How to Make It Through Your First Yoga Class Without Feeling Silly

Unless you live under a rock without Wi-Fi and smoothie bars, you’ve heard of yoga and how it has so many benefits to your health and well-being. So if you still haven’t tried it (and you’re reading this article), you’re probably thinking about it. On the one hand, it would be great to get a workout while also relaxing, while on the other, does going to yoga mean you’re joining a fad cult that will make you start ‘ohming’ in your sleep?
People have all kinds of reasons for not wanting to join a yoga class. Everything from “I’m not flexible enough” to “yoga is so weird.” Here are some ways you can prepare yourself for when you eventually decide it’s time.
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Read Directions

It might sound simple, but check out the studio’s website beforehand. It should have all the information you need about class times, payment, rules, proper yoga etiquette, etc. After you read the directions, be sure to follow them! If the rules say classes are closed after the first five minutes, don’t show up 15 minutes late and expect to be allowed in.

Try Not to Be Late

Arrive early to get register in time with the studio and unwind a little before class starts. Don’t think the practices of patience and forgiveness amongst yogis will give you the license to disrupt a class in progress.

Bring a Towel, a Water Bottle, and a Change of Clothes

Almost every yoga studio will provide yoga mats, but sometimes at a cost. If it’s your first class, they might let you use one for free. Bring your own towel because you don’t want to be without one if you happen to sweat a little more than expected. A water bottle is essential, and we recommend you bring a change of clothes, especially if you’re going to a hot yoga class.


Silence Your Phone

Most studios aren’t big enough to have a separate room to store your belongings. Even if there is a locker room, disturbing ringtones can often be heard through the walls since classes are quiet with relaxing music playing.

Don’t Eat Two Hours Before

If it’s your first class, you’re not going to be doing headstands, but you’ll feel a lot more comfortable doing yoga on an empty stomach. There’s a pose you might do while on your back with your legs stretched out and the instructor will ask you to fold one leg (or both) onto your chest. This pose is called the “wind-relieving pose,” and for a good reason.


There’s No Such Thing as Indecency

There’s been farting, vomiting, wedgies, puddles of sweat appearing around people’s mats, and there are even some overachievers who go for the headstand during their first class and loudly flop right on their backs. We’ve seen it ALL, and we’ve all been there ourselves. Don’t feel silly if it happens to you because no one else in the class will bat an eye – unless you fall, then the teacher will quietly come to check to make sure you’re okay and not seriously injured.

Don’t Leave During Savasana

Just lie down, take a deep breath and relax. You have earned this time, and so did everyone else in the class, so don’t do it just for yourself, do it not to disturb others while you’re making your exit. If you’re getting antsy, use this time to practice patience. Just like for all of us in the class, savasana will be over before you know it. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to any serious emergencies, medical or otherwise.