Brilliant Home Improvements That Any Houseguest Would Be Jealous Of

We all know it’s easy to bite off way more than we can chew whenever we’re revamping our home and it’s even easier to spend way more than we intended. While attempting an ambitious home improvement project can be daunting, there’s no need to feel intimidated by these brilliant DIY ideas.
Let’s be honest, though, you don’t have to splurge when it comes to making improvements, and these are a surefire way to make the most of your home, without breaking the bank. These clever upgrades prove your dream home is just a few DIY projects away.

Out-of-Sight Paper Towel Holder

Many people have their toilet paper or paper towels on top of their counters sitting in an upright holder, or hanging from a wall-mounted bar underneath their cabinets.

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No one would accuse these paper towels of being decorative, but anyone who has messy hands will attest to the fact that easy-to-access cabinets are a must.

Sun Tunnel

Believe it or not, but these skylights draw sunlight without trapping too much heat that is all too often emitted by electrical light sources.

Not only do they help you save on your energy bill, but they also brighten up any room without the unwanted heat.

Thermochromic Tiles

Watch and be amazed as your shower shifts with a rainbow of color! Just install these tiles. They are attuned to changes in temperature and will even react by changing color once exposed to heat! & izza0288

These color-shifting tiles are sold in varying colors and sizes. These clever color-changing tiles are perfect for your shower walls, a walking path, or basically wherever you expect temperatures to fluctuate.

Add a New Splash

Are you sick of a dull kitchen? Why not shift the mood with a bold new backsplash in glass or ceramic tiles? This is another piece-of-cake project idea that you can make without spending loads of cash.


This faux backsplash uses adhesive flooring to create an easy backsplash. No serious woodworking or carpentry skills are required and of course, no tile cutter is needed.

Smart Vertical Garden Herbs

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had fresh basil at hand whenever you made a pasta dish, or how about some rosemary for your weekend barbecue? Well, here’s an idea, why not keep your kitchen stocked with herbs grown in your own independent indoor garden?


You could build your own or buy a smart grower online that provides your plants with the lighting, nutrients, and irrigation necessary for them to flourish.

DIY Industrial Mirror

If you like the industrial look, stop whatever you are doing and check out these oversized mirrors that will give your space that an eclectic vibe with a sleek and striking touch.


They can be great for those who want both a retro feel and a modern design.

Removable Wallpaper

Feeling like your walls are looking a little dull and need a refresh? Give them some character and add texture to your walls with peel-and-stick wallpaper.


As soon as you feel like you want something different, you can always use removable wallpaper to freshen up your walls, whether it’s one accent wall or the entire room. How can you not feel happy surrounded by a fun print?

Install Crown Molding

Crown molding can be a surefire way to garner a touch of elegance to your home without breaking your bank account.


It’s a subtle way of glamming up a room while looking like you weren’t even trying! With just the right amount of trimmings, you can take your room to the next level. You can even do your own installation.

Paint on Stainless Steel

Get that steel aesthetic you’ve always wanted, without even having to buy new appliances! Simply slap on some stainless steel paint at a fraction of the price.

No need to replace well-working appliances — liquid Stainless Steel paint kits are great for kitchen makeovers on a budget.

Add Some Green

Psst! Here’s a little secret, these ivy leaves aren’t real but that doesn’t really matter. If you’re not great with plants but desperately want to bring in some greenery into your home, embrace fake plants!


Bringing in some green will give any room something more. Also, real ivy looks great, but the real stuff can ruin your walls by clinging to the paint and even damaging the infrastructure so you’re better off with the fake anyway.

Interior Sliding Door

If you don’t have a dedicated area for your office at home, a sliding door, like the one below, you can always designate a workspace inside of a larger room.


These kinds of doors are placed on tracks. Leaving the door somewhat open will feel welcoming and not too alienating.

Alarm System with a Painting

Alarms do a great job at keeping you safe from potential danger. But they don’t look so great as decor on your walls. In fact, alarm systems can look rather tacky. As much as you would want to remove these devices, you know you can’t!


You could, of course, do some alarm redecorating. Take a piece of art and just cover your alarm system. You can use some hinges and simply cover the alarm with your beautiful design. It’s easy and it looks great.

Hiding Your Router

These days it is hard to live without Wi-Fi, making a router a must-have item in every home. Unfortunately, most routers are not as appealing to the eye as they are functional. If you can’t stand that eyesore anymore, you can hide it with some innovative decorating ideas.

You can place your router in a pretty box and cut out a hole for the cords. Or you could make yourself look smarter by building a fake bookcase to store it upright.

Cabana-Style Hanging Beads

You don’t necessarily need a door to close off a room—a decoration made of beads can separate spaces just as quickly. Beaded curtains also add a slightly bohemian vibe, which can provide a nice contrast to the rest of the room.


And if you decide to use a tension rod, there’s no need to make any holes in your walls either.

Light Up Dark Cabinets with LED Lights

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford the fancy cabinet lighting that comes with our kitchen units. Some of us mere mortals have to put up with the shame of dark cabinets. This can be rather annoying when you’re trying to rummage around for some cereal or a jar of peanut butter.


You don’t need to walk through kitchen supplies with a flashlight or candle. You can just install some LED lights under the shelves. They are pretty cheap and look pretty sleek if you ask us.

Double Fold-In Doors

Why on earth do we all use one door when we could change things up and have two? A modish set of double doors can make a room feel refined and neat.

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Swinging into a room with a pair of doors is definitely one way to make an entrance, not only will your guests think it’s neat, they’ll want to have their own.

Hanging Up Pots and Pans

Not enough space for that overhead rack in your kitchen? Why not make space in your cabinets and start hanging? Simply place some corkboard on the inside of the cabinet and stick on adhesive hooks. You can hang all your pots and pans and have tons of space.

No need to drill holes or use knock-in nails. Sticking on wood is just as good and is completely hassle-free.

Hang Up Heavy Utensils Too

Once you’ve started sticking up hooks, you will find that you will have endless space. You can hang up bigger utensils like spatulas, strainers, larger spoons, ladles, and even larger hanging knives like cleavers and chef knives.


This can really take away the frustration of a messy kitchen. It’s also much easier to find. Just make sure you don’t hang anything sharp in places children can reach.

Chalkboard Door

A fun way to pep up a plain door is by coating it with chalkboard paint. That way, you’re making the door even more functional, since you can write notes, lists, and reminders on it.

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Black is such a bold and stark color that it will create a good distinction between the chalkboard paint and the walls that can turn your door into a striking feature.

Ceiling Medallion

Medallions can elevate your ceiling game. Set at the base of your light fixtures, these patterns are modeled after historical designs.


There is something for everyone’s preference with modern and sleek or more ornate patterns like diamond and oval. From floral to traditional, there are many styles you can choose from that will accent any room.

Place a Window Box

Before vertical planters became trendy, there were window boxes, that have been a longtime favorite for green thumbs. Filled with greenery or flowers, window flower boxes can add charm to any exterior.


Not only will a box on your windowsill give windows a nice finish, but it will also add gorgeous flowers into your view from inside the home. If you’d like to make your own traditional window box out of wood, be sure to use redwood or cedar.

Hang Solar Smart String Lights

Set the perfect ambiance with some smart outdoor string lights. These lights are made to be resistant to all weather conditions and are perfect to light up your outdoor pathway, patio, or deck. Simply fix on the lights with screws and carabiners so they’re just as quick to take down.

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String lights can sit durably throughout the seasons, so you won’t have to worry about plastic add-ons and alternative lighting solutions that probably won’t last too long.

Switch to Energy Saving Windows

If you happen to have single-pane windows, it might be that you’re wasting up to 30% of electrical costs, so if you’re facing frigid winter winds, why not replace your window with energy-saving insulation?

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This DIY hack can easily increase your home’s efficiency. Simply replace your single-pane glass windows with better-performing double-pane windows.

Add Light Dimmers

Have you ever visited a fancy restaurant and wondered what gives it that special ambiance? Often it’s the lighting, and one of the best ways to achieve that in your own home is by installing light dimmers.


Simply get yourself some lamps that have adjustable brightness settings or dimmable LED bulbs.

DIY Paneled Walls

Your home is your own unique getaway where you can relax and recuperate, so why not invest in your walls with an accent like these DIY paneled walls?


Wall paneling comes in a few different styles and forms, so it’s essential to do your planning and choose a style that will best fit your home. For example, moldings include grand period designs, traditional shaker-style, and tongue and groove.

Add Ceiling Trimmings

Give your ceiling a little extravagance without being too much. Elegantly embellish your ceiling with a subtle hue while keeping the trimmings white for a striking contrast effect.


Setting a trimming around the edge of the wall is another way to add design flair overhead without going overboard. Decorative ceiling trimmings come in all shapes, measurements, and styles.

Install Wood Beams

Wooden beams add character, charm, and personality to any room. Take this room, for example — it has a modern and streamlined aesthetic, but the wooden beams immediately draw your eyes upward and give the space a unique look.


Whether you feel like installing some timber or pine beams to your entrance hall or living room, don’t hesitate. Even if you’ve never done it before, with a bit of research, you can make ornate wooden beams easily and quickly.

Plank Up Your Walls or Ceilings

Wooden ceiling planks, also known as tongue and groove boards, are an affordable and easy alternative for covering up that unsightly ceiling in your home and are pretty simple to install, as well. You can install wooden planks over bare framing, drywall, or plaster, so it’s a great cover-up for an unsightly ceiling.


It’s best to run your plank boards perpendicular to the ceiling structure, so they can be nailed into the walls. Planks can be fixed directly into drywall if they sit parallel to posts as long as the planks are less heavy.

Unique Mirror Lighting

Transform your average mirror into one you’ll love with some unique lights. And to think you were really about to throw out your current mirror for one that costs hundreds!


To get that Hollywood vanity feel, simply install a light kit on the mirror in your bathroom or at your dressing table. You can easily find these strip light kits online complete with adhesive for easy placing.

Faux Thick Baseboard Trick

Baseboards serve both a practical and a cosmetic purpose. They conceal the joining point between the base of the wall and the floor and furnishes your room with an attractive architectural element.


Even though simple baseboards are a trademark of modern design, there’s no reason why you can’t blend a more traditional baseboard style into your current home.

Dish-Drying Cabinet

There’s a clever way to dry your dishes without it taking over your kitchen workspace. If you happen to have a cabinet over your sink, you can install a wire rack and simply let your dishes dry in there.

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The hidden dish rack in your cabinet can store your dishes while drying them. It also saves up space without leaving an offensive amount of dishes all over your counters.

New Door Knobs

We never think of how little details or features can light up a room, but often if you want an upgrade, it’s as easy as pie! Simply swap your door handles with something fresh to transform an out-of-date dwelling into a modern oasis.

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Replacing old door handles with unique, decorative ones can improve the safety of your home while also livening up the aesthetic.

Office Nook

Convert your empty closet by replacing the doors with frames and placing shelves where the clothing rods used to hang. You can even change that unused corner into a small home office and make the most out of your space.

Simply install some shelving and add a desk and voila! Now all you need is some decor to make it official.

Update Your Window Frames

Did you know you can make your windows look bigger just by changing the frame? You can even paint the frames if they’re wood or fiberglass. You can also paint the wall surrounding the windows to create a decorative frame.

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If you’re looking for a country feel, stick to a rustic look with wooden frames. If you want a more industrial feel, go for thinner frames with a black or metal surface.

Switch Plates

Say goodbye to your grimy and plain boring switch-plates and substitute them with vintage golden switch-plate covers. They’ll elevate the look of any room with minimal effort.


Switch out your old switch plates for something a little different that will stand out. Before you begin, it’s best to switch off the power and place your new outlet or switch into place. Often it’s the little details that really pull a room together.

Industrial Wall Lighting

Another trend riding on the industrial train is pipe wall lighting fixtures. It sure looks different but it isn’t as difficult to install as it looks. If you’re looking for something far removed from the traditional home aesthetic, this Art Deco style might be for you!


Not only do these lights give your room something unique, but they also serve as an embellishment for a bare wall.

Conceal Your Cords

Hide all those unsightly cords and cables behind your computer desk with a stained wood box or some cord concealer. These can be purchased online or can even be made by you!

We would suggest you base your decision on the look you’re going for. Aside from storing away those unsightly cables and cords, this will also add some convenient space to your counters!

Carriage Garage

These magnetic hinges can change the whole look of your exterior home into that carriage look without the carriage price. Decorative hinges for your garage don’t need any drilling or special tools — just stick them on, and bam! Instant curb appeal.


The strong magnets can be installed easily and can also be removed and relocated without hassle. This no-frill option means you won’t have to deal with screws, drilling holes, or residue.

Glass Window Film

If you want some privacy and a feeling of refinement, you can get “faux-frosted glass” film that can make your windows and glass doors look super expensive.

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There are many different styles and types available, from frosted or etched to lattice cling film. What’s great about these window films is that they can also block harmful UV rays, protecting your furniture while still letting 95% of the light through!

DIY Peel and Stick

Some glossy marble contact paper or even tile decals can transform your countertops or any hard surface that might need an upgrade.


These peel and stick films are safe to apply to your kitchen countertop surfaces, shelving, bathroom cabinets, furniture, tabletops, and more, creating a fresh, new, and more modern look. Whether you want a traditional-classic look or a playfully modern design, the options are endless.

Tabletop Fireplace

Instead of placing a lamp on your coffee table, why not place a petite tabletop fireplace that will add a bit of warmth as you sit back and enjoy watching the flames?


Just add some fuel and you have your own little indoor campfire. If you prefer, you can always get a faux fireplace that operates on batteries to get that cozy feel without any fire hazards.

Wire Lamps

It looks like that raw industrial trend won’t be leaving us anytime soon. And we love how it adds a modern touch to your space so easily and effortlessly. A set of geometric wire decor is guaranteed to add some fun detail to your lamps.

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It can also work as wall decor or even on your shelves. Whether you want a functional shelf or just some decoration, a hybrid of chic design can infuse both minimalism and pizzazz to your interiors.

Smart Discreet Light

These discreet smart lights can be mounted under cabinets, shelves, tables, stairs, or even your TV screen for some clean, mood lighting that works with voice control by syncing with a smart life app, like Siri or Alexa.


You can even set a timer to schedule when the lights automatically turn on or off through your smartphone App.

Optic Star Ceiling Light

With Bluetooth control, this smart ceiling light can decorate your ceilings, walls, or any surface with a sky full of stars for a romantic and otherworldly look.

These come in a variety of colors and the brightness can also be adjusted to give any space something special, that’s guaranteed to wow your guests!

Smart Sunrise Alarm Clock

Gently wake up with your own personal sunrise that gives you that natural alarm through light and without that blaring sound. ad

This little gadget comes with soothing sounds and calming lights that create a mood conducive to sleep or wakefulness. Perfect for reading with a soft glow without those blue hues that strain your eyes and keep you awake.

Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser for your home is a great multifunction aromatherapy device that also comes with a humidifier, to produces a cool, humid, and fragrant mist.


You could place these anywhere in your home, not only will they add a lovely scent but also spritz some moisture during the drier seasons.

Mini Greenhouse

For those who love gardening but are short on space, why not build your own mini greenhouse?


From egg cartons to budget-friendly greenhouses made from recyclable materials, there are many easy ways you can build your own greenhouse that can fit in a well-lit room or even on your windowsill.

Hidden Room

If you feel like having a hideout, why not install your own hidden room in your home? What may look like an ordinary wall or a bookcase, could slide out revealing a secret room.

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A paneled wall can serve as convincing concealment, while a bookcase will work just as well. All you need to do is find a way to hinge your chosen disguise in a way that nobody else can tell.

Vintage Swinging Stools

The undoubted best thing about these vintage swinging stools is how they effortlessly save space while remaining attached to the structure.

The seat swings out from under a table and can easily be pulled out without moving the whole unit to sit down or stand up. The chair should pivot on a well-mounted hinge that will support all of its weight along with the weight of the person sitting on it.