From Historical Artifacts to Natural Treasures, These Discoveries Were Found in the Least Expected Places

Our planet is peppered with random nonsense, but not all of it is created equal. In most cases, there’s a basic formula: in suburbs, there are paved roads lined with trees and mailboxes, and out in nature there are forests, mountains, and natural water sources, nothing unusual.
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But sometimes, the world is open to remixes and creative interpretations that everyday folks like you and me, found while minding their own business. Let’s take a gander together at the most interesting finds people have stumbled upon, from historical artifacts to unexpected natural phenomena.

Glass Orb

While vacationing in Hawaii with his wife, this guy stumbled upon this incredible glass ball while walking on the beach and somehow, it has become the lodgings of a small marine ecosystem.

It looks like a tiny glass planet with seashells as sail ships! Wouldn’t want to step on it though.

Thrift Store Finds

If the mere thought of a thrift store makes you think of a dusty place, filled with an overwhelming confusion of VHS tapes and taxidermy, then it might be time to reconsider.

This Olympic jacket was bought at a thrift store and inside one of the pockets, it had the original owner’s I.D. badge and tickets for the opening ceremony. Now, that is neat!

Just Wow!

Beyond the beautifully curated jewelry posts that have populated your Instagram feed, there is this guy who found an enormous quartz crystal under the foundation of his home, worth $4 million!


And now the real question is what will he do with this monstrosity of mineral rock — make a pretty pair of artsy earrings or craft a gorgeous, avant-garde ring…?

But How?!

Every now and then, Mother Nature throws in an artistic interpretation to one of her classics. We don’t know how she did this, but somehow she came up with this translucent leaf that lay perfect beside a river.


Maybe it’s due to the lack of sunlight or chlorophyll but either way, looking at it feels like looking at something from another dimension.

Is that a Toilet-Seat?

Well, that’s an interesting guitar if there ever was one. While it is a curious work of craftsmanship, it is a little unsettling, like finding a hair in your food or when your cat brings you a dead lizard.

This um, bizarre choice of a guitar frame was found for sale in a second-hand store and we will always wonder if it ever found an owner as quirky as itself.

A Precious Pendant

We’ve all lost things. A sentimental love letter, a trivial receipt that we thought we might need, but didn’t anyway. A precious locket that was passed down as an heirloom; it happens.

In some cases, they are found by someone luckier than ourselves and posted it online for millions of people to gawk at and wonder if they’ll ever find that letter that meant so much to them when they were younger.

Parking in the Woods

If you’ve ever tried finding parking while living in a city, then you’ll know what a nightmare it is. But once you travel to the country you’ll be amazed at all the free spaces everywhere.

Well, apparently this guy didn’t want to lose his spot, leaving his car for so long it grew with the trees and hung on like some kind of ornament. Or maybe he just forgot where he parked it and when he found it years later, it was too late.


This lucky guy and his friend went on a little hiking trip and while marveling at the gorgeous view, they stumbled upon the hiking shoe that Reese Witherspoon hurled over a cliff while filming the movie “Wild.”

Apparently, after filming, the crew went looking for the boot, but couldn’t find it and noted it as “untraceable.”

Fairy Tale

On an ordinary street in a suburb like any other, there’s this house that looks straight out of a fairy tale. Clearly, the owners wanted something a little different. Instead of just painting their house, they decided a complete overhaul was required.

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And by overhaul, we mean redoing their home into something we’d see in a beloved Dr. Suess book.

Clover Forest in a Bottle

Ever wonder what happens when a glass bottle becomes home to a garden of three-leaf clovers? Welcome to the resilient power of mother nature. It’s like a mini terrarium, but one that must have been found in Ireland.

According to Irish folklore, the number three is considered very lucky, so whoever found this must be the luckiest of them all!


While walking through the woods beyond the barrier of their backyard, this family found a little nest of seven baby rabbits. They were only a few days old as their eyes were still unopened and they didn’t even flinch when towered over by a brood of people.


Now, this is something of a delightful find! There’s nothing like seeing a bunch of bunnies to cheer you up instantly and make you realize how precious life can be.

A Bouquet of Broccoli

Ever wondered what vegetables look like once they begin to sprout flowers? Of course not! Why would anyone think that anything as bland as broccoli could blossom into a bouquet like this?

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Standing in the vase, you wouldn’t even recognize this as something you lied to your doctor about eating when in actual fact, you ate a burger with fries and diet coke.

A Little Homage

Deep in the forest surrounding Hundred Acre Wood lives a good-natured little bear you might know as Winnie the Pooh. Now many have gone searching for this little yellow-furred bear, but only a few can say they found this little den.

We don’t know where that is exactly but it must have been built to celebrate this honey-loving friend.


Looking under the paws of our furry friends isn’t something most people do, but this poodle loves to lie on the couch with his forepaws sprawled about as he dozes off into la-la-land to chase birds and play fetch.

Of course, his humans noticed the little paw-print under his footpads, now isn’t that an adorable feature?

When in Rome

Italy isn’t what it used to be, but with great care and effort, so much has been done to preserve the ancient archeological sites that can still be visited today. Who knew that there’s still more to be found!

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Hidden under this vineyard there lies mosaics from a Roman villa that’s probably thousands of years old. It’s amazing how well it’s remained intact underground.

Shine On!

This person did not expect to find this photo of a young and happy-looking Stephen King along with his autograph from 1981 inside their copy of the book “The Shining.”

He bought this at a thrift store, unaware that the real treasure he would be buying was inside and would be worth so much more!


This progeny of octopi kind of looks like something you’d find in an alien invasion movie, but actually they’re little octopus eggs that someone found inside a seashell.

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We’ve never come across something like this before so imagine what it must be like to discover this in real life?

Only in the Amazon

Hiking on an isolated jungle trail in the Amazon is cool, but you know what’s even cooler? Coming across this post marking the equator.


What’s really neat about this is that there aren’t many to be found, as they aren’t marked on any maps or trails. The only other one that has been found is in Ecuador.

One Deep Blue Crayfish

With the world being so big and with life being so short, finding something as gorgeous as this deep blue crayfish in the mountains of West Virginia is, for lack of a better phrase, like finding a needle in a haystack.

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Such a vivid blue is not often found in nature, making it quite eye-catching, but also not well camouflaged.

Smoothly Satisfying

Staggered upon on the beach, this perfectly smooth pebble is oddly satisfying to see, like that crispy crunch when you step on leaves or having a cold shower on a hot day.


According to science, humans have a strong preference for perfect symmetry, which is why we find photos like this one so satisfying.

Fossil Phone

It’s hard to believe that standing in this unassuming parking lot, under the oppressive asphalt lies a buried phone, that somehow manages to peek through.

Seeing how old the phone is, it’s almost as if it’s been fossilized from a completely different era.

Barbie Grasshopper

An otherwise unremarkable grasshopper would not make this list, but this one is a bright bubblegum pink in color. Now usually insects with long hind legs that can jump would make us freak out a little, but this one is rather unique.


These are actually pink katydids. They are very rarely found in nature and were only discovered in 1887!

Pesky Weeds

While weeding out his garden, this guy found a stubborn root that would not budge, so he dug up the soil and tugged a little more and this popped out of the earth.

Now, this just shows how weeds can find themselves in the weirdest of places, like this skull. We don’t know if it belongs to a raccoon or what but it’s got teeth that could’ve done some real damage.

The Most Fearsome Dinosaur

While their kids were digging through their garden, they hit something hard and thought they struck something valuable but instead they found Rex from Toy Story, which is even better!

The green tyrannosaurus was known for his insecurities and constant uneasiness about his little ol’ roar, but he always came through for his pals, which is why he was so lovable.

Another Fossil!

Before you feel the need to ask, yes, this was found on earth. While it looks like something you’d expect to see at an exhibition filled with an assortment of inventive pottery, it was actually found inside an ordinary rock.

Breaking through rocks seems like an unusual pastime, but in this case, someone found two different kinds of fossils that have merged into one!

A Blue Quartz

While gold and diamonds get all the attention, this tiny blue mineral stone found in a forest is equally as dazzling. As it lies nestled between the rocks, its smooth appearance is almost mesmerizing.

Even though it’s not worth as much as precious stones, it’s still a lucky find.

Hungry Birds

Opening up your barbecue for the first time after a long winter feels like seeing flowers blossom for the first time in a while, but imagine finding a nest of hatchlings, like this guy did!

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They look so cozy in their perfect nest, waiting to be fed by their mama bird.

Seven-Leaf Clover

Four-leaf clovers aren’t that obscure but imagine finding a seven-leaf clover! That’s bound to be lucky right? We hope the finder went and bought a few lottery tickets just to test it out.


If there ever was a little leaf that could be called an overachiever, it could be this one.

Almost Looks Like Amber

Either you are the type of person who immediately stops to pick up and stare at this perfectly round piece of Pine sap or you carry on walking without giving it a second thought.

It’s so perfect, we’d almost think it fell off from a ring and that it could possibly be amber (which is a much older, fossilized version of tree sap)!

Another Amazing Find

Whether you’re the kind of traveler who strays off the beaten path or one who hits the biggest tourist traps, we’ve all searched the shore for treasures of some kind.

And while we found some seashells and strange relics in our day, this light-bulb really takes the cake. This lively-looking bunch, lodging on a light-bulb was found washed up on a beach, somewhere in Australia.

Ghost Pebble

Stones with natural holes in them, like this little ghost-like pebble, are often called adder stones — amongst many other names. For centuries, many cultures believed that you could possess supernatural powers when peeking through the holes.

Now isn’t it just deliciously appropriate that this little pebble is shaped like a ghoulish — but friendly  —ghost!

Shark Tooth

Some people like to look for seashells or interesting stones while walking on a beach, while others search for shark teeth instead. One might wonder, how many shark teeth could possibly be found on the beach.

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Well, after just a few hours, it turns out that many can be found!

Eastern Flight 980

Two guys left their urban metropolis in search of adventure, setting off on a special expedition to find any remnants of Eastern Flight 980 that crashed into The Andes, more than 35 years ago.

They did find something! It turns out they discovered scrapings which turned out to be an old tape recorder from aboard the flight.

Crazy Things Happen

It’s difficult to believe that people find semi-precious stones, like this beautiful Amethyst, in the middle of their driveway, but hey, crazier things have happened!

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This particular Amethyst’s deep purple color would actually make it more valuable than the lighter lilac shades.

Time Capsule

Who knows what you’ll find when digging around your very own backyard? Some people might think of this ancient time capsule as random nonsense that was buried by a little girl.

While many of the items have rusted and corroded over the years, the toy snake seems to be the only thing that has stood the test of time.

What Is This?

These interesting-looking blocks are probably from the mid-1800s. They are actually early Victorian chatelaine aides. Made of sheets of ivory, these would have hung on a lady’s belt chain or stowed away securely in one of her pockets.

Back in the days, these served as notes and reminders of appointments for the week to come. It contains 6 pages, from Monday to Saturday, of course, appointments would never have been made on a Sunday.

Is That a UFO?

This cloud formation resembles the shape of some otherworldly ship. Or, could it be where the original Roswell aliens are hiding out as they keep a careful watch over us?


Actually, this is just a Lenticular cloud, so no need to be alarmed! These saucer-shaped clouds typically form over stable objects that collect a lot of moisture, like mountains.

What Does It Say?

This looks like something we’d expect to see in a sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? We didn’t even know entire books written in such elaborate code even existed! Who could possibly read this, and more importantly, why?!

As it turns out, this is a book written in Masonic code, otherwise known as pigpen cipher.

Now That’s a Scary-Looking Gadget

This contraption was found under the floorboards of an 18oo’s era house. Now to us, this looks like something straight out of a horror movie.

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At first, we thought the worst, that this must be some kind of archaic medical device or a mechanism for torture, right? Actually, its purpose is something quite ordinary and innocent — it was used to easily remove the shells from the tops of soft-boiled eggs.

Am I Iron Man, Now?

Walking on the beach while listening to your favorite playlist is something everyone should experience, but dropping your headphones in the sand is something we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy.

But in this case, something very interesting happened when this guy pulled his earphones out of the sand, the metal earpiece drew out the iron from the sand.

Heart of Stone

This work of art almost unto itself was found amongst the rocks by a person taking a stroll. While it remains a beautiful piece of nature, we could all agree that this heart of stone probably belongs to that toxic friend from our childhood.


We all had one and know there must have been a reason for their cold-hearted behavior.

An Ancient Dollar Bill

This old dollar bill was found casually resting on the ground as if waiting for someone to pick it up. On the left side, we can see the signature of Walter Orr Woods, who was the Register of the Treasury from 1927 to 1929.

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While on the right side is Frank White, who was Treasurer of the United States from 1921 to 1928.

How They Used to Send Postcards

What would our list be without a message in a bottle? This was found on the beach of Floreana Island in the Galapagos. If carefully deciphered, it says something like this: “Hugh Craggs, Yacht St George, anyone who finds this please include a letter along with a date, name of the finder, of the ship, destination, and dispatch a postcard to Hugh Craggs 50 Ruskin Ave Manor Park London.”

The other side reads: “Buried at the foot of post office bay, by the post office barrel, Floreana Island, Galapagos, Aug 1st of 1924.”

A Perfect Sphere

You’ve probably seen at least a couple of interestingly shaped rocks in your life, and this list features more than one of them. This perfectly round yet slightly ragged stone is just one of them.

It looks like it could be a fossilized ball, being the perfect shape and size of a tennis ball, but trying to catch this must be pretty painful.

How They Used to Look

This antiquated calculator was found in someone’s great grandmother’s attic and called the “Magic Brain Calculator.” It even comes with simplified instructions for the inexperienced user.

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Nowadays, we just use our phones to calculate and even that proves too complicated for some.

A Piece of Ancient History

Okay, so we couldn’t resist throwing at least one sword in our list. This is a Viking sword dating back to at least 1,000 years ago that was uncovered in the southern parts of Norway, atop an isolated mountain, far from civilized society.

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While it remarkably remains completely intact, and even still sturdy when picked up, it has formed a rusted layer all over.

Recycled Diary

The next time you’re looking for an artifact from life in the 1940s, you might want to skip your local library and head over to the closest recycling center. You might have to rummage through some parachute pants and discarded furniture, but isn’t that part and parcel of the fun?

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This filled diary from 1941 was found at a recycling plant by one of the workers, and boy does it look like it’s seen some things.

To the Phone Booth!

Before modern technology like cameras and the internet was even a thing, we imagine that anyone who came across a stranded telephone booth like this wondered how they could broadcast their discovery when they knew nobody would believe them.

Good thing we can now carry mobile phones with cameras included so we can easily verify and post our findings.

An Eerie Sighting

Is this from a “Stranger Things” episode? Maybe it’s a weird elaborate prank? It must have felt rather eerie walking through these woods, like something never encountered before.

This place is actually just a huge pond that sinks every dry season and someone found themselves walking through while on a trail in the woods.