At Least They Tried: Online Idiots Exposed

We all have those occasional moments when our brains make us do something stupid. It’s called being human. But unlike many of those silly moments, they are fleeting – unless of course, it happens online. As we know, many of these dumb comments are here to stay.
These dumb moments and amusing unintentional (or intentional) spreads of false information being called out are the bane of existence for online entertainment. Here are some of the best moments we found on the web.

Benz Bash

This particular headline sure created a stir. Who wouldn’t want to take revenge on an unfair boss by smashing up their fancy car? But apparently, the poster was too trigger-happy to check their facts.


So, if you’re into car-smashing, you may have to rely on your imagination because this video of a tractor destroying this slick-looking Benz is from a marketing campaign for an insurance company. Check before you publish, people!

The Fuel Protest

Using powerful imagery to create change never hurts. But this poster that attempted to unite people in the fight against corrupt systems should have perhaps been a little bit more careful in their selection.


In reality, the mass fuel protest in Germany never happened, and this image is actually just from a traffic jam in China. It’s the thought that counts. Either that or it having getting caught being stupid.

Not This Time

Elon Musk gets into a lot of public scandals. Some of it is due to his eccentric online nature. This time, however, the post in question was actually posted about him rather than by him. That’s journalism for you, ladies and gents.


Musk was having none of that and called out Time Magazine for slacking on their fact-checking skills. And it is highly possible that this isn’t the only time he’s had to do that.

That’s “Dowdful”

We love celebrities and tend to hang onto their every word, even if that word turns out to be false. The gossip mags certainly know that, which is why they have no qualms about publishing what often appears to be exaggerated rumors.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Tullberg/Twitter/Irishmirror

Irish actor Chris O’Dowd used his platform for good and challenged this post by the Irish Daily Mirror. As an Irish actor in Hollywood, we’re sure he’s only too happy to play American parts, and he definitely proved that with this reply.

Car Collision

Sometimes driving can be hard; this is why so many accidents happen. But when they do (if things aren’t too serious), it’s always a relief when the blame is on someone else.


This is why this screenshot is super cringy. This person was exposed, and now they have to deal with the embarrassment of telling that little “white lie.”

Sounds Like News To Us

There are some big words in the English language, ones that require some serious dictionary time. Apparently, the word “news,” which is supposedly an acronym, is one of them.


Or so this person thought. They didn’t actually post any sources and perhaps just came to that conclusion by themselves. In order to halt the spread of some misinformation, the famous dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster came to the rescue.

Space Experts

When it comes to space innovation, America has often been one of the leaders in the game. As this post indicates, when Russia had its stab at it, their attitude was a little different and, ultimately, pretty damn smart.


But what internet trolls don’t know is that there’s really a whole complex history as to why the space pen was created in the first place. Thankfully this user put it out there and educated everyone.

I Think Therefore I Am

This self-appointed English teacher took to the internet in order to educate the masses on the English language. They had a lesson to teach, and they were going to do it, dammit!


It didn’t matter if they were right or wrong! A funny Redditor decided to educate them using this famous meme.

The Mountain Strikes Back

Ser Gregor Clegane, AKA The Mountain, is one big guy who easily towers the rest of the “Game of Thrones” characters. But back home, amongst his brothers, he’s the short one. Except these guys are not his brothers.


The Mountain took to the internet and fixed this fake information, telling us that those guys are Icelandic basketball players. That explains the tallness.

Hey, I’m Alive

There have been horrible celebrity death hoaxes over the years. These are often brought on by trollers and spammers, but rarely is a verified publication behind such things.

When it came to this post about the creator of “The Fog,” popular movie site Rotten Tomatoes, seriously botched things up. They saw the fake news and just went with it. Thank god they were corrected by the man himself.

Don’t Censor Me

When you’re dealing with tech tycoons like Elon Musk, it’s tempting for many journalists to spill the tea on all the ins and outs of the cutting-edge industry.


Unfortunately, this woman tried to accuse Musk of something that never happened and just walk away with it. The SpaceX CEO made sure he got his point across about what goes public.

Mark’s Fave Film

It must be the greatest compliment in the world when the legendry Luke Skywalker loves your new action movie. If only that was the actual reality.


Hamil must have been super adamant about disliking the film that he took Twitter to confirm this fact. That “NOT” really drives home the point. Sorry, Zack. Next time verify before you post.

First Time Egger?

It has often been said that young adults today don’t know how to boil an egg. Luckily for said young adults, this process can be easily Googled. However, when it comes to eating the egg, most people wouldn’t think to include instructions.


We’re surprised that a person so lost on something so simple as eating an egg had the sufficient skills to go online and post about the whole experience without someone telling them how to turn on their computer.

What’s Braille for Facepalm?

We are going to ignore the misspelled word in the original post in order to focus on what’s going on in the picture.


This failed attempt at inclusion is as sweet as it is stupid. We can only hope the sign has since been fixed or replaced. Either that or that other students at the facility keep their eyes open for the sake of their vision-impaired friends.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink and Go to Ikea

What’s great about Ikea is that they cut costs by letting you assemble the furniture you bought all on your own. Ironically, that is also the worst thing about them. Just ask the dude behind this atrocity.


What started out with a bottle of beer and some good intentions quickly turned into what looks like a real-life Sims glitch.

Too Good

Look buddy, we hate to break it to you, but- oh, hey, it looks like that nice gentleman from the comment section beat us to it!


We wonder how this person thought to spell the words kangaroo, noodle, or the very fitting words — foolish loon.

Relationship Goals

Okay, that one is really sweet. Different couples have different quirks. Like wearing matching pajamas or flick each other’s ear whenever they see a green car. The mutual quirk these people share makes them perfect for each other.


Elaine and her boyfriend are a match made in heaven. You know, if heaven was the place where people jump-scared each other for fun.

Tony Stark Is Quaking

Make way for the newest employee in Stark Industries. After seeing the iron suit fashioned by Stark, this person thought she could do him one better and cut the cost by making an identical suit out of plastic.


She couldn’t. In fact, the corporation now uses her work as a “What NOT to do” example in their new instruction manuals.

Welcome to the 21st Century

Cameras. Cameras everywhere. Not only in your cellphone, but also on your laptop, traffic lights, and ATM machines. Your face is EVERYWHERE whether you like it or not.


Asking your phone to unlock at the sight of your face is not going to change it. 6’3.Slim.Bahamian had the help of a kind online stranger to learn this lesson.

Some People Need Time

Nowadays, it is fairly simple to get ADD or ADHD diagnosed. Kids in school all over the world are getting diagnosed and treated for learning disabilities at school quite routinely. Online, though, it’s a different story.


Thankfully, there are some good samaritans out there who spot those online strokes and encourage others to do things at their own pace.

Outside Is Usually Frowned Upon

This was a nice attempt at showing off the hotel’s amenities. Too bad it flopped this hard. Although maybe it was worth it since now it gives people around the interweb a good chuckle.


The moral of the story — always make sure that turds are kept indoors and that the sign is compatible with the character count!

Oh Boy

How English became such a common language is beyond us. There are so many verb tenses, such convoluted grammar rules, and an unbelievable amount of exceptions to every rule that even the best native speakers make the occasional mistake.


The thing is, when people do encounter some common mistakes, they usually aren’t being such jerks about it. At least this jerk could be called out on some mistakes of his own.

Linguistics 101

Can you hear it? It’s the distant sound of English teachers crying in the background. Oh how hard they have worked to teach the kids of the country how to tell the different parts of speech apart. How badly the image blew up in their faces.


At least they can take comfort in the notion that people online will never pass up the opportunity to point out idiots and call them out whenever possible.

Ha! You Wish!

The internet is the only place where you can find someone using a picture of an Australian man dressed up as a Scandinavian deity on a Canadian driver’s license.


We do commend this person for committing to the character and referencing bio-details from the god of thunder’s life — like his father, Odin, and his big hammer.

Geography Lesson

Oh boy, looks like someone skipped geography in school. Too bad they didn’t skip the class where they teach you how to not be overconfident about things you clearly have no knowledge of.


Good thing other people online are always happy to prove others wrong and step in wherever geography teachers failed.

They Should Know What They’re Talking About

There are loads of people spreading false information online. Some trolls do it on purpose, others do it because they literally don’t know any better. And because they don’t think to fact-check. Even though it’s so easy to do it nowadays. Like, Google is RIGHT THERE. Ugh.


Anyway, most of the time, be it the first or second kind of people we mentioned, you’d have to be a special kind of moron to outright argue over science or nature with National Geographic.

Job Hunting

If you can make sense of these words, by all means, go ahead. Heck, try to apply for the actual job, you might even get it since you’d be the only applicant.


Unless there are more people who are interested in developing development and leadership leading. (Though we’re guessing no.)

Too Funny to Be Robbed

We’ve heard about using humor as a defense mechanism, but never quite so literally. We wonder what that joke was. And if laughing to it was worth getting caught.


Hey, as long as we’re getting a good story about a person who paid the price for not being able to keep their mouth shut, we’re all for it.

The Easiest Test Ever

Gee, what could possibly be the right answer? You know, they say that whenever you’re facing a multiple choice question you don’t know the answer to, you should just bet C.


However, really smart people just know to look for the question in the answer. Apparently, the person who wrote the question does not qualify for smart. Or even mildly intelligent.

Pimped Her Ride

Sometimes you just need to let nature run its course and trust that the idiots will take care of themselves. Maybe it’s part of the process of natural selection.


There’s nothing like a smooth car ride to help you recharge and feel absolutely free. But smooth tires are only going to free you from the burden of existence, which is probably not what Ali here was going for.

Looking for a Sign?

Well, here it is. Someone was dumb enough to let a machine translate the name of their business without letting an English speaker go over it.


This is the business equivalent of getting a Chinese character tattooed on your skin based solely on Google Translate thinking it means courage. It never means courage. It means you can’t proofread. Or, perhaps, noodle soup.

Highly Unlikely

Ugh, those texting surveys. Nobody wants to answer those! What people really want from their phone company is good service and a steady cell signal. That is it.


Any additional surveys about the quality of the service are just going to make the clients less happy with the service as a whole. Especially when the messages aren’t even getting through to the people running the very phone company.

Oh, and Your Grammar Isn’t That Great Either

Behold, a space idiot. As their name suggests, space idiots know nothing about space. But they don’t let it stop them from spreading their space nonsense, waiting for innocent onliners to get caught in their web of ignorance.


Luckily, those space idiot baits attract an equal amount of non-idiots who enjoy pointing out the absurdity in the best way.

Everyone Should What?

Before Netflix and other streaming services became so common, people went online looking for pirate translations for whatever foreign show they wanted to watch. This means the translation was often done by less-than-professionals. If you got lucky, that is.

Reddit / Canlus_

If you weren’t so lucky, you’d stumble upon a random, well-meaning dummy, such as the person responsible for the translation work exhibited here.

Um, That’s Not How Math Works

Okay, as people of words, we are the last people in the world who would laugh at someone for being bad at math. Numbers are hard, y’all. That’s why people are always so in awe of mathletes.


But sucking at math is one thing, and boasting your mathematical skills when there’s nothing to be proud of is something else entirely. Just ask this dude.

Ghosting 101

The first rule of ghosting is — you make no contact. The second rule of ghosting is — you don’t try to be sophisticated.


The third rule of ghosting is — if you didn’t follow the first two rules and messed things up with some typos, don’t come crying to us when the person you were ghosting starts thinking you are an idiot.


For those of you who are still finding your way around the ever-evolving internet slang, TLDR stands for “Too Long, Didn’t Read.” When online articles that have sensational titles but take too long to get to the point, some gracious social media users simply TLDR them and post the title along with the bottom line.

Reddit Paintbrush_Pixie

Oftentimes, just like what we are seeing here, the title is simply trying too hard and the social media community is just doing everyone else a favor. Why thank you.

Christina Draguilera

Those of you who know RuPaul’s Drag Race will only need to take one look at this picture to know what’s going on. For the rest of you, here is the explanation: the participants of this reality TV show are drag queens competing for $100,000 and international fame.


The award goes to the best female impersonator. In this case, however, someone online mistook singer Christina Aguilera (who came on as a guest judge) for one of the queens! Good thing Netflix set him straight.

Cheat Day

They tried. They really did. They signed up for the gym, got some yoga pants, and even headed out to the store for some training equipment and frozen broccoli.


But then they passed by the Oreo aisle and they figured the diet and this whole healthy lifestyle could wait a little longer. We can’t blame them.

Try It With Some Worst Assure Sauce

Spelling is hard. Just ask any kid preparing for a spelling bee. (By the way, spelling bees are not a thing in countries that speak other languages. That’s how messed up English is.)


But this guy right here is something special. Technically, there is nothing wrong with his spelling. Too bad it’s just the wrong language. Next time, do yourself a favor and run a quick Google search before you post, dude.

Come on, Susan

Dealing with a car insurance company can be quite tedious. There are all these phone calls and enough forms to make anyone wish they’d never bought a car in the first place.


Well, apparently, it’s no picnic for the insurance company employees either. Because some clients, like Susan here, can make you pinch the bridge of your nose, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and wish you’d never taken the job in the first place.

A True Champion

You would have to be a special kind of spiteful moron to sabotage the wheelchair of a Paralympic athlete less than an hour before this said athlete has to compete.


Apparently, at least one such spiteful moron nearly trashed a competition for Belgian cyclist Peter Genyn. 45 minutes prior to the competition, Genyn found 3 sliced tires and a broken frame. By way of sheer miracle, the bike was literally taped back together and he even won the gold!

Cause of Death: Being Stubborn

We know we said online idiots but apparently, idiots have been around for centuries before the internet was even thought of.


And technically, thanks to the internet, those idiots’ stupidity can now be made famous all over the world. If only people could have learned from that mistake. But it seems idiots, like roaches, will always be around.

It’s in the Book

Sure, God created some great things. Like oceans and elephants and clouds and stuff. But he created some not-so-great things too. Like hornets and hurricanes and people who go online and post random nonsense.


Thank God, though, that the latter group is usually balanced out by people online setting them straight.

Smile and the World Will Smile Back

Look at this wonderfully reaffirming message. How sweet. How kind. How unfortunate that it’s wrapped by three pounds of mascara filters, and the lack of self-awareness.


The only solace here is that this well-meaning soul has found herself a flock of loyal mascara-loving Facebook followers.

Happy Born Day?

Hmmm, it’s almost as a birthday is called a birthday because it is the DAY of your BIRTH. How crazy is that, eh?


And while we are at it, can you imagine how cool it would be to have a name for work we do at home? or for a book where we keep our notes? Wild!

Austin Phone Home

Oh, Austin. Sweet Austin. Poor Austin lost his phone. He should be thanking his lucky stars that he has Pierce and Erin at his side.


We wonder if he ever found his phone. And if the point his friends were trying to help him get was eventually made.

Purple Rain

Some lessons need to be learned the hard way. Just ask little Ava. She was only trying to get a new edgy look for picture day and figured she could do it herself. After all, people dye their own hair at home all the time, don’t they? What’s the worst that could happen?


Well, Ava, dear, the worst that could happen is that you’ll end up getting caught in the very definition of purple rain of your own doing. Lesson learned.

Do the Math

We’ve already said we are not math people. In a nutshell, our philosophy is words — good, numbers — bad. We have long given up on calculating anything we can ask our phones to calculate for us. But even we feel a little sorry for this person’s math skills.


For anyone else who is struggling, let us break it down: half of 12 is 6. When you put the two numbers together, you get a package that is 50% larger. Now, after crunching all these numbers, we think we’ll treat ourselves with some ice cream.