Bathroom Fails That Will Have You Opting For Mother Nature

When it comes to designing a living or working space – interior designers and homeowners spend a lot of time and attention on the living room, the bedroom, and of course, the kitchen.
That being said, there’s another room that often gets completely overlooked, which is a shame because it may as well be the most important of them all. You guessed it; we’re talking about the bathroom. From mere design blunders to architectural nightmares, we’ve put together the best bathroom fails the internet has to offer!

The Infamy of Heart-Shaped Hot Tubs

This genius design idea was actually invented back in 1968 by a resort owner in Pennsylvania. Interior designers went crazy over it, and it quickly became a fixture in homes and hotels around the country.


Nowadays, unless you’re on a romantic getaway or in a honeymoon suite, you’ll have a hard time finding one of these. And we couldn’t be happier. It’s interesting that something that was once considered a luxury is not viewed as a tacky fail.

Moving On

We’d keep it going right on to the next stall if we had to pee in this bathroom. That just looks so…raunchy.


Who thought that was a good idea? Gross!

Dirty Countertops

If you were a guest in this person’s home and went to use the restroom after dinner, you may get a little sick at this sight. Why anyone chooses to use brown smears for any type of design in their bathroom is super questionable.


A germaphobe would take off running, never look back, and write a terrible review on Yelp. This is also another perfect example of one of the many reasons why carrying hand sanitizer with you is never a bad idea.


Bees in the rest stop’s bathroom? We’ll hold it till the next restroom stop.  Though the origins of the location of the above warning sign remain unknown, it sure is a poor way to advertise a restroom!


We figure this sign was probably put up either as a joke or as a means to keep away unwanted restroom visitors…

The Liquid Soap Haters

We have a lot to say about this. We’ll start with, whaatttttt? What were these guys thinking? It seems like the maids at this hotel had something else on their minds while they were at work that day. To be fair, they did put soap inside the soap dispenser.


But clearly, the cleaning staff here is not a big fan of liquid soap. Next time, bring your own soap!

Watch Your Wheelchair’s Step!

In what strange alternate universe is a wheelchair user able to wheel up a flight of stairs? The world may never know. Sadly, the above sign is not the result of a new form of wheelchair stair-stepping technology. No, this sign is simply the result of poor design.


Indeed, this sign makes it very apparent that whoever designed this sign clearly did not give the final design of this sign much thought. We call fail!

Your Thron Awaits

What a strange placement for a toilet, and just imagine how odd it must feel to be doing your numbers from above like that. We can’t imagine why anyone thought this was a good idea, considering all the unutilized floor space.


This doesn’t look like the safest arrangement either. And we’ve got to ask, where’s the handicap accessibility?! Come on, people.

Porta-Potty on Wheels

If we had one of these, we think we would simply ride around with it all of the time. One of the most annoying things about basically anything (walking around town, driving, and camping) is finding a place to go to the bathroom. Even if you’re staying in a camping area that has portable toilets, you usually choose to pee in the woods over visiting one because they are so repulsive. Well, these people seemed to nail that problem right on the head and come up with their own solution.


They set up their own porta-potty and connected it right to the back of their truck. That definitely makes for a cleaner bathroom experience, but the privacy element is hurting a bit, and it could benefit from a curtain of some sort.

Some People Just Don’t Want Us to Have Nice Things

Hey, you there! Yes, you, sticking your hair in the toilet! Stop at this instant, young lady, and move your flowy, long locks out of the toilet water at once! And you, sir, over there! Remove your business suit from that toilet at once! Can’t you see the sign clearly prohibits any washing of hair or clothing in said toilet!?


These are what we imagine to be, along the lines of the series of scenarios and resulting conversations that lead to the placement of the above sign. You would think that just about everyone in the world with access to a flushing toilet would know how to use it.

Bubble Trouble

Okay, we appreciate this dad’s try to be extra efficient by bathing his four kids at the same time, but that doesn’t mean you had to throw in a bottle of soap per kid!


These kids are probably having a blast, but this dad does not look happy. And neither would we if we were looking at the huge mess we’d need to clean up, not to mention convincing those kids to get out of the bath and get them ready for bed.

Tap Shower

There is no use for water to run onto the handle of a faucet. Think of all the crazy watermarks and just the general pointlessness of it all.


We’ve seen some real fails when it comes to bathroom designs, yet it seems that this one takes the cake for creativity. One really had to go out of their way to come up with this one.

Way Too Close

Clearly, whoever was responsible for this didn’t bring a measuring tape to work that day. Either that or they have no sense of privacy whatsoever. Maybe the owners of the place wanted to maximize the bathroom space as much as possible. However, they achieved the complete opposite since it’s hard to believe any customer would be happy to be so close to another when going about their business.


It’s a shame there’s no photo showing people’s reactions when encountered with this for the first time.

For Your “Royal” Heinie

This toilet looks like it’s meant for royal campers. For the camper who is into both the comforts of home and staying authentic to nature, here you have it, the Rock-o-Potty.


These campers took some time to locate the perfect sized rocks to create a toilet that perhaps isn’t the most comfortable but does beat squatting down in the woods. Honestly, it looks like something out of “Game of Thrones.”

Half Toilet

Is this some kind of art installation? If not, we would love to see a demonstration from its creator of exactly how you’re supposed to use the thing…starting with how in the heck you’re supposed to get into the insanely narrow room in the first place.


Now that would be a piece of performance art you wouldn’t want to miss.

Is That Necessary?

We applaud this store’s willingness to help its customers above and beyond, but really, guys? We don’t think adult people need a demonstration on how to use a toilet.


And also, if someone were to ask for a demonstration, how would it go down? Personally, we would be very tempted to ask just to see what happens.

A Special Kind of Classroom

Okay, we’re not sure if this is technically a classroom, but it certainly seems like it’s set up as such. Why is there no door or wall blocking this bathroom off from the rows of chairs facing it? Also, why does the toilet paper look as if it’s way too far away from the seat?


Perhaps this is some odd type of health class setting where they require the toilet for some kind of demonstration? For the sake of whoever has to sit in any of those chairs, we hope not!

Cruel Design

There are dedicated bathrooms designed to make life a little bit easier for handicapped people. Unfortunately, when not enough thought is put into these designs, the opposite effect can end up being achieved. This particular example is unbelievable. Have a close look at the bottom of the door.


Surely, given the fact that the handicapped symbol depicts someone in a wheelchair, it would act as a hint that stairs aren’t an appropriate feature. We’re sure this restaurant has received its fair share of complaints about this construction fail.

The Contortionist’s Toilet

Here’s another home decor fail for you: no matter how elegant your bathroom design is if you can’t actually sit on the toilet, the aesthetic is going to rapidly wear thin.


Marble counters are all well and good, but you kinda need to be able to actually use the bathroom. This is one fail we really can’t see any way of fixing without pulling everything out and starting over.

This is Why Logistics Are Important

Yes, you can envision a renovated bathroom with sky blue tile… but it all comes down to planning and logistics at the end of the day.


They seem to have run out of blue tile and just subbed them with some white ones they had around. We’ve got to say, something about this works for us. It’s very out of the box (no pun intended).

Will You AIM to Please?

As far as bathroom etiquette goes, accurately aiming into the toilet bowl is widely considered by most to be one of the most important, highly regarded restroom rules to follow. Aiming is considerate: it is just common sense, people. But for those who seem to have conveniently forgotten or ignored this crucial public toilet rule, the above sign serves as a much-needed reminder. And can you blame whoever put up this sign?


All these bathroom owners want is for this public place to maintain a little bit of class and elegance. Is that really too much to ask? We should point out that, had it not been for this sign’s witty use of ‘aim’ puns, this sign would most likely remain largely unnoticed by incoming restroom visitors to this bathroom.

Who Actually Thought of Carpeted Bathrooms?

Carpeted bathrooms were all the craze and the ultimate sign of luxury. But as we rethink it, we realize there are fewer things more disgusting and impractical than covering your bathroom with carpeting.


Yes, they looked fantastic when you saw them in a movie, and maybe it seemed comfy to get out of the bathtub and step onto a fluffy carpet. But folks, mildew and bacteria are no joke…and they will come for you if you have a carpeted bathroom.

Public Bathroom!

This homeowner clearly has a unique—and very open—personality. We cannot help but conclude that, during the construction of his house, he specifically requested a grand entrance to his home, where guests are greeted by a toilet.


What a place to sit when you need to relieve yourself, gazing out the glass doors of the entrance to your house! People do pay more for rooms with a view, right?

How Not to Pee?

Apparently, as reflected in the above sign, somewhere in the world, someone out there has, in fact, peed backward into the toilet. Yes, this sign proves that peeing backward is an issue substantial enough and ultimately worthy of a sign detailing the explicit rule not to pee backward.


Interestingly enough, there is actually a growing trend among both men and women involving relieving oneself backward. According to some experts, sitting backward on the toilet may actually be more hygienic than peeing forwards. To us, this just looks like a bathroom fail.

Wrong in So Many Ways

Pretty sure someone was trippin’—that’s the closest we can get to an explanation for this hilarious renovation fail. Why else would you place a toilet holder in the bathtub? Someone needs to tell them this is not how you make DIY moist towelettes.


Wetness issues aside, you’d need some freakishly long arms to reach the roll from where you usually tend to need it. Here’s hoping we haven’t accidentally stumbled on the legendary slender man’s bathroom.

This Is Why Punctuation Is Important

This is a case of someone who was either too lazy to use some simple punctuation marks or wasn’t entirely sure how to go about it. They could have laid that out in a few different ways to differentiate between the lines.


But, since they didn’t, it seems like that restroom is designated only to the disabled, elderly, and pregnant children. Next time use a couple of commas or even bullet points!

Minimalist Architecture Taken Too Far

Good thing that door is there, hey? You need privacy when you go to the bathroom. But walls? Walls are so last season. It’s all about openness now.


The trick is to just imagine the walls are there when you’re using the bathroom. Trust us; all the cool kids are doing it.

Flexibility Matters

Here’s another toilet you’d need some high-level yoga training (or contortionist skills) to be able to use. The only people we can imagine having a relaxing time on this toilet rig are the cast of Cirque du Soleil.


The rest of us would be straining muscles we didn’t know we had, trying to contort ourselves into a workable position without slipping in.

They Did What They Could

There is something poetic about this photograph. Somehow, it reminds me of a book by the great Ernest Hemingway, from which this excerpt is taken: “now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is.”


Okay, seriously, the designer of this room could have easily managed the space by moving one or two of its fixtures, and this problem would have been very easily solved. But here we are, presented with a roundabout way of fixing it. This is the epitome of a fail.

Our Door is Always Open

The person who installed this doorknob clearly took the saying “our door is always open” far too literally. Either that or they were drunk. This might not have been a big deal if the door in question was the bathroom door.


If only we could’ve been there with our camera to capture the moment of realization when the person responsible for this masterpiece first tried to put it into action.

Porter Potty Disaster

Being in a porter potty is already not the most enjoyable experience; add a full-blown fire to that, and you’ve basically got anyone’s worst nightmare. Or at least, what’s sure to be one of the worst days of their life. Talk about a bathroom fail!


Well, at least whoever witnessed this will most likely never have a problem with going to the bathroom outdoors. We don’t know what exactly happened here, but we’re really hoping that truck in the background has come to the rescue.

Multi-Purpose Toilet

This idea is just plain awesome and a great way to make do out of a used item. We are all for recycling, so kudos to the inventor of this. We just pray that whoever used this toilet sanitized every ounce of it prior to taking it along their camping trip. If a good cleaning was performed, then this toilet seems to make the perfect makeshift beer cooler and grill.


These guys get a lot of points for creativity, but are these items really that expensive to purchase? We would imagine not. Nevertheless, we hope that it’s serving only this purpose on the trip and not simultaneously fulfilling somebody’s bathroom needs.

What’s the issue?

Toilets. Not exactly the first things you think of when you want to get creative and nouveau. Well, it turns out you’ve been missing out on a creative goldmine by ignoring the humble rumble throne. These homeowners decided to install their toilet on a jaunty angle.


We’re curious whether the world feels all askew whenever they make a trip to their diagonal throne. And was this done as a design feature, or was their bathroom so small this was the only way they could fit the thing in there? What do you think?

Let It All Hang Out

The person who installed this bathroom door clearly needed better instructions, but honestly, they should have known better. It is not only customary that the stall that houses the toilet has more privacy; it makes better sense too.


Urinals are designed that way because men pee standing up. Meaning that when a man is using the bathroom, he stands with his back to the door, and his private areas are not on display. As for toilets, even the most flagrant exhibitionist needs a little privacy sometimes.

Bath Time with Kitty

Cats are not known for enjoying bath time.


That being said, why did this guy think it was a good idea to share the bath with his cat, naked?

Unusual Dining

Composite rooms can be a clever, space-saving idea. But a combo dining and bathroom? What on Earth would have to be going on in your mind to make you come up with such an idea?


It is convenient; we’ll give them that. And guests will never have to awkwardly ask where the bathroom is. Though the situation they find themselves in will be decidedly more awkward to deal with.

I’ll Hold It

Would you or would you not be horrified to walk into a bathroom and see random, splotchy brown marks all over the walls? Usually, when that happens, it’s a cue to get out of there immediately and go find another restroom immediately.


That’s a pretty poor choice in design for a room with a toilet in it. We wonder how many customers have run out of there, imagining the worst when they lay eyes upon the color splatters.


Again, mathematics is a matter of utmost importance when it comes to building things, and this includes times where we have to measure pipes, poles, lumber, boxes, and boards, etc. They say it really takes an intelligent person to construct something successfully.


If that’s so, the person who made this certainly doesn’t fit the bill. Honestly, they must be very poor with numbers and lazy with their measurements. This faucet overshoots by way more than a mere millimeter, making it more than a slight design flaw. This picture has the water running, so expect a call from the neighbors once it overflows.

10 Points for Ingenuity

Restrooms tend to be the smallest room in the house. We all know this, and it’s something we all have to work around. Yet, instead of, oh say, installing a door that swings out instead of in, this clever interior designer made a cutout in the door to fit around the throne.


It kind of defeats the whole privacy aspect of having a door, especially if there are kids in the house!

Just in Case

Some challenges in life are so hard; they cannot be easily described. And these trials are only fatefully assigned to the strong and most determined beings among us.


Others would simply break under pressure from being too weak, lacking the psychological muscle to withstand the difficult test. All we can say is: may the force be with you.

Improvised Shower Head

Here’s another creative homeowner who wasn’t going to be beaten by a busted showerhead. His immediate solution (and we can only hope this is just temporary) came in the form of duct tape, a soda can, and a whole lotta holes. Fail?


In our opinion, his idea is so brilliant and seems to be working so well; we’d almost back him keeping it as his permanent shower rig—engineering level: boss.

Slow Your Roll

This prankster likes to keep their toilet rolls hidden away from the prying eyes of guests. We can only imagine the discomfort of the guests looking for toilet paper while the homeowner is giggling outside. Or maybe they’re just sick of people using it all up. Perhaps they inform guests on arrival that the bathroom is strictly BYO.


What other logical reason could there be for this secretive bathroom installation?

Lash Attack

Look at this shot and heed the warning.


Pay attention when you are curling your lashes, or you’ll be sporting a bald eye.

No To Tiled Bathrooms

While tile countertops could be found in nearly every home a couple of years back – they’re just not that cute. We’re not sure who came up with this genius idea, but they should be fired along with the interior designer that thought that this was chic.

Getty Images Photo by LOOK Photography

Beyond being exceptionally difficult to clean, tile countertops also aren’t very durable. They chip and stain easily and are prone to stains and hidden bacteria. Those are all qualities that make tile countertops a terrible choice for any space that will get remotely dirty.

Well Placed

Talk about an indispensable soap dispenser and the weirdly placed hand dryer. At least there are two functional soap dispensers over there, with that unnecessary third one just hovering over.


It sort of looks like it’s the third wheel who never quite fits in. We give this one an F in bathroom design.

Been There, Thai’d That

Apparently, in Thailand, men don’t have arms and thrust their body’s forward when they need to pee, and women seem to be…frightened?


We’re trying to wrap our heads around what exactly is going on here, but it seems to us that this sign was chosen for a specific reason, and we want to understand what it is!