Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport

Airports are a melting pot of people from all over the world, and when you put that large a number of interesting characters together in one confined place, there are bound to be some hilarious encounters. We have gathered the most crazy and over the top photos from airports of crazed travelers who have either just had it, or are finding wild and crazy ways to pass the time in the airport.
These people are making the best of a lousy situation, all while making us laugh until it hurts! Take a peek at this collection of crazy airport shenanigans!


Nobody likes layovers – well, maybe this crazed group of students does! They are having the time of their lives making up moves on this moving walkway. They are clearly doing whatever it takes to kill as much time as possible, by getting into these crazy positions on this walkway.

Youtube/Cao Nguyen Hoang Long

At first, we almost did not realize there is another guy laying on the floor holding the whole group up! Talk about teamwork here. It looks like they are either trying to make the shape of a letter, or just trying to get some laughs. Either way, we think it is hilarious. Hopefully, the bottom guy can keep them all up!


The airport is a great place for companies to spend some serious advertising dollars. With travelers coming and going all day and all night, advertisers are able to reach more people than they could imagine!


Mini Cooper has really taken advantage of airport advertising. They launched a really unique advertising campaign at multiple airports. They made a billboard which makes it looks like the baggage claim belt is delivering the luggage right into the trunk of the car.  How innovative! It makes me want to buy a Mini Cooper and test out if that trunk space really can hold thousands of people’s luggage!


This silly airport goer is seen here planking on an escalator, what an original idea! Just think how bored he must have been to have taken on this plank challenge on a dirty old airport escalator.  How long do you think he did this for before he decided he had his fill of fun for the day? What made him think that this was the best use of his time here? So many questions. Would you have joined in and planked next to him?

Pinterest.com/The Dead Photos

This photo also begs the question of the infamous game: is this person dead or dead asleep? We will touch upon that airport game classic later. Stay tuned for more!


If you think the normal logistics of retrieving your bag from the baggage claim madness is not too much of a challenge, take your chances with a little game of baggage claim roulette.


Take this unique advertising technique for example. Too often, it can all feel like roulette when you go wait for your luggage after a long flight. This advertising campaign is sure to bring a smile to weary travelers, but what happens when more than one bag falls on the same slot on the carousel? Who gets the luggage? Will there be an airport brawl? We think they just may have something here.


As intriguing as it was to see a huge group of small people tugging an airplane, we had to do some digging to see what in the world was actually going on here. Google actually proves that a Plane Pull is actually quite a common occurrence…


For instance, the Special Olympics Plane Pull is a giant tug-of-war, pitting teams of up to 15 members against a plane, to see which team can pull the 50-ton aircraft 12 feet the fastest. Also, different airlines and airports hold their own plane pulls as fundraisers. Who would have thought?


Sometimes, when we drop off a loved one at the airport, we know we won’t be seeing them again for quite a while. Those are the hardest goodbyes to say because we know that we’ll be missing out on some important moments. You hug your loved one and try to draw out that moment just a bit longer – but you’re limited to precisely three minutes at one airport in particular – the Aalborg Airport in Denmark.


The Aalborg Airport has a designated Kiss & Goodbye zone, where loved ones can park for a short time, to say goodbye to the person traveling. But only for three minutes.


We just HAD to learn more about this cool way to roll up to the airport! And we did… It turns out, Adidas, as part of their big build-up to the FIFA 2006 World Cup, decided to literally launch players into the public with their +10 Impossible Team campaign.

Getty Images Photo by Sandra Behne/Bongarts

TBWA had launched a huge outdoor campaign on the road to and from the Munich airport, boldly featuring German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn diving in to make a save. The imagery is mounted on a bridge across the motorway, which also happened to be breaking Germany’s laws, which ban such advertising on the autobahn.


Poor Fergie! She encountered some trouble while going through security at the airport. They made the singer go past multiple security points and get a pat-down. Fergie sure looked MAD – I mean, wouldn’t you be too, if you were Fergie? I mean jeez.

Getty Images Photo by GVK

Celebrities are celebrities for a reason, it’s not like they’re going to hijack the plane and hold all of the passengers of the plane for ransom. Celebrities just don’t do those sorts of things; they should be held to different standards and rules, obviously. I mean, could you imagine: Fergie the Terrorist? What the hell, TSA?


It is hard not to like his outfit, especially when you take a peek at that statement bag. WOW -Is he going to New York Fashion Week? Is he a celebrity going incognito? You probably should not take fashion advice from this pink fanatic, unless you want to show up somewhere looking like a huge piece of bubblegum.


I think it is safe to say that this is the way to go if you want to be absolutely certain that no one talks to you at the airport, or while on the plane. I think this guy is a genius. It is all a ruse so no one talks to him! Be anti-social, but do it in style!


OK, we KNOW airfare prices these days are sky-high, but we think this is taking it a little too far. I mean, how far would you go to avoid buying an overpriced plane ticket?

Youtube.com/ On Demand News

Well, this guy had a unique solution to the problem. He contorted his body in a way so that it would fit into a small suitcase. Genius or crazy? We don’t know. Unfortunately for him, he was found, because the baggage attendant was unable to pick up the bag due to it being so extremely heavy. Overweight limit much? I guess the person traveling with him wasn’t willing to pay the over-sized luggage up-charge!


Welcome to Alaska! Onlookers were freaking out when they saw this polar bear on the runway at an airport in Alaska. It’s not uncommon for airports to have issues dealing with bird strikes, but issues like this one in icy Alaska are a bit rarer. Just look at what’s going on here…

Alamy Stock Photo

This polar bear somehow found his way onto a runway at Utqiagvik. Airport personnel is not authorized to haze or chase the protected marine mammals. Security at the airport said they were happy the bears ran toward a snow dump rather than airport buildings or equipment, where they could have been a danger to people outside vehicles.


Sleeping in airports can be dangerous or illegal, but spending overnight in the airport is a cheap travel choice some people make. That is not to say that it is comfortable by any means. This is not a night at the Ritz. In fact, I can’t really imagine a worse place to sleep.

Getty Images Photo by Malcolm Clarke

This cuddly duo, for whatever reason, decided to cozy up and sleep right here on this bench. I wonder how many minutes of shut-eye they actually clocked while using each other as human headrests!


Airports can be a strange place at times — and if you’re looking for a good laugh, you’ll be sure to find one. Like this guy, for instance. This guy turns an uncomfortable situation into something he can use – a comfy couch for sleeping.


Using that red suitcase as a pillow seems quite uncomfortable to me. I wonder why he chose that as his main source of comfort for this cat-nap. A rolled-up sweatshirt could have been a slightly better option, no? Either way, mad props to this guy for absolutely not caring what anyone thinks, and here’s hoping he doesn’t have a stiff neck when he wakes up!


I’m Parking Right Here for the Night! When you are tired and you have to catch long haul connection flights, there is absolutely nothing worse than not having a warm, cozy bed to snuggle up in and sleep off your jet lag while you wait for the next leg of your journey.


But there’s always one solution as a last resort, you can create a makeshift bed out of airport furniture. While sleeping in the airport is actually not legal, this tired traveler found a way to get a little bit of shuteye. Major props to her!


An airport is a place where you can find a number of people sleeping just about everywhere, and I mean, why not? Take this lady, for instance…


This lady is out cold in this wooden chair. It sure does not look comfortable, but it does not seem like she cares one bit. She has kicked off her shoes and put her feet up, literally. You have to wonder what made her feel so at home in this little airport chair. Maybe she has one just like it at home. Maybe she is just flat out tired. Either way, you go girl!


She should have probably realized that she should sleep near other travelers. This is how airport security makes sure they are actual travelers and not just homeless people – it is sometimes hard to tell in certain airports. What’s a little bit more worrying, though, is this lady seems to be too peaceful…


Is she simply exhausted? While travelers sleeping in airports are generally pretty safe, there have been a few unwanted touches and missing gadgets! So, whether your playing dead or dead asleep, be smart and be safe!


If you think you have a hard time walking through a crowded airport, just imagine how hard it is for the less anonymous among us. Celebrities have to deal with selfie-requests, gasping fans, and paparazzi.

Getty Images Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage & Elle/fashion

In this day and age, there is really no way to avoid flying if you are going to be traveling often. Even Beyonce and Taylor Swift have to fly. You probably won’t see them standing in line to board the plane, however, since they have special VIP waiting areas for the rich and famous!


The woman pictured here looks far from someone you would judge poorly at the airport. Her skintight dress and Chanel bag, paired with her photoshoot ready hair and makeup, make it look like she is actually about to jump into a photo shoot or movie set, rather than take a rest in the airport.

Getty Images Photo by Marc Piasecki

Looks like she is using the airport runway a little too literally. Fashion Week bound? Maybe!


Most small dogs that weigh under 20 pounds are permitted to board flights with their owners and sit in the cabin of the plane. However, owners cannot simply bring their pets on board. There are several rules and restrictions that dog owners must follow before they travel to get the okay to bring their canines on with them.


We are not sure how this adorable guy got on the plane and became the co-pilot here. Seems like the passengers here got a fair share of in-flight entertainment!


Sometimes all of those bright airport lights and loud noise can keep you up and prevent you from getting some serious rest.


This family has got the right idea. They brought along their own blankets and other items to cover their heads and sleep peacefully. They probably purchased these incredibly colorful shawls from some lucky beach vendor. Next time, we will definitely try this trick. Thank you!


After a long flight, the last thing you want to do is wait in line for an overpriced taxi for hours.  Some lucky people get the privilege of getting picked up by a car service. We admit, we always checkout those name signs to see if one is waiting for us. But this sign, we’re not sure if that should be public information, dude…


Who wants the world to know they just came back from rehab? Maybe Amy Winehouse, but definitely not us!


For all of the time, energy, and money spent on beefing up airport security, the TSA fails, either in its equipment or its procedures, an astonishing percentage of the time. According to a source familiar with the classified DHS report, they failed over half the time.


Although the (leaked) findings are officially still classified, the DHS acknowledged that it made eight separate recommendations to the TSA to fix its game. It is not clear what those recommendations are but we hope they get their act together soon!


I guess it makes sense that stars have to pass through security at airports. It is all for safety. We have to admit though, that it is seriously impressive that they travel in style and stay camera-ready even during mundane tasks like going through airport security! Jennifer Love Hewitt keeps her cool and looks effortlessly chic!

Alamy Stock Photo

While you may spot a celebrity or two making their way through security, you probably won’t see them standing in line like the rest of us. Most major airports have VIP waiting areas for famous celebrities!


This hilarious picture is very ironic, especially if Santa was trying to stay off of the naughty list. We have to wonder what the reason behind this was.


It sure will make us think twice about sitting on Santa’s lap come next Christmas, or keep us cringing when he says “ho ho ho”! It’s a magical season, but perhaps less so for Mr. and Mrs. Claus this year. I’m sure the police had a field day with this one, though.


I wonder if there were no taxis around to help this poor traveler get to the airport in time. This poor guy on the back of a bike better hope his little suitcase makes it to the airport in one piece!


This is believed to be the fastest a roller bag has ever rolled. Usually, we leave it to baggage claim to ruin your luggage, but man, this guy takes the cake!


It seems pretty apparent that TSA is really extreme lately. They seem to have no shame at all. What could this guy have been hiding in there?

Twitter.com /parabol

We will probably never know, but this poor guy looked way too exhausted to put up a fight. He seemed to drop his trousers without any sort of hesitation. Maybe he has been pulled aside for a pat-down one too many times and could not be bothered with the fight.


Johnny Depp always travels in style, and his accessories play a big part in that. However, his trip to Australia with his now ex-wife Amber Heard, truly was an airport fail…

Getty Images Photo by Jun Sato/GC Images

They tried to illegally bring their dogs on their private plane into one of the strictest countries in the world. They got a big kick in the down under and were told to get the heck out and turn their plane around.


A drug detector dog is specially trained to recognize and respond to specific substances, such as illegal drugs. These dogs trust no one! Not even other customs dogs are safe from the noses of these guys!


With its excellent sense of smell, which is a thousand times stronger than that of a human, a dog can quickly find hidden narcotics and other contraband that might otherwise be undetectable to customs officers. This dog is getting a whiff trying to smell out contraband.


This baggage claim has made getting off of the plane and hitting reality a bit more exciting with this unique ad. At least there’s something to keep travelers amused while they wait for their luggage.


They made it look like people are actually swimming through the baggage claim. Everyone knows that waiting for your bag is stressful. Those thoughts of ‘will my luggage even come out?’ are bound to float around your brain – so this fun advertisement helps to make this time a little less stressful.


NWA airlines did have a bad rap, but who knew they were this bad at parking? It seems like whoever parked this plane had no experience at all! Maybe that’s why the company went under. They clearly do not know how to park, and it worries us just a bit.


Could you imagine if you looked out of the window and saw that the plane you were about to board was crashing into another one? We can’t say that we would be happy. We bet someone definitely got fired for this one.


This TSA agent stopped actress Kate Beckinsale – but not for the reason you think. He did not ask her to wait because he needed to set her aside for a pat-down, or a random check. It turns out he just wanted an autograph.


It goes without saying though, that it is completely not OK to stop celebrities in the security line to get an autograph. We would be pretty upset if we were in that line!


This ad was spotted at the airport in Hamburg, Germany. It boasts a huge, larger than life BMW.


Picture yourself just casually walking through the airport, getting ready for your flight, and being faced by a huge BMW grill. It can certainly cause you to want a brand new car. I’m sure many people stopped to touch and feel this enormous sign. It’s extremely captivating, well done BMW!


No one was getting past these TSA agents, not even one of the most famous blonde superstars, Paris Hilton! she manages to look good and camera ready even while going through security. Impressive.

Getty Images Photo by GVK

It surely is a hassle going through airport security like that, so we applaud her on the ability to keep cool and look cool while making her way to the gate. Good job, Paris!


While you are waiting for your flight why not be productive and get fit?! Take part in airport aerobics with these girls. Staying in one place for too long isn’t good for you – you need to get up and get your blood pumping. It is also a good way to pass the time while you are waiting for a flight.

Alamy Stock Photo

These girls took it to a whole new level, practicing some yoga poses at the airport hall. They must have had a ton of time to kill. Would you take an airport aerobics class?


Celebrities get noticed everywhere. While it is said that celebrities are normal, regular people, it can’t really be that true, since they get stopped all the time to pose for photos and give out autographs.


Actor Nicolas Cage was not safe from his seat mate in this instance, and gave this adoring fan a photo. We are going to assume she did not show it to him for approval after, because he sure looks tired. Must have been a long flight!


We can’t quite tell if this was a genius marketing idea or just some super-fans who were extra excited for the Star Wars film to come out!


These storm-troopers were spotted waiting around the Denver International Airport around the same time the Star Wars movie was about to premiere. Super-fans or not, this idea definitely did not go unnoticed and brought some chatter and excitement about the new film.


The Durian is a unique and exotic fruit that smells awful. In airports all over the world, the exotic Durian is actually illegal to bring on to your flight, since the odor would be extremely unpleasant in a small space.


Do not feel bad for the stinky Durian though, in some places you cannot bring fruit or produce of any kind on your flight when leaving certain destinations. We have to admit, we are interested to try this little guy. Just not in a confined airplane, don’t worry.


These parents have come up with a genius idea, and have completely changed traveling with kids. This is a brilliant idea for when your kid is too tired to move, and even better, it will even prevent them from getting lost. All aboard.

Youtube.com/Светлана Кадыргалиева

We sure wouldn’t mind being wheeled around like that, does that mean that we need to start having a tantrum? I mean come on, would you want to carry this kid all over the airport? While airport exercise is crucial, carrying such a heavy load would be a lot to handle.


This baggage claim in Japan resembles a fancy restaurant, but do not be fooled. These travelers made their suitcases extra unique by getting covers that look like sushi rolls.


Sounds like a smart move. How many times have you grabbed a piece of luggage only to realize it is not yours?! People tie ribbons and put stickers on their bag to differentiate them, but this seems like way more fun.  These would also make a cool gift, don’t you think?


Who is going to claim this piece of lost luggage? Miss Philippines was looking absolutely stunning helping out with the lost luggage at an airport in France.


She was happily there greeting travelers at the airport’s lost baggage claim, to help people find pieces that had been lost in transit. We think this is a genius move to help ornery travelers from getting upset that their luggage is missing!


Actress and wellness expert, Gwyneth Paltrow, looks absolutely hilarious in this airport mishap.


We have to wonder what Goop would advise for this hair horror story. She most definitely has some almond oil in her bag, along with an emergency brush, an aloe vera face mask, and some chia seeds and matcha tea to calm her down. We have no fear that the health queen will have some tricks up her sleeve or a stylist who travels with her to help her out of this situation.


Lady Gaga, the eccentric fashionista actress and singer, takes airport fashion to a whole new level. She is taking the term ‘runway’ a little too seriously here. These looks seem to be right off a fashion runway – not an airport!


While most of us probably want to be comfy at the airport, Lady Gaga wants to stand out, and that is totally OK by us. Think of all the people she is entertaining. People-watching material at its finest!


No one is safe when it comes to airport security and strict TSA. Not even one of the world’s biggest celebrities, Rihanna! Looks like she gets screened too, and she sure does not seem happy about it.


Although celebs do need to clear security, they get VIP treatment for boarding, so your chances of spotting them are pretty slim.


You can sleep just about anywhere if you are exhausted enough. This lady shows us exactly how it is done. This position is giving off some human ostrich vibes. Her back is going to pay for this position when she finally wakes up. She is completely folded in half! Ouch!

Facebook.com/Mes bons moments avec vous

The airport is full of people everywhere, sleeping all the time, and I mean, why not? Airports are the biggest free hotels around. Albeit, it is actually not legal to sleep there. Who knew?


Talk about Instagram worthy, this guy has got some serious strength – he is holding his friend up with one hand. As if that was not impressive enough, he is also getting some reading in while doing so! I wonder how long it took after capturing this shot for his friend to get tired of this position. Maybe a few seconds, possibly a bit more, but it was worth it for the entertainment value.


The people around them all look astonished at this feat of strength. We are amazed too, pal!


Lights and sounds affecting your airport sleep? Fear not! This lady shows us how to avoid that by hiding her face in the mountain of her belongings.

imgur/by ChinaMike808

We’re all up for crashing at the airport when you have a long layover, but this lady’s crazy sleep position has got to be turning some heads. Maybe she just wants to hide her face so no one recognizes her. Celebrity, anyone?


This bold (albeit crazy) traveler decided it would be a good idea to check his beer can like a piece of luggage because the people that worked around the airport told him he was not allowed to bring it on board. What a bold move.


He must have really liked this specific kind of beer, and we are guessing it was not sold wherever he was going, since he shelled out over THIRTY DOLLARS to check it as luggage.  Note to self: find out what it was and try it!


All celebrities, even Kim Kardashian, have to go through airport security – even when she has a full load, complete with her baby in hand. No one is safe from TSA!

Getty Images Photo by GVK

She has clearly nailed her airport style, whether it is dark shades or long leather boots, this icon always dresses to impress when traveling. She treats the airport as if it is her runway. Is the requirement to remove shoes totally pointless, and a reactionary measure that followed one person’s decision to hide something in a shoe? Yes. Does that make wearing shoes that take 20 minutes and a gallon of oil to remove a smart choice? No.


This isn’t really how you would want or expect things to go if you were about to get on a plane. Hopefully, there were no injuries and the plane was empty at the time…


Ice isn’t a good mix for any type of road travel, and definitely not for a taxiing airplane. Hopefully, this pilot had a good explanation for this mishap!


This customs agent was found playing computer games on her work computer during her shift. I guess we now know the real reasons the airport customs lines are always so long! This is probably her way of passing the time during her long shift. She could have found something a little more entertaining, or at least waited until she got home to play her games.


Maybe this is the real reason customs agents are so cranky and unfriendly. We are interrupting their precious playtime! The nerve!


Paying for extra legroom is a double-edged sword because the person you end up next to might really need that extra space. The poor guy must have been so upset.


Long flights with little space are never the best mix, but in this case, we really do feel bad for this poor guy. He’s stuck in the middle here and must feel trapped when he wants to get up to stretch or use the bathroom. Middle seats are no one’s favorite.


Someone needs to tell this world-famous actor that you don’t need to wear gloves when it is boiling hot out!

Pinterest/Bauer Griffin

But kidding aside, he is dressed to impress while walking through the airport. He seems totally ready to pose for some paparazzi pics or fan selfies. That brown suede jacket and tortoise sunnies are a nice touch too. Aside from the fashion faux pas, nice work Ryan, looking good!


No, your eyes are not deceiving you – this guy has the most unique personalized luggage ever! The luggage boasts a picture of the owner. If he had lost his luggage in the past, it is certain he never will again!


We think this is actually a great idea. And how funny! No one will walk off with your luggage or claim it is theirs when your giant face is literally printed all over it. Could be a cool gag gift too.  Definitely jotting this one down for the future!


ANA airlines really have taken their airplane paint jobs to the next level, these are so detailed and unique. These airplanes were covered with Pokemon –  the design was actually an advertisement for the release of Pokemon Go. It definitely caught our attention!


How many kids would have gotten so excited over these, do you think? We even want to travel in it! I bet there were some extra rare Pokemon finds on board! The poke balls on the wings are a great added touch, no detail left unnoticed!


What do you think airport security was looking for in Heather Graham’s boots? It seems she also had to get her bag checked – What could they have found in there? Heather has nailed the casual-chic airport look. She totally blends in with everyone else, don’t you think?


Don’t get too excited, though. You wouldn’t be able to spot her waiting in line. Fame will get you a lot of things in life, including a special waiting area in an airport!


Traveling is totally exhausting, especially when the lines at the airport seem to never end. We never thought of this travel hack, though! Take some time to nap while you wait – you will certainly have enough time to get a power nap in!

Alamy Stock Photo

Checking in at the airport can be a painstakingly slow process.  There are security questions to be asked, bags to be checked, and sometimes there are even those special passengers who decide to rearrange their luggage at the last minute to redistribute a couple of pounds. This process can really go on for quite a while, so if you want to get a quick cat nap in there, it’s a good time to do so.


Okay, sushi suitcases are not something we’ve seen before, but we can probably guess which part of the world this airport is in. We totally want to invest in one of this sushi luggage to snazz up our suitcase game. Something tells us this type of gag suitcase would not be easy to steal, that’s for sure!


Hopefully, for their sake, these hungry penguins got all the food cleared to make the trip.


Back when they were still together, it seemed like Kanye and Kim never had the time to travel with their kids. No judgment, but where are they?!

Getty Images Photo by Robert Kamau

They always manage to coordinate their outfits. Kim and Kanye always do this well. But they never seem to smile. Black, black, and more black it is, with a little bit of fur thrown in for some fun. Kanye is known for being quite the moody celebrity when it comes to being photographed, we can only imagine what happened to the person on the other end of this camera.


We can only imagine how many daring outfits walk in and out of airports. Sometimes you see an outfit and you think, oh, this person must be going to a costume party. Were these guys?


With a Hello Kitty backpack and matching socks, this traveler looks ready to hit the masquerade ball. On the other hand, this could just be her personal style. Well, to each their own.


It seems pretty crazy that we have to pay extra on most airlines to just barely fit into a seat. Is it too much to ask to be able to sit with our legs down and not completely stuck bent in half? Or hanging out the aisles?

Getty Images Photo by gchutka

The airlines keep changing their interiors to allow more passengers to fly per flight. It is really hurting the passengers, though. They may be making more money, but the loss of legroom sure makes us not want to fly!


Delta is sadly known as that airline on which, very often, flights are delayed, bags get lost, things tend to go wrong, etc. Well, they certainly aren’t proving anyone wrong in this situation, with this baggage holder that got sucked right up in the grill…


OOPS! We truly hope that everyone is alright and that these passengers were able to get to their destination without any further drama.


I would not want to be the unlucky person sitting next to the turkey on this plane. Looks like he escaped just in time to not be cooked up for Thanksgiving. Imagine how much room that costume takes up? I bet his seatmate was really unhappy. What was actually going on here?


Maybe he is trying to promote being a vegetarian by bringing turkeys to life? Either way, this guy probably should have left his costume at home!


Boredom is the best instigator of creativity, and this guy looks like he’s having the time of his life, but really what is he up to here? It looks like he is riding on a motorized scooter in the middle of baggage claim. How did he even get up there?


Okay, maybe we want to try that. Imagine just whizzing away round the carousel. It would be interesting to know how long he managed to hang on there. You probably should not try this trick just in case.


Actor James Van Der Beek seems to be unphased by his celebrity status. He knows that he will always get stopped by adoring fans wherever he goes!


We have to wonder, who took this picture? A fan? Paparazzi? Or another TSA agent?  Either way, he seems totally on board to participate in this photo op! His huge grin, despite being given a pat-down by security, has got us on board the James Van Der Beek train!

Matching Outfits

This guy was flying home for the holidays dressed like this to surprise his family. Before the Flight, he met this stranger at the airport. Needless to say, they immediately became best friends.


This is one reason to love airports; you’re almost always guaranteed to see something that will brighten your day!

Emergency Phone

This out of service sign was found at the airport and it’s so polite. Hope people pay attention.. and don’t get themselves into an emergency anywhere close to this phone. Looks like somebody added the disclaimer after the fact, so there must have been some kind of misunderstanding.


If you happen to have a crisis of some kind, it looks like you’ll just have to take your emergency somewhere else.

Cyberman Only Fly First Class

Even Cybermen want to have shiny shoes and we can’t blame them, a small bit of dirt or dust will ruin their entire outfit and make them look much less intimidating.


Was it just their feet that got polished or all of their armor? It must be a nightmare getting them through Security.

Forget Generational Stereotypes

This generation and their cell phone addiction, honestly, you can’t go anywhere without seeing the baby boomers scrolling on their phones. Have you heard that Millennials suffer from terrible phone addiction?


Have you lampooned Millennials for not being able to look away from their screens? Well, it turns out they’re not the worst when it comes to social media and using the phone.

Rocking Chair

Waiting for your luggage to arrive can feel like a drag; sometimes you end up waiting for hours, so this guy decided to take a seat in a rocking chair. Now, did he bring his own, or does this airport happen to have rocking chairs randomly placed around the terminals?


If we’re totally honest though, it’s genius, cause who doesn’t like sitting in a rocking chair?

Watermelon Hats

When you want to prevent aliens from reading your mind but in eco-friendly style, forget tinfoil hats, this is how they do it now. We can’t help but wonder what kind of adventure these two are about to have?


On a more serious note, they must be Saskatchewan Roughriders fans; they’re known to have a proud tradition of wearing Watermelon hats.