Are You Really Going to Wear That? Epic Clothing Disasters You Won’t Want to Miss

Designing clothes shouldn’t be all that difficult. It’s just fabric, after all. But what with ruffles, lace, chiffon, and questionable print choices, designing clothes can get interesting.
That’s why we’ve compiled a long list of some of the most “interesting” fashion ideas that the fashion industry has come up with. From full-on fashion mishaps to designs that needed a little bit more time in the think tank before they made it to market, join with us as we laugh.

Low Effort, but I’d Still Wear It

A little bit of simple summer wear for you here. It’s even got some of your favorite fruits on it! There are plenty of fresh, juicy pineapples, as well as a single word written out in pinkish string: Watermelon.


Was it just a low-effort design, made to evoke a fruity feeling of summer? Or is it that hard to even get a single word right? Still, at least it’s the kind of thing that you can wear with a laugh.

Good if Viewed From a Certain Angle

Ah, Star Wars socks! There’s nothing better for the fan who needs to keep his or her feet warm. For the person not wearing them, they look like the faceless symbol of the Empire’s far-reaching might, the Stormtrooper.


These are sure to get at least an appreciative nod from any fan who spots them. But, for the wearer, should he look down, he’s going to see little more than a goofy grinning face. It looks kind of like a frog, for some reason. The socks still work, but upside-down — not so much.

The Newest Elements

The Boundary Waters is a location in northern Minnesota that borders Canada. It’s packed with rapids, lakes, forests, and streams. It’s a dream location for outdoors people. Merchandise is sure to follow, but this shirt will raise an eyebrow.


Each box is a different element, and most of them are at least elements, even if they don’t make sense in the context. “Boundary” is made up of Boron, Oxygen, Uranium, Neodinium (which is misspelled), Argon, and Yttrium. However, “Waters” is the problem, since it’s made up of Water (not an element), Air, (not an element), Tellurium, and “Resource,” which is definitely not an element.

Save Your Money, Buy a Different Shirt

Saving water – good! Drinking coffee – well, if you like it, go for it! But we wonder if the people behind this shirt are aware that coffee is, in fact, mostly water. It’s really just water and beans.


So yes, the design is cute, and yes, it might be good for a laugh, but it’s not a very smart message. Also, holy moly, check out that price tag. It’s been marked down to ninety dollars! You could get, like, eight shirts that have uneven breast pockets for that much. It doesn’t even look that warm! PASS.

Copyright Coverage

Look closely. Real Close. It might be hard to pick up if your vision isn’t all that good, but this dress features a Shutterstock logo on it. Of course, that means some enterprising designers took the blue rose design straight from the internet without even paying for the design.


It doesn’t look like a very bad design, but anybody who wears it will know, and they’ll feel every eye on them. “Can they see the watermark? Do they know that this dress features stolen artwork?” It’s a fashion faux pa for the ages.

It’s-a Me, Meltio

Mario is one of the most popular video game characters of all time since his first game in 1985. He’s been on every kind of merchandise you can think of, from lunchboxes to cowboy hats. But what about the knock-off merch? That’s where the real money is.


It’s a little hard to tell what exactly this piece of clothing is, but it seems to be a knit hoodie. However, it also seems to be a melting pile of ice cream, and while it might look okay if the hood is filled up with your head, it looks pretty stupid when you aren’t wearing it.

Quite the Ratio

“The Ratio,” when it comes to bodies, is usually seen as the difference between the width of a person’s waist and the width of their hips. For women, having a certain ratio is seen as attractive – as in male brains find a specific ratio automatically attractive just thanks to visual aesthetics. But this woman might be trying a little too hard.


At first glance, it looks like she’s not only been on a crazy crash diet, but she’s gone knock-kneed at the same time. Thankfully it’s just the white and black design from these yoga pants and top, but it still takes a second look.

Odd Statement to Make

In this ad for a red and black flannel shirt, the model’s undershirt asks us for more litter. Well, if you say so, lady, you’re the boss. Let us just go and dump all the trash in my bin onto the front yard. What are they going to do about it? It’s my lawn!


What could the shirt actually be saying? “More Glitter,” perhaps? “No More Litter,” maybe? Those make a little bit more sense. Or maybe this model just hates the work of finding a trash can.

One Way or the Other, It’s Not a Good Look

Kevin Hart, classic funnyman. He’s on television, wearing a shirt that, at the very least, shows off his physique in a flattering way. But what’s that on the shirt? Looks like a little bit of spilled alphabet soup – a collection of the letters D, E, O, and P.


It’s sort of like a way too personal version of a word search. The letters can be rearranged to make a few different words, including what is certainly Kevin Hart’s favorite American author, Edgar Allen Poe. However, the letters can also be used to spell “Dope” as well as “Oped.”

Everyone’s a Little Uneven

This piece of clothing might seem nice at first, but the big error makes itself apparent before too long. Yes, the breast pockets aren’t at the same level, but really, is that such a big deal? Both pockets still work. And it’s a men’s shirt, so it’s not like anyone will notice. Or care.


The shirt doesn’t even look that bad! If you can find a shirt like this in the bargain bin, and it’s the right size for you, I say why not? Of course, fancy parties aren’t the place to wear it, but if you’re an office worker, it’s nothing more than a fun outfit piece.

She Must Be a Paleontologist

It seems a big paleontologist discovery has been made. A brand new species of dino has been found on this lady’s pair of shorts! This shy guy is peeking out from the seam, saying hello to the world for the first time, and we get a better look at him below the picture.


He’s been dubbed the half-steg (Stegosaurus Minimus), and the anthropological community is in an uproar about the discovery. Plus, take a peep at that lady’s finger accessories! It looks like she made rings out of Chex Mix! That certainly draws the eye.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are… Whatever…

This next shirt comes to us from the line of the Goat himself, Michael Jordan, and his Air Jordan line. The shirt says “Red White & Black is the New Black.” Now, what could this mean? Three colors can’t be one color!


It’s possible it has something to do with the colorways of the new Jordan shoes, or it could be the eggheads at Nike that couldn’t make a good design to save their lives. No matter how you frame it, this shirt isn’t a very good design – you can barely read it.

Blowing in the Wind

Ever wanted a dress that has an arrow point right at your backside? Have we got a wedding dress for you! While at first, this outfit seems to be a top-of-the-line wedding gown, it isn’t until your eyes get below the belt when you realize some of the trailing lace is attached to an interesting spot on the dress.


While walking down the center aisle you’ll be all smiles, but as you’re listening to the homily, the guests will be trying to hide their giggles. So much work went into this dress, but it’s all just hot air.

Come On, People! Just Grab a Friend and Ask!

This shirt says “Six” that’s what the designers were going for, and that’s what they are sticking with. Of course, everyone who actually looks at the shirt thinks it says “sex.” That might not even be too bad, but this is a child-size shirt!


It happens a lot. You’re working on a project, and you’re so deep in the meaning you can’t see what someone with fresh eyes might see. It happens with shirt designs, writing, filmmaking, art, and lots of other things, but it’s pretty easy to fix — just grab a friend and have them take a look. They’ll let you know.

Are We Sure That’s Under Armour?

Under Armour creates lots of athletic gear, and they try to keep their designs simple and eye-catching. They’ve also branched out into casual wear, and as far as this shirt is concerned they’ve also dipped into the one-hundred percent total nonsense category of apparel.


Whether it’s “Power I will Strength what I want Belief,” or “Power Strength Belief I will what I Want,” it just doesn’t make sense. There’s a pretty good chance this is unofficial Under Armour gear. Or maybe they were just sporting (get it? Sporting?) with some buzzwords.

Just Don’t Wear Overalls. Problem Solved

Hey everyone, check out the girl who has “Turd” on her shirt! Everybody point and laugh! What’s that? It actually says something more like “Saturday,” and it’s only the placement of the girl’s hair and her overall straps that make it look like it says “Turd”? Well, that’s no fun.


We’re going to pick on you whether you like it or not because really, it’s your own fault. At least this model is only posing in order to show off the floral-print overalls, and not the shirt itself. Still, it’s pretty strange for them to put all this work into their pictures and just leave that turd dangling there.

The German Alphabet Is Pretty Odd

It’s kind of a cool shirt if we’re being honest, but it fails in the execution. While it seems simple at first, if you take a look you can see that the alphabet is all kinds of mixed up. Try singing that alphabet song and you’ll get lost around row three.


It’s almost thrown out at random to create the red “Berlin” that is the centerpiece of the shirt. Almost as an afterthought, the real, actual alphabet is huddled in the bottom corner of the shirt, almost as if to say “don’t worry, we know what it actually is.”

A Lesser-Known Songs

Yeah, we got nothing. You can kinda see the idea behind the shirt — the wearer wants something bad? Too bad? Maybe. But other than that the message is so muddled it might as well be a Picasso painting.


It’s another sorry tale of someone who doesn’t speak English misusing it to create a cool design in the hopes of selling a few shirts. And we’re all for it. We can admit one thing: this shirt definitely draws the eye. Nobody can understand it, but it’s certainly striking.

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Shirts

Wearing a shirt that tells people when you’re due isn’t the worst idea for pregnant mothers. It would at the very least cut down on answering the same question over and over again. On the other hand, this shirt sucks, since it’s a shirt of someone wearing a shirt, and it has “due in July” featured twice on the shirt.


It’s like it’s an advertisement for the shirt the other woman is wearing. The worst part is this isn’t a bad design – if it was just the shirt saying “due in July,” then that would be fine, but it has too much extra.

These Socks Were Built for Walking

The dead are always walking in this famous AMC show, and now you can join them with a pair of socks that give you Rick Grimes to wear whenever you’re out and about.


Ah, but you see, the thing about socks is they’re designed to be stretched over the feet and calves of the wearer. So, instead of the cool-under-pressure Rick Grimes, we instead get the cock-eyed, wandering face of his long-lost family member, Nick. Big fans of “The Walking Dead” will get a pretty good laugh out of these socks, but they’re sure to get some weird looks.

She’s Probably Red-Faced

The back of this shirt has an uplifting Bible verse and some cool art. But the design of the large word at the top, “Arise” tends to bring something else to mind. Not to mention it’s plenty easy for long hair to cover the middle of the word, it can end up looking like a British word for a body’s back end.


Of course, the worst part is that the rose in place of the I, which ties into the verse itself, is often skipped when reading across. Of course with the second reading, the meaning is clear, but it will still confuse you for a moment.

No Tourists for This Baby

It’s a pretty fun design, but the real questions start coming up when you see that it’s for children between the ages of six and nine months. Now we’re going to start asking questions.


What kind of baby is this meant for? The burgeoning surfer dude? Perhaps, but that still doesn’t make a lot of sense. Is it for a young beach girl? That, we’re sad to say, raises even more questions. Having some cool clothing is one thing, but talking about her interest in boys is a little bit suspicious when she hasn’t even hit the one-year mark just yet.

This Raises Far Too Many Questions

Now hold on just a minute. If a baby was wearing this design, that would be acceptable. It would even be the kind of gift that would kill at a baby shower. HOWEVER, the fact that what appears to be worn by a child around the age of ten adds a couple of very interesting details and questions.


For instance, where is “there”? And perhaps the most important question: why is there poop there? Child, you don’t get to order me around. If you’re old enough to wear that shirt, there’s only one person who will be cleaning up your poop.

The Kind of Shirt to Keep at Home

If you’re a party animal, then this shirt is for you. Throw it on for a lazy day at home, a gathering with friends, or a day at the beach, and enjoy your free time. The workweek might not be the best time to wear it, since it not only paints you as a bit of a slacker, but it also had a pretty bad design.


Separating “Week” and “End” makes a little bit of sense, but chopping the “R” off of “Never” is a bit silly, and makes the shirt look low-effort. Still, pretty comfortable-looking, if anything.

This Gets so Bad It Goes Back Around to Great

Raise your hand if you would unironically wear this shirt. Come on, let’s see them. Put ’em up. It’s hilarious! It looks like someone who only has three fingers between two hands. Pointer, and thumb-pinky.


It just gets better the more you stare at it! From the two “cat” designs with very odd dimensions and proportions to the three lines of text, it’s like a madman’s manifesto in shirt form. And what poetry we see under the cats. Honestly, if you can make sense of what it’s trying to say, you get an award.

Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers

Getting pre-stressed pants has been in for a while since it means less break-in time and a more casual look. Wal-Mart seems to have taken that idea a little bit too far, and covered this pair of teal pants with mud. We really, really hope it’s mud. Please be mud.


We know that people who shop at Wal-Mart might not be interested in high fashion — they’re just there to pick up the essentials and try to save some money. We have to give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this style, though, and declare this style wasn’t flying off the shelves.

I Mean, It’s Not That Bad

Yeah, the text on the shirt doesn’t make a whole lot of sense — the word dinosaur doesn’t actually contain the word “roar,” you know — but is it really all that bad? If you have a young one who loves these prehistoric monsters, then this kind of shirt is probably exactly what he or she is looking for.


Plus, there’s a cute little rhyme in it, and it kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? There are far worse shirts on this list, so making fun of this one seems a little mean.

Another Crappy Design

Victoria’s Secret is always pushing the boundaries of frilly womenswear for them and their loved ones. They might want to take this one back to the drawing board. Instead of making the wearer look hot, it makes her look like a hot mess — a big emphasis on the mess.


It’s actually a sun-baked palm scene you might find on sandy beaches, but it kinda looks like smears of something other than mud. It appears that this item is part of a bikini, which means while the design is apt for the area, it might not be the best choice if you want to look clean.

Are They Jeans? Sweatpants? We May Never Know

Here’s what we think about this pair of pants: yes, please. The style of jeans, with the comfort of sweatpants! There’s really no downside.


Unfortunately, this perfect pair of pants looks like it’s built for smaller legs, so you might have to do some heavy hunting to find a pair that is right for an adult. If you find some, let us know, because there’s no reason not to pick up a pair of pants that do it all.

Forgot to Change the Text Color

What’s wrong with these shirts? They may seem fine to you, but the problem comes with the t-shirt on the far left. You see, it’s the exact same design as the shirt on the far right, which features yellow minion faces and black text on a white background.


The shirt on the left has the same yellow faces as well as the same black text on a black background, making it invisible. There’s nothing really all that wrong with the shirt on the left, but it’s pretty pointless unless you really like the smiling Minion faces.

No, You Aren’t

This is the kind of shirt that you always kind of hope to see. It’s like being handed a gift. The wearer thinks he (or she) is some kind of super-genius because they use a specific kind of phone. But, everyone who sees the shirt — and can actually parse it, thanks to its insane design — knows the wearer is not all that smart.


If they’re wearing that shirt, then they aren’t all that smart. “Cuz ‘ms mQrt ue ndroid.” It’s like someone with a mouth full of peanut butter trying to speak Latin. If you see someone wearing this shirt, you’re allowed one free punch.

I Heart Urd York

Here’s some trivia for you: People who read English (and most other languages), read either left to right or right to left. Some Asian languages, on the other hand, read from top to bottom.


And that’s why we see so many cheap products that come from eastern Asia that have this weird format, such as “Sat New Urd York Ays City.” Still, with a little bit of thought, the meaning of this shirt is pretty obvious, and it might even get a laugh. Not a bad choice, given some of the other options.

The Recipe for a Bad Morning

This shirt does a little bit of jumping around in time. It’s like a Christopher Nolan film, where events that happened earlier are revealed later on in the film.


Sleeping until 8:15? Not something to do every day, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Coffee at 10:05. Fine. A donut at 10:30. No problem, though it might wreck your appetite. But here’s where it takes a twist – “phone” at 12:05 A.M.? That will keep you up too long. Pizza at 12:30 in the morning? Terrible, terrible decision. If it doesn’t keep you awake, it will give you pizza nightmares.

No Camera Tricks for This One

It’s like a dress made from one of those seeing tests that are on the wall at eye doctor offices. Other than “Love Affar,” which isn’t even spelled correctly, the only actual word the text offers to us is “Conviction” down at the bottom.


It’s pretty unlikely that this shirt actually has a meaning attached to it, and it’s nothing more than gobbledygook that a designer who speaks a different language threw onto the front of this piece of clothing. There might be a few words hiding in what is essentially a huge mass of letters in the center, but don’t spend too much free time looking.

These Designs Are Getting Pretty Weird

We’re not even sure what this one is supposed to be communicating. It says “I’m a cool girl,” but the “A cool” seems to be crossed out in some manner — it looks like it’s covered with a thin branch. So now it looks like it’s supposed to mean “I’m girl.” Well, that could certainly be true, if not grammatically correct.


Maybe it’s supposed to mean something like “I’m a cool branch girl”? Which of course makes no sense, but it would at least explain the design.

Is It Supposed to Look Like That?

That poor mannequin. Forced to wear clothes and stand still all day, and it’s only at night when he can finally come down off his little pedestal and stalk whoever might be trapped in the store that night.


And this poor guy now has to wear a pair of boxer-briefs that looks like it’s covered in thick patches of hair. Yeah, because that’s what you want to show off on your skivvies. Gross, matted hair. It looks like the kind of thing that is great for a gag gift and not much else. It also kind of looks like it’s camouflage, but it seems to be doing the opposite.

Pineapples Are Known for Their Freshness

As far as “clothing disasters” go, this one is pretty weak. If you’re a fruity person or like the summer feeling of some fresh pineapple, this shirt is the perfect item for your next day out. It also kind of looks like it says “Stoy Fresh,” which is sure to make people chuckle even if they don’t take the time to inspect the shirt.


Still, the pineapple does kind of look like an A, even if it isn’t perfect. And pineapples are some of the freshest fruits out there — it’s the only fruit that can stay fresh when resting in its own juice.

Into the Beyond

Buckle up. Where we’re going, we won’t need roads. But do we want to go there? Very good question. No matter how we feel about the situation, this dress design seems to be drawing us in.


It doesn’t look all that comfortable for the wearer — it seems like the kind of thing you would want to dig out of there — but we have to come to the conclusion the design is a feature, not a bug. And that feature is a super-wedgie.

This Shirt Gave Me a Headache

We’ve seen some bad designs but this one really really takes the cake. The big, dumb, superheroine cake. The shirt’s saying is actually “I’m not saying I’m Wonder Woman, I’m just saying nobody has ever seen me and Wonder Woman in the same room together.” But good luck figuring that one out on its own!


To call this design a mess would be an insult to the Kardashians, and to call it hard to understand would be an insult to call center workers. If you see someone wearing this shirt, you’re allowed to fight them.

Half-Past Knuckle

For some completely unintelligible reason, this glove design has a watch on it. Not only that, but it’s wrapped around the hand, and stuck at what looks like ten-oh-five. Watches aren’t exactly the style essential that they used to be, though smartwatches have been keeping the trend alive.


Who knows why the glove designs on blast here decided to include a watch in such a weird place — or at all — but it’s certainly there. On the upside, the glove looks pretty warm, so if you can get past the watch, then this glove might just find a place in your wardrobe.

She Doesn’t Look Like a Cowgirl

The problem of this young actress isn’t her acting — unless she was in “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”. No, the real problem with this starlet’s red carpet appearance is the bottom half of her outfit.

Getty Images Photo by Frederick M. Brown

We don’t know what the designers were going for, but the way the…the side trains fall makes it look like she’s extremely bowlegged. She might be hailing from Texas, but she’s probably spent more time in acting class than on a horse.

Do You Need Another Quarter?

Ah, a video game classic. Everybody loves slipping a quarter into the machine and playing a bit of the Pac. Avoiding ghosts, gobbling dots, and eating a power pellet to turn the tide against your unearthly pursuers is a certain joy that’s been going on since the eighties.


This shirt would work on all levels, save for the fact that Mr. Pac-Man is still alive. The shirt also says “Game Over,” so that little detail doesn’t line up perfectly. The path of eaten dots even works perfectly, with an obvious path from the normal starting point to where Pac-Man is on the shirt.

Bye Buddy, Hope You Find Your Dad

First off, this shirt is pretty poorly done just because we, as English readers, expect to read text right to left and not top to bottom. It looks to us like the shirt is saying “Bye hope you Buddy find your dad,” despite how clear the message is.


Second, the coloring isn’t all that great, with black text on a dark gray background. But, if you can push past those things, there’s no reason not to wear this shirt of the sea creature, which appears in a movie with flying reindeer, Santa’s workshop, talking penguins, and other fantastic sights.

She’s Just Trying to be Friendly!

This young student is ready to learn. Her shirt says “Hello,” in glittering silver and red sequins. Unfortunately, with her backpack on it looks like her shirt is espousing the virtues of the underworld.


Hopefully, the school will turn a blind eye to what is clearly a simple misread of the situation. If the school doesn’t like it, she can always wear it elsewhere. You know, like rollerblading or a cat-sacrificing ritual.

They Grow Them Big Out There

Here we have a pair of baby jumpers, or at least one jumper and one huge outfit for a grown-up baby. For some reason, this size twenty-four months piece of babywear has the phrase “My First Birthday” on it, which would without a doubt be one of the biggest twelve-month-olds to ever exist.


It’s comically large next to the “Tough Guy” jumper, which is an actual twelve months size. This item must be manufactured in munchkin land, where they think we humans are too big to care.

Target Sells Only the Best

It also sells this shirt! Though the design itself is nothing special, and even kind of classy if you aren’t going to be going to something too important, the construction process had a big issue.


Nobody in their right mind would want to wear this item, since the seam is so misplaced that it must be nothing more than pain and agony to slip it over your head. Somehow, this shirt made it onto a mannequin of a department store. Most likely the shelf stockers found it, laughed at it, threw it on a mannequin, snapped a pick, and then threw it in the trash.

Don’t Worry Lady, I do That Regularly

This T-shirt ad doesn’t really have anything objectionable, and it’s even pretty clear that the shirt on the far right of the picture says “Take Heart.”


But we can all give ourselves a little bit of a laugh when we see that the angle of the woman and the way the shirt has fallen makes it look like the shirt says “fart”! Haha! Fart is such a funny word. And every time we see it, we’re required by law to laugh. So you’d better start laughing, even at this simple, and ultimately inconsequential mistake.

Lots of Hearts

It’s yet another shirt that talks about how much you love a certain place or activity, but this one needed a little bit more time in the tank. It’s pretty easy to see what this shirt says — I love London — but taking another look at it makes it more and more confusing.


It actually seems to say “I heart LoDn No.” Thanks to an awful design, the longer you look at this shirt the more confusing and stupid it gets. However, it’s still pretty easy to figure out what it’s saying, so it’s not like it’s the worst item on this list full of dumb items.

The City of Lights

Ah, Paris. A romantic place for everyone. Any self-respecting traveler has this famous European city on their top ten places to visit list. And there’s nothing like a souvenir to make sure you always have the memories with you. But don’t get this shirt, it’s terrible.


The electric colors against a black background look seizure-worthy and the Eiffel Tower looks like it’s supposed to be a second A. So the shirt is actually saying “Paaris France”. All they had to do was take out the first A, the little yellow one, and just leave the tower. It’s less work, even, so you’d think the designs would be all over it.

Sara Is Going to be Upset

The news in Sweden is pretty harsh. We wonder how long it will be before Sara’s new nickname sticks, and how hard she’ll have to fight against it. What could the actual word be that’s hiding underneath her sweater? “Sturdy,” perhaps? “Sturdier,” maybe? On the off chance, “Sturdiest?”


Maybe it’s the dark horse, “Turdine.” Yeah, that’s probably it. Turdine. The lady is wearing a shirt that means “of, relating to, or characteristic of thrushes.” Ah, a zoologist! That’s probably why she’s on the news — they’re talking about the newest advances in this, one of the oldest of sciences.

Not a Lot of Common Sense Here

You see, an anchor is supposed to sink. That’s what they’re built for. That’s why ships have them. The whole point of an anchor is to sink to the bottom of the body of water the ship happens to be in, and then lie there, because it’s very heavy, and we can’t believe we have to explain this.


However, the text on the back of the shirt says that it, or she, or something, *refuses* to sink. It’s probably supposed to be a girl-power saying or something like that, but that’s what happens when you let a non-aquatic person design a boating-themed shirt.

I Hear Skin Is In

How hard must it be to mess up a pair of jeans? Not all that hard, as it turns out! The jeans you see on prominent display here (and what a full selection they have, too!) were cobbled together out of the jeans factory scraps, and cover only the most essential bits of the legs. Wow, and barely even those.


Showing skin is fashionable, but when your pockets cover more of your legs than the actual jean material, maybe leave these on the rack. Plus, designer jeans are pricey — no matter how much material you’re actually getting.

Just Make Sure You’re Always Looking North

Thank you for purchasing this “West Coast” shirt. Yeah, the arrow points to the right, but that’s not too bad, is it? You just always have to be facing north for this shirt to make sense. Otherwise, the SOUTHERN BEASTS will wake from their millennia-long slumber, and turn the world upside-down.


It’s a big burden to carry, but we know you’re up to the task. Just don’t ever turn, or we will all turn inside-out. It’s not a pretty sight! Please don’t turn around. Just don’t turn around, no matter what you do. Don’t. Don’t turn around. No matter how the world turns around you, don’t turn around.

Reading Text Is a Problem for Designers

Really, how hard is it to just take a look at the text on the shirt and try to read it? “I’m a gamer & I’m girls awesome.” Like, fine, it’s a pretty good design actually, despite that the controller not looking much like a real one. But getting text right shouldn’t be that hard, should it?


Kind of a shame, too, because otherwise, it would have been a perfectly fine, and even fun, design. But writing is hard. Just ask a writer. That stuff’s impossible.

They Do Fight for Something!

It kind of seems like this rag-tag team will spend most of their time fighting each other. We have Batman, a Na’vi from “Avatar”, and everyone’s favorite web-slinger, all doing their best to look heroic under a bright, glowing “The Avengers” logo.


Problem is, only one of those three is a Marvel character, and even he isn’t really seen as an Avenger. Batman is from a competing comic brand (DC Comics) and the Na’vi is from a movie that people have by now realized isn’t all that good. Talk about a crossover event!

Braving the Cold

The champs take the podium at Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 winter Olympics. What sport are they in? What country are they from? Unknown. Actually, one of them might be from Canada, you can kinda see a red maple leaf on the leg of the second guy from the right.

Getty Images Photo by Doug Pensinger

But the real focus of this picture is the second guy from the left, whose skin-tight suit has an interesting design. Thanks to the design, it looks like he’s taking on the cold in fine form with a pair of short shorts. Hey, if he just won gold, then he’s probably feeling pretty hot.

Sometimes You Just Want a Zipper

Throwing on a short-sleeved shirt during one of those hot summer days is one of life’s great joys. Getting out into the burning sun and soaking up some rays helps you to feel good, look good, and we’re convinced it helps you smell good, too.


Summer isn’t complete until you get a burn from something, however, so this shirt has a handy vestigial zipper at the front of the collar. It doesn’t go anywhere, so it doesn’t help you get a good fit or create a unique style or anything like that, but at least it will heat up really well when you’re out in the sun! And while it’s sitting right on that tender neck flesh, too.

I’m Sorry, What Is Delivered?

This is a shirt that is made for one of those grocery delivery systems where you order online and then some hard-working person gathers everything in the store and gets it ready for you to pick up. They’re fast, they’re easy, and they’re a good way to stay away from other people. The shirt that this person is wearing, however, makes it seem like a VERY different service that he or she offers.


From what we know about people who might like such things, this service won’t have demand from a big number of people, but for the people who do want it, there will be a BIG demand.

Getting Some Mixed Signals

Motivation is an important factor in achieving long-held goals. If you have no one in your circle who is telling you to keep going, don’t give in, don’t quit, you can do it, then you might need to expand your circle. This shirt seems like a good first step, but the design has things in a bit of a bad order.


The shirt is supposed to be telling us two different things: “Never quit,” and “Do your best,” but thanks to a boneheaded graphic design, it looks like it’s telling us “Never do your best,” and “Quit.” This is why we need a few rounds of quality assurance before going to print.

Hang Out With the Band

An orchestra teacher apparently came up with this shirt design, and it proves that someone who is good at one form of art is necessarily good at another. It might take a little bit of time to see what’s wrong with this one — there are no awkward word choices, the kerning doesn’t create anything sneakily disgusting, and the students are all happily holding hands and getting ready to make some beautiful music.

bored panda

And then you realize that all of the students look like they’re being hanged by music notes. It seems all too likely that this shirt made it to print, at which point all of the students immediately mocked it.

Crocs Sharper Than in the Swamp

There is nothing like a small-town mall to introduce incredible fashion choices that you won’t see anywhere else. The pair of crocs this enterprising icon wears have spikes around the heel, chains around the foot, and more metallic pieces than Darth Vader.


Did he buy those crocs as shown? If so, we have to wonder just how popular they are in the market. Well, they sold at least one pair, so in a way they’re successful. If this young man created his own special pair of footwear, then we can’t even fault him for wearing these loud and proud. Strut your stuff.

Not the Fairy Tale She Thinks It Is

There’s a pretty good case for never wearing a dress in a swimming pool unless you’re interested in being found later by investigators and want to make the most stirring scene possible.

bored panda

Or you’re doing a photoshoot, which seems to be the case here with a dress that has leaves or feathers on the front and a long billowing train. No doubt it would look lovely on dry ground, but when it’s floating around in the water, the brown bottom of the dress appears to be less fabric and more…bodily. Not the kind of scene you want to set, that’s for sure.

Visit Massachubatts

This fail is so simplistic, which is why we had to include it. It’s nothing more than a simple spelling mistake on a street vendor’s t-shirt. If you look quickly enough, you might just miss it.


You know, we’ve always wanted to visit Massachubatts. We hear it’s beautiful this time of year. This shirt might just be the encouragement we need to make the trip.

Not An English Major

Let’s go over some basic English here. A COLLAGE is a collection of photos put together to create an art piece. A COLLEGE is an educational institution that advances your learning by teaching you more about certain topics. For example, English might be a subject you’d learn in college.


Unfortunately, this girl must have skipped her English classes. Either that, or she’s really passionate about her photo collections.

Queen and Knig

Couples’ t-shirts are so cute…except when there’s a colossal mistake printed on the front. This queen turned out okay, but her knig might not be as happy with his tee.


We guess this couple could still rock their shirts together, but it would be a little embarrassing. Still, it gets the message across. Every queen is just on the hunt for her knig…er, we mean, king.

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