Blast From The Past: Women From Popular TV Shows & Movies

Each woman on this list has been carefully selected for their iconic status, whether it be in fashion, comedy, or just being out-right incredible TV characters. They have given us moments that have shaped television and cinema, as well as popular culture. Most importantly, these wonderful ladies have left their mark on Hollywood, and, by extension, the world. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce over the good old days.
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From classic cinema queens, like Greta Garbo, Monroe, and Dietrich, to 80s and 90s power women, like Linda Kozlowski, Lisa Bonet, and Winona Ryder, you’ll see how all deserving these women have graced our screens with their talents!

Lea Thompson

“Well, that is your name, isn’t it? Calvin Klein? It’s written all over your underwear,” – a line delivered by no other than Lorraine Baines from the ever-iconic Back to the Future trilogy. During the 80s, roles for women were becoming increasingly juicier, and lines like this one signaled a turning point; women weren’t just sexualized objects, they were funny and witty too!

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Kicking off our list of celebrated women of the screen is Lea Thompson, who had her start in TV commercials at the age of 20! The actress has since gone on to star in Dennis the Menace, JAWS 3-D, Switched at Birth as well as a stint on Dancing With The Stars. She most recently appeared in the 2018 hit Netflix film Sierra Burgess is a Loser! Did you know that her daughter is Zoey Deutch, known for her roles in Beautiful Creatures and Why Him?

Jane Fonda

Forever reminding us to be ourselves, is the one-and-only Jane Seymour Fonda. “I don’t want my wrinkles taken away – I don’t want to look like everyone else,” and let’s be real here, Fonda doesn’t look like anyone else her age – she looks absolutely impeccable at 80! Whilst she admitted to having some work done, she still notes “I am what I am.” You do you! If her lesson was to teach us to be more unapologetically ourselves, then that’s a valuable lesson taught!

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At her age, she looks back on a range of careers and accolades. Actress, writer, fashion model, political activist…and of course, fitness guru! Not to mention two Academy Award and two BAFTA Award wins. A true example of a living legend, she leaves us with one last golden nugget of advice “your age is less chronological and more attitudinal.” Well said!

Sophia Loren

Irresistibly Italian, next we have the sultry, dramatic Sophia Loren. With a timeless, natural beauty and elegance that cannot be bought, she is one of the most celebrated Italian celebrities of all time. Fondly known as the “Italian Marilyn Monroe”, Loren entered Hollywood in the golden era; the 1950s.

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A film actress and singer, Loren was also a major sex symbol, starring in Marriage Italian Style and Two Women. With a sense of confidence that is SO European, and her famous quote: “Everything you see I owe to spaghetti”, she is the embodiment of femininity and extravagance. At 84, Sophia’s acting days are behind her, and now she resides in Geneva, Switzerland, enjoying the fruits of her long, starred career.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

For all your 90s babies…as soon as you hear “Buffy” it’s like the theme music starts playing in your head. Now that’s iconic! Sarah Michelle Gellar, immortalized by her role as Buffy Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is considered to have brought to life one of the greatest female role models of all time. Her feisty attitude and, let’s be real, kickass moves didn’t only make us all want to take up martial arts, it made #GIRLPOWER a thing! Gellar was amazingly discovered at the age of four in a restaurant, from which she grew into acting and modeling.

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These days she is married to Freddie Prinz Jr., is the co-founder of Foodstirs, and has two wonderful children. A real-life wonder-woman it seems! She leaves us with one quote which makes it possible for women to do it all and live healthily; “I don’t smoke, don’t drink much, and go to the gym five times a week. I live a healthy lifestyle and feel great. I can run a marathon, you know.” Well, if that doesn’t inspire you to get off the couch, we don’t know what will. Get to it Vampire Slayers!

Nancy McKeon

Did you know that Monica Geller of Friends may not have been played by Courteney Cox? Vying for the role was Nancy McKeon. Whilst her real name may not ring any bells, her most famous role was as Jo Polniaczek on hit 80s series The Facts of Life.

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The actress, aside from her TV roles, also starred in a number of TV films throughout the 80s and 90s, including The Wrong Woman and Comfort and Joy. Just this year, McKeon competed on season 27 of Dancing with the Stars. One more fun fact before we’re onto our next leading lady; did you know whilst McKeon starred in The Facts of Life, she and her parents privately met Pope John Paul II?

Angie Harmon

Formerly a professional model, Angie Harmon was discovered at 23 whilst on a flight, by none other than David Hasselhoff! Not a bad ice-breaker story at all! After this chance spotting, Harmon starred in Baywatch Nights and C-16: FBI, before joining Law & Order.


Leaving her former modeling life behind, having graced the covers of ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Esquire, Angie wished to live her dream of being on the big screen. Whilst she had more success with television, she starred in Agent Cody Banks, Fun with Dick and Jane, End Game and Seraphim Falls. She has won a Gracie Award and People’s Choice Award and most recently starred as Detective Jane Rizzoli on TV series Rizzoli & Isles. It seems if she wasn’t…hoff-ered the start on Baywatch Nights she may not have been where she is today!

Pamela Anderson

Wa-wa-we-wah… none other than CJ of Baywatch. And can you believe Pamela Anderson is now 50! Gosh, time flies when you’re a mega-babe known for running on the sand in Malibu. Or for being unceremoniously thrown into a marriage sack by Sacha Baron Cohen…genius way to get the woman of your dreams, no really. Anderson shot to fame on THAT Playboy cover in February 1990. Soon after she was scouted for roles on Home Improvement, Baywatch, and V.I.P., as well as films Raw Justice and Barb Wire (Reow!).

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Sadly though, Pamela has been unlucky in love, with tempestuous relationships with Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. It seems though she may have found love with French footballer Adil Rami… 15 years her junior…and we don’t blame her! (Or him for that matter!) Voulez-vous coucher…okay okay, you get the hint!

Lisa Bonet

Born to a teacher and an opera singer, you’ve definitely heard of Lisa Bonet, of The . Her iconic part as Denise Huxtable is one which will go down in TV history and gave her the popularity to rise as an actress. Her first husband, Lenny Kravitz wrote songs about her, and also brought a child into the world together, Zoë.

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Last appearing in the 2016 TV series, Ray Donovan, Bonet is enjoying life with her now-husband, Aquaman hunk Jason Momoa. Fun fact: Momoa is 15 years her junior and is reported to have said that he always fancied Bonet, knowing that one day he’d marry her. They now have two children together! (Also, what a fox she is to score Mr. Momoa!) See kids, dreams do come true!

Linda Kozlowski

“Mick, give him your wallet.” “What for?” “He’s got a knife.” “That’s not a knife. THAT’s a knife.” Who can forget the iconic scene in Crocodile Dundee which catapulted Juilliard graduate Linda Kozlowski to fame?

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Playing the female lead opposite Australian larrikin Paul Hogan, Kozlowski and Hogan’s on-screen chemistry became more, with the pair starting a real-life relationship! Since the film, Kozlowski appeared in Almost an Angel, Backstreet Justice, The Neighbor, and Village of the Damned. However, Kozlowski was tired of being typecast, stating “these straight to-video…films I was getting were giving me an ulcer…I was the only one on the set that cared about anything…I decided to give it all away.” In regard to her personal life, it seems her role in Crocodile Dundee was fated, marrying Hogan in 1990, and giving birth to a son, Chance. In 2013 however, the duo split, and remarried to her Moroccan lover, Moulay Hadid Babaa! Now THAT’S a knife in the back!

Raquel Welch

A new international sex symbol was born when Raquel Welch emerged from the water in THAT furry bikini. Her role in One Million Years B.C. caught the attention of many men (and still to this day may we add!) and women, as well as subsequently producing one of the highest-selling pin-up posters of all time. After the death of Monroe in 1962, Raquel assumed her place, and rid the world of the idea that sex goddesses came in one form only; peroxide blondes. With her auburn hair, voluptuous figure and seductive voice, Raquel Welch was quite the woman.

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Of Bolivian and Irish heritage, she was constantly reminded of her beauty even as a teenager, with nicknames “Miss Photogenic” and “Miss Contour.” With two kids at the age of 25, and one divorce behind her, she moved to Dallas, working as a model. Unfortunately, her acting career didn’t take off quite as she’d hoped, typecast as the sexy, va-va-voom bombshell. She decidedly made money in suing MGM for breach of contract, as well as taking a leaf out of Jane Fonda’s book and producing exercise videos!  At 77, she’s still kicking goals and is still remembered for her singular beauty.

Kim Richards

When your career starts only months after you’ve come out of the womb, surely that means you’re destined for stardom right? After a TV commercial for Firth Carpet, she starred as the adorable Prudence Everett in TV series Nanny and the Professor. After a number of film roles in the 70s, she guest-starred in a slew of TV series’ including Emergency!, Diff’rent Strokes, Alice, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, CHiPs, Magnum, P.I, The Dukes of Hazzard as well as Little House on the Prairie.

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In 2010, Richards joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and was a regular cast member for five seasons!

Nancy Kerrigan

No one can forget the scandal surrounding Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding at the 1994 Winter Olympics. Recently they made the film I, Tonya starring the ever-glamorous Margot Robbie as Harding, and Caitlin Carver as Kerrigan. After consecutive wins in 1992 and 1993, Kerrigan was shockingly attacked by the ghastly ex-husband of her arch-nemesis Tonya Harding.

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Despite an excruciatingly painful knee injury, Kerrigan recovered and went on to take home silver in the same year. Whilst her claim to fame isn’t a graceful ascent, and was marred by the nastiness of others, she is a celebrity in her own right. Her skill and talent on the ice proved her resilience and tenacity, which are the makings of a true role model. Since the 90s, Kerrigan went pro and performed in ice shows. She then went on to appear in season 24 of Dancing with the Stars, with her Foxtrot with Artem Chigvintsev remembered as one of the most memorable performances of the season!

Jaclyn Smith

Whilst everyone fussed about Farrah Fawcett in Charlie’s Angels, people seem to forget she only starred in the first season! The true beauty was Jaclyn Smith, with her flowing dark hair and perfectly proportioned face. A regular in the series, Smith played the feisty Kelly Garrett, and was, in fact, the only original female lead to see the whole show through till the end. In a cheeky cameo, she reprised her famous role in the 2003 film Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. But her role in the original TV series propelled herself, and the other Angels to stardom, even appearing on the cover of Time magazine!

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After Charlie’s Angels, Smith turned to more entrepreneurial pursuits, pioneering the idea of celebrities developing their own lines, with a range of women’s apparel for Kmart. She has since gone on to introduce her own bedding and bath accessories, as well as a wig collection for Paula Young Wigs. Whilst the wig path may seem quite niche, it is for good reason; in 2003, Smith herself battled breast cancer – this was a way of giving back. Beautiful, strong and smart! You go girl!

Cheryl Ladd

Back to back, we have another Charlie’s Angels star: Cheryl Ladd. Replacing Farrah Fawcett after only one season, Ladd, like Smith, remained on the show for the entire run. Using her fame on the TV series, Ladd furthered her musical career, performing the National anthem during the 1980 Super Bowl XIV, as well as releasing three albums! Her popularity on TV led to a number of TV films, including a role as the iconic Grace Kelly.

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Other guest appearances, such as on TV shows such as Charmed and CSI: Miami proved successful, before finally landing a 29-episode run on TV drama series Las Vegas. Most recently, she starred in Unforgettable, albeit the film received negative reviews. Regardless, she’ll always be an Angel to us!

Farrah Fawcett

To round out our trio is the face which perhaps epitomizes Charlie’s Angels: blonde bombshell Farrah Fawcett. A fan favorite, Jill Monroe was the girl everyone wanted to be, or be with! Salty fans say the show wasn’t the same after her brief stint, despite the show running for almost another decade! Best known for her bouncy golden locks, and that cheeky red-bikini, Fawcett was a four-time Emmy, and six-time Golden Globe nominee.

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In the later years of her life, Fawcett, in a controversial, and deeply-saddening move, filmed a “video diary” of her illness, titled Farrah’s Story, documenting her struggle with cancer, and ultimately, losing her battle. She passed away at age 62 in 2009. She will be long remembered, and greatly missed by Hollywood, and the world.

Dawn Wells

Who can forget the warmth of Mary Ann Summers on Gilligan’s Island? She and Tina Louise are the last cast members still standing from the original series; signaling almost the end of an era. Her role on the show brought her great success, starring in TV shows, films, and even has her own show at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in 1985. She was ranked in 2005 for her leading role as one of TV Guide’s “50 Sexiest Stars of All Time.”

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But whilst she is a star, she too is only human. Just this year, a good friend of Dawn Wells, Dugg Kirkpatrick planned to launch a fundraiser to help the Gilligan’s Island star pay off medical bills. Within ten days, over $140,000 was raised by loyal fans. Sadly, Dawn passed away in December 2020, she was 82-years-old.

Marina Sirtis

Born in London to Greek parents, her parents fought with her so she would not become an actress. Secretly applying to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Sirtis was determined to make it. And make it she did! Best known as Counselor Deanna Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as the feature films which followed, Sirtis hilariously remarked; “I was originally cast to be the brains of the Enterprise. Somehow, I became The Chick. There’s a little ugly girl inside of me going “Yay! I’m a sex symbol!”.

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A true ugly duckling story! See girls; dreams do come true! The British-American actress followed her Star Trek role with appearances in Crash, Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS. In post-production currently is a film As Greek As It Gets, in which Sirtis stars; one to look out for folks!

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

The Olsen twins shot to fame in the 90s, with nascent acting careers, beginning at just six months old! The globally recognized fraternal twins these days shy away from the spotlight, however, are making waves in the fashion world, with their “bohemian-bourgeois” brands The Row and Elizabeth and James appearing on celebrities, in major department stores, as well as on high-end fashion sites Farfetch, Net-A-Porter and MatchesFashion.

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Their company Dualstar, which released their own home décor, fragrance and teen-apparel lines, saw them appear on the 2007 Forbes list as the eleventh-richest women in the biz, with a net worth of $100 million. Talented, and business-savvy. Maybe baby Ari was right when she sang “God is a woman”?

Melissa Rauch

The witty, hilarious, and loveable next actress made her mark as Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory. Funnily enough, Bernadette’s voice isn’t like Rauch’s real voice at all! She modeled the voice of Bernadette after her parents: with her “sweet, high-pitched purr” an imitation of her mother, and the “eerie, haranguing imitation” of Mrs. Wolowitz of her father! Seems she’s a true comedienne.

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Not just a pretty face, Rauch co-wrote and produced with her husband Winston Rauch, the film The Bronze, which received charming reviews from Variety magazine “Rauch…has never carried a film before. But she delivers the best breakthrough comedic performance by an actress since Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids.” High praise indeed! At 37, Rauch as a daughter, Sadie with partner Winston Rauch, and most recently voiced Harley Quinn in the animated film Batman and Harley Quinn.

Maureen McCormick

Best known for her role as Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch, the ugly side of fame reared its head, with a recent article disclosing the star was troubled as a young woman. At one point, her addiction to cocaine was so severe that she would be awake for days on end because to her, it was all that kept her going. The thing that stopped her and helped her turn her life around? Her family. When her parents were about to hand her over the police, and her husband Michael Cummings threatened to leave, she went cold turkey. Whilst battling her addiction, she ventured into stage acting, as well as appearances on reality TV shows.

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In 2008, her autobiography debuted at number four on The New York Times bestseller list, exposing her controversial past and issues with substance abuse. Whilst she may not be a squeaky-clean role model, she overcame adversity and emerged triumphantly. More power to her!

Justine Bateman

Most famous for seven-seasons on NBC sitcom Family Ties, is Justine Bateman. Portraying Mallory Keaton, Bateman adds a number of other skills to her repertoire; just this year she sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss her new book Fame: The Hijacking of Reality. When Family Ties saw its end in 1989, Bateman moved on to writing and directing films, such as Push, Five Minutes and Violet.

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In 2016, she also earned a degree from U.C.L.A in Computer Science, as well as a pilot’s license! But whilst Bateman has done many things, she has something important to say about the phenomenon of the “fame cycle” and its trappings. Not to mention her stance on reality TV; “reality programs are the cancer of this particular country. An entire group of people who think they should just show up somewhere and get paid…. it’s when they show the least level of intelligence, or maturity, or composure, or class.”

Lisa Whelchel

American actress, singer, songwriter, author and life coach. Quite the list! You may have seen her as a Mouseketeer on The New Mickey Mouse Club, or perhaps as Blair Warner on The Facts of Life; Lisa Whelchel was certainly a hit in the 80s! She went on to release a contemporary Christian album, All Because of You, as well as becoming a speaker with Women of Faith Christian Conferences.

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Whelchel has also found that she is quite the writer, penning books on motherhood, children, friendship and spirituality, with bestsellers So You’re Thinking About Homeschooling and The Facts of Life (and Other Lessons My Father Taught Me). In 2012, she tied for second on reality TV series Survivor: Philippines! Quite the diversified career, and quite a legacy to leave behind one day!

Erika Eleniak

American-Canadian actress, Playboy Playmate and former model Erika Eleniak was just 13 when she made her debut in Hollywood; in the 1982 film E.T.the Extra-Terrestrial as the girl Elliott kissed! Just 7 years later she appeared in Playboy magazine. From there, she shot to fame, starring in Charles in Charge and Baywatch. With her 34-24-32 measurements, she was every man’s dream girl, with her blonde locks and full bust! No more ogling gents! She also had roles in The Blob, Under Siege and The Beverly Hillbillies.

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Eleniak sadly suffered weight issues; yo-yo-ing from underweight, abusing laxatives, to overweight, participating on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. Not only did she battle with her weight, she also suffered a tragic ectopic pregnancy. Soon after though, she fell pregnant once more, giving birth to a healthy baby girl, Indiana. Her latest film, currently in pre-production is titled Marilyn Monroe Back? – might be worth checking out!

Jacqueline Bisset

Most people find it surprising to hear that Jacqueline Bisset is a renowned British actress and not a French one! However, there is some French blood in this beauty; her mother, Arlette is of French heritage. With a career starting in 1965, her first notable appearance was in the Finney/Hepburn film Two for the Road, followed by a role in the satirical Casino Royale as Miss Goodthighs! Whilst she played a number of roles which weren’t so remarkable, her decision to star in French films, such as Day for Night and Le Magnifique in the 70s won her high praise as a serious actress.

Getty Images Photo by Mondadori Portfolio & Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

Her continued love for France was recognized in 2010, when she was awarded the Légion d’honneur insignia, and Nicolas Sarkozy remarked she was a “movie icon.” Fun fact: did you know Jacqueline is the godmother to Angelina Jolie?

Elizabeth Berkley

Anyone who watched Saved by the Bell would remember this gorgeous actress! Starting out as a model, Elizabeth Berkley made her debut in 1987 in a TV film Frog. Two years later, she auditioned for the role of Kelly Kapowski on the show which would make her famous. However, producers couldn’t decide on where to place her. Finally, they agreed on creating a new character altogether; Jessie Spano, which she played for 4 years. Now for a little controversy; after winning the role for Showgirls, Berkley was in some hot water, with the film given a NC-17 rating in the United States.

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Sadly, it bombed, and wasn’t received well by critics. The negative fallout placed Berkley in a tight position, however, somewhat surprisingly, the film has achieved cult status! Redeeming herself, Berkley received praise for her role in Hurlyburly, going on to then guest star on TV series’ including CSI:Miami, NYPD Blue, Without a Trace, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Not just a pretty face, Berkley is an animal rights activist, and has also set up an online self-help program, called Ask Elizabeth. Following on from her work, she published a book of the same name. We’re loving the theme here of female empowerment from these women! There must have been something in the water in the 90s!

Jennifer Connelly

Pre-acting fame, Connelly was, (of course) a child model. With those stunning green eyes, which are only seen on 2% of the world’s population, we’re not surprised. Born in New York, Connelly is best known for her part in the musical fantasy film Labyrinth alongside the late David Bowie. The film gave her the exposure to build a career on, with notable performances in Dark City, Requiem for a Dream, as well as A Beautiful Mind.

Getty Images Photo by Georges De Keerle & Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic

A champion of human rights and providing all with access to clean water and shelter, Connelly has a heart as great as her beauty. Recently, she made headlines, upon the announcement of a sequel to the classic film Top Gun, co-starring with Tom Cruise. 2020 is going to be a big year for Connelly it seems!

Sasha Alexander

“I actually wanted to be an exotic dancer, but that didn’t work out, so I thought I’d take on acting.” Wise choice Sasha, and perhaps a more lucrative a choice! Born Suzana S. Drobnjaković Ponti, the first thing that had to go was that Serbian tongue-twister name! With a more Hollywood appropriate name, Sasha Alexander went on to play Gretchen Witter on Dawson’s Creek, as well as starring in Yes Man and He’s Just Not That Into You.

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More recently, Sasha appeared in Shameless as well as on Rizzoli & Isles, where she plays Dr. Maura Isles alongside Angie Harmon, who you might remember from our list earlier!

Ursula Andress

Bond girls have a reputation that precedes them; mysterious, sexy and highly desirable. As far as Bond girls go, Ursula Andress is perhaps the most famous. Whenever there is a list of “best bikini moments” Ursula is a mainstay, wearing the cream bikini which is iconic in its own right.

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Appearing as Honey Ryder in the first Bond film, Dr. No, Andress is of Swiss origin. She enjoyed success in Hollywood and Italy and is remembered for her film legacy and enduring beauty. The now 81-year-old has since retired from her acting and modeling careers, though will forever be known as ‘the ultimate Bond girl.’

Elisabeth Shue

Shue had a somewhat troubled upbringing, with her parents filing for divorce and subsequently turning to substances to ease the transition. However, it seems from these tough experiences, she amassed the strength and maturity to make a career out of acting. Her first significant role was in the series Call to Glory, which, ironically enough, was the part which shot her to fame, soon after starring in The Karate Kid.

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by Leon Bennett

Once again though, we see typecasting come into play, with Shue frequently becoming the ‘good guy’s trophy’ at the end of a film, such as in Cocktail. This did change though, with her roles in Link, Adventures in Babysitting and Back to the Future forging a career for Shue. Appearing in The Saint with Val Kilmer proved once more that Shue was an actress with versatility. She has since gone on to star in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Julie Finlay for three seasons. More recently, the 54-year-old is set to star in Amazon prime’s adaptation of the comic The Boys with Simon Pegg! Stay tuned!

Melissa Sue Anderson

American-Canadian actress Melissa Sue Anderson has come a long way from Berkeley, California. Beginning her career as a child actress, Sue went on to appear in a slew of TV commercials. After an episode of Bewitched, she landed the role of Mary Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie.

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With over 50 film credits as an actress, Melissa Sue Anderson has starred in Midnight Offerings, Happy Birthday to Me, and Which Mother Is Mine? With an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million, the blue-eyed beauty has successfully managed to keep her life out of the media spotlight. There seems to be no slowing down for Anderson, with the film The Con Is On released in mid-2018.

Winona Ryder

This next star begs no introduction, as one of the IT girls of the 90s. With film credits including Beetlejuice, Mermaids, Edward Scissorhands, The Age of Innocence, Reality Bites, Girl, Interrupted it’s no wonder Winona Ryder (born Winona Laura Horowitz!) is such an icon. With her large doe eyes and expressive face, Winona certainly epitomizes the look of the 1990s.

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

The generational icon, however, fell from grace in 2001 after being caught shoplifting, taking a self-imposed ‘break’ from the acting world. Whilst it seems she would never again reach the level of fame during her peak in the 90s, due to the Hollywood double-standard, ‘phenomenon’ of “aging out,” it seems Winona has plenty left in the tank. Since her comeback in 2006, Ryder starred in Star Trek, When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story and Black Swan. Recently, she has enjoyed enormous success on the smash Netflix series Stranger Things as Joyce. Never say never!

Christina Applegate

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but in Applegate’s case, it seems maybe her mother is, quoted as saying; “I wasn’t one to go out and buy a new car and stereo system and expensive clothes. My mom helped keep me grounded.” Seems that Christina had a parent who cared for her wellbeing, and instilled good values which she still carries with her! Well remembered for her role as Kelly Bundy on Married…with Children, Christina established herself in both film and TV, winning an Emmy Award, and earning Tony and Golden Globe nominations.

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer

Smart, beautiful, and funny, the star seemed to have it all; however, she too was struck with tragedy, being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Luckily, the actress caught cancer before it could develop into something more malignant, even if it meant having a double mastectomy. A real-life Wonder Woman.

Jennifer Grey

Every older sister with a pesky younger brother definitely sympathized with Jennifer Grey’s portrayal of Jeanie in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! But it was her role in Dirty Dancing which elevated her to icon status; frequently the dance scene with Swayze tops lists for one of the most romantic in film history! The role even earned Grey a Golden Globe Award nomination.

Getty Images Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd. & Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Her 2011 appearance on Dancing with the Stars saw her win the competition, which was extraordinary, on the back of the removal of a cancerous node on her spine! In 2017, Grey, like many other celebrated women, participated in the Los Angeles 2017 Women’s March. #GIRLPOWER

Phoebe Cates

Born to parents Lily and Joseph Katz, who then changed their name to Cates, Phoebe is a native New-Yorker, with Russian-Jewish and Chinese-Filipino heritage. At age 10 she wished to pursue dancing, which then turned to model. This was short-lived however, remarking the industry was not to her liking: “it was just the same thing, over and over…I did it solely for the money.” Rolling Stone described her role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High as having “the most memorable bikini-drop in cinema history,” and it seems Cates enjoyed filming the flick as well!

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by Jim Spellman

She then starred in the 80s cult film Gremlins as well as its sequel; but not to worry, if you pour water on her, she won’t multiply and turn into an impish creature! In such demand, Cates graced the covers of Seventeen, Tiger Beat and Teen Beat. The recognition doesn’t stop there; in 1993, TV Guide placed her line in Shirley Conran’s novel-based series Lace, “Which one of you bitches is my mother?” as the greatest in TV history! With acting and singing under her belt, Cates, in 2005 decided to expand her horizons further, opening her own boutique, Blue Tree on the very fashionable Madison Avenue, New York.

Jami Gertz

What do Crossroads, The Lost Boys, Less Than Zero, Quicksilver, Square Pegs and Twister have in common? Jami Gertz of course! Best known for these roles, Gertz was discovered in a nationwide talent search by Norman Lear! As a child, she starred in Diff’rent Strokes and The Facts of Life, before moving onto film, making her debut in the 1981 romance flick Endless Love.

Getty Images Photo by Getty Images & Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

As she matured, she gained more attention, as well as appearing alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Kiefer Sutherland! Further roles in Still Standing, Ally McBeal, and The Neighbours make Gertz still very much a household name! But it doesn’t stop there; Gertz serves as a board director for the Melanoma Research Alliance – so she’s putting her hard-earned dollars to bettering the lives of others. Way to go, girl!

Catherine Bell

Major babe alert! We’re all thinking damn, now that’s a woman who looks good in uniform! Best known as Major Sarah MacKenzie in JAG, Catherine Lisa Bell stole the hearts of Americans and Marines alike! She is quoted as saying: “Almost every Marine I’ve met says I portray a Marine dead-on, which is really, really flattering.”

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The American-Iranian stunner also starred in Army Wives as well as film and TV Series The Good Witch. It seems there’s a bit of a trend with these actresses from the 90s, all coming on board the Netflix train! In 2016, Bell starred in the Netflix Original film, The Do-Over, starring Adam Sandler and David Spade. More recently, there were rumors floating around on the Internet about a JAG reunion! Please be true! Please be true!!!

Olivia Hussey

The jewel in Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet is Argentine-British actress Olivia Hussey. With an angelic face and stunning blue eyes, Olivia was the world’s most famous teenager in the late 60s. Her mother’s decision to leave Buenos Aires for London was perhaps the best one she made for her daughter. As a child, Hussey was always parading around “with a towel on my head pretending to be a nun…one day I just said, ‘I don’t know about being a nun. I like pretending to be a nun. Maybe if I was an actress, I could pretend…and still, be me.”

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It seems that her dream came true! With roles including Juliet, Virgin Mary, and Mother Teresa, she was the depiction of purity. Off-screen, however, Hussey was always a little edgier! Her role as Juliet scored her a Golden Globe and the David di Donatello Award. A little-known fact about Hussey is that she moved into Sharon Tate’s former home, a month after she was murdered by the Manson family. A little creepy, huh? But when you’ve got the power of God on your side, she seemed quite comfortable. Talk about a baptism by fire!

Susan Olsen

Who would’ve thought the youngest Brady from The Brady Bunch, Cindy, would’ve grown into the actress she is today! Next up is Susan Olsen, a woman of many talents; actor, animal welfare advocate, artist, and radio host. Quite the list, don’t you agree? The pigtail-wearing sibling recently caught up with Fox, amazed at the reach of the show and the famous house’s popularity; “there are people from Australia, Cincinnati, Chicago – just everywhere – that come just to see this house!” Undoubtedly one of the most iconic shows of the 70s, anyone who appeared on The Brady Bunch is guaranteed a spot in TV history.


Last appearing in the 2015 film Mama Claus, Deck the Halls with Guts, it was definitely a detour from the family-friendly genre… described by IMDB as a Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Last House on the Left flick!

Eve Plumb

Another leading lady, another Brady, next up is Eve Plumb, famous for portraying the middle daughter, Jan. Actress from the age of six, Eve has discovered another talent, (and success!) in a slightly different creative pursuit: art. Self-taught, Eve has steadily painted for the past 20 years, and establishing a well-grounded career for herself.


. “I sometimes describe my art as ‘spontaneous still life,” with her ability to paint at any time of the day, as well as being inspired by a single moment during her day. Much of her work is shown across galleries in the United States! Regardless of her success, she still appears here and there, most recently on the police-drama Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck!

Julie Benz

Julie Benz; somewhat of an acting chameleon, adapting to a number of varied roles. Over the years she’s consistently starred in some great shows! Best remembered for her role as Darla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the spin-off series Angel, though more recently for her portrayal of Rita Bennett on Dexter.

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The role was so well received that she earned two Saturn Awards for Best Supporting Actress! Benz went on to star in CBS series Hawaii Five-O as Chin Ho’s girlfriend, Abby Dunn. With those acting credits, it seems she has more than enough to own a couple of Benz’s of her own!

Kristin Kreuk

With a debut on Canadian teen drama Edgemont, it was clear there was more destined for Kristin Laura Kreuk. The half Dutch, half Chinese actress is best known for her role as Lana Lang in the TV series Smallville. We wouldn’t mind being saved by Superman either…

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Also known for starring in Beauty and the Beast as Catherine Chandler, Kreuk’s roles were not limited to TV! Appearing in Snow White: The Fairest of Them All, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Eurotrip and Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy, as well as a number of lucrative advertising stints for Neutrogena, Kreuk proved a great success! Most recently, Kreuk was in a little hot water over a scheme with marketing organization NXIVM, however, her name was quickly cleared…and thank goodness! Currently, the actress stars in Burden of Truth, as Joanna Hanley, an attorney from the big smoke. Worth a watch!

Erin Moran

Former US child star Erin Moran had almost a decade’s worth of acting behind her when she was cast in the 70s as Joanie Cunningham. The always smiling, freckle-faced Moran became one of the series’ biggest hits. So much so, in 1982, a spin-off series Joanie Loves Chachi was created!

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More recently, Moran appeared in The Love Boat and Murder, She Wrote, however, the success enjoyed was never to reach the heights of her fame from Happy Days. Sadly, for Moran, she was to have personal and financial struggles… reported to even be homeless at one point in her life. The star appeared in a string of shows and films up until her retirement in 2012. Just five years later, Moran passed away at the relatively early age of 56, after a battle with throat cancer. For all the hardship she endured, we’re sure she’s at peace and still smiling that brilliant smile of hers.

Erica Durance

Well, we only just saw Kristin Kreuk of Smallville fame, so here’s another Smallville alum for you! Canadian actress Erica Durance played the coveted role of Lois Lane in the series. The actress remarked: “Everyone has their specific idea of who Lois Lane is…you have to try to make…it your own…Lois is a beloved character…I…put my heart and soul into her for seven years.” Not exactly a small role to fill! Following her years on Smallville, Durance branched out to film, with appearances in The Butterfly Effect 2, Island Heat: Stranded, I Me Wed, Sophie and Sheba.

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June 2012 saw her take on another leading role, as Dr. Alex Reid in Saving Hope, with her real-life pregnancy written into the story! Now that’s something to show the kids one day! Not one to shy away from her Smallville roots, Durance plays Kara’s Kryptonian mother, Alura Zor-El in the TV series Supergirl!

Roz Kelly

“Sunday, Monday, Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days, Thursday, Friday, Happy Days,” – now that we’ve got you humming along, up next is, of course, another cast member of Happy Days! But before we get to her role on the show, Kelly worked as a photographer initially, known for snapping pictures of celebrities such as Jimi Hendrix, Andy Warhol, Neil Diamond, and Cream! Not everyone can say they got to photograph some of the biggest stars of the era!

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On Happy Days, Kelly was of course, Fonzie’s girlfriend, (and older sister of Leather, played by Suzi Quatro!), Carol “Pinky” Tuscadero. Beyond the fame of Happy Days, Kelly had a number of guest roles on Starsky & Hutch, Kojak, The Dukes of Hazzard, Charlie’s Angels and Fantasy Island. Despite her name so often being in lights, in 1998, it wasn’t for a good reason, after being arrested for firing a shotgun into the window of a neighbor’s house! Kelly’s a bit of a loose cannon it seems…literally. After another incident in 2000, Kelly has stayed out of trouble since. At 75, we hope she will do just that!

Michelle Trachtenberg

Okay, 90s babies, we know this isn’t even a test; you recognized this face as soon as you clicked! Michelle Trachtenberg, babe of the 90s is next up on our list. New-York native Trachtenberg first got behind the camera for over 100 TV commercials, before her first role in The Adventures of Pete & Pete. In 1996, the actress took the lead role in Harriet the Spy, closely followed by Inspector Gadget in 1999.


Another Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumnus, Trachtenberg played Dawn Summers, Buffy’s baby sister, for three years. Even 00s kids will recognize the actress; who can forget her role opposite heartthrob Zac Efron in 17 Again? For those a little older, you’ll remember her as the Upper East Side’s nemesis, Georgina Sparks, on hit series Gossip Girl. Seems that M has had quite the career, and there are no signs of slowing down, with her most recent role in Sister Cities. Stay tuned Upper East Siders. XOXO.

Hayden Panettiere

Before you get your pom-poms out to cheer this leading lady onto the football pitch, can we just take a moment to appreciate all that is Hayden Panettiere? This blonde, blue-eyed, petite, girl-next-door epitomizes the American dream girl. You know how they say that babies just aren’t all cute, well Hayden never knew what that was like, with a commercial role at 11 months! Starring in Remember the Titans, we just wanted to pinch those cheeks of hers. Not bad to be starring alongside Hollywood hard-hitter Denzel Washington at just 11 years of age! Getting back to that cheerleading role, you probably remember her in that adorable cheerleader outfit on the series Heroes, starring as Claire Bennett, gifted with the power of “rapid cellular regeneration.”

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Whilst she appeared in over 72 episodes of the series, it was her role as Juliette Barnes in the series Nashville, which earned her a number of Golden Globe Award nominations! But the obsession we have with Panettiere doesn’t stop there – she is also a passionate activist and a mother! Perhaps one of her most important roles was in speaking out about suffering from post-partum depression, a subject which is often labeled “taboo” and rarely given the awareness it deserves.

Marilyn Chambers

Any kids reading this… the best skip ahead. Things are going to get a little heated. Marilyn Chambers, pornographic film actress, exotic dancer, actress, and model is next up. Oh, and we forgot to mention she was a vice-presidential candidate! Say what?! Known for her 1972 debut Behind the Green Door, and 1980 film Insatiable, AVN ranked her 6th on the list of Top 50 Porn Stars of ALL TIME! Whilst she rose to fame during her adult film phase, she successfully transitioned to mainstream acting work.

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“Porn’s most famous crossover”, Chambers pursued modelling, theatre, singing and writing! Quite a busy girl! Yet most surprisingly was her run for Vice President in the 2004 U.S. presidential election. Receiving 946 votes, she ran once more in 2008! Sadly however, this leading lady was found dead just one year later by her 17-year-old daughter in her home. In true dramatic fashion, Marilyn’s ashes were scattered at sea. RIP Ms. Chambers.

Yvonne De Carlo

With a pair of the most hypnotic blue-grey eyes, Yvonne De Carlo became internationally famous as a Hollywood film star during the 40s and 50s. The Canadian-American actress’ breakthrough role came during the film Salome, Where She Danced. This helped her gain momentum and acclaim as an actress, starring in a number of films, as well as sharing her vocal talent with the world! After her contract with Universal was up, De-Carlo went on to make a Western film Silver City.

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An astonishing fact about De Carlo that is little known, is that she became the first American film star to visit the State of Israel. Her performances were of her singing and dancing routines from her films, receiving an overwhelmingly warm reception! De Carlo went on to appear in The San Francisco Story, Lights Out, Scarlet Angel and Hurricane Smith. Success was backed by success, appearing as Sephora, the wife of Moses in the 1954 The Ten Commandments, with critics noting she played “the wife of Moses with conviction.” With an international career, and international success, De Carlo also appeared in The Munsters, Follies and The Virginian. But this was not all! During the 70s, De Carlo appeared in films, TV and on the theatre stage! Definitely a starred career with many highlights.  She passed away in 2007 after heart failure, but you can hardly say she didn’t live a full and exciting life!

Linda Gray

There aren’t many shows as iconic as Dallas. Known for its glitz, glamour, drama and scandal, the show swept up both national and international audiences into a frenzy. Her portrayal of Sue Ellen Ewing certainly was convincing, starring in the show for the entire run, from 1978 to 1991. But it doesn’t stop there for Linda Gray; in her own right, Linda is a film, stage and television actress.

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Not to mention a producer, director and former model. She certainly landed in the right industry, and certainly had a talent! Most recently, the 78-year-old, (who looks absolutely amazing by the way!) came out publicly, comparing U.S. President Donald Trump to JR Ewing, the oil tycoon and main villain from Dallas. Yikes!

Anjelica Huston

In some families, it seems that they are destined to enjoy fame and success, as is with the Huston family. The daughter of film director John Huston, Angelica literally got involved with the family business, through small parts in the films her father directed. The Postman Always Rings Twice was the film which got her recognition, and Prizzi’s Honor was the film which won her an Academy Award.

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Did you know Angelica Huston is the third generation of her family to have won one of these prestigious awards? Her acting credits include Gardens of Stone, The Dead, Mr. North, Crimes and Misdemeanours, The Witches, The Grifters, Bastard out of Carolina and The Life Aquatic. All up, Huston has appeared in over 75 film and TV roles, winning nearly 40 awards for her marvellous performances, including an Oscar! Not to mention her directing abilities, no doubt inherited from her father! Oh, and she’s also a published author, just to make us all feel talentless. What a woman!

Victoria Principal

“I arrived in California with no job, no car, and no money, but, like millions of other girls, a dream.” Well said Victoria! Born in Japan, Victoria Principal grew up in sunny Florida, and clearly her beauty was evident, winning Miss Miami in 1969. A well-connected boyfriend, Bernard Cornfield enabled Principal to meet the “right people” and to propel her career in acting forward.

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Whilst she appeared in a few roles, and even posed nude in Playboy magazine, it was her role as Pamela Barnes Ewing in Dallas which really gave her the fame and recognition she sought. A born entrepreneur, the star established her own production company, Victoria Principal Productions, as well as her own line of skin care! She is also a best-selling author! We’re adding a few of her books to our reading list!

Betty White

What. A. Legend. Ladies and Gentlemen, the “Grand Dame of Television.” Betty White, born Betty Marion White Ludden in 1922 (Yes, correct, 1922!) is perhaps one of the most iconic American actresses, and comedians, in U.S. history. With the longest TV career of a female entertainer, she even has an honorary title as the 4th Mayor of Hollywood! With a net worth of $45 million, she is considered to be one of the first trailblazers in the entertainment industry, as one of the first women to act, produce and direct in Hollywood. Best remembered as the cheeky Sue Ann Nivens on Mary Tyler Moore, and as the slightly dizzy Rose Nylund on the hilariously funny Golden Girls.

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A lot of people don’t realise that Betty White had already been on television for many years before those two classic shows. One of her first shows was her own, Life with Elizabeth, airing in 1952. Inducted into the Television Hall of Fame, Betty White is still acting to this day, appearing in the comedy The Proposal. At 96, we want to know what’s in her breakfast granola!

Beverley Owen

Iowa-born Beverley Owen, like many young women of the era, had a dream. In pursuit of this dream, Beverley moved to New York to see if acting was for her. The majority of jobs for women during the 50s were as receptionists or typists, with Owen employed as the latter. However, it seems she was better at reading lines than typing them and was fired due to her dismal typing skills whilst working at CBS.


It wasn’t until she secured the role of Marilyn Munster during the first season of The Munsters that she received some recognition. In a shock twist, the blonde-wig wearing Beverley exited the show after just 13 episodes to get married to the writer and producer Jon Stone.

Priscilla Presley

If you’re the wife of “The King”, does that automatically make you “The Queen?” Next up is Priscilla Presley, ex-wife of the legendary Elvis Presley. The former model and actress is known for her roles in The Naked Gun films as well as Jenna Wade on the iconic series Dallas. Over the years, there has been much talk as to why Priscilla did what she did and divorced Elvis, however in recent times Priscilla Presley opened up. Marrying a superstar like Elvis meant not going out and being basically under house arrest.

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For the young and glamorous Priscilla, she felt robbed of her youth in a way, and decided to live her life by her own rules, to “find out what the world was like.” Power to you Priscilla, for living your own life!

Hayley Mills

Discovered by J. Lee Thompson, British actress Hayley Mills’ debut was opposite her own father, revered actor Sir John Mills, in Tiger Bay. Scouted then by one of Walt Disney’s producers, it was suggested she be given the lead in Polyanna, which turned out to be the singular move to catapult her to stardom; she received a special Academy Award! Whilst she was a favourite in Disney films, it wasn’t until she played Susan and Sharon from the O.G. film The Parent Trap.

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Now any 90s kids reading this, we’re not talking about the Lindsay Lohan version; we’re talking about the actress who inspired Lohan! After her success as a child actor, Hayley Mills moved into theatre work, transitioning nicely from being remembered as Polyanna and Susan/Sharon into more mature roles. Now 72, Mills has two children and recently starred in Isobel Mahon’s Party Face theatre production.

Sally Struthers

Best known for her role in All in the Family as Gloria Stivic, Sally Struthers has had a long time in the sun but isn’t ready to give it all up just yet! Her role as Gloria kickstarted her career, earning her two Emmy awards. It was also a role that was rather liberal for the time, crushing stereotypes and inequality. Struthers is famous for her role particularly due to the controversial subject matter which was brought to the attention of millions of Americans.

Getty Images Photo by CBS & Photo by Maury Phillips

She is probably also familiar to you from her role as Babette on Gilmore Girls! Struthers has also made her presence known in theatre, starring in the production of Annie, as well as Hello Dolly! A multi-faceted entertainer, Struthers is also passionate about activism, working with charities such as ChildFund, appearing on many commercials! Fun fact: Struthers’ pre-show ritual is to “carry a striped tea towel…I put it out in front of me so that the stripes are going from east to west…that keeps me calm.” Whatever works, right!?

Joyce DeWitt

With a long list of starring roles in musicals and plays, you probably remember Joyce DeWitt as Janet Wood in the hit ABC series Three’s Company. Her theatrical credits include roles in Oklahoma, The Crucible, The Mikado, Li’l Abner, Peter Pan, Dracula: An Original Rock Music, The Vagina Monologues and Gypsy. An educated woman, DeWitt holds both Arts and Fine Arts degrees, and clearly is more than just a pretty face. One of her most admirable traits however, is her compassion.

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DeWitt is a passionate activist and philanthropist, dedicated to ending hunger and homelessness, as well as supporting a number of environmental issues, recently co-hosting the World Food Day Gala at the Kennedy Center with Jeff Bridges. Adamant on spreading awareness for homelessness in America, DeWitt has just completed narrating a documentary set to be released this year, titled Street Signs: Homeless But Not Hopeless.

Suzanne Somers

At 71, Suzanne Somers is a picture of health; strutting in heels and a low-cut t shirt from a recent interview with ET. Apparently, the actress owes her health to lots of vitamins, no alcohol, getting… “kinky” (well…), practising yoga and being with family. Well…to look that good at 71, she’s clearly doing something right. Right, sorry, we got carried away with how great she looks, but let’s not forget her acting chops.

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Starring as Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company, as well as Carol Foster Lambert on Step by Step, Somers has experienced great success, also dabbling in writing, singing, entrepreneurial pursuits, and being a health spokesperson. We’re exhausted already!

Margot Kidder

Immortalised by her role as Lois Lane in the Superman film series opposite the iconic Christopher Reeve, is Margot Kidder. A Canadian-American actress and activist, Kidder’s career spanned over five decades. Over the course of her long career, Kidder accumulated three Canadian Screen Awards and a Daytime Emmy Award. Despite prolifically acting throughtout the 70s, her career slowed by the time the 90s came around.

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In 1996, Kidder made headlines with a nervous breakdown, which was perhaps the first insight into the star’s mental health issues. Known for her outspoken political tendencies, Kidder was a fierce environmental and anti-war activist and is remembered for her tenacity, inspiring a new generation of political voices. Sadly, however, in 2018, Kidder let her demons win, passing away at the age of 69 by suicide. Rest easy, Margot.

Priscilla Barnes

So remember how we were just looking at mega-babe Suzanne Somers? Well, the two are linked; no no, not because they’re both gorgeous, but because Priscilla joined the cast of Three’s Company to replace Suzanne’s character. Her role on the show created somewhat of a snowball effect, going on to star in A Vacation in Hell, Licence to Kill, Mallrats, Thr3e, The Devil’s Rejects and the TV series Jane the Virgin.

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The now 63-year-old has been married to actor Ted Monte for 15 years and has appeared in the occasional TV film in recent years.

Mary Tyler Moore

Hitting us with another dose of truth is the cultural icon, Mary Tyler Moore. Of her many hard-hitting says, this one is our favorite: “Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fall in order to practice being brave.” Too true! Inspiring the next generation, Mary Tyler Moore, affectionately nicknamed “Queen of Brooklyn”, is remembered for her self-titled sitcom, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, as well as The Dick Van Dyke Show. Aside from her roles as Mary Richards and Laura Petrie, Tyler Moore worked on Thoroughly Modern Millie and Ordinary People, the latter for which she was nominated for an Academy Award.

Getty Images Photo by Bettmann & Andy Kropa

Her energetically funny roles were a great leap forward for women, challenging gender norms and female stereotypes. She became extremely popular not only on-screen but off-screen, taking on board the sentiments of her characters and living them. A published author, Tyler Moore was not without her demons, releasing two memoirs: After All and Growing Up Again: Live, Loves, and Oh Yeah, Diabetes, dealing with her past alcoholism and struggle with diabetes. But it didn’t stop there for Mary Tyler Moore; she was a champion of women, diabetes research and animal rights. Fun fact: did you know Moore honored Ellen DeGeneres for trying to save a 65-year-old lobster from being eaten? Now that’s good TV. After leading a successful, well-lived life, Mary Tyler Moore sadly passed away at age 80 in 2017.

Loretta Swit

Oh hello, “Hot Lips.” Next up is Loretta Swit, the Jersey-born, Polish beauty, best known for her role on M*A*S*H as Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan. In 1972 she put on her uniform and joined the TV series, taking the reins from feature-film star Sally Kellerman. One of the only cast members to remain for all 11 seasons of the show, her portrayal of the head nurse as well… powerful.

Getty Images Photo by CBS Photo Archive & Gary Gershoff

Definitely not a character to mess with! To be part of such a classic series cements her place in TV history; the re-runs are still airing to this day, and the series ended in 1983! Whilst she commanded a strong TV presence, Swit is also known for her singing and theatre work. Clearly well-loved by American audiences, Loretta Swit received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the late 80s!

Melissa Gilbert

Child actress gone director next is Melissa Gilbert. With her start as Laura Ingalls Wilder on Little House on the Prairie, it was somewhat fitting (or is it bizarre? You decide!) that she was to also star later as Caroline “Ma” Ingalls on the Broadway version of the hit series! As she matured, her career went down the path of TV film gigs, as well as voice work for animated shows such as Batman: The Animated Series. Another actress with political aspirations, Gilbert ran for U.S. Congress as a Democrat for Michigan.

Getty Images Photo by NBCU & Roy Rochlin

She was popular enough that she was successful, winning the Democratic primary, however, had to pull out after head and neck injuries in an accident in 2012. The reason for her injuries? Well, Gilbert joined the cast of celebrities on season 14 of Dancing with the Stars, and mid-performance fell and hit her head. She was rushed to the hospital, and, luckily made her recovery. Though it seems that the injuries were more extensive than initially thought, affecting her run for politics.

Karen Grassle

Ah yes, whilst millions of Americans were enamored with Caroline Ingalls of Little House of the Prairie, the blonde, blue-eyed beauty was to have a career that extended well beyond that singular role. Born in California, Grassle moved into acting and was granted a scholarship to study theatre arts at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Soon after her return, she debuted on Broadway. However, it was on the TV screen that she was to really make her mark.

Getty Images Photo by NBCU & Michael Bezjian/WireImage

Starring in over 180 episodes, Caroline was the matriarch, holding the family together (mothers of the world we salute you!). After the show finished, Grassle continued to star in TV shows and movies, including Battered, The Love Boat, Murder, She Wrote and Wyatt Earp. These days, Grassle enjoys her success in San Francisco, with a keen interest in the theatre. The 76-year-old is still going strong, appearing in the 2017 film Where’s Roman?

Marie Osmond

“Paper roses, paper roses, oh how real those roses seem to-”, oh, sorry, we didn’t see you there. We got a little carried away with the famous tune sung by the wonderful Marie Osmond. Whilst she had quite a musical talent, it isn’t surprising, as she is descended from the great show business family, the Osmonds.

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

Born in Utah within a family of 9 children (and the only daughter – the poor thing!), showbiz was in their blood, with all of her siblings pursuing careers in entertainment. Whilst she debuted with her brothers’ act, Marie enjoyed more success flying solo, with a starred country music career. With her brother, Donny, she hosted the TV show Donny & Marie. Active throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s… it seems there was no slowing down for Ms. Osmond! Still performing to this day, Osmond finishes her Las Vegas residency this year, which she has held for 11 years!

Roxie Roker

Remember The Jeffersons? Then you’d most certainly remember Roxie Albertha Roker, who played the part of Helen Willis! The Bahamian actress was part of the first interracial couple to be shown on regular prime time TV in the U.S. History making! Growing up in Brooklyn, Roxie’s credits go beyond her role on the series, including appearing in The River Niger on Broadway, as well as hosting the show Inside Bed-Stuy, a public affair show which covered events in Brooklyn.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Ochs Archives & Time Life Pictures/DMI

It is also worth mentioning that Roxie is none other than the mother of rocker Lenny Kravitz! Aside from her acting, Roxie was also an advocate for children’s rights, acknowledged by the city of Los Angeles for her important work. Sadly, Roxie was taken by breast cancer at a young age, passing away in 1995 at the age of 66.

Barbara Feldon

Tall, beautiful, and intelligent, we can only be describing the incredible Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 from the series Get Smart. With her good looks, it’s not surprising Feldon worked as a model, appearing in commercials for Revlon! Feldon’s character as Agent 99 was trailblazing, as it portrayed a woman who was extremely capable in handling a stressful and dangerous career. These days such a thing is commonplace, however, in the 60s and 70s, these ideas were relatively new, particularly coming out of Hollywood.

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by Bobby Bank

The character showed women that it was okay to be educated, to be clever, and to prove a man wrong, at a time where women were often suppressed and restricted to domestic ‘careers.’ Feldon made a number of TV movies and reprised her role as 99 in the 2008 Get Smart remake, as well as appearing in a number of plays and commercials. Also a writer, Feldon is keeping busy and fighting fit at 85. A living legend!

Phylicia Rashad

Seems we’re on a bit of a roll here with The Cosby Show, and really, who can forget Phylicia Rashad “The Mother” – not only on the show as Clair Huxtable but of the African-American community at the 2010 NAACP Image Awards. Her time on The Cosby Show earned her two Emmy nominations.

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage

Rashad became the first Afro-American actress to win the Tony Award for her role in A Raisin in the Sun. Not only a great actress, but Rashad also had a knack for theatre, with credits including Dreamgirls, Into the Woods, Jelly’s Last Jam, Gem of the Ocean and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Most recently, you would’ve seen Phylicia Rashad in Creed and Creed II, a boxing film that follows the life of Apollo Creed’s son! The 69-year-old clearly has plenty of stamina for a few more rounds, either on camera or on the Broadway stage!

Valerie Harper

Here’s a throwback for you! Valerie Harper, four-time Primetime Emmy Award winner, is next up on our list. Her most notable roles include as Rhoda Morgenstern on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and its resultant spin-off Rhoda.

MovieStillsDB/Getty Images Photo by Noel Vasquez

Not to mention roles in Freebie and the Bean, and Chapter Two, which brought with them Golden Globe nominations! Atop of her film and TV credits is her reputation for stage work, appearing in a number of Broadway productions including Take Me Along and most recently in the play Looped. The performance earned her a Tony Award nomination! These days, she dabbles in acting and the stage, however is still greatly focussed on charitable organisations and movements, stemming from co-founding L.I.F.E. in 1983.

Sandy Duncan

Broadway darling, singer, dancer, comedian and TV actress, Sandra Kay “Sandy” Duncan is our next cab off the rank! Her performance in the Broadway revival of Peter Pan, as well as her role on the sitcom The Hogan Family gained her mass appeal and credit!

Alamy Stock Photo

Starting young, Duncan began her career in the entertainment industry at 12 years of age, working in a local production of The King and I. In 1970, Duncan was named one of the “most promising faces of tomorrow” by Time magazine, going on to star in The Million Dollar Duck, Star Spangled Girl and The Cat from Outer Space. She also voiced Vixey in the 1981 film The Fox and the Hound! Nominated for three Tony Awards, two Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. Her performances on the stage have garnered her huge attention and appreciation. Still performing on Broadway at 72, Duncan was last seen on stage in the production Love Letters in 2018!

Christine Lakin

Pocket Rocket Christine Lakin was born in Dallas, with Belarusian-Jewish and English heritage. With a start acting in commercials, like many other actresses on our list, Lakin’s first major role was in the American Civil War dramatic film Rose and the Jackal. In 1989, she was cast as Al Lambert, the role which she would be remembered for, on Step By Step. Lakin continued to act, appearing in TV movies including Reefer Madness and Who’s Your Daddy? Cementing her as a household name was her appearance in the Bud Light commercial, which aired during Super Bowl XLI, watched by millions of Americans.

Getty Images Photo by Walt Disney Television/Shutterstock

She then went on to appear on talk-show The Kilborn File, as well as the voice of Joyce Kinney in Family Guy! We don’t know about you, but we’re impressed at that list of credits! 2016 saw Lakin cast on the cable TV series Hollywood Darlings.

Staci Keanan

So Staci has brains, beauty and acting chops; a true triple threat! Actress turned attorney, Keanan, born Anastasia Love Sagorsky, is best known for her role as Nicole Bradford on the sitcom My Two Dads, as well as for portraying Dana Foster on Step by Step.

Alamy Stock Photo/Shutterstock

Despite beginning her acting career at five and carrying it through to her mid 30s, Keanan decided on a career change! Admitted to the State Bar of California in 2013, Keanan now goes by the name Anastasia Sagorsky, and practices in Los Angeles. Who says you can’t have it all!?

Shelley Long

Before we go into Shelley Long’s career, can we just quickly acknowledge one of her pearls of wisdom? “Not everyone can be trusted. I think we all have to be very selective about the people we trust.” Damn straight sister, can we get an A-MEN? American actress and comedian, Long is known for her sole as Diane Chambers on the hit sitcom Cheers.

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by David Livingston

Did you know she won an Emmy, AND two Golden Globes for her performance on the show!? We can hardly blame the board, she was definitely a hit on the series! You may also recognise her for her role as DeDe Pritchett on Modern Family – as usual, up to her comedic antics! Most recently, Long appeared on Milo Murphy’s Law as Grandma Murphy.

Terry Farrell

“Staaaaar Trekkin’, across the universe, on the Starship Enterprise, under Captain Kirk!” Now that we have your attention, you can guess our next star is straight off the Enterprise. Known for her role as Jadzia Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, is Terry Farrell. An American actress and fashion model, she later starred in the comedy series Becker as Regina “Reggie” Kostas. Born in Iowa, the beauty modelled for 18 months, studying acting simultaneously.

Alamy Stock Photo

Fast forward, after 94 episodes on Becker, the actress voiced a character in Tipping the Rift, before retiring in 2002, to focus on her family. Recently, it was reported she was in a relationship with Adam Nimoy, son to THE LEONARD NIMOY. We’re speaking our mind, Spock, and we think this babe deserves another shot at happiness! In 2017, Terry made somewhat of a comeback, with a role in the TV series Renegades.

Jane Leeves

Best of Britain up next, with the gorgeous Jane Elizabeth Leeves. Actress, model, comedienne, singer, producer and dancer, the star is best known for her role as Daphne Moon on Frasier. Her performance received both Emmy and Golden Globe nominations! Let’s just take a few steps back and look at her earlier life; did you know she made her screen debut in 1983 on The Benny Hill Show?! Not to mention her appearance in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. Seems the British actress was already popping up here and there before the role which would mark her career trajectory.


Frasier ran between 1993 and 2004, but in between Jane was keeping busy, with roles in Throb, Miracle on 34th Street, James and the Giant Peach, Music of the Heart and The Event. The now 57-year-old is known for speaking her mind, in 2012, posing in an ad for the NOH8 Campaign, supporting the LGBT community. Yaass Jane!

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt starred in “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” but it was her performance on “Party of Five” a few years earlier that really propelled her career. Jennifer Love Hewitt had continued to act and had another huge hit TV show on her hands when she was cast as the lead on “Ghost Whisperer.”

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by Chelsea Guglielmino/WireImage

The actress has also released four albums over the years, the last in 2002, and penned a book of dating advice titled “The Day I Shot Cupid.” She didn’t act for three years after “Criminal Minds” ended in 2015, but she returned to TV in 2018 with a role on “9-1-1.”

Mandy Moore

It’s safe to say that the late 90s belonged to Mandy Moore. Whether it was as a singer or an actress, she trailblazed her way into the 2000s. Her debut album “So Real” went platinum before she was sixteen years old, and by her eighteenth birthday, she had three hit albums under her belt.

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by Frazer Harrison

Somehow, she also found the time to appear in “The Princess Diaries” and propel her acting career while still making music. No star can burn that bright forever, but Mandy is still a huge success and is now only in her mid-30s.

Claire Danes

Since she was a child, Claire has been working in film and television and had several film roles to her name before she landed a lead role in “My So-Called Life,” which made her famous. Claire Danes won a Golden Globe award for her portrayal of Angela Chase, and she has since earned two more for her role on “Homeland,” which she has been on since 2011. Danes successfully transitioned from the small screen to blockbuster films, one of the more impressive performers in either medium.

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/FilmMagic

Nowadays she’s heavily involved in charity work and outspoken politically, Claire Danes is every bit as big a deal as she was twenty years ago.

Julia Stiles

Before even entering high school, Julia kicked off a professional acting career, landing a recurring role on the children’s mystery television program “Ghostwriter.” But it was “10 Things I Hate About You” that really launched her into the stratosphere.

Alamy Stock Photo

Julia has been working non-stop ever since, whether it’s her recurring role in the “Bourne” series, her stellar guest appearances in “Dexter” or her most recent leading part in “Riviera.” Now she’s married with a child, Julia describes herself as a ‘former vegan,’ having given the diet a go before finding that it gave her anemia, and she missed red meat too much.

Kirsten Dunst

Few actresses have garnered as much attention at an early age or even maintained a robust career like Kirsten Dunst. It can be easy to forget that she was once a 1990s starlet, thrust into the spotlight at 12 years old for her lauded performance as a ghoul in “Interview with the Vampire.” Still, many will point out that she’d already appeared in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and was well on her way to stardom.

MovieStillsDB/Getty Images Photo by Stuart C. Wilson

Whether it’s “Get Over It,” “Wimbledon,” the Spiderman series, “Mona Lisa Smile,” or “Melancholia,” we’ve all seen Kirsten in major roles, performed with a real girl-next-door charm that makes her easy to love. She’s engaged to Jesse Plemons, and their son was born in 2018. No longer a child star, she’s proved herself as more than a mere flash in the pan; Dunst was well on her way to establishing herself as one of the most talented actresses.

Liv Tyler

Who thought of “Armageddon” as soon as they read Liv’s name? Probably all of us. Liv is strikingly beautiful, and she’s worked as a model and effortlessly transitioned into acting in the mid-90s. She has remained a household name ever since.

Getty Images Photo by Eric Robert/Sygma & Amy Sussman

Her life was almost quite different. Liv is the daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, but she didn’t always know that. By chance, she met Steven Tyler, and, recognizing their resemblance, she had a difficult conversation with her mother. It turned out that he was her father! She soon struck up a great relationship with her dad; he cast her in the music video for the hit single ‘Crazy,’ and as they say, the rest is history.

Rachel Leigh Cook

Perhaps the quintessential 90s film star, Rachel attained peak popularity with “She’s All That” in the late 90s and translated that success into a starring role in the sensational “Josie and the Pussycats” two years later, which went on to become a cult classic.

Alamy Stock Photo/Shutterstock

Rachel still looks fantastic and still works in the world of acting, but mostly in smaller films and straight to DVD movies nowadays. Her career took a back seat after she got married and started a family in 2004.

Alicia Silverstone

Silverstone shot to superstardom after starring in Aerosmith’s “Cryin'” and “Amazing” music videos in the early ’90s. She cemented herself as a Hollywood staple with the 1995 role of Cher in ” Clueless ,” followed by Batgirl in ” Batman & Robin .”

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo

The actress has continued to stay relevant with roles on ” Braceface ,” ” Miss Match ,” ” American Woman ,” and ” The Baby-Sitters Club .” Off-screen, Silverstone has been vocal about parenting and a vegan lifestyle, writing ” The Kind Diet” and ” The Kind Mama”  and talking about her son Bear Blu.

Selma Blair

Perpetual villainess Blair starred opposite some of Hollywood’s hottest stars in the ’90s and early 2000s, including Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Julia Stiles. In 2016, she appeared on “Anger Management” and portrayed Kris Jenner on “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.”

Alamy Stock Photo

Selma revealed her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in October 2018 and continues to publicly battle the disease. She shares her son Arthur with ex Jason Bleick.

Christina Ricci

America’s favorite wide-eyed goth girl rose to prominence as Wednesday Addams in 1991’s ” The Addams Family .” But, since then, she’s diversified her resume with such films as ” Now and Then,” ” The Ice Storm,” ” Sleepy Hollow,” ” Prozac Nation”  and the short-lived TV series ” Pan Am .”

Alamy Stock Photo/Shutterstock

She also starred in ” The Lizzie Borden Chronicles”  and ” Z: The Beginning of Everything .” In June 2020, the  Casper actress filed for divorce from her husband, James Heerdegen, they have a son together named Freddie.