Can You Spot These Things Hidden in Plain Sight?

Our lives are usually ordinary and predictable, but once in a while, we catch a glimpse of something truly extraordinary hidden amongst everyday things. The little absurdities of life can be anything from a secret message in a familiar logo, a student bringing a farm animal to class with them, to hidden passages in unexpected places. The things you are about to see will more than likely mess with your mind… a little.


The logo for the beloved ice cream chain brings back fond childhood memories. The bright colors and lopsided letters look like they may have been scribbled on a napkin by a child, and that is certainly part of the appeal. However, a child probably wouldn’t have been able to add in this hidden message.


If you look closely at the color-blocked letters, you will see that the pink was actually used to highlight the number “31”, as in the 31 flavors that Baskin Robbins offered to its customers when they opened in 1948. They are proud of that number and rightfully so, Baskin Robbins was the first to offer such a variety of flavors and the first to let you try before you buy. Ice cream lovers everywhere salute you!

Delta Airlines

The logo for Delta Airlines does not have any hidden bells and whistles. The symbol next to the brand name is shaped like the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, which you may have guessed is called Delta.


It also represents the airline’s place of origin, the Mississippi Delta region, while the white lines symbolize the wings of a plane – specifically the DC-8, Delta’s first jet engine.

A Hidden Passage

The Admont Abbey Library in Australia is the world’s largest monastery library, and it is absolutely beautiful. The library is filled with amazing art, 200,000 volumes and is also home to a secret room.


We can only imagine that the passageway was created so that you could get from your bedroom to the library at a moment’s notice, probably while still in your pajamas.


The mountain-shaped chocolate’s logo hides a cuddly surprise. If you look among the cliffs you will notice the outline of a bear.

Getty Images

From now on, this will be the only thing you think about when eating this chocolate, except for maybe the great taste.

Floor 103

The Empire State Building is famous for its lookout platform on floor 102, but not many people are familiar with floor 103. There is a small hidden room right above the viewing platform with its own balcony.


Unfortunately, it is not open to the general public but only for VIP and staff.


The grinning half-face of the Goodwill logo is famous all over America, whether you are giving away your old things or shopping for second-hand treasures. Most of us walk by it without giving it another glance, but if we did, we would probably notice something hidden, but familiar.


The secret is not in the graphic but in the word Goodwill underneath. The “G” is shaped exactly like the smiling face, but it’s not noticeable because the background is all one color. This example just goes to show that hidden messages can be anywhere in the image, not just in the logo itself.

Camo Garage

This underground garage may keep your car safe, but honestly, it seems to be mostly about being cool. There are probably sensors there somewhere to keep the ground from rising when there is something on top, like maybe a person.


Whoever uses this must leave for work in the morning feeling like Batman.

Hidden Behind the Heads

The amazing carvings at Mt. Rushmore in the hills of South Dakota are a national treasure, but it turns out there is more there than meets the eye. A hidden room is concealed behind the head of Abraham Lincoln.


It is known as the Hall of Records and holds the story of the United States for future generations and the country’s charter documents.


Amazon, one of the most profitable companies in the world, has an instantly recognizable logo, which is probably the reason it has not changed much over the years. Amazon owes its success to the fact that it sells absolutely everything, which is why their logo showing an arrow going from A to Z, is perfect.


Amazon’s logo wasn’t always so ingenious. Most of us wouldn’t recognize their original logo, from when the company was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, to sell books.  In 1998, when the company also started selling music and more, the logo was redesigned, and more closely resembles what we know today. In 2000, when Amazon started selling everything and the kitchen sink, this clever on-brand logo was unveiled.

Glacier National Park

The water in this lake in Montana’s Glacier National Park is so clear, the woman floating on it seems like an optical illusion from a surrealist painting.


It is one of the most beautiful and untouched spots in the world and the perfect place to relax and clear your head. It’s always surprising what amazing places exist everywhere around us.

Tour de France

The logo for the Tour de France, the biggest bike race in the world, which takes place over a 3-week period in France every year, looks deceptively simple. It may seem like it is just stylish brush strokes with the race’s name, but if you look at the word “tour” closely, hidden meanings will be revealed.

Getty Images

The yellow circle symbolizes the famous yellow jerseys worn by the winner of each part of the race, but it also serves as the front wheel of a bicycle. That makes the “o” in “tour” the back wheel, and the “r” the rider. The logo was first introduced in 2003 to mark the 100th anniversary of the race, and it was received so well that it is still being used today.

Just Another Brick in The Wall

This company took hiding its camera to a whole new level. Even the wiliest robber would be hard-pressed to spot this recording device, which blends in completely with the brick wall behind it.


This is an ingenious idea, and we’re sure that they are going to catch more bad guys than they know what to do with.

Secret Eiffel Tower Apartment

If the Eiffel Tower wasn’t cool enough already, it turns out that its creator put in a secret apartment. Engineer Gustave Eiffel built himself a private apartment near the top in 1889.


For a long time, he was the only one that knew about and could access the apartment, but it was recently restored, and wax models were put in.

The Perfect Hiding Spot

No predator in the forest would be able to spot this owl, perfectly fitted into the tree trunk. Its closed eyes help it create a convincing disguise as part of the tree.


This seems like a great strategy to let the owl sleep the day away with no worries.

Waldo’s Got Nothing on This Phone

But really, where is that phone? Do you see it? We promise it is actually there, but it is almost impossible and frustrating to spot. Finding Waldo is a cakewalk compared to this phone.


Still haven’t spotted it? The phone is on the ground right next to the front right table leg. Pretty cool, huh?

Safe as Houses

If you’re worried about burglars entering your home and taking your valuables, this secret safe may be right for you.


They can turn the whole house upside down, but unless they want to pry up your floorboards, whatever you hid in that compartment is going to stay safe.


Another famous car logo, another controversy on its meaning. The BMW logo with its distinctive blue and white colors has long been thought to represent a propeller, due to the company’s origin as an engine manufacturer in World War I.

GettyI mages

But there is another theory, which claims that the blue and white pay tribute to the Bavarian flag, which is the place where the company was founded and where its products are manufactured. No matter what the real reason is, a debate is always a good thing for brand recognition.

Robots Are Everywhere – On This Scarf

Just like the 3-D pictures from the 1990’s, if you stare at this scarf long enough, robots will suddenly appear, and once you see them, you can never un-see them.


This is actually a pretty good gift, definitely better than another Christmas sweater, and it keeps your neck warm.

Double Or Nothing

Out of all the outcomes you can get when throwing the dice, this one is definitely a surprise. It’s a bummer when your dice break but seeing an extra set underneath is pretty great.


Just peel off the first layer and get back to your game. Whoever came up with this was a genius!


Just like Amazon, FedEx has become a household name. Their logo is recognized by everyone, but the hidden message is still not widely known. In the negative space between the “E” and the “x”, an arrow appears, and it is naturally pointing forward. This hidden image is perfectly on-brand.

Getty Images

When the company was founded in 1971, this witty logo was not yet invented. However, when FedEx rebranded in 1994, they took the opportunity to design this ingenious logo. Apparently, the arrow symbolizes “speed and accuracy.”

The Inside of a Cue Ball

This must have been quite a game to have damaged that ball so badly. Now we are itching to crack open every other ball on the table to discover what’s inside. Are they all made of one ball wrapped in another ball? Could there be even smaller balls inside? Our minds are blown…


After seeing the inside of a cue ball and a dice hiding inside a chess piece, you may wonder what the inside of a dice looks like. Keep reading to find out.

Double USB Port

Not many people know this, but it is apparently cheaper to make one model with two ports and sell it as a single USB port, and separately sell a more expensive double USB port.


We wonder, who made the decision to cover one of the ports up? They must be breaking some kind of law, right?

A Magical Doorway?

If you’re cleaning out your garden and come across a hidden door which leads to a shed, which you never even knew about, where do you hope it will take you?


The people who opened this door sadly discovered that it does not lead to Narnia, or anywhere else for that matter.

Celtic Cross in the Forest

An enormous 328-foot long Celtic cross was spotted near the UK border by passengers traveling on a plane. The photo went viral and left everyone scratching their heads, but it soon emerged that Forester Liam Emmery planted the cross years before and sadly passed away before the full effect could be perceived.


The cross was created by planting two types of trees and experts say it will still be around for another 60 to 70 years.

Britain’s Smallest Police Station

The smallest police station in Britain can be found in Trafalgar Square. It is aptly named the Lilliputian Police Station and has a special phone line connecting it to Scotland Yard.


If necessary, the station can also be used as a miniature jail, which can house up to two prisoners.


The Gillette logo is pretty straightforward, but like a lot of logos, it has a small twist. If you look closely, there are two razor blades piled on top of each other in the negative space of the “G” and the “I”, which closely resemble the company’s product.

Getty Images

This twist was introduced to the logo fairly recently, and some loyal users picked up on the hidden image quite quickly.


It is easy to see the winking face on the dark pink logo for LG Electronics. However, if you spare the logo a second look you may notice that the “nose” is actually an “L”, and the outline of the “face” is a “G.”

Getty Images

  People have also noted that the logo looks like a modified version of classic video game character, Pacman.

Disney’s Hidden Hotel Room

There is a secret hotel room at the Cinderella Castle at Disney World in Florida. It is hidden behind the castle’s stained-glass windows, but not just anyone can stay there.


Usually, only contest winners get the chance to spend the night in this hidden gem and as you can see the room is fit for a queen or a princess.


The Toyota logo has been speculated about for years, but one thing is clear, there is more there than meets the eye. The company claims that the three ellipses “symbolize the unification of the hearts of our customers and the heart of Toyota products. The background space represents Toyota’s technological advancement and the boundless opportunities ahead.”

Getty Images

Unofficially, however, there are other theories. One that states that all the letters of the word Toyota appear in the shape, and another which claims that the shape is reminiscent of a thread passing through the eye of a needle, which commemorates Toyota’s humble beginnings in the textile industry.

Two Games in One

When one piece accidentally broke, it turned out that this chess set had dice inside of it. We guess that makes sense, because chess pieces are bottom-heavy, and the dice also helps support the piece.


Apparently, some Chinese manufacturers recycle their old dice and put them into new chess sets. It’s nice that these dice still get a chance to play.

Top of the Torch

People could climb the stairs and visit the balcony inside the torch of the Statue of Liberty until 1916, but the staircase was damaged by an explosion and there was no access until a new one was built in 1984.


These days, tourists can only enjoy the view from the crown and due to the limitations on visitors per day, they must book tickets several months in advance. The torch, unfortunately, remains off-limits.

A Secret Entrance

The Flask and the Press in Shanghai is a sandwich shop with a very special entrance. You enter the place through a vintage Coca Cola vending machine which swings open to let you into this trendy diner.


The hidden entrance perfectly captures the speakeasy vibe. More places should definitely give this a try.

Disney Secrets

Check out this frozen image from the Disney film Brother Bear. Do you see anyone familiar? That’s right, that’s Nemo from Finding Nemo jumping around among the other fishes.


Don’t worry, this is not some animator’s mistake, but an Easter egg that Disney planted in the film for fans to find.

Secret Key Holder

Everybody knows that the first place to look for a spare key is under the welcome mat or the potted plant. This looks like a much better idea.


It seems unlikely that anyone will try opening your pipes just to find a key. Like all good hacks, this is extremely simple, but effective.

Beware of the Hose!

That is one pretty clever snake. It is practically impossible to tell it apart from the hose lying beneath it. On the other hand, someone may pick it up and try to squeeze its head and make water come out.


We don’t know who would be more freaked out, the snake or the gardener. In any case, it is probably a good idea to double-check your hose before use.

Massive Billboards Empty Building

It may be hard to believe but the iconic building covered in lighted billboards known as One Times Square is uninhabited. It seems strange that such valuable real estate is just sitting empty, but it turns out that the company that owned the building went bankrupt in 1992.


It was sold to an advertising agency and they decided to just use it for the billboards.

A Sheepish Student

Is it bring your barnyard animal to class day? Otherwise, it would be very hard to explain the new addition to this lecture hall. Maybe the sheep is there for emotional support, or was just snuck in under this guy’s jacket.


Either way, we hope he brought his little friend enough snacks, so it doesn’t start munching on other students’ class notes.

Never See Him Coming

This dedicated hunter is really becoming one with his surroundings in this ghillie suit. It’s hard to see him even if you know he’s there. Unless they use their other senses, the animals don’t stand a chance.


Take a note from this guy, the next time you go out hiking, don’t assume you’re on your own, there maybe someone in the brush right beside you.

A Cool Cat

Most people would walk right by this cool cat and assume he was just another part of the display.


It takes a pretty smart cat to figure out that this is a good place to hide. Just stay still fur face and we’re pretty sure you’ll get away with it.

A Hidden Predator

Fences are usually uninspired, and basically, all look the same. Sometimes there is an attempt at injecting some color or pattern, but this fence is something else, with a cleverly hidden wolf adorning its panels.


This is absolutely amazing. We strongly urge anyone building a fence to please incorporate a hidden animal in it.

Da Vinci’s Secret

A 60-foot statue of Leonardo da Vinci stands at the entrance of the Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci airport in Rome. The statue was unveiled in 1960, but the secret compartment was only discovered in 2006, more than 40 years later.

Getty Images

Two pieces of parchment were found inside, one with information about the area in Latin and the other with a list of people who attended the opening ceremony.

Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey’s is one of America’s largest and most successful chocolate brands, and although their brand logo is quite simple, they decided that the logo for their famous Hershey Kisses should get a special hidden treat. If you look between the “K” and the “I”, the shape of one of their iconic chocolate Kisses appears.


Just like the arrow hidden in the FedEx logo, the kiss shape is easily overlooked, but once you see it, it is just as impossible to ignore. The clever logo is a recent invention, but the shape of the Hershey’s Kiss has remained unchanged since 1907. Therefore, Hershey could be using this logo for many years to come.

Sasquatch Surfing

This mythical creature that seems to be riding something on the back of this car could be a sasquatch or maybe Bigfoot. Either way, it is following in the footsteps of other mythical creatures by keeping its presence on the down-low.


It is so small and well camouflaged, which helps explain why we can never capture Bigfoot on camera.

The Land of Mickey

This plane apparently flew over the land of Mickey Mouse. There is no other explanation for the unbelievably perfect shape of this grass spot. We wonder if they are up for visitors.


We would love to meet Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and the rest of the gang. Turns out, it really is a small world, after all.

Not Such a Good Hiding Place

This person took the idea of hiding something in plain sight a little too far. They must have felt pretty smart, but what happens when someone runs out of staples? They are bound to notice.


Take a cue from some of the clever hacks we’ve seen and come up with a better hiding spot.

Secret Bathroom Window

Guests who try to poke around this medicine cabinet are in for a big surprise. This apparently DIY bathroom hack seems quite easy to do. Simply screw the hinges to the frame of the mirror and window casing.


It’s good for overly curious guests and lets in extra ventilation when needed.

A Super Space Saver

People have recently become more environmentally aware and there is a rise in smaller homes and simple living. This washing machine hidden under the kitchen counter idea is perfect for that.


You don’t need a whole separate room just for your washer and dryer. Just try and not turn it on while cooking, it may distract you and the food could end up burnt.

A Secret Stash

Going to a boring function and could really use a drink? This brush is here to help you out, with a cleverly hidden secret compartment.


No one will suspect a thing unless you’re bald or have had one too many and start swigging straight from the handle. This is the perfect gift because it can also be used as a brush.

Locked and Loaded

Talk about a concealed weapon. This piece of furniture seems like the perfect fit for people who are deadly serious about home security. To the unsuspecting eye, it seems like a regular cabinet but then a hidden compartment slides out.


This unusual piece of furniture would be the perfect fit for an action movie.

The Man Hidden on the Butt

People who smoke Philip Morris cigarettes are probably more focused on putting them in their mouths than in studying the cigarette butts, but the company’s logo of a man and his dog is cleverly incorporated in them.


This is a creative way to keep your product always on-brand.