouble. The movie, which initially came out in 1967, was based on a collection of stories from 1984 written by Rudyard Kipling.

The Lion King

Going for: $2,000+ Even before the recent remake of The Lion King, it has always been a coveted family classic. It’s probably fairly difficult to find someone in North America who hasn’t at least heard of the film, if not seen it. We all cried at least a little bit when Mufasa died and Simba said, “Dad, we’ve got to go home,” okay, we bawled. But regardless of how sad some parts may be, it’s one of the greatest animated films of all time.


If you’ve got one of the rarer VHS versions from the mid-’90s, you’re looking at several thousand dollars of profit. $2,000 actually isn’t the highest people are selling it for, but it’s about the median range, so it’s reasonable to shoot for if you list your copy online. Some sellers have it listed for as high as $7,500 – but they also have no bids. If you put yours on eBay, make sure you check out your competition and see what has watches and bids and what doesn’t. That doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t sell eventually, but the same copies in good condition that are selling for thousands less will surely go first.

Star Wars

Going for: $2,300-$100,000 You knew that Star Wars was going to come upon our list eventually. With the type of fan base this franchise has, and the dedicated fans who dress up and flock to conventions, showings, and other events, it’s no wonder you can sell an original VHS version of the George Lucas film for around $2,300. At least, that’s what this seller is doing, and they’ve got 10 interested parties watching the sale already.


Of course, this person’s copy is a rare version that’s still sealed and in mint condition. Another seller has the same copy listed, only it’s opened and tattered, and they’re selling it for $888.88. But even if you’ve got the 1995 Star Wars Trilogy, you can get well over $1,000 for it, depending on whether or not it’s still in its package, etc. In fact, one seller has their Black Diamond version listed at an insane $100,000. Good luck with that, buddy. Though the seller includes that 60% of the sale is to go to The Salvation Army, it still seems like a big stretch from $2,300-$100,00.


Going for: $30,000 Dumbo is another heartwarming children’s classic about a young elephant who’s born into the circus world and made to perform dangerously and dress like a clown. And this was before everyone had started to realize how terrible it is for elephants and other wild animals to be made to perform and give rides at circuses and fairs, period. Poor Dumbo had unusually large ears and was made fun of by the other animals who were trapped in the circus with him.


Dumbo discovers that his large ears are actually his secret weapon which allows him to fly away from the hard life he’s endured since birth. The film is listed for up to $2,500, but if you’ve got one of the original movie posters, you may be able to earn a lot more. Some sellers have them listed for nearly $30,000!

The Great Mouse Detective

Going for: $10,000 Okay, it’s official, we’re in the five-digit territory now, but how far will we go? Well, for now, we’re making a stop at a whopping $10,000, which is how much one seller is asking for his Black Diamond VHS copy of the 1986 Disney film.


The storyline follows a mouse detective named Basil on his search for a missing toymaker. This is the film that is credited by many for sparking the Disney Renaissance, which is the period between 1989 and 1999 where the entertainment company really started cranking out some of their biggest hits, including several of the titles on our list. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones to have a rare VHS version of this one, you may consider listing it if you’re strapped for cash.

The Rescuers Down Under

Going for: $11,300 In this 1990 animated film, a boy named Cody travels through the Australian Outback on a mission to save his eagle friend who’s been captured by a poacher. The boy finds himself trapped too, and a few more friends have to come to his rescue. Did you happen to save your rare 1991 VHS copy of the film? If so, you can join the ranks of the sellers listing theirs for around $11,000.


There are several copies listed from everywhere between $8,000-$11,269. The latter is open, but it comes along with some rare inserts. Then, there are the sealed copies that seem to be going for $10,000. In either case, you can add some bulk to your bank account if you decide to part ways with this Black Diamond Disney film.  

Robin Hood

Going for: $12,000 This 1973 animated classic introduced us at a young age to the concept of the evil ruling elite, and how they build their empires off of the backs of the working class. But Robin Hood and his sidekick, Little John, took a stand against the prince, who was overtaxing the inhabitants of Sherwood Forest. The first Robin Hood film was actually called The Adventures of Robin Hood, and it wasn’t animated, but Disney recreated it in his style for this version in 1973.


But the 1938 film isn’t going for nearly as much online. There are multiple Black Diamond copies of Disney’s spin on the tale going for between $8,000 and $12,000. If you’ve still got those tapes from your childhood and you could use the extra dough, this isn’t a bad way to make it. Of course, the $12,000 copy hasn’t sold in quite some time, so who knows if it’s really worth that much.


Going for: $15,000 This classic children’s film taught us all some valuable lessons about bullying and seeing people for who they really are. It also showed us that kindness can get us a lot further in life than being a rotten individual. And boy, would Cinderella’s evil stepmother and two bratty stepsisters would be even more jealous of her now if they knew she’s the star of a movie that’s being sold for over $12,500.

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Yep, one of the rare Black Diamond editions from 1988 is listed for around $13,000 – that’s about $12,990 more than I’m willing to pay for any film, no matter how good it is. What about you? That’s not even the most expensive thing from the franchise that’s listed on eBay. There is a rare Swarovski crystal life-sized glass slipper listed for $60,000, and several other pieces of rare art from everywhere between $20,000 and $30,000.


Going for: $15,500 This 1998 Disney film is set in China and follows a young girl who impersonates a male in order to fight for her father during an invasion. And of course, she winds up falling in love along the way, because it couldn’t be a great movie otherwise, right? The 1999 VHS version of Mulan is listed for between $6,000 and $8,000 on eBay today, but a couple of years ago, a copy was sold for more than $15,000!


The version that sold for so much as a limited collector’s edition. And, hey, isn’t that the entire point of getting your hands on the rarest collector’s editions that you can find? The people who are selling them for $12,000 and $15,000 or more probably planned on it when they first acquired the pieces themselves, hence why most of them are still sealed and in mint condition. There are some original Mulan art pieces and collectibles that are right up there in this price range, too, just in case you consider yourself to be a superfan and have money to burn.

Lady and the Tramp

Going for: $20,000 How many people tried to mirror the way Lady and the Tramp ate their spaghetti during their romantic dinner date? That may be the most famous scene from the 1955 film, but the entire movie tugs at our heartstrings. In 2019, the live-action remake came out, which may have had an effect on how much the Black Diamond originals are being listed for on eBay.


As of now (February 2020,) the most expensive single copy of the film is listed at a whopping $19,999 – yeah, like not adding that extra dollar makes that number any less menacing. But if you have a few Black Diamond’s from this list, you can always try bundling them and selling them for over $100,000 like one seller has with this movie along with Peter Pan and Aladdin. Who knew that movies could end up buying you a condo several years down the road?

101 Dalmatians

Going for: $26,000-$100,000 Who didn’t love all of the furry, spotted adorable dogs on this children’s classic? People still reference Cruella De Vil and dress up like the villainess for Halloween – despite how much we all loathed her for being mean to the puppies. And if you’ve got your hands on a Black Diamond Edition of the VHS – you may be able to make a substantial profit from it.


There are numerous listings for the film, but the highest is one seller who has it listed for $100,000! The ad says that most of the money from the sale will go to charity and that the rest will be used to put the seller through film school. Unfortunately for them, someone else is selling the same thing for $26,000 – and you can guess which one’s going to sell first. But hey, maybe after that copy is gone, they’ll get lucky and be found by a (loaded) superfan.


Going for: $24,000 This 1942 animated classic made us all feel a little too much when Bambi lost her mother in the woods. In fact, that moment is often referenced as one of the saddest in the history of film. But the fact it was capable of tugging on our heartstrings is only one of the reasons why it’s an all-time family favorite. And, perhaps it’s also part of the reason why the Black Diamond VHS of Bambi is listed at $24,000.


If you do some digging, you’ll see a consensus that the copy is really only worth several hundred dollars, but that doesn’t change the fact some people are trying to get much, much more for it. The most expensive listing claims that it’s a special edition with additional scenes and a look into the making of the film. Still, even if you only have the original, regular edition, several hundred is quite a profit on a movie you probably paid $10 or less for!

The Little Mermaid

Going for: $30,000-$60,300 This classic tale has really never lost its momentum. It’s always been a popular movie and story, ever since it was first created in 1837 by Hans Christian Andersen. Then, Walt Disney turned it into an animated masterpiece in 1989. Now, there’s a live-action remake in the works that will be coming to a theater near you in April 2020.


Even before the announcement was made that they’d be creating the live-action version of the film, Black Diamond copies of the Disney original were selling for outrageous prices online. Right now, there’s one listing at nearly $30,000, but another of a rare, limited edition at over $60,300! According to the seller, it’s a sealed, “fully restored special edition.” Well, it must be pretty special for someone to throw so much money at it. Then again, it’s still sitting on eBay, so no one’s taken the bait just yet. It’ll be that seller’s lucky day if and when they do, though!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Going for: $47,777 Can you believe it’s been 83 years since this movie originally came into the world? That’s longer than some people’s entire lives. And, even though it may be older, the classic is still widely regarded as one of the best-animated fairy tales of all time. Disney based his version off of the original tale, published in 1812 by The Brothers Grimm. If you’ve ever read the original, you know that it wasn’t exactly created for children. In fact, the first story was pretty twisted, but Disney cleaned it up and turned it into a family favorite.


One US seller on eBay has their Black Diamond VHS of Disney’s first animated movie listed at an insane $47,777 – more than many people make in a single year. The seller even acknowledges in the ad that the price is way over-the-top but adds that they “guess there is someone in the world who appreciates the humor and logic behind this.” Well, my guess is that the listing’s going to live for as long as Disney’s masterpiece has.

The Fox and the Hound

Going for: $30,000-$50,000 This classic animated tale taught us all about the value of friendship, and how we should never judge anyone, especially based on generalizations. The story was first published by a novelist working for The Walt Disney Company in 1967. If you’re like me and you can’t stand to watch films about animals being killed by heartless humans, this probably isn’t the best investment for you. But if you’re a big Fox and the Hound fan and you’ve got deep pockets, the Black Diamond version can be yours for between $30,000 and $50,000!


Unlike the previous title on our list, there are multiple sellers who’ve got this one listed for some hefty prices. Perhaps that’s because it’s actually worth more, or maybe they’re just jumping on the bandwagon of hoping that someone’s actually going to bite. The most expensive copy is listed for $50,000. There doesn’t seem to be anything special about it, either, so if you’ve got a 1994 VHS of this movie, maybe it’s time for you to hop on that bandwagon, too! It couldn’t hurt, right?

Beauty and the Beast

Going for: $550,000 And you thought you’d already seen the most ridiculous prices. Nope, not even close. Beauty and the Beast may be a classic, but is a VHS from 1992 really worth half a million? The person selling it probably doesn’t think so, either, but that hasn’t stopped them from creating the listing. The worst part is, it doesn’t say there’s anything special about it other than it’s a Black Diamond Home Video edition – but there’s another one of those selling for $9,000. It also says in the description that the pictures show “the exact item that will be shipped to you,” only the pictures just show the box, not the actual tape.


If you haven’t heard all of the eBay horror stories by now, it’s not uncommon for sellers to list high ticket items and show images of the boxes. Then, when the buyer gets the delivery, they find that they only receive the box and no actual product, and eBay can’t do anything for them since the buyer will say, “well, there are photos.” It’s unfortunate, but it does happen, and think of how upset someone would be to receive an empty box for over $500,000. Even if that’s not the case and they plan on parting with the VHS, it still seems like a stretch – one that can fit around the world a couple of times.


Going for: $1,000,000 Yep, we really just jumped up an additional $500,000. We’re in the millions now, and at this point, I can’t say I’d really be upset if the person spending this much on a film did just get an empty box in the mail. This 1992 Disney classic is another that got a live-action remake, which came out last year and was directed by Guy Ritchie. Still, regardless of how popular Aladdin may be – there’s no copy of it that’s worth dropping $1 million on.


Still, one seller is hoping that someone, somewhere, will wake up one morning and decide that they just absolutely have to have to most expensive copy of the film in existence – even if it’s the exact same thing other people are selling for much less money. The seller included that the buyer, possibly an “eccentric millionaire,” would be changing the lives of their family. Well yeah, what family wouldn’t be slightly changed if they instantly got handed $1 million. Although with eBay final value fees, it’d probably be more like $900,000 – if they’re lucky. They’d have to be to make that sale stick, though, wouldn’t they?

Alice In Wonderland

Going for: $15,000-$72,900 Alice in Wonderland is one of the most popular children’s tales of all time, so it makes sense that Disney’s animated version of it would make the list of the most expensive DVDs and VHS tapes in the world. One seller has their Black Diamond and Red Signature VHS listed at nearly $73,000. And hey, at least this seller acknowledges in their ad that they’ve jumped on the bandwagon. But who wouldn’t want to be on the, “let’s sell a $10 movie for several thousands of dollars” bandwagon? There are many different spins on this classic story, which was originally created by Lewis Carroll in 1865. Disney released the family’s favorite animated film in 1951, and there have been numerous remakes and retellings.


Tim Burton directed some of the most recent films, including the 2010 remake starring Mia Wasikowska. And, in May of this year, we can expect to see the live-action musical version which stars Hayden Panettiere. Maybe all with all the new buzz, it will spark an interest in the $72,900 copy of the original? As peculiar as some of the characters in the movie, this remains a tape that buyers are way more particular about when it comes to the price they’re willing to pay for it. The whole surrounding this movie’s just bizarre. Maybe we should brand this flick as a hit and miss.

The Beast in Heat

Going for: $40 The Beast in Heat is far from a family-friendly film. The movie, about a sex-addicted monster who terrorizes prisoners in a Nazi-run camp, was released in the United Kingdom in 1977. It was so controversial that it was banned soon after, hence why if you’ve got a copy, you may be able to grab a quick $40 for it.


According to the reviews (and all of the two-star ratings,), it’s actually a pretty terrible movie, so it’s probably hyped up simply because of the theme and the fact it’s about a Nazi torture camp. The film was apparently never even released in the United States, although thanks to easy international shipping methods, you probably won’t get much more than the $40 for it anywhere.

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

Going for: $400 If you’re a fan of extremely disturbing movies that make you so uncomfortable that you’re forced to turn them off before your eyeballs burn out of your skull, you’ve probably seen Salò. It’s about a group of psychopaths who keep a bunch of teenagers hostage in this creepy mansion and abuse them. Yeah, it’s no wonder the film was banned in several different countries – which is probably why it’ll cost you $400 to get your hands on.

Alamy Stock Photo

The film was directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini, who was murdered in Italy under mysterious circumstances in 1975. Although someone admitted to the death, it was believed the death was a hit, due to Pasolini’s very public opposition to neo-fascist terrorism. Perhaps that leads to the price of this film online, as well.

The Prowler

Going for: $75 This 1951 black and white film star Evelyn Keyes and Van Heflin, who plays an angry law enforcement officer who’s called by Evelyn’s character, Susan Gilvray, a housewife that suspects someone is trespassing on her property and watching her in her own home. Only the two end up having more of a relationship than either could have ever planned. The affair sets off a chain of disastrous events that surround all three of the parties involved in the twisted love triangle.


If you’re interested in giving The Prowler a shot, you can most likely find it on Amazon Prime Video or YouTube’s movie collection. But if you’re a major fan of the film and you want to get your hands on the real deal, you can find a copy for anywhere from $40-$75 on eBay (and possibly elsewhere.) Or maybe you already have a copy and you’re more interested in collecting the cash!