Cartoons Characters and the People Who Look Freakishly Like Them

Do you remember watching Saturday morning cartoons or classic Disney films dreaming of looking like one of your favorite characters?  For some of the people on this list, this dream was a reality. Others were just lucky enough to model for some of the most famous cartoon characters of all time.
Abc7news/AP / DisneyAP
Abc7news/AP / DisneyAP
We’ve compiled a list of cartoon characters’ real-life lookalikes and actors that inspired some of the most famous television and cinema characters. Some may come as a surprise to you, while others, you’ll recognize right away.

Cruella de Vil

“Cruella De Vil. If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.” Remember that chilling song from “101 Dalmations”? Well, that pretty much sums up these two Cruellas for us.

Hermoments/Reddit/Walt Disney Productions

There’s something about this woman’s suspicious eyes and her black and white hair that makes us wonder if perhaps she isn’t wearing a coat made of fur under her Nike sweatshirt?

Carl Fredricksen

We’re hoping this guy is a lot less cranky than Carl Fredricksen from “Up,” but he sure does look like him. From the eyeglasses to his half-smile, we’ll bet anything that this guy is a retired helium balloon salesman!


All this guy needs is a companion named Russell and a bowtie, and we’ve got ourselves the live-action version of Mr. Fredricksen!


If you ever saw “The Wonder Years,” you’ll understand why Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten from “The Simpsons” looks so familiar. Everyone’s favorite dork and Bart’s best friend is the spitting (cartoon) image of “The Wonder Years’s” Paul Pfeiffer.

Alamy Stock Photo/pinterest/instagram/vitorinopaullo

The characters are almost identical; the only thing that really differentiates the two is Milhouse’s trademark blue hair. They look so alike that there was even a long-standing rumor among “Simpsons” fans that Milhouse’s appearance was based on Paul. Despite the rumors, David Silverman explained that the resemblance between the two was coincidental.


It looks like this woman is on her way home to see her mischievous cat and cute canary. Emma Webster, also known as Granny, is known for her appearances in the 1950s and 1960s Warner Bros. Cartoons “Looney Tunes” shorts.


As you may already know, she is the proud owner of Tweety Bird. It feels like no mere coincidence that this Granny on the bus has a bright yellow bag in hand.


Imagine looking over and seeing the not-so-evil Gru on your morning commute. Even criminal masterminds need to get to work somehow, don’t they? Though taking the train to work may seem despicable (no pun intended) to some, we actually enjoy it.

Reddit/Alamy Stock Photo

We know this guy isn’t actually Gru, but they do share some important features. They have the same nose, are both bald, and even have a striped scarf!

Ned Flanders

Where do we start? This guy resembles the Simpsons’ “next diddly-door neighbor” Ned Flanders on almost every level! The Flanders look starts with the impeccable hair and then moves down to the glasses and thick yet perfectly trimmed mustache, and finally, the chic sweater layered on a button-down shirt.


We can’t tell if this is a Halloween costume or not, but he looks just as friendly and just as ready to sell you products specifically made for left-handed people.

 Dora the Explorer

Just when you thought Dora the Explorer couldn’t get any cuter – her doppelgänger comes along. Not only does she look exactly like our little explorer, but she’s also wearing “Dora the Explorer” merchandise, and we support it!


We can’t speak for you, but we’d completely trust this girl to keep us on the right path. The only thing this cutie is missing is bangs and her sidekick Boots!


Once you see it, there is no going back. We’re pretty sure Weird Al Yankovic would love this comparison; he may even write a goofy song about it.

hermoments/Reddit/Walt Disney Pictures

We honestly never thought to compare the two, but seeing them side by side, there is no doubt that the wide eyes, the shoulder-length hair, and the jawline are all too familiar. We bet that Weird Al could even perfect that infamous Tarzan yell!

Edna Mode

If you’ve watched “NCIS: Los Angeles,” you have probably already picked up on this one. Academy Award-winning actress Linda Hunt, who plays Henrietta “Hetty” Lange in the action drama, looks a lot like Edna Mode from “The Incredibles.”

Getty Images Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/greatcharacterswiki.miraheze

They’re both small in size but big in personality. If their characters weren’t enough, they would share the same round classes, sleek fashion sense, and the same dark bob!


Fortunately for this Butt-Head clone, most of their shared traits are things people grow out of. From the overplucked eyebrows to the braces, you can’t look at her and not think of Butthead.


We’re sure she’s grown out of her emo phase and looks completely different now (or so we hope). Butt-Head, on the other hand, well, he’ll forever be Butthead.


We admit a lot is going on here, but within the mayhem, there is a Beavis resemblance that simply cannot be overlooked. This guy’s pained expression, his puffy strawberry blonde hair, the fact that his forehead is abnormally long all really pulls the whole Beavis look together.


The fact that this is obviously a mugshot only makes it more Beavis-esque.

Mr. Burns

When you’ve been around for more than 30 years, it’s hard not to find resemblances when it comes to your cast…even if that cast is completely cartoon. That’s the case for “The Simpsons,” which has aired since 1989.


This guy has Mr. Burns’s signature look down to a tee, his hairline, his long nose, and even the awkward teeth that we thought could only exist in an illustration are all freakishly like Mr. Bruns. We can’t help but wonder if the guy in the picture above is also someone’s sinister and greedy boss.


We never thought we would be comparing Miley Cyrus to everyone’s favorite parody version of a Barbie doll, Cynthia, yet here we are! We understand that it is this photo in particular that reaps similarities, but they are similarities that are hard to ignore.

Getty Images Photo by Jennifer Graylock/FilmMagic/pinterest/redbubble

With her wild bleached hair and that bold red lip, we can just imagine Angelica Pickles turning Miley Cyrus into her most prized possession.


You know how earlier, we were talking about finding Carl Fredriksen his own Russell? Well, we found him! We need to introduce our Carl Fredriksen to this Russell as soon as possible.


This little boy looks like a real-life Russell from Pixar’s “Up,” they’ve got the same enthusiastic smile, chubby cheeks, and adventurous eyes! This little boy deserves a badge for “Most Realistic Cosplay.”

Johnny Bravo

We can just hear this guy whispering, “Man, I’m pretty,” to the mirror. Though he is muscular and has admittedly great hair, the narcissistic self-proclaimed womanizer usually gets rejected by the ladies.

francisc/Alamy Stock Photo

We’re hoping this guy didn’t think that looking and acting like Johnny Bravo would get him more dates, though he does have great hair!


Who would win in an IQ contest, Howard from “The Big Bang Theory” or Vector from “Despicable Me”? They both have the same helmet haircut, huge glasses, and strikingly similar facial features.


The main contrast between the two characters? Vector is an extremely rich supervillain.


Did this woman get scouted by Disney to play “Elsa” at one of the theme parks? Because if not, that is a complete waste of talent and looks. Not only does she has the princess-look down, the raised eyebrow perfected, and her Elsa eye makeup is impeccable.

Pinterest/timetogetone.myshopify/Alamy Stock Photo

All this princess needs is a long blonde braid, and she’ll be crowned the Queen of Arendelle.

Linda Belcher

This doppelgänger moment may not even have been on purpose. Perhaps that is the true essence of a look-alike? This woman probably didn’t know that her red glasses and sweater, paired with flipped-up dark hair, is the complete embodiment of Linda Belcher from “Bob’s Burgers.”


Though she looks pretty intense in this photo, we’re going to assume she has the same happy-go-lucky personality that Linda has as well!

Alfredo Linguini

We’re sure this boy has been compared to Alfredo Linguini from “Ratatouille” since the movie’s 2007 release. Though, we can’t confirm or deny whether or not his best friend is a rat.


We feel like all this kid needs is a ladle, a chef’s hat, and a rat with a talent for cooking, and we’ll have a live-action “Ratatouille” in the making.

 Ned Flanders

It turns out Ned Flanders has a more familiar face than we may have initially thought, seeing as though this is the second time he’s appeared on this list. Though Walter White and Ned Flanders share the same features, their personalities couldn’t be more contrasted.


The relentless Walter White would probably hate the friendly Flanders if they ever met. Imagine a crossover between “Breaking Bad” and “The Simpsons.” That definitely something we would pay good money to watch!

Chuckie Finster

Okay, so maybe these two don’t look exactly alike, but looking at Mark Mothersbaugh, there’s a sense of familiarity. That’s probably because the musician served as inspiration for everyone’s favorite cartoon baby, Chuckie.


Not only did Mothersbaugh and his band Devo perform the theme song for “Rugrats,” his clunky glasses and untamed hair served as the model for Chuckie.


Ursula’s appearance was greatly inspired by American actor and drag queen Divine. Harris Glenn Milstead, better known under his stage name, Divine, was best known for his frequent appearances in films directed by John Waters.


Ursula shares Divine’s signature blue eye makeup, jewelry, and body type. She originally sported a mohawk, which was borrowed from Milstead’s character in 1972’s “Pink Flamingos.”


It’s a little-known fact that the ogre we all love to love borrowed his appearances from a 1940s wrestler named Maurice Tillet. Nicknamed “The French Angel,” Tillet gained fame for his look, as much as he did for this fighting abilities.

Alamy Stock Photo

Decades later, animators used “The French Angel” as a model for their anti-social and highly-territorial green ogre.

Edna Mode

As it turns out, Edna Mode’s character was a tribute to the Academy Award-winning costume designer, Edith Head. When you think about it, there’s no other explanation for it. Mode, the superhero outfitter, has a lot in common with Head.


Not only do they share the same defining features, but they also work in the same industry – costume design. They are just designing costumes for completely different clients.


Cartoonist E.C. Segar based his irritable, spinach-eating sailor on a figure from his hometown, Chester, Illinois. Frank “Rocky” Fiegel was something of a local legend; he had extreme strength and often participated in fights. Rocky, like Popeye, smoked a pipe and was toothless.

staticflickr/Alamy Stock Photo

Though he had a tough-guy image, he is said to have been kind to children! It’s not every day you see a character that was based solely on an actual human being.


Interestingly enough, Disney animators initially based Aladdin’s character design on actor Michael J. Fox. After he came off “too childish,” they decided to go with a different approach.

Getty Images Photo by Barry King/WireImage/buzzfeed/Disney, Buena Vista Distribution

For the perfect iconic hero type, the animators used Tom Cruise as the model for Prince Ali. We can’t say that we see it, but we’re willing to believe there is something there.

Bugs Bunny

When creating Bugs Bunny, Warner Bros. animators needed a way to insert Bugs’ character with more personality and charm. That’s when Clark Gable appeared in “It Happened One Night.”


The film sparked just what they needed; they gave Bugs some of Gable’s attributes, including casually munching on a carrot! That’s all, folks!

Harley Quinn

When Paul Dini thought of giving the Joker a female sidekick, he based her manic personality on his college friend, Arleen Sorkin. He took inspiration from her when writing the character, but he didn’t stop there.

Getty Images Photo by Angela Weiss/fandom

The DC writer asked the “Days of Our Lives” actress to voice Harley Quinn’s part, giving her one of the most iconic roles of her career.  Sorkin voiced Harley in feature films and video games, and after retiring,  she was succeeded by Tara Strong.

 Krusty, the Clown

Most fans believe that Krusty the Clown was just a figment of cartoonist Matt Groening’s imagination. The cynical, burnt-out clown who is miserable by show business but proceeds on anyway was based on a very real performer named Rusty Nails.


James H. Allen, better known as Rusty Nails, appeared on local television shows that Groening watched growing up in Portland, Oregon.

Jessica Rabbit

If it were ever possible for a cartoon character to be the object of everyone’s eye, it was Jessica Rabbit. Creator Richard Williams explained, “I tried to make her look like Rita Hayworth; we took her hair from Veronica Lake.”


Director Robert Zemeckis kept saying, “What about the look Lauren Bacall had?” Williams designed Jessica of Hayworth, Lake, and Bacall and described the combination as the “ultimate male fantasy.”

Mr. Magoo

One look at Mr. Magoo, and you’ll recognize those squinty eyes, round nose, and top hat. The cartoon geezer himself is half-blind, but even he’d probably be able to see that much of his appearance comes from comedy legend W.C. Fields.

Getty Images Photo by Silver Screen Collection/pathstoliteracy

Though they may look alike, the two could not be more different. Magoo is upbeat and kind, while Fields’ comedy schtick involved more a misanthropic character.


Ariel has a much more interesting story than one may initially. The little mermaid’s character was based on various women. Alyssa Milano, who at the time starred on “Who’s The Boss?” served as the main visual model for one of Disney’s favorite princesses.


Animators also drew inspiration from astronaut, Sally Ride, basing Ariel’s underwater hair movements on those of Ride’s in space. It’s pretty cool to think that Ariel’s hair movements under the sea are actually movements seen in space!

 Leopold “Butters” Stotch

“South Park” show creators Matt Stone and Rey Parker based Leopold “Butters” Stoctch on co-producer Eric Stough, who they saw as an innocent good-two-shoes.


Butters is depicted as a more optimistic and naive kid than the show’s other characters. Though he started out as a background character, he has developed into one of “South Park’s” most notable personalities.

Vultures from The Jungle Book

We bet you never thought The Beatles would be featured in a Disney movie, did you? Well, they were, kind of. The Vultures from “The Jungle Book” was originally going to be voiced by The Beatles.

Getty Images Photo by Mondadori/independent/Walt Disney Productions

Brian Epstein, the band’s manager, approached the Disney studios about having the band appear in the film. Hence, the film’s animators created the Vultures specifically to be voiced by the band. At the end of the day, the plans did not appear to have come to fruition, either based on clashing schedules or Lennon’s refusal to participate in the film.


Irene Bedard landed the role of her career when she got cast to voice and provided the facial basis for the title character in Disney’s “Pocahontas.” The stunning actress was chosen in 1995 as one of “People” magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People,” and we can see why. She is absolutely magnificent.

Getty Images Photo by Amanda Edwards/Moviestillsdb

Bedad has played many Native American characters in various films throughout her, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that she was the model for Pocahontas’s character.

Betty Boop

She’s been around for almost a century, so it’s hard to remember just how complex Betty Boop’s origins are. Interestingly enough, the character was created as a French poodle.  Betty Boop made her first appearance on “Dizzy Dashes” in 1930.

Bust Magazine

Though Clara Bow is often given credit as the inspiration for Boop’s character, some believe that she began as a caricature of singer Helen Kane. To add another twist to the story, Kane herself basically copied performer Baby Ester.

Rainier Wolfcastle

Rainier Wolfcastle is a parody of actor, bodybuilder, and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. Though he is voiced by Harry Shearer, the similarities between the two are almost identical.

Getty Images Photo by Harry Langdon/Pinterest

Wolfcaslte is from Austria, has huge muscles, stars in Springfield’s most excessive action flicks, and even has a wife named Maria. A nod to Arnold’s ex-wife Maria Shriver. It all sounds a bit too familiar, doesn’t it?

Lady Tremaine

Everyone has heard of the Wicked Stepmother at some point. Her real name? Lady Tremaine. The Disney classic’s villainous stepmother was voiced by and modeled after Eleanor Audley.


The animators that worked on the film said she was drawn “with a sinister and lifelike subtlety that contrasted with the broader treatment given to many of the other characters.” We can’t deny that it didn’t work!


Kathryn Beaumont did so much more than just voice the role of Alice; she also provided a live-action reference for “Alice.” The young actress served as a life model, acting opposite to props that were not even there so that the animators could better capture her reactions. The result was something truly unique.


If Beaumont looks familiar, it’s also because she was the voice and live-action reference for another timeless classic, “Peter Pan.” The actress portrayed the eldest of the Darling siblings, Wendy Darling.


Danny DeVito is one of Hollywood’s most beloved character actors, known for igniting energy, passion, and his own liveliness into every role he portrays. When Disney asked DeVito to play Philoctetes, there was no way he could turn down the role. He gave it his all, and then some!


The resemblance between the eccentric old Satyr (half-human, half-goat) and the wise-cracking fun-loving actor who plays him is irrefutable!


In addition to basing their character’s design on the actor voicing the role, animators will often have other references they use to create the perfect character. “The Emperor’s New Groove’s” chief animator, Harald Siepermann, said that Yzma was based in part on the actress that voiced her, Eartha Kitt.

Flickr/Alan Light/animationscreencaps

He added that the tram of animators also based the evil sorceress on Peruvian singer Yma Sumac.

Malory Archer

The late Jessica Walter may look exactly like the “Archer” character, Malory Archer, but believe it or not, she was not actually the inspiration for the character’s design.


Producers admitted that Walter is “something akin to acting royalty” and didn’t want to waste her time with the necessary photoshoots and screenings needed to create the character. As an alternative, they hired a Jessica Walter lookalike to sit for the design reference images.

Principal Lewis

Looking at Principal Lewis, it’s like we’re looking at the cartoon version of Kevin Michael Richardson. And in a way, we are. The actor, who plays Principal Lewis on “American Dad,” looks exactly like the character he voices.


It’s as if the animators decided that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it when it came to this character’s design. Principal Lewis s just a different take on Richardson himself!

Sergeant Calhoun

From her bright blue eyes to her signature cropped blonde hair, these two may as well be twins. Jane Lynch, the voice of Sergeant Calhoun, says that all the “Wreck-It Ralph” characters started looking more and more like their actors because they were videotaped while recording their lines.


The animators used every detail, no matter its size, to make Calhoun resemble Lynch. Calhoun even moves her mouth in a certain way, which is exactly how Lynch talks!

Princess Tiana

Talk about paying attention to detail! In “The Princess and the Frog,” animators wanted actress Anika Noni Rose and Princess Tiana to look as identical as possible. Rose was worried that they would make Tiana into a cookie-cutter princess, but when she saw her for the first time, she realized how much the two looked alike.


The actress served as a form of visual reference for the supervising animator, Mark Henn. Henn videotaped her as she recorder her lines, including some of her distinct characteristics, like her left-handedness and dimples, into Tiana’s character.

Carl Fredricksen

Carl Fredricksen’s creators depict him as a “grouchy old man,” while Ed Asner always has a smile on his face. The two older men look like they could be related, that is, if one of them wasn’t actually a drawing.


“Up” animators physically modeled Carl’s character, at least partially, on the actor Ed Asner, who provides the voice of the grumpy old man. To get a well-rounded grandfather figure, producers also used Spencer Tracy and Walter Matthau as inspiration for Carl’s character.

Peter Pan

Though it isn’t unusual to have voice actors pose as models for the characters they are playing in animated features, the “Peter Pan” team went above and beyond. The filmmakers shot a live-action reference of Bobby Driscoll in the film to help make sure they got every single detail right.


If you watch the film now, you’ll notice the fine attention to detail. Perhaps that’s what makes this animated film so timeless; the fact that under the animation lies a real boy!


It seems to us that “Boardwalk Empire” producers watched one too many cartoons with their kids before creating their characters. Buscemi plays Wesley in Disney’s 2004, “Home on the Range,” and Nucky Thompson on “Boardwalk Empire,” and the resemblance between them is uncanny.


When you compare Thompson and the evil cattle wrangler Buscemi portray’s costume, it almost feels like you’re seeing double.


Aladdin animators made it very clear that the Genie was designed to look a lot like the man who voiced him, Robin Williams! They were so intent on Williams playing the part; they animated some of his old stand-up to be performed by the Genie. With a gesture like that, how could Williams say no?


The actor got so into the part, he improvised 16 hours of material for the Genie, and we’re so glad that he did. The Genie is one of everyone’s fondest childhood memories, a character that has stuck with us for years!

 Wreck-It Ralph

We admit, when you compare John C. Reilly to Wreck-It Ralph, the similarities between them are rather subtle. We could say perhaps they have the same ears? That being said, the animators on the film took building this character very seriously.


They recorded countless sessions of Reilly in motion-capture suits to incorporate his mannerisms into the finished result. Once it was time to build the character himself, they had all they needed. Even Reilly recognized many of his own gestures in Ralph.


Who would have thought that a fish could ever look like Will Smith? But, the animators of “Shark Tale” made it happen! The star-studded cast of “Shark Tale” featured Will Smith as its lead, voicing a fast-talking fish named Oscar, who becomes an overnight sensation when he lies about having killed a shark.

Alamy Stock Photo/pinterest/Buzzfeed

Aside from the fact that they look eerily alike, something about their personalities go hand in hand.  It’s only fitting that of all the fishes in the sea; Will Smith would find himself playing one that gets in trouble!

Lana Kane

While “Archer” character Lana Kane looks a lot like her voice actress Aisha Tyler, the truth is she was based on someone else. Tyler wasn’t able to fly to Georgia to get the photographs the production needed, which put them in somewhat of a pickle.


Instead, they hired an Atalanta Hooters waitress for the character modeling. Honestly, she could have been Tyler’s double, which is probably why at the end of the day, Tyler and Kane look so similar!

Flynn Rider

When you compare Zachary Levi to Flynn Rider, it appears as though Rider was based entirely on the actor that voiced him, doesn’t it? That couldn’t be further from the truth.


“Tangled” animators confirmed that Rapunzel’s mane man (see what we did there?) was inspired by Zachary Levi, Clark Gable, and soccer star David Beckham. We wonder how Levi felt, knowing that he shared his character with two other gorgeous men. We’re sure his emotions were tangled.

Charles Muntz

This next one may be a little unsettling, considering Christopher Plummer is regarded as Hollywood royalty. The actor and the villainous “Up” character Charles Muntz share the same characteristics.


Pixar animators said they wanted Muntz’s character to look like a warm and loving grandfather who could become sinister at any given moment. It comes as no surprise that they took inspiration from on-screen legend Plummer who managed to perfect this quality throughout his career!


Who would have ever imagined that someone would compare Mr. Bean to Zazu from “The Lion King” and that you would be nodding your head in agreement? Ellen Woodbury, Zazu’s supervising animator, says Rowan Atkinson’s voice was vibrant and that listening to his reading gave her a lot to work with.


Aside from his voice, there’s a little taste of the comedic actor in Zazu’s eyebrows. Even their expressions are similar!


Ming-Na Wen, the actress whose voice is best known for her starring part as Fa Mulan in the animated musical action “Mulan,” had a thing or two to say about the character. Wen said that while she and the finalized version of Mulah may not look exactly alike, several of her gestures made it into the final cut.

Getty Images Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Alamy Stock Photo

According to the actress, you can really see the resemblance in the way Mulan plays with her hair throughout the film. We can only imagine how cool it must be to see your gestures and features turned into a cartoon! It’s incredible to see what details animators pick up!


Droopy the dog was brought to us during the golden age of animation. He is named after his main feature, his droopy face.

Shutterstock & Alamy Stock Photo

While with age and time, many of us will probably end up looking like droopy, this guy has beat us to it. His eyes and mouth are dangling in the exact same way as this famous dog.


When “Frozen” came out in 2013, it became an instant sensation. Every little girl wanted to look like Anna or Elsa. But, all that Anna and Elsa buzz might have had us miss what was right under our noses — Cole LaBrant.


Social media star Cole LaBrant has an uncanny resemblance to the reindeer-loving Kristoff. LaBrant has noticed the incredible similarity himself and has dressed up as Kristoff many times, much to the fans’ enjoyment.

Prince Charming

When DreamWork’s “Shrek” came out in the early 2000s, it was a smash hit. One of the reasons for that was the film’s ability to surprise viewers. For example, the movie has a Prince Charming that was anything but charming.

Charming or not, this random guy has a striking similarity to the animated character. Both his hair and his posture remind us of the charmless prince. Hopefully, this guy has a better personality!

Leela from Futurama

While many people somehow manage to look like cartoon characters, we did not expect to have Leela from “Futurama”‘ on this list. This spaceship captain has what we’d call a unique look, sporting only one eye and a bulging lip.

This woman, despite thankfully having two eyes, manages to look just like Leela. The lips and ponytail seal the deal and leave us speechless.


“Family Guy” has had over 18 seasons since its original airdate in 1999. It follows the Griffin family, which has five members and a dog. One of the show’s stars is the family baby, Stewie Griffin.

It is also important to remember the family’s housekeeper, Consuela. This random woman looks just like her and even has the exact same haircut and glasses; the resemblance is uncanny.


While it was actor Tom Cruise who Aladdin was molded after, it is pop star Joe Jonas who looks exactly like him from the hair to the eyebrows down to the eyes. These two have exactly the same features!

When the original “Aladdin” came out in 1992, Joe was only three years old. As for today, Joe is over 30, and we don’t understand how he wasn’t cast as the iconic character in the live-action version of 2019.

Mario Brothers

Unlike many of the other characters on this list, the Mario brothers weren’t introduced to us in a film but in a computer game. We have all played it in our childhood, and the two lovable Italian brothers become iconic in pop culture.

Who knew we could find the brothers walking the street? Mario especially looks just like the guy in the picture with the same clothes and the same mustache.

Sideshow Bob

Goddess Rihana was discovered at 17 and has changed her hairstyle many, many times since. One of our favorite looks of hers is the purposefully puffy red curls she wore back in 2011.


We do have to wonder whether this look was inspired but the “Simpsons” Sideshow Bob, who has had big curls since the year 1990. Rihanna was just two at the time, so we’d have to declare Sideshow Bob as the originator of the look.

The Riddler

The hero that Gotham deserves has a handful of enemies. The most celebrated one is, of course, the Joker, but that doesn’t mean that The Riddler isn’t a worthy supervillain. The Riddler is known for incorporating riddles and puzzles in his serial crimes.


Maybe he could help us answer the question: how come he looks just like the”How I Met Your Mother” star, Niel Patrick Harris? We think Niel would do a great job as the Riddler in the next Batman movie.

Prince Adam

Prince Adam might not be as memorable as other princes, as he spends most of “The Beauty and the Beast” as, well, a beast. We couldn’t find anyone who looks like the beast, but we do think that the hunky Jean Sarkozy looks exactly like Prince Adam.


While Jean Sarkozy has the looks of a Hollywood actor, he is actually just the son of Nicolas Sarkozy, the former President of France. With his dazzling look, we think Jean should consider a career in modeling.

John Smith

There is no one that can match Chris Hemsworth’s beauty. The Australian actor has dominated the big screen as well as our hearts for several years now. He is known for portraying Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, and we think he is truly perfect in them.

But, he should also be considered for the role of John Smith if they ever make a live-action “Pocahontas.” The two men look exactly the same!

The King (Cinderella)

Weirdly enough, no one ever bothered to name the king in the 1950’s “Cinderella.” The old guy is remembered for his amazing white mustache and his positive attitude.


Actor Wilford Brimley was born in 1934 and was only 16 when Cinderella came out, so there’s no chance he inspired the character. In his later days, he had a white mustache just like the king’s


“Scooby-Doo” is an animated franchise with many loveable characters. Shaggy and Scooby are an epic duo who solve mysteries along with their gang of friends. The first-ever episode aired in 1969.

Velma is the brain of the group and has short black hair and black glasses. This girl who dressed up like Velma sure looks like her; we wonder if her friends look like Shaggy and Scooby.


“Tarzan,” tells the story of a human kid who was left in the jungle and thus was raised by animals. If you don’t remember Trek, she is the lovable gorilla who is Tarzan’s best friend. Trek has a unique hairstyle we haven’t seen on many humans…or gorillas for that matter.

But, this tiny baby has managed to recreate Trek’s hair perfectly, and along with his big eyes, he looks just like the baby version of her.

 Yosemite Sam

Redheads make up less than two percent of the entire world’s population, but somehow movies are filled with them. Yosemite Sam is one of the evil, soulless gingers out there, always trying to catch Bugs Bunny.

Canadian ice hockey player Lanny McDonald was blessed with ginger hair and a fancy mustache, just like Sam’s.


“Brave” is a 2012 Pixar-Disney movie set in Scotland. It follows Princess Merida and her complicated relationship with her mother. Merida has long luscious ginger hair and beautiful blue eyes. The film was Pixar’s first to feature a female protagonist.

Merida has a look that is not easy to come by, but this girl has it down to a tee with the exact same color hair and the same eyes.

Dr. Facilier

Disney’s “The Prince and The Frog” came out over a decade ago and has made history as being the first Disney animation to feature and follow black characters. Disney’s take on “The Prince and The Frog” was surprising and entertaining.


The movie had one of the most stylish villains out there, Dr. Facilier. Our question is, is there a chance his character was inspired by the legendary Prince? Because to us, it seems like the two are almost identical.


When two little girls in Hawaii step into a store and notice that the cashier looks exactly like Maui from “Moana,” what can he do except shrug? We all know that in the animated movie, Maui was portrayed by the former wrestler, Dwayne The Rock Johnson.


The real-life Maui works at Costco in Hawaii. Someone may want to warn The Rock that this guy might be coming for his job. We would definitely consider casting Costco guy in a live-action version of “Moana.”


As far as “Southpark” characters go, everyone knows that Cartman is the most annoying one. That’s why we’re having a hard time understanding why anyone would want to look like him.

Bored Panda

We guess that didn’t bother this guy on the train who decided to sport Cartman’s iconic look with the red hoodie and the yellow and teal beanie. He added his own twist with headphones. We just hope (for his sake) that he isn’t as annoying as Cartman.

Flash the Sloth

One of the most memorable characters from 2016’s “Zootopia” is Flash the Sloth. Despite making a short appearance, his slowness captured everybody’s heart. He has left a lasting impression on viewers, who loved him and made many memes about him.

One of the best things about Flash was his incredibly slow laughter. His real-life double has the exact same laugh, and despite being a human and not a sloth, we think she looks just like him!

Mother Gothel

The scary mother Gothel terrorized Rapunzel in Disney’s adaptation of the classic story. In 2010’s “Tangled,” mother Gothel needed Rapunzel’s hair in order to stay young forever.

Lisa Edelstein, who many of you probably remember as Cuddy from the medical drama “House,” looks like the spitting image of the villain! And all without stealing anyone’s hair…as far as we know.


“The Lion King”  came out in 1994, over two decades ago, and it is one of Disney’s classics. This is partly because of its memorable characters. Scar is one of the most beloved Disney villains, and some of it is because of his distinct look.


You’d think that Scar’s look is pretty hard to match, which is true, but you have to admit that Khal Drogo is portrayed, but Jason Momoa has big Scar energy!


Jasmine is one of Disney’s most popular princesses, partly because of her strong personality and cool style. The princess has big beautiful eyes and long black hair.


Many little girls like to dress up as her for Halloween, but this young woman has nailed the look. Look at those eyes!

 Mr. Johnson

Almost everyone watched  “Sesame Street” as a kid, and to this day, the show holds a dear place in our hearts. “Sesame Street” has been on the air since 1969 and has had its fair share of iconic characters, including Cookie Monster and Big Bird.


While Mr. Johnson isn’t as remembered as the other guys, you have to admit that he looks just like TV psychologist Dr. Phil. The mustache and the eyebrows are dead on.