Awesome Pictures You Really Need To See!

These pictures give a whole new meaning to the phrase, “in the right place at the right time.” Some of these are so crazy that you will need to see them more than once – or at least, you will want to.
Some of these photos might make you laugh, and most of them will leave you scratching your head and asking yourself, “but how?” Trust us. There are just some things that you need to see to believe, and this is definitely one of those times!

Left, Left, Left, Right, Yawn

Anyone that’s been in the military knows that things at home where you’re stationed can be pretty repetitive and well, boring. The same goes for anyone that’s ever checked out a military parade. Sure, things are fun for a little while, but people marching can only be interesting for so long!


The poor guy in this picture is all marched out. His face says, “in my mind, I’m in bed!” And just look around at the faces of all of his brothers. No one looks particularly excited to be walking in that parade. Don’t worry buddy, only 30 more blocks to go!

Moon Hangs Ten

This image is another case of being in the right place at the right time and capturing a stunning image because of it. Okay, it also helps if you’re in the freakin’ SWISS ALPS! Yes, that’s why this picture is so…picturesque…because that crane you’re looking at is in the Alps.


The construction crane is positioned in just the right way when the moon hits that angle, that it looks like the moon is being suspended from the crane. Pretty awesome, right?

The 400 Meter Meow

In lane 10, we have Paws McGee, ten-time champion all-star squish-bean race competitor and mouse hunting specialist. Get ready ladies, gentlemen, and cats! On your mark, get set, GO!


And Paws McGee bolts into the lead and –oh, he’s stopped to give himself a bath. Annnnd he’s lost. It’s okay Paws, no one really cared if you won the race or not. We just came to look at the cute cat face, anyways. Go, Paws!

The Rainbow And The Golden Road

We’re not sure if there is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, but we’re certain that there’s a golden line leading straight to it! The lighting in this image is really beautiful, and the photographer captured a lovely golden light bouncing off of the road.

Getty Images Photo by Ty Newcomb

The way the rainbow acts as a divide between the light side of the sky and the dark side of the sky is truly poetic. If you look closely, you will see that this photo actually shows a gorgeous double rainbow! Hats off to whoever took this magical image!

Yawn, I’m Over It!

Pole vaulting is a seriously complicated sport, one that involves a lot of thought and power. And what does power require? Energy, of course! One might assume that someone’s face may boast an expression of extreme effort while they’re trying to navigate through the air on a flimsy post. However, that’s not exactly the case in this picture.

Getty Images Photo by Paul Kane

This poor woman didn’t get enough sleep the night before her competition. She’s flying through the air and yawning like she really doesn’t even care about the jump -she’s ready for a nap! We’re just glad that one of the photographers snapped this awesome photo before she fell asleep.

Oooh, So Close!

Keep your eye on the ball, Mr. Stanfield! Steady, steady, here it comes—well, you tried.


The gentleman in this picture is Robert Lorne Stanfield, a politician in Canada that ran for a position in a federal office in 1974. However, the newspapers all got their hands on this image and published it all over the country. Apparently, Canadians don’t want anyone with slippery fingers representing them as a nation. Although we think that would make him great at politics!

Blue Jean Baby

We’re not sure if this woman was aiming for this when she woke up, or if this just…happened. Either way, we’re sure glad it did! The colors in her jeans and shoes blend seamlessly with the colors of the sea and sky in the background, and even the sand underneath her feet!


This is one spectacular color combination, regardless of whether or not it was intentional! Now all she needs is a sky-blue hat to tuck her hair away in and she would be but a floating head in a white t-shirt.

Cool Komondor

Komondors, or Hungarian sheepdogs, are known for their long, unique coats of fur. The way this dog’s fur appears, almost makes them look like a mop, hence why they are also commonly called “mop dogs.”


Is this photo not just spectacular? There is so much love between these two. Komondors are known as powerful animals that make excellent guard dogs. This little boy is in good paws with this furry mop doggo.

Now That’s A Body Board

So, we’re putting a whole new meaning to the phrase “bodyboard,” with this pic! The timing of this shot is purely incredible, and kudos to both guys for pulling It off. One of the friends jumps vertically and the other dives towards the sand.


And at the exact same time as both of these guys move, the guy taking the picture snaps, snaps, snaps away. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how pure viral gold is produced. Bam! That’s some serious coordination and teamwork, boys!


Okay, so if that is the little girl’s father hurtling that snowball towards her head, that’s one thing. We mean, sure it’s a little messed up, but it’s funny and every father in the world has at least thought about doing this once or twice.


But…what if that guy really isn’t the girl’s father? What if it’s just some stranger that came along and decided to hurl a snowball at a child? Okay, we’re obviously just kidding, it’s definitely her father. We hope it didn’t hit her too hard, though!

You’ve Been Served

Volleyball is a high-energy sport that often results in loud grunting while balls are being served or spiked over the net. However, it isn’t technically supposed to be a contact sport. But like with any sport or activity, accidents do happen.

This poor kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time when this picture was taken, but he really doesn’t look like he knew what he was doing in the first place. The way these two have collided with each other tells us that neither team probably had a super high score in this game.

Bottoms Down

There’s a lot going on in this picture. It’s like the longer you look at it, the more layers you pull back to decode what was happening in the very moment it was taken. It’s interesting to note that this picture is actually extremely famous in the world of baseball.


See that player getting showered with beer from all directions? That’s Al Smith of the Chicago White Sox. And see that guy dressed up in the fancy suit, dropping his beer to join the rest of the crowd around him in trying to catch the ball? That’s oil company executive Melvin Piehl.

Bill Clinton Vs. Football

Former President Bill Clinton had some trouble keeping control of the football that headed toward him on the beach in South Carolina, back in 93’. Instead, the ball actually poked him dead in the eye.


It looks like Mr. Clinton was trying to intercept the ball from his buddy, and technically – he did! Unfortunately for him, he intercepted it with his face instead of his hands like he intended. We’re betting he had a few bruises for the days that followed. Nice catch, Mr. President!

Gator Troubles

Oh my God, what is that woman doing to that poor alligator? We seriously hope she’s not considering entering that gator and that necklace into any fashion shows. We mean, that necklace is pretty terrible.


What do we know about necklaces? Well, we know they shouldn’t be that big and bulky. And oh yeah, we know that alligators don’t belong in or on accessories! Someone, please rescue that poor creature from the fashion faux pass monster!

I Don’t Want To Get My Hair Wet

This young woman has the solution for all of the ladies that want to get in the pool, but they don’t want to get their hair wet. Just kidding, she’s just taking part in a pretty cool artistic shot. These kinds of images have been trending in all different types of settings, but this is the first we’re seeing of one that’s poolside!


We bet that she could probably terrify her younger siblings with this move…or anyone, for that matter! Especially if it was dark and everyone was night swimming! Creepy.

Twisted Sisters

This next image is actually pretty beautiful if you ask us. If you’ve ever tried yoga, you may know that poses like this wouldn’t be the easiest thing in the world to pull off. We’ve barely got our child’s pose perfected, and that’s basically just hugging the ground!


All of the elements of this image pull together to create some truly amazing visuals. You’ve got the out-of-focus bridge above the shimmering blue water setting the tone in the background. Then, you’ve got these two women who are inspiringly in-shape and rocking this pose! Nicely done, ladies!

Warp Speed Jumping Frog

The frog in this picture looks like he belongs on an episode of Star Trek. He jumps up, up, and away…into oblivion! No, we’re kidding, he’s just fine.


While it may seem like the photographer used some type of special effects to achieve this image, it was actually just great timing and a stroke of luck! All that happened was that when the frog leaped, the photographer snapped, and it (the leap) got caught in the picture’s exposure. Leap on leapin’ on, friend!

Bubble Dog

Yes, we made a pun about the Boy in the Plastic Bubble. If you haven’t seen it, you really should. Sure, it’s sad and you’ll probably cry more than once, but it’s also a terrific movie. Anyways…


Awww! Look at the little pupper chasing after the bubbles! This is another one of those “situated just right,” shots. The angle of the camera makes it look as if the dog is actually inside of the bubble. Ruff!

Teeny Tiny Ribbit Frog

Awww, look at its tiny little green legs! Okay so at first glance, you may think this woman had some kind of weird skin thing. Moving a little closer in, however, you can see that the picture shows this adorable little frog. Everyone knows that high fashion can get a little weird, so it should come as no surprise that they use baby frogs as accessories.


Aside from the frog, can we just say that her makeup is freaking awesome? All of that peach and rose-gold shimmer goes fabulously with amphibian skin jewels. Note to self: just say yes to mixing green and pink.


What do you get when you mix a school field trip, with a leaning tower of Giza and a bunch of high school cheerleaders? Well, you get this picture, that’s what you get!


It was actually a pretty nifty idea these girls got, or maybe their coach egged them on. It’s another one of those optical illusion pictures, but this time, it’s one of the nice ones to look at! G-O, let’s GO…big or go home!

On The Rocks

Okay, the first word that comes to mind when you first see this picture is – OUCH! Right? Well, that’s the first word that comes to our minds, anyways. This poor guy looks like he’s having a really, really bad day.


Not only is this guy’s face directly on that rock but look at how his body is twisted, too! Word is it was raining that day, and his bike slid out from under him on a turn. Some things you really can’t un-see. We apologize for that.

Life Imitates Art

Or is it art imitates life? We think that it can honestly go either way. But in this case, it’s pretty apparent that the pilot is the one doing the imitating in this photo. The pilot is putting on a show in which it falls vertically in line with the Christ the Redeemer statue, and well…sort of looks a lot like it, in shape!


The colors in this image are really cool. The statue and background are all misty and dark, while the plane is super bright by contrast, so it really pops in the photo. Very cool.

Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board

Who remembers playing this as a game with friends as a child? We sure do! Unfortunately, it never actually worked like we were all told that it would. But this guy seems to be able to “go there” all by himself!

Getty Images Photo by Matthias Hangst

Too bad for him, though, none of the judges seem to be paying any attention. He’s literally flying and they’re all just like, “meh, we’ve seen these ten times today.” We hear that he still scored pretty well though. Good for him!

Fish Eye Lens

You know the fisheye effect that you can use to edit photos? The one that blows a portion of the picture up huge and looks pretty funny? This guy doesn’t. But he is an expert at using whole fishes as lenses! He is really not shy about getting up close and personal with these two fish.


He must have a stuffy nose or something because we really can’t imagine holding raw fish that close to our nostrils! You know the saying, “it’s so close I can almost taste it?” Yeah, you get our drift…slight pun intended.

Coffee Heart Art

Some photos you see you just know are Insta-gold. Take this image of this couple holding their coffee cups. The heart of spilled coffee is meant to convey their love, maybe both for each other and for coffee! This picture warms our hearts in more ways than one.


After all, there’s nothing better than love and a steaming hot cup of coffee to start your day with! Although we have to admit, making your coffee into art is a pretty cool idea, too! Be careful if you decide to try this at home, make sure you let your coffee cool way down first!

Goalie Goes Down

The goalie in this picture is just trying his best, okay? Or, maybe he’s having an off day. The goalie’s job is to keep the ball out of the net, and technically he seems like he’s going to pull this off, but at what cost?

Instead of hitting the ball out of the way, or blocking with a knee or foot, this goalie decided to use his face to accomplish his mission. Hey, whatever gets the job done. At least he kept the ball out of the net, right?

Magic Carpet

When you look at the picture below, can’t you almost hear Princess Jasmine singing, “A whole new world?” At first glance, it looks like this woman is hovering above the sand on some sort of magic flying board. Of course, there is obviously a rational explanation for what’s happening here.


Do you notice that the woman in this picture is on the beach with high heels on? Well, she’s standing on a wooden board to avoid getting any sand in her shoes! What creates the illusion that the board is flying is simply the shadow of one of the nearby flags fluttering in the wind. The trek through the sand in those things could not be fun.

Flip Kick Hand Rail

We will admit, we’re not exactly the best skateboarders. Actually, the last time we tried skateboarding, some of us ended up with a bruised tail bone and ripped jeans. So, kudos to this guy for pulling off this move, to begin with!


Then, add in the fact that his hand and arm perfectly line up with this guy in the background, so it looks as if he’s using his head to prop himself up. We bet both of these guys had a good laugh when they first saw this pic! Hey, we know we did!

Blazing A Trail?

We’re admittedly a little bit confused by whatever seems to be going on in this picture. It seems like that odd trail running through the plains was left behind by the plane, right? But when you take into consideration the angle of this picture, things get a little strange.


Does this plane have a rear-facing camera mounted to its wings? Did someone contort themselves into an insane pretzel to snap this shot? We don’t know. But we do know that whatever the case may be, this is one pretty cool picture!

Give That Mouse A Cookie

This mouse looks like he’s had one hell of a bad day, and he’s trying to prevent it from getting any worse! The poor thing looks terrified as he tries to scale upwards between solid objects and keep from falling onto the electrical outlet all at once.


Maybe this mouse was running from the resident cat and thought he’d find high up off the ground? Or, maybe he isn’t going up at all and he is in fact, sliding downwards! Either way, he looks like he’s having serious difficulties!

The Under Belly

Living right next to the airport can be a major drag sometimes. There’s always crazy traffic and it’s always super loud with all of the planes constantly flying so closely to you. But there are a few upsides – one being that you can take some pretty great pictures without putting in too much effort.


The person who took this picture probably spends a lot of time looking up at the gigantic aircrafts buzzing overhead, and he realized he had the opportunity to make some magic! Such a simple yet artistic shot!

Photo Time Kids, NOW!

No parent in their right mind wants their small children to catch a glimpse of a dead body. Hell, most parents go to great lengths to prevent them from seeing it even on television, or in a movie. But these kids almost got up close and personal with a corpse, until mom intervened.


Mom’s quick thinking turned a potentially traumatizing situation into an interesting photo op! That day was not the day for them to see this, but some day when they’re older, mom will show them this picture and tell them the story.

“Benjamin Button” Syndrome?

So, take a quick glimpse at this snapshot and let us know what you see. We’ll wait. Right?!


At first glance, it looks like this toddler has the face of an old man, and it’s really creeping us out! Thank God it’s just an optical illusion, and all we’re seeing is the back of baby’s head in a hat, and the man’s face that’s holding him, turned slightly sideways. Phew! Some optical illusions really do a number on the mind, huh?

Pelican Pockets

Pelicans are some of the coolest birds in the world. They typically fly in flocks of around 6-8, and when they’re hungry, they dive bomb into the water and scoop up some fish with their enormous bill! It is such an incredible sight to see if you happen to be near the ocean when it happens.


This Pelican must have a long journey ahead of him because he’s decided to tuck his snack away in his throat pouch for later. Hey, you do you, Mr. Pelican. Actually, we think this might be a lady pelican, after all, we know how much ladies love snacks…and pockets.

No, Not My Cake!

When all you want to do is sit down on your birthday and nom-nom-nom on some delicious birthday cake, but the cake has other plans. Her face says it all: “NO, NOT MY CHEESECAKE!” We definitely feel for her. But at least she doesn’t have to work quite so hard at the gym this week.


Plus, she was bouncing back-and-forth between the cheesecake and the chocolate pie, anyways. This was just the universe’s way of telling her that she should have ordered the chocolate in the first place! Waiter!

Stop Him!

The guy with the red bag thought he’d take a leisurely stroll on a nice, sunny day, with some delicious ice cream for the road. Luckily, it looks like he ate most of it before this seagull decided it was his turn to have an ice cream cone!


Ever wonder why oceanfront restaurants often have clear wires covering their outdoor seating areas? Because seagulls, that’s why. We hope this guy was able to get a new ice cream before he had to head back to work.

Bud Light Showers?

When you really want to do a champagne shower but you’re on a budget, just follow this girl’s lead and douse yourself with domestic beer! How does that even happen? She seems to have missed where she meant to go with that bottle by a long shot.


We seriously have no idea what’s even happening here, but we do know one thing: that chick cannot be trusted with holding anything expensive! Will someone please get this poor girl a towel? And possibly a new beer.

She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy

We’re not entirely sure what uh, what’s going on in this picture. First of all, why is that tractor so small? Seriously, why? What is its purpose?


Aside from that, what is this guy doing with it? Was he trying to drive it up the belts and one of them gave way? Was he not properly on it in the first place? Or maybe for the sake of this funny picture, someone asked the truck driver to pull up a little bit just so this would happen! If so, that’s pretty evil, but also pretty hilarious.

Hands-On Flight Experience

So, this guy was out walking along the streets of his home town one rainy day, when he came across this puddle. He went to greet his reflection in the puddle and was surprised to see a plane the size of a bee, flying above him!


The timing of this whole thing was pretty impeccable, as he not only saw the opportunity for this awesome picture, but he seized it! Who else is impressed that this guy was able to whip his phone out and “catch” that plane on time?

Do The Wave…Of Glass

How freakin’ cool is this shot of this wave? This picture is the result of a surfer wearing a GoPro while out riding the waves. This shot was taken from INSIDE of the wave. Is that not awesome? If we weren’t such big babies about being in the ocean, we could take a shot like this too! Okay, maybe not.


Check out how the freeze frame makes the wave appear like it’s made out of glass! This is yet another example of the magic of good timing! And of course, the natural beauty of the ocean doesn’t hurt!

Doggo Takes A Dive

This dog saw something that he really, really wanted to sniff. He set his eyes on the prize and he took off running. Unfortunately, he reached a speed that his furry little legs could no longer handle and boom—the doggy crashed.


This picture actually makes us pretty sad. We are major dog (and all animal) lovers, and we feel for the poor puppy! We hope that his owner picked him up and gave him some major rubs and treats afterwards.

The Best Selfie Ever

We’re not entirely sure if this cat has superpowers, or if he’s one of the few cats with opposable thumbs who has successfully learned how to operate a camera, but we don’t care! This is one of the best photos in existence, period.


It isn’t just the fact that it looks like this cat snapped this shot that makes it so awesome, but that all of the animals are facing the camera, too! They must have been pretty mesmerized by the drone that took this picture. Meow!

I’ve Got The Power

Thor might have something to say about which God controls the Lightning over Rio de Janeiro, but Christ looks like he beholds the power…or at least, his statue does. On its own, this 100 ft tall statue could probably scare some people in to submission. But add this intense storm and the lighting of this shot and you get…well, you get this!


How cool is it that the lightening looks like it is touching the hand of the statue? What a powerful image!

Belly Float

As soon as this guy jumped, he realized he’d better get his hands to break the water before his stomach does! Contrary to what some people may believe, we actually think he made this dive.

Getty Images Photo by Ezra Shaw

After all, his arms are bent so his hands touch the water first. We could be wrong though, and this guy totally could have done the world’s greatest belly flop! One thing is certain either way; the people around him got wet, even if they weren’t counting on it at the time!

Lady In Red

To the untrained eye, the woman in this photo could look almost…possessed at first glance. Her body seems to be contorted into a shape that most people can’t even process mentally! Plus, she’s got on some fire red gloves and her fingers seem to be warped into some kind of hand gesture.


Nevertheless, the photo is still pretty amazing. We don’t care if she’s invoking demons, at least she looks gorgeous doing so! We’re just glad not to be on her bad side! Are YOU? Time to whip out the sage and call on your angels!

House Of Cups

Let’s not pretend that any of us who have been to college aren’t connoisseurs of plastic cups – we are. But just because we know how to flip them like champs, doesn’t mean we can shape them into a tall castle without knocking them over.  Then again, neither can he!

But you know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. If you get off the horse, you have to get back up. Is it working? Is he motivated? Onward, knight of cups!

Bottlenose Dolph-Grin

Dolphins are both extremely intelligent and friendly. There are even numerous reports of dolphins saving humans from drowning and shark attacks. But this little girl is too young to understand any of that, and she seems pretty concerned about the enormous animal swimming directly towards her!


We’re sure mom and dad knew that the girl was in no danger, but there’s no harm in letting her believe she is for a second for the sake of a hilarious picture!

Inverse Dive Oops

We have actually seen this happen before, at a neighborhood pool while swimming with some friends. A girl that actually looked a lot like the one in this picture was practicing inverse dives and made a mistake. The result was… bloody, to say the least!


When someone does an inverse dive, they stand at the edge of a diving board facing away from the water. They jump backward and use their body to flip so they enter the water facing in the opposite direction that they started in. It’s actually a pretty cool trick, but also obviously dangerous. We think we’ll stick with cannonballs!

Caught Red-Handed

This guy has some pretty terrible timing when it comes to his criminal activity. He looks straight ahead, so as not to arouse any suspicion from his victim or her friends and sticks his hand into her purse. He puts a shirt over his arm, but it’s still entirely obvious what he’s up to.


We hope that the person who took this picture saw him before he was able to take anything of value! Something tells us that the next picture we see this guy in will be a mugshot. Pickpockets are the worst!

Gotcha, Chris!

Chris the lifeguard thought that his day at the pool was going to be uneventful, much like many others had been for the past week. But on this day, his Aunt and her friends decided to come visit him at work.


Chris was having his co-worker snap a couple of shots of him for his amateur modeling portfolio, but Aunt Lynda had other plans. “Watch this, ladies,” says Lynda as she leans back…

Bridesmaid Meltdown

This bridesmaid couldn’t handle the heat, so she passed out in the kitchen…or, at the altar. The bride and groom are so happy it seems like they don’t even notice! It must be true love, they only have eyes for each other! Okay but seriously, is anyone here a doctor? Please help!


The happy couple didn’t notice until people in the audience started pointing and shouting. But hey, at least the rest of the wedding went smoothly!

But, Why?

We don’t really have any idea why this girl looks so terrified. She obviously was asking for this moment to happen by traveling through the Ostrich enclosure with bird food cupped in her hands. Also, she has the window down, so why on Earth does she look so shocked?


In all fairness, Ostriches (and big birds in general) can be pretty mean when it comes to interacting with humans! Although this one, in particular, looks like it has a cute smile spread across its bird face. Next time, maybe she should stick with something safer, like perusing the aquarium.

America’s Next Top Mammon

Uhhhh…someone please alert this girl that there’s a demon incarnating next to her! It’s just what? Oh, our bad, apparently that’s not a demon from the pits of hell, just some hellishly terrible eyeshadow.


Okay so the eye-shadow explains the eye situation but what, uh…what’s going on with that creepy smile? We think it’s possible she may in fact be possessed AND dawning some horrible eye color. Quick, grab the salt!

Swirly Bird

If you ask us, we say birds pretty much have it made in life. They get to fly all over the world and see all kinds of beautiful places from birds-eye views, and they get to hang out on telephone wires and silently judge everyone beneath them.

Alamy Stock Photo

Birds also get to flutter away in little bird baths that human’s set up for them for their amusement. This bird decided to take a dip today and he splashed his way INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION. Just kidding, but it’s a pretty cool shot!

Selfie With Jaws

This has to be one of the most epic photos bombs in history. How many people can say they took a selfie with  a shark, and lived to tell the tale with all of their limbs in tact. Not many, we’re sure!


Did this guys see the shark coming, and seized the moment despite the potential danger? Or was this the genuine photo-bomb? Who knows this guy because we need answers?!

Whale Watching

We’re not sure if we would have taken such a great picture under these particular circumstances. After all, would you be able to stay cool and still enough to snap this shot if an enormous Orca was headed straight towards you? We didn’t think so.


Lucky for us, this photographer kept his cool and delivered one hell of a picture! Orca whales are one of the biggest and most beautiful creatures in the deep blue seas. We love seeing pictures of marine life in their natural habitat!

Artistic Photoshoot

We wonder if this group had a conversation before going on this trip that involved taking this exact picture. We bet it was dad that initiated the conversation. Dad was all, “Honey, we have to do it. It will be hysterical!” And mom just sort of went along with it because it was easier than arguing.


It actually turned out to be a pretty nice shot, though! We’re sure it made a very nice addition to all of the family’s social media pages. Hats off! Hehe. We know, we like to make lame puns. We’re sorry.

Sea Foam Hand

This image is so amazingly beautiful, as it really portrays the immense beauty and power of the ocean. And all it took was a little shutter speed control and of course, perfect timing on the part of the photographer! This photographer has a great eye for beauty, if we do say so ourselves!


The ocean has decided that it’s time for that rock to come home. It extends its beautiful, foamy paw and reaches forward to grab it and pull it back in to the peacefulness and serenity of the sea. Plus, the colors of the water are absolutely stunning!

Super Excited Doggy

If you’ve heard the saying that humans don’t deserve dogs, it’s really true. Dogs are so sweet natured and happy, they are easily pleased and find happiness in a good treat and a warm bed. Something that most humans could really learn to appreciate!


Just look at how happy this doggy is to be getting his biscuit! His face looks like the equivalent of someone who just won the lottery, and it’s all because he knows he’s about to bite into some chicken-y goodness.

Into The Belly Of The Beast

This Alligator Gar saw a scaly predator swimming in his direction, so he swam away as fast as he could—right in to the mouth of another one of his enemies!  This is another case of a photographer being in the right place at the right time.

Alamy Stock Photo

We mean, what are the chances of getting this shot? Do those fish just happen to jump into the alligator’s mouths on a regular basis? Well, maybe. After all, gar aren’t exactly the smartest creatures in the world.

RIP, Bumble Bee

This photo is interesting, beautiful and sad, all rolled in to one. You have heard that if a bee stings you and loses its stinger, it dies, right? Yeah, we’ve heard that too, we just haven’t ever seen it so up close before.

Getty Images Photo by Stefan Schottleitner

This poor bee decided that today was the day he would fight to his death. As he stings his enemy and flies away, he is ripped apart by the stinger. Awww, poor bee! We’re sad now, we love bees, bees are crucial to our environment!

Beret O’ Fish

Well, maybe it’s not quite so fancy as a beret, but this guy is definitely rocking one unique hat! Most people just take a picture holding the fish with their hands when they’ve caught a big one. But this guy decided to take it to a whole other level.


Props to his buddy who was standing there with the camera to snap this shot. We wonder if he meant to make his friend’s face look like a giant fish. Hmm. High five!

Four-Legged Goalies

Look at those adorable little squish-beans! Those kitty cats are definitely jumping for some kind of toy. Or maybe they are just jumping for joy! We don’t care what they’re doing, we just know that whatever it is, it’s freakin’ adorable.


We’re betting that mom was dangling a shiny string above them, and they were leaping to catch it. Or maybe there was a spider on the ceiling that the kitties were hunting. In any case, it is one cute shot.

Buddha The Big Boy

Awww, look at The Buddha, playing with his toy plane! Can’t you just imagine him going, “zoooooooom,” as he flies it around in circles in the air. Okay, maybe that isn’t exactly what’s going on in this picture at all.


Really, it’s just this super cool big statue of Buddha and a passing plane. Some people have miraculous timing, as this person had to see this AND snap this photo before the plane slipped between the statue’s fingers. Bravo!

Through The Looking Glass

When you’re a kid, the world is your oyster. You get excited about anything and everything, and you can basically be amused by anything that moves, anything that’s brightly colored and anything shiny.


This poor kid just wanted to get a better look at whatever that shiny, moving thing on the road was. He was so close to looking out of the window like a big boy! Almost there…almost there…oops! Better luck next time, buddy!

House Of The Rising Sun

This is another one of those photos that was caught through perfect timing and beautiful lighting. We wonder if the photographer knew that this picture would turn out the way it did, or if he was just trying to snap a shot of a bee.


The bee looks like it is holding up the sun and carrying it as it flutters in the air. What an awesome lighting effect, it really looks magical! We don’t care if they meant to do it or not, it turned out to be amazing, anyways!

Look At This Good Boy

Who’s a good boy? This pupper in this pic, that’s who! He was so excited when he caught this ball, he just couldn’t bear to let go! As Tyra Banks would say, he is “smizing.” America’s next top woof-dog!


Now that it’s his, it’s his, we’d like to see you try and fight him for it! Okay so maybe he’s actually stuck, and we should go help him…


This was definitely one of our favorite games as kids, but we’re not entirely sure why. Damn, we were seriously easily amused as children. After all, playing Jenga basically consists of stacking wooden blocks atop of each other and then pulling them back out, piece by piece until it falls, in which case you scream “Jenga,” at the top of your lungs.


Really, why were we so thrilled by this? Okay but in this kid’s defense, this giant version of the game looks insanely cooler than the regular old little version. Except it kind of may hurt to get hit in the face with a big block of wood when you’re like, four.

Tongue Kiss

Okay, we can’t really decide how to feel about this picture. We do love dogs, but do we love our dogs enough to French kiss them? Maybe. We do love them, but we don’t love the idea of touching tongues with someone who just got done licking their butt.


But…the dog couldn’t help himself! His mom stuck out her tongue, so he was compelled to do it, too! As icky as this might be, we still think it’s very, very cute!

Deer Crossing

“And then my wife was all, ‘why don’t you take out the God damned garbage for o—,” *Loud crashing noises mixed with grunting*


Deer’s typically shy away from cars, but maybe they’re attracted to cyclists for some reason? We don’t know, but we do know that this picture is absolutely hysterical! That poor guy probably did get a little hurt though, after all – have you seen what a deer can do to a vehicle?

Slippery, Cold Memories

Raise your hand if you grew up somewhere cold where it snowed in the winters! Well, if you’re like us and have fond childhood memories of sipping hot chocolate and sledding down the hill in your backyard, you probably remember what it’s like to slip on ice, too! Hint: it freakin’ hurts!


But, if your moms were anything like some of ours were, you were wearing three pairs of padded snow pants anyways, so it didn’t hurt as much as it really could have. We just think it’s funny that this mom decided to snap a picture instead of breaking the fall!

Baby Face?

Hey, wait a minute. Didn’t we just see this creepy man-baby wearing a bucket hat? Oh, it’s a different man-baby in a bucket hat? Oh, okay then, got it. We’re over here hoping that this isn’t some new trend that’s going to pop up all over the place.

Some optical illusions are awesome, and others well, others are creepy AF. Looking at a toddler’s body with an old man’s face is weird enough, but then you add the bucket hat and things just get crazy.

To The Moon And Back

Dubai is known for its incredible architecture and innovative building techniques. They have some of the world’s most unique buildings. This just happens to be one of those buildings; The Burj Al Arab. And this is one of the best pictures of it in existence!

Alamy Stock Photo

Why? The way the building is designed, and the position of the super moon come together to make this intensely magical image. Almost as if the building was made specifically to hold the moon that way. Amazing!

Cliché Holiday Photos

This family decided to hire a professional photographer to snap some family photos of them on their beach vacation in Florida. They even went shopping beforehand and picked out adorable matching outfits. Look at how they’re all color coordinated, it’s cute.


Then the mother said, “we should try one with us all jumping and laughing,” – and this happened. Honestly, it actually makes the photo a lot more interesting and less…just less, that is all. Plus, sand doesn’t make for a hard fall. Trust us, we know!

Sipping And Sunning

All this guy wanted to do was relax and sip his drink on his one day off from work this month, but his lawn chair had other ideas. He was wary to even sit down on it, you guys know how these chairs can be, but he figured he didn’t have much to lose.


Turns out he actually didn’t lose much. He might have a small bruise on his tailbone, and he’ll have to spend an extra couple of minutes putting his chair back together, but at least he saved most of his drink!

Snowball To The Dome

It’s basically a rite of passage for guys who live in areas where it snows to smash their friends in the face with a snowball…at least once per year. The guy who took this picture also took this rite of passage to an entirely new level!


We don’t know if the same person who threw that snowball took the picture of it hitting the guy in the face, but if they did – that’s talent right there. Props the guy taking the hit for being a good sport about it!

Dude, Hands Off!

The guy photobombing this picture looks like he’s actually going way further than just that. It really looks like this guy has his hand on the girl on the right’s shoulder! Luckily, it’s just the way the camera and everyone in the picture is angled.


To the naked eye it may look like this dude is just randomly groping this chick and smiling all creepily about it, but if you look a little bit closer, you’ll see that the hand on her shoulder actually belongs to her friend standing next to her. Phew!

Someone Help Mickey, He’s Stuck!

Okay, seriously? We’re honestly wondering how it’s possible that the people who were with this woman didn’t tell her that something was a little…off. It almost seems as if she tied it like this intentionally to make it look like Mickey was trapped in…well, he was trapped!


But let’s remember that it’s Disney we’re talking about. Disney is famous for using coded messages in its stuff, so would it really come as a shocker if they designed this shirt specifically to look like this when worn in a certain way? Hmm.

Hay, Help!

What, did you think we were going to let you get out of this without another picture of a kid falling down? Well, too bad, because here it is! Hehe. Seriously though, are you trying to tell us they aren’t as hilarious as they are adorable? Exactly!


This kid was on a field trip with his classmates, you know the one. It’s the fall season, and everyone is ready to pick their pumpkin and take a hayride. And of course, you climb all over the large bales of hay. This little boy lost his footing and toppled to the ground. Oof!

First Time Flying

Remember when we gushed on about how great birds have it because they get to fly all over the world? Yeah, we still think that. But we also think that flying is probably pretty tough to get the hang of when you’re a baby!


Just look at these adorable baby geese learning how to fly for the first time. It’s such a magical and beautiful moment that’s captured in this image! Hats off to the person who was able to snap this amazing photo.

Cat Vs The Eagle

This cat must be one serious fan of the Steve Miller Band, because he’s certainly got the whole flying like an Eagle thing down pat! That cat also looks like it’s seen some stuff, man.


You’ve got to have some major cat balls to go toe-to-toe with a bird of prey like that! The Eagle probably thought the cat would be an easy target for lunch, but kitty was all, “Nope! Not today Satan!” You go, wild cat!

Fish Face

And here you’ll see the elusive Upside-Down-Mermaid. This creature usually prefers to do its hunting at night, so it’s a real treat that someone was nearby with an underwater camera to capture this rare image of the mythological gem hanging out in the ocean during the daytime!

Getty Images Photo by Aaron Kalloor / EyeEm

I guess we’re sort of lucky that it’s rare to spot one of these things. After all, mermaids with a fishy bottom half and human face are so much easier on the eyes. It’s like the Upside-Down-Mermaid violates all kinds of universal natural laws.

Good Vibrations

This picture is kind of crazy, because you would think by looking at it that it’s been photoshopped to make the stadium appear all swirly. But, it’s not. What you’re seeing here is what happens when the cameraman gets distracted and snaps a shot with an unstable camera…in the midst of some serious vibrations!


What’s even crazier is the fact that the people nearby in this image don’t seem to have been affected, but instead it’s just the stadium in the background. Woah!

That’s So Trashy

You know how when you pass a garbage can that’s just filled to the brim with disgusting, steaming hot trash, you just have to stop to take a picture and capture its beauty? Yeah, us either. But apparently this guy is all about that trash life.


This guy actually has an Instagram account that’s full of pictures like this. He likes to take pictures of half eaten sandwiches on other people’s food in restaurants, too. We’re kidding, but he actually probably does.

The Bowl’s Turn

For as many times as this cat and most other cats have knocked bowls and cups full of liquid off of tables and counters, we don’t blame this bowl for taking its revenge on the cat!


We know, we know, the animal lovers out there might be kind of peeved at the owners for letting this happen. But you have to admit, this is one hell of an ingenious way to keep your resident cat from messing with your fish! Don’t worry, no cats were harmed in the taking of this photo.

Optical Illusion Fun

Are you looking for somewhere really cool to travel? Somewhere where you can both have a great time and take some insanely good pictures? We recommend heading to Salar de Uyuni; the biggest salt flat ecosystem in the world.


This couple had a blast snapping pics for social media. The way it is laid out allows you to create some crazy optical illusions in photos. Salar de Uyuni is located in Bolivia. Let us know if you decide to go, so we can see your pictures when you get back!

No-Hands Head-Stand

Doing a headstand as a kid was super fun but somehow, falling down as a kid didn’t hurt as much, or at least it seemed that way. I give this woman some serious props for being able to hold this pose because doing a headstand as an adult requires a lot more effort than when you’re five! Headstands and handstands can be really hard to pull off if you aren’t a seasoned gymnast or yogi.

Check out this woman’s power-pose for the ages! She is locked into place and with no assistance from her hands, she’s totally holding a literal headstand. You go, girl!

Naked And Afraid

No one should be surprised by a streaker running across sports fields anymore. After all, this is one of the most cliché pranks in the sports world of all time. But we’re not saying it’s not still hilarious, because it totally is.

Getty Images Photo by Ross Kinnaird

Unfortunately, this streaker had some pretty awful timing when he decided to strip down and bare it all at this rugby game. One of the players was not having it at all and decided to take him down. Ouch! Also, hmm…

Honey, I Soaked The Kid

This kid is a perfect example of not crying over spilled milk. He literally looks like he could care less that there is a mixed drink being poured on to him. Maybe he looks like he doesn’t care because he’s super comfortable on mom’s lap. Mom looks like she is very much regretting ordering a drink with sticky juice in it at this point!


Dad doesn’t know yet at this moment, but we’re sure he had a great laugh when he saw this picture. Hopefully, he didn’t see it until after that night when the kid was cleaned up and it was funny already instead of just mildly inconvenient.


This little kid and his dad were about to have one hell of a bad day, but thanks to dad’s superhero reflexes, no one’s getting any broken noses at this baseball game! The kid was distracted by the phone and looked up just in time to see his dads arm in his face, rather than that bat! Nice save, dad!


The guy holding the beer thought pretty quickly too, he saved his Budweiser from ending up all over the back of someone else’s head!

Puck It

The look in this ice hockey goalie’s eyes says it all. He’s super glad he’s wearing that caged mask, right now. Although he does still look a little concerned, like maybe it was going to slip through the cage and hit him in the face anyways.


Let’s be honest though – everyone knows that hockey is a brutally violent sport. People literally go to hockey games to see guys kick each other’s butts on the ice. So why does this goalie look like he’s so surprised?

Flame On, Flame Bright

Photography is one of the coolest hobbies/jobs in the world, hands down. All of the wonderful high-tech equipment nowadays allows photographers to capture moments in time that would remain unseen to the naked eye. SO COOL!


Just check out this picture of this beautiful flame, trapped in a frozen moment of time. The lighting and coloring in this image just further add to its essence. What a lovely photo!

Supernatural Shot

There’s a lot of speculation that this photo is altered, simply because this guy is so high off the ground. But it’s all natural…or supernatural, if you ask us! Not only is he a good three feet above the ground, his body language and his expression say a whole lot, too.


The guy’s face basically says he’s very in-depth in the game, and probably doesn’t even realize how freakishly high off the ground he is! We know one thing; if you’ve got something that you need from a place too high up for you to reach, you should call this guy!


Being a professional cheerleader isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem. You’ve got to keep your body in awesome shape and train like any other athlete. Plus, you’ve got to be ready to handle anything! Case-in-point would be when this Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleader got knocked down on a first down.


She was just high-kicking and supporting her team when the Quarterback accidentally ran in to her and took her down with him in the middle of this play. She doesn’t seem to mind, though. After all, who wouldn’t want some up close and personal time with the QB?

Stingray Squeeze

When Cathy’s friends asked her to go to Bermuda, she was super excited! Cathy is all about sunning herself on the beach and eating exotic food while sipping Pina coladas. What Cathy was not expecting, was…this? What is this? Get it off me!


This stingray just wanted some pets and love when he decided to photobomb Cathy’s picture. But Cathy was too terrified, she wasn’t having any of it. Word is Cathy refuses to go swimming in anything but a pool, nowadays! Awww, we think he’s a cute little critter!

…And Then There’s This Guy

This poor guy wasn’t nearly as lucky as the kid in the last picture, whose dad was there to protect him from getting smashed in the face by a flying bat. Nope, this guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This unlucky spectator probably ended up with a dislocated jaw!

Getty Images Photo by Ron Jenkins/Fort Worth Star-Telegram

This, this is the reason…well, one of the reasons we don’t go to baseball games. The other reason is that we aren’t exactly huge baseball fans, but it’s mostly the FLYING BASEBALL BATS that keep us away!

Mickey Mouse Surprise

What do you do when your kids are being all whiny and demanding a trip to “the happiest place on Earth?” Well, you could take them of course, but we’re pretty sure you don’t really want to do that. After all, Disney may be fun for children but for adults it’s like walking through Walmart on Black Friday –on steroids.


This dad came up with a creative solution to his Disney problem. What’s hilarious is he actually cooked this scheme up and executed it—and got mom involved by having her take the photo. Well the good news is, the kid was so traumatized by Mickey that he hasn’t uttered a word about Disney since!