Driving Is in Their Blood: The Cool Cars NASCAR Drivers Use for Their Commute

You know NASCAR for the incredible driving skills of the champs and the growing skills of the up-and-coming names. You also know them for the brilliant cars they drive at speeds reaching two hundred miles an hour during a race, but what about when they’re just driving to the grocery store?


Plenty of NASCAR drivers feel the need for speed even when they have driving rules to obey, but what kind of cars do they drive in their spare time? Here are some of them: unexpected, wild, important, and always super cool.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Chevy Laguna is Classic Cool

The scion of the Earnhardt line has plenty of cool cars to use when he hits the road – it’s one of the most famous and expensive car collections out there, but a cobalt blue Chevy Laguna might be one of the coolest.


Lagunas were the cars NASCAR used back in the day, which explains why Dale is such a big fan. Used cars can be found quite cheap, but of course, none of those will have the same sheen and immaculate upkeep that Dale has. He has probably also had a couple of aftermarket additions.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Isn’t Good With Just One Camaro

Here’s another amazing car owned by the third-generation NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt Jr., and it’s even the second Camaro on the list. This time it’s a 1973 Camaro, painted a fiery orange and black and sure to be blazing fast.


Earnhardt still competes part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, driving No. 88 in a Chevrolet Camaro. He enjoys riding in this kind of car on both the track and the open roads. But he’s fine staying away from the newer models – maybe two is enough for this famous racer.

Here’s a Little Car

While most of the cars on this list are big, fast, and expensive, that’s not how all of them are. Former Formula One driver Jarno Trulli goes to town in a Fiat 500, which is perfect for small streets and lazy afternoons.

Alamy Stock Photo

Trulli drove in the F1 From 1997 until 2011, and has raced for Jordan, Renault, Toyota, Lotus Racing, and other teams, and is world-renowned for his dexterity and skill. He’s beaten racers who drove much faster cars using his practiced techniques, but now that he’s hung up his racing gloves, the smaller, easier Fiat 500 is all that he needs.

A Car for the Generations

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a third-generation racer, and his car collection is just as well known as his trophy collection. Among all his cars, however, there’s a special place in his heart for the Camaros of the 1960s.

Getty Images Photo by Pat Brollier

The reason for his affection is childhood memories. Dale’s father, Dale Earnhardt Sr., built one of these cars with his own father while growing up. Junior has continued the Camaro tradition and enjoys hitting the highways in his favorite model, the 1967. He might be up for a race, but if he still has any of his skills, he’s going to leave you in the dust.

This Knight’s Steed Doesn’t Eat Oats

Sir Stirling Moss is known in the world of racing to be the best race car driver who never won a World Championship. Sort of like the Dan Marino of cars. Moss made it to the podium as a runner-up four separate times and came in third three times, but he never made it to the top spot.


Despite these awards and his fame, he has yet to make it into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. He still puts the pedal to the metal in his Ogle Mini, which he souped up with an SX1000 back in 1961.

He’s a Hard Working Man and He Needs a Hard Working Truck

Another car that might not look like much, but has plenty of sentimental value, is Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Chevy S10. It’s your down-to-earth pickup without all the crazy additions they have these days, and Dale bought it in 1988 because it was the same truck his family had when he was young.


Dale has restored it to like-new condition, and as close as he could get to the truck of his childhood. He’s probably upgraded a few parts, though – he’s still a NASCAR driver, after all.

A Mini Van That’s a Blast From the Past

Ryan Newman makes his second appearance on the list with a 1960 Chevy Parkwood Wagon. He got it one day when he attended an auction with his kids. But, his kids loved the old car before Newman even put in his bid, so he knew he was destined for it.


It ended being the perfect vehicle for Newman and his entire family. They love taking trips to get ice cream in the vehicle, and it’s even proved to be pretty reliable, though it might not red line the same way his racing Camaro does on the track.

Logano Must Spend Boatloads on Oil Changes

One of the many cars owned by the eccentric Joey Logano, this one might be the strangest yet. The 1972 Chevy Suburban is one of the original sport utility vehicles, and even though he’s done little or nothing to update this car for the modern era, he loves driving it almost as much as his other cars.


What other wonders does Joey Logano’s garage contain? We hope it goes on forever, because every time he rolls a new car out, it’s yet another amazing make and model – and sometimes color – and he keeps them in such good condition, too.

Newman is a Master of the Road

Newman has several spots on this list but this is one of the most incredible cars we’ve ever seen. For Ryan Newman’s thirtieth birthday, his wife gave him quite a gift – a 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible Coupe. Newman’s favorite movie is the 1988 Rain Man, which features the car.


Believe it or not, this is the car Newman uses on little errands and trips, so if you happen to be in the area and keep your eyes peeled, you might spot Newman in this cherry of a ride heading to the store to pick up a gallon of milk.

James is on the Hunt for a Mercedes

James Hunt got his start as a touring racer, He transitioned to Formula One in 1973, and retired in 1979, having won the World Drivers’ Championship in 1976. It turns out he probably should have stayed in the game a little while longer.


When Hunt retired, he became a businessman and a media commentator. He got a Mercedes Benz 450 SEL after he finished driving professionally, but he ended up telling Auto Classics that he didn’t drive the car much, because he didn’t have the money to maintain it.

Felipe is a Fan of Fast Ferraris

A Brazilian race car driver, Felipe Massa is a man who started competitive racing at just eight years old, when he was driving go-karts. His pro career began in 2003 when he became a test driver for Scuderia Ferrari – though he’s left that behind for Formula 1 and Formula E.


Massa doesn’t drive for Ferrari anymore, but he has one of his favorites in his garage, the Ferrari 599. The car boasts a six-liter engine, which allows him to get up to sixty miles per hour in only three-point-three seconds.

Gordon Has Plenty of Cool Cars to Show Off

Nothing screams a beautiful classic car like the 1952 Oldsmobile Super 88 convertible that Jeff Gordon has hidden away, and if you’re any kind of car guy or gal, seeing this black beaut is sure to turn your head.


Gordon picked this ride up for an incredible price – only seventy thousand dollars at a collector car auction held annually. “…I ended up getting it and think I got it at a pretty good price,” Gordon says of the purchase. “When the seller of the car comes over and says ‘You stole that,’ from what I understand, you did good when they say that.”

A TV Replica is Ryan Newman’s Favorite

Ryan Newman is a big fan of the classic sitcom “Stanford and Sons” – just take a look at his ride! It’s an exact replica of the classic version of the Ford F-150 that Sanford drove as part of his salvage business. The rust is just right, the decals are perfect, and it probably runs the exact same way.


You might be surprised to find that this is one of the cheapest cars on this entire list, valued at only two grand. Newman put his heart and soul into making this replica vehicle, and he gets plenty of compliments!

Another Ferrari Fan – This Time of the Oldies

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Eddie Irvine was a Formula One driver from 1993 to 2003. He was a big winner, making the podium for the first time in 1995 and was also a runner-up at the 1999 World Drivers’ Championship.


His original team was Jordan, but Irvine switched to Ferrari in 1996. He might not drive for the brand anymore, he does own a Ferrari 280 GTO, and is only one of 271 people who have a car of this make and model – it was only produced between 1984 and 1987.

Gordon Was Always On the Hunt in His Jaguar

The Jaguar XK8 might not be the flashiest car that Gordon owns – and we’ve already heard about plenty of those – but this little British powerhouse was one of his favorites. It has unbelievable acceleration, able to go from zero to sixty in 6.2 seconds, and zero to 160 kilometers per hour – its top speed – in only sixteen point five seconds.


Unlike a lot of the cars on this list, it could be driving right next to you and you might not even notice, but you’re sure to notice when it blows ahead of you when the stoplight turns green.

Newman has Added Major Upgrades to this Little Vehicle.

It’s just a Chevy C10, but Ryan Newman has made it drive like a dream thanks to aftermarket parts like a Turbo 350 transmission. But the point of this car isn’t to make it the biggest, meanest machine on the streets.


Newman has said even though it doesn’t give you a lot to look at, it has everything he needs: “It’s a farm truck. It’s not perfect. It’s got rust and a gun rack in the back. I call it a beater even though it’s not. I like it just the way it is.”

For Suarez, it Was Love Bug at First Sight

Driver Daniel Suarez is going to make a couple of appearances on this list, but this first is the oldest, and the car means a great deal to him. Suarez comes from Mexico, and when he made the drive to the U.S. it was in this beautiful car.


It’s come close to breaking down several times, but it’s never fully quit on him. While working on his NASCAR career, Suarez has kept this Beetle in working order, treating it with love – you never forget your first car, and Suarez still has his around.

A Rare Ferrari

Michael Schumacher has won a number of Formula One World Championships while driving for Ferrari. So it’s only right that this famous car company pays him back, and in a big way. Schumacher has one of the world’s few Ferrari FXX cars, built as a track-only prototype. It uses some of the technology from the famous Ferrari Enzo.


Only thirty-eight people own a Ferrari FXX, and every one of them – except for Schumacher – paid a whopping $2.6 million for the privilege. The FXX can hit 217 MPH, and reaches sixty MPH in a lightning-fast 2.8 seconds.

The Legend of the Simple Man

This one is a sad story. Ayrton Senna was a master of the track, and this Brazilian driver won the Formula One World Championship three times while signed with McLaren. Things were on the way up for Senna, until – tragically – a crash with fellow driver Roland Ratzenberger left him and Ratzenberger dead at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.


His favorite car to drive was the 1984 Mercedes Benz 190 E, which is one of the simpler, more basic options Mercedes sold. It did well in Europe, though American sales weren’t as high.

The Classics are Always in Style for Clint Bowyer

While Clint Bowyer doesn’t take his 1934 Chevy Sedan when he needs to pop down to the store, it’s still one of his favorites to take on the road. “I drive it every chance I get. It’s a very fun car to drive.” Old age doesn’t mean much to Bowyer, who knows that old cars have a much better style than newer offerings.


We don’t know what Bowyer has done to keep this car running smoothly, but if he’s a true fan of the old days, the car might just have original (or replacement original) parts.

It’s Pretty Easy to Navigate When You’re Only Turning Left

When he isn’t on the oval, Matt Kenseth is a man who likes to keep things simple and low-key. He doesn’t have a sports car or a rare supercar to drive on his days off, but he does have the comfortable and roomy Lincoln Navigator.


Kenseth is full of style when he hits the track. He won Rookie of the Year in 2000, and also won the Daytona 500 twice as part of Roush Fenway Racing, in 2009 and 2012. But when he’s staying between the lines and obeying traffic laws, he likes something a little less flashy.

A Good Ferrari Alternative

Fernando Alonso is a two-time Formula One World Champion and was in the mix for seventeen total seasons of F1 – he’s also won the 24 Hour of Le Mans in 2018 on his very first attempt. Before becoming a driver for Ferrari, Alonso drove for Renault, which explains the Renault Megane RS Alonso owned.


Renault has never had a big market share in the U.S., but this car has actually won several awards: Best Hot Hatch, and Highest Place Non-Supercar. It might not be a Ferrari, but it’s a good alternative.

A Young Retiree Finally Has Time to Enjoy His Cars

We have another classy Benz, this one for Nico Rosberg. He’s a Finnish driver in his thirties who shocked the driving world in 2016 when he retired just days after winning the Formula One World Championship in 2016.


Rosberg maintained his relationship with Mercedes, and has even become an ambassador for the company. Thanks to this partnership, Rosberg has a fancy C63 AMG to drive around Finland – it (the car, not Finland) has a 4-liter engine and 469 horsepower. He loves driving it and has to remind himself to take the corners a little slower.

Vettel is a Crossover Cruiser

If you follow Formula One at all, you probably recognize the name Sebastian Vettel. He’s won the Formula One World Championship four times and currently races for Scuderia Ferrari. We wonder who we will sign with after this contract is over.


His skills on the track are legendary — he’s earned himself plenty of records for being the youngest driver to do one thing or another, and there are only two more drivers who won more races than him in all Formula One history. When he isn’t on the track, he enjoys driving an Infiniti FX50, which blends size and performance.

Another Cool Car for this Out-of-Towner

When Daniel Suarez needs to go get the groceries, he doesn’t take his treasured Volkswagen. Instead, he jumps into his Toyota Camry on his way to his nine to five or while running errands.


Few cars beat a Camry for staying safe and working well while on the road. Suarez has plenty of cars to love, but he also drives a Ford Mustang when he has a race to win. He’s a Stewart-Haas racer, and he keeps their tradition going with incredible skills and legendary love of cars classic and modern.

Another Car for This Female First

Danica Patrick won the 2008 Indy Japan 300. It’s the only time a woman has won an IndyCar Series race. She was also the rookie of the year for the 2005 Indianapolis 500 and the 2005 IndyCar Series as a whole.


We’ve heard about a couple of other cars that Patrick has owned – and her stint at driver’s school – but here’s yet another that she has driven. She apparently feels most comfortable in her 2012 Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG, which is certainly more practical than her Lamborghini Gallardo.

Only the Best for the Best

Statistically, Michael Schumacher is the greatest Formula One driver in the history of the sport and is respected by fans and fellow drivers. You’ve already heard about his Ferrari he keeps in his garage, but he also hops into a little Fiat Croma when he doesn’t want to stand out.

Getty Images Photo by Bruno Vincent

The Croma is certainly less ostentatious, with only a 1.9-liter engine, and can achieve 150 horsepower. It’s a pretty standard car, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen plenty of them when you’re on your commute. Maybe not as many as Ford, but some.

Joey Logano’s Second Appearance Speaks of His Love for Rat Rods

Logano really has a love of old cars. Going even further back in time than his Econoline Van is his 1939 GMC pickup, which he lovingly calls a Rat Rod. While the term means some specific things among car enthusiasts, it might not actually fit the bill here.


Logano has probably done plenty of work to keep the engine running, but he’s let the exterior rust and fade, which adds plenty of stories and character about a cool car. It even has a unique decal on the sides: “Logano Fuel and Service.”

This Million-Dollar Car Still Looks the Part

Nigel Mansell may be in his sixties, but he still has the moves to show off on the road. And his Ferrari F40 is the perfect car to do it in. He’s the second most victorious Formula One winner overall and won the F1 Championship in 1992, as well as the CART Indy Car World Series in 1993.


The F40 he owns is worth around $400,000 – or at least it was around the time of purchase. Nowadays the cost has skyrocketed thanks to the incredible sports car design, and some models have even sold for a million dollars at recent auctions.

From the Track to the Streets

Bubba Wallace has the kind of name that sounds like a truck driver. And it’s true – he not only drives a Ford F-150 when he’s tootling around town, but he was a driver in the Xfinity Truck Series before he made the jump to NASCAR.

Getty Images Photo by David Cooper

The truck he has now might not be able to reach the top speeds he got used to in the Xfinity Truck Series, but it has all the features a driver loves. Wallace drives a Chevy when he’s on the NASCAR track, and it makes us wonder if a switch to a Silverado is in the cards.

Another Chevy for Jimmie

Jimmie Johnson’s second car, and second Chevy, on this list is the electric Chevy Volt, and he won’t hear a bad word about them: “It’s a great car to drive and uses a better alternative of power source.”

Getty Images Photo by David McNew

But Jimmie’s love for Chevy goes beyond the Bolt, and the Stepside mentioned above. He drives them during his races, and the cars have turned him to one of the most celebrated drivers. The car company has treated Jimmie well if his trophy case is any way to measure, and Jimmie has responded in kind.

This Brilliant Driver Got Himself a Smart Car

We’ve already seen a car or two from Lewis Hamilton’s garage, and here’s one that you might not have ever seen before. He has a LaFerrari, McLaren P1, and a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, but one of the rarest in his collection is the Smart “Brabus” Roadster. It’s a two-seat sports car that Smart made between 2003 and 2006.


The Roadster can reach a top speed of 109 MPH, and while that’s certainly enough to take on the highways and byways of everyday life, it might not be enough for a racer who knows plenty more about speed.

Sometimes You Just Have to Slow Down

Sir Stirling Moss is known as one of the Formula One greats. He has tons of wins and championships under his belt, and he drove plenty of cool cars during his exciting life. You already know about his fondness for smaller cars when not on the clock, but he was also famous for his love of scooters.

Getty Images photo by Heritage Images

Yes, scooters. This legendary race car driver enjoyed tootling around in one scooter after another. He was once ticketed for driving dangerously in a Mini all the way back in 1960, which might explain why he stuck to scooters – you have to be much more careful.

This Driver Cuts Through With Incredible Style

Darrell Waltrip is an older driver, but he’s still ranked fourth on the all-time wins list. His incredible career has landed him in the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and after retiring in 2000 he joined the broadcast booth as a commentator.


His favorite car is the undeniably classy 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442, which he drives around Franklin, Tennessee. The Cutlass last rolled off the line in 1980, and this muscle car really pops on the road, especially thanks to the paint job Waltrip has given it. This car is a little less pricey than some others on this list, but it will still run you a cool seventy grand.

Jenson Knows Just How to Punch the Buttons

Launched in mid-2011, the McLaren MP4-12C, better known as the McLaren 12C, is capable of almost six hundred horsepower, and uses Formula One technology such as a “brake steer.” It was the first-ever production car designed and made by McLaren alone.

Alamy Stock Photo

It wasn’t in production for very long, but Jenson Button picked one of them up, which likely ran him more than two hundred thousand dollars, but nowadays they’re available for a paltry one hundred grand. Button is one of about a thousand lucky owners – we wonder if he’s looking to sell…

The King of the Track Loves the King of the Road

Carl Edwards is one of the top ten best drivers in NASCAR, and when he isn’t winning on the track, he’s driving the car dubbed “The King of the Road.” The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR, the re-released 2008 version.


This remake has a whopping 540 horsepower, a supercharged 5.4-liter engine V8 with the addition of Ford Racing’s Power Pack upgrade, and lots of other cool additions that help handle all the power coming from under the hood. It really is the King of the Road, and Edwards loves sitting in his throne.

Carl Edwards Wants to Be Practical

Like Kyle Petty, Carl Edwards must be tired of filling up his gas tank. He’s opted for a Ford Fusion Hybrid, which is efficient and doesn’t require as much fossil fuels to keep it going (Of course, that electricity had to come from somewhere).


Edwards actually drove a Fusion for a little bit of time in an official capacity on the track, but the most famous feat he has tied to this model wasn’t during a race – he once took his preferred hybrid 1445.7 miles on a single tank of gas. He probably added some electrical power on top of that, but he still made it quite a ways.

A Well-Earned Ride for A Champ

He’s one of the most famous and decorated Formula One drivers of all time. Alain Prost might be retired but he sure knows how to take control of a cool car. This French driver has won four Formula One Driver’s Championships


That’s not all. Prost also held the record for most Grand Prix victories, which he held during the years of 1987 and 2001. Many consider him to be among the best F1 drivers in history, but now he hits the roads and hills in style in a McLaren F1 XP5, which set a Guinness World Record (fastest production car) while it was only in the prototype stage.

Another Mercedes, This Time for Coulthard

Like Felipe Massa, David Coulthard got his start as a racer with go-karts, before eventually making his way to the British Formula Ford Championships. He drove for McLaren in 2001, during which he became the runner-up in the Formula One World Drivers’ Championships. When he hung up his racing gloves, he became a consultant for Red Bull and worked as a commentator on BBC for Formula One.


When he hits the streets, he does it in an understated style with a 1971 Mercedes Benz 280. It’s a classy ride for a classy guy, and when the top is down it certainly draws the eye.

Ferraris For Everyone!

When he won the Formula World Championship in 2009 – driving a Brawn GP – Formula One driver Jenson Button could have added any car he wanted to his garage, and probably for free. Instead of the new and flashy cars on the market now, he looked into the past and picked up an old Ferrari.


Button is now the proud owner of a 1978 Ferrari 512BB. Only two thousand units of this model came out, and it was designed by the great Leonardo Fioravanti. It was the first mid-engine road-car from Ferrari. It’s a beaut, and Button is certainly proud of it.

The Greatest of Them All Has an Everyday Car

Jeff Gordon is remembered as being one of the greatest NASCAR racers to ever grab the wheel, and he’s still part of the NASCAR family since he’s an announcer. His career highlights include four separate NASCAR Cup Series championships, and he’s also a three-time Daytona 500 winner.

Alamy Stock Photo

Gordon has lots of driving options, but his most frequent ride is a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid SUV. Thanks to his Chevy partnership, he probably gets a pretty good deal on them, and it looks to be a pretty good car to get around in, to boot.

Joey Logano Loves this Flashy Car

How big is Joey Logano’s garage? His Thunderbird, by Ford, came about at the turn of the century, and even though this re-introduced model didn’t have lasting appeal to consumers or car aficionados, this famous racer loves it. Old is new again, especially if Logano has a new car in mind.

Getty Images Photo by Ford/Newsmakers

The Thunderbird has sentimental value for Joey – it’s where he proposed to his wife. Maybe it’s good luck! He might not be able to take it onto the track, but showing up at the Daytona 500 to the cheers of car and racer fans everywhere might not be a bad idea. Probably a better idea than the Econoline, at least.

An Infiniti Parked Alongside his Porsche

Australian Mark Webber began racing in Formula One in 2002, driving with Porsche, and even took on the FIA World Endurance Championship in the LMP1. Webber certainly has a Porsche in his garage, but he also has an Infiniti M37. Webber loves to burn rubber in his Porsches, but this car is a little bit more sensible.


The Infiniti M37 is only capable of 330 horsepower, with a 3.7-liter engine. It can’t go as fast, but it’s a little better for going to get groceries or taking in a movie.

Everything About this Lexus is Sexy

Lexus makes plenty of mid-range cars that are for the everyday commuter, but the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition can do quite a bit more. There are only fifty of these in the entire world, and only fifteen in the United States, and Denny Hamlin has one of them in his garage.


It’s equipped with a 4.8-liter V10 engine, which is more than enough power for the city streets, but Hamlin added even more options to it, which bumped the price from the original $375,000 to close to half a million dollars.

Don’t Come Between a Man and His Truck

Ken Block has done plenty during his life, including co-founding DC shoes. But he’s also a professional rally driver for Hoonigan Racing Division, and participates in a number of other sports, like snowboarding, skateboarding, and motocross.

Getty Images Photo by Scott Olson

In order to keep up with his active, sporty lifestyle, Block uses a Ford F-150 Raptor to help him get where he needs to go, and just like Block himself, it’s a rugged machine that works in any weather and on any roads. It’s a perfect driver and vehicle fit, and the two go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Beaten and Bruised Outside, Beautiful Inside

NASCAR great Jimmie Johnson has plenty of good things to say about his old Chevy Stepside. “It looks old, but it’s very comfortable to drive around.” The rust-bucket is one of Johnson’s favorite cars, even so much to become his go-to car for commutes and regular drives.


It may look like it’s falling apart: paint is peeling and metal is rusting. Don’t get into a race with this NASCAR name, though – Johnson has souped his fave up with a corvette engine, and you know he still has the skills.

Uh Oh. Kyle Busch has Been Going Behind Toyota’s Back

This car is certainly a looker, so we can’t blame Busch for straying from Toyota for the 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air, a classic car that has plenty of weight and energy behind it with a two-tone color scheme that you just don’t see these days.


Busch paid a hefty ninety-nine thousand dollars for this vintage coupe, and he immediately went to work updating it with modern engine pieces and safety equipment. You might think that’s a pretty penny for a car and a hobby but remember – Busch has earned almost a hundred million, not including endorsements.

This Famous Female Driver Didn’t Even Have her Own Car

Danica Patrick is the GoDaddy.com girl, the current girlfriend of star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and a champion race car driver, but while she was on the circuit an interesting fact came to light: she didn’t even own her own car.


Being Ford sponsored, Patrick was given free cars to drive when she needed to, and trade in when she got tired of them. The most well-known was the Ford Expedition, and while the SUV is rather unremarkable as far as NASCAR names go, it still got her from one place to the next. Of course, once she showed up on the track, she jumped into her real vehicle and brought home the gold.

Block is Always Focused

Ken Block is lucky for a reason you might not realize. Not only is he an incredibly talented racer and a championship winner, but he’s one of the few Americans who have been able to drive a Ford Focus RS.


The car was only available in Europe, but it’s one of the fastest hatchbacks on the market, and Ken Block, being an athlete in a number of different venues, had enough sway to convince Ford to give him one.

One of the Greatest NASCAR Drivers Drives an Odd Choice

Plenty of Toyota Priuses are on the roads these days, but you might be surprised to find the great Kyle Petty, one of the most famous NASCAR drivers of all time, jumps into this ecologically-friendly vehicle when he goes to the store.

Getty Images Photo by Junko Kimura

He’s in his retirement now, so he might be trying to save a little bit of money on gas, or he might have an eye toward sustainability after all that gas he spent winning one trophy after another. The Prius is a roomy, comfortable car, and maybe after all that time squeezed into a NASCAR car, a little bit of legroom is what he’s after.

From Trash to Treasure, Joey Logano has made an Econoline Van His Own

Joey Logano, when he isn’t taking on lap after lap around the track, has spent plenty of time working on his own cars, including an Econoline Van. From a simple paint job to big modifications like adding a trailer hitch, it’s gone through plenty of changes.


It’s still an Econoline Van, however, all the way back from 1961, the very first generation. The van is currently on its fifth generation, and though Logano’s version is still street legal, plenty of updates and additions are included in the newer versions.

Chase Elliot: Cowboy name, Silver Style

Chase Elliot has the kind of name you want driving your cattle up to Kansas City, but he’s also the first rookie to win a National Series Championship. Chase Elliot didn’t take those winnings to get a luxury car but instead opted for a dependable and durable 2015 Chevy Silverado. He hasn’t looked back.


It’s the right kind of car for a man with Chase Elliot’s name, we’re sure you’d agree. He can take it to work, throw camping supplies in the back, and anything else he wants to do. It sounds like Elliot and Bubba Wallace need to compare notes about full-size pickups.

Toyotas, Toyotas, Toyotas

Kyle Busch is best known for driving a Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing, but there are plenty of other models he drives in his spare time. Kyle Busch is nicknamed “Rowdy,” and since he’s the youngest pole winner of a Cup Series (back in 2005), he lives up to the nickname.

Getty Images Photo by Kris Connor

His favorite car to take around town is the Lexus LFA, worth a stunning four hundred thousand dollars, and it has some cool additions like a 552-horsepower engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. But Danica Patrick might have had a classmate at driving school: Busch was busted doing 128 MPH in this car.

Busch is a Toyota Man Through and Through

Legendary racer Kyle Busch only drives one brand: Toyota. From the race track to the city streets and everywhere else, it’s Toyota or nothing. Like Suarez, Busch especially loves the Camry.

Getty Images Photo by Raymond Boyd

As a racer for Joe Gibbs Racing, Busch takes a Camry to the track and gives the other competitors a run for their money. On the way home it’s yet another Camry, this one street-legal. When he has a big event to go to his, luxury car is a Lexus LFA – also made by Toyota. If you see Busch driving something that isn’t a Toyota, it’s not Busch.

Another Classic for the Old Timer

It should come as no surprise that professional drivers love them some old cars, especially old trucks. Dale Earnhardt Jr., who has already appeared on this list, appears again with a rusty and handsome 1948 Chevy truck.


“All the cars I collect are drivers,” said Earnhardt. “I don’t like to have any cars that are too nice to drive.” Earnhardt has replaced the motor, but all the nicks and dents in the original chassis give this classic plenty of character. Hey Dale, give us a call. We’d love to ride shotgun.

Lewis Hamilton’s Rare Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton has one up on Schumacher. While Schumacher has one of 38 Ferrari FXX’s, Hamilton has what is currently an even rarer car, though that will quickly change. The Mercedes-AMG Project One will be limited to 275 units, and driver Lewis Hamilton has the very first one.


The car’s price tag is an estimated $2.7 million, though, like Schumacher, Hamilton probably got his for free. It was said in Sunday Times Driving that the vehicle has a hybrid engine capable of 1,020 horsepower, which is good enough for any kind of top speed. How did they get all those horses in there?

This Famous Driver Enjoys the Pickup of the Everyman

As he exhibited on both the NASCAR track and as a Formula drift racer, Vaugh Gittin Jr. has plenty of skills to show off. The oval is no problem for him, and he’s able to turn any car sideways. But when he’s on the road among others – who might not like going above seventy MPH – he has an everyday Ford F-150 truck.


But, even though Gittin loves driving his 2004 F-150, he also has a custom-made version, which he uses when he does want to get back to his drifting roots.

She’s a Pioneer, and She Has a Cool Car to Prove It

Danica Patrick is the first female racer to ever win an Indy car race. She’s solidified herself in the record books and the history books, and when she isn’t burning rubber on the track, she’s burning rubber in her Lamborghini Gallardo.


And we weren’t kidding when we said burning rubber: Patrick was apparently clocked doing fifty-seven miles per hour in a forty miles per hour zone. In a hilarious twist, Patrick was sentenced to traffic school, where hopefully she learns how to drive a little better. Still, it’s quite a nice car.

This Gloomy Car is Always a Party

Tony Stewart is another name you might recognize from NASCAR even if you aren’t a big fan of the sport. He’s one of the more controversial drivers even after retiring, especially since his choice of commuting vehicle is a Cadillac Hearse.


Yes, you read that right. It’s a Hearse. The car coffins ride in. But, odd choice aside, Stewart has done his best to adapt this morbid ride for the living, with a television, couches, and a fully-stocked liquor cabinet. You thankfully don’t have to be wearing black to take this ride.

This Champ Has a Beautiful Ferrari of His Own

Kimi Raikkonen is nicknamed “Iceman,” and it’s because he has cool nerves even when he’s taking on the hardest turns in Formula One. He won the 2007 Formula One World Championship during his first year racing for Scuderia Ferrari, and he also finished second in the F1 WC in 2003 and 2005. He’s no longer with Ferrari, but he has a car to call his own from the famous Italian manufacturer.


His Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the car this cool cucumber uses to hit the roads. It’s capable of 769 horsepower, which means there’s plenty of force to handle.