Cut It Out! Hairstylists Share Hilarious Salon Stories

Getting our hair cut, dyed, and treated is both an essential need, and a fun way to try new things and experiment with new looks. While hairstylists are not doctors or psychologists, we do trust them with a vulnerable part of ourselves.
But, as with any delicate human interaction, sometimes things can go wrong. Hilariously wrong, or horrifically wrong, get ready to hear both hairstylists and customers share crazy salon stories that will make you break down laughing and crying simultaneously.

Fuzzy Ears

There’s a lot to unpack here. Most people who know they have ear hair, try to get rid of it in any way possible.


This gentleman here is well aware of what’s going on up there but still wants to keep it? Wow. We do appreciate the fact he takes what his girlfriends find attractive into consideration, but this is an ex, and we’re not sure fuzzy ears are the best way to find a new one.

Klark Kent Wasn’t a Hairstylist

Unrealistic expectations — aren’t they the foundation of all human existence? Yes, they are, but they are also at their most glorious when we talk to our stylist. “I want to come in looking like the Beast and leaving looking the beauty,” says everyone, each and every time they come to the salon.


We hate to be the ones who have to break it to you, but hairdressers don’t, unfortunately, have any superpowers.

The Next Taylor Swift

At the root of it, we humans all have pretty simple basic needs and wants. We all just want to look cute and have our hair be as perfect as Taylor Swift’s.


But, the truth is, celebrities’ hair is far from natural, and it costs a lot more than most of us can afford. Trying to imitate someone’s natural hair is also just as complicated. Conclusion: Don’t try to be Taylor swift. Be yourself, and try to find the cut that best suits your hair.

The Wedding Wig

We all want to look our best, but when it comes to your own wedding day, you don’t want to look like anything short of an ethereal goddess. Because this is such a delicate time in a woman’s life, it is highly recommended not to make any big changes too close to the day itself.


But alas, this poor bride-to-be didn’t follow that rule and she got a mullet right before her wedding day. While she’s lucky to have found a wig to help hide the situation, this is still a story that’s both hilarious and stressful.

Hair Is Greener on the Other Side

While the grass is always greener on the other side, when it comes to our hair, we usually like it that way! Let other people have green hair, not us. Well, with this colorist, everyone’s in danger.


Luckily for him, the lady took it all in good humor, he fixed her hair, and instead of being a horror story, it’s just an unusual one.

A Bad Look

Envision this: you are sitting at the salon, trying to get your hair cut and the guy next to you won’t stop talking. But what’s he talking about?


While some light flirting can be fun and chill, it can get old fast, especially if the whole salon is listening in. Our tip — save flirting for bars and dating apps. Even if your hair turns out fine, this is still a pretty bad look.

Cut It Out

Could you imagine getting your hair cut before smartphones were readily available? You had to cut out magazines just to give your stylist a reference!


You have to admit it’s pretty funny to bring in a black and white picture to the salon for your colorist to give you that color. Hairdressers have to handle a lot of nonsensical situations but this is indeed the absurdest one.

DIY Hair

We thought the point of going out to the salon and paying a professional hairstylist is having your hair done, well… professionally. Guess we were wrong?


This customer is a big DIY fan, we guess? Why let people who were trained and have the right tools do your hair? Just do it yourself, in their salon, and don’t forget to pay.

In the Dark

We never thought we’d have to spell it out for people, but please, keep your own shady business off the beauty parlor. Imagine the poor hairstylist trying to be polite and make conversation only to learn about his client’s illegal activities.

Alamy Stock Photo

Next time, just keep it to yourself. There’s a reason they call it shady business, it’s the type of business you’d expect to do in the dark and not in daylight.

Hairdressing Is the New Netflix

People that work in the beauty industry get to hear and witness some of the craziest stories out there.


When we want to hear about a dramatic story we usually open our TV and catch the latest episode of a new scandalous show. If you don’t feel like paying for a cable or a Netflix subscription, you should really consider being a hairdresser.


We all know that one person who corrects everybody’s grammar and pronunciation, and whilst (see what we did there?) that person doesn’t intend to be hurtful or condescending, that’s exactly how they come across.


Well, imagine trying to sound smart while cutting someone’s hair only to have them tell you your wrong. We hope the hairdresser didn’t mess up the guy’s hair. Remember that insulting your stylist might result in a bad haircut!

Hair Helmets

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t keep any type of product on your hair for too long. And by too long we mean a week, tops, not four!

Alamy Stock Photo

The scariest thing about this story isn’t actually that the hairdresser had to find a way to treat hair that has so much hairspray in it it could function as a helmet. It is actually the fact that was a normal everyday occurrence.

This Isn’t the Doctor’s Office

It has already been established that hairdressers have to hear a lot of things they don’t want to hear, it is simply another part of their job, just like cleaning hair off the floor.


Well, we still think nothing could have prepared the poor stylist for what she heard coming out of the woman’s mouth. Not to mention the whole salon. Next time keep info about your private parts, well private.

Forgive Me, Stylist, for I Have Sinned

Is it possible this lady got the church and the hair salon confused? When you’re getting a trim, well, it just isn’t really the time to be confessing your sins and saying your Hail Marys.


Apparently, many hairstylists are used to having their clients share dirty secrets with them. And while they are only trained in cutting hair, maybe it’s a good time to start giving psychology lessons in beauty school.

The Post Break Up Pixie

You have probably seen this phenomenon on TV: when a girl is newly single, she chops all of her hair off. Well, apparently that happens in real life too.


The problem is, many regret it the second it’s done, or, in some cases, while it’s being done. Don’t add insult to injury. If you are already afflicted because of your ex, eat some ice- cream, don’t give yourself another reason to weep!


This next life tip is on us: don’t ever annoy or insult someone who’s holding sharp objects next to your head and face.


Also, skill is closely related to confidence, so lowering someone’s self-assurance right before they are about to do something guarantees worse results. This customer is really only hurting themselves. Also, tears make everything look blurry, and you don’t want someone with impaired vision to tamper with your hair.

On the Face of It

Everybody knows the best part about going to the hairdresser is getting your hair washed and your scalp massaged. But going to the salon just for that?


On the face of it, this doesn’t sound like such a terrible story, right? Can you really blame people for asking about the best part? Even though it’s not the main part of the stylists’ job, they better know how to do it well.

A Happy Accident

Some stories just stick with us forever and make us crack up even years and decades later, this is such a story, where an epic fail ended up making for a very happy client!


Maybe drawing your eyebrows on was it in style at that time? Maybe this woman just trusted them so much she couldn’t even see what they have done to her.

 A Lie Has No Hair

Yes, some lies are white. Like, if a person on the street asks you if that’s your natural hair color saying “Yes! It is” harms no one. This lie on the other hand…


This lie has no color because it’s the type of lie that makes you lose your hair! Never lie to your stylist about your hair, because hair matters matter!

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Some people come in wanting the entire rainbow in their hair, or at least an ombre combined with a cool undercut. But, just like real rainbows are hard to catch, rainbow hair can only occur if the conditions are just right.


By conditions, we mean your hair’s health but also how much time and money you’re willing to put into it. Remember — no pain, no rainbow hair.

Don’t Be Dirty!

You know how people say that dirty hair takes styling better than freshly washed one? Well, apparently we were all fooled by them for a long time, causing stress among poor hairdressers who just want to work with soft, manageable, clean hair.


Guess there’s no way of excusing our laziness anymore, huh? Gotta wash our hair. Remember: a happy hairstylist is a good hairstylist!

No Color? No Problem!

Hairstylists are forced to act as psychologists several times each day. Some are smart enough to use this to their advantage. Like this stylist who understands how the human mind works.


Honesty isn’t always the best policy. What we don’t know won’t hurt us, and in this case, if we’re happy with our hair color, it doesn’t matter it wasn’t actually the one we asked for, right?

The Last Time

Most of us think that telling the stylist to cut our hair just like last time is a safe bet, less work for him, and a haircut we already like for us. It’s a win-win situation, right? But have you noticed it never does actually look like it did last time?


Well, here’s why: your stylist doesn’t actually remember how they cut your hair because it was a long time ago. Next time just take a picture of your haircut and show it to them, it might give you better results.

Burning the Carpet

Some stories just leave us speechless, you know? We always thought that “Does the carpet match the drapes?” was something no one ever said out loud, but apparently the weird phrase is alive and kicking in salons all over the country.


What we don’t understand is, if you go to a professional to dye the hair on your head, why dye the hair down there by yourself in the bathroom?

Political Etiquette

Politics is an explosive topic, it is one of these things that spark very strong reactions even in people who seem calm and collected.


When you sit on the hairstylist’s chair, you know the person doing your hair is kind of obligated to stay there and listen for the duration of the appointment. But, don’t use this to force the poor person to listen to your opinions, they don’t care!

Who Was Actually Ruined?

One of the main problems of being a hairdresser is that you could be blamed for simply doing what someone asked you to do. You can also be blamed for doing something you weren’t asked to do. It’s a thin line that hairdressers are walking on.


In the case of children, it’s a lose-lose situation — you can’t make both the kid and parent happy. It’s been scientifically proven that it’s just impossible.

Drinking the Kool-Aid

You know these lists of DIY hacks that tell you to put Kool-Aid on your hair in order to color it? Well, this client is a victim of both such a list and of herself.


She could have at least told her colorist the truth, but alas, she didn’t which resulted in a hair fail they both could never forget.

Positive or Negative

The story is simple: the customer said she was positive about her decision but the result was negative and that gave everyone a bad experience.


Research we conducted between ourselves and our loved ones shows that people regret short haircuts 88% of the time. But don’t be discouraged, it usually just takes a while to get used to something new, and once you do, the change can be refreshing.

A Big Change

Not being happy with a haircut you didn’t ask for is one thing, not liking a hair color you did ask for is another. But the worst sin a client can commit against their stylist is to lie about them to their boss.


Why did she do that? We would never know. Maybe she wanted to get to go back to blonde and not have to pay for it. But it’s not cool to make your stylist pay!

Your Hairdresser Always Knows

We get it, we all need a drink sometimes to get through the day, but there is a place and time for everything.


While it’s appropriate behavior in the nightclub, a hair appointment is the last place you’d wanna come to after a few cocktails. How are you going to be able to tell if you got the cut you wanted?

Comedy or Tragedy?

Being a hairdresser isn’t always just fun, games, and gossip. Sometimes, stylists have to handle some uncomfortable situations, like the following story:


Wow, this is awkward, but at least he can laugh about it now, right? Or can he? Honesty we don’t know if this one is a comedy or a tragedy.

Baffling Bangs

Have you heard of killing with kindness? The next story demonstrates that saying perfectly. Everyone was trying to do their best, but no one did. The stylist messed up the girl’s hair, and the girl tipped her for it! How is she ever going to learn?


Some beauty workers should have their license revoked! This is definitely the case with this one.

Think Pink

Sometimes happy accidents occur, but this misfortune wasn’t one of these times. It’s amazing how something as simple as picking up the wrong tube of color can cause such a conundrum.


Imagine having your hair dyed in such a vibrant color without even asking for it. It was fixed, of course, but you have to admit this is still pretty funny.

Work Around the Knot

We are truly speechless at this point. Sometimes the hairstylist messes up, but this one is 100% on the customer, who wanted, for some puzzling reason, to keep the knot in her hair. She even had the audacity to complain about it.


Could you picture going to the doctor with a sore throat and not letting them check what’s wrong with it? This is a little like that.

Sibling Rivalry?

This is why you should always see a professional. (Though honestly, with some of these stories, maybe it doesn’t matter that much?)


Of course, there’s a chance this is an honest mistake, but we always think this might be a case of sibling sabotage. Either way, nobody wants a bald spot the size of a quarter or any other size for that matter.

Cheaper Than a Shrink

When stylists cut your hair and you don’t talk to them, they have a lot of time to think and reflect on their profession. They can wonder about all the clients that do talk to them, those who ask for marriage advice or just complain about their mom.


One great answer to the age-old mystery of why people tell their stylists messed up things they should only discuss with a professional mental health specialist is that they simply cannot afford one. Of course, that makes sense! Honestly, it’s a great hack for saving money.

Cutting a Toupee!

Just like the rest of us, hairstylists can get distracted while working, the problem is if they are not paying full attention or can’t understand their client, this can result in some special situations.


We hope the hairdresser gave the guy some money to get himself a new toupee, we heard these things can be quite expensive.

The Number of the Beast

Out of all the numbers one could have shaved into their head, we have to admit that six is the most unfortunate one as it has some problematic connotations. Nobody wants to be walking around looking they are a satan supporter just because of a miscommunication with their hairdresser.


We do hope the guy didn’t get any weird looks in the street, we wouldn’t blame anyone for staring at such a thing. Well, at least they both laughed it off.

Pricy Mistakes

We all know this story: When you meet a cute guy you kinda lose your head, but nobody wants to lose their hair, even over the hottest guy ever.


We can blame this girl and her friend for getting confused, and then literally having to pay for it later. We bet they have no regrets over this one. Or maybe they’ve learned a lesson.

Quit Your Day Job, Please!

Stepmoms have a really bad rep, especially thanks to Disney movies, which have been unfair towards them. We know most stepmoms are far from evil, but we do have to wonder if this specific one had any bad intentions or if she was just incredibly incompetent.

Alamy Stock Photo

We don’t think Lloyd’s hair from “Dumb and Dumber” was ever in style, but we guess this person had to make it work. Who knows, maybe they even started a trend! (But unlikely.)

A Wacky Walmart Haircut

Have you heard that saying about how when you assume you, well… make yourself look stupid? A hairdresser, out of all people, should never assume anything, not what type of haircut their client wants and not especially not their gender!


It is even more peculiar to think that someone is a boy when they were wearing a pink skirt, but the damage was done and the poor girl had her picture taken for school the next day! Lord save us!

Oopsie, You’re Bald!

This story just proves our claims that hair stylists cannot be trusted. It’s one thing to have a family member give you a bald patch, but a professional?


Well, this one is on the cosmetology school, if we’re being honest. At least when it comes to men’s hair you could always just give them a buzzcut and it will grow right back. Women aren’t that lucky!

Shh, He Won’t Notice!

Two of the most important things in relationships are trust and communication. This couple seems to lack both, at least when it comes to the hair department, we wouldn’t want to assume anything about the rest of their relationship.


It’s one thing to give someone two bald spots, but it’s a whole other to not tell them about it and only let them find out when they go to work. The cute thing is, her boyfriend forgave her, and still lets her help him with his hair! Now, that’s trust for you!

Noticing the Nostrils

When going to the salon and let your stylist wash your hair and cut it, you could and should keep your eyes open during the haircut to try and prevent a disaster from happing. But, when they wash your hair?


It’s kinda awkward to leave your eyes open and stare at the poor hairdresser, who has to both shampoo your hair and wonder what exactly you’re looking at!

All’s Well That Ends Well! 

Hairdresser appointments can get pretty intimate, usually because the client can’t wait to unload all of their problems on the hairstylist. Since clients are used to salon talk being pretty close, they might not get that they are simply being asked a casual question.

Alamy Stock Photo

This resulted in a truly hilarious situation that made everyone at the salon burst out in laughter.

The Rachel Mollet

There was a very specific time in the ’90s and early 00’s where everybody wanted Jenifer Aniston’s hair. It was even named “the Rachel,” after her character in “Friends.”

Getty Images Photo by NBCU Photo Bank

But, as you’ve already learned, things don’t always turn out the way we wanted them to, especially not at the salon. Sometimes you ask for one thing and end up with another. We all know that the world’s most unfortunate haircut is the mullet which is what this poor soul got!

Voodoo Dolls

Hairstylists usually deal with the hair on people’s heads, not the one that’s off it. The salon is a place to get your hair done and maybe vent a little bit, but it’s in no way a place to learn or perform any type of black magic!


While we understand the need to execute revenge on someone who has deeply hurt you, maybe this is the type of thing one should talk to a professional about?

How Rude!

We know many think stylists are actually trained psychologists they can talk to about their problems while they are getting their hair done. This is the first time, though, we’ve heard of a situation where it’s the other way around.


It’s one thing to complain about not being able to make ends meet (though maybe you should talk to your own customers about it?) but a whole other to talk about someone’s nationality like that!

Extra Extensions

If you take anything from this article, please remember that you should always listen to your stylist, if you don’t you might end up like this woman.


This poor woman simply wanted to look like she has long beautiful hair and she didn’t even have her stylist tell her what to do, and that’s on them. The fact that she put hair glue in her hair by herself, that’s entirely on her…

Blind Support

You know when a person tells you a story and expects you to empathize with them, but all you can think is “Well, you’re the jerk in this story”? This is an example of such a case.


The problem is that since the hairdresser wants a nice tip, all they can do is nod and smile, and say that you are 100% right. If blind support is what you need right now, make sure to book your next hair appointment ASAP.