The Full Story Behind the Bride Who Discovered Her Groom Was Being Unfaithful the Day Before Their Wedding

After six years of dating, Jane and Aaron seemed to have the perfect relationship (names have been changed). But as we all know, relationships aren’t always easy. The connection one has with their spouse is unlike any other relationship, and although there are supposed to be no secrets, this isn’t always the case. Poor Jane was sure that she had found one of the good ones and saw no reason to suspect Aaron until the truth slapped her in the face the night before their wedding. Jane’s world was brought to shambles when, in the midst of her bachelorette party, she received an anonymous text claiming that her soon to be husband had been unfaithful on her consistently right up to their wedding. Devastated but not broken, Jane took an interesting path to get revenge on her fiancé.

Working towards the big day

After dating for six years and solidifying their love for each other, Jane and Aaron’s big day was quickly arriving. They had invested months of preparation for the wedding of their dreams, sparing no expense and inviting all their friends and family. Both sides seemed eager for their life-changing day to arrive already.

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, and so you want it to be perfect. Although the excitement was palpable on both sides, nothing could have prepared neither Aaron nor Jane for the drama that was about to come.

Deep in denial

After spending a long six years dating, the love between Jane and Aaron seemed to only grow as time went on. Like any couple deeply in love, they shared their deepest secrets and feelings with each other.

They both believed that their love was as real as it gets, with even their parents becoming good friends. Everyone who knew Jane and Aaron thought that they were perfect for each other, and there was no question in anyone’s mind that they would be together forever.

Young anticipation

After discussing marriage for quite some time, Jane and Aaron decided that after six years it was finally time to seal the deal. Although they had already spent so much time together, the thought of being one day away from the wedding was surreal to both of them. The next day, they would officially begin spending the rest of their lives together.

Although their love seemed very real, unfortunately not everything always goes according to plan. In this story, everything came crashing down the night before the wedding.

The bachelor party

As any soon-to-wed couple would, Jane and Aaron celebrated the night before their wedding with separate bachelor/bachelorette parties, like the tradition dictates. They agreed that spending the night before the wedding apart was the best way for them to have a little freedom before committing to spending the rest of their lives together.

Jane’s bachelorette party was at a hotel, and she was excited to finally let go after months of preparation. She wanted nothing more than to just have fun with her best friends before the big day.

The last night

At the hotel, Jane and her friends were celebrating her next step in life, living it up on her last night as a free, unmarried woman. As most brides are, Jane was extremely excited, but also very anxious about the big day.

Although she was extremely nervous, Jane was certain that these were just pre-wedding jitters. She knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Aaron and that he was the perfect choice for her.

The countdown

Time flew for Jane that night, and after hours upon hours of drinking, dancing, and laughing Jane and her friends made their way back to their hotel room. As everyone groggily began getting ready for bed, they all agreed that the bachelorette party had been a great success.

Jane was on cloud nine; she was getting more and more excited, thinking that her incredible bachelorette party was a sure sign that her wedding and future with Aaron would be incredible as well.

The message

As she was about to go to sleep, Jane suddenly got a notification on her phone, which was a bit unexpected due to the late hour. Her first thought was that it might be Aaron, but the notification was a text message from a private number, which made Jane a little uneasy. As she scrolled through the contents of the message, it became clear to Jane that her fiancé, Aaron, was cheating on her.

The message included pictures of Aaron with another woman, as well of screenshots of text messages between the woman and Aaron. Needless to say, Jane was shocked, not having any idea how to handle the situation, or herself.

Brutal realization

When she first saw the message, Jane was in appalled. How could she have been only a few hours away from agreeing to spend the rest of her life with someone who was cheating on her? She initially tried to deny that the allegations were true, but quickly realized that there was no denying the content of the message.

While looking through the pictures of Aaron and the other woman, Jane noticed a final text message from the anonymous sender: “I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?” Jane realized that there was no way she could marry this liar, and the weight of this realization crushed her.

Emotions running wild

Jane’s emotions were obviously running wild after finally admitting to herself that Aaron was cheating on her. Jane’s friends came over to comfort her, but what can you say to someone whose life completely changed in the blink of an eye?

In an attempt to lift Jane’s spirits, her friends began telling her that Aaron made a serious mistake and would pay for the damage he created. Although they were trying to help, nothing they said made Jane feel any better.


While her friends continued trying to lift Jane’s spirits by offering up creative ways to hurt Aaron, Jane barely heard them. She simply couldn’t focus on anything other than a numbing sense of sadness.

Jane had no interest whatsoever in seeing Aaron or seeking revenge. She just wanted to be alone in her shaken-up world and mourn losing something she only thought she had.

The next step

After coming to terms with everything, Jane realized that she couldn’t just mope around. There had to be a next step, especially since the wedding was already paid in full. Jane’s friends obviously encouraged her to not go through with the wedding and to cancel it, but in her state of shock, Jane was having a difficult time gathering her thoughts to make a solid decision.

Even with all of her friends by her for emotional support, Jane didn’t move or speak. She sat quietly, tried to make some sense of the situation and had no idea what to do next.


There is always a reason that people cheat. It could be a faulty relationship, lack of self-control, or one of another million excuses. But no matter the reason, there is no valid excuse to lie and cheat.

As the victim in this situation, Jane didn’t want to hear any of Aaron’s excuses. All she wanted was to find a way to rid herself of this situation in the best way possible. There’s no way to avoid it – adultery eventually comes out, and like anything else in life, it has consequences.

The long night

Still in shock from the message she received, Jane finally realized she needed to come up with a concrete game plan. The news of Aaron’s infidelity still wore heavy on Jane, but she knew it was time to pick herself back up and figure out what her next step should be.

She wished she could have had more time to process the situation, but with her wedding quickly approaching, she needed to think fast. She wanted to keep some dignity, and not have all her guests know of her humiliating situation.


Understandably, in all the commotion none of the bachelorette party participants were getting much sleep. They continued discussing the drama, leaving Jane with her thoughts. Without speaking to her friends, Jane lay out her dress and jewelry in preparation for the wedding. As the sun began to rise and shine into her room, Jane had a sudden realization how she should go about her situation.

After the longest night of her life, Jane finally knew exactly what she was going to do. She had come up with the perfect way to exact her revenge and still maintain some of her dignity.

The plot

Jane began getting ready for the wedding, asking her friends to help her prepare for the big day. She refused to tell them anything, so all of her friends believed she had decided to forgive Aaron and was going through with the wedding.

Although the bride-to-be was still very hurt, she knew her plan was perfect. The most important part of her plan, and the hardest part, was that she had to go through with the wedding as though nothing had happened in order to get her revenge.

The wedding day

As Jane continued preparing for the wedding, she realized that this was the perfect day for a wedding. She observed the beautiful sunrise, and couldn’t help but think that Aaron had ruined everything.

Jane asked her friends to not say anything or act weird at the wedding, begging them to just play it cool and let her deal with the situation. It was vital that everything seem normal. Only then Jane would be able to successfully get revenge on Aaron.

The wedding

As the guests began arriving, it took everything Jane had to keep herself together and maintain the illusion that everything was okay. Fortunately, Aaron wasn’t supposed to arrive until the reception, so at least she didn’t have to see his miserable face.

Despite the situation she was in, she enjoyed talking to her friends and family, but Jane didn’t lose sight of what was to come. She knew this was the best and only way to deal with her situation.

The long walk

As her father walked her down the aisle, Jane’s emotions got the best of her, and she was unable to hold her poker face. Luckily, most of the guests just assumed her emotional response reflected her excitement towards the ceremony.

Mere moments later, Jane arrived face-to-face with Aaron. The big moment she was waiting for her entire life looked nothing like what she’d expected, but standing there, at the altar, Jane was finally ready to enact her plan for revenge.

You can’t handle the truth

Jane stood across from Aaron, and she gave him an insincere smile as he began to read his vows. She couldn’t believe he could lie in full confidence, in front of all their family and friends, as he continued to cheat on her! After he concluded, everyone turned expectantly to Jane to hear her vows to Aaron.

Now that it was finally Jane’s turn, she began to get stage fright. She took a deep breath, and reminded herself that her plan was the best way to move forward. Gathering her emotions, she began to address her friends and family.

Time for revenge

Standing in front of the crowd, Jane declared that “there will be no wedding today”. Now it was Aaron’s turn to be shocked, along with the rest of the guests. Jane held her phone and began to read everything she had learned about Aaron the night before.

The crowd grew silent hearing of Aaron’s infidelity, and realized that the wedding they all made time for wouldn’t be happening. Apprehensively, they looked toward the couple to see what would happen next.

Honesty is everything

As Jane continued to read the messages she received, Aaron cowardly ran out of the reception, not even trying to fight for his own integrity. In that moment, Jane finally felt a little bit better, wiping away her tears as many came over to comfort her.

She announced that although there would be no wedding, there would be a celebration of honesty and finding the correct partner (which Aaron clearly wasn’t). This story of betrayal and revenge has since broken the internet, reminding everyone that they should be wary of even the people closest to them.