Get In Line, Folks! The Celebs Who Hate The Kardashians

Hate to love them or love to hate them, there’s no denying that the Kardashians have been one of the biggest influences on pop culture over the past decade. The sisters, Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, and their stepsisters Kendall and Kylie, along with their “momager” Kris, created a billion-dollar empire out of their family’s antics, living the high life in Calabasas.
Getty Images Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
Getty Images Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
But while some watch them in delight, others loathe them and what they stand for. Some of those people are celebrities! Can you guess who?

Michael Buble

Smooth-talking and heartthrob crooner Michael Buble is on our list of celebs who are more than a little anti-Kardashian. He made his views on the Kardashians well known on stage when he was performing in New York during an iHeartRadio concert.


He announced take that he had a “very special guest,” welcoming “Kim Kardashian.” Fans were a little puzzled before he joked “Nah..that b**** isn’t coming on my stage!” Yikes! We wonder what Kim K ever did to Michael Buble!

Rebel Wilson

We love Rebel Wilson. She’s one of our favorite Aussies! The comedienne and actress is also not shy in sharing her opinions, particularly when it comes to other celebrities. She loves to joke around and call people out — and the Kardashians are no exception!

Getty Images Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

The beef started when the producers of the VMAs asked her to present Kylie and Kendall, and Rebel staunchly said “No.” She qualified this by saying it wasn’t them personally, but it was more what “they stand for.”

Miley Cyrus

Some of us were a bit surprised to hear that Miley Cyrus joined in on the Kardash-bash, but the singer and actress decided to fume about Kim’s nude photo. Except it wasn’t about the photo, it was about the attention it received.

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She called it “tacky” and then went on to caption her post saying that it’s more important for women (particularly the “overly fortunate women”) to not make it all about themselves — but to help women who need the jobs, attention, and money to make their own living. Yeah Kim, don’t steal all the spotlight!

Barack Obama

With two daughters of his own, and having run America, Barack Obama knows about the Kardashians. Pretty sure that he’s met them too. But his main qualm is with the fact that their television show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, is about well, nothing.

Getty Images Photo by Isaac Brekken

Because this family has problems that many people would dream to have — you know, like, “what color Birkin should I get?” Or if they should take the Rolls Royce or the Bentley. That sort of jazz. There really is a lot more in life to be worrying about, but maybe when you’re worth that much, there isn’t a lot left.


So basically, whatever Queen B says, sticks. We are now all of the opinions that the Kardashians are Kartrashians. Kidding! (Or not?) Anywho, we think this is more of a rumor and speculation rather than being grounded in any sort of true event or evidence.

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It goes back to when Kim and Kanye got married in 2014, and the Carter’s declined their invite! But what’s come out is that it was due to some personal relationship issues Jay-Z and B were working through at the time. Also because Rachel Roy was going to be at the wedding *gasp.*

Anna Wintour

Sure, Kim K has had the honor of gracing Vogue a few times, and of course, that wouldn’t have gone through without Wintour’s approval. In saying that, she’s trying to sell magazines, and while she may not personally agree with Kim’s celebrity status, the Kardashian is undoubtedly popular.

Getty Images Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris

Wintour was particularly upset at Kardashian’s selfie-taking on the red carpet at the 2015 Met Gala. That, among other things over the years, made Wintour less than impressed with Kim and her family.

Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace got some shade to throw at the Kardashians too, it seems! Moretz was rather upset after Kim decided to post her fully nude mirror selfie to Instagram. The young actress and star pleaded with fans and followers, responding that women have more to offer than just their bodies. Amen!


But Kim…being the woman she is, responded with a tweet that was a little bit ouch and a little bit mean. You’ll have to look that one up…

Daniel Craig

Ah, Mr. Bond, a qualm with the Kardashians isn’t it? He actually has a very valid point though, so let’s hear him out! Bond — sorry, Craig — gave an interview with “GQ” and basically threw so much shade at the Kardashians that they’re sitting under a pile of it. Heh. We’re good with puns, we know.

Getty Images Photo by Alessandra Benedetti

Anywho, he basically said that they made a killing without any talent whatsoever. He then went on to say that they could hardly ask for privacy after filming every second of their lives and putting it out there. Touché Mr. Bond!

50 Cent

You know the saying, one man’s trash is another’s treasure, well, 50 Cent did not hesitate to use it in reference to Kanye’s wife at the time, Kim Kardashian.


This comment makes us think that perhaps he isn’t the biggest fan of the most famous of the family. But the twist was — this was in response to the rumor that Kanye West was penning a new song about his “perfect” wife.

Blac Chyna

So the rumor mill started swirling after Blac Chyna and rapper Tyga broke off their engagement before he started dating Kylie Jenner (mind you, she was barely 17 at the time). But over the years, there has been a bit of a rollercoaster that’s a little more hate than love.


Recently, she threw some shade at the Kardashians, who posted a choreographed dance for Kim. Chyna’s comment?  “ALL OF THEM ARE BABY MAMAS.” Ouch, that’s gotta burn ladies!

Kristen Cavallari

For someone who’s basically reality TV royalty, it seems a bit rich to be coming from her to criticize the Kardashians. But hey, she’s on our list! And there’s a reason for it: she was dragged into their family drama after a rumor was circulated that she was having an affair with ‘Lord’ Disick.

Getty Images Photo by Tibrina Hobson

According to Cavallari, the rumor was started to take the media’s attention off of Kim and her sham marriage to Kris Humphries at the time. What better way is there than to direct the spotlight to a fellow reality star?

Kathy Griffin

“She is super stupid.” Well, if that doesn’t give you Kathy Griffin’s opinion of Kim Kardashian in a nutshell, we don’t know what does.

Getty Images Photo by Mike Pont

When the actress and comedian appeared on a talk show, she gave the statement pretty matter-of-factly. We can appreciate Griffin’s candor, but is it too much to blatantly state that about a person? We’re really digging into morality, aren’t we! What do y’all think?

Amber Rose

Remember when Amber Rose and Kanye West were an item? Feels like ancient history now after his highly documented marriage to Kim K, and subsequent divorce. But while many people assume Amber Rose hates Kim, she has told media outlets on numerous


occasions that she doesn’t hate her per se. Rose, however, threw shade at the Kardashian, reminding the family that they are only “relevant” because of Kim’s infamous tape leaking. Ouch! But then again…is she wrong? What’s the first thing you think of when you think of their family…? Right?

Bette Midler

Gosh, how can you not like Bette Midler? A true queen. And hey, when a queen preaches, you better listen up. The singer, actress, and stage-woman threw a bit of shade at Kim Kardashian after the reality star posted naked photos on Instagram.


Mind you, this was before Instagram got all sensitive with banning things. Midler went on to say that it wasn’t really a surprise to see it from her and that it wasn’t anything new, because we’ve basically seen everything anyway.

David Cross

Ah, David. The stand-up comedian and actor (not to mention director and writer), who rose to fame on “Mr. Show” and “Arrested Development,” also has an opinion on the Kardashians. But it’s quite X-rated and we’re not sure that it will go down too well with people.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Tullberg

His disgust was aimed more at Kris Jenner than anyone else, saying that she’d basically sold her children in order to make money. If you want to see the full explicit details of his comment, just look it up!

Jerry Seinfeld

We love Jerry, we love Jerry! The comedian and actor who brought “Seinfeld” to our screens has some very staunch opinions about the Kardashians, and he really doesn’t seem to care if they know or not!

Getty Images Photo by Craig Barritt

He was really disappointed (as probably any father would be) to find his young daughter watching their reality TV show in her room. Seinfeld has issues with reality TV because, well, they don’t seem to be doing anything really interesting. A fair point Mr. Seinfeld!


The late music legend Prince was never one to keep to himself. In any case, we really couldn’t care less what he says about Kim K, purely for the fact that, well, he’s Prince! The pop singer started his “feud” with Kimmy back in 2011 when he brought her on to the stage at one of his concerts.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic

But rather than dancing, the reality star just kinda stood there and was laughing. Prince did not take well to that, and told her to get off the stage!! Later on, the beef ensued, after the Kardashians were meant to cameo on “New Girl”, but he made sure that didn’t happen during his special episode.

Jeremy Renner

We love us some Hawkeye action! And the eagle-eyed sharpshooting Avenger has some very cutting opinions about the Kardashians. In an interview with “The Guardian”, Renner had lots to say when that name came up in conversation.


He, like others, had simple, but intense words for the family: “stupid, stupid people.” For actors who’ve worked hard to earn their keep, it seems ridiculous that a seemingly talentless bunch of people have constantly got the world’s focus on them.


It really is no secret that the punk rock pop star Pink isn’t exactly fond of the Kardashians and what they stand for. The singer didn’t specifically name the Kardashians, but it doesn’t take a genius to know exactly whom she was referring to.


She gave a shout-out to the women who chose to use their brains and work ethic and talent, rather than their bodies. Because women who understand that and use that don’t ever need the ‘attention’ that one gets from just having a desirable body.

Snoop Dogg

That’s S-N-OO-P, D-O-GG to you! The rapper has some opinions and doesn’t care what anyone thinks (in classic Snoop Dogg style), and this time the Kardashians were on his radar. He cleverly used someone else’s words (lyrics, that is) and quoted Dr. Dre.

Alamy Stock Photo

It came out around the time that Kim and Kris Humphries got married and then divorced 72 days later. He said Humphries made the mistake — trying to domesticate Kim. Well, he said it in his own Snoop way.

Joel McHale

Being the host of “The Soup”, it’s basically in Joel McHale’s job contract that he has to make fun of reality stars. The actor also maintains that most of the celebrities he has fun with can take the joke, but not so for the Kardashians.

Getty Images Photo by Allen Berezovsky/WireImage

Apparently, from high above on the network he works on, he’s not allowed to mention that the family got famous over the infamous tape. It’s basically the world’s best-known “secret” that no one is allowed to talk about. Now that’s power! But hey, he knows the Kardashians don’t like him, and neither does he!

Kris Humphries

No surprises here. But then again, if you don’t agree with or like the Kardashians, then why the heck would you even think of marrying one? Maybe it was all rosy before he got married to the reality star and then noticed the cracks.

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Winter/NBCUniversal

But gee, if our parents were made to fly coach when it was our marriage, despite our spouse’s wealth, we’d have some issues. Apparently, she also filed for divorce, and only wanted to be with him for, well, ratings. Pretty shallow, but then again, isn’t that being Kardashian means?

Barbara Walters

The esteemed talk show host and the interviewer has spoken to pretty much anyone and everyone, and in an interview with Kim Kardashian, she did not hold back at all! Walters had no shame at all in telling Kim that well, she didn’t have “any…talent.” Reow!


But the thing that got audiences was the fact that the sisters well, sorta agreed. In fact, they maintained that it’s more challenging for people to like you for “who you are” as opposed to liking you for your talent, be that singing or acting or what have you. Interesting take.

Jon Hamm

Ah, “Mad Men.” What a show — and what a great lead, Jon Hamm. The actor seems to have a lot in common with his fellow celebs on the list — they all don’t like the Kardashians. Hamm was quick to go well, HAM on the reality star (Paris Hilton was also named), remarking that “stupidity” is celebrated, and apparently, it’s a “valuable commodity.” Yikes.

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For someone who’s regarded as one of the hottest men in Hollywood, he seems to think it’s actually meaningless. Dang, power to you, Mr. Hamm!

Frances Bean Cobain

The daughter of legendary rockstar Kurt Cobain decided to speak out in a very rare interview, and it was to call out the world’s favorite (or no favorite) family. She calls them America’s most plastic family, and she believes that this world, which lacks authenticity, has been made so much more toxic by the Kardashians.

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The problem that Frances Bean Cobain has with them is that their life isn’t ‘real’ per see, but actually manufactured, and heavily filtered.


Ooooh Fabio with the long golden hair, laying out on a shag rug with the fire crackling. Okay, we’re not writing a romance novel here, we’re here for Kim K and family beef! He didn’t beat around the bush with how he felt about the Kardashians, with a simple, to-the-point statement that cuts deep: “Kim Kardashian is trash.”

Getty Images Photo by Paul Archuleta

He felt that she didn’t set a good example and that kids think that there are no limits when it comes to getting attention. He’s got a point.

Seth MacFarlane

The funnyman and of course, creator of the TV series “Family Guy” is NOT a fan of the Kardashians. And he’s been preaching it for a few years now. While his comments are a little more petty and distasteful — some would say, elementary-school-like — he is quite set in his opinion of not being a fan of theirs.


There was something he said at the Oscars in 2013 that was a bit on the nose — and yes, you will need to look that one up!

Naomi Campbell

While there isn’t so much direct fire, there is some fire when it comes to outfits. Campbell, an international supermodel and ultimate babe (and she knows it!), has dissed Kim Kardashian over wearing outfits similar to hers.

Getty Images Photo by Rose Hartman/WireImage

But more than that, there’s a little more shade when it comes to Kim’s Vogue cover, “I’ve been working for 28 years…when you get a Vogue cover, it’s a build in your career.” Read between the lines people.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Every time we see her name, we start playing the “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” theme song in our heads. That can’t be just us, right? It is? Oh. Anyway, Gellar joins our list of celebs who are kind of over the Kardashians.

Getty Images Photo by Jason Kempin

Shortly after Kim appeared on the cover of “Vogue” magazine, the 90s and 00s star tweeted that she’d be canceling her subscription to the high fashion magazine. A lot of her fans agreed. See, at least Gellar actually walked the walk with the “if you don’t like it leave” adage. Nice.

Amber Portwood

This beef goes back all the way back when Kim had a go at young moms on “Teen Mom.” At the time, Kardashian wrote to her blog that the show would have an effect on teen pregnancy rates, saying that the show promoted teen pregnancy.


As Kim sees it, the show makes young girls think ‘oh, they made a show about her getting pregnant at a young age and they made money, I should do that too.’ Kardashian warned young fans to not “idolize” these women. Portwood had something to say about that, mentioning er…Kim’s tape.

Paris Hilton

Dang, you’d think reality TV stars would be supporting other reality TV stars. Guess not. Maybe that’s because Paris Hilton has herself convinced that she actually has talent. But then again, if you remember, it was Paris Hilton who really introduced Kim Kardashian to the scene.

Getty Images Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

She was the “quiet” friend, the “assistant” who would clean out the Hilton heir’s wardrobe and then sell any clothes for them online. Still, we can’t help but think there might be just a little jealousy with the fact that Kim is more well-known than Paris.

Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn is one of the main guys when it comes to fashion, having an important role on the faculty of Parsons School of Design, before then becoming one of the better-known mentors on the reality TV show, “Project Runway.”

Getty Images Photo by Amy Sussman

Gunn loves to provide his opinion on anything fashion, and he has a particularly strong opinion on the Kardashians and their sense of fashion. He had some words for fashionistas and fashion-misters, “if a Kardashian is wearing it, don’t.”

Amy Schumer

Comedienne and actress Amy Schumer may seem a bit of a surprise to some people, but she also makes it onto our list! She’s joked about the family a few times, but she’s also, honestly, criticized them for their lifestyle. The main thing for Schumer is that she doesn’t think they’re great role models for the next generations.

Getty Images Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage

Honestly, we’ve thought thrice about having kids because gee, we don’t exactly want our little girls and boys turning out like the Kardashians. Schumer went on to comment on their speculated surgeries and body image issues.

Piers Morgan

Everyone knows that Piers Morgan has basically made a career in being a bit of a shock-jock, making headlines for his opinions and sometimes outrageous ones at that. So it’s no surprise that he has some very strong opinions about Kim Kardashian and her family.


He ripped into the clan after Kris Jenner posted the extremely expensive bag that has a brand name we won’t repeat. In similar words, Morgan called it disgusting and excessive, even going as far as calling it a “repulsive” show of wealth.

Naya Rivera

Firstly, R.I.P. Naya Rivera. It’s so awful because she was so young and had a lot ahead of her. While she’s best known for her role on “Glee”, she also got quite a bit of heat after disapproving of Kim Kardashian’s backside. You know, the “Paper” magazine shot where she ‘broke the internet.’ Yeah.

Alamy Stock Photo

Rivera even said that she doesn’t usually comment, particularly when it comes to women and their body image, but her comment still stands: “you’re someone’s mother.” Zing!

Wendy Williams

We just love tuning into Wendy’s talk show — and she’s a premier source for all the celeb info and pop culture stuff you might want to know. On her show, “The Wendy Williams Show”, the host concluded that Kim’s slew of selfies was a desperate plea for attention, and that’s all it’s ever been about.

Getty Images Photo by Steve Zak Photography/FilmMagic

The same thing happened when Kylie Jenner announced her pregnancy, and Kim’s baby Chicago also was revealed, which caused a media frenzy. Williams is simply calling her out for what Kim K does best.

Mama June

Ever seen “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”? No? Well, we’re pretty sure you’ll have seen a meme or two of Mama June. Anyway, the star of the show, Shannon, says that she is adamant about her daughters not turning into Kardashians. Because as their mother, she knows they’re not high maintenance.

Getty Images Photo by Cindy Ord

The Kardashians, on the other hand, live a life that’s all about where and how they can be seen, which is not what her family is about!

Janice Dickinson

Look, you may call her a boomer, but Janice Dickinson does have a point — social media stars are becoming supermodels more quickly than ever before. It’s more about your following than your raw talent or looks.

Getty Images Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

In many interviews, Dickinson has waved the flag for largely overlooked models and fashion people, “I know a lot of people hate it that these…social media stars are now the supermodels in fashion.” She’s got a point — they’re not the models of the 90s!

Jordyn Woods

I mean, do we really need to explain ourselves on this one? The scandal, which involved Khloé, her partner at the time, Tristan Thompson, and Kylie’s BFF, Jordyn, was all over the news. While Jordyn denied the affair, there was a lot of speculation around it, which suggested otherwise.


But Khloé was certainly adamant that it happened…and Tristan seemed unperturbed. Since then, the Kardashians have remained icy with Woods — after all, they are a family. At least they got that much right.

Lindsay Lohan

Ooooh, LiLo with the shade! Lohan joined in on the group celeb dissing of Kim Kardashian after she posted a particular photo. Lindsay Lohan didn’t take too kindly to Kim’s cornrows which she wore for a photoshoot.

Alamy Stock Photo

Lohan, among many people, felt this was a form of cultural appropriation, and that it wasn’t, well, appropriate. She tweeted her confusion at the photo, but it wasn’t without a response from Kim K, who decided to throw some nasty back!

Mariah Carey

The talented songstress isn’t well.. keeping up at all, with the Kardashians. Maybe it’s because Kim used to date Nick Cannon, Carey’s former husband. One night, Carey was at Nobu restaurant, and the Kardashians were also there.

Getty Images Photo by CF Publicity

Carey was giving an interview to Complex magazine, and slyly said “some of us talk about other people and what they do…I’m not that person.” They do say that gossiping is one of the lowest levels of conversation, and maybe when you have nothing else better to talk about, you stick to it. Burn!

Sharon Osbourne

It’s no secret that the Osbourne family are pretty opinionated — in a classically British way. Sharon, the family matriarch, is no exception. But what really got Osbourne angry was Kim Kardashian’s outfits and antics and how she calls it “feminism.”

Getty Images Photo by Rich Fury

Kim’s often nearly nude posts and posing for magazines is not female empowerment to Sharon! While Osbourne doesn’t mind the nudity, she just doesn’t think it is the right platform to preach feminism. Thoughts?

Shailene Woodley

Okay so, of all of the celebrities throwing shade at the Kardashians, Shailene Woodley is probably one of our favorites, and it’s because of her indifference to the family whose name is plastered everywhere.

Getty Images Photo by Fotonoticias/WireImage

When she was on the red carpet for her film, “Divergent,” a reporter at the time asked her to give a “Kylie Jenner selfie-face.” The actress coolly and calmly replied, “I have no idea who that is…sorry.” Boom! Talk about the most savage of the savage. We live for the drama!

Sinead O’Connor

A lot of people were up in arms about Kim Kardashian’s “Rolling Stone” cover, but particularly so was Sinead O’Connor. To be honest, it doesn’t really make sense for Kim to be on the cover seeing as she isn’t a musician of any sort, and we also didn’t realize that “Rolling Stone” was actually “Sports Illustrated.”

Alamy Stock Photo

The cover, which shows Kardashian in lingerie with a top rolled down to, well, below her cleavage, seems a bit cheap to us. Sinead went a little far with her profanity, but sometimes shock gets to the best of us!

Taylor Swift

Uh-oh, even T-Swizzle doesn’t like the Kardashians! But hey, if any of you are fans and took to listening to her album “Reputation”, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. The singer took quite a few jabs at both Kim and Kanye (we also don’t think Swift will forever live down Kanye’s mic-drop moment when he was giving her an award).

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Honestly, her lyrics speak for themselves “no, I don’t like you.” Also, you can hardly forget Kanye West’s “Famous.” If you can’t remember the lyric which mentions Taylor directly, we suggest you look it up.

Ray J

This one also seems self-explanatory. But also, it was his tape with Kim that in fact shot her to stardom. Honestly, it seems pretty crazy that it was their relationship and the ahem..tape, which made them both famous.

Getty Images Photo by Stefanie Keenan

Kim definitely got a better end of the deal with her fame. But apparently, Ray J has some stuff installed for OnlyFans, with an apparent Kim K look alike. Okay, we’re going to stop there.

Nick Lachey

We don’t think Nick Lachey is ever going to live down the series he did with then-wife Jessica Simpson, nor will he ever forget her iconic line about a tin of tuna, but there are some reality TV shows he isn’t a fan of.

Getty Images Photo by Joey Foley/WireImage

Lachey’s had his own brush with Kim Kardashian — he actually dated her briefly! He seemed to be quite upset about the fact that the date was all about her being “seen”, and that he felt she used him to get attention.

Chelsea Handler

It seems that a lot of comedians have a problem with the Kardashians, and we don’t really blame them. Maybe it’s because there’s just so much about them that’s laughable that comedians get a little overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Alamy Stock Photo

Anywho, Handler got in on the bashing of Kardashian after Kim’s “Paper” cover, posting some revealing photos of herself! But the comedian was sharp-tongued in her caption, remarking that she wouldn’t ever show her private parts because she’s got a family and, in her words, “talent.”

Jonah Hill

The comedian who seems to be a fan of the show “Mad Men” had quite a bit to say about “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” He compared the fact that KUWTK is more popular ratings-wise than the American drama.

Alamy Stock Photo

He was disbelieving of it, and labeled it “a super disgusting part of our culture.” While he’s not against making jokes about American culture and the obsession with the Kardashians, he does admit that it’s not his favorite part of the culture.

Reese Witherspoon

Another A-lister having a dig at the Kardashians. And guess what folks? There are at least 50 other celebs that agree with Reese Witherspoon! She ranted at the MTV Movie Awards, saying that “it is possible to make it in Hollywood without doing a reality show.”

Getty Images Photo by Christopher Polk

Oh, snap! But Witherspoon wasn’t done, going on to say that when she started working in the business, saying that if you made a certain kind of hid it under your bed. Thoughts?