How to Properly Care and Feed Your Athletic Canine 

Dogs can make great running companions and are usually jam-packed with energy. Dogs have more cellular mitochondria and fur that generate more energy. Their nutritional needs are very different from humans and sometimes their needs have to be met according to each breed. Proper sports nutrition is critical for training dogs. To ensure that your athletic canine gets the nutrition it needs, here is a few key factors to take into consideration when feeding them.

Higher Fat Diets

For dogs that do a lot of running, a diet high in fats should be perfect for them. If you run with your dog for 5-10 miles a day then store-bought dog food with 15-16% fat should be enough for them. Another quick trick is adding a spoonful of olive oil to their dog food. This increases their fatty intake by at least 2% which seems like a low amount but it actually isn’t. If your dog is on the larger side, bear in mind that they tend to go to the bathroom more with a fatty diet.

Vegan Meats Are Acceptable But not Recommended

People usually think that dogs need to have a solely meat-based diet to maintain muscle mass and this is pretty factual. But another study shows that feeding your dog a plant-based diet can only be alright a few times a week but they shouldn’t follow this diet solely due to a rising amount of musculoskeletal injuries. Sometimes dog owners tend to feed their dogs treats when they return for a walk but do keep in mind that the treats can contain a high-calorie intake. Sometimes patting their furry little heads is better than rewarding them with a treat.


Store-Bought Raw Food Diets

Recreating store-bought raw food for your dog isn’t recommended since it doesn’t contain all the necessary ingredients and nutrients that your dog needs. They can also contain food-borne illnesses that can affect their gut health.  If you’re keen on feeding them raw food, go for store-bought food to make sure that they’re getting the necessary vitamins and minerals that they need.

Hydration is Key

Dogs pant to keep themselves cool during hot summer days. They tend to lose fluid during a workout, especially in 90-degree weather. It’s important to make sure you have water on standby for you and your pooch when it’s sunny outside. Dogs don’t truly need electrolytes so need for any special kind of drinks, all they need is a hefty gulp of water to satiate their needs. It’s always a good idea to keep a water bottle on standby regardless if your dog is athletic or not.