Here Are More of the Worst Neighbors in the World!

Where there are neighbors, there are horrifically terrific (or terrifically horrific?) stories. Take it from all the people who let the internet know just what shenanigans their neighbors are up to this time. You’ll know what we’re talking about if you’ve seen our previous article about neighbors from hell. Seeing as you’re here, it looks like you’re in the mood for more!
Well, have no fear, because we went on another stroll through the neighborhood (depths of the interweb) and brought you some more pictures that will remind you that maybe, your neighbors aren’t so bad after all.

Balling Out of Control

HOW do people who live above other people not realize that that underneath them can HEAR what they do? But the WORST humans always end up on the second and third floors, and it seems like the people who decide to jump up and down, bounce basketballs for hours, and have a parade back and forth at 3 in the morning.


Don’t be those people. Those people suck. This goes for hotels/motels, too. PLEASE do try and have some sense.

Joy Ride

What on planet earth am I looking at right now? That’s probably what whoever took this picture was thinking when…this…was going on in front of their house. Sir? That doesn’t seem like a smart plan – whatever it is. Blink if you need help, kid!


There’s no doubt this is happening somewhere in Alabama; I can feel it. He’s okay, just so long as he steers clear and away from me! Something tells me he’s related to the scooter lawnmower guy from earlier on…


Living next to someone who peeps and creeps on everything you do can be a real nightmare. But what about when they take the crazy to the next level?

Alamy Stock Photo

One Reddit user posted about a neighbor of hers who went so far as to stage fake phone calls with “the FBI headquarters” when he didn’t like what was going on next door, like a friendly get-together. It sounds like that guy’s unstable, no matter what was really going on in his head. Time to find a new place!

The Award Goes to

We’ve all been there… You’re watching your favorite show when you notice a car alarm going off outside. After making sure it isn’t yours, the next thought is usually, “Okay, whoever’s car that can get up and shut that off ANY MINUTE NOW,” and most of the time, they do. But not in this case.


I don’t care how hard you partied or what you did to knock you out so hard you’d sleep through a hurricane; letting this go on alllllll night is NOT okay. So, don’t do it, or you too will be cursed with the worst sleep of your life for the next fortnight!

Smoke and Soak

You’ve really got to wonder who this sign is meant for. It can’t be for the neighbors, can it? I mean, as long as I’m not standing in your yard with my cigarette, you definitely better not try and “drench me with water…” Were there people just hanging around on their grass lighting up?


It sounds like somebody has teenagers who blamed the random people walking by! This person must live in a smoking taquito girl’s neighborhood, huh? NO SMOKING, OR ELSE!

A Different Kind of Entertainment

Well, that would be embarrassing. Notice that they’ve shut the blinds to put the signup. It must have been a disturbing sight! Or the kids were watching TV one day and accidentally saw it out of the corner of an eye, to mom and dad’s horror.


“What are those people doing in the window up there?” Thanks a lot, neighbor; you’ve scarred my kids. Now they just have to hope that next time they’re doing the deed on the second floor, one of them happens to look down and catch a glimpse of the warning!

Truth Bomb

At least this person’s sign is up for a legitimate reason: he’s trying to sell the place. That sign might not be the best hook for potential buyers, but hey, they’re honest!


Still, their house is probably going to be on the market for a while. But if he’s really that bad, they should be priced to sell. Right?

Tom Petty & The Home Invaders

We get it; you don’t like your neighbor or their political opinions. It seems like there’s a lot going on around this block already. But who takes the time to print up something this stupid just because they don’t agree with what someone else thinks?


Someone who is pettttttyyyyyyy, that’s who. If this guy goes this far and spends all that energy on something like this, who knows what else he’s capable of?

They’re Trashed

Can you imagine having to look (and smell) this pile-up of garbage every day? This guy’s yard looks like an episode of “Hoarders” waiting to happen. Seriously…what kind of a person thinks this is an acceptable way of existing around other living beings…with eyes…and noses?


I can barely look at the picture without gagging; I don’t want to think about those poor neighbors. I’d be telling them to pick up their garbage, and if they didn’t listen, then it would be time to make some calls…

Hey, Crab Man

We’ve all had that one neighbor with the weird pets. For me, it was the ferret lady. She earned her nickname due to the fact she had, like, ten ferrets living with her. In her defense, though, she gave out full-sized Snickers for Halloween.


But if you have a fear of sea creatures or pinchers, this guy may not be the best neighbor for you. Plus…WHO PUTS A CRAB ON A LEASH?! What exactly are you drinking out of that cup, sir?

Boooooo, you

It’s one thing to shut your lights off at Halloween to try and keep people from knocking on your door, but THIS? This is next-level evil right here. It means the person had the time and energy to spend, and they could’ve just put out a bowl of candy, but instead…this.


They even lit a candle as a honing beacon for soon-to-be pissed-off children. You know what this means for this person’s home, right? Their yard was probably covered in toilet paper the next morning, and you can’t really blame the kids on this one.

The Knocker

Do you know that one neighbor who just can’t seem to stay on his (or her) own property? They want to know about everything that’s going on with you, your house, your family, your health, and your basic existence. You try to be nice, but every time you turn around, there they are, hovering about.

Alamy Stock Photo

GO HOME, already! You know the golden rule: treat others how you wish to be treated. I do; I leave them alone and respect their privacy, and only interact with them if it’s absolutely necessary.

Mr. Butts

Hmmm… it sounds like someone else is trying (and failing) to quit smoking. Poor cat takes the blame for everything! This is what cans and ashtrays are for. Sure, cigarette butts are technically biodegradable, but it can take forever, and it looks and smells gross during the process.


Plus, these cigarette-fiend cats are all over the place, just waiting to pounce. There was a whole recent expose on the phenomenon. Didn’t you see it?

The Smoking Taquito

Okay, smoking in front of kids, maybe not great, but driving down the street? WHO CARES how many kids live on the street? You chose to have those kids and move into this neighborhood, and I don’t see a NO CIGARS sign up anywhere, so kindly keep your nose where it belongs thanks.


They probably felt pretty stupid (as they should have) after learning it wasn’t a cigar at all, just a yummy snack sort of shaped like one! Next time, you might just wanna mind your own business.

Call Security

Security cameras around the house can be helpful for a lot of things, like catching someone who’s stolen something from your home. But what about using them to spite your neighbors? That’s what one man did after the people next door called his neighborhood association about his pool deck being too long and running on to their property.

Alamy Stock Photo

He reacted by installing a line of security cameras pointed at their yard and a sign that read, “Peekaboo. I see you.” NOOOOO, sir!

Free WiFi

This guy! “Oooooh, about that. How about I bring you a case? One beer for each month I’ve been piggybacking off of your WiFi. Thanks so much!


Also, you should probably call someone about that. I’m really into this show on Hulu, and I’d hate to miss out for long.” Who does that?!


Don’t. Park. In. Someone. Else’s. Residential. Spot. I’ve actually had a very similar fight with a neighbor in the past. He was a real jerk, just like this guy. And, speaking of, I wonder how this situation was resolved.


Did he yell the codeword? Did he get towed? Probably. The person who wrote this note seems like he’s had enough.

The Worst Couple Ever

I don’t know about you, but I try and avoid hearing my neighbors handling their private business at all. But when they start screaming at each other at the top of their lungs, knowing they’ve got neighbors behind the next wall – it’s kind of hard.


Like, yeah, Linda, I’m on season 3, episode 4 of your terrible relationship at this point, and you only have yourself to blame!

Pet Raccoon

It’s one thing to have wild raccoons running around your yard at night, but what about that one neighbor who leaves cat food out for them? Thanks a lot, lady.


Now they think they’re part of the complex. In her defense, she has trouble seeing, and she may actually think that they’re cats.

Creepy Window Coverings

This is absolutely and utterly terrifying. It practically scared the pants right off me…


Who would do this? Why? WHY?? Isn’t life uncertain enough?? Tell me! Who lets their garden shrubs grow in such an un-orderly height and fashion?! Have you no shame?? This is where an H.O.A. (Home Owners Association) comes in hand.

Pac Man Yard

Look at these horrible snobby neighbors with their comedic grass cutting skills, their red-bricked masterpiece, their little waiting bench, and a freshly woven array of leaves hanging on their perfect little thread on their disgustingly clean white front door.


These guys will do anything literally to make you look bad. No one wants that. So pack yourself all up and ‘adios’ suckers!

Batman Mailbox

Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da BATMAN MAILBOX! You know that feeling when your neighbor breaks out the novelty mailbox and puts a pole right through your childhood hero?


I do. And my life will never be the same again. It may take a whole village to raise a child, but it only takes one stupid mailbox to kill their dreams. They better hope the mailman isn’t a Batman fan.

Fairy Land House

And you guys thought Hansel and Gretel were just a hoax. If your neighbor builds a house that looks like this, it may already be too late to get out.


Definitely do not let your kids take walks alone in the forest, do not teach them to throw breadcrumbs, and under no circumstances do not permit them to lick stranger’s houses. They may get lucky and find it’s only Barbie waiting for Ken, but it’s not worth the risk. Once this happens, you’re pretty much stuck living next to this weirdo.

VW Buggy In A Tree

Welcome to Alabama. This neighbor makes a ‘Rudolf the red-nosed rain deer” into a ‘show off’ and ‘hell no’ and ‘oh dear.’  This is one serious Christmas display. Problem?


It’s bigger than your actual house! What are they gonna do on Easter? Drop an elephant-sized Cadbury egg on the roof? Hire an army of forest bunnies? If all the neighbors around here are crazy enough to take part in such horrid looking festive near-death experiences, then count me out.

Bad Garage

This constructor must have been the worst neighbor to some poor dude… but do me a favor, when you’re looking for a new house, and you’re checking out the properties, make sure the house you’re looking at wasn’t supervised by this guy.


These people must have been like: “Sir, we love what you’ve done with the roofing and all, but we didn’t think we had to specify our preference that we may actually be able to drive INTO our garage as opposed to just looking at it.”

Camo House

I would love to tell you about the people who live in this house, but you’re probably wondering like “what? Which house?” but I kid you not – if you look straight ahead you’ll see it!… can you see it now? There you go!


I hope it didn’t take you too long to see what kind of neighbors I’m talking about cuz they do a pretty good job hiding it, you know, being camouflaged and all… Well, let me tell you about the obnoxious neighbors that live. Wait, where did they go? They were here a minute ago… Shoot. If the only camo actually did make these guys disappear…

Mooning Bush

These neighbors ain’t got no time to sit around and give anyone the bird, but they sure know how to leave someone the bush.


This kind of neighbor only comes by every once in a blue – I mean green moon! They may not be expecting the queen of England to drop by on her annual garden evaluation tour this year, but the tended blossoming greenery in this garden does seem to demand quite the captivated audience member.

Mower Brigade

If you’ve ever had nightmares about the army of the dead, then this will scare the heck out of you.


This neighbor put together an army of lawnmowers. Each one making its snip-snip, whack wack wacky sound at its own rhythm and pace… all moving forward as a roaring deathly unit leaving little blades of victims laying behind them on the ground. Winter is coming… and no one is safe in this neighborhood anymore.

Totally Trashed Yard

These guys’ exterior decorating skills can use some work. I mean, red AND blue solo cups together?? That’s just tacky. But for real – what kind of humans leave a place looking like this?? My mom raised me better than this.


If we all just took a little more responsibility for the trash we produce and cared a little for mother nature, we would all live in a much safer place. Our environment is calling out to us people! And I’m calling off the search for housing around this mishap of a property.

The Reindeer Is Dinner

Being invited to the neighborhood parties is not always all that it’s cracked up to be. This neighbor, for instance, threw a low budget Christmas party out on his lawn.


Going with the theme here, it was a BYOB kind of party… only it doesn’t look like anyone did. But check this out – that monster still had the audacity to keep all the Christmas presents! Some people… if that ain’t the saddest thing you’ve ever seen, I dare you to come to one of his New Year parties.

Neighbors House Is On The Market

When life gives you lemons,  you make… a wild business opportunity! Looking for a new duplex in the center of an up-and-coming new neighborhood?


Have we got the place for you! 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open floor plan, all around balconies, and a scenic view of the park! Oops. Did I say, up-and-coming? I meant down-and-leaving…. The neighbors who did this are truly the worst.

Too Many Yard Trinkets

There should be a law against this type of behavior. Pro tip: Less is more. If you’re gonna leave all this stuff lying around your garden, the only purpose could be to draw the attention away from the disaster zone that is the house itself.


If your neighbor’s got a house that looks like it’s got every kind of trinket crammed into it but frankincense and myrrh, then you better ‘myrrh’ve out of town ASAP and take your loved ones with you!

Nice Fence

Take a minute… see if you can tell that there is anything wrong with these neighbors.


These guys have got a gate with no fence! Being effective is obviously not their forte. Having a gate with no fence is like having a sharpener with no pencil, or a shoe with no feet… or something a little more normal-sounding and a little less logical. The big letter ‘D’ here is sure to stand for ‘dumb’…

Sod Blanket

I’ve heard of people being floored before, but being ‘grassed’ is a new one for me. This guy drank so much last night that he forgot where he lives and used this piece of grass as a blanket.


P.S. his house is ten feet to the right. His own house. The one that belongs to him, only. The sidewalks are for all of us guys! And baseball season is still some time away… you’re no grassy knoll, and you’re no use to anybody. If I were this guy’s parents, I’d be sending apology muffin baskets all over this neighborhood.

Bad Pour

These trashy neighbors tear up the block each weekend with their loud music, dirty parties, questionable guests, and the stench of alcohol.


It takes two whole days later for the place to stop smelling like a bad medical center. How do they even afford the liquor? I haven’t once seen anyone leave the house and head out to a paying job. I won’t be dropping by here to borrow milk anytime soon.

Bears And A Playground

What a fantastic looking neighborhood…NOT! Here’s a crazy idea… Maybe don’t put the playground right next to the area where the bears hang out!


Crazy idea, I know, but it’s worth looking into… unless these people think they can cut costs off a babysitter by hiring a grizzly – these people are firkin insane!

Toilet Lawn Ornaments

This can’t possibly be upping the property value… but hey, that’s what you get for living in a toilet neighborhood.


Not everybody’s got what it takes to be the next up-and-coming trendsetters, and I’m pretty sure these neighbors with their new and interesting lawn ornaments ideas simply don’t have the same “it” factor we were looking for when we let knee-less jeans become a ‘thing.’

Neighborhood Creatures

This neighborhood gets weirder each year. Are these guys out of some strange TV show? These heavy metal enthusiasts will make you walk enthusiastically in the opposite direction…


If your neighborhood needs the protection of these guardians of hell, you’re probably in the wrong neighborhood… just paint your face up in a sign of solidarity and get the heck outta there. P.S. these guys are nowhere even near Halloween time…

Straight From The Bottle

This new neighbor is messy and clumsy… always intoxicated… can’t take responsibility and can’t even stand on their own feet! Oh, and the girl is pretty bad too.


The last thing you need when you move into a new neighborhood is a next-door booze fest. Just keep it down, keep it moderately sober – and I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.

Creepy Neighbor

Can you possibly imagine a worse neighbor? Talk about paranoid… A scarecrow is one thing, but this is taking it too far!


I bet the people across the street from this guy have a pretty hard time getting to sleep. As if the binoculars, hat, and mustache weren’t creepy enough, this guy has nobody… five bucks says there are tiny little cameras in those big blue eyes. RUN. RUN FAST.

Double Above Ground Pools

Hey there friendly neighbor, when your outdoor pool cracks a leak, you clear it out of there BEFORE you bring in a new one.


You see, taking the old one out now would be a slightly more difficult task… oh, you don’t plan on taking out the old one? I see… so… your just gonna continuously live in a junkyard? I see… and this doesn’t bother you? I see… um… HOME-OWNERS ASSOCIATION, PLEASE!

She Made It So Close

As far as my neighbor is concerned: Just another Tuesday. As far as I’m concerned: Walking over-intoxicated humans on our SHARED doorstep is not a habit I plan on bringing into my daily routine.


This neighbor must have no regard for other people’s space and time. Hey, if I’m not allowed to borrow that fluffy looking coat from time to time, then I’m leaving for sure!

Giraffe Mailbox

You’re a long way from home if you bump into this… and this is a long way from sane. I bet the mailman was like: “yo, move your mailbox farther into the street. I don’t want to go all the way down your driveway!” and these people were like:


“Hey, we ain’t moving nothing!” So, the mail guy was like: “If that mailbox isn’t a hard reach away from the sidewalk tomorrow, then good luck getting your mail!” So these neighbors were like: “(picture of giraffe mailbox here).” It is possible. But do you really want to live near people with that kind of conflict resolution abilities? I didn’t think so.

Hot Tub On The Roof

“The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!” or it better have been to provide a decent explanation for this hot-tub-on-roof catastrophe!


You can bet the kid that lives here is going around school telling his friends he’s got a hot tub on the roof…Not the kind of people you want to be associated with when you want to make some new friends around town.

Holy Cow

Jonathan is 18. Since when is that an acceptable excuse for turning the town into a farmyard of plastic animals? Cow tipping and littering aside, this seems to be a MOO-t point.


You know, a cow’s opinion.. but is this really the best way to celebrate a birthday party? Are you really willing to MOO-ve in next to this guy who can’t even throw a proper birthday celebration? And you know those cows are gonna stick around for years on end… I’d say that’s a pretty strong MOO-tivation to get going in the opposite direction.

Interesting Rain Gutters

If your neighbors decide to do this to their rain gutters – it is time to call the authorities. What better place to hide a body? It’s time to get out. Now.


As if the blackboards and rock combination making up this house wasn’t creepy enough, am I right? Either way, If you do decide to stay, look on the bright side; they are probably very neat people… I mean, they sure know how to clean up after themselves…

Hey Greg, Get Outta Here

How Rude. These neighbors don’t even have the guts to look Greg in the eyes and say this to his face. What kind of people do that??


Is that a music sheet holder keeping up that obnoxious insult? It just goes to show you – even a well-educated-sheet-music-readers can create the most inhospitable environments. P.S. If only Greg could read, he could separate himself from this awful situation.

Cat Crossing

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink… and you can lead a cat to the roadside, but you definitely can’t make him cross!


These neighbors take the whole being a cat-person to the next level. From the ridicules sign to the traffic cones and all the way to the chalk lines drawn across the street just wide enough for the crossing of two mediocre sized cats crossing in alternate directions, this neighbor has WAY too much time on his hands, and if I may – an unhealthy obsession of the personification of felines.

Microwave Mailbox

When in doubt – don’t put out your microwave and use it as a mailbox! Do I leave my dishwasher outside to collects pretty looking rocks and twigs? Do I set up my laundry machine in the doorway for the placing of shoes?


There must be a reason that the word appliance is made out of the acronym for: Apparently, these people Live like animals And have no conscience…

Total Slacker

When your kid tells you he’s done half his homework, and he’s taking a break before he gets to the second half.


Reality check – there ain’t gonna be no other half…. Either one of these neighbors is a real slacker, or he must have right really pissed off the landlord. A classic case of king Solomon and the splitting of the baby dilemma… only this time it didn’t go so smoothly.

Neighbor Squatters

There’s nothing worse than living next to a bunch of squatters. Or is there?… what about living next to a bunch of squatting squatters?


Or some squatting squatters doing squats, perhaps? Such a squared away sequence of secure and sequined masquerading scoundrels of scrutiny. Oh, and the sidewalk theater? Not a bonus.

Save Some For The Rest

It’s one thing to have neighbors that party too much, too loud, and too often, but it’s another when they’re not even willing to share!


Ms. Manners would clearly advise that upon throwing a party, the polite thing to do is: To invite one’s neighbors. See to it that you are in possession of a cup or two. Move somewhere else already!

Garfield, NOOO

If you thought living next to Garfield gave you higher chances to be in the vicinity of some good lasagna, you must have been thinking of Garfield Senior.


This is his son – not so lovable now, is he? I must admit it is partially Odie’s influence, but that doesn’t change the fact that dark and lonely street corners occupied solely by oversized once-adored now-a-mess, cartoon characters are not where I see myself raising my children.

Weird Garbage Can

Either these neighbors are feeling exceptionally sentimental about these dried up fallen leaves because they don’t think fall will ever come again.


Or… no, there is no other possible reason for this to be going on outside your apartment. These people are just lowering the property value…

Stuck Couch

Well, except for living under this frat house. What possible daily scenario could have taken place to have a full-sized couch accidentally fall out the window and into your downstairs neighbors balcony?!


You see, I’ve checked, and couch-pong isn’t a thing, so… that rules that out… In all this confusion, I totally forgot to take into account the possibility that perhaps the couch was being lowered to the ground for the purpose of sidewalk sitting! So, we really ought to rule this one out of the bad-neighbor race altogether.

Party Girls Move In Next Door

Nothing says class like the matching hair and outfits on these neighbor girls. And now seriously – living next to a sorority house has got to be one of the worst things you can do…


This picture was taken when they first got there! I’m not permitted by law to show you the later-that-night shots… You do not want that spilling all over your lawn into all sorts of crazy hours of the night. Truly nothing can be worse…

Trailer Park High Rise

Welcome to “Six Flags”! I mean… “Six Floors”… the amusement park where everyone is shockingly amused that anyone would let alone live, but build such a place to live in.


I can’t stress this point enough – just because you’ve got a forest-like terrain and a lovely little pond does not mean it is the time and place for a trailer castle-like concoction! What’s that? I’ve got to go… I hear the property rates shooting down…

Lawn Mower Pile

Well, doesn’t this little neighborhood store just says “home” all over it? Welcome to “Husqvarna?” we sell electric saws, totem poles, and a heap of broken-down lawnmowers.


You can’t make this stuff up… If that’s not what horror films are made of then, I don’t know what is! Now take your wife, take your kids, and run! On the plus side, at least these neighbors shouldn’t have a problem keeping their grass cut.

Rope Around The Hoop

If your neighbor is holding their basketball hoop up by pole, being held up by a rope, being held up by a tree, then maybe, just maybe – it’s not safe to shoot hoops on.


If you’re anything like me, meaning you have a brain, being held up by ahead, being held up by the rest of you, you won’t waste any more shots around this neighborhood either.

Drunk Guy Passed Out

I don’t want to see this guy’s house if this is what he looked like leaving it and, as it appears, he has no intentions of going back anytime soon.


Seriously, man, this used to be a nice neighborhood…my daughter sits on that bench waiting for the school bus each morning! There will be no more sitting from this day onwards. Do you hear me, Katie?? NO MORE SITTING!

Donkey Box

When this man put this up, did he consider his neighbors? The passers-by? I don’t think so.

Alamy Stock Photo

What kind of world do we live in when a neighbor has no consideration of his fellow neighbor and their stay-out-of-sight-of-scowling-donkey-mailboxes needs?! Well, I can’t change the world, but I can definitely change zip codes.

Second Floor

If you happen to stroll by this trailer, we will keep on strollin’ and trailin’ away. This looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen.


Legal issues aside, I personally, like walking to the top floor of my house from INSIDE the house… Someone has got to tell these guys that: trailer + trailer does not = bigger trailer

Toilet Planters

These neighbors sure put out the worst garden display in town. There have got to be literally thousands of better options for planters out there, and they chose old toilet bowls?


I would not want to know what goes on inside this guy’s house… don’t get too close. This neighbor may have decided to use toilette plants inside the house as well.

Not My Snow

Awww, look at this neighbor… so giving! So open-hearted! With all the winter merriment, he must have confused the words of that great song…”This snow is your snow, this snow is my snow…” or was it in the land?


What kind of neighbor paves his snow into someone else’s yard? I hope you’re not living in this neighborhood because it’s gonna be a long winter.

I Guess Bob Wanted That Fence Painted

I don’t wanna jump the fence on this one, but I’m guessing this guy’s neighbor Bob must have been all on this guy’s back for days before this happened.


Well, guess what, Bob? He has painted the fence Bob… have you painted your fence, Bob? If he had painted it before, would you have been all up in his face Bob?…with all that passive-aggressive energy going around, I must say I’m still quite taken by this guy’s meticulous grammar.

Hello Dogs

Well, these neighbors are just glorious… canine or homo-sapien; if these were my neighbors, I would never set foot on that sidewalk.


Whatever happened to some privacy?? Besides, if they’re in the same yard and want to chat with each other – keep us out of it! Some neighbors really give you the urge to go jump off the ‘woof.’

Old School TV Mount

This neighbor’s TV is doing some major catfishing amongst the neighborhood flat screens.


Considering long-term expenses, I’m pretty sure instead of carving a giant hole through his wall to support this dated piece of garbage, he should have just splurged on the real deal. Plus, this isn’t even discreet! How was he planning to explain this to his date walking through the driveway?

The House Is Alive

Who is afraid of the big bad neighbor? Just in case the thought of hopping over to meet the new neighbors crossed your mind, this guy made sure you never think that again by taping fake teeth onto his house.


Those freshly baked welcome cookies will end up deep inside the cookie house monster, and you’ll be next. Super creepy. Albeit, it is a great way to keep away trick-or-treaters around Halloween

Toilet Driveway

If Andy Warhol doesn’t live here, there is really no excuse for this kind of thing. Did this guy really think this was the best solution for a plant holder?


Did he just happen to have the number of an old dysfunctional toilet seat dealer?? The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but it is so lined with toilet plants…

Outdoor TV Setup

These neighbors figured their living room was no match for this fine spring day we seem to be having and hooked up a pop-up TV station on their lawn.


Those huge speakers are sure to kill someone’s eardrums, too, you know… since they are OUTSIDE! I  don’t even want to think about the kinds of people that might just drop by to support this kind of thing.

Biker Butt Mailbox

These wonderful neighbors must really hate the mailman if their willing to let him stick his hand down this cyclist’s pants each time he brings by their mail.


Pro tip: even if you like reaching in through a mail-box-butt, it’s not for everyone. Don’t force your mail-box-butt reaching habits upon the rest of us!

Scooter Lawn Mower

Lifehack tip no. 1: lawnmower can’t mow the lawn by itself? hook a lawnmower up to your household Vespa and POW!


This guy was so lazy he didn’t even want to take the time to stand around to mow his lawn… I would hate to see how he walks his kids to school with that kind of motivation… definitely would not want to live next to this guy.

Neighborhood Dispute

Checkers is sooooo old school. You called the police on my lawn? Here is a flock of tiny pink flamingos!  YOUR MOVE.


Talk about petty neighbors… what happened to the good old days when a neighbor could walk over to another neighbor’s door and ask them for a glass of milk without worrying about a massive neighborhood feud?

Upsidedown House

Ever wonder where Spiderman lives? Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore. It is in this upside-down house, obviously. Climbing up regular houses must not have given the same ol’ rush of adrenaline anymore…


Seriously, what were these people thinking? Assuming we overlook the incredibly flawed stability issues of this house-like construction being based upon a pointy edge, the glued up green garbage dumpster is a nice touch to the whole thing.

Roof Couch

Need I say more? Literally, nothing says bad neighbor more than a FRIKIN COUCH ON THE ROOF.


His day planner must have looked something like this: Drink beer. Watch hot neighbor girl. Drink beer. Fall off roof and sprain ankle. Get back on the roof. Drink Beer. Um, sir? Maybe you should be closer to the ground when you’re planning on doing all that drinking…

Last Year’s Christmas Decoration

We all know there is nothing worse than having a neighbor who continually “forgets” to take down their Christmas decorations.


And speaking of Christmas decorations, it looks like the Grinch hit this house HARD… either that or it must have been a drive-by. Imagine living next to this vaguely festive related upchuck all year round.

Grass House

Talk about forgetting to mow the lawn…these neighbors take ‘a bad cut’ to a whole other level with this grassy disaster.


From raising the water usage taxes of the entire block to losing your dog in the hedges time after time, this house comes to show you there are much safer things out there than the grass being greener on the other side.