Hilarious Tractor Fails You Won’t Be Able to Forget

Remember when you were a kid, and you loved tractors? Don’t deny it – even if it was just a few days or when your parents would take you to the John Deere museum in Waterloo, Iowa.
Used in everything from farming (the classic) to construction and mining, these huge machines require a deft hand to make sure they don’t cause more destruction than they’re supposed to. Yet the amount of time they’ve been in action means there have been plenty of mistakes, and we’ve been lucky enough to get some pictures of those occasions.

Can I Park Here?

Tractors are not useful in the slightest when they manage to get INSIDE the house, such as in this picture. When you were young, you might have had a thought to, for instance, smash through the wall of your sister’s dollhouse, but once you’re behind the wheel of a real tractor, you can’t have the idea to take it anywhere near the farmhouse.


Really, unless the wall is made of steel beams and concrete, in the battle between tractor and wall, the tractor is going to win.

This is Not a Prime Transformation

At first, you might think that this is a still picture from the latest Michael Bay production of morphing robots. Take another glance, however, and you’ll see that that machine is bunching through the roof of a building.


This isn’t your standard tractor – it has support feet that spread out to either side to make sure the machine doesn’t tip over. Which, you also may notice, is exactly what has happened here, which no doubt resulted in tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage, not only to the house but to the tractor as well.

Gotta Stay Grounded When You’re in a Tractor

When you’re controlling a tractor, you have to make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing at all times. The person that was using this tractor must not have been paying attention since we can see in the picture that a huge, likely very important electrical pylon is now laying over the tractor and the piece of farming equipment it was hauling.


How many people or businesses lost power because of this? We really hope that the farm responsible for this mistake had pretty good insurance. Otherwise, they’ll have more to worry about than damage to their tractor.

The Rare and Mysterious Beach Tractor

Go to a farm, and you’re going to see a tractor. Go to a construction site, and you’re going to see a tractor. But a beach? That’s not where these majestic beasts often appear, so we’re happy to present a picture of one of these uncommon creatures.


We don’t know why someone would take a tractor out to the beach, and the water since a big heavy machine like that could easily get stuck, especially if it’s hauling a trailer. Maybe it was taking floaties to those in need, or maybe this person is getting ready to make bank by selling Popsicles to people heated after a day in the sun.

How Long Did This Take?

Heavy machinery, tractors are called, but did you know they have their own special climbing abilities? If you’re talented enough with your tractor, you can do all sorts of things in order to get a cool picture. In fact, we aren’t sure if this was intentional or not – how could it not be?


The backhoe is in the perfect bracing location, the front scoop is hoisting the body off the ground, and the feet are out to either side to keep it balanced. We’re going to have to say that this was on purpose. The greater question is why? Other than for the cool picture. Which is admittedly very cool.

No Love Here

When it’s Valentine’s Day, a lot of people are rushing home to see their honey for a much-anticipated date night. Rush hour is always a problem, and no doubt, a backhoe punching a hole through the freeway will make your time during your commute even longer.


What’s worse, your date might not have accepted the tired old “There was road construction” excuse. But don’t worry – show off this picture, and everything will be cleared up. As long as the date night in question was more than fifteen years ago. Otherwise, you’re in just as much trouble as whoever was in control of this piece of heavy machinery.

The Grill is Ready

Engines can get pretty hot if the conditions are right. Using such big machines on hot summer days trying to get your work done will, sometimes, result in something similar to this picture. It’s a good thing the driver jumped out. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have this sweet pic, which we expect has already made it onto the cover of a southern rock album.


We do hope that right after the driver took a picture, fire trucks rolled up, and fire suppression tactics went into effect. Gotta protect your investments, and tractors are a huge investment, even a comparatively little one like that.

What Do You Mean “I’m Stuck Too?”

Not one, not two, but THREE tractors all seem to be stuck in the mud here. There’s yet another machine, mostly off-screen, that is trying to dig them out, and most likely, the driver is being careful not to get too close. This is the kind of thing that farmers have to deal with sometimes – after the rain, those fields can turn from hard-packed dirt into mud that will get you stuck for hours.


This can turn what was supposed to be a productive day into one that’s full of frustrations. We hope that these three were all the tractors that got stuck that day. Otherwise, they’ll have to call in the air force to yank those machines out.

Stuck in the Stairs

Stairs really aren’t for everybody. Specifically, they aren’t for people who think they can get a tractor down them and around a mid-flight corner. Maybe if it was a straight-to-the-ground staircase, then it could have been done, but this clearly isn’t.


We don’t even want to THINK about how hard it was for this thing to get unstuck – though shouldn’t those responsible just have been able to put it reverse and go back up the steps? Maybe the way the tractor is wedged makes it impossible, or maybe it just doesn’t have enough juice to back up a grade.

Deep Water

When someone is in deep water, it means they’re in a heap of trouble, and there’s no easy way for them to get out. Well, now you can imagine the genesis of the phrase. The two bystanders are unable to do anything other than hunkering down on the bank and watch their machine sink.


How does one even go about getting such a heavy piece of machinery out of what appears to be a river or at least a deep pond? If they’re lucky, it won’t sink any deeper, but even then, what do you do? You can’t use another tractor to dig it out – then you would just have two tractors in trouble.

Getting Things Clean

There’s no oopsie here, but there is a fun bit of history. What you’re looking at is an old version of a street cleaner. Before we had the big contraptions that rinse, soap, and scrub the streets, some places used tractors with a big, whirling collection of brooms set up on the back to brush the street clean of dust and debris.


No doubt the streets didn’t stay all that clean, but it’s just like vacuuming – feels good to do even if it doesn’t last long. Based on how fast it looks like those brushes are going, we hope everybody knew to not be standing on the right side of the street, or they were going to get a face full of road.

Nobody Move!

“Hanging by a thread” doesn’t really seem to do this picture justice. The two people standing by the unfortunate pinned car seem a little bit too at ease for our comfort. One little shift, and this picture will turn from a fail to a tragedy.


We want to ask what the tractor is evenly balanced on, but we’re worried that it will have some kind of quantum effect – that by observing it will change it in some way, and we’ll be responsible for this tractor completing its tumble. No strong gusts of wind, please.

How Does This Keep Happening?

Tractors are big, and they’re heavy, and yet SOMEHOW people are still finding ways to get them upside-down. You have to have very specific knowledge and skill to drive them, so you’d think that those in control would know how to keep them in control.


But the person responsible here was going fast enough to get this tractor with its nose buried in the dirt. Is the driver still in there? No, likely not – there would probably be a lot more people milling around, as well as emergency personnel.

Heavy Snow

If you have lived somewhere that snows with any regularity, you’ve probably had the unfortunate task of having to clean your car before having the ability to go anywhere. But at least you haven’t had to dig your car out of a big snowbank like what is going on here.


As we’ve said before, and will probably say again, tractors are heavy. Fresh powder can’t support all that metal and machinery. Even if you have snow treads, driving your tractor into the wrong spot will mean several hours of finding a way to dig it out. But don’t worry – sled dogs will never get stuck in the snow.

Fishing a Tractor

After a long day of working in the fields, there’s nothing like hitting the lake for some relaxing fishing. Of course, you have to make sure you’ve actually done working first, unlike whoever was in charge here. In actuality, it seems that someone wasn’t aware the local watering hole was getting so close and couldn’t slow down in time to avoid it.


Don’t worry – there’s another tractor on the scene, and it looks like it’s in the process of pulling the unfortunate machine out of the water. Remember, even if you aren’t driving on the roads, always be aware of what’s around you – it will make everybody’s life a lot easier.

Untangle the Tractors

Look at all those huge tires. A tractor needs plenty of traction (that’s where tractors get their name from) to haul heavy items like cultivators or plows, but even all those wheels didn’t do a thing to help when they leave the ground and fall into a pond.


How exactly everything landed the way it did is a mystery to us. Also, a mystery to us is how the people standing at the edge of the picture are going to get it out. It looks like they could drive it out from what little we see of the pond, but with the wheels stuck, it’s just not that simple.

That’s Not Where a Tractor Goes

We aren’t tractor experts, but even we can pick out a few problems here. What were they trying to plant down there, do you think? Seaweed? That’s not even a sea. It feels like we shouldn’t be the ones to have to point it out here, but tractors work best on flat land, not forty-five-degree grades straight into a creek.


At the very least, it seems like this one will be a little easier to pull out – as long as they can attach another tractor to the back of the plowing device the first tractor was pulling. Again, we aren’t tractor experts, so maybe that’s not the way they go about it in these situations, but it’s better than some other ones we’ve seen.

My Metal Detector is Going Off

This one is truly a mystery. The ground around it, while not the firmest we’ve ever seen, doesn’t seem like wet, sucking mud. And yet, there is still a tractor stuck in it up to its wheels in the dirt. Even worse, now it looks like the mud is fully dry, so pulling it out is going to be even more difficult.


Have you ever tried to pull a little tree out of the ground without digging out the roots first? It’s like that, except this ‘tree’ is made of metal and much heavier, and it’s bigger, and it doesn’t have roots. This analogy kind of got away from us.


Going skating is usually something fun, even if you aren’t a pro at it. We feel bad for tractors, then, since they’re far too heavy to ever go out safely on anything other than the thickest ice.


This tractor must not have gotten the memo; the ice looks far too thin to support such an immense amount of weight. What was it even doing out there, anyway? There isn’t even any snow to clear off the ice so that humans can enjoy their winter sports.

Don’t Tailgate This Guy

When you see something like this on the road, you know it’s best to back off. It’s such a small tractor that even a mid-sized sedan can haul it, but that back end is definitely dragging.


Plus, it’s kept upright by what appears to be a piece of plywood and held on by numerous straps and ropes. This is a picture that is right BEFORE the oops, most likely. The tractor is so heavy that this car might not make it.

They’ll Never Know

We had to check Google quickly, but no. BMW has never made a tractor, and there’s really no reason for them to start now. The owner of this tractor, however, wanted to let people know that he doesn’t need a high-class automobile to get his important work done.


His tractor is just as good as a real 740i, which is a full-size luxury sedan from the BMW line. While making your vehicle look like a different kind of car is kind of gauche, we don’t think anybody will raise a stink here. In fact, they’re more likely to laugh.

What Does a Tractor Dream Of?

Lots of people dream of leaving the surly bonds of Earth behind and soar through the air like a bird. People, animals, heck, even some birds dream of it. But what about tractors? We think we know. This cute little guy has achieved liftoff – all four wheels in the air.


Yes, even if only for a brief moment, this tractor got to live the dream. No doubt the driver hits the bump with as much speed as possible every day.

Failed Construction

A lot of tractors, especially those that work in construction, have a single job: make a hole. Somehow, the tractor that is in the foreground of this picture got its marching orders all mixed around and has instead placed itself in a hole. Everyone’s confused. We are the controller of the tractor is, and all the people who watched the tractor accomplish this spectacular feat.


Feel free to chime in if this is also a confusing picture for you. It’s a good thing there’s another machine right there to help dig it out.

Tractor Art

There are some big tractors that are a little intimidating, but they’re all just built to do a job and get it done well. And then there’s this creation. We’re a little bit disappointed to find out that this tractor doesn’t actually have the ability to move around – it’s merely a work of art.


Think of the havoc this thing could wreak if it was something you could actually drive around! At the very least, it would be handy for getting other tractors out of mud and lakes. Our question is, if it can’t move…how did it get there?

Look Ma, Two Wheels!

Every guy likes to see a motorcycle roar down the street, with the rider lifting the front wheel up to show off. Even if they say they don’t, trust us, they do. Some guys don’t have a performance vehicle to ride, though, so they have to make do with what they do have.


While it’s certainly possible this guy intended to do a little bit of showboating, it’s more likely that the huge stack of straw he’s trucking weighed him down too much, and instead of pulling everything forward, the back wheels of his tractor tilted the entire thing toward the sky.

I’m Over Here!

Though left buried in snow, mud, and ice, this tractor hasn’t given up. It still has its scoop raised to signal those that are, without a doubt, coming to rescue it. Probably coming pretty soon! They’re right around the corner. Or…just over the next hill. That’s got to be it. They are definitely coming soon. Yup.


Well, perhaps there are some pieces of heavy machinery that are just going to be left to the elements. In addition, we may never be able to figure out why such a big machine got stuck so deep in snow, ice, and rocks. One day, however, it may be free.

A Strange Buried Treasure

There are lots of secrets hidden under the ocean waves. Apparently, one of those is an entire backhoe, or at least part of it. This beach is too cool for seashells; it has the scoop of a backhoe sticking out of the edge of the surf into the sand.


The interesting detail is that the lower half of the arm is all rusted over, but the back half looks fine. We know that salty sea air keeps metal looking better for longer – that’s why you’ll see so many classic cars in Cali – but this is just strange.

Was I Speeding?

We all know how much trouble and time it takes to pack up all your stuff to move out of your old home into a new one. Renting movers or a truck will cost a pretty penny, which is why this guy decided to tie everything to the back of his tractor and head on down the road.


Of course, doing so is quite dangerous even at the slowest of speeds, which is why the local police had him stopped. The deputy is explaining that no, you can’t tie a couch to the back of your tractor and fill it with steel casks, no matter how much fun it would be.

When Your Mom Embarrasses You

A high percentage of the pictures on this list are unintentional. Tractors under things, or in things, or upside-down, or stuck somewhere they shouldn’t be. But a few of them are like this picture – totally on purpose.


With one toy tractor and one real tractor, the people who own this little parcel of land set up a funny scene. It’s a mama tractor trying to reach up the trunk of the tree for its spry young one, but tractors aren’t known for their climbing abilities. She might need some help.

Haven’t We Learned Anything?

By now, we should all know that it isn’t the smartest idea to keep a tractor – or any other big machine – next to a body of water. It’s just asking for trouble. Here is yet another example. The worker is posing next to his buried machine.


Just a day before, this piece of heavy machinery was above ground. And then, overnight, a tidal wave hit. So, maybe we can forgive this, oops. Tidal waves aren’t exactly something you can plan for, and even if you do have enough knowledge, risking your life for a backhoe isn’t worth it.

It Came From Below!

The tractor featured in this photo looks like it’s pushing its way up from its early grave in the kind of movie that comes on at about eleven P.M. at night, and the monster is animated with claymation.


“Night of the Living Tractors” did reasonably well as far as B-movies go, and the sequel “Backhoes Return” even had some people saying good things about it, but from there, the series really went downhill. “Cats Come Creeping” was just silly, and “March of the John Deere” wasn’t good at all. They did get Sybil Danning for it, though.

We Need an Adult

Gonna be real with you on this one. We don’t know how this happened, and it kind of hurts to look at. Some driver was REALLY interested in getting home and not missing “Family Feud,” because a high amount of speed and a low amount of attention is the only way to explain something this catastrophic.


The most memorable part of this picture is just how much damage has clearly been done to the machine, and apparently just from normal momentum and motion! No doubt the driver felt a bump, got out, took one look, and just started wailing.

What Kind of Market is This Guy Going to?

What, uh, what does this guy sell? With a few old gals packed into the cage he’s towing, no doubt he gets a bunch of odd looks whenever he goes out, and the local police force is probably well-acquainted with him.


Of course, the easy explanation is they’re just on their way to the market, and this is the best way for his gals to get there. He always offers to let them ride up there with him, but they’d rather sit in the cage. “Makes us the center of attention,” they say. Well, it’s up to them.

She’s Very Important

When this guy wants to hit the road, he’s always got a wingman. A wing woman, technically, but that’s kind of splitting hairs. A slightly close look reveals that one of the tractor’s front wheels is missing entirely, so if this guy ever wants to go out, his wife has to accompany him, or he isn’t going anywhere.


Most likely, there’s a different vehicle they use when they want to go anywhere with any amount of safety or speed. This tractor is for when they want to show off. A relationship is all about balance, but usually not literally.

Didn’t Pass the Turn Test

Ah yes! A tractor that is turned entirely sideways. We’ve seen this before, right? But no, this is a new one for the list. Managing to turn a heavy vehicle like this completely on its side is an interesting ability, but here’s something even worse – this was during the tractor’s test drive.


Clearly, it didn’t pass the test, but at least this didn’t happen when someone was actually using it to get farming work done. Having to get this thing back on its wheels must be a hassle. It’s back to the drawing board with this design since if it tips during the test, it’s not ready for the fields.

It’s Making a Break for it!

Not only did the driver of this tractor have to suffer through a bad break and deal with the financial and time commitment for a busted wheel – but he also had to watch the tire try to escape!


It’s a flat field, though, so most likely, it didn’t go very far. But…what if it did? We’re back with the adventures of The Wheel as it travels the world like a wandering samurai, leaving innocents saved and villains destroyed in its wake. Quick, someone get Stan Sakai on the phone! This wheel is going to battle back-to-back with Usagi Yojimbo, and we’re going to love it.

Even Tractors Can Get Tired

Yes, tractors work hard. That’s what they’re for. But even these hardy machines can get worn down after years of toil in the fields. Unfortunately, this tractor chose to break apart when it was in the field, which makes sense, honestly – when is your car most likely to break down? While it’s driving, of course.


Losing a wheel while you’re driving is frustrating and will cost you a bundle, but having a wheel like that thing snap off? That wheel is probably as heavy as an entire car! And it’s not like a tow truck is going to be able to help, even if it can get through the field to reach it.

Like a Cartoon

Breaking down in the middle of the road is annoying and embarrassing, but we doubt that you’ve ever had a breakdown as bad as this guy has. I mean, look at this! The back tire has fallen off the wheel; the front wheel has broken off entirely; there is a random pipe on the ground in front – we don’t even know where that one came from.


This is like Daffy Duck jumping into a tractor to try and chase down Bugs Bunny or something, and every single part of the tractor falls off before he goes ten feet.

We Have Several Questions 

Did ferrets attack this tractor while it was in the field? It looks like each individual part of this machine has fallen apart at the same time! Can something like this even be fixed? This is like when you bring your phone into the shop, and they say it would be cheaper just to buy a new one – which we’re convinced is just a lie to get you to buy a new phone. But still, look at this thing.


Wheels and tires busted, panels destroyed, chassis bent…so much of it has been messed up. Maybe a bad hailstorm – like REALLY bad – went through. Or a tornado. Or a volcanic eruption.

Party on the Tractor

Tractors aren’t just for hard work. As we can see here, sometimes they’re the right place for a little bit of fun! The driver is popping a wheelie while his friends are bouncing around on the back, enjoying themselves. Are they doing it for a specific purpose?


Does it keep the trailer from tipping over or something like that? Maybe they’re trying to pack down the contents of the trailer to make sure they don’t shift around during transportation. Or, maybe they’ve been working hard in the field and just want a chance to dance around.

A Tractor in Trouble

What choices in life do you have to make in order to get this picture? First off, you have to be a farmer. Second, you have to be a farmer wherever this picture has been taken…we’re not really sure. It could be somewhere in South America, or maybe China. You have to have a tractor that you need to take across a perilous and ramshackle bridge that didn’t look very sturdy even before the tractor.

Denver.cbslocal/Craig Daily Press

All of the pieces have to come together at just the wrong time. And here’s a question – how did they take this picture? Hmm? How. Please tell us.

Cutest Farmers

The number of farms that don’t have any animals running around is pretty low. Even the number of farms that don’t have any dogs is going to be low – they just go together so perfectly. Plenty of space to play and run around, plenty of work to do, other animals to watch over, and wildlife to scare off.


But what happens when the farm dogs are running the tractor, and it gets stuck? They’re all too adorable to do that kind of work! Plus, they can’t lift anything! Who could possibly come to their aid? We would. Right away. No second thoughts.

Just Married

Every happy couple wants to make sure that their special day is unique and memorable. Something that is truly them. Some have destination weddings, some have famous bridesmaids, and some keep it close to home, as this picture shows us. The bride can feel like a queen on her chariot while the husband (we are assuming) carries her toward the altar. Plus, if a family already owned this tractor, it might have saved the wedding party a hefty chunk of change.


One downside – a dirty piece of machinery and a brilliant white wedding dress don’t exactly mix well. They look acquainted with dirty work, but not in their special Sunday best.

Something… Has Happened

Okay, we figured it out. Let’s go piece-by-piece. First, there’s the tractor, or what’s left of it. The cab and back wheels are looking okay, but the entire front of the tractor has been torn to shreds in an entirely unrecognizable manner. In the center is a set of train tracks. On the right side is a train on another set of tracks.


Able to piece things together yet? Tractors don’t move very fast – if they get stuck on a train track, then they’re pretty much out of luck. Such is what happened here. We can only hope that the driver was able to get away before anything happened.

Deep in Trouble

We’ve seen a lot of pictures of tractors that are stuck in something that, in their best situations, they should not be stuck in. Here’s another, and it looks to be the worst of the bunch. This tractor is a heavy-duty machine if the size and number of the wheels are any indication.


The dirt, mud, and grass have surrounded this machine – even worse, there is a body of water pretty close by, which will make things even more difficult when the owners finally find a way to extricate it from its situation.

Stuck Up a Tree 

It looks like someone wanted that tree gone but didn’t know the best way to go about it. So, they did this. Just tried to bull rush the tree with their heaviest piece of equipment and hope that would be that.


Clearly, it wasn’t. There is also something on the other side of the tree – it appears to be a motorcycle of some kind. We couldn’t even try to guess at the story there. Plenty of people have stopped to take a look at the scene, which makes a lot of sense – you probably would too.

The Mod Squad

Customizing your ride is a common thing to do. Whether it’s for a specific purpose, because you like to showboat, or it’s just something you can do with your hands when you have some free time, plenty of people do it. Of course, most modifications aren’t like this little tractor, which at first glance looks like a grill.


They’ve jacked up the undercarriage, added some bigger wheels – and look! It’s for sale! For what is almost certainly a low, low price, you can be the proud owner of this Frankensteined vehicle. The real question is…what are you going to do to make it even better?

Necessity is the Mother of Invention 

Getting the landscape looking its best can be a tough job, especially if you don’t have the right tools. But, a few hard workers are always ready to come up with a work-around. Don’t have a hedge trimmer? No problem. Just Loop some supportive cables under the chassis of a riding mower – keeping well away from the rotors, of course – and start moving.


Depending on the setup, this might even be faster than the traditional way to get perfectly manicured hedges. It also means schlepping fewer tools, but you’re definitely going to get some strange looks if you do this in a suburb or a more populated area.

When You Want to Get Your Work DONE

Fields to plow? Grain to carry? Anything else to do around the farm? Consider it done when this tractor starts up. In actuality, this is a racing tractor, and we hope it wins because otherwise, SOMETHING is going to get destroyed.


Look at those three huge exhausts! How much horsepower does this thing have? Thousands, maybe? This tractor is ready to start its engines and bring home the trophy. Don’t worry about safety; there’s a roll bar. We’ve finally figured it out. Any time a tractor gets stuck in the mud or in a lake, this is the machine that they roll out to free the first.