Clever Bookstore Signs That Will Make You Want to Read More

It doesn’t take much to entice people to read—usually, just thinking of a good book is enough to help you unwind. But on a busy day, when the stress of work can cloud people’s thoughts and distract them from making plans, a clever bookstore sign can remind them that a good book makes everything better.
In an era of e-books and Amazon, it’s never been more important to attract potential readers the best way they know how – with clever signs! And these bookstores did not disappoint.

Don’t Risk It

On behalf of the bibliophile within your friend group, here is a suggestion: do not–and we repeat, do not–risk bears over books. It’s just not worth it. Books are always a safe bet, and sure, you probably want to see what adventure awaits in the unknown, but why not explore the unknown from the safety of a book?


Better yet, you can get a book about bears, from scientific to more imaginative works like fantasy novels; it will definitely be risk-free when snuggled into a good book under the covers.

Yay Books!

Despite technological advancements and their best efforts to drive distractions through the heart of our brain’s attention span and the printed page, there are still some bookstores that are putting up the good fight.


Books are not only your reward for having an attention span, but reading will also improve your concentration. So why waste your precious time on that meditation app you’ll probably never use? Just get a book and enjoy the mind-altering effects that come along with having an attention span.

Books You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

The sheer number of fantasy books published in any given year can be harrowing, and it doesn’t help matters that this genre is so series-heavy. From “The Vampire Diaries” to the Twilight Saga, vampire culture has seduced fiction lovers the world over, and the main victims of this fixation are teenagers.


Vampires were originally a monster to be feared, but they’ve now transitioned into a staple in young adult fiction.  This obsession has garnered some kind of cult following, and this even manages to take over the entire Young Adult section of a bookstore.

Don’t Haggle Over Prices

This sign tells a story of a disgruntled employee who’s tired of having to answer to customers and their silly questions about book prices. Of course, they could just put prices on the books; then their patrons wouldn’t have to ask…


Honestly, though, who would complain about book prices at $1.00 a book?! It probably adds up if you have to ask; now that we think about it, we’re pretty sure this sign is just used to trick customers into paying more for books…

You Convinced Us!

You’ve always wanted to be a hero; you’ve daydreamed about saving your crush from tripping over or rescuing a kitten stuck in a tree, well now’s your chance. Helping some booksellers escape may not have been on your list of good deeds, but it’s a start.


In this case, heroes are those who buy books in their true printed form from booksellers wanting to escape. You can be a hero too, just buy some books from your local bookstore, and you’ll make at least one person happier!

At Least You’ll Have a Book

Even if a book doesn’t warm you up, it will give you the kind of warm and fuzzy feeling you’ve been craving for months and is especially necessary for the dead of winter.  So who are we to dispute this kind of logic?


Buying a book will equip you to better face the metaphorically cold and inhospitable nature of the outside world, literally though, not so much, you may also want to buy a sweater.

This Logic is Indisputable

Millions of years ago, there were hundreds upon hundreds of dinosaurs that ruled the earth. Ever since the earliest dinosaur fossil was unearthed, these prehistoric creatures have been at the forefront of our imagination, from early sci-fi novels to big-city museums.


Many still find them fascinating, thanks to their fearsome reputations. Their sheer size and menacing nature would have made life for us as human beings, pure and utter horror. Lucky for us, they didn’t read, which was probably their downfall. Better stock up on some books!

We Can’t Help But Laugh

Is this a sign of the times, literally? Some of us may never forget the first sentence we ever conjugated. While others like to write in acronyms instead of fully expressing their feelings, like LOL and BRB, and asking questions like “what’s conjugation?”


It appears the LOLers are ruining everything that is good and holy. Book lovers everywhere are cringing every time they hear someone use ‘like’ too often. There are things far worse, however, like terribly mortifying typos.

Sad Books

Humans naturally tend to anthropomorphize, treating everything as if it possesses some degree of understanding or emotions. And these clever bookstore employees knew exactly how to tug at our heartstrings by giving human emotions to some of our favorite inanimate objects, books.


We all want to read a certain book because we know it will be a real tear-jerker, and the very best books can elicit a full range of emotions, even if that involves a little heartbreak. But we never actually want to see books feeling sad; that just tragic!

Bad Romance

Romance novels are overwhelmingly written by and for women, where women’s experiences, desires, and inner lives are placed center stage. But we’re not here to discuss romance novels; we’re here to address their bad reputation, which is so clearly seen in these delightfully cheesy book covers.


One of the best things about romance is tied up in something it’s most disdained for the predictability. Like any other genre, Romance novels have their genre rules and conventions. Two criteria must be met for a romance to be a romance: The central plot must be a love story, and the book’s cover must include a well-built man without a shirt.

Another Reason to Love Books

Like many bookworms out there, we fully maintain the belief that any book is far superior to the TV show it is based on. So when “Game of Thrones” first premiered in 2011, we were torn between reading the books that inspired George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series or simply watching the show.


If you like “Game of Thrones,” then you’ll love geeking out about it by comparing the books to the show. Reading the books will help up your dinner banter as well — because any worthwhile conversation simply has to feature “Game of Thrones.”

What a Deal!

Imagine having the power of invisibility? Imagine no more! For all those Muggles who have been waiting to get their hands on a very rare item, invisibility cloaks are now on sale for 50% off their original price!


Appear to disappear with this marvelous Harry Potter collector item. The Invisibility Cloak made its first appearance when Harry received it as a gift, and now you can vanish from view as well, just like the ‘chosen one!’ The perfect cloak for Harry Potter fans!

It’s Always Time For a New Book

Once upon a time, reading a book and actually enjoying it was pretty difficult. First, you had to learn to read; then you had to find time to read when weekends were not as standard as they are today. Luckily, we’re far past such 15th-century taboos, and now there are few pursuits as leisurely and relaxing as hanging out with a good book or two.


Ever wondered when it’s the best time to buy a certain item? Now that we’re living in a relatively progressive era, there’s never a bad time to purchase a book! Oh, would you look at that! It’s almost time to buy another book!

The Truth

Do you know what’s really appealing in a prospective partner? Intelligence – and as this sign so clearly states we can fully agree. Can intelligence be measured through a simple conversation or over the course of a date?


Maybe, but why not make it easier and just carry a book around wherever you go? It will make you look clever, and everyone will know what your priorities are.

Books Galore!

Another year, another billion more books came out, and let’s be honest, what else do you have going on? This bookstore clearly has all the books you need; their list is exhaustive and sure to keep up with the likes of Amazon.


The sheer amount of books that come in all the time must be marvelous, well, unless you make a list to showcase your tremendous selection, then, of course, your hand would start cramping up!

Only One Answer

Keeping up with all the essential-reading lists can soon turn into an overwhelming struggle – we all know what it’s like, finish one, adds three more to the pile stacked on your bedside table, and the cycle carries on until it’s simply unacceptable.


In light of that, should we buy another book? Seeing as we’re plagued with analysis paralysis when it comes to making purchases, it’s sometimes nice to get straight-forward guidance on what we should do, even if we don’t *need* a new book.

No Thanks

Whenever we meet someone who says they have enough books, we can’t help but feel genuine sadness for these people; that feeling is soon followed by a little outrage and serious offense. What do you mean you have enough books!


In all honestly, there are two kinds of people in the world. Some people may be aware of the fact that they have enough books but still want more – while others believe they have enough books. The latter is also known as monsters.

Books Have Many Purposes

Books have primarily been used for leisurely reading and learning; within their printed pages, we can learn so much. But what some of us might not be aware of is that books can also serve a more practical purpose, like functioning as a structural stack…


This is probably the most bookish arrangement that we have ever come across that’s not meant for reading. Is it any wonder that they had to write this out? We’d be confused too if we grabbed a book from a shelf only to be told; it’s not meant for reading!


Whatever happened to the simple and innocent pleasure of just, you know, reading? These days, there are so many different crazes and unique preferences that it’s natural to lose track of them all. Since when did licking books become a thing?


As far as we’re concerned, this may be a bit out there, though, and if you’re as confused by this sign as we are, it most probably means you prefer reading books, and not as the sign so clearly states, licking them.

Strong Persuasion

If you like books, there’s a good chance you enjoy the Star Wars franchise. “Need to read the best Star Wars books you do.” the fact that anyone can understand that sentence is proof of the lasting impact and wide fascination we have with Star Wars movies.


Like books, the Star Wars movies and their universal appeal are why so many people use them in everyday life and inevitably make signs like this compelling message. Now read these books!

It’s Difficult to Resist This

As the old saying goes – if you don’t love your shelves, who else will? In earlier times, creature comforts looked quite different than they do now. In days gone by, life was simpler; if you needed some relaxation, you’d likely have booked a scenic trip where you could spend your days hiking local trails and nights winding down up at the hotel restaurant.


Now, we’re more likely to find that same sense of solace at home, snuggling up with some books and a warm cup of hot chocolate. So why not splurge a little on some new books? Your shelves will thank you!

This is True

Sometimes we all need a break, guys. We’re not suggesting you stick your head in the proverbial sand and ignore all current events. We’re suggesting you take a pause for a few minutes every other day and think of something a little bit nice or fantastical or maybe even a little thrilling. We can’t run on fear and negativity alone.


After all, if we were trapped in a difficult situation and someone offered us a temporary escape, why wouldn’t we take it? So go ahead and solve that mystery with your favorite detective! If romance your preferred choice, then delve into some love stories.

Someone Needs Glasses

Whoever made this sign is not afraid to call people out for walking past a bookstore. Maybe they somehow didn’t notice that it was a bookstore, or it could be that they really need to have an eye test.


Walking past a bookstore without entering is only a mild offense; there are far worse crimes one could commit. But honestly, if you catch yourself walking past a bookstore, you might want to make an appointment with your optometrist.

Books are For All Ages

While we no longer “need” to read children’s books, we still do, as much as we’d hate to admit it. Why is it that we still enjoy books intended for younger audiences? These books are not always the ones that we read as children.


There are times when a children’s book can console and comfort an adult just as effectively as it does a young adult. A good book is a good book, and good books rise to the top, no matter for whom they’re intended. How much younger reading do you do?

The Best Kind of Party

Arranging the perfect party for an adult can be tough; some don’t want to make a big fuss, while others have outgrown parties completely. Going to a birthday party soon becomes eerily similar to a dentist appointment.


Card games can be fun but also risky as giggles quickly dissolve into tense conversations. In any case, it’s best to throw a book shop party!

Spongebob Has an Important Message

This sign must be one of the best we’ve seen so far! The most obvious reason is that it features Spongebob, the world’s most lovable sponge, and this recreation perfectly expresses how we would respond when someone says you “have too many books.”


It’s widely accepted by now that this long-running cartoon character remains one of our most popular characters, and especially with millennials who grew up watching it. Its silly sense of humor included plenty of meme-worthy takes that make this a hilarious choice for a sign; well done, Curious Iguana!

Blind Date, Anyone?

We are all familiar with the dread that involves going on a blind date; it can be painfully awkward and make you unreasonably self-conscious and critical at the same time! But imagine having a blind date with a book? That seems far more enjoyable and even within reason.


Kaleido books sure know how to market their stock, and if this idea for a ‘blind date’ picks up, they may even revolutionize the very meaning we come to associate with such a dreaded notion.

Death By Pop-Up Ads

Truth be told, pop-ups ads have been around for some time now, and their battle for our attention has only become more and more pervasive. It’s safe to say that the vast majority of online visitors want pop-ups to disappear, but they won’t be going anywhere for a while.


So if you find you simply can’t stand the ads, it’s time to visit your nearest book store and buy up a stockpile of some delightful stories to keep you company when you need a break from scrolling on the web.

Grumpy Cat

Only the greatest memes transcend social media platforms and establish themselves as book store signs. Like Grumpy Cat, the permanently frowny feline. Grumpy Cat, whose name in real life is Tardar Sauce (strange name, we know), seems pleased that you’re alone on Valentine’s day.


Even though it seems mean-spirited, we can’t help but laugh at our own expense; that was the beauty of Grumpy Cat; her unfriendly expression somehow blended with humor and helped us learn not to take ourselves so seriously.

Every Book is a Tardis

Kaleido Books strike again, and this time with reference to Doctor Who. The beloved Television series that’s been around since 1963, while that’s nothing for a Time Lord, it’s definitely a long time for a TV show.


Seeing as a Tardis is “Time And Relative Dimensions In Space,” it perfectly fits a book’s description, with Time Lords using TARDISes to get from A to B – and also time-travel from then to now.

Sad But True

In a single generation, Amazon has grown from an emerging online bookseller to one of the most powerful corporations of our time. But activism and community are both the backbone behind local stores.


So why not show them your support when they sponsor local causes and your kid’s ball team?  Yes, shopping online might be incredibly convenient, but it doesn’t beat support from your local bookstore; you get to see books in real life and come in contact with actual human beings; surely that’s better than shopping online?

Anxiety-Inducing Books

Are you tired of having to look at boring and often misleading book sections at his local bookstore? Well, this bookstore decided to create their own alternative sections that would more accurately describe their books. The result; light-hearted fun!


Amongst these books, there are SAT math workbooks as well as guides to pay for college, because yes, those are books we wouldn’t buy for fun, just looking at their titles makes us break out in a sweat!


We all know what it’s like to procrastinate, playing the time-limit equivalent of limbo – how long can we go till we have to get to work? And for some people, procrastination is just how they operate. Procrastination can sometimes feel like we are battering our own brains to see how close we can get to our deadline as possible.


So when we see a funny sign like this, we can definitely relate to how accurate it is! If you happen to be procrastinating RIGHT NOW, then it’s certain that you can relate to this sign!


This bookstore has clearly had some problems with customers letting their children run around unsupervised, so they decided to make a sign that will for sure keep well attended to! We wouldn’t mind a puppy, but can you imagine having a small child hyped up on caffeine?


Coffee may be the world’s favorite stimulant, but don’t underestimate how powerful and intense its effects are when given to small children. We wouldn’t dare to wish that on our worst enemy!

Great Features

Despite mankind’s utter dependence on technology, most people’s knowledge about these humble objects we know as books may have disappeared, or we may simply have missed the great perks that come along with reading a tangible book as opposed to scrolling through on our smartphones.


In case you forgot, this wise bookseller wanted to remind us of all the great features books inherently have! Besides being cheaper than e-books, they require no batteries, no software upgrades, are anti-glare, and are approved for all flights. Now that’s a bargain!

Hurricane Ready

To salute this miracle device of entertainment, this bookstore owner decided to make a sign to promote books and their suitability for natural disasters that naturally mean there will be power outages.


Being stuck without electronics of any kind may be a real bummer. You’ve run out of battery on your phone with no way of charging it, so instead of checking your Facebook account, you can read a book!

Tsk Tsk

Of all the things no self-respecting adult should be doing, spilling coffee on a book ought to be at the peak of the list. The worst part, this wasn’t even their own books, but books on display at a bookstore.


Thanks to those who clumsily drank their coffee while looking at books, new rules had to be enforced at this bookstore to keep such madness in check. At any rate, this is one of those serious bookstore blunders that are unacceptable after you become a “real” fully functional adult.

More Accurate Signs

The first step on your path to enlightenment is to acknowledge your problem areas. Sure, you want to learn how to cook, and you have every intention of making three new recipes this week, but we all know these ambitious recipe books are probably only going to be collecting on your shelf.


If you are still considering purchasing one of these books after you’ve read this sign, you might just be adamant enough to learn, or maybe you just like collecting books? Either way, good for you!


Is this a request for people to turn the pages or books that are themselves page-turners? (We just wanted to make sure before we put in our application!) In all seriousness, though, all bookstores are bound to have books that are page-turners, but they might sometimes be lacking in people buying them.


With the advent of online shopping, audiobooks, and just well, the internet, people are reading less, so better find your nearest bookstore and turn some pages!

How to Be Rich?

Books are probably the most misunderstood, readily available item you can buy that will actually make you richer. For example, have you ever read a book that gave you a different perspective on life? Or read majestic fiction that captivated you so much you couldn’t put it down?

weheartit/TVD fangirl

You never have to leave your cozy seat, and yet what other experiences can you buy that capture your imagination while making you smarter? Can you browse through Facebook while improving your concentration and using your imagination? No, Facebook might be fun and full of stories, but it’s definitely not helping your concentration.


Jerry Seinfeld said this, so it must be true! If aliens were ever to land on earth in the dead of night, they might stumble upon an independent bookstore, and without knowing it, they found proof that we are an ‘intelligent’ lifeform.


They just need to stay away from a Twitter cause that’s a whole other story. So when’s the last time you set foot in a bookstore? It might be a good indication you need to visit one immediately!

Shopping with a Bookworm

So you want to go shopping with your bibliophile friend? Sure, your intentions are well placed, but odds are, you don’t know what you’re getting into. So, in the interest of helping you in placating the most well-read of your companions, this bookstore made this sign to guide you in your quest.


There are few things more taxing on this earth than losing your friend in a bookshop. The trick is not to lose them; once they disappear, you might as well give up and head on home, hoping you’ll see them again in another life.

It’s That Time of Year

At the risk of sounding like we’re turning into our parents, we secretly pine for the magical time of year when pumpkin spice is everywhere, the air is chilly, and we make fun of those people who like leaf-peeping while simultaneously planning drives using fall-color maps.


People, for the most part, like fall. But there are some people who really like fall because it means they get to stay in and read more books and what better excuse do you need to read more books?

Valentine’s Day

No matter what plans you end up making, don’t be like Mr. Splook! Unless it was recommended to you by a trusted friend or source, getting a gift for Valentine’s day can be risky. If you don’t have any ideas, there’s nothing wrong with some good advice from a bookstore sign.


Who knew a chalkboard sign on the sidewalk could give such fine advice?

When Only Kafka Will Do

If you spend enough time reading, only Kafka will do – as the baby in the drawing can attest to. Many of Kafka’s stories are incredibly vivid and imaginative, focusing on the absurdity of life, while his writing style is very dry and academic.


His style of writing is so distinct that scholars have even coined the term “Kafkaesque.” If you’ve been exposed to some of Kafka’s work, you may experience symptoms like confusion, frustration, discomfort, or any combination thereof. They say the best remedy for those suffering from these symptoms is reading a good book.

Now That Makes Sense

Usually, we don’t need much convincing to enter a bookstore. Do you sell books? We’re in. But if a bookstore has an irresistibly clever sign outside, we’re definitely going to go inside faster. Take this sign for example, have you got kids who watch too much TV?


This sign makes a very compelling argument, yes, TV can be a good distraction, but any parent will feel better knowing their kids are reading a book. Guess it’s time to buy some books then!


All of us were waiting, ever so patiently, for the time when the so-called nerds would walk the runways of high fashion. With button-up blouses, stiff blazers, and delightfully tacky neck-ties, you too can achieve the nerd-chic look, just don’t forget your book!


Nerd-chic is the next hottest trend. Ready or not, nerds have seized the throne as the kings of cool. Also, if you like to wear elbow pads, it’s practical cause it lets people know that you’re a nerd! And now it’s trendy!

Books Lovers Have the Best Company

It used to be that being alone made the people in your life worry and say things like, “But he seemed so well-liked in school. We don’t understand. He has so many friends.” Yes, there was a time when the idea of going to bed alone was considered an odd life decision.


But fortunately, times have changed; now, you can shrug off what others have to say because you know your favorite book will keep you company.

They’re Not Wrong!

Between the cold weather, shorter days, and an unstable economy, chances are we’ve clocked more hours inside than we ever thought possible. But just because we’re feeling a little more confined than usual, that doesn’t mean our only option is to while away the hours with the latest TV show.


In fact, the extra time indoors presents the perfect opportunity to read more! If we weren’t already tempted to walk into a bookstore, this hilarious sign would be guaranteed to draw us in.