Breakups, Friendships, and True Love: The Adorable Story of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

In recent years, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have managed to steal the hearts of both country and punk fans, becoming everyone’s favorite Hollywood power couple. From co-workers as coaches on the voice to the loving couple we see today, we can’t seem to get enough of the pair.
So, how did they end up in each other’s arms? We’re glad you asked; read on to wrap their beautiful love story and see where it all began.

A Sign in the Song

Fans of “The Voice” may have had their ears on the contestants but they most certainly had their eyes on judges, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Viewers may have been baffled as to how the two went head-first into a committed relationship, but let’s first look back at Shelton and Lambert.


The two had met at an event briefly, years ago, and they were paired up to share the stage and sing the country hit “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” together at the 2005 CMT 100 Greatest Duets. This is where it first began.

Lambert’s Love

Shelton and Lambert were both stepping into the fullness of their career as they joined together on stage in 2005. The two country stars met for the first time backstage, and apparently, there was a connection between them right away.


Their romance was just taking off and nearly all of it had happened in the public eye. But Blake Shelton had a lot going on in his personal life already when he first met Miranda.

The Ending and the Beginning

As two hot, young country music stars, Shelton and Lambert were already in the tabloids frequently. However, now the tabloids were wondering if their relationship began before Shelton’s separation from Kaynette Williams.


Though there was chemistry between the two when they first met, they denied that anything romantic started before Shelton and Williams separated in 2006. When Shelton’s divorce was finalized, then their relationship really picked up speed! Now, while Shelton was hitting it off with Lambert, what was Gwen Stefani doing?

First Impressions

While there may have been chemistry when they met, Shelton was already married to Kaynette Williams at the time. So, what was the married man thinking when he was Miranda’s partner back in 2005?

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Shelton talked all about it on a special episode of “Behind the Music: Miranda Lambert”. He confessed that he has never experienced anything like it. He was very much aware of both the fact he was married and the fact that he shouldn’t be having such strong feelings for someone other than his wife.

No Doubt She Was Going Places

The early 2000s were incredible for Stefani. She was the stunning lead singer for the band No Doubt, with a handful of hits that everyone was listening to. But as No Doubt released a greatest-hits album in 2003, Stefani also started working on some personal projects too.

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Her personal projects then morphed into a several-year hiatus from the band. But it was a good break for Stefani, as her own songs quickly turned into a multi-platinum album.

A Duet and a Solo

Stefani was reveling in her solo career as her debut solo album “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.” (L.A.M.B.) was released in 2004. Fans went wild over the album; the lyrics, the beats, and the tracklist were a major hit.


Interestingly enough, while Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were singing their duet on stage in 2005, Stefani simultaneously set out on her first solo tour (called the Harajuku Lovers Tour).

Her Latest Release

Yet, there was another exciting, new project Stefani was working on. Things were going great with her solo career and with her husband Gavin Rossdale (also a musician) and now she had a baby on the way.

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In 2006, Stefani and Rossdale welcomed their first child together, a son, Kingston Rossdale. While Stefani was riding high on life’s joys, Shelton’s life was also taking off in new ways.

Different Loves, Similar Music

In 2006, Shelton was in the midst of a separation with his first wife, while Stefani was expanding her family. One thing they had in common at this time was that their music careers were both flourishing.

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Ironically, during 2005 and 2006, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, and Gwen Stefani were all reaching the top charts for their albums and being awarded platinum certifications.

Support Systems

Life happened fast for Gwen Stefani. She released her first solo album, finished a tour, and had given birth to her first child all within 2-3 years. Stefani had a great support system made up of her family and her husband as she was flying as a solo artist.


Simultaneously, Lambert and Shelton’s relationship was kept as platonic as possible because of his marriage. Lambert had kept up the friendship with Shelton as she was becoming country music’s brightest young star.

Blake the Bestie

Miranda Lambert was in her early 20s when her career began to flourish. She was busy with concerts, recordings, and photoshoots. She enjoyed having someone like Shelton who could understand it all.


In an interview with “Behind the Music” Miranda spoke of how important Shelton was to her in that season of her life. “It just felt so great to have somebody that had been through it. Who knew exactly what I was going through.” Shelton also admitted that their connection was tight, “I talked to her 3-4 times a week, probably.” But then things began to change.

People Will Talk

Tabloids began to suggest that Shelton’s separation was because of Lambert, but apparently, Shelton had said he and his wife were not on good terms before he and Lambert met.


When Shelton and his then-wife did go their separate ways, he looked to friends and family for comfort and support, Lambert being one of them. So, was Miranda really behind the ending of Shelton’s first marriage?

Tough Times

Blake Shelton is well-liked not only for his music, but also for his genuine, nice, and respectful personality. Lambert was also known to share very similar values to Shelton when it came to morality and ethics. So it would be assumed that she would not let her feelings for Shelton hinder her moral compass.


Lambert confessed on “Behind the Music” that she supported him through the breakup as his friend even though she had romantic feelings for him. Facing the rumors about her being the reason for Shelton’s split was understandably hard for her.

Guilty Feelings

Miranda’s friend, Laci Chaney, came to her defense on “Behind the Music: Miranda Lambert”. She said that lambert was dealing with a lot of guilt.

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However, her spending time with him as a friend made her realize that Shelton’s marriage didn’ work out for other reasons. Lambert took comfort in this realization as the two slowly unpacked their feelings for one another.

Love at First Performance

Shelton did make a bold confession in an interview with “Behind the Music: Miranda Lambert” in 2011. Speaking of their first time on stage together he shared that, looking back, he was falling in love with her right there.


Shelton and Lambert’s relationship took off at full-speed after the separation, as they stepped into the spotlight as country music’s new power couple. They collaborated and sang together on stage or enjoyed living their everyday lives together, the two seemed completely meant to be. But relationships in the public eye come with a few more challenges.

Mutual Inspiration

In 2008, the country music power couple did their first joint tour. In an interview with “Redbook,” Shelton confessed to watching Lambert on stage every night and learning from her. Lambert, on her part, said they pushed and inspired each other to be better.

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It seemed to be a perfect relationship as the two were inspired and encouraged by each other. Their relationship also inspired their large fanbase, but as both country singers were on cloud nine, they again had more obstacles to overcome.

Staying on Schedule

As the inseparable couple’s careers were becoming more demanding, it soon became harder to even spend time together as their schedules were so full.


Tours, interviews, recording sessions all began to take their toll on the couple’s alone time. It was even rumored that Lambert would sometimes have to check to see where he was just to keep up with his schedule!

Heading Down the Aisle

Shelton and Lambert managed to hold on through the difficulties of their extremely busy, long-distance relationship. However, they were facing much more than just distance. The ever-present demands and pressures of their individual careers were also affecting their relationship.


Before they headed down the aisle, they struggled with finding time for each other and they even considered ending their relationship at different times. But they pressed on and put in the work to make it work. They really loved each other and prioritized perseverance over giving up. Finally, in 2011, they married at a ceremony in Texas.

The End of a Duo

Unfortunately, the struggle to maintain their relationship amidst the intense pressures of being professionals in the music industry followed them into their marriage. In a 2011 interview with “Behind the Music”, Lambert spoke about their trials of being apart and that as wonderful as their love story was, it was far from being a fairy tale.


Lambert and Shelton spent time together on their ranch in Oklahoma but still did not get the quality time that they wanted to have. Practically living separate lives, the two could no longer keep up their relationship. Sadly, the couple finally decided to split.

Never Saw It Coming

After ten years of being in each other’s lives and four years of marriage, Lambert and Shelton said goodbye. “Entertainment Tonight” disclosed that the couple stated that “This is not the future we envisioned and it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately.”


This also came as a blow to fans who looked at the couple as an idealistic match in the country music world. Lambert and Shelton requested that fans be respectful of their privacy as they navigated their now separate lives. Since then, the two have shared more about the ending of their relationship.

Lambert’s Side

According to Lambert, their schedules were not the only contributor to their split. She shared with “E! Online” that it’s not simply about overcoming obstacles during your marriage, but also about who each person is becoming and that people naturally change as they grow older.


Lambert recognized the importance of staying close to your spouse as the two of you grow together and how things can unravel when you don’t stay close.

Lambert’s Advice

Fame and love in the spotlight happened fast for Miranda Lambert. She was very young when she met Shelton and was able to experience many highs both with music and with love.


Her views about marriage changed rapidly as she walked through the experience and left her 20s for her 30s. She now feels that marriage is less about the wedding and a ring and more about your commitment to another person.

10 Years in 10 Days

In 2015, CNN reported on the couple’s seamless divorce. Reportedly Shelton said that their divorce didn’t take long to be finalized.


Since the couple had no children together and signed a prenuptial agreement before they got married, they only had to wait about 9-10 days for things to be officially over. Sadly, their long-standing relationship was over in just a few days.

And the Fans Wept

Fans were devastated. The two musicians assured their fanbase publicly that they ended on amicable terms and that there was no bitterness between them.


With their successful careers, it meant they would have to get used to seeing each other relatively often. However, as Shelton and Lambert picked up the pieces of their story, another love story was about to begin.

Stefani in the Mid 2000s

As Lambert and Shelton lived out the beginning and end of their love story, Gwen Stefani also had a personal saga of her own. Stefani and her musician husband, Gavin Rossdale, (whom she married in 2002) had three sons together. Her solo career had been very successful and she also managed to reunite and perform with her band No Doubt.

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But rumors of an alleged affair by Stefani were circling her marriage, though the couple tried their best to keep their private lives private. But it wouldn’t matter as, in 2015, her personal life would take a huge hit.

Light From the Darkness

Stefani’s relationship with Rossdale had crumbled and though her persona was consistently energized and whimsical, she had definitely hit rock bottom. She talked to “Harper’s Bazaar” about her heartbreak and remained positive saying she believes there’s a purpose behind everything.


“All I wanted my whole life was to have babies, be married, like what my parents have… Of course, you go through the ‘Why me?’ and feel sorry for yourself. But then I was like, ‘No, this happened to me already and I made something good out of it.”

A Foot in the Door

Stefani took one of her hardest seasons of life and did what many musicians do; she made beautiful music from it. She began writing her album “This Is What the Truth Feels Like”.


Shelton’s career also took a big turn in 2011 (the same year he married Lambert) as he joined the cast of the singing competition show, “The Voice”, as a judge. And here was where two new paths would later intersect.

Two Paths Finally Connect

Interestingly enough, Stefani and Shelton were enduring some deeply painful struggles in 2014.

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Stefani then began the work on her new solo album, and also came onto production of “The Voice”, as a co-judge with Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, and of course, Blake Shelton. And so here is where the two finally came face-to-face. They seemed to hit it off on “The Voice” as both fellow judges and friends.

City Girl Meets Country Boy

Gwen being a rocker girl and Blake being a country boy, seemed like they wouldn’t be a match. But apparently, it was a classic case of opposites attract!


Stefani actually hadn’t known much (at all) about Shelton before they met on “The Voice”. People Magazine claimed that Stefani had shared that she “didn’t even know that he was a human being on this planet” before the show. So how did the co-judges become more than just friends?

The Same Pain

Shelton and Stefani first met on season seven of “The Voice”, but did not become deeply acquainted at that time. Stefani (still married at the time) had taken time off to have her third son.


When she was back on the show in 2014, they were both going through very difficult times in their relationships and bonded over their mutual heartache. In a 2016 interview with Billboard, Shelton dished that it all began from a deep conversation they had about their respective breakups.

Saving His Life

Sharing each other’s pain became the root of a very meaningful relationship between the two. Shelton had also shared with Billboard that after that conversation, the two made sure to check up on each other as they walked through the ending of their relationships.

“Gwen saved my life. Who else on earth could understand going through a high-profile [break-up] from another musician? You can’t even imagine the similarities in our [break-ups].” He further confessed, “Next thing I know, I wake up and she’s all I care about, and I’m ¬wondering if she feels the same about me.” And what did Gwen think?

Healing Broken Hearts

Stefani shared with E-News! about what had been happening in her personal life since her split from Rossdale. She revealed that she had felt like she had spent four years healing and trying to rebuild her life. She was just grateful to have a best friend like Shelton to help her through it.

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This best friend eventually became a new song. In 2016, Shelton and Stefani co-wrote “Go Ahead and Break My Heart”. The lyrics show just how much their hearts had been through “You know I’m broken, I don’t trust anyone…You’ve got me thinking, I’ve got some hope.” Adorable.

A Twist of Fate?

Just like Stefani believed that her separation from Rossdale happened for a reason, Shelton also believed that they were paired together for a reason.

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In recounting the bond that occurred between them as they walked through their breakups together Shelton said that it’s clear to him that God had put them in each other’s lives.

Take Me to Church

Apparently, Shelton’s previous heartbreaks have somewhat distanced him from his faith. However, according to him, his relationship with Stefani helped him reconnect with God.


Stefani is a Roman Catholic and Shelton has claimed to be a Christian but also said that it was Stefani who convinced him to start going to church again.

A New Kind of Couple

After they individually dealt with their pain as friends, Shelton and Stefani eventually decided to explore their relationship. In a 2019 interview with “The Today Show”, Stefani finally confessed that she was “obsessed with Blake” and was so glad she had met him on “The Voice”.


When the two aren’t having a blast on the show, they revel in their private lives at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch. But what did Stefani’s three boys think of the new man in her life?

A New Chapter

As a mom, Stefani’s children are a major part of her life. Thankfully for her, Shelton has embraced the three sons and they have accepted him as well.


When interviewed on “The Today Show” Stefani was asked about Shelton’s fatherhood skills, Stefani gladly said he is a good dad and has been helping her out a lot. Given that information, fans wonder if Stefani and Shelton would want to have a child of their own. Time will tell what they decide but for now, the two seem to be enjoying this chapter!

His and Hers Horses

You’ve probably heard of his and hers bathrobes, bathroom sinks, and other couple gifts but what about horses? Apparently, for Stefani’s birthday, Shelton wanted to give her a gift that the city girl wouldn’t forget.


Shelton bought Stefani a horse for her special day and also got one for himself so they could ride together. Talk about partners!

Taking Him Everywhere She Goes

Gwen Stefani shared a very special pair of footwear with her fans. Apparently, the singer has a pair of slip-on shoes with Shelton’s face on each one!

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Maybe it helps with the times they’re apart due to their hectic schedules? So no matter where she goes, he goes too, and hey, this way he’ll always look up to her.

She Has His Back

It’s inspiring and heartwarming to see a couple who builds each other up. Shelton was awarded People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2017 but was evidently wary of doing the photo shoot.


Stefani however, encouraged her man to go for it. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the songstress said that she spurred him on to do it and that the title fits him perfectly.

A Supportive Partner

Shelton also seems to be a super supportive partner. He went off about Stefani’s success and talent on Twitter. He watched her rehearse, felt astounded by her talent and numerous hits, and immediately tweeted about it like a true sweetheart.


Shelton even went on to plug her upcoming show and recommended that people should get tickets while they still can.

PDA All Day

Stefani isn’t shy to share her affection for Shelton on social media. Throughout their relationship, she has posted handfuls of photos with touching tributes to her man.


Even after having been together for four years at the time, she gushed over Shelton on his birthday, calling him her  “favorite human” and gushing over how lucky she is to be with him. It’s great to see the affectionate feelings are still alive.

Everyday Life

So how do a country boy and a city girl spend their everyday lives away from the spotlight? Well, the two travel back and forth between Oklahoma and Los Angeles.


They really seem to enjoy time on the ranch, complete with their two horses and apparently, at least twenty chickens! The couple also purchased a new home in Los Angeles.

Wedding Bells?

Fans anticipated an engagement announcement since the couple got together. And in 2020, fans’ wish became a reality when Shelton popped the question.

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Considering the past heartaches of the two, they are taking their time building and maintaining their relationship. But they have been together for a few years now, and we’re waiting in anticipation for them to walk down the aisle.

The Rumor Mill

Though they are not married yet, at one time there were such rumors about the duo, and Shelton didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he gushed in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” that he loves those rumors.

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Apparently, he was thrilled about the idea of being married to Gwen and thought anyone in their right mind would want to be married to her as well. Maybe they will be walking down the aisle sooner than expected, in fact, the country singer proposed in late 2020.

Too Cute

What did Stefani think of the marriage rumors? Apparently, she got used to people referring to Shelton as her husband, as she told “People Magazine”.

Getty Images Photo by Jason Merritt

She shared that the public just really seems enthusiastic about their relationship though Stefani isn’t bothered at all. In fact, she finds it cute.

Different Worlds Collide

Their musical backgrounds are very different (Punk Rock/Ska and Country) so Shelton and Stefani definitely took their respective turns learning from the other about their musical styles.

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Despite the initial unfamiliarity, the two really seem to appreciate each other not only as people but as fellow musicians. In fact, they got very creative with their differences…

A Great Team

Though they are in two different music genres, Shelton and Stefani have won fans’ hearts with their duets. Their first one was “Go Ahead and Break My Heart”, but the duo has done a couple of other songs together.

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Proving they’re a great team, the two went on to create “Nobody But You”, “Happy Anywhere” and “You Make It Feel Like Christmas”.

Branching Out

Though she had exclusively been a Punk Rock/Ska singer, since getting together with Shelton, Stefani has been experimenting with other genres…well, sort of.

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As a joke on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”, Stefani appeared as a country singer and performed some of her punk hits like “Don’t Speak” and “Hollaback Girl” as country songs.

Can It Get Better Than This?

Could the couple’s bliss get any better? Apparently, yes it can! Shelton and Stefani recently shared that they won the first-ever award for CMT’s Collaborative Video of the Year.

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They knew they were great together as a couple but the two winning a collaborative video award really shows that they are a great match!

Still Going Strong

After the win for CMT’s Collaborative Video of the Year Award, Shelton opened up about what it was like to work on the song with Stefani. He told “People Magazine” that working together only created a closer bond between them because they have so many new things to learn from each other.

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Stefani and Shelton are truly partners, staying ambitious and affectionate through the years of working and being together. Congrats!

Wedding Bells

Shelton and Stefani finally decided to make things official and tied the knot on July 3rd, 2021. The happy couple chose to have the event at Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma.

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Carson Daly (yes, the same Carson Daly who hosts “The Voice”) officiated the ceremony, which was kept small and intimate with no more than 40 guests. Gwen wore a beautiful Vera Wang dress while Blake opted for the country version of groom attire — a tuxedo jacket with blue jeans.