Hilarious Resignation Letters You Must See

It’s almost never easy to quit your job. Most people walk around with a sick feeling in their stomach for days or even weeks before finally giving notice. They worry about their boss’s reaction and about getting good references, about their co-workers, who may be mad at them for leaving and about a million other things. But some people have decided to take these lemons and make delicious lemonade.
These people refuse to just submit an ordinary resignation letter, but instead, they give their bosses notice in an original and often hysterically funny way. Here are some of the best and funniest resignation letters out there.

A Public Farewell

Relationships forged while working together can be extremely meaningful. Sometimes it can be really hard to see a co-worker go. In those cases, a goodbye party, a nice card or maybe even a thoughtful gift from everyone is appropriate.


But in the event that there is not a line of well-wishers sending you off, it may be a good idea to let everyone know about your departure without getting into the awkward reasons behind it. TMI Nancy, TMI.

Less is More

In some cases, it is not the content of your resignation letter that is important, what really matters is getting your point across. This two-word letter is definitely crystal clear. This person is leaving their position, probably as quickly as possible.


In this instance less was more. The story behind this letter, however, puts the whole thing into a more sensible context. When this resignation letter was shared on social media, it came with the caption: “My ex-manager wouldn’t give me my last paycheck without a resignation letter.”

Can’t Put a Price Tag on Freedom

Although this is not a letter of resignation per se, we still think it deserves a place on this list. First of all, the intent to quit couldn’t be clearer and second of all, this person plainly does not care about their retail job at all.


This obviously disgruntled worker took advantage of their responsibility for making price tags for the electronic equipment to make a statement. Customers who came in got all the information they could want about the price of the oven plus as a bonus what this store assistant thought about their boss.

Ring in the New Year with a New Job

Although there are many reasons to quit your job, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to keep in contact with the company you are leaving or with your coworkers. Especially during the holiday season.


This soon to be ex-employee made their feelings about leaving their job abundantly clear. The “I QUIT: in this resignation letter is enormous and in all caps. But that didn’t keep them from adding the small print that they would still be attending the office Christmas party. This person knows what it’s all about.

Resigning with Style

Here is another example that shows that in some cases less is more and what really matters is that you get your point across. Matt had been cooped up in that office cubicle for three years and he just couldn’t take it anymore.


He felt like he had worked really hard and had little to show for it and that his actions over the past few years spoke for themselves. That made his decision to quit and the writing of his resignation letter pretty easy. He walked to the nearest bathroom, grabbed some paper towels and a magic marker and got to it.

A Sincere Resignation

A nicely worded note can sometimes be even better than a gift. Especially if the touching message is written in a dedicated card. Alex, who obviously decided it was time to give notice, found the perfect message in this card which we suspect is usually used for condolences.


Although the sentiment is beautiful, we have a feeling that the card sender’s intentions were anything but sincere. The truth is, we think that Alex isn’t sorry about quitting his job at all.

Quitting Never Tasted So Sweet

Although most of the letters we’ve seen so far have been anything but warm and fuzzy and most have been downright hostile, sometimes people leave their jobs while they are still in a good place with their employers.


Some people are just moving on, despite having the time of their life at their current job. One person wanted to treat each of their co-workers on their way out of the company and thought of a great way to kill two birds with one stone: write your resignation letter on a box of cupcakes.

So Long but Not Goodbye

All you have to do is look at that font, and you can tell this resignation letter is fancy, and that’s without mentioning writing the date in letters and not numbers. Leaving the office supply biz seems to have inspired this store associate into writing the most heartfelt and eloquent missive of his young life.


This person seems to have a flair for drama, but it looks like they honestly enjoyed their time at work and performed their duties well. We’re sure that any manager who received this letter was sorry to see Pat go. At least they’ll meet again in the “Great Office Supply Store in the Sky.”

A Poetic Parting

When you first start reading this poetic passage, it is not clear whether you have stumbled onto an unknown passage by The Bard or if this is simply a resignation letter. Quite a bit of concentration and reading between the lines is required in order to understand that this is a person who wishes to quit.


The part the finally gives it away is when the author uses the phrase “the end of all ends to my employment.” We don’t know what mercantile establishment this person was working it, but it was clearly a waste of their incredible writing talent.


Whoever received this unique letter of resignation, it is highly unlikely that they understood the references mentioned within. Most likely they thought the employee quitting wasn’t committed enough to write something serious or maybe even that they were drunk while writing it.


The truth is that the associate who wrote this is in fact very committed, just not to Electronics Boutique Canada. They do, however, take their new job in “the broken realm known as Outland” extremely seriously. Lovers of the game World of Warcraft understand where this is coming from

Aptly Said

Keeping things professional in actions and in words is not always easy in the workplace. It’s a bit of an art form to get your opinion across without being rude or inappropriate. That is also true when the time to part ways comes along, and sometimes the act of quitting may be quite difficult.


This, we assume man, tried to articulate the strength and courage needed to resign on this receipt in the crudest yet quite articulate way possible. To put it simply, this employee finally had the “balls” to quit his job.

A Tweet Goodbye

Despite the norm, you don’t always have to resign with a printed page, especially if you are a CEO. These days, with social media playing an integral part in many businesses, more aspects of the working life can be carried out online.


You can follow in the footsteps of Jonathan Schwartz and resign on Twitter for example. Although, we’re not sure you want to be in his shoes since his company was on the verge of bankruptcy due to the financial crisis. Well, at least he still had a sense of humor about the whole thing and resigned using a haiku. Letters of resignation don’t always need to be tangible. In this day and age, where the internet and social media are integral to so many jobs, it makes perfect sense that many areas of work are conducted online.

A Crappy Situation

Inspiration strikes in unlikely places, which is what happened when a bored employee was using the bathroom one day. The experience caused him to have an epiphany: his time on the toilet was eerily similar to his working life.


Once he realized how his state of employment was comparable to a bathroom visit, the employee knew he was on the right track for the topic of his resignation letter. He let them know in no uncertain terms that the place was a “dump” and that he was ready to “flush” this job right out of his life.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Being passive aggressive is not a great way to go through life, but it is sometimes a good way to let off some steam. It can also work very well in a resignation letter, and lets you express yourself without any actual cursing involved.


This person used the word sorry to make their point and managed to make it perfectly clear that they were not the problem in this scenario. If you are working overtime and not getting compensated and if you are not being treated compassionately after the death of a close relative, you have earned the right to be as passive-aggressive as you want.

Mario is Out of Here

When the time came for this computer programmer to give notice, he didn’t want to just turn in any ordinary letter of resignation. Instead, he decided that you can’t go wrong with the classics and used Super Mario Bros to deliver his message for him is frankly one of the coolest ways ever.


He designed it so that each time Mario gets a mushroom, the words “I QUIT!” appear on the screen. At the end of the level, Mario climbs down the flagpole, and simply never reappears.

A Vicious Cycle

Feeling like you are not earning as much as you deserve is actually pretty common. This employee, however, took that feeling to the extreme and claims it led their life into a downward spiral.


According to them, the low wages they were getting made their entire life into something negative, causing them to eat a lot, become fat and become detrimental to the company image. Apparently, if they don’t resign, they will make everyone else eat a lot too. It’s nice of this soon to be ex-employee to be so considerate of the greater good.

He’s Grrreaaat!

With the sincerest hope that Tom was not employed as a journalist or a copy editor, otherwise his atrocious spelling would have been severely reprimanded, we can enjoy this strangely informal resignation letter.


Tom was just trying to be considerate and let his boss know his last day of employment for the record. He even took the time to include his last day and the date the letter was written, not once but twice, to make sure Doug definitely knew when this was going to happen. What a grrreaaat guy!

Drop the Mic

A mic drop usually means that a person has made their point and they have nothing more to say. Elizabeth Young took this one step further and actually added a drawing of a mic drop to her resignation letter. She clearly feels that she has said everything that needs to be said.


This is a pretty cool move on her part. A resignation letter that features a mic drop, which means it needs no further explanation, is the ultimate mic drop.

Out of This World and This Job

The usual resignation letter is normally a plain white paper with many long and boring paragraphs, which explain the individual’s desire to resign from whatever company they have been employed by. Although, sometimes people are not content with ordinary and decide to reach for the stars.


There is no doubt though that his boss will never forget him, especially after leaving behind this epic framed picture. Not too sure what the vacuum cleaner’s for though…

I, Printer

Working in an office for a lot of years can be hard, and not just for the people. Occasionally, office equipment needs a break too. Don’t they also deserve their chance to move on or retire with grace?


This printer had apparently had enough because out of the blue it churned out its own letter of resignation. The printer cited its bad motor and apologized for frustrating employees with the occasional paper jam. LaserJet 4050, we salute you! You will be sorely missed. Or maybe, someone wrote that message as a joke, but probably not.

Bang Up Resignation

It is hard to find the right way to give notice in an incredibly awkward way, while not getting into any real trouble or hurting your chances for a good recommendation. We’re not sure that Mitch was entirely successful in this letter. He clearly made his boss check if his fly was unzipped, which couldn’t have gone over well.


He then proceeded to imply that the message was attached to a bomb and would self-destruct in five seconds, likely making his boss want to read it and get rid of it that much faster. And the cherry on top was the P.S., talk about awkward…


If you are unhappy at work, not getting along with your boss or are just plain bored with what you do, your best option is probably to quit and turn in your two weeks’ notice. These usually copy and paste form letters can be side-splittingly funny if someone thinks outside the box.


This employee must have felt that his artistic talent was being wasted at his current place of employment. That must be the reason he turned this drawing of a dinosaur into a resignation letter. The breed of the dinosaur was revealed on the back of the note, it is a “Quitmyjobosaurus.”

This Boss is the Worst

People don’t usually quit their jobs for no reason, but some reasons are better than most. If you have been attacked by a drunk co-worker and your boss is too lazy to do anything about it, you are more than justified to grab your things and go.


If you do not feel safe at work and your boss isn’t taking responsibility for other employees, that is not a place you want to be. So long and have a swell day.

Too Little, Too Late

This may not be the most typical resignation letter, but there is no question that this worker is not going to put up with this anymore. A manager cannot expect their workers to be punctual and efficient if they are not capable of doing so themselves.


When customer complaints start pouring in about the store being closed during business hours, it’s pretty certain that they won’t just be hiring a new employee, but also a new boss.

A Bit Extreme

There are many movies in which regular people suffering under the tyranny of a terrible boss, decide to get rid of them in all kinds of creative ways. From Dolly Parton’s Nine to Five to the more contemporary Horrible Bosses, it seems like something people enjoy fantasizing about.


Andrew was clearly taking notes while watching these films and used them in his resignation letter. There is no doubt that he is fed up and his boss must have behaved quite badly to deserve a letter that is so extreme. We wonder if it had anything to do with a clock, otherwise, it is unclear why he felt the need to label the clock hands.

Reddit? We Don’t Think He Did

The content on Reddit is all over the place, but sometimes there are some hidden gems. For example, this user who decided to let whoever was interested write his letter of resignation for the corporate job he was going to quit the following morning.


That brought out the artistic side of one individual who may have used this as a creative outlet, may have been a little drunk, or maybe a little of both. Either way, he penned quite a letter. It starts out great but loses steam along the way, we especially didn’t get the bead of water stuff…

Down the Toilet

Here is someone who has elevated resignation letters from mere corporate texts to pure art. The person behind this note has given much thought not only to the content of his letter but to the material it was written on. Much like a true artist. We have no doubt that his next employer will know how to properly appreciate those artistic skills.


Also, may we just point out that no matter how terrible the company was to work for, it appears that it wasn’t cheap when it came to toilet paper. Generic, single-ply toilet paper used by many large corporations will never endure the sharpie or brush pen used to write this note. We hope the disgruntled employee got to swipe a couple of rolls before leaving.

The Scot Way

Take a look at the most Scottish letter of resignation to have ever existed. Let’s start with the employer. Never has there been a more Scottish name than MacGillivray. Then there’s the delightful line reading “I’ll no be back after June 30th. Canny wait.” For those of you who aren’t familiar with Scottish slang, let us explain that ‘canny’ is the Scottish way of saying ‘cannot’. We canny wait to meet this woman in real life.


Marlene is obviously not one to be messed with. We read her letter multiple times, and the more we read, the more we can hear the rolling Rs in our heads. Does anyone else feel a sudden urge to put on their tartan and go looking for their clan in the highlands?

Toxic Corporate Policy

There once was a time when regular workdays in a functioning society were 12 hours long (or longer). That being said, there were also times in which it was acceptable to fine women for wearing skirts that were too short. Things change. It seems that this company’s policy doesn’t.


Some companies seem to feel their employees are machines. We know that machines have been taking over some fields of employment, but that is hardly an excuse to treat your employees like robots. We can only hope that the way things work in this company has since changed.


Take a look at the most efficient cake ever made. It serves as a birthday cake, as a resignation letter, as a retirement party snack, and as a business card for this guy’s new cake business. The ingenuity is mind-blowing. We have no doubt that this man’s creative mind will turn his new business into an empire in no time.


The man is obviously skilled with icing or he would never fit a formal, three paragraphs long letter on a single cake. He is going to make his baby very proud. After all, how can you not be proud of someone who goes by the fantastic name of Mr. Cake?

Pirate Power

Whether this letter was written seriously or jokingly, it made us really happy. Many little kids fantasize about leading romanticized lives of pirates. We can totally imagine a modern-day Captain Jack Sparrow sailing the seven seas with his crew, looking for treasures, and fighting a designated Kraken.


Honestly, with the social benefits this guy is offering his buccaneers, he sounds like an employer worth working for. Full medical and dental plan plus a job that takes you on adventures around the world? Sounds awesome! Where do we sign up?

Congrats Jonathan!

We don’t know Jonathan personally, but we can learn a few things about him from his letter of resignation. We know he loves snacks and sweets, and probably has the best track record in bringing fun treats to the break room.


We can also deduce that he is a fun-loving guy with many friends in the office who will be very sad to see him leave. If they feel a little dramatic, his coworkers might even shed a tear or two to mourn their friend’s resignation and how no one will bring good treats anymore.

Goodbye Kitty

This resignation letter looks like it was given to a cat lover by a fellow cat lover. The two may not work together again, but if this card has taught them anything it’s that they always have cats to rely on. Some would take consolation in that, others would say they should consider getting a couple of human friends. We are not here to judge.


This card was probably originally written for people who lost a pet, but we commend the creativity of repurposing it. That’s exactly the way to treat our planet. Greta Thunberg would be proud, but she probably has bigger fish to fry so we won’t tell her about it just yet.

Heading Out

Thie details on this resignation letter have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved. But if it were up to us, we would love to know who the mastermind behind this funny text is. That way we could give them a medal or chocolate or something.


We wish this guy and his girlfriend, Denise, the best of luck in rebuilding their lives in Tahiti. God knows they are living the fantasy of many. Telling you boss off and riding a kickass motorcycle into the sunset? It sounds like a dream most people are too scared to follow. You do you, man!

Going Away Card

Greeting cards have expanded to include a variety of situations in the past few years, but somehow, there are still a few occasions in human life not yet covered by them. Birthdays and graduation cards are super easy to find, but what about cards that say “Congratulations on finishing your first Netflix binge” or “Good job not crying at your best friend’s bachelorette party”?


Sometimes you just have to make do with whatever card you can find. In this case, the former employee went with a card designed to mourn someone. Could they have found something a little more appropriate? Sure. Would it have been his funny? Probably not.

You Go Girl!

The experience of working under an incompetent and unappreciative boss is experienced by too many. Frustration can run very high when you have to follow the orders of a man who doesn’t know how to turn on his own computer without calling the IT team. Once you realize your position has been playing the mother of an overgrown baby, you have to call it quits.


This woman right here called it quits in the best way possible. Fed up with her superior micromanaging her every move while he can’t perform simple actions, she held nothing back. Our only question here is actually for the company — how in the world can someone so stupid become anyone’s manager?

You Don’t Own Me

Some bosses are under the impression that they own their employees. They need to be reminded that trading in humans has been illegal for quite some time. Lisa, the writer of this resignation letter, made sure her now ex-bosses know that.


After she and her coworkers were asked not to sit down during their unpaid break, she’s had enough and left this masterpiece behind. At least this job got Lisa a good friend who will keep working with her on a new job where they are allowed to sit during their break for a change.

Ms. Crooke

Some names come with a certain commitment attached to them. You can’t really expect someone with the name Cruella De Vil to sell candy floss to kids, can you? It appears that Ms. Crooke, whose this letter is addressed to, is just living up to her name.


One of the most impressive things about his letter is how it unravels the full plan the writer had in mind. It is the perfect way to turn the tables, leave no stone unturned, and putting her old boss through the living hell she probably deserves.

Mixed Feelings

Leaving a Job is not always easy, even when it’s a job that you really hate. But sometimes it’s just so liberating, like in this case, where the person quitting does it with mixed feelings, “mixed because [he] can’t quite decide between elation and relief.”


He then proceeds to point out everyone else’s incompetence, which makes you think he’s had all of his arguments locked and loaded for quite some time. Our favorite thing about this letter is the ending, which tries to be somewhat encouraging. He does have a point, though. Sandwiches really are simple and great. We’re going to make one right about… now.

Some Regret, Not Much

According to this letter, it appears that Theodor is intent on embarking on a new journey. One that doesn’t involve the Emergency Dept., and that there is nothing the department can do to make him change his mind. Not even bribe or slashed tires.


We wonder if the workplace could still have made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Maybe a two-month-long, all-expenses-paid vacation to the Caribbeans with Angelina Jolie? We doubt the workplace can afford it but it wouldn’t hurt asking, would it?

Lost in Translation

Mark, whose name is signed at the bottom of this letter, has many strong suits. Language, however, is apparently not one of them. It looks like he gave English his best shot before jumping on the Google Translate wagon, which was probably missing a wheel at the time. Good thing that the first two lines were written well.


After the first couple of sentences it appears that the language barrier got the best of Mark. We were a little surprised to identify some random words in English, like toxic, employee, and sugar daddy. We wonder what kind of Mark used to do to use those words in his resignation letter…

Rock and Rolling Away

Here are a few things we know about Eric from reading his resignation letter: he likes Van Halen, he likes to be original, and he likes to make sure his point was made clear. That is a lot to learn about a person from a piece of paper and a handful of words. Maybe we should consider becoming the next Sherlock Holmes.


We can only hope that this Wendy whose letter is addressed to knew to appreciate those qualities when Eric was still working for her. They might come in handy in his future career. We would guess this career would be coming up with original merchandise for the Van Halen fan club.

Taking a Breath

Messages seem friendlier when you put them in comic form. Just look at this resignation letter right here. This smiling, overall-sporting, glasses-wearing dude is too adorable to be mad at. Plus, he makes a pretty valid point. Taking a breath is important.


After graduating from high school there is college, and then you have to get a job to pay off your student loans and start making a living. This means you never really get to take a moment to yourself as you’ve always wanted. Kudos on finally doing that, comic artist!

No More Katy Perry

There are many reasons for quitting your job. The boss could be a jerk, your coworkers could be jerks, the office supply could be atrocious, the toilet paper in the bathroom could be giving you allergies, you’ve had enough of people stealing the yogurt from the fridge. The list is endless, but this one is a true novelty.


We’ve never heard of someone quitting because of music, though we must say we sympathize. Have you ever walked into a clothing store and thought to yourself ‘What is this noise? Why do they call it music? Does anyone really enjoy it?’ It looks like even the employees are fed up with the store’s playlist at some point. We hope this one got noise-canceling headphones and got some much-needed peace and quiet.

Saying No to Noodles

Saying that running your own business is hard would be an understatement. There is nothing like running a small business to bring out the worst of people. Apparently, that’s what happened to May from M Noodle.


It’s a good thing that working at M Noodle didn’t ruin Spencer’s sense of humor. We don’t doubt that his time at this place was terrible, but at least he was able to produce a hysterical resignation letter and sign it as “Your stunningly handsome ex-employee.” Silver lining, anyone?

But Why Chipotle?

Big food chains are fun for the most part. You know what to expect, there is always something nice and familiar to look forward to, and it feels like you’re never really away from home because you identify your lunch even when you’re miles away. Backstage of this industry, however, is often not as fun as the customer’s side of things.


This resignation letter serves two purposes — one is to obviously let the big corporate bosses know how badly they’ve treated their employees, and the other is to spread the word so more people know about this. What helped us get over the sad story here is the thought that all the employees possibly started their own business together. Preferably ethically sourced organic coffee shop with 3000 different kinds of soy milk.

Quitting Cake

Mel here obviously knows how to deliver bad news. They don’t teach you that in college, kids! You are either born with it or you aren’t, and Mel was born with it for sure. Looking at her cake journey (yes, it’s a journey) makes you fall in love with her and feel bad that you’re not moving to her new workplace with her.


Here’s to hoping that Mel’s new job is as sweet as her farewell cake. And if it’s not, we are sure she will know exactly what is the right treat to deliver her news.

I Magically Quit

Potterheads would love this one. Those of you who have read the Harry Potter books would love each and every reference in this letter. Those of you who haven’t read the book might want to get out of the rock they have been living under and join the rest of humankind.


Prof. Jared, who wrote this letter is obviously a Gryffindor. The best Defense Against the Dark Arts professors have been Gryffindors. We would advise him to be careful, though. The position is known to have been cursed so no professor lasts more than a year teaching it. Later muggles!

Homer Humor

We didn’t think freedom had a color until we laid our eyes on this joyful note. Now it’s clearer than ever that the color of freedom is Simpson yellow. If we were fancy art critics we would say that this piece makes wonderful use of a pop culture reference to demonstrate the weight of corporate life doomed to be carried by common workers. But we’re not, so we won’t.


We commend this person using the company printer as the last hurrah before leaving. It is simple, funny, sophisticated, and perfectly delivers how happy this employee must be to tell his corporate job to kiss his behind goodbye.

Hallmark Farewell

Want to greet your mother on Mother’s Day? Hallmark is there. Feel like writing a sentimental birthday card for a friend? Hallmark is there. Looking for a nice way to congratulate your cousin on graduating from college? Hallmark is there. It’s like they’re stalking you or something…


Apparently Hallmark isn’t stalking Todd, or he would have found the right card to break the news to his boss. We do have to appreciate Todd’s ability to deliver his message in such a thoughtful way despite him not finding the right card to do it with.

Tough Cookie

Grace’s mom is a role model. Not just for Grace, but for anyone who feels like they’ve had enough of their abusive boss and his diabolical minions. These giant cookies and the vibrant design on them are the perfect way to let her superiors that her spirit isn’t broken and that she’s off to a better future.


In the words of Fountains of Wayne, Grace’s mom has got it going on. Thanks to Grace’s Tweet, the whole world is about to know that too. Where can we enlist to Grace’s mom’s army? We promise to serve and protect her at all costs.

Me Three

So here is how we imagine the legend behind these two cakes: Once upon a time there were two people — let’s call them Purple and Violet. Purple and Violet worked together in the same drabby call center for a year, constantly denying their feelings for each other.


When Purple found out that Violet was planning on leaving, his world collapsed. He realized that her absence would make his work and his life unbearable (a tad dramatic but that’s the way we like it). He immediately confessed his love, much to her delight. The two got matching quit-cakes and started a small basket weaving business. Needless to say that they lived happily ever after.

Edible Resignation

Most of the time, when you see cakes decorated with edible paper, the paper features the image of a superhero or a cartoon character. Apparently, you can get a lot more creative than that. Well, Mark can. And he did. With this resignation cake. What’s next? An edible paper proposal? An edible paper CV?


Slicing that cake must be a pretty funny experience. You know how people are always fighting for an end cut? Here they probably fought over which words they get to eat. We call dibs in the signature! It looks delicious.

Ringing the Bell

This tired Taco Bell employee has had enough of his abusive manager, Adam, and wanted to make two things very clear: that he’s done with the place and that he’s done with Adam. When he came to work one day and saw the marquee outside the store, he knew what he had to do.


He grabbed a ladder and got to work, but a different kind of work than serving tacos to people. We don’t know this guy personally, but we would bet our last dollar saying he will not touch a single taco ever again.

Go Steve!

Steve looks like a man of many talents. He can obviously draw, he’s good at coming up with original ideas, and he is a skilled comedian too, judging by this creative resignation letter. We can only imagine how sad Steve’s boss would be to lose him.


Good thing that this boss had this kickass car drawing to enjoy when Steve is gone. Maybe Steve could have drawn a few more pictures for his boss to hang around the office. That way, Steven’s spirit would hang around even after he’s gone working somewhere else.

Auto Quit

Big bosses making a lot of money are often antagonizing and they rarely deserve to drive the fancy cars they do. More often than not, they treat their luxurious cars better than they do their kids, not to mention their employees.


This Beemer seems to belong to a jerk who has no respect for their employees. We don’t know the case first hand but we assume the resignation letter in the form of vandalism was well deserved.


The internet is filled with formal letter templates. There are people everywhere trying to help you put together a recommendation letter, your CV, and yes, even resignation letters. They are usually one page long, pretty structured, and include very specific language.


This picture obviously doesn’t reflect any of the aforementioned templates. The person who did this is a person of few words looking to make their message clear using no more than the necessary language.

Sign Language

James may have his reservations from the way things work around this burger restaurant, but he has an impeccable work ethic. Even when turning in his two-week notice to his manager, Brian, he doesn’t slack off. He makes sure that the front sign has enough space for both his resignation and the new double-loaded. What a trooper.


We hope Brian took in just how bad things are going to be now that James is leaving. Crying in the corner and texting James obsessively seem like the appropriate response in Brian’s part but we’re not here to tell him how to live his life.

Grammar Police

Nick and Jessica are so over their job. They are over their job, and inventory, and their boss, and terrible grammar. We can almost see the idea of quitting forming in one of their heads — Nick or Jessica probably came in to start their shift and was first met by this grammar scandal.


They quickly pulled out their red pen in an attempt to rectify this monstrosity, realized they had too much work to do as it is, and decided to call it quits on the spot. Elated with that new decision, they added the smiley face to perk other people up too.

Rhyming Resignation

This poetic soul is obviously not cut out for a job in retail. How much creative juice can flow through a job in retail? This person needs a job as a writer, and perhaps that writing career can start with a memoir of experiences from her year of working in that photoshop.


A nice boss playing Jedi mind tricks on his employees, neighboring stores being robbed, overworked and underpaid employees, and even an eccentric character named Torturing Joe — the memoir is pretty much writing itself. When you think about it, it could also work as a TV show. We will be the first to watch it.

Quitting the Bar

Working as a bartender seems nice and cool at first. You get to have all the free drinks you want (provided you can actually keep serving them properly), meet cool people, work at fun clubs, and listen to people’s drunken confessions. But it can get old.


After a while you realize the being a bartender also means you have to practically live in a different time zone because you always work at night and sleep during the day. Also, drunk people are only fun up to a certain point. This must be why this bartender decided to quit, and hilariously so, with flipped drinks.

Self Confidence Boost

Christian sounds like a fun guy to be around. Just like RuPaul always says — if you can’t love yourself, how are you going to love somebody else? And it looks like Christian sure knows how to love himself. We don’t know many people who take such public pride in their “ethic, wit, charm and handsomeness.”


We are sure that there are many places other than CVS which would love to have Christian as an employee as long as he comes as the full package previously mentioned. We know we would.