Check Out These Hilarious Notes From Annoyed Neighbors

Humans tend to feel at home in communities. This is why we have neighbors. And this is why it’s important to maintain a good neighbor-to-neighbor relationship, even when we are faced with some particularly challenging ones. Check out how these folks managed to use humor and sarcasm to comment on their neighbors’ faux pas.

Pawn the Trash

Everyone has had the experience of being forced to hear a poor, lonely dog bark, yell and cry for hours in the hopes of seeing his owner as soon as possible.


It’s fully understandable if it happens once or twice, but some neighbors take it to the next level. Like we see here. We hope the message got through.

Waving Vengeance

When the ‘Lady of the House’ first read the note written by her neighbor, she realized that there may be a “True Crime” reenactment with her as the lead actress coming soon.


We suggest that this lady starts waving at her neighbor as soon as possible. You do not want to incur the wrath of the waveless.

Who Let the Cats Out?

It’s unclear how many times this poor lady’s cats have attempted an escape before this picture was taken. These cats must be super self-sufficient.


Why would she not let her cats leave the apartment? This is a strange lady indeed. I wonder how many cats have escaped this apartment so far…

Pink Flamingo Attack

This picture creates a lot more questions than it answers. Why did the neighbor call the police? Why pink flamingos? it’s quite a mystery.


Maybe, and this is just speculation, your neighbor didn’t want to speak with you because you’re a crazy, flamingo scattering, psycho.

Drop the Bass

One common assumption is that people with large vehicles and their well-equipped sound systems are doing it to make up for some… deficiency in other areas.


It only follows that complementing their manhood would get you on their good side. We wonder if this actually worked!

Not Quite My Tempo

With shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice” all over our screens, many people get the impression that their horrible singing skills could somehow make them celebrities.


This problem is further exacerbated by our friends and family since most of them won’t even tell us the truth about our limitations. But with neighbors like this, who needs Simon Cowell?

Toilet Problems

If you would order 30 rolls of toilet paper on Amazon, it would only make sense that you would also take comfort in poetic vengeance via a cleverly written note.


What we’re not sure of, though, is where exactly did he or she put the note, considering the package was already taken.

Look, Bob, I’ve Painted My Fence!

We really Bob can appreciate the time and effort it takes to paint a fence. Our brave painter must have gone all the way to the store to pick up that paint!


If that wasn’t enough, they even practiced their artistic abilities by drawing a smiley at the end of their wonderful statement. And it was all for Bob.

Stomping Elephants

As much as we sympathize with anyone who has loud stomping neighbors, we can’t help but marvel at the idea of a world where you can have extinct creatures or large mammals living above your head.


Oh well, until then, please keep the stomping to a minimum kind, sir.

Bad House Design Advice

Not all families greet their fellow neighbors with baked goods. Some people, like this guy, prefer to jump-start the long-lasting relationship ahead of them by giving some unsolicited design advice.


Apparently, there’s a new type of bad neighbor we didn’t know existed until now — the one type who is extremely bothered by mailbox aesthetics.

Snorkel Not Included

There are many reasons why someone would choose to steal a 4-year old’s paddling pool.


Maybe the thief was just doing her a favor and saving her from a very bad swim? This neighbor was clearly not giving their neighbors the benefit of the doubt, like this very friendly note shows.

Have a Crappy Day!

Nobody likes finding dog poop on their favorite sidewalk, especially on a nice sunny day. Luckily, this person is a very artistic individual, and like most artists, managed to find a way to make the best out of the situation.


We hope the perpetrator sees this, learns their lesson, and gets a good laugh.

The Purrrfect Pet Peeve

While trying to quit the habit, Whiskers was negatively surprised when cigarette butts started appearing on his balcony. This kicked the habit right back and this time it would be a much bigger challenge to quit.


Luckily, his owner had no problem stepping in and making sure that his favorite feline was sticking to his rehab schedule.

An Unholy Night

The only thing worse than being single and miserable is being single and miserable while hearing the couple above you enjoying their relationship… a little too much.


Luckily for this neighbor, the noises only lasted for two or three minutes though, so he concluded that it was a mere exorcism.

Bad Priorities

While many people occasionally put the garbage outside their door to avoid uncomfortable smells, they usually take it out within a few hours or so.


However, if you prefer to take out your dog rather than your trash, you might want to rethink your priorities. apparently, Apartment 1460 needed to be taught a lesson and shamed into proper behavior.

Nudist Neighbors

There’s nothing wrong with being nude where you live and spend much of your day.


However, if you do intend to try it out, it’s only decent to make sure that your neighbors aren’t getting a front-row seat to you prancing around in your birthday suit. Do everyone a favor and shut your blinds.

Pet Robin Hood

Ever since Amazon began delivering items straight to your front door, thieves and other lowlifes saw the perfect opportunity to take things that don’t belong to them.


It’s understandable why a thief would be interested in stealing an expensive or electronic item, but we think stealing a pet’s water bottles might be a step too far.

Veterans Party Pooper

Soldiers coming back from overseas is no small event and it’s expected, even required, to throw a great party in celebration. Almost any neighbor would understand and give you a free pass for such a celebration.


However, calling your neighbors “terrorists” for potentially complaining about your noise is a great way to make everyone hate you.

Join the Labor Party

This neighbor wanted to make sure that when his pregnant wife begins going into labor nobody calls the police.


After all, she might start making sounds as if she’s being attacked by a bear (or turned herself into one), so everyone else should stay calm through all the commotion.

Don’t Be Like Alan

Sometimes you move into a new apartment – the living room looks fantastic, it’s big, comfortable, and just in great condition overall. Then you notice something’s off.


It appears that your location makes you the victim of some very unfortunate smells. Many neighbors try to solve this through discourse, some choose to turn into totalitarian dictators like Alan here.

No Missionaries Allowed

This neighbor apparently had one too many visits and perhaps took them a bit more personally than they should have.


This is what they made to make sure that nobody will ever preach to them about the wondrous acts of Jesus ever again, let alone, dare to knock on their not so godforsaken door again.

An Articulate Thief

Some people still get their daily news stories from the old newspaper. For these people, there’s nothing more annoying than having your morning paper stolen on a daily basis.


Well, there may be something more annoying than that… Like the thief responding, making you sound stupid in your own complaint.

Pound For Pound

When this cat was found strolling around without its collar, the neighbor assumed it might just be a stray cat and made sure it was taken to the pound.


That wasn’t the action of a pet hater… they were just being responsible! Either way, they did not anticipate their actions to cause such grief to this poor neighbor.

Poop Quarterback

After seeing that their neighbor was continuously shirking their doody lifting duty, this veteran ballplayer decided to take matters into their own hands.


He threatened to throw the poop directly into their neighbor’s mouth if they ever did it again, as a way to make sure that they don’t repeat this behavior. Gross.

Responsible Child

The girl from apartment 346 is going to middle school in just two weeks. She decided to practice her literary abilities by asking her upstairs neighbors to stop stomping on the ground at night.


We might not know the full story here, but based on the girl’s writing abilities, we’ll assume that there was no malice involved.

Crazy Andre

Andre left a cat in this guy’s apartment and stole his laptop, but he also had the good sense of apologizing for these incidents the morning after.


Anyway, Andre does seem to be sorry for his actions and perfectly willing to take responsibility for everything. We applaud his honesty and hope things work out for the best.

The Lazy Mom

Taking care of kids is not simple. Every medical professional would advise you to keep your children’s extremities as warm as possible during winter.


We’re not sure why this mom would make her kids go out barefoot in winter, but it’s a good thing that this courageous neighbor decided to intervene and set her straight.

He’s Coming for You

Liam Neeson has become quite a meme since his first performance in the action trilogy “Taken.” This might be one of the best uses of the meme yet.


We guess the next step for this pissed off resident is to buy a security camera, a rope, and a big plastic bag.

Bike Thief

Getting your bike stolen is one of the most disappointing experiences a teenager can have. Usually, it happens in waves and at particular locations, so this rapping neighbor is truly the canary in the coal mine.


Residents of the building are lucky to have a caring neighbor that would take time to playfully warn them of potential theft.

Blatant Warning

Everyone occasionally experiences that paranoid feeling when you’re almost sure that you forgot to lock your door. Well, everyone except this neighbor, who just got a very surprising note on his door.


We are grateful that this worried neighbor made sure to leave an impression that the apartment owner will never forget.

Protector of Plants

Not all heroes wear capes. This brave neighbor took care of a plant that was in serious condition.


Even though the pot did not survive, his best friend, plant, is kept safe through the heroic and brave actions of one unbelievable neighbor.

Hagrid’s Stomping

What people imagine when they hear loud stomping says more about them than the actual stomper.


Some fight back by hitting the ceiling with a broom, while others use words in the very deep developed sense of imagination to get their point across.

My Anaconda Note

The sheer irony is astounding when you claim that you accidentally lost a 7-foot snake and then saying in the next sentence that there’s nothing to worry about.


Most likely this was just a prank note meant to scare people into calling poor Nick. We’d probably just prefer to live as far away from Nick as possible.

No Way Jośe

If you can get past the sheer awkwardness of a person choosing to raise a rooster in their own apartment, you still have to take into account that these creatures can interrupt even the best night’s sleep.


This poor neighbor needs to get his sleep or he’s going to go bird hunting.

Unlocked WiFi Connection

You may think Nick’s note is genuinely concerned. However, this was most likely the work of a selfish, leeching neighbor with no internet of his own.


Either way, this note is a reminder for anyone using Wi-Fi should opt to put a password on it if they don’t want other people to use their Internet.

Block Me Maybe

Anyone who’s ever owned a parking spot knows the gut-wrenching feeling of having your parking spot taken by an anonymous vehicle.


Some people call the police, others resort to vandalism and forced “removal“ of the annoying car in question. Leaving a note like this usually does the job too.

Kind German Nudists

Europeans have a relatively more open view of nudity than their American counterparts. This concerned neighbor was nice enough to not only open their eyes as to the issue itself but also to provide two solutions.


Hopefully, the German neighbors can read basic English, otherwise, a more direct and awkward method of approach might be necessary.

Public Relationship Issues

Based on the note, it seems the romance has fizzled out, and now all that’s left is bad communication and very loud voices.


It’s always uncomfortable to realize other people know your private business, so we can’t even begin to imagine how bad it would feel to know the whole building is rooting for you to break up.

Unholy Neighbors

It’s not clear what exactly the religious neighbors meant when they referred to the couple’s activities as “godless“.


If it means what we think it means, we hope this little girl’s parents take the time to explain things to her and that she won’t be too traumatized when she learns that children don’t necessarily come via stork delivery.

Stomping the Police

This guy tried using a song by The Police to bolster his chances of succeeding in this endeavor. But what’s not clear is the meaning behind the XO signature at the bottom.


Somehow, we are beginning to think that people who write poetry to communicate with their neighbors may not be quite the most socially adept people.

A Music Critic is Born

This neighbor was so inspired by last night’s performance that he decided to post a full review. We’ll give this guy a 10 out of 10 when it comes to effort and creativity.


Who knows, we might just see this person developing a career as a Rolling Stone reporter.

Extreme Environmentalism

In this example, we have a neighbor leaving a very distressing note regarding the police and mayor due to the alleged perpetrator “hurting flowers” apparently.


Is this a disgruntled neighbor or a peacekeeping environmental Samarian? We really have no idea.

Political Vandalism

There are two possible scenarios plaguing this horrible note: in scenario A, we’ve got an Obama supporter getting crapped on by his neighbor who decided that political activism is more important than basic human decency.


We’ve also got scenario B, in which a vandal actually posted a sticker that is pro Obama on his neighbor’s car.

Revenge Best Served Cold

Finally! We’ve been waiting to meet a brave hero who stands up to corruption and shows bad neighbors the consequences of their actions.


This tough guy got his wet clothes taken out in the middle of their laundry cycle, did they write a poem about it? Heck no, they paid the other person back, twice as hard!

Ring-A-Ding Ding

Part of living around other people involves having to deal with hearing them go about their daily life, but when you can hear a neighbor’s car alarm going off without end for an entire night, anyone would be justified in leaving a threatening note.


How they’re that heavy of a sleeper is beyond us, but hopefully, the note worked.

Musical Critique

What happens when you pair a musically knowledgeable person with an annoying neighbor that plays bad music all the time? A brilliant literary critique.


Known as one of the most critically acclaimed pieces of musical critique ever written, the guy who wrote this note would end up being remembered as one of the greatest philosophers in musical history.

Freud Won’t Be Happy

When someone is yelling at you to calm down while the veins in his forehead about to pop, that is what psychologists call ‘projecting’.


Although we don’t have any evidence of whether or not the neighbors had obnoxious and loud friends over, what we do know for sure is that non-ignorant and considerate people do not write notes like this.

I’m Not Really Apologizing

Einstein once said that while genius is limited, there is no limit to human stupidity. On that same note, you can only be oh so considerate, but a lack of consideration? It’s near-infinite in potential.


We hope the relatively polite message got through to this neighbor, and that this poor nurse is sleeping tightly.

Stealing a Man’s Cup

Stealing a man’s package is one thing. Stealing the item that’s supposed to protect a man’s package is a different thing entirely.


We’re not sure what sport it is that the note writer practices, but we hope it’s something related to kicking people’s butts.

Garbage John

Once in a while, you come back home drunk and you just have to pee or your bladder will explode. Sure, you could’ve just peed outside the apartment, but that’s no fun.


Perhaps this neighbor was just trying to get the garbage wet so it’s easier for the garbage people to squeeze it in the garbage truck. No? OK…

Cheesy Surprise

Why Eric decided to throw cheese on the roof of his neighbor’s apartment is beyond us. Perhaps Eric was vegan and making a statement.


Anyway, if Eric doesn’t stop throwing cheese on the roof, it might be time to start throwing cheese back at him.

Orange Car Bad

Orange-phobics are so distressed at the sight of a large orange vehicle that they go as far as writing a disgusting note meant to patronize the car’s owner.


If there was a button that colors the note writer’s house, clothes, and life orange, we would press it in a heartbeat.

Move Away Maybe

There’s nothing like passive-aggressive people to add some color into a neighbor’s life. Would the neighbor get the musical reference?


Would they change their ways due to the beautifully painted note? We’re not really betting on it, but hey — these are some really nice writing abilities! Might as well put them to some use and write something nice.

Poop Wars

In the eternal battle of poop between humans and dogs, it seems that dogs are winning. Regardless, nobody likes to have someone poop on their property, human or dog.


If we were the ones seeing this sign and it was directed towards us, you’d probably see us picking up poop every day from now on.

Parking Lessons

Even though the passive-aggressiveness of this note is painfully obvious, you have to appreciate this neighbor taking the time to both explain basic parking and draw a diagram.


If this person keeps parking in the wrong space, or over the yellow lines after this, this neighbor might resort to slashing tires. And we can’t say we disagree.

The Annoying Flute Player

On the one hand, we feel for the poor flute player. Then again, if we were this guy’s neighbors, we’d probably be leaving the same kind of note. Although perhaps a slightly less aggressive one.


Sorry, buddy, it may be time to give away that flute. Or soundproof the walls, at least.

A Simple Note

This person was angry, and we don’t blame them. It seems that their neighbor completely lost it when they saw dog poop on their property.


Instead of trying with a note first, they simply decided to throw the poop on the person’s car. Not OK. Also, next time, use paper.

The Sneaky Old Lady

Apparently, an old lady in this neighborhood has been very naughty. Not only has she been throwing her dog’s poop in other people’s trash cans, but she’s clearly been doing it for a while!


Something tells us this neighbor wouldn’t have written such an aggressive note otherwise.

They’ve Had Enough

It’s never pretty when your neighbor threatens to pick up dog poop and slap it on your head. But then again, neither is leaving your dog’s crap on somebody else’s lawn.


This neighbor has had enough, and we completely believe they will actually do this if they see even the tiniest piece of poop on their lawn.


These people were tired of being watched, and maybe even filmed, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. And we applaud them. Everybody has the right to privacy, and whoever put up that camera should be severely penalized.


Although something tells us that, after seeing this sign, they shut off that camera for good.


We get it. It’s not nice to live with someone that has a bed bug infestation and all they do is play Diablo 3.


However, when kicking someone out of the house, it is preferable to do it in person, and not with such a passive-aggressive note. Anyway, good luck, Linda.

The Friendly Neighbor

How nice of this them to rescue their neighbor’s couch cushions. Trying to rescue the entire couch would have been even nicer, though.


Hopefully, they did all they could, and the couch was just too far gone. If only everybody could be as nice a neighbor as the people in 538.

The Nicest Random Stranger

Although it’s not very calming to know you have a neighbor that siphons gas out of your car at 3 o’clock in the morning, we guess it is nice that they at least paid you back.


We just hope it doesn’t become a regular thing.

Too Much Incense

There’s nothing wrong with lighting some nice incense at home. However, if you’re lighting so much incense that your neighbors are leaving you concerned notes asking you to stop, you’ve definitely gone too far.


What we wonder is, if the neighbors smell it that strongly, what in the hell is happening inside this person’s home?!

Recycled Art

You have to applaud this neighbor’s creativity and patience. Not only did they go through the trouble of picking up someone else’s cigarette butts, they decided to use them to write a message.


And boy, did they prove their point. We truly hope they pick up their butts from now on.

No more Roxette

Everybody loves Roxette, but not at 5:30 AM. If you’re going to snooze for 30 minutes, go back to birds chirping.


Also, we love that picture of Grumpy Cat, and the messy-haired little kid. And we would sincerely take this neighbor seriously when they threaten to play the Macarena at 5 in the morning.

The Passive-Aggressive Smiley Face

There’s nothing quite like a smiley face to end an already annoying neighbor note. Although, in all fairness, they are totally right. people usually need some kind of permit to build a garage, especially when it crosses over to another person’s property.


Hey, at least the neighbors were friendly enough to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Don’t Feed the Pigeons

Pigeons do things, so don’t feed them, the end. And to be fair, they are right. Pigeons really do a lot of things. Annoying things.


Everybody knows that once you start feeding them, more pigeons will come, and will breed, and will continue to do this until the end of time. So yes, they do things. Stop helping them.

The Prehistoric Sandals Neighbor

What a clever, passive-aggressive way to tell the upstairs neighbor to stop stomping around.


We commend this neighbor for taking the time to find a photo of these rock sandals, write the note, print it, and stick it on the staircase. Now that’s commitment.

Not a Fan of Squirrels

We’re not so sure about the bubonic plague, but feeding squirrels do make them more dependent on humans. And if they’re using the neighbors’ lawn to bury their nuts, you should definitely stop feeding them so much.


Then again, maybe the squirrel feeder can make a case saying that peanuts serve as good fertilizer?

Best Note Ever

It is incredibly annoying for someone to leave their clothes in a shared dryer for such a long time.


Max from 3F is not only a great artist. He’s also a very creative writer. He even tried to fold his neighbor’s sheets! We would love to have a neighbor like Max. We support you, Max!


Malcolm must have been so happy with himself when he wrote this note. After all, nothing beats rubbing something in a bad neighbor’s face.


This is a reminder of why it’s so important to be nice to our neighbors. You never know when a bunch of gypsies might come around to steal your things.

Toilet Paper Dictatorship

We don’t know which note is funnier (or more worrying) – the one asking tenants to use a specific type of toilet paper for the sewage system’s sake, or the one from a tenant asking socks could do.


Let’s just hope the tenant was joking, because the sewage definitely won’t be able to handle a pair of socks!

The Plant Thief

Really, who steals a plant?! We understand that it’s much easier to take an already beautiful, grown plant instead of caring for one yourself but, you simply cannot do that. This is why we love this sign so much.


Especially the part about punching kittens, because that’s an extremely accurate comparison. The neighbors truly do suck!