Each State Perfectly Portrayed By One Photograph

The fifty states of America are all quite different from one another, but one quality they all have in common is weirdness! Check out these next images in the gallery to see how one photograph perfectly shows what makes your state unique.
Alamy Stock Photo
Alamy Stock Photo
You have got to see them! My personal favorites are Florida, Oregon, and West Virginia, but they are all pretty hilarious.


In this picture, you see the very official Alabama fishing boat.


Most guys wearing cutoff overalls and a roll tide shirt are selling things on every street corner in Alabama.


Just your typical morning traffic on your work commute.


Two bears battle it out on the ring of the road in the middle of Highway 1, completely oblivious to the fact that drivers need to get to work. They will fight at any time, anywhere.


The heat and dryness make Arizona very sensitive to forest fires. We hope that they fireproof old age homes because old people fart quite a lot.


Arizona is a place where people come to bask in the heat but leave because of it as well.


We hope ole Skeeter is drinking an American beer while hunting because in Arkansas it’s only illegal if the beer is foreign.


He made sure to wear his orange hunting hat so that other hunters don’t mistake him for a deer relaxing in the hot tub.


In California, everybody is a surfer or wannabe surfer.


Surfboards are involved in many traffic accidents.


Colorado draws weird people to take even weirder photos but with a gorgeous backdrop.


New Jersey (Part 2)New Jersey (Part 2) Throw in some legalized weed and you have everything that identifies Colorado. If you don’t have a thing for hippies or love nature, then this might not be your joint but you might find other joints you like…


Connecticut is an expensive state and this sign perfectly illustrates why. If you take your kids here, be sure that they aren’t pitching any rocks off the edge or you will find yourself paying a fine plus tax.


Sigh, gone are the good-ole-days of rock skipping. Also, beware of the attack seagull which is flying around this area… probably attacking children who throw rocks.


Come to Delaware to fulfill all of your shopping needs and dreams with painstaking tax costs.


Delaware citizens must be happy about that!


Many people call Florida America’s armpit and there’s a good reason why. A lot of weird news stories always seem to take place here.


This guy with a mullet hairstyle could be somebody important for all we know. But he sure is killing it with that hairstyle.


Whether you’re a Georgia Peach or Pech is clearly of little importance in the state. As is spelling in the Georgia education curricula.


Considering that the state fruit is peach and every other street name has the word peach in it, we would hope that everyone would know how to spell that word.


Hawaii sits on top of article volcanoes. At any moment, the whole of the island state could be completely devoured by the Pacific Ocean. ` In the picture, you can see a school bus that has been completely swallowed up by lava.

Getty Images Photo by Historical/Corbis

In the picture, you can see a school bus that has been completely swallowed up by lava.


Let’s just say that Idaho isn’t exactly famous for its attractions. So this sign puts it quite perfectly in the fact that it’s blank.

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Basically another way of telling drivers to continue on to Washington state. We’re surprised that there’s not at least a potato attached to the sign.


Illinois is not much other than Chicago and farmland. Chicago in recent years has become the murder capital of the U.S. so much so that Chicago police can now be seen driving tanks.


We think that’s a cause for concern.


Come to Indiana to eat food and get gas, as seen in this sign. Apparently, they really want you to get some gas while you’re eating.


Their state motto should be “will get gas for food.”


As you see in this picture, Iowa is pretty much nothing except for wasteland.


Seen in the picture is the number one truck stop where trucks can stop to admire the view and have a Pepsi. It’s advisable to keep driving through the state until you reach the next.


This picture perfectly depicts the tornado capital of the world.

Alamy Stock Photo

Kansas experiences severe storms which cause lightning and sometimes destructive tornadoes. Hide yo kids, a storm is comin’.


This almost looks like a joke, but sadly it isn’t. Kentucky does have the best chickens, that’s for sure… but chickun’s? We will have to see and try.


And also how ‘far’ is the sale? And ‘Biddies & Growd ones,’ it’s too much to handle.


This guy looks pretty depressed to live in Maine. Apparently, there is not much to do there but float on ice, fish, and drink beer.


We can understand that floating out there in the Atlantic is better than life in Maine.


his sign is welcoming you to Maryland where car fires are widespread.


Don’t you want to visit? Ask somebody in Virginia and Pennsylvania and they’ll tell you Marylanders don’t know how to drive. From the picture, we have an understanding of why.


Visit Massachusetts to experience a “wicked stawm.”


You can also enjoy frequent bad weather and horrible accents. They do have a good football team going for them.


With freezing temperatures for a large percentage of the year and basically a war zone in Detroit 100% of the year…


You better make sure you come ready with your army truck and roadkill.


The only sun this state is getting is the one on the sign. Come to Minnesota to freeze your butt off and to sit by one of its 1,000 lakes.


The only state where people go outside on a snowy day to catch some vitamin D. The sun is so rare there that people probably think it’s an alien invasion when it comes.


Pictured here is your average Mississippi man’s tinder profile.


It’s important he lets the ladies know that he knows how to grill up some seared beef. Definitely, swipe right.


Just your typical school bus, but in monster truck style.


What is Missouri even and where is it? The world will never know…


Just chillin’ in the hot tub with his friend bear. A completely typical situation in Montana. Montana is mostly a rural state with some cities here and there.


When you see more moose crossing signs than traffic lights, it’s hard to really call it a city.


Nebraska has the best highway rest areas. Who wouldn’t want to stop in the middle of the road and relieve themselves on a pile of hay?


You’re probably just driving through and happy that you’re not staying. The cow smell isn’t exactly the most inviting.


This might be one of the weirdest ones yet. liquor, gambling, and prostitution all legal but lobsters not? Things are very backward here. Nevada is many things and weird is one of them.


Don’t forget how many nuclear tests were carried out here in the desert.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is an important stop on the presidential election route, which does not make any sense to anybody.


Considering that nobody important lives in New Hampshire, why do we take into account at all who they vote for?

New Mexico

The slogan in New Mexico is “Cleaner than regular Mexico.” New Mexico is infiltrated with lowriders.


If it doesn’t have anything to do with green chili or a lowrider, New Mexico is not interested.

New York

This picture could not depict New York (city, at least) more perfectly. The land where a huge street rat can be seen carrying a slice of New York of pizza.


The only other thing missing from the picture is the “delicious” garbage odor that New York is notorious for.

North Carolina

North Carolina may not be known for its quality school systems, but hey, they do have some great cigarette companies.


It’s just probably not the place you want to send your children to get a proper education.

North Dakota

In a land where hockey and guns take precedence if you can’t beat them join them. Or leave the state. Hockey is an obvious state favorite as the weather in North Dakota is perfect for it.


But guns? We’re not quite sure.


Do a double-take if you must. It’s always fun spelling out your state with human letters, but I’ve never seen people use a dead person in the act.


Well, here you have it, folks. I always knew Ohio people were lacking manners.


Oklahoma’s high college-dropout rate may not be surprising, considering the state’s love of alcohol.


But at least they recycle it the most resourceful way possible. Here we present you with- the keg bike. Plus, if you’re going to live in a state with little to do, you might as well make your own fun!


Oregon may possibly be home to some of the biggest weirdos around, and the most hipster of the hipsters.


Check out this guy who pretty much sums up perfectly what it means to be from Portland.


Pennsylvania has a huge population of Amish people, which obviously contributed to the popularity of extreme sports in the state.


Pictured here is an Amish girl getting her rollerblading on. She’s probably on her way to jump out of an airplane with her siblings.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a place where your seafood kill just may fight you back.


Just then when we thought there was nothing more frightening in than their accents…

South Carolina

See here the South Carolina beauty pageant winner. She believes that the key to success is good parenting and spending time with your children.


So even though she is clearly on an important mission to go shoot an anthill, she fits in drinking a beer and spending quality time with her son. She was last year’s winner of the “beer shotgun while holding your son” competition. What an inspiration.

South Dakota

In South Dakota, you are being watched, as seen by the sign. Basically don’t mess with the buffalo, or prairie dog. That’s a mighty large prairie dog.


Just carry on like the presidents at Mount Rushmore have been trying to do, but unfortunately, they’re stuck in this miserable state.


If you are going to Tennessee you better get yourself some army pants and put on some weight because it’s the only way you’ll fit in.


Pictured here are Tennessee’s finest decked out in camo gear, guns, and cool fingerless gloves. And watch out for wild raccoons, the state’s official animal.


Welcome to Texas, where cattle outnumber humans. The only place where you can take your cattle to the Sonic drive-thru and score a handicapped spot.


I’m sure the cattle love them some fries and a milkshake.


The only place where you could advertise on your car the number of wives and children you have. Polygamy is rampant in this state.


This guy should probably rent a school bus.


If you leave your kiddie pool blown up in Vermont you can guarantee yourself some visitors later on. Moose love cooling off on a hot summer day like the rest of us.


They are ok guests in the pool but you will want to watch out for them on the road as they cause several traffic-related deaths every year.


We got to give credit where it is deserved. This guy spelled most of the words right, he just missed a few.


Virginia is the place to get happy on moonshine and get free samples. Virginians seem nice and the police, dumb.


If you have any fictional friends, feel free to take them to Washington to get a license.


Big Foot’s looks really nice and for a Sasquatch, he’s got some great handwriting.

West Virginia

Welcome to West Virginia where shirts aren’t required anywhere.


Mullets, however, are highly encouraged. What is even in West Virginia besides naked people?


Wisconsin, the only place where you can go to a drive-thru to fulfill your cheese fix. And don’t forget to wash it down with some cold beer.


Residents of Wisconsin are very particular about their cheese quality so make sure you don’t say anything bad. Or you will regret.


In Wyoming, other commuters are the least of your worries when trying to get to work. Instead, you got to make way for a lot of buffalo.


Check out their biggest traffic jam of the century.

The South

Nothing screams the south more than an afternoon at the NASCAR


These people NASCAR race tracks cheering on your favorite number 3, Dale Earnhardt.

The East

A perfect portrayal of the East Coast douchebag.


Popping his 8 collars as though he’s the man. But he doesn’t really care about anyone but himself and his frat boys.

The West

Welcome to the west coast where some argue it’s the “best” coast.


We just think it’s the weed coast where all that come are soul searching hippies carrying around a crystal with them and hugging trees.

The North

Life in the North, where winters last 11 months and 27 days and you get to enjoy the summer for a few days before it freezes over again.


Northerners like to brag about how good they are at handling the cold. The rest of us get to boast at the fact that we don’t have to deal with the cold. And there is nothing they can say to that.

Alabama (Part 2)

In Alabama, you can make your own clothes and accessories. And the best part about it is that you can just use what you already have, like discarded beer trash. I am sure that this guy’s hat and drink are going to be in high demand after his appearance outside.


And this week it’s buying one get one half off. Plus, this guy looks like he could be somebody very important.

Alaska part 2

In Alaska, people bask in the snow when it’s -20 degrees F outside. A little snow means hot weather and a lot of snow maybe requires a t-shirt.


But -20, definitely a day for a morning jog.

Arizona part 2

In Arizona, the only way to deal with the blistering heat is to go outside fully protected. Temperatures in Arizona can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You need an oven mitt just to handle the steering wheel of your car because it will burn your fingers otherwise.


Most people stay inside during the summer anyway to avoid third-degree burns.

Arkansas (Part 2)

Wow, Arkansas is quite the hateful state! It must be hard for everyone in Arkansas.


If they are refusing service to gay people then we should refuse to step foot in this state. Take that, Arkansas!

California (Part 2)

We’re happy to see that California is a safe and accepting place for gay people. What is more unfortunate is how accepting they also are of plugs that all the young people are wearing these days.


Whoever decided that giant holes in your ears which later turn to saggy loops is sexy, needs a wake-up call.

Colorado (Part 2)

Colorado is home to the great Rocky Mountains and likewise, a lot of bears.


If you don’t want to end up in the stomach of one of these dangerous beasts, then you better refrain from feeding them. And keep your kids away from them also.

Connecticut (Part 2)

It’s always enjoyable to see a state with some sense of humor.


And plus, we were hating on Connecticut for endowing the world with President George W. Bush, but it seems like they also seem to have some regret regarding his birth. And they must feel pretty terrible to have made a sign out of it.

Delaware (Part 2)

In Delaware, a clear sign of success is a black license plate.


Black is a hard color to come by in the state and it has one of the lowest African American populations in America.

Florida (Part 2)

Only in Florida can you find alligator princesses. They reign over the land and get to call all the shots.


When they want to eat children, they get to eat children. Just don’t be fooled into thinking that this little thing is all pink and frills. The thing is deadly despite its seemingly innocent appearance.

Georgia (Part 2)

Yes in Georgia they like to binge. Clearly, there isn’t much purging happening, though. In Georgia, if you haven’t binged at Waffle House, then you’re basically not considered a human being. Everyone eats here. And there is plenty of time to do it; it is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Just try to avoid it from 10 pm to 4 am if you want to avoid the traffic of intoxicated after-partiers. But really, all hours are perfect to get your grease on.

Hawaii (Part 2)

In no other state is spam considered a delicacy, and eaten by the tons.


While all of the other 49 states use it for dog food, because of its distant location, Hawaii became dependent on it during World War II. They are still going spam strong years later.

Idaho (Part 2)

If you didn’t understand this from Idaho Part 1, it’s that Idaho has nothing else going for it other than potatoes.


So if you don’t have some freaky potato obsession than this isn’t the state for you. And for being so close to such a beautiful state as Washington, there is no reason for staying and suffering. And the fact that people in Idaho can say, I-da-hoe in Idaho is also telling.

Illinois (Part 2)

Sure this pizza looks fabulous and it’s probably delicious. But does nobody in Illinois like themselves? Because to eat this kind of food is basically a death sentence.


Plus, it’s not the most slimming of foods. But that explains why people in Chicago look the way they do… every other person is another Chris Farley.

Indiana (Part 2)

Indiana is the state where people ride tractors for fun.


Because there is absolutely nothing in the world to do there. There’s a reason why it’s called the crossroads of America. You get to the crossroad and you literally don’t know which way to turn, every way is worse than the next.


Only in Iowa do you see more cows tied to bike racks than bikes. This is especially handy when kids are in school all day and need to guarantee the safety of their pet.


There are actually signs in Indiana much like skateboarding and loitering for where cows aren’t allowed.

Kentucky (Part 2)

The classy sign you see before you is actually the Kentucky State motto, “You honk, we drink.”


It apparently came from the teachers union and their slogan which was “You exist, So We Drink.”

Louisana (Part 2)

The only city that really matters in Louisiana is New Orleans. In New Orleans, you can get fat on giant beers, shrimp gumbo, and po-boy sandwiches. Not to mention party for more hours than there are in a day.


Where else would you build a whole city under sea level and offer a ton of excess water and lax nudity laws? Sounds pretty damn fun!

Maine (Part 2)

Welcome to the state where you fall in love with Moxie, not with humans.


Moxie is a local soda brand that is apparently as bad as the state. Can’t they just be like the rest of Americans and drink themselves to diabetes with coke? We imagine that Moxie has some secret ingredients like maple syrup or moose blood.

Maryland (Part 2)

Maryland offers up some pretty delicious seafood and shellfish. But if you don’t want to get crabs, you better watch what you say in this crab-loving state.


And if you don’t want to try their crab cake you will have problems because their state motto is literally “try the crab cake or get the heck out.”

Massachusetts (Part 2)

Massachusetts was the first state to take the plunge and legalize same-sex marriage.


Couldn’t they have, at the same time, decided to make those horrible accents illegal? Seriously, it would make the world a better place. And would get rid of those horrible Ben Affleck or Mark Wahlberg accents.

Michigan (Part 2)

Michigan is basically covered in this white stuff a large portion of their year. And it isn’t what you think it is. It’s actually a very strong white salt that is used on the roads in the winter to melt the snow.


But what it also does is damage your car’s undercarriage. I can only imagine what it’s doing to the people there. And the elephant ears they chow down on at state fairs are definitely not helping their cause.

Minnesota (Part 2)

After Prince’s passing, Minnesota literally has nothing to be proud of. Maybe the Vikings are ok right now but they will suck again soon.


And the people there are probably miserable. You can’t possibly be happy in cold like that.

Mississippi (Part 2)

Let’s just say that people in Mississippi are not so bright. They still haven’t realized that they lost the civil war over 150 years ago. That’s just sad.


Hey, you rebels- what are you going to rebel against? Education or hygiene? At the university Ole Miss, there’s only one thing worth majoring in beer.

Missouri (Part 2)

Missouri, a state where even doctors are pretty dumb and don’t understand how to consume food.


Take the pizza out of the box before putting it in your mouth. And no, the pizza cutter is not to cut somebody’s body open for surgery.

Montana (Part 2)

Welcome to Montana where it is normal to see dead kill riding on the top of vehicles.


In Montana, you need to prove your worth by killing one elk or moose… by third grade. If not, you can expect to be held back until you prove your capability.

Nebraska (Part 2)

The best-kept secret in the surf world is heading to the corn silo. Nebraska is world-renowned for its corn breaks: all of the best surfers are coming here to give it a shot.


In Nebraska, there isn’t much to do that doesn’t involve corn or cow poop. You gotta make do with what you got.

Nevada (Part 2)

Nevada is known to have the highest number of Elvis impersonators, as well as toxic nuclear waste.


You get the theme. Clearly, nuclear waste is having an impact on people’s abilities to think clearly. Hence, their rejection of all things normal.

New Jersey (Part 2)

It’s no irony that New Jersey has a hurricane that destroyed a lot of property. It was clearly trying to wipe out the awful soul-killing population of fake tans and blowouts and gelled hair.


Unfortunately, that is one strong force and they refused to be taken down. One can only hope for next time.

New Mexico (Part 2)

There isn’t much going on in New Mexico. For this reason, people have to come up with supernatural things like UFOs in order to get attention.


So basically, if you go to New Mexico and come up with something to attract tourists, you can be famous.

New York (Part 2)

Only in New York can you eat 50 hot dogs in 15 minutes and be considered a champ.


If you think you have what it takes to top that, New York is callin’ you. You just better not care at all about your health.

North Carolina (Part 2)

In North Carolina, all people really care about is NASCAR. If you aren’t into it, you have no reason to be there. Also if you are transgendered you really need to find a new state because you aren’t allowed to use their bathrooms.


Besides this, they love left-hand turns in North Carolina and never turn right. Are the NASCAR tracks always on the left?

North Dakota (Part 2)

In North Dakota the weather is shit and there’s nothing to do. You need to get creative or you will find yourself bored to death. For one idea, check out the sport this man-made up; lawn mower racing.


The sport has become widely popular in North Dakota, with 11 people showing up last year to cheer them on.

Ohio (Part 2)

The weather in Ohio is basically winter all year long.


Due to this, it is also in construction for much of the year. So living in Ohio sucks and driving through it sucks because of the construction. Basically just avoid the state at all costs.

Oklahoma (Part 2)

Oklahoma is pretty interesting to check out Native American pride but that’s about all you’ll get here.


The government sent all the Native Americans here after we took over their lands.

Oregon (Part 2)

Considering the number of wild animals that live in Oregon, get used to them chilling in your backyard, on your porch, and with your other house pets.


Fortunately, they at least adjust the bed sizes accordingly. We’re sure it isn’t easy to fit that deer in the door, though.

Pennsylvania (Part 2)

In Pennsylvania, there isn’t much to do if you live outside of Philadelphia. Basically, all you can really do is have sex, something that is highly encouraged by the state, as seen with their town names.


The state has plenty of sex crazed towns like Blow Jobsville and Buttsex City.

Rhode Island (Part 2)

It is pretty cool that Rhode Island is the birthplace of Mr. Potato Head but that’s literally all they are known for.


Why the state hasn’t just been demolished and recreated into a parking lot for New York? It is beyond my understanding.

South Carolina (Part 2)

Only in South Carolina do people prefer their cars as dating profiles over Tinder.


That’s exactly what this guy did. He must not be such an attractive fella himself with a small wiener. You know what they say about guys who lift. The more they lift, the smaller their package.

South Dakota (Part 2)

The only claim to fame that South Dakota has is that it isn’t North Dakota.

Alamy Stock Photo

And that it has four random white men carved into its mountains. That is all.

Texas (Part 2)

All Texas is, is basically cowboy hats and cows.


Here you see a farmer washing the butt of his cow before their hot date tonight.

Utah (part 2)

In Utah polygamy is the plague and they are not ashamed to show it.


While the state puts its foot down on the amount of alcohol allowed in each beer at 3.4 percent, it allows men to have multiple wives. They have zero sense of logic in this state.

Vermont (Part 2)

Vermont is where all of the people with a strong opinion are thrown, so nobody has to hear them.


If you didn’t understand, Bernie Sanders is from Vermont. He does have some things worth listening to, but people stop listening to him and ignore him much like Vermont.

Virginia (Part 2)

Welcome to Virginia where most of its residents still believe the civil war is going on and the other 1% live in the D.C suburbs.


The hillbilly was born here and is still going strong.

Washington (Part 2)

The number one tourist attraction in Seattle is definitely the Pikes Place Fish Market.


Everyone who lives here smells like fish and perfume isn’t welcomed. Come here so you can fit in with the locals and even learn how to toss around a fish like them. Throwing fish – it’s the city sport.

West Virginia (Part 2)

Welcome to the land where you don’t need teeth and you can roll around in the mud like a pig.

Getty Images Photo by Erik S. Lesser

If you aren’t either of these things, you might have trouble getting the ladies. And the hottest of them all is the one who can do the hardest mud belly flop. That guy in the picture? He’s the mayor of the town.

Wisconsin (Part 2)

Welcome to the state where boats have bigger wheels than cars.


Not only are the boat’s wheels huge in Wisconsin but so is lake life. Something is just not natural about saying boat tires.

Stereotypical Girls – Nationwide

Have you ever thought about what girls look like around the country from a stereotypical perspective?


Check out the next several slides to find out how ladies in the U.S are portrayed.

Girls Of Alabama

If you’ve been lucky enough to attend the two biggest music festivals in Alabama.


In that case, then you definitely saw a girl like this taking a selfie.

Girls of Southern California

Here you can see what the stereotypical girl of SoCal looks like.


LA is popular for its hot and talented cheerleaders, the best girls for the sports teams to have by their side.

Girls of Colorado

If you attend big music festivals in Colorado, you’ll be graced (or cursed).


So many hippie style girls.

Girls Of Georgia

Meet the southern style skater chick of Atlanta, Georgia.


This is as hipster as they get in the south.

Girls Of Boston

Meet the stereotypical girls of the East.


They aren’t far off from the hipster girls of Boston.

Girls of New Jersey

The Girls of New Jersey aren’t quite the same as their next-door neighbors on the Jersey shore.


They have top-notch style and their hipster look is pretty similar to neighboring states.

Girls Of New York

Let’s hear it for New York… you might see a lot of these kinds of girls wearing large boyfriend t-shirt, backward hats, and arm sleeve tattoos.


Be careful though, they can be dangerous.

Girls of Pennsylvania

Did you know that Pennsylvania is home to some of the most beautiful girls?


Judge for yourself.

Girls of South Carolina

See here for your typical south-eastern hipster girl riding her skateboard down the boulevard.


She was a skater girl, she said see you later girl…

Girls of Tennessee

If American pride is your thing, you’ll love the girls in Nashville.


Girls here show off their pride by wrapping themselves in American flags with nothing underneath.

Girls of Texas

The most stereotypical picture.


Welcome to the typical Texan country girl in overalls and a cowboy hat. All she’s missing is straw in her mouth.

Girls of Washington D.C.

These girls don’t look much different from California hipsters.


Still beautiful, stylish and giving off the hipster vibes.