Ding Dong! These Doormats Will Make You Chuckle

Doormats. Seemingly insignificant outdoor rugs that often get overlooked. Not anymore. These doormats will add a little personality to your home.
Whether it’s a cute pun or a snarky comment to keep out the unwanted, there’s something here for everyone. Want to see which one speaks to you? Well then, check out these hilarious doormats!

The Twins

Having a new-born baby is no joke. Having twins is a whole other story. Sleep becomes one of the most valuable things in the home, so don’t dare show up to that house and ruin the few precious moments of peaceful babes.


You have been warned! That family deserves some shut-eye.

That’s a Greeting

Now that’s how you greet a guest. Too many doormats rudely tell folks to get lost. Finally, one that brings on a smile.


And there’s a cute dog greeting you with a grin too!

That’ll Keep’em Coming

It seems like this funny scale doormat is permanently set at zero, which is in fact a great way to get your friends to come to your indulgent dinner parties guilt-free. It would be interesting to see what would happen if it was a working scale.


That could potentially be a real self-esteem destroyer, which would be nice if you don’t feel like entertaining.


Straight To It

If you ever have trouble reading the room, don’t worry, here you won’t have to. In fact, you won’t even be entering that room as this extremely unwelcoming home will make sure of that. Don’t even knock, just look down, take your cue and leave.


Why this person ended up showing up in the first place is a little beyond us.

Like Dogs Do It

We’re not quite sure about the implications of this doormat. We sincerely hope that no one entering that house is doing any butt sniffing and all sniffing action is limited exclusively to the dogs of that household.


Unless this is the doormat for a doghouse? In which case, that would be pretty perfect.

Drop ’em

It’s the first thing we like to do after a long day. And why shouldn’t we? After a long day, there is nothing more satisfying than stripping down to the bare essentials and “vegging out.”


Thinking of popping by? You have been warned! Read the doormat before you enter.


These fellas know how to party. In case you show up to this house ill-equipped, you sure will be reminded incredibly quickly the moment you arrive at the front door.


And don’t slack off with a bottle of wine either! It’s go GIN or go home.

Wine Time

Listen, having people over is work. Cleaning for one, chatting, snacks, etc. These things require time and energy, so the least you could do is not show up empty-handed.


Of course, the only thing we want to see in your hand is a sweet bottle of grown-up grape juice.

This Way That Way

For the perfect bachelor pad on the beach, behold the perfect doormat. Not much explanation is needed here. Show up at this place and there are two ways to go.


Whichever direction you’re going in, a good time will be had, guaranteed.

Bring The Moves

Now we’re talking. This is seriously a great question. If you’re going to be a guest at this house, you should be grooving all the way to the door and boogying your way into that house! That’s how you greet someone.


This is the perfect doormat to kick off a house party. Good vibes all around.

Pet Haven

Having pets is no walk in the park. All the wonderful cuddling and petting aside, the cleanup is some work, and your home will most likely be covered in fluff. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


At least this doormat does you the courtesy of warning you. If you enter, you may very likely be sitting on a couch of dog hair.

All Aboard

Everyone needs their own personalized doormat to truly feel at home. So if you’re a pilot or in any way part of the cabin crew, this is the doormat for you.


Just don’t forget to never overstay your arrival.

A Friendly Reminder

After a long day out, there is nothing more comforting than walking into your home sweet home. It’s comfy, it’s safe and you can just relax. This doormat knows that feeling all to well and serves to give you a friendly reminder that everything is ok.


There is nothing more comforting than reading this doormat as you walk in!

Hello, Watermelon

This doormat doesn’t need words. A  scrumptious looking watermelon is all you need to create a welcoming atmosphere. Especially one with a nice bite out of it!


That’s the kind of doormat that says “stay as long say you want.”

Yo Yoda

Welcome you are to this humble abode, says Yoda himself. As welcome as you are, you might be walking in on some big-time “geekery” so perhaps steer clear of this one.


One can only imagine the Staw Wars merch that’s up those stairs!

This Ain’t A Kennel

Nobody wants dirty tracks in the house. Whether they belong to a dog’s paw or to a human’s feet, those things need to be wiped clean before entering.


Let this be a fair warning to be both dog and man before entering this pristine haven.

It’s All You Need

Home is where the heart is! It’s not always a lot and sometimes it’s just not about all of the fancy stuff. Sometimes it’s just a place to rest a weary head.


This doormat says it all about walking into your very humble abode.

Check The Neighbors

This an excellent way to avoid robbery. There are perhaps better ways to ensure your security…but this might be the cheapest.


Unless the criminals think it’s ironic, in which case, that’s a great way to get robbed.

Shut it

Finindg that folks are a little loud and annoying? Well, this mat makes perfect use of a little wordplay to tell you to “zip it.”


Use it wisely!

Forgetful Much?

It’s hard to keep track of things! We’ve all left the house for work only to rush back and grab the item we’ve forgotten. Luckily this doormat is a helpful reminder of the essentials.


Honestly, this is the kind of thing that should be plastered everywhere.

The Two Greatest Things

It’s Happy Hour where you are. Whether its that early morning kick or the late-night chill, these arrows will guide you in the right direction.


Do we need any more than this? Absolutely not.

This Isn’t a Raid…

It’s always helpful to have a nice tuneful doorbell. If you don’t have that, well, one just resorts to knocking. However, just a gentle knock will suffice. You really don’t need to bang the door down.


Perhaps these folks had some run-in with the law in the past and have since been traumatized.

That’s Some Mess!

This is a great way to lower the bar. Not everyone is a fan of cleanliness and order. If you ever walk into a mess like this, well, consider yourself lucky! It could be worse.


We sure do what “worse” looks like!

On The Nose

Poor mat. Always getting stepped on like that. We suppose “mat” deserves it. You put yourself in the worst situations all the time.   #17 Leave It On The Doorstep


Typical mat. Jokes aside. This wordplay is so obvious that it actually makes you smile.

Don’t Forget

Another wonderfully helpful doormat that will ensure you won’t burn down the house with your straightener. Ladies, we’re talking to you.


And maybe some gentlemen out there.

Human Doorbell

Like the folks above, knocking really hard can be pretty scary. Alernertavly you can always yell “ding dong” really loud and hope that works.


It’s possible that the neighbors might think you’ve gone a little cuckoo.

Just Beer, Please

Here is a doormat with some attitude. Straight and to the point, either the bring the beer or go home.


We hope the guests follow through. Probably won’t be much of a party if they don’t.

Hold The Door

It’s great that this doormat works for both fans of Game of Thrones and everyone else (do they even exist?) If you aren’t aware of the reference, too bad.


It still makes for a fine doormat but kind of meaningless.

Oh, Chewie

One of the most emotional moments in Star Wars, “Chewie we’re home” is one iconic line. Hopefully, you’ll feel the same way every time you come home.


If you’re feeling like that every time you open the door, consider yourself lucky!

We’re Never Leaving

Well, that sure is accommodating. Way to get people to come and over and literally never leave. Is there anything better in this life that pizza and internet?


It’s really hard to think of something that could beat this.

Welcome To Maaa House

Nothing like an animal pun to bring guests in with a smile. We are sure everyone standing at that door is doing their best sheep voice possible, at least in their head.


Just make sure you have one friend at a time. You might start a farm choir outside your door.

What a Doormat!

This mat managees to combine a positive affirmation and a pun! It is a little on the nose, but it works.


Flip it over if you want to start being more assertive in your life.

The Keys

Sometimes you don’t need words. Not a pun, a film reference or a cheeky remark. Just a cute doormat of a piano can suffice.


Tap it up and make a little tune in your head. If you can play the piano that is.

Not Today

Look, sometimes you just can’t handle people. This is a good doormat to create some much needed personal space.


We just hope it’s a seasonal thing.

It’s Hot

Addicted to online shopping? Now there is a doormat for people like you. No need for delivery guy small talk. Just drop it (or gently lay it down).


You’re probably ordering this right now, aren’t you?

One Out of Three is Fine

To get into this house, you have to fulfill a stern set of criteria. Unless they’re a ring on your finger, you call the person inside Mom or Dad, or the food is getting cold, you’d better try a different door. Of course, there are probably lots of other, smaller reasons you might be allowed in, like you’re delivering a package.


You wanted to know what kind of dessert these friendly people are bringing to the block party, or you need to let your neighbor know his or her house is on fire. But you should at least consider yourself warned.

The Perfect Combination

There are few different ways to interpret this chuckle-worthy doormat. The first is that when the owner walks through the front door, he or she embraces his or her real personality, letting it all hang out and saying exactly what needs to be said, right when it needs to be said.


A second interpretation is that the “Me” is the breadwinner, and the “Ho” is the person who is at home during the working day, and once the workday is over, the two come together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate being able to spend time together.

A Set of Stringent Criteria

The person who owns this doormat knows exactly what she wants. Some delicious pie, topped with meat, cheese, and sauce? Come on in. The company that she buys everything from, even if she doesn’t need it, and maybe even if she can’t afford it? The door’s wide open.


A Hollywood star that is known to be one of the most handsome and most charming men on the planet, who just so happens to show up at her front door, soaked to the bone in a rainstorm and needing somewhere to change into fresh clothes and warm-up? She’ll probably let you in. Especially if you have a pizza!

Friends are Welcome

Who is inside this home? Is it Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica? What about Chandler and Ross? No, this house has only one occupant, and he’s ready to hear all about your day. This welcoming doormat hearkens back to the nineties and early two-thousands when “Friends” was the hottest show on television.


Part of that was thanks to Joey, played by Matt LeBlanc, who had a singular way of getting the ladies’ attention. All he had to do was ask “How you Doin’?” and they would be all his. Nowadays it’s a great conversation starter, and a fun way to get old fans of the show laughing.

At Least it’s Multiple Choice

We’ve seen all kinds of different doormats that will greet us while we’re stopping by for a visit, or see us off when we’re headed out to work or on errands, but we’ve yet to come across a doormat that requires us to pass a test before we can enter. There are only two choices here, which means you’re either getting an A-plus or a big, fat zero.


In addition, it looks like you’ll have to answer even more questions if you pick the second option. Not the most welcoming mat, but it gets right down to the important questions, and we have to respect it for that.

Pokémon Go Away

Could you imagine who wild it would be if someone in the Pokémon universe realized they could just start punching their way through every problem? Instead of having to battle with a bunch of hikers or bikers or bug catchers or whatever, you could just punch. Just punch!


It would be way easier to defeat Team Rocket if you went up to the boss and just decked him right in the breadbasket. Anyway, we can imagine that this doormat came about pretty quickly after Pokémon Go came out, which had pocket monster hunters walking everywhere, sometimes to places they shouldn’t really go. If you’re sick of having people ask you if you run a gym, pick up this mat.

What a Magical Mat

Speak friend, and enter! No, wait. If you’re a tried-and-true fan of the legendary Harry Potter series, then you might want to think about welcoming guests with this simple yet memorable doormat. It doesn’t matter if the people visiting have their wand at the ready or have no idea how to even pronounce the levitation spell, this mat is ready to make friends.


Of course, if you do knock on the door this mat protects, be ready to talk about which Hogwarts house you’re placed in, and why you think you might also belong in either Gryffindor or Slytherin.

Well Isn’t This a Friendly Fellow

We’ve seen plenty of doormats that have a bit of an edge to them – and there will almost certainly be more on the way – so it’s nice to see one that is just a simple greeting. Plus, this doormat does away with the traditional brown rectangle and goes in a little bit more of a modern direction.


Whether you see this as something ripped off the comics page of the newspaper, or it looks more like a message from your favorite chat program, it’s nice to see doormat designers doing something a little different. It even starts the conversation on the right foot.

I See London

Well, we all have to wear it, don’t we? I mean, we don’t have to have to…but c’mon. We have to. Just imagine what this mat would be saying if you didn’t! Thankfully, no matter what you like to gird your loins in, this mat is ready to hand out compliments.


Of course, the entire time you’re inside the home that this mat is outside of, you’ll be holding your skirt shut, or keeping your legs crossed. Just in case. Of course, you could always turn it around on the mat, and leave the underwear at home.

You’re Gonna Get Sauced

Some guests need a warning that the house they’re about to enter has an excitable pooch. There are plenty who will be just as excited to see a furry friend waiting inside the front door, but some need the time to prepare themselves mentally and physically.


They might need even more time for a dog that acts like it’s drunk when guests arrive, what with all the barking and jumping and excited peeing. And then whatever the dog is doing, too. Make sure you let your guests know what they’re in for when they stop by for a visit with this doormat.

Keeping Things Clean

Don’t you dare track anything in if you’re walking past this doormat? The simple design has paws big and small for all kinds of creatures, whether they’re wearing shoes or prefer to go bare. This kind of doormat is perfect for right outside the back door.


A lot of the doormats on this list like to get in your face about one thing or another, but this design is simpler, gentler, and a little more fun. Whether your home is full of furred beasts that make things a hassle to keep clean, or you have children who too often act like animals themselves, it’s a good look.

At the Top of the Charts

Get ready to jam when you get this doormat. Plop it down in front of your front door to let visitors and delivery men know that this is a musical household, gosh darn it, and you’re going to play your songs loud and proud. It’s great to see another doormat that eschews the tried-and-true (or tired and boring) rectangle of brown compressed straw, or whatever doormats are normally made of, and instead does something a little bit unique.


It looks just like a classic cassette tape – you can’t toss it in the player and jam out, or use it to record your favorite songs from the radio, but it’s a great retro look.

No Need to Explain This Joke!

We’re so certain that everyone reading the article gets this joke that we aren’t going to explain it at all, we’re just going to end the paragraph here. Fine. The joke is that every computer connected to the internet has something called an IP (internet protocol) address, which lets other systems know exactly what machine it is.


An IP address like the one in this doormat is called a loopback internet protocol, used to refer to the local host of the machine. It’s used to connect the machine to itself. It’s the machine’s home. Are you happy now?

How Kind of the Guests

This doormat makes a regular request of guests that cross over the threshold, but of course, it does it in a way that many guests won’t expect. It’s no big thing to be asked to take your shoes off when you step inside someone’s home, but if the dog is looking at your footwear with a hungry eye, maybe you should leave them outside the door, resting on this doormat.


Do we wonder what kind of shoes the dog prefers – classic tennis shoes? Loafers? Maybe flats or heels? Most dogs will chew up anything, except for Birkenstocks – even dogs don’t want those.

Get Help, People!

You see, haha, the funny joke with this definitely not serious doormat is that dogs love to eat meat! Boy, I’m sweating a lot, aren’t I? It’s like I’m nervous about something! And the joke, of course, is that the dog has kidnapped the owners of the house, and will only release them in exchange for meat treats that it so desperately wants.


Desperate. Why yes, I sure am blinking a lot! Of course, the dog hasn’t actually managed to tie the family here up with a combination of a big hammock he dragged in from the backyard and bungee cords, to paint a far-too-specific picture. Now, how about that rib roast? Quickly.

Those Poor Creatures

Clapping is one of life’s simple joys, and anything that doesn’t have the ability to do so…well, they’re probably looking forward to extinction. Unlike most doormats, this red and black design have nothing to do with greeting someone who might come to the door, referencing it is a doormat in some tongue-in-cheek way or any of the other industry standards that have been popping up in this article.


Instead, it just sheds light on the plight of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which has huge, stomping feet, a long, strong tail, and powerful jaws, but its tiny, almost vestigial arms are able to do little more than dangle there.

No Spines Here

The life of a doormat is a sorry one. No matter what it’s made out of or what design it bears, it’s still made to trod on. Stepped on. Stepped over. It’s made to have people scrape the mud and other mess off their feet before going inside, now clean. But does anyone ever think about the plight of the mat they just used?


How much strength must it require to lie there, day after day, and let people use you? Every once in a while, a doormat must finally get fed up, and resolve to do something. But it’s still a doormat, so it can’t really do anything.

The B-Side?

If you’re a fan of songstress Adele, then there’s no better doormat to welcome guests to your home than this simple design. One of Adele’s greatest hits is just a few clicks away on any device, and if you put this doormat down in front of your entrance, guests will already be in the mood to listen and sing along.


The best part is, if guests don’t know Adele from Jack, it’s still a charming and welcoming message that is perfect for greeting people who come to the door. Wouldn’t it be great if Adele had one of these mats? That’d be pretty great.

Sometimes This Can Take A While

After a long day of wearing pants, sometimes the only thing you want to do when you get home is not to wear pants. If like us, you spend the evening lying in the middle of the bedroom, letting your legs breathe, then someone coming to the door can be a hassle.


Pick up this handy doormat, which tells visitors what kind of situation is happening inside, and it even has the added bonus of having a little bit of nerdy flair, too. Programmers are well-known for their hatred of pants, since programming skill comes from the feet, and tight pants can hinder the flow.

Well, At Least It’s Friendly

Yes, sometimes homes that have an excitable little furry friend needs to post the right warnings. But this isn’t your normal beware of dog – instead, this is a fair warning that if you visit, the dog will become your best friend.


They love to smell, see, and play, and that means you might not be prepared for the emotional attachment that is waiting for you on the other side of the door. Or what kind of dog. Hopefully, it isn’t a Great Dane, which could very easily crush you if it took enough of a liking to you. Maybe something like a Pomeranian?

There’s a Very Brief Window

It isn’t always easy to keep a home clean. If you’ve just welcomed a new pet, or a new child, into your family, then it can be even harder for a little while. Eventually, things are just messy, and that’s how they stay, unless you put on the right music, get the right supplies, and really get to work.


Of course, once your spouse comes home, or the kids get back from school, or the dog comes in from playing in the mud, then it all just goes right back to normal. But it was nice for a few minutes, wasn’t it?

Welcome, Gents

Most of the doormats present on this list come with a saying or a design, set on a square of durable material. But not all of them, as this unique design demonstrates. Grab one of these if you need something for your barbershop visitors to wipe their feet off, or if you’re a fan of curling facial hair.


It doesn’t distract or try to over-reach with a cringe-worthy joke – it just looks good. Plus, the dark color and rough-looking material mean it’s going to be the kind of mat that lasts and doesn’t look messy even after repeated use.

Back to the Basics

You know your way around a controller. Whether it’s climbing the ladders and avoiding barrels to rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong or gobbling pellets, ghosts, and fruit as the happy Pac-couple, you’ve been holding controllers since before a lot of those whippersnappers were born.


Prove your affection for the old ways, the dark times, with a doormat that eschews the clunky and bloated Xbox and PS2 controllers, and gives a big thumbs up to the light, easy original NES controller. Sometimes all you need to have fun is a D-pad, an A button, a B button, start, and select. Game on!

Such an Appealing Design

Sometimes you just have to be honest. Everybody loves a nice banana – it’s like a dessert that is good for you! But if your home is always full of wild and crazy people – whether that’s you or your extended family and bunch of friends – then people who come to the door should be forewarned. But what if the doormat is being entirely literal?


What if guests open the door to your abode to find that every single thing is made out of bananas and their peels? A floor that is always slippery. A bright yellow oven. A ceiling fan that spreads the sickly-sweet scent of rotting peels.

It Takes a Long Time to Put Pants on, Remember?

Unexpected guests are never really welcome. You might be pleased to see them, but what if you’re in the middle of something important! All those mashed potatoes aren’t going to clean themselves up after last night’s fight! The doormat begs visitors to at least give fair warning that they’re dropping by, or you might not have the opportunity or time to entertain.


Unless, of course, your guests are willing to help clean up the mashed potatoes. It was a long, hard-fought battle, but you emerged victorious, if not a little messy.

Well That’s a Relief

Phew. Wipe my brow. It’s always nice to see something that could be a danger come right out and say no, I’m not dangerous – go ahead and step on me. Put your full weight on me.


There’s no way I’ll swing open and dump you down into an oubliette from which there is no escape, and the only way you’ll be able to survive is on the scraps the home’s owner deigns is to toss down before closing the trapdoor and shutting off the light forever. It’s not so bad – eventually your eyesight will diminish so much you won’t need the light!

You Have to Know the Secret Knock

Yes, people who come to your door and make that weird banging sound can sometimes be scary, but maybe they’ll just go away and you won’t have to deal with the outside. This doormat lets visitors know you like to engage in a little bit of trickery if they’re trying to get your attention, but it can also work as part of a home security system.


If thieves and robbers stop by, they won’t know if the home is really empty, or if you’re just hiding behind the couch and waiting for them to break in. It’s fun for everyone!

They Must Not Have Aired That Episode

“MTV Cribs” was a TV show that featured the funniest and funkiest abodes from around the United States, from wild party spaces to…well, kind of just those. That’s the kind of show it was, you see. While it’s likely that a home with this doormat didn’t actually make it onto the famous reality TV series, it’s still fun to pretend.


What’s even better is if you engage in a little bit of self-deprecating irony – place this mat in front of a run-down home and it’s possible that everyone who sees it will start laughing.

The Language of Greetings

Saying goodbye is a tough thing to do sometimes, but you’ll always know another hello is just around the corner. This two-sided doormat will both greet, and see away, friends that come to visit. Even the person who is clueless about foreign languages will understand the message this mat is giving, whether they’re arriving or departing.


A quick hello and goodbye sets the tone for the entire visit and helps soften the blow of having to depart. The interesting shape will draw the eye and make this item a little more obvious than many other doormats, so it’s sure to be something guests will love.

We Only Want the Best

What does this doormat have against classic medical academy “Scrubs?” J.D. might be a little bit of a sad-sack, but his character is so unique! Turk is such a good friend, Carla is smart and sassy, and the janitor never stops getting us to laugh. We all know that’s not really what this mat is talking about – it just wants those who can’t step it up to step off.


A scrub is someone who won’t help the life of the person who lives inside. “No Scrubs” is a way of life – get the right people around you. The people who will build you up, hold you accountable, help you get better.

Get Ready to Spin

If you’re a fan of the classic era of music, when to hear your favorite song you had to head to the burger shack and slip a nickel into the jukebox, then this doormat is for you. Put on some of your favorite classic records, make up some french-fried potatoes, grab a hamburger sandwich, and start dancing.


If you’re the industrious sort, and you spend some time looking around the internet, you can even find a company that creates personalized versions of this cool item, so it turns into something that you’ll always want to give a spin.

No Problems Here

The doormat is one of the first things about you that first-time visitors will use to learn about you, and this doormat lets people know that you are content. You have everything you need, and even if you don’t you have the skills, brainpower, and experience to get it, whether it’s a product they might need or knowledge they don’t have.


The design of this mat is pretty traditional, so it fits almost anywhere, but it also helps to deter solicitors. We might have chosen a different font for at least part of it, since the curvy and curly lettering kind of weakens the message, but they can’t all be winners.

Fork it Over

To get inside this home, you’re going to need one of two things, and both of them had better taste good. Let your guests know what you expect from them when they pop by, whether it’s just for a quick visit or they’re there for the weekend. What’s that? A third thing? No, don’t speak such lies.


You know that most people can only like two things at once! And, based on national averages, wine and tacos are those two things for everyone! So either stop at the grocery store or head the border to grab something that will get you inside.

We Got Fun and Games

If your guests are ready for a wild night, then layout this doormat to get the energy going before they even ring the doorbell. Plenty of people will be thinking of the legendary Guns n’ Roses song, but we’re sure that the song has faded a little bit.


Nowadays, it’s just as possible that when people see this mat, they’ll imagine the interior is messy, or the people wild, or the fun ever-flowing. Welcoming people to your jungle is the first step of a great night, even if you don’t have the most pristine interior.

In a While Crocodile

Kids and parents love to say goodbye to each other with this classic saying, but we all know you’ve wanted a doormat that does the work for you. This is one of the few doormats on the list that, instead of greeting – or turning away – visitors, this one talks only to the departing person.


Whether you can’t wait to come back home and see your favorite alligator or visiting this swamp is something you only do every once in a while, it’s sure to be a design that gives you a big, toothy smile, just like an alligator itself.

Sometimes You Just Need a Day Off

This is the kind of doormat that you maybe shouldn’t have out all the time, but after a tough day at work, along with a party, or something else that tires normal people out, this is the kind of thing you might want to use to keep on-hand. If you think you might need this mat every once in a while, that’s one thing.


If you find yourself leaving it out for weeks or even months on end, then maybe you should talk to the people close to you, and just ask them to stop coming over. Like in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and your parents just keep popping over, you have to have a place to yourself.

At Last

Your boss has been riding you all day long. The people at the coffee shop got your order wrong, and instead of a soy milk macchiato, you got a grande cup full of poisonous snakes. On your drive home, some lady in an immense truck cut you off, honking at you the whole time like it was your fault. But finally, finally, finally, you’re home.


This doormat knows, bro. It knows exactly how you feel, and it’s here to welcome you back. Take off the pants, or the bra, and bring out the wine or the Netflix or whatever it is you people do to ignore your empty, loveless lives.

Be the Hero Your City Needs

Strap on your cape, pull on your cowl and get ready to head into the night and protect your home from villains both super and normal. As part of the Justice League, Batman has a plan for every eventuality, from wars and pestilence to The Joker, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, and many other famous characters.


Not everybody has the time or space to make a Batcave under their own home, but with the help of this doormat, you can at least pretend that you are the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, the World’s Greatest Detective, and all the other names that have been following Batman since the beginning.

The Inmates are in Charge Now

Batman? Never heard of him. Right now it’s time to go wild the next time you step onto your doormat. With one of the original designs of The Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime, there’s no possible way to misinterpret what this doormat refers to. Arkham Asylum is the last place where criminals will go after Batman traps them at last…but we all know it won’t take too long for you to get right back out.


That’s the best place about Arkham Asylum…even if you’re crazy enough to get locked up, you’re also crazy enough to be let out again.