How Many WCW Titles Did Harlem Heat Actually Win?

The Harlem Heat were, per WWE, “one of the most dominant tag teams in history.” The wrestling team was made up of real-life brothers Booker and Lash Huffman, who fought individually under the names Booker T and Stevie Ray. They started in the World Wrestling Association before moving over to and fighting in World Champion Wrestling in 1993. They captured their first tag team title in 1995, and within two years had been WCW Tag Team Champions seven times.

The Harlem Heat had a series of managers, as reported by The Sportster, starting with Hall of Famer Sister Sherri, followed by Colonel Robert Parker and Jacqueline. In 1997 they temporarily went their separate ways, with Stevie Ray joining the team nWo and Booker T competing in singles matches. In fact, Booker T was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013, with Stevie Ray doing the honors. The brothers were inducted as the Harlem Heat in 2019, making Booker T a two-time Hall of Fame wrestler.

n late 1999, per the WWE, the Harlem Heat “reunited to set the tag team world ablaze once again.” They soon recaptured their gold championship belts and would do so twice more before 2000, winning a total of 10 WCW titles and setting a league record for WCW Tag Team Champions.

The Harlem Heat were record-breaking tag team champions

The duo appeared as the Harlem Heat for the last time in 2015 as part of Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion based out of Houston, as reported by CBS Sports. (Their victorious match against The Heavenly Bodies is available to watch on YouTube.)

The duo was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019 despite never having wrestled as a tag team within the WWE. The WWE reported the team’s induction as an “unlikely turn of events,” as “it’s not often that stars on the other side of the Monday Night Wars are enshrined into the WWE Hall of Fame.” Booker T let Stevie Ray do the bulk of the talking during their acceptance speech, and Stevie Ray gave “a heartfelt recap of Harlem Heat’s unlikely journey to the top.”

Sportswriter Dave Meltzer disagreed with Stevie Ray’s induction, according to Wrestling Inc., asking, “Stevie Ray is going into the Hall of Fame? How seriously do you want to take it?” Unbothered, Stevie Ray responded via Twitter: “That’s fine because that’s his opinion, but I was voted in by my peers. I got respect in this business which is more than I can say for him.”

Booker T will be the subject of an episode of “WWE Legends” from “Biography” on Sunday, May 9, on A&E.

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