Hilarious Gym Photos That Will Make You Reconsider Working Out

We all know what it’s like. The New Year rolls around, and you once again put “getting fit” on your list, hoping that this year will be the year during which you finally make that goal come to fruition. So many people end up failing with their fitness goals because they jump right into it, going from 0 to 100. Healthy living is a way of life, it’s not just some minor adjustment that you make easily. It requires a lot of commitment and dedication to eating nutritious foods and sticking to a gym schedule.
The following individuals seemed to have taken the first step to sticking to their new years resolutions, but did it in their own unique, and rather challenging way, hence making it onto our list. These photos are absolutely hilarious and some of them will make it hard for you to believe that people actually did this.

Fashion First

Some people always are concerned with looking their best, no matter where they are. This woman clearly had that as her utmost concern while doing squats at the gym. While sneakers may not be the most attractive footwear, they are very necessary when working out at the gym. The last thing you want to do is get injured, and it seems like that’s where this woman might be headed.


I wonder if she thought to herself “this is a good idea” before leaving the house… I understand that there are loads of attractive men at the gym, but really, this doesn’t seem worth the endless possibilities of injury from this.


Working out with your friends can be a great way for you to get some workout motivation if you’re lacking and maybe go harder at your workout thanks to some friendly competition. But, this is one strange way to work out. I imagine that there are many other techniques to work one’s core muscles other than gathering together into a human building block.


Not to mention that their position looks particularly dangerous as it wouldn’t take much for them to all topple over on one another. But, they do seem to be creative, that’s for sure. I guess when you’re lacking appropriate workout equipment, it’s necessary to think outside the box.

Doggie Yoga

How much do you wish that your puppy would do yoga with you? Looking past the fact that this pooch’s puppy eyes make our heart melt, this pet has a pretty amazing ability to copy his owner’s yoga moves.


I can understand why dogs are called “man’s best friend.” A lot of people don’t like working out alone. If only everyone could have a side-kick in the form of a tail-wagging buddy.

Chill out, Princess

I’m happy to see that this woman isn’t pretending like she knows what she’s doing as she attempts to swing from the ceiling. She looks nothing short of mortified for trying to do something that she doesn’t know how to do.


Something tells me that this picture was captured only a few seconds before something terrible was about to happen, which makes us think that maybe the cameraman should have been more concerned with this woman’s safety rather than the photo itself.

Shooting Two Birds With One Stone

We never seem to have enough time in the day, do we? This lady decided that multitasking was the only way for her to get everything done. Instead of waiting for her hair to be done on the couch like most people would, she took herself to the gym. We’ve got to say kudos to her for using her time wisely and for her motivation to be healthy. That is some dedication.


We also want to take a moment to acknowledge her age. It’s not everyday  that you see people her age working out and dedicating time to toning up their body instead of playing cards and that’s very impressive, hair rollers or not.

More Important Than The Actual Workout

You can’t take a fierce workout picture without posing an intense facial expression. This powerful duo is clearly more concerned with their duck face pout than they are with breaking a sweat.

Getty Images Photo by Nancy Honey

Well, it is 2019, where people care more about their selfies than anything else. But, if this is motivating them to have a better work out, then who are we to judge?


Escalators are convenient in big places where you have to maneuver between several stories. Elevators are also a good solution but they don’t fit as many people and you often have to wait your turn to get in one. But, escalators outside of a gym? We’re pretty sure that anybody going to a fitness center is either fit enough to walk up a few stairs or could benefit from taking a few extra stairs.


This seems to completely defeat the purpose of fitness which is to get your heart racing and challenge your physical strength. I’d be curious to know what kinds of exercise machines are in this gym.

The New McDreamy

Ronald McDonald wasn’t so happy when Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy stole his name, so he’s at the gym to take action. Somebody should probably tell him that McDonald’s crispy chicken salad isn’t a healthy choice even though it has lettuce in it. Don’t be fooled by the word salad because many salads at fast food restaurants are topped with dressing that is high in calories and fried chicken.


This would make a pretty cool ad though to encourage people to get healthy, it just seems a bit counter-intuitive to what McDonald’s is. Ronald seems like he’s more fitting on his bench outside of the fast food restaurant.

Feline Fashion

We hope this guy was kitting – sorry, kidding! – when he decided to show up in this leotard to the gym. Now, that is one fashion statement. The photographer who is capturing the selfie is clearly questioning this guy’s choice in workout gear, as i’m sure are many other people at their gym. Just when you thought that people with purrrfect bodies can pull off any look, this guy goes and proves you wrong.


Apparently, there are clothes that not even the fittest of us can pull off. The only time that this outfit would pass as semi-appropriate would be on Halloween. And even then, it’s a bit weird.

Enough For Today

This girl here seems to have worked out a bit too hard, to the point where she lost energy instead of gained it. Either that or she made it to the gym way too early this morning in hopes of beating the crowd. Well, neither of those seem so worth it if this is the outcome. Whoever worked out with this girl saw it as a prime photo opportunity to capture their friend at her finest.


It seems like this girl is going to be too tired even to walk from the gym to the parking lot! Next time, she might want to take some shots of espresso before she does an intense workout, so she doesn’t end up like this.

This Woman Is A Legend

You might think that this older woman, sipping on a margarita and sporting big pearl earrings during her workout might seem out of place. But everyone in this small town knows her pretty well. She might be getting older (as we all are) but she stays young at heart by working out and living the good life.


She has no intentions of moving into a retirement home anytime soon or joining her friends to play bingo. Instead, she prefers to sip on her margarita while looking at toned men flexing their muscles. Hashtag I wish this woman was my BFF.

Why Didn’t We Think Of This Before?

Some people are motivated by the thoughts of having to be in a bathing suit in the summer. Other people need a more direct source of motivation, something that’s a bit more tangible. This guy in the picture seems to be inspired by the full-fat chocolate cake that the other trainer puts in his face.


I just hope he’s not actually eating it because that would be no way to achieve his fitness goals. By the looks of his body, he’s not enjoying much chocolate cake but more like protein shakes.

A Good Start

“My new year’s resolution is to be more focused when I’m at the gym.” We all have our own new years resolutions. Often times, they repeat themselves from previous years as we have a hard time following through. And of course, most of them surround our fitness goals. We commit ourselves to work out a certain amount of time every week.


But, if people are progressing like these gym-goers in the picture, then it makes perfect sense why the same resolutions appear year after year.  For those of us who are actually dedicated gym-goers year-round, we look forward to April when those machines finally start clearing up again.

Variety Is Important

Anybody who’s into fitness knows that it’s important to always switch it up so you don’t get bored and tired of the same workout routine. This guy seems to be taking that idea to a whole new level as he walks on the treadmill while knitting a scarf.


While it is important to stay creative while working out, it’s still important to knock out a good workout and I’m not sure how that would be possible if you’re so focused on something else. Still, if it’s between knitting while sitting or knitting while walking, then at least this guy is moving his body a bit!

Don’t Forget The Legs!

Those who are big workout fanatics know the importance of maintaining balance in your workouts. You have particular days during which you work on legs and days you work your arms and abs. This guy, as important as fitness is to him, seems to have missed the memo. While he’s got a lot of impressive upper body strength, his legs don’t follow suit. He was clearly very concerned with buffing up his upper body, all the while neglecting the lower half of his body.


He seems to have overly committed to strengthening certain muscles over others and ended up looking quite disproportionate.

Who’s The Boss?!

Are the trainer and the person he’s pointing to related? Because they sure look like it! Regardless, it’s clear from this picture that the student is in better shape then the trainer, so it may be a smart idea for the two of them to switch places.


Usually, you want your trainer to be in really good shape to motivate you and to gain your trust that his workout methods are successful. You don’t want somebody who makes questionable dietary decisions. That’s most likely not the person you’d want as your coach.

Tiny Measurement Glitch, Pal!

Gyms are supposed to be a space where many people, regardless of their gender, religion, or race can come work out in. Still, sometimes the space won’t manage to be fitting for all as you can see by this poor guy in the gym.


He signed up for the local gym near him in Chicago after finding a good membership deal, but unfortunately, he forgot to make sure about one small detail- that it could fit his tall frame. Fortunately, he found a solution, he just won’t be able to look at himself in the mirror.

So Hungry

Working out can definitely strike up your hungry, and that’s why it’s important to eat a little something before a sweaty session. Treadmills aren’t everybody’s first choice at the gym, which is understandable as it can be really hard on your legs and knees.


There are also many other options at the gym, so a lot of people may choose to use the elliptical or bike. But when you’re desperate and there’s nothing else, you go for it. The boy in this picture probably should have had a protein shake before coming to the gym.

The Incredible Hulk?

I’m just happy that we don’t have the video of this, because I would not want to witness what happened next. My guess is that it wasn’t pretty. Although this man seems very built, that’s quite a number of weights, regardless of how fit he is. He doesn’t seem so concerned with the number of weights that he’s about to kick up.


While he does look like he’s in good shape, he doesn’t have us convinced. Pushing yourself to your limits at the gym is good, but it’s still important to know what those limits are and not go beyond what you’re capable and what will lead to possible injury.

Our Kind Of Workout

There are those who come to the gym to knock out a serious workout. And then there are those people who come to the gym simply to make a joke out of the whole thing. The man in this picture seems like he’s had enough of tiring training sessions and sweating and decided to start doing things his own way, with a cupcake and Entertainment Weekly magazine in his hands.


By the looks of his cut physique, something tells me that he is still managing to get in a good workout nonetheless.

Hard Core Dad

Working out with your babies can be acceptable, if done right. But, I’m pretty sure this isn’t really the appropriate position for this guy’s baby, not to mention particularly dangerous as he seems to be risking both their lives by holding heavy weights above his head and his baby’s.


It seems like this guy strapped his baby on so as to add some extra weight to his squat. I can’t tell from the angle if the baby is crying or comfortable with what’s going on. In short, don’t try this one at home. If you are interested in working out with your baby, then there are much safer moves to try.

Gym Selfie

One signature group of people who go to the gym are those that go decked out in brand name athletic wear simply to snap some pictures. They then post these selfies on their social media accounts, which are shared with hundreds of followers. These girls are in full faces of makeup and don’t at all seem to have broken any sort of sweat. They came solely for the smiles and the hashtags and aren’t here to work their glutes.


Anyways, angles and good lighting are more important than muscle, right? Art is everything! But, from the looks of these girls’ toned bodies, they’ve clearly spent enough time at the gym working on their physique.

Now, that’s Will Power!

Krispy Kreme is one of those foods you think of when you think of foods that are horrible for you and full of excessive calories. It definitely wouldn’t be the snack you take with you to the gym. Even though it’s chock full of carbs, they aren’t exactly the carbs you want to be ingesting to carb up.


Maybe this stand was set up to encourage people to work out even harder… or to shame those gym goers who approach the table. Seriously, if you eat one of these things, what’s the point in even workout out? Will run for food so they say.

Towels Allowed

We’ve seen people on this list going to work out dressed in all sorts of numbers. But coming nude is a new take on things. I’m not sure if this guy is even trying to get in a workout or if he just wants a quiet place where he can watch a football game and not be bothered by his wife and kids. I just hope that this picture is following a very rigorous workout that this guy had, and is now in his wind-down mode.


Perhaps next time, however, it would be nice that he considers the fact that he’s in a public setting and that there are other people around. Maybe that will also save him from getting photographed by others.

We’re Hamsters

When you’re at the gym, you might feel like you’re in a rat race. Everybody is competing with one another to be the most powerful. Well, this guy seems to literally be caught up in a rat race. He is trying out a new fitness invention. New machines at the gym are exciting, especially for those people who are working out everyday and looking for new ways to switch up their workouts.


Finding new modes of working out allows you to play around with your body’s physical state, and push your body’s limits. If you ever had dreams of joining your pet rodent in his wheel, it is now possible!

Couch Potato Goes To The Gym

Mr. Potato head is showing that just because people would assume him to be a lazy potato couch group, he’s beating the odds. Perhaps this is meant to be an ad to motivate children to leave their computer games and TV screens and get some physical exercise. Or perhaps this is somebody who is on break from their work and hit up the gym in between.


Whatever it is, I assume it’s pretty hot in that costume. Maybe the guy is trying to double up on his sweat and get out all the toxins in there.

Is She Serious?

We have to give credit where it is deserved and it goes to this girl for being so dedicated to her workouts. So she maybe forgot to bring an extra set of workout clothes with her to the gym, but she is not about to let her inappropriate outfit stand in the way of her making it to the gym.


My only concern is the fact that she’s running in stilettos and I’m not sure how safe that is. This is definitely not a look you should try yourselves, kids.

When The Fantastic Four Go To Your Gym

If The Thing from Fantastic Four were ever to come alive from comic books, it would most definitely emerge looking like this. It feels as though you can almost see his brain through his skull. In reality, he is so focused on lifting those huge weights, that his veins are popping out from all over his body.


He does looks like he knows what he’s doing, but it seems like his actions are getting questionable stares from onlookers. I can imagine that he’s also making the infamous grunting noise.

Batman’s Gym

These days, it seems like it’s important to have protection wherever you go. The movie theater, schools, the gym. So, it’s a good thing that Batman is here, running alongside the civilians.


It seems like these girls are surprised to see him here in flesh, but i’m sure they are reassured knowing that he’s there keeping them safe. Plus, how else do you expect batman to work on his strength?

Don’t Lose Your Balance, Dude!

“You may talk the talk, but you do not walk the walk” said Maria to the guy in the picture below, who was dead set on showing off his skills. Too bad he didn’t practice this one before the picture was snapped.


It seems like it would have been a better idea to work his way up to that weight until he was able to successfully hold all that weight in one shot. I’m just glad that I don’t have to see how this ended because my guess is that it didn’t end so well.

A Good Partnership

When you’re looking for some extra motivation in life and a push to keep chasing your #fitness goals, you may look for inspirational quotes or follow positive Instagram accounts. When you’re at the gym lifting or running full speed on the treadmill, you may tell yourself some positive words to keep your motivation high. But, if there’s another thing that helps keep your motivation high is having somebody you love by your side… or on you.


This couple feels exceptionally comfortable with one another and enjoy working out together. They should realize though that other people aren’t as open as they are and that their actions could make other gym goers uncomfortable.

Good Boy

Once again we see man’s best friend wanting to tag along with his owner as he smashes out an intense workout session. He seems super excited that his owner let him come, even if he’s going to have to bench press now and work up a good sweat.


But, this does look like quite a tough pooch so I think he can handle the workout.

The Worst Friend

This guy definitely deserves the worst friend of the year award. The poor guy with the weights probably thought it’d be a good idea to bring his pal to spot him at the gym and make sure he didn’t strain himself too much. What he didn’t count on is the hot girls at the gym.


While his friend is getting seriously crushed by those weights, the guy standing is too busy checking out that woman. Not cool, man. We seriously hope the guy quickly realized what was happening and helped his friend!

Disaster Waiting to Happen

Looking at this image gives you the same feeling as when looking at a car that’s about to crash. You know that there are so many ways this could go fatally wrong, but you just can’t help but stare. We seriously hope the guy standing is not a gym instructor or personal trainer, because if he is, he should be fired immediately.


We get that the guy is trying to do an extreme workout by lifting weights and trying to keep his balance, but this just looks way too extreme. And if the guy in the jumpsuit is a friend, we must say he’s not doing a very good job at making sure his friend has a safe workout!

No One Will Ever Tell Her She’s Misusing the Machine

While we’re sure that most people at the gym will be thrilled at the way this woman is using that machine, she could get seriously injured. Or maybe she’s discovered a new, creative way to exercise; she certainly doesn’t look like she has problems with staying in good shape.


Regardless, we doubt anyone will ever tell her she’s using the machine wrong. At least not straight away.

Catching Up With World Events

This woman decided to multitask at the gym, and we’re loving it. Who said you can’t get your fix of the daily news while working out? And hey, it’s a much better way to spend your in-between-workout breaks than sipping cucumber water and talking about your new training pants.


We just hope that she’s actually just reading while taking a break from exercising, and not just occupying that machine so she can sit down comfortably while she reads!

Completely Lost

We don’t know who’s more confused, this woman trying to figure out this machine or us trying to figure out what she’s doing. She clearly has no idea what’s she doing, and what’s worse, we’re not sure anybody even helped her! Unfortunately, this is a common thing in big gyms – people misusing the machines and none of the staff coming to correct mistakes.


But seriously, what part of her body did this woman actually think she was exercising?! Aren’t those handles she’s holding stationary? And what’s going on with the handles she’s doing the splits on? So confusing.


We get there’s a sort of team effort going on here: they’re both dressed the same, one of the guys has a headband with a “#Get..” hashtag, that we seriously hope ends in “Fit”. Or maybe he’s just a very motivated trainer.


Regardless, we don’t quite understand what these guys are doing; apparently having the weight of an entire body while you lift small weights makes the workout even more effective. On the other hand, putting aside the fact that he’s crushing the guy, we like the solidarity the trainer is showing by working out too.

Neck Accident in the Making

Was this man trying to do some sort of neck workout? Or maybe he just had enough for the day and decided to chill out, right there on the machine. This is yet another clear example of huge gym conglomerates that don’t pay attention to their members.


We hope someone told him he was doing this all wrong before he attempted to lift that amount of weight with his neck.

Popeye the Parrot

Undoubtedly one of the weirdest sights you will ever see at the gym: a guy working out with his parrot. Yes, that’s actually a parrot trying to lift what seem like mini weights with its beak! If it wasn’t for those mini weights (that also look like a tiny scroll), you’d think an injured parrot just flew into the gym by mistake.


Whatever is happening, the guy certainly looks motivated and ready to give it his all. We want to think they’re just loyal gym buddies that give each other motivation during workouts. Whatever this is, it’s too cute.

Tough Grandma

Now, this just makes us feel bad – if this woman can still lift those weights at her age, what’s our excuse for not even making it to yoga class?! Kudos to this tough grandma showing us that you can work out like a boss at any age.


To top off the coolness, she’s wearing electric blue converse shoes! And just look at how cute and happy she looks in that second photo. We should all strive to be like this at her age.

The Worst Logo

We’re not sure if this was done on purpose, to convey a deeper subliminal message, or if it was simply one of the worst logo screw-ups ever. Did nobody realize what this looked like before deciding to put it up in a big sign, blown up by bright red lights?!


One can’t help but laugh at the irony of walking into a gym whose sign seems to read “Fat Forever”. Tip for next time, guys: turn the walking stick figure into a standing one with its legs closed so it actually looks like an “i”.

Stopping by the Gym Before Date Night

This woman is obviously not dressed for the gym. Perhaps she decided to make a pit stop at the gym before her big date, although we can’t imagine that being the best idea.


Or maybe she just came from a big dinner and decided it was smart to work off the scrumptious meal before going home. And hey, if she’s comfortable lifting weights in a short dress and heels, who are we to judge?

Neck Day

Let us introduce you to the “millennial workout” where your phone becomes an integral part of the routine, even if your safety is at risk. This may look pointless but the neck-leg-pull really comes in handy during those never-ending text marathons.


Whatever impact that workout may or may not have, let’s hope that band doesn’t snap mid pull, else he might miss that riveting Instagram live feed of his friends doing brunch.

Getting Creative

Break your ba- sorry, we mean, break the rules. The world is your oyster and these carefully engineered workout machines are merely suggestions. Apparently, this man preferred to simply climb up on this upper arm and back machine instead.


We’ll hand it to him, that does look like a rather challenging workout. Though he might fare better in the rock climbing department, or upside-down row boating.


Feeling unmotivated to hit the gym? Well, it’s not surprising because this baby is doing better than you. Seriously though, that little toddler doesn’t even need a spotter.


That baby will probably grow up to be Mr. Universe, especially if he’s growing up in gyms.

Break Time

One can’t be expected to walk on those treadmills forever, sometimes you just gotta take a break. What better way to do that than catch up on your favorite soap operas? This woman made some good use of her time.


While it may look like a good way to squeeze in some TV time into your workout, something tells us that she may have not actually started working out, to begin with.

Slow Your Roll

Weightlifting is hard and it takes a long time to work up to the big leagues. This gentleman wanted to skip the line in muscle building and head straight to the front. Well, we all know what happens when you get greedy.


As evidenced here, this man bit off a little more than he could chew and things went a tad lopsided. Go easy on yourself, buddy.

In the Zone

A big part of the gym experience is checking out all those beautifully sculpted bodies sweating it out, but sometimes it can a little demotivating. This guy figured out the trick though, go to the gym but block out that peripheral vision for maximum results.


Either that or his brightness settings on his TV are messed up and he’s trying to watch reruns of “Seinfeld.” Probably the latter. How hard can you go on a Macdonalds themed stepping machine anyway?

Cross Unfit?

CrossFit can be intense, you’re working just about every part of your body. When that happens, sometimes you can lose a little balance and accidentally tumble over some weights.


If you find yourself in CrossFit overload, t’s important to slow it down and take it down a notch. That’s CrossFit for you, it’s no yoga lesson.


This is a great way to tone those jumping muscles and lower body strength in general. It’s also highly accident-prone. Leaping off three boxes like you’re a frog hopping off lily pads is bound to result in some injuries.


From what we see in this picture, it might be advisable to start these jumping exercises on the floor or perhaps boxes that are half the size.

The Combo

Well, what do we have here? Working out with a fit-ball is great for core related exercises, and running on a treadmill is the best for cardio. Does that mean a combination of the two is the perfect workout?


Evidently not. This was a terrible attempt at trying to combine two types of workouts that have no relation to each other. Just keep the ball off the treadmill, will ya?

A Collaborative Effort

These two girls decided to join forces, unfortunately, this doesn’t do much for red and her friend is taking on the whole load. At least one of them gets to enjoy the ride.


Hopefully, there’s enough of a balance in this partnership that they’ll eventually get to switch? Or is miss Red the boss here?

Crunch Time

The stomach crunch is a fantastic way to get those washboard abs AKA the perfect summer body. There’s a reason it’s so hard. Repetitively pulling yourself requires tons of strength, thus a fully engaged belly is the key to those coveted six-pack abs.


Throw an extra few pounds to…erm, the upper body and you’ve given yourself the ultimate challenge. This looks pretty hard, but that woman is going to come out of this ripped than ever. That or ripped shirt.

The Home Workout

Some folks have been a little home-bound these days and have needed to get creative with the workouts. When the gym is closed, the next best thing is nature. Now while a pull-up on a tree-branch might do the job, nature is less forgiving.


Sometimes we find that the outside is not actually our playground that is engineered to our needs. An example of this would be this guy who broke off the branch mid-pull up. Stick to the bars.

The Bench Press and Snap

The bench press is best achieved on an actual bench, preferably a sturdy one found at the gym, with metal legs firmly rooted to the floor. A garden chair is best used for relaxing … in your garden, sitting by a pool or enjoying a nice cookout.


Alas, when you gotta bench, you gotta bench and if the gym is closed, then so be it. Garden chair it is.

There’s No “I” In “Team”

It’s no secret that keeping fit is hard, and especially at the gym. The equipment can be a pain in the neck, and all those gym freaks can really crush your confidence. So why not just run around a field with a ball, by yourself, instead?


Who are we kidding? For some folks, even that’s a challenge. Case in point over here. This person took a pretty bad tumble, but we’re not seeing much field action here. Clearly, this person tripped over their own darn feet.