Celebrities That Vacation So Big, Their Homes Are Private Islands

While most of us can only dream about strolling down exclusive, white sandy beaches, swimming in turquoise blue ocean waters, and eating the best versions of our favorite foods prepared for us by a private chef – for these celebrities, it’s just another Saturday. Take a look at some of the most luxurious, and most expensive private island vacation homes in the world.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill – Coat Cay, Bahamas

Worth: $1.2 Million

Faith Hill and her husband, Tim McGraw are two of the biggest names in country music history. But they aren’t just important to the music industry, they’re also important to each other. The pair recently celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary and have three daughters together. They also share a lot of property, including a gorgeous estate on a 17-acre island in the Bahamas.

Getty Images Photo by Rick Diamond
Getty Images Photo by Rick Diamond

Before the McGraw’s got their hands on Coat Cay, it was simply a gorgeous piece of land sitting in the middle of a tropical paradise. The superstars had power and water installed and built an 8-pavillion home on L’ile de Agnes. The couple spent an estimated $.1.2 million on the land, but now that it’s fully developed it’s worth a whole lot more. It was even featured in an episode of Architectural Digest.

Larry Page – Eustatia Island, British Virgin Islands

Worth: Undisclosed Amount

If you don’t know who Larry Page is, he’s the guy who founded Google. His net worth is nearly $60 billion, yes, billion, and deservingly so. After all, think about why Google is the most popular website in the world. It makes everyone’s lives so much easier – it can tell you literally anything you need to know in a matter of seconds. So, when he’s not working on things like flying cars and anti-aging computer equipment, Larry Page is hanging out on his private island.

Getty Images Photo by C Flanigan

Eustatia Island is full of three gorgeous and exclusive beaches, all of which are right down the way from Richard Branson’s nearby property, Necker Island, on which Larry married his wife, Lucy, in 2007. The area, known as Virgin Gorda, is commonly referred to as those who are in the know as the “billionaire’s playground.” And play they do, as it’s rumored that Page and Branson get together for kite-surfing sessions in the bright blue water surrounding the pieces of property.

Diana Ross – Tahitian Island

Worth: Undisclosed Amount

When Diana Ross and her former husband, Arne Ness Jr., visited a beautiful island in Tahiti for their wedding anniversary – they adored the area so much that they decided to buy it. Well, not all of it, but they did buy their own little slice of heaven in the form of a small island near its shores. Even though it may seem like you’d want to spend the rest of your life with someone who you buy an island with, that’s not always the case, as evidenced by the songstress splitting with her ex years after they tied the knot.

Getty Images Photo by Jason LaVeris

You can see by the bright turquoise water and gorgeous white sand beaches why they would want to own property in that area. Everyone that has enough money to buy islands probably considers it. Since Ross and her former beau bought the island when they were deep in love, they decided to sell it off after they broke things off. After all, it would probably feel strange to be on a private island you shared with an ex. That’s the sort of thing you shudder thinking about.

Marlon Brando – Tetiaroa Island, French Polynesia

Worth: Undisclosed Amount

Tetiaroa is a secluded and luxurious area in French Polynesia, which was once the premier vacation spot for the local royals. In 1904, the Tahitian royal family sold the island to a Canadian dentist named Johnston Walter Williams. Marlon Brando fell in love with the area while filming Mutiny on the Bounty. He absolutely adored Tahiti and its people, hence why he married one of the locals.


He opened a resort which includes 35 luxury villas, a fitness center, and an oceanfront saltwater pool. These days, anyone’s allowed to rent a room at the eco-resort – as long as you can afford the hefty price tag, anyway. Brando passed away in 2004, but technically the island is still in his name, thanks to the 99-year lease he signed when he bought it.

Julia Roberts – The Bahamas

Worth: Undisclosed Amount

When you’re as as famous as Julia Roberts, it must be hard to have a peaceful vacation. After all, it isn’t like she can comfortably stroll around your typical beaches and/or shopping centers – not without being mobbed, anyway. So, the natural solution is to spend a chunk of your (large) fortune to buy a private island resort. And that’s exactly what the Pretty Woman star did when she bought her piece of paradise in the Bahamas.

Getty Images Photo by Karwai Tang

No one is entirely sure what the exact location of the island is, which is for obvious reasons. The last thing she wants is paparazzi to start dropping out of the sky, which seems like something they’d be willing to do for a chance to get their hands on exclusive pictures of her vacation time. The actress also has a vacation home in Hawaii that she and her family use on occasion. Hey, if you can afford it, why not?

Ricky Martin – Angra dos Reis,  Brazil

Worth: $8 Million

This Puerto Rican pop superstar is “Living la Vida Loca” in style, including taking vacations on his own lavish private island off of the coast of Brazil. What’s sort of surprising about this name being on the list is that since the success of his hit singles in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, he didn’t produce that many works, so it’s amazing he’s amassed a net worth of nearly $60 million.

Getty Images Photo by Mindy Small

In 2008, the Latin pop star dropped a cool $8 million on his little slice of heaven. The area is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in all of South America, so it’s no wonder the star would want to call the island his. The property adjacent from his is owned by a world-renowned plastic surgeon who hosts surgery parties. How insanely creepy does that sound? Raise your hand if you want to go to a private island to get chopped up? Yeah, super rich people do live in an entirely different world, don’t they?

Pamela Anderson – Dubai

Worth: Undisclosed Amount

It’s only fitting that someone who’s most famous for how fabulous she looks running along the beach to own her own island to jog down in slow motion. In 2007, Anderson’s ex-boyfriend, Tommy Lee, gifted her this private piece of property off the coast of Dubai. The area is particularly attractive to wealthy buyers due to its white beaches and turquoise waters.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Bezjian

Known as The World Project, and Lee bought this one for his lover because it represents Greece. The 300 islands in the area go for anywhere between $15 and $45 million. Lee and Anderson were married for a few years in the 1990’s but split amidst rumors of domestic violence on his part.  Recently, however, the two have worked things out for the sake of their nine and ten-year-old sons. The island was actually a plea to win her back in 2007, and it worked for a short period of time, but they ultimately split once again not long after the reconciliation.

Gene Hackman – British Columbia, Canada

Worth: Undisclosed Amount

The Academy Award winning actor is no stranger to living life in luxury on private islands. His first island property was Fawn Island, located in Deer Harbor off of the coast of Michigan. The little piece of property is equipped with 2.3 acres of land, and a private boat dock with three homes, including a main 3,500-square foot main house along with two smaller places for guests.


But in 2005, Hackman decided it was time to trade up his little slice of paradise for an even bigger island – and one that was a bit more secluded. So, he sold Fawn Island to some happy new owners and bought a new one of the coasts of British Columbia. Apparently, he felt Fawn Island was a bit too exposed and wanted something where he could feel more secure. Hey, if you’re going to have an island fortress, you may as well make it as secure as possible, right?

Roger Waters, Shakira, and Alejandro Sanz – Bonds Cay, Bahamas

Worth: $16 Million

Bonds Cay is a gorgeous, 700-acre island in, you guessed it – the Bahamas. But unlike all of the others on this list, this one happens to be owned by three celebrities, rather than one. Shakira, Roger Waters, and Alejandro Sanz decided to each put up a share of $16 million to buy Bonds Cay in 2011. It may sound odd, seeming as though the celebrities probably had never all hung out together before the deal, but at $140 million, it would be a major investment for one person, even multimillionaires.

Getty Images Photo by Europa Press Entertainment

Bonds Cay, which is about 125 miles away from the coast of Florida, is near a luxurious hot spot in the Bahamas known as the Berry Islands. The stars plan to develop their piece of heaven into the ultimate high-profile resort. As of now, it’s got plenty of luxury condos with private beach views, an 18-hole golf course, a boutique hotel, and an array of private speedboats. They also plan to have artists-in-residence, that rotate and display their works and make it a unique spot for arts and culture. The stars each own their own homes in Bonds Cay, as well.

Jay-Z And Beyoncé – The Bahamas

Worth: $4 Million

When it comes to celebrity power couples – it’s hard to top Queen Bey and Jay Z in this day and age. The two music superstars have been together for 17 years. They were already famous when they met, but they hadn’t quite acquired as much money as they’ve got stacked up these days. Which is how they’re able to buy each other the best gifts in the world – literally. They’ve bought each other cars, houses, jets, and of course, property.

Getty Images Photo by Mark Davis

For the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary, Jay decided to splurge on his family and invest in a $4 million island off of the coast of the Bahamas. The island has a lavish vacation home with an outdoor pool for Blue Ivy to enjoy. Although the gift may have been more than most people could imagine receiving, Bey still holds the reigns for buying the most expensive present in the relationship. For Father’s Day in 2018, the queen bought her king a $40 million Bombardier Challenger 850 jet.

Steven Spielberg – Madeira Archipelago

Worth: Undisclosed Amount

Steven Spielberg is one of the biggest Hollywood directors in history. It’d be pretty hard to find someone who didn’t recognize the name if they heard it. After all, the man is responsible for some of the greatest films in history, like Jurassic Park, Jaws, and ET. Hence why Spielberg can basically buy anything he wants, including gorgeous private islands off the coast of Portugal. And yes, that’s “islands,” plural, since the legendary film guru threw down enough money to buy two of them.

Getty Images Photo by Craig Sjodin

Spielberg’s island exact locations remain a mystery, as the director uses them to get away from it all on his family vacations. Apparently, he likes to keep everything quiet so that the paparazzi don’t decide to skydive in and ruin a perfectly good party. Hey, if you had a net worth of over $3.5 billion, you’d probably want your privacy, too. What’s the point of having a private island if it’s not, well, private? Of course, if anyone ever did discover the location, it’s not like he couldn’t just buy a new island!

Tyler Perry –  White Bay Cay, Bahamas

Worth: $7 million

Although no one is entirely sure exactly how much entertainment mogul Tyler Perry spent on his private island, White Bay Cay, it’s estimated to be around $7 million, according to People. In 2009, Perry purchased the 25-acre property, along with another, smaller, 7-acre island right next to it. What was the occasion? His 40th birthday, of course.

Getty Images Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris

But White Bay Cay, which is located on the Exuma strip in the Bahamas, wasn’t even Perry’s first island investment. He’s got big plans for his new private vacation hideaway, however, which includes building a 14,000 square foot home, along with plenty of bungalows for visiting guests. Also on the to-do list are a tennis court, spa, and marina. He’s basically going to transform it into the ultimate private resort island.

Naomi Campbell – Isla Playa de Cleopatra, Turkey

Worth: Undisclosed Amount

When you’re supermodel Naomi Campbell, you probably expect a whole lot more than a necklace from Tiffany’s for your birthday. Luckily, when she turned 41, Campbell’s billionaire (now ex) boyfriend, Vladislav Dorinon gifted her this unique vacation home – complete with its own, private island.

Getty Images Photo by Victor VIRGILE

The house is eco-friendly and designed to look like the eye of Horus from above. The eye is a symbol of royal power, health, and protection. And it’s no wonder some billionaires would have a multi-million-dollar home on a multi-million-dollar island designed to symbolize their power, right? But in its location in the Isla Playa de Cleopatra, it has even more meaning, because its’s fabled that the ancient Egyptian queen and her doomed lover, Antony, laid on the shores of this island, and swam in the waters many years ago. The supermodel and her boyfriend ended up calling things quits, but she got to keep the gift.

Johnny Depp – Little Halls Pond Cay, Bahamas

Worth: $3.6 Million

With as much time as Johnny Depp spends hanging out in beautiful, tropic areas filming his Pirates of the Caribbean movies, it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to leave. So, he spent $3.6 million on a 45-acre island in the Bahamas. The actor himself has called it the most “pure and beautiful” place on earth.

Getty Images Photo by Francois G. Durand

Little Halls Pond Cay is surrounded by gorgeous turquoise waters and white sand beaches, which he happened to name after his idols, Marlon Brando and Hunter S. Thompson. In 2005, after Thompson’s suicide, Depp spent $3 million on a one-of-a-kind funeral service for his friend and mentor, which included blasting his ashes into space. A nearby island that has been seen in many of Depp’s Pirates films, Little Pipe Cay, is currently up for sale. So, if you want to be neighbors with Johnny Depp on your own private island, all it’s going to cost you is a cool $85 million.

Jay Leno – Newport, Rhode Island

Worth: $13.5 Million

Jay Leno spent $13.5 million on this lavish, oceanfront mansion in Newport in 2017. The estate was built in the 1930s and was known as Terre Mare. It was originally designed for Verner Zevola Reed Jr., who became the vice president of Chase Bank. The home has 12 bedrooms, 12 full baths, and three half-baths. It also includes a tennis court, carriage house, and a walled garden.


Today, the house is known as Seafair, and the locals are pumped about having funnyman Jay Leno living amongst them. There’s an amazing outdoor pool that faces the ocean where he can entertain his guests. The house also came along with a six-car garage for, well, at least six of his cars, which is a good thing considering Leno likes to collect them.

Celine Dion – Jupiter Island, Florida

Worth: $38.5 Million

Superstar songstress Celine Dion spent over $45 million creating her ultimate vacation hideaway off the coast of Florida. Jupiter Island is home to five large buildings with three pools, all with stunning ocean views. But Dion’s pools aren’t just any pools – they’re more like mini-waterparks, with two lazy rivers and huge waterslides. Now that’s a vacation home!

Getty Images Photo by David Klein

The singer originally acquired her island getaway in nearly $20 million, and that’s just for the actual land. Then, she spent another $20 million building and wiring everything. But Dion wound up listing the resort on the market in 2016, at a whopping $72.5 million. When she did finally find a buyer for it the following year, she sold for $38.5 million – much less than what she was hoping for. The buyer was the Jupiter Island Trust, which is headed up by an American who plans to use it as their own vacation home.

John Lennon – Dorinish, Clew Bay, Ireland

Worth: $300,000

John Lennon first bought Dorinish, a private island in Clew Bay, Ireland, in 1967. He paid 1,700 euros for it (less than $2,000.) The musician and his family, including his first wife, Cynthia, until their divorce. After the split, he and new wife Yoko Ono continued to use the property as a hippie commune. 25 free spirits lived in the island community until 1972, when a fire burned down the supply tent and everyone moved away.


After Lennon passed away, Yoko Ono sold the property for almost 30,000 euros – that’s a pretty impressive profit considering what was initially paid for it! But rather than hanging on to the money, she donated it to a local orphanage. Today, the island is fondly known as “Beatle Island,” and is inhabited mainly by cattle who graze and live freely. Beatle’s fans still pop up to see the place every now and then.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Blackadore Cay, Belize

Worth: $3.6 Million

In 2005, A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio was vacationing in Belize when he stumbled upon Blackadore Cay during a scuba expedition when he was observing the world’s second-largest coral reef system. And after he saw the island, he started planning, but not before he spent over $1.75 million to own the property. Since the purchase, he’s been working hard to turn it into the ultimate eco-resort, which will be a luxurious yet eco-friendly place to stay for those who can afford the price tag.

Getty Images Photo by Steve Granitz

If you aren’t familiar with Leo’s work outside of acting, he’s always advocating for wildlife and the environment, so it makes sense he would opt to do something like this. The resort on Blackadore Cay is set to open later this year and will include 36 bungalows and 36 estate villas that “float” over the water, among other amenities. He’s spent nearly $3.5 million on the project, but it will likely be well worth the money.

Dean Kamen – North Dumpling Island, Connecticut

Worth: $2.5 Million

Dean Kamen built his fortune around the invention of the Segway and founding the non-profit organization FIRST. The engineer bought this two-acre island off of the coast of Connecticut in 1986. He wanted to build a wind turbine on the property, though he was denied by the government. It became a running joke at that point that he was going to secede from the U.S.


Kamen finally got his wish after the island’s electricity was converted to wind and solar combo, and a 10-kW turbine was installed. Obviously, the island always legally remained a part of the country. The inventor jokingly calls it the “Kingdom of North Dumpling,” on occasion. He even made up a constitution, a flag, and a currency – which happens to be the dumpling, of course. Not too many people can afford to buy their own island and declare themselves a Lord, but hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Shah Rukh Khan – Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Worth: $2.8 Million

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan may not own all of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, but he does own a $2.8 million luxury home on it. The island is famous for its peculiar shape and is one of many man-made pieces of property in the area. This area of Dubai is known for its spectacular and high-priced tourist attractions, including some of the world’s best hotels and restaurants.

Getty Images Photo by Azhar Khan

Shah Rukh shares his 6-bedroom villa with his wife, Gauri, and their three children. The family stays in the home over vacations and when “children are back from boarding schools,” according to Gauri’s recent interview with Gulf News. The family spent their 2016 New Year’s Eve watching the fireworks over the water from their lavish villa.

Craig McCaw – James Island, British Columbia

Worth: $75 Million

Craig McCaw bought James Island, off the coast of Vancouver, for $20 million in 1994. The previous owners, a development company, had a marina and 18-hole golf course in the works. After the purchase, he saw the golf course through, designed by Jack Nicklaus, along with a luxurious spa. The island also includes a 5,000 square foot main home, along with several guest cottages, a manager’s residence and a private air strip.


McCaw recently struck a deal with the Discovery Land Corporation, and they are working to develop the residential portion of the island that the original owners were going to complete. The plans are to build around 100 exclusive homes, along with some other amenities for the community members. The new area is being called a “playground for the wealthy and well-connected.”

Mel Gibson – Mago Island, Fiji

Worth: $15 Million

The Braveheart star’s island has by far got to be one of the most luxurious and expensive on the list thus far. In 2004, Gibson spent $15 million on the 5,400 square foot (8.5 square miles) Mago Island. The volcanic island was the subject of an episode of 30 Rock, in which Gibson appears as himself. It is mostly undeveloped with the exception of a modest caretaker’s property and is inhabited by a few locals who keep the island in good shape while the actor is away.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Tran

Gibson purchased the island after the box office success of his major film, The Passion of the Christ. He bought it from the Tokyu Corporation, and much to the dismay of those who were aware of the property’s past as a cotton plantation. Descendants of natives in the area weren’t very happy to learn about the buy. But Gibson is taking good care of the land and has no plans to do anything over-the-top with it.

The Barclay Brothers – Brecqhou, France

Worth: $4.3 Million

The Barclay brothers are literally multi-billionaires, and they can afford anything that money can buy. The Irish identical twins bought Brecqhou, off the coast of Normandy, France, in 1993. On the island, there’s a Gothic-style castle, two pools, and a private helicopter pad. Frederick and Dave made their fortune in the real estate and publishing industries, and they enjoy their luxurious toys – including expensive cars and jets, two things which aren’t allowed on the island of Sark, which Brecqhou is a part of.


Dave and Frederick have gone toe-to-toe with the local government on a number of occasions. One such time was when they challenged Sark’s inheritance law, which stated that their island must go to their eldest son if they were to pass. But the brothers wanted to make sure that all of their children got an equal piece of the pie. Now, women in Sark are entitled to an equal share of their parents’ assets as the eldest male child, thanks to the Barclays. They have also worked to get it declared an independent nation, which has not come into fruition thus far.

Nicolas Cage – Leaf Cay, Bahamas

Worth: $3 Million

If you haven’t noticed the pattern up until now, it definitely seems like the Bahamas is the prime area for celebrities to purchase their private, tropical playgrounds. Nicholas Cage is another big name to own a local Cay, in the form of Leaf Cay, which is right next door to Johnny Depp’s island. The strip of floating pieces of land in the area are known as the Exumas and are largely owned by celebrities and other high-profile individuals.

Getty Images Photo by Amanda Edwards

The Ghostrider star spent over $3 million on Leaf Cay and was initially going to turn it into a resort area for tourists who could afford the lifestyles of the rich and famous. But little did the actor know his plans would be unable to come to fruition. That’s because he happened to purchase an island that’s home to an endangered species of iguana and is therefore unable to fully develop the area into commercial property. He was still able to include a smaller resort on a piece of the land, that caters to A-list visitors and others who can spend a fortune on nightly stays in paradise.

Richard Branson – Necker Island, US British Virgin Islands

Worth: $60,000,000

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson owns one of the world’s most exclusive vacation spots for A-listers and other uber-rich guests. Branson purchased Necker Island in 1978, for just $180,000 – much less than any of the other pieces of property on this list. Now, he makes over $75,000 per night from those who rent out the luxurious rooms, complete with pretty much anything you could ever want or imagine.

Getty Images Photo by JB Lacroix

Everyone from Google founder Larry Page, to Barack and Michelle Obama, to Nelson Mandela, have stayed on the island at one point. Branson has had to spend a lot of money on repairs and renovations throughout his time as the owner of the island. In 2011, a fire damaged the main house so badly it took them two years to rebuild it. Then, in 2017, Hurricane Irma lashed out at the land and caused extensive damage, causing him to close it down for a year. In 2018, it reopened, and has been flourishing since.

Ted Turner – St. Phillips Islands, South Carolina

Worth: $4.9 Million  

Ted Turner is one of the biggest media moguls in the world, so it’s only appropriate that he’d find himself the owner of a few of his own private islands. In 1979, the multibillionaire purchased St. Phillips Islands off the coast of South Carolina and included a conservation easement in the deal. That’s because Turner didn’t want anyone to try and develop the land, but rather, he wanted to see its natural beauty elevated, including the addition of magnolia trees.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Loccisano

As far as buildings on the island, Turner created a 5,000 square foot home with a two-story living room, game room, and private patio overlooking the beach. In 2017, however, he decided to part ways with the property, and listed it for $24 million. But before a private buyer could get their hands on St. Phillips, Turner offered it to the state, who happily obliged the deal, for less than $5 million. The media mogul wanted the island opened up to the public so they can revel in its beauty as he did, and he got his wish when the state started offering tours of St. Phillips in 2018.

John Wayne – Taborcillo Island, Panama

Worth: Undisclosed Amount

Taborcillo has become known as John Wayne Island, since the actor acquired the piece of land in the late 70’s. But Wayne didn’t buy it himself, it was actually gifted to him by Omar Torrijos, leader of the Panamanian Revolution. Today, it’s owned by Austrian businessman Ralph Hübner, who’s created the ultimate resort paradise, complete with all of the amenities.


John Wayne Island is back on the market these days, so if you happen to have $14 million and are looking for a private island with a theme park and hotel, look no further! The hotel includes 25 guest rooms, which are split between a hotel and cabins, all with a western theme, of course. After all, it is The John Wayne Island – that’s what the roadside sign says leading up to it, anyway!

Aristotle Onassis – Skorpios Island, Greece

Worth: $142 Million

The late shipping billionaire Aristotle Onassis purchased Skorpios Island off of the coast of Greece in the 1960’s. Owning a private island wasn’t nearly as common as it is today, and he was actually one of the first people to do so. He dropped over $3 million on the island, which is a whole lot of money, especially for 1960.


After Onassis bought the island, he hosted his wedding to Jackie Kennedy on its shores. When he passed away in 1975, the property was inherited by his daughter. Unfortunately, she only lived for about another 12 years with it in her care. In 1988, she died, leaving Skorpios to her own daughter, who sold it to its current owner in 2013. The buyer, Russian heiress Ekaterina Rybolovleva, paid $150 million for the island. When you consider how much Onassis originally paid for it, that is one insane profit for his granddaughter.

Ekaterina RyboLovleva – Skorpios Island, Greece

Worth: $131.1 Million

We spoke a bit about Ekaterina RyboLoyleva just briefly, earlier in the post, since she is the one who purchased Skorpios Island from Aristotle Onassis’ granddaughter. But Ekaterina is somewhat of a celebrity herself, in the sense she was born into one of the richest families on the planet and is known for dropping serious money on things like property.

Getty Images Photo by Matthias Balk

The Russian heiress bought the 74-acre island off the coast of Greece, calling it her “personal refuge,” and saying that it’s full of history. These days, it’s being turned into a tourism complex for the super-rich and famous.

Robin Williams – Pender Harbor, British Columbia

Worth: Undisclosed Amount

Robin Williams’ death broke the hearts of people everywhere, but it hit his family especially hard, as you can imagine. That’s why, when the late actor passed away, they opted to hang on to his island in Pender Harbor, British Columbia, rather than sell it off.

Getty Images Photo by Stephen Shugerman

Williams passed away in 2014, and it’s still a sore subject for so many, considering the way it all happened. But his children chose to honor him and hang on to the little slice of northern paradise in BC. They had taken a lot of family vacations to the area and wanted to hold on to those moments, and now they’ll have them forever.

Louis Bacon –  Robins Island, Long Island, NY

Worth: $11 million

Robins Island is a 435-acre piece of land off of the coast of New York. Wall Street billionaire Louis Bacon purchased it in 1993 for $11 million from Suffolk County. Right before he bought it, it was almost transferred to a developer who wanted to turn it into a luxury residential area with two dozen homes, but the deal fell through.


The island is home to two mansions secluded in the center of the land and surrounded by two lakes. Since it’s been under his care, Bacon has done a lot to restore the natural beauty of the island. The previous owners had harvested oak trees from the property to be used for lumber, so he brought new ones in and planted them in their place. He also hosts hunting activities to keep the local wildlife populations under control, including deer and pheasants.

David Copperfield, Musha Cay, Bahamas

Worth: $50 Million

Magic mogul David Copperfield dropped a whopping $50 million on Musha Cay island in 2006. The property is situated in the beautiful Bahamas, and Copperfield has turned it into a paradise that you can rent out – for $57,000 per night. After the initial buy, he spent an additional $40 million to create “the most magical vacation destination in the world,” as he calls it. Among the list of high-profile guests to stay on the property are Johnny Depp, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates.

Getty Images Photo by Taylor Hill

And magical it is, as the nightly paradise includes gorgeous beaches with day beds, a steam room, an outdoor movie theatre, and a private speedboat for you to cruise around at your leisure. But Musha Cay isn’t actually one island at all – it’s four of them that come together to create the shape of a shark. Which makes it official that David Copperfield takes the cake on this list so far for the highest number of islands owned at one time. Abracadabra!

Michael Schumacher – Dubai

Worth: $7 Million

Unlike the other names on this list (or, most of them anyway) racecar driver Michael Schumacher was gifted his island. The $7 million piece of manmade property off the coast of Dubai was a present from the country’s crown prince, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The prince, who’s apparently a fan of Formula 1racing, gifted the driver the island after his completion of the Grand Prix at Interlagos.

Getty Images Photo by Stuart Franklin

Schumacher’s island is one of the several hundred that come together to form “The World” islands in Dubai. His is near the southern tip of “Antarctica,” in the map-shaped section of property. Now, in the real world, being in Antarctica probably isn’t much fun throughout the majority of the year. After all, it is the North Pole. But hey, who’s going to complain when they receive such a generous gift, especially when that gift is from royalty. It must be pretty incredible to have people in your life who give you islands to show their support!

Paul Allen – Allan Island, Washington

Worth: $13.5 Million

When you’re the co-founder of multibillion-dollar corporation like Microsoft, it only makes sense that you’d splurge on something no one who works for the company can afford – like your own island. Paul Allen purchased Allan Island, a 292-acre private island off of the coast of Washington in 1992. He spent $13.5 billion on the piece of property.


The large estate includes its own 2,400-foot airstrip, along with a modest caretaker’s cabin. You’d sort of expect there to be more on an island built by a billionaire, especially when you consider the fact there’s no electricity, which would cost approximately $3 million to get wired in. Perhaps he was attracted to the name, but he lost interest, because Paul Allen wound up putting the island back on the market in 2005. He had some trouble offloading it, probably because most people can’t afford islands. Or maybe it was because he listed it at a whopping $25 million. He wound up selling it for a cool $8 million in 2013.

John Malone – Sampson Cay, Bahamas

Worth: Undisclosed Amount

Telecommunications billionaire John Malone actually owns more land than any other single person in the entire world. Malone owns more than 2.2 million acres of land in the United States alone, and a 31-acre island in the Exumas’ Sampson Cay. The tech mogul opened an exclusive resort on the property, including five vacation villas, a marina, and a full-service restaurant. In 2013, however, Malone announced he’d be closing the resort to the public and using it privately for his friends and family from then on out.

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Locals were pretty upset about Malone’s decision, as the resort had become a haven for fishing guides and tour guides, as well as the two dozen employees who worked there on a regular basis. Going private meant that all of those employees lost their jobs and saw a major reduction in workflow (for the guides.) But, in the end, it is a privately-owned island, and if Malone wants to enjoy it with his loved ones, he should be able to do so without contending with vacationing guests.

Rudolf Nureyev – Il Gallo Lungo, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Worth: $2.4 Million

The late ballet phenomenon purchased Li Galli Island on the Amalfi coast of Italy in 1980. It is commonly referred to as “the dance island,” due to its history of ownership. The island, which is shaped like a jumping dolphin, includes a large mansion which Nureyev himself used to live in, but was actually built by the former owner of the island – another Russian dancer named Léonide Messine.


Nureyev passed away from AIDS in 1992, long before he saw his dream of opening a ballet school on the island come to fruition. Today, the three-bedroom mansion is rented out by the week for around 150,000 euros. The stay includes swimming in the incredible saltwater infinity pool built into the cliff-side.  Boaters in the area typically hang around and look longingly at the shores, dreaming about spending the night in the exclusive villa, and, do you blame them?

Dietrich Mateschitz – Laucala Island, Fiji

Worth: $10 Million

Red Bull billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz’s island is one of the world’s most luxurious vacation spots for the rich and famous. Laucala Island is home to an incredible resort, which includes 25 private villas built into a cliff-side and overlooking the beautiful, blue water, along with a full-service bar, stocked with all of the best spirits and plenty of Red Bull. One of the cliff-side villas actually makes it possible for its guests to jump directly from the balcony into the ocean below. The billionaire has his own private home on the property as well. 400 staff members stick around to maintain the tropical paradise for up to 80 guests at any given time.


The glass sided swimming pool is a hot spot for celebrity Instagram photos, and the resort has attracted such high-profile guests as Oprah Winfrey and Elle Macpherson. And the island doesn’t lack fun and exciting activities for its guests, either. You can call up a private, beach-side yoga lesson, or ride a horse through the white sands. Ready for a round of golf? Hit up the 18-hole course before dinner, compliments of your highly skilled private chef.

Eddie Murphy – Long Cay, Bahamas

Worth: $15 Million

Funnyman Eddie Murphy is no stranger to owning land in the Bahamas. But in 2007, he outdid himself by throwing down $15 million on Rooster Cay near Nassau. As Murphy is a very private person, there isn’t too much known about what he’s doing with the island, other than using it as a private vacation resort.

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The island is in one of the most desirable areas of the Bahamas and is in the perfect location for a tropical paradise. A large home sits at the center of the island, and is surrounded by white sands and crystal clear, blue waters. Visitors in the area tend to take boat trips in the direct vicinity to the island, since it’s in a great scuba and snorkeling zone with plenty of coral reefs and colorful sea critters.

Lenny Kravitz – Eleuthera, Bahamas

Worth: Undisclosed Amount

Lenny Kravitz’s family roots can be traced back to the same area where he now owns land – the beautiful Bahamas. In fact, one of the rock legend’s biggest hits, “Fly Away,” was written about the Bahamas in the Bahamas. Although the singer grew up in New York City, his grandparents lived in the tropical paradise, and he used to go visit when he was younger. He said that it was a “whole other world” to be able to pick mangoes and go to the beach, rather than live in the “concrete jungle.”

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In a recent music video, Kravitz’s daughter, Zoë, appeared with her father, strolling down the street of the island rolling suitcases behind them. The street, it turns out, that was the same one that Lenny had spent so much time on as a child visiting his grandpa. Now, he lives in a villa on the island of Eleuthera, but he also owns a smaller island in the vicinity. His private island is undeveloped, and he stays in a trailer when he makes the trip out there.

Larry Ellison – Lanai, Hawaii

Worth: $300 million

Well, this is by far the most extravagant property on the list thus far, that’s for sure. Oracle founder Larry Ellison purchased the sixth largest Hawaiian island, Lanai, in 2012 – or at least, he bought 97% of it. The other 3% is owned by the state and includes private homes. Lanai is also referred to as Pineapple Island, since it operated as a pineapple plantation in its past life.

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Ellison acquired his 97% of the island from the Castle & Cookie corporation for $300 million. His plans are to invest an additional $500 million in creating an eco-friendly agriculture center. He’s spent over $450 renovating the island’s resort, the Four Seasons at Manele Bay, including the addition of a gorgeous, Olympic-sized pool. He is also working on renovations at a second Four Seasons in the area, this one up in the mountains.