Hysterical Test Answers Written By Kids

Some kids actually go to school to study and learn new things. Others are fine with daydreaming through class up until that glorious bell rings and gives them their sweet escape. Either way, with twelve daunting years of schooling, anyone is bound to learn something.


These kids must have had some very interesting teachers because their test answers are so far out there! One thing is certain, these kids have really developed a sense of humor. Whichever it is, the teachers who wrote these tests couldn’t have possibly been prepared for these kinds of answers.

Let’s Get Real

The kid cannot be fooled. There is no tooth fairy, no such thing as unicorns, and ghosts are most definitely unreal creatures. You might think that the teacher just wanted the answer to a simple math question. But this kid took the opportunity to get some facts straight and put a stop to the teacher’s wild imagination.


No, No. She is definitely suffering from some form of hallucination and we must help her see the light.

Tony the Nerd

Cause: This kid was given a test on the relationship between cause and effect. Effect: This kid used his logic to figure out what daily sessions of 20 minutes of piano would do to his social life and came up with a well thought out response. Ok, ok, there may be other effects like, perhaps Tony would go onto become a world famous child prodigy. Yet when you consider what poor Tony’s life looks like, you can’t deny that only a very unique individual would be up to the challenge.


That being said, I bet you won’t be holding the same opinion when Tony becomes rich and famous. Hopefully by what 20 minutes of daily dedication a day brings.

Put a Ring on It

I’m sure Beyoncé would be proud to see her hit song appear in this kid’s test. As the queen of pop, you’re always right, but this teacher was having none of it. It is at least nice that the teacher was cool enough to go with the reference. In any case, if you are going to disqualify a student’s answer though, it’s only fair to explain your decision, and let them know why it was problematic.


In any case, it was a good attempt, but the rings around Saturn are actually more like icicles than like diamonds. Does that mean that Saturn is still on the market?

I Think He Found It

Finding Waldo in a big colorful crowd is a little challenging… But if you’re going to ask us to find X – why would you leave it right there, in plain sight? In broad daylight? Here you go teacher, I found it. You’re very welcome. This teacher thought that writing instructions such as “figure out the numeral equivalency of X” was simply unnecessary and a waste of time and space.


Well, now they’re paying for it. Big time. I hope this kid’s teacher gave them at least partial credit. After all – it was their own mistake. Live up to your greatness now kid, cause when you get older playing dumb just ain’t gonna cut it.

The Survival of the Meanest

This kid was simply not happy with any of the options for this question. The real answer is was probably B, seeing as Darwin’s theory claimed that only the strong survive and that the weaker ones of the heard eventually perish, but this kid was not on board with that. The kid was a little harsh calling all giraffes “heartless creatures” because most people wouldn’t go that far! Perhaps it’s just these two giraffes who are a little bit mean.


Looks like every species have their brand of bully.

Don’t Waste My Time with Your Questions

This is a great example of why kids should go to school. See, you don’t only go to school to learn things that you didn’t previously know. As we can see from this smart aleck, knowing some random facts alone doesn’t make you smart. We go to school to learn to support our answers. Let this be a lesson to you, kid. School is more than just writing what you want on that page.


Sometimes you just have to play by the rules. Wait until you get to college and need to write 10-page essays. You will soon learn that “because I’m smart”, just won’t cut it.

Oh, Judy

Oh, Judy, you’re at it again. Don’t you know that real beauty lies within? Judging by the teacher’s frustrated response, this is certainly not the first of ol’ Judy’s practical jokes. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the same Judy who placed an upside-down thumbtack on the teacher’s chair just one week before. On this English test, she was asked to complete the sentence and circle the word that best depicts the feelings of this boy who just fell off his bicycle and ripped his pants. But did Judy do what was asked of her? I didn’t think so.


Not only did she dismiss the options she was given, but she even added a word of her own, and like Judy, it was bold and offensive. What will we do with you, Judy? A mischievous student, indeed.

Too Much Information

Everyone knows that children will always be honest with you, even if that honesty is really unwanted. In fact, more often than not, kids will tell you exactly what you want to avoid hearing. It’s true that these booklets help provide teachers with a more insightful look into children’s home life, but now and then we come across little tidbits that should best stay exactly where they are- at home.


Well, mom, it looks like you’re busted. Next time you head to the wine cabinet, you better make sure your little ones are asleep because soon enough – they’ll call you out on it!

Just Deal With It

This may not have been the answer that the teacher was looking for but considering the limited instructions – this kid got it spot on! I mean. What would YOU do if you fell and scratched your knee? This kid is obviously way ahead of his classmates and simply wanted to make that clear. This teacher should really take his answer into consideration, it is something we all learn later in life. Give this kid an A, he clearly has a far deeper understanding of life and its challenges. You get full points in my book young fella, kudos for showing great maturity. You have one promising future!


Give this kid an A, he clearly has a far deeper understanding of life and its challenges. You get full points in my book young fella, kudos for showing great maturity. You have one promising future!

She Just Can’t See

If you happen to be a scientist or even if you just actually listened in science class (which you all should, children!) then you may know the actual answer to this question. But this kid, like me, seems to have forgotten any possible scientific reasons why Miranda can’t seem to see into the microscope. Impaired vision can be a possible reason. That teacher shouldn’t be so quick to rule that out.


Then again, if I can’t see… Maybe I’m blind too. Either way, I thought this child’s answer was pretty clever.

One Step at a Time

Many times, at the beginning of the new school year, pupils are asked to write themselves a message for their future selves. Well, school can be a trying time for anyone. Between tests, and trying to make new friends, lots of kids lose control of who they really are and forget who they want to be. It can be very stressful. But hey, that’s all part of growing up and learning to deal with things.


This kid reflected over last year and came to the reasonable conclusion that this year would most probably be a whole lot better if it were to include fewer sob sessions. And they’re probably right. Welcome to the real world, honey.

You Have A Point

I can’t tell if this test was given in geography class… or maybe biology, but when you mix the two, often, math can end up being the real problem… not. What’s great about this child, is that it looks like they did this completely by accident, seeing as they actually almost got the answer wrong (I mean, more wrong than it is currently). However, due to a swift recovery and a short finger recount, they ended up figuring it out and landing on top. Admittedly, I really wouldn’t have had the heart to fail this kid as their answer, even jokingly, is just too darn cute.


However, due to a swift recovery and a short finger recount, they ended up figuring it out and landing on top. Admittedly, I really wouldn’t have had the heart to fail this kid as their answer, even jokingly, is just too darn cute.

A Rebel Without A Cause

Looks like we have a real rebel on our hands here ladies and gentlemen. Not only did the kid explicitly state it, but they also used 4 words instead of 3 to really drive home the point. Well played. You sure were consistent.


You can’t really fail the kid over this strategic answer. Looks like there’s no point trying to box in this little rebel!

One Long Football

There is no way to be sure that this kid knew the correct answer or even knew what a football was. Even so, there is no way that a football can possibly be more than one foot long.


I mean, how would you even hold it? Still, after all of that, this answer still seems incorrect.

Don’t Worry About it

In all my years I have never yet met a kid who did not find it totally pointless and tiresome to explain to their math teacher how they actually ended up with their answers. So, what if they didn’t write down the long and complicated process in order to find the correct answer. It involves too much. Why not just cut out the middleman and save everyone the trouble? This kid got the answer right and yeah, they used math to do it. So what?


I really hope their teacher didn’t take off any points for this short and precise answer, especially when it’s under a “Try This” title. In my book, this young child should have got an A+ just for this answer alone.

Where Does One Generally Sign?

Like we just learned from our previous clever little rascal, teachers – sometimes need to be a lot more specific. There is no denying that this kid’s answer is, if nothing else, correct. When you sign pretty much anything, it’s always at the bottom. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are dealing with the child of a lawyer, or a businessperson (or any other profession in which you sign things often).


This kid was aware enough and knowledgeable enough to sum up his previously learned common knowledge and use it in order to answer this question. Do they know the actual location in which the Declaration of Independence was signed? I guess we will never know.

Song References

This has got to be one of my favorites, by far. First off, let me take a moment to point out the ridiculousness of this question in the first place. Who does this teacher think she is, asking a pupil to explain a concept like love to them in two to three lines?! You know what, we’ll do it when you can do it! But that didn’t stop this bright student. They got their groove on and nailed this answer perfectly.


Not many kids now days still remember these song lyrics, let alone how to use them it a classroom setting. Yet there you have it – the humor is there, and the originality is high. Kudos, kid.


Where does this teacher get off crossing out an answer like this?? This is how hate spreads in the world! This is how wars begin! The strongest force on earth is love! Kid. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise! This child must come from a home that sets ultimate, magical relationship goals for him. Either that or he is just hopelessly in love with Suzie, the girl who sits in the front row with the long black hair and the big brown eyes.


 I could imagine being distracted from your test in a reality like that. Would you have accepted this answer?

Useful Information

Most schools take time out of their regular schedules to talk about the upcoming holiday. Looks like this kid didn’t get the memo! Yes, Earth Day does fall on April 22nd, and yes, that would indeed be a useful little piece of information to know in the event of a holiday-themed trivia game.


But no, I don’t believe that particular test will get our star pupil here into environmental activism.

Not A Fan

If I were a teacher looking for a one-word description, I would probably be aiming for an adjective. Hell-ish may have made the cut but this kid is just bending the rules. So, what do you think? Are we dealing with a rule breaker or a cry for help? One thing is for sure, this kid is definitely not the only kid in the American education system to hold this profound opinion.


Perhaps their school should be making more of an effort to improve student satisfaction levels instead depending on this survey’s results alone. I predict a future career for this kid as either an entrepreneur or a burger flipper. Depending on the help they get.

Financially Dependent

It looks like this teacher was trying to encourage the class how to earn money on their own. Unfortunately, not everybody as reached that level of independence and financial savvy. While most kids are busy doing boring housework chores such as dishes, laundry or mowing the lawn, this kid chose the easy route and opted to coast on the comforts of his parent’s paycheck. The teacher must have been horrified by the answer, but at least he’s honest.


The teacher must have been horrified by the answer, but at least he’s honest.


Oh dear… I sure hope this is a prank. I can’t believe that anybody could be this bold or lack this much social skills (let alone manners) to seriously consider putting down something like this as a response to a real test question. There is no way they would actually write this if they knew that their teacher was going to read it… right? I bet one of their friends put this kid up to this in exchange for popularity points.


I only hope the reward was worth the humiliation they’re going to face during the next parent-teacher conference.

Interesting Choices

Hmm… seems about right… If you’re going to teach your students, the three states of matter then you should probably brace yourself for the range of answers you could potentially get. You can’t blame the kid for making scientific observations. That is the study of science after all, and our own bodily functions are a part of that.


Nevertheless, I hope that the teacher won’t take off any points or disqualify this young child’s test for a perfectly correct (yet not so politically correct) answer.

Class Etiquette

Mr. Thomas probably gave this questionnaire at the beginning of the school year to make sure that his students knew the correct form of behavior to be used in his classroom. In fact, Mr. Thomas probably played out each one of the scenarios with his pupil’s multiple times before administrating this exam. Whether or not this kid was present during any of those practice runs is another thing.


We will never know, but we can be sure that what this kid lacks in punctuality, they sure make up for in charm and wit. they may not know the correct etiquette, but an answer like will surely earn them a soft spot in Mr. Thomas’s heart.

Mixing Work with Pleasure

This child might be confusing the hard-working engineer with another male worker… perhaps one he knows a little more personally? Well, guess what kid, that is NOT the only reason for the termination of one’s position at a company (neither is a bad engineering idea, I might add). True, it can be a possible explanation for the scenario explained in the question above, but I’m pretty sure it is not the one the teacher was aiming at.


Then again, who am I to say what the life of a lonely ocean engineer and their extra-curricular activities look like.

Sociology or Science?

While it’s great that this teacher has covered the movements and actions of atoms and electrons in their class, I believe that sociology still needs some covering. While it’s doubtful that this answer was actually accepted, maybe this kid would have earned a point or two if they backed it up. If we’re on the topic though, perhaps socialism is the better answer? Either way, this is one complex topic that needs a lot of research


If we’re on the topic though, perhaps socialism is the better answer? Either way, this is one complex topic that needs a lot of research

Six or 6?

Apparently, this third grader was recently taught the concepts of cross multiplication, unfortunately, not very effectively. To them, it would appear at first glance, that after you get rid of the common factors, the answer is quite simple. With no more N’s, the equation spells six and six=6! There you go! Poor baby… this kid is going to have to run back and hit those books for quite a while to figure out where they went wrong.


Eventually, they are going to have to figure out that nothing comes to you on a silver platter and usually, you have to work in order to see results. It is a shame that it had to be learned this early though.

Simply Scrumptious

I must say, I would never think to compare a brain to a cantaloupe. Heaven knows what these kids are being taught at this school. One thing that does spring to cantaloupe, I mean- mind, is zombie shows! Maybe this kid has been binging a little much of The Walking Dead. That could explain this creepy, yet humor filled (I hope) answer.


All I can say is that I hope this kid hasn’t actually ever eaten human brains and that they are speaking solely from their wild imagination instead of memory.


It’s one thing to teach grammar. It’s another thing to incorporate ethics into your English test. Sadly, the test options convey ideas that the kid simply deems unacceptable. This is what happens when the teacher offers no real alternative. As this kid rightfully pointed out, the answers were clearly lacking the third possibility and instead of being tested, he ended up giving his teacher a much-needed lesson on proper behavior when handling pets.


We hope this young child got a big fat bonus for this question. It looks like the principal needs seriously examine those textbooks.

A Warning from the Future

This child knows a thing or two about American history and for that, he deserves some points. For those of you who are wondering, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated while attending the play “Our American Cousin” in Washington DC. This kid decided to use his theoretical time traveling abilities to warn their late president to stay away from the theater – always. Both noble and comical at the same time, this student, would have changed the course of history had been given the chance.


I’m not sure such an event would have been avoided simply due to Lincoln swearing off his theatergoing activities. Besides, if you were Lincoln and a time-traveling schoolkid approached you with such a warning, I’m not sure how seriously they would be taken.

Wrong Hue

If you are going to choose a hue, you might as well make it Hugh Jackman – after all, that’s one good looking Hugh. According to his earlier answers, it seems like this kid actually knows his stuff, so I sure hope that they gave this answer jokingly… at least if they did, they probably wouldn’t be too surprised to find that they got this one wrong. It’s nice to see that their teacher had a sense of humor to be able to see the cleverness of it all.


Hey, is that a Wolverine scratch I see crossing over the number 10?

It’s the Small Details

When you spend a lot of time with someone, you really start to notice the little things about them, things that most people overlook. It so happens to be the same way with numbers. If you spend a lot of time with them, you’re bound to come across the mind-blowing realization that the numbers 6 and 8 differ in more than just one way.


It seems as if through all this math work, this kid got to know these digits rather intimately. Thanks, kid, we will forever remember that “8 is all curly (but) 6 is not”. And it’s all thanks to you.

A Lesson for Everyone

While it is clear to us readers that this teacher meant “please translate the following sentences”, this pupil decided to answer as directly as they possibly could. I’ve got to admit; it does make some sense, and if we’re, and I probably would have given a very similar answer myself. I guess that leaves one person to blame, the teacher.


Next time try phrasing this test question a little better. It’s important to learn how to ask the right question. It looks like this test brought a valuable lesson to both the teacher and the student

They Weren’t Exactly Wrong…

If you’ve ever played Boggle (or other word-unscrambling games) then you’d know how often we adults catch glimpses of common curse words and have to fight our minds to see something else instead. If that’s never happened to you, you’ll have to just take my word for it. This simple spelling exercise asked the students to unscramble the letters and put them into actual words.


However, it seems that this teacher stumbled upon one child who may have been a little too familiar with some words that they weren’t supposed to know in the first place. Well, now that the cat’s out of the bag, you should admit that this kid did accomplish the task successfully.

Expand On That

If you’re familiar with Amelia Bedelia’s work, and her very unique way of drawing curtains, then you’d find this pupil’s answer quite plausible. Yet, it still remains extremely silly. The only instruction that was given to young Peter was “expand” followed by six little symbols. By adding more and more space between each part of the equation, Peter did just that. He literally expanded that equation.


No, I guess it isn’t worth full points for the question, but he sure banked some funny points in my book. I’m glad that at least the teacher could recognize the humor of it all.

Sounds About Right

While the kid knew this would probably wouldn’t go down, we got to hand it to them, these answers are argue-proof. They could have chosen to just humor the teacher and give them what they wanted to hear, but this little freedom fighter decided to assert their independence. No doubt that these answers reflect a crucial mistake. Always phrase the question properly. Looks like the teachers need to take their own test in test-writing. One can’t deny that in this school, everyone is getting an education.


Looks like the teachers need to take their own test in test-writing. One can’t deny that in this school, everyone is getting an education.

Social Justice

This teacher was not expecting this sort of answer at all, but I sure hope they accept it anyway! Whoever this kid’s parents are, they must be some socially conscious people. If you think about it, and really delve into the meaning of the word “classify”, this kid’s answer starts making a whole lot of sense next to its possible alternatives. It looks like there is really no way to pose this question.


This kid is smart, fearless and straight to the point. Do you think their teacher awarded them with some points for effort, or just a big fat zero? I hope it wasn’t the latter. That’s one sure way to smother his critical thinking skills.

A Big Fan

So, I’m pretty sure that this test was not issued to Katniss Everdeen and that this answer is pretty much flawed in every way since The Hunger Games didn’t even solve the overpopulation of Panem. That being said, it’s still quite amusing. If I were this pupil’s teacher, I would expect a lot more from my pupils. It’s one thing to give a (hopefully) funny answer like that, but the least they could do was follow it with an argument and examples like they were asked to.


Come to think of it, examining the possibility of life on Mars is also a possible answer. It’s also a film starring Jennifer Lawrence (Passengers)… Maybe this was a test for ol’ Jen.

Say My Name

Oh, Hope… you are so hopeful. Too hopeful perhaps. It’s true you named every one of these quadrilaterals, just as was asked of you, but (and that’s a big but!), this definitely was not what the teacher had in mind. Maybe geometry just isn’t for our little Hope. Besides, you may want to get cracking with working on those capital letters before taking on some of these big ol’ quads… I mean, She didn’t even get her name right!


Also, who names their kid Tedison?? In any case, this was super cute. Take advantage of that cuteness factor Hope, sweetie, cause this kinda thing will not fly in college.

Taking Risks

When we look around the classroom, there is always that one kid who is a little more obnoxious than the rest. Most of the time, it’s usually because, unfortunately, they’re just a little smarter than everyone else. Here is the perfect example of one of those students and their generally accurate, yet cheeky answer.


Personally, I’m delighted to see a checkmark here implying that his teacher actually allowed one of the students to take a real-life risk and get real-life credit for it. Sure, it may not have been what the teacher was expecting but low and behold, it worked!

To the Future

This is one realistic kid. There is so much that today’s medicine is capable of but living to over a hundred is no easy feat. No matter if you’re five, eight or twelve years old, you’re probably not going to be around in a hundred years. So, teachers, while you want to inspire your kids and have them imagining a long and rich future, be careful what you teach them. Warren has already figured it out, so he’ll be taking this task to design this beautiful tombstone.


Please remember to pass on his wishes to his family in 100 years. If you think this is too grim for a schoolkid – you might want to avoid this kind of assignment from now on! Especially if you’re teaching Warren.

You Can’t Fight the Truth

My parents always taught me that if I don’t know the answer, give one anyway. See, occasionally we know little more than we think we do, and sometimes we even get it right. Apparently, this kid’s parents hold the same belief, and they were not shy about making sure that their child gave expressed that. No matter how much or how little they had studied, this kid knew one thing and you just can’t fault him for that.


As far as the reasoning goes, he did a great job. As far as content goes… not so much.

That’s Quite A State to Be In

These big red X’s made me sad. This kid obviously knows the social affairs of the different states in America. Unfortunately for the kid, this was not the aim of the test, and knowing sociology and geography is a whole other story.


This pupil must have watched some crazy TV-shows or maybe even read on the migration statistics. Either way, spelling aside, this kid is well-versed on the matter, enough to joke about it in a science test.

Blinding Lights

So, before you get to take your on-road driving test, you usually have to answer a few theoretical questions about the local traffic laws. This question was probably taken out of the official test of someone applying for a motorcycle license. But the answer happens to be hilarious just the same. There is nothing worse than driving past someone with their lights on. That’s because they shine bright that you can’t see anything else!


 Apparently, our test-taker had the odd impression that bikers’ high beams don’t serve the same purpose that car’s ones do and simply had to answer as best he could. Either that or they were already failing their test and thought they’d make the most of it.


I actually don’t know what a cell of a plant looks like, but if I had to guess, it would look just like this. Spot on. This kid may have been watching too many jail themed shows, but that little depressed looking flower is a perfect depiction of the real thing. This child has the talents and decided to use them for their flawless depiction of a plant jail-cell.


I also love this kid’s insightful explanation of the most important parts of the cell as its “iron bars” and “no windows”. This isn’t your ordinary smart answer, this is art, created in the face of pressure, surviving all odds, and it deserves at least some credit, no?

The Difference Between 12 And 97

Have we learned nothing from Bob and the candy bars? Math is about facts and consistency, and to this kid, there is nothing consistent about a second grader lifting weights. No matter how heavy. This seemingly simple math problem took all kinds of wrong turns. Marcus may be the strongest in class but what is he doing at the gym anyway?


Shouldn’t he be at home doing his homework? And 97 pounds at that? Marcus, Buddy, you ain’t fooling anybody. Admit that you might have a problem and go get some help.


This kid understands that math is very simple, so why do those teachers have to complicate everything with all these unnecessary questions. After this kid answered a perfectly standard math problem, they were faced with a second question. While the teacher was probably asking about the math that he used in order to answer the question above, the kid took it has a more personal question.


Perhaps the child thought that the teacher took a genuine interest in his thoughts? Either way, at least he was being honest.

One Last Wish

I don’t know what kind of class this test would belong to, but it appears we are dealing with a milk aficionado who is not particularly fond of tests. This answer is SO wrong that it makes you wonder, even for a split second, that it might be right. Then again, no, just… no. On one hand, if it is a glass of milk that makes this kid so happy, those parents are doing a good job.


On the other hand, if milk is the only thing that will bring this kid true joy, then one may want to keep the cleaning products out of this kid’s way!

I Can

As well as teaching her class English, this teacher is showing her pupils all the many things they are capable of doing. While running and jumping and playing on the sand are wonderful things to talk about in class, this pupil got a little too pleased with their newly discovered abilities and decided to share with their teacher their astonishing ability to urinate.


While reading through homework, coming across an answer like that can be funny, this child is probably still going to have to lose some points on that one because sorry, kid, “pee” is a word, not just one letter.

Mistake or Slip Up?

This hand in homework worksheet looks simple enough. These kids had just learned the sounds of the letters and had to complete the names of their most lovable animals by using the letters with the right sounds. This child completed all but one of the questions correctly which, proving that they probably knew the sounds that the different letters make. They even used the letter “d” to complete the word “dog” just one line earlier.


So, it’s possible that the word “duck” was just too hard to formulate. Another reason was maybe the fact that they have they were too familiar with a different “uck” word. I’m guessing it’s the latter.

Aromantic Answers

This kid obviously enjoys flying solo, as documented on their middle school reading test. It doesn’t matter who’s asking, they’re saying ‘no way’. What makes this one even funnier is the teacher’s golden response. It looks like they still did well on their test, which means there were probably no hard feelings, despite the icy cold rejection.


Maybe next time, they will think to at least include a “please” in their inquiry. Considering the fact this was a history test, the student probably felt the need to infuse some comedy ro relieve their boredom. Hey, as long as they did well on the actual answers, right?

Alrighty Then

Well, this kid obviously has a very high opinion of himself, and at such a young age, too. I guess we should be happy that he’s got boatloads of self-confidence. Who knew that God likes to play with Legos and play football? You learn something new every day. We would say that all of the above certainly makes the kid special. And hey, he nailed the using full sentences part of the instructions.


The order that they chose to lay out their responses is interesting, too. Apparently, playing football makes you more special than being God. No worries, kid, millions of American NFL fans seem to feel the same way.

Dance, Dance

Wyatt is this classroom’s resident class clown. He’s always making everyone laugh – including his math teacher, who is notorious for her innate ability to not smile, much less laugh. Hopefully, she wasn’t drinking anything while she was grading the papers, though, because apparently, she has a soft spot for log jokes.


Doodling on tests is something she’s used to dealing with, but she wasn’t prepared to laugh so hard. Then again, she’s probably used to him including little jokes on each of his papers. What a nice kid for trying to brighten up his teacher’s day with some light humor!

First Feline Point of View

This caption’s not so much a story as narration you’d include inside a thought bubble in a comic. Although maybe they just decided to write the story from the perspective of the cat. The kitty doesn’t look so upset about the hot dogs, though. If anything, he looks like he’s going to pounce in the middle of them and take a nap.


If only they’d written: Once upon a time, there was a cat working in a factory, and he ordered a pizza for lunch one day. But just as the clock struck 12, and he thought he’d be biting down into cheesy goodness, this massive quantity of hot dogs appeared instead.

Literally Speaking

This kid should win all kinds of awards for this amazing test answer. Not only did she get all of the words in the correct order, but she got the letters in the order they come in the alphabet, as well. It could have taken us the entire hour of class to work out this answer alone, much less complete the entire test and take the time to do the extra work!


While most of these pictures show answers that could probably get points knocked off, this one should get some extra credit!

Bear Skin

This kid either comes from a home where his parents are hunters, or where they wear a lot of fur coats. Either way, it seems like he’s got a thing for rare fur. But not just any rare fur, oh no, this bear has exotic pink fur. It’s interesting that the guy attacking it is in a suit with a tie.


So, it’s probably more that his parents invest in fur. Also hilarious is that, rather than having a gun, Bob has a machete. He’s obviously extremely confident to jump into being that close to a bear.

Truth Hurts

Tell me this kid isn’t your spirit animal? Well, unless you’re a fan of math, you can probably relate to the answers given on this pop quiz. For the first few questions, he at least pretended to care. But as they became more repetitive, he finally decided to tell it like it is.


Hopefully, he picked up on it later, since multiplication comes in handy in the real world. I kept telling my middle school algebra teacher, though, that I would never need it outside of school– and I was right.

Misspelling Everything

Yikes. You’ve really got to feel bad for this kid. They are either just having a super difficult time learning how to spell, or they’ve got some type of learning disability. If it’s the latter, there are (hopefully) options available to them at their school so that they can have extra time and resources to understand spelling. But if it’s the first thing, well…just yikes.


It’s ironic that they nailed the spelling of that one particular word, though.

Who Am I?


Let’s see, who has the initials JB, is famous and has a drunk driving record? Ah, Justin Beaver…er, Bieber. Yep, this kid knows their stuff, because the Biebs was arrested in 2014 for a DUI. Clue 4 could have been that he’d also been arrested for drag racing.

Eat What Now?

This elephant apparently has an appetite like a Chippendale dancer. Or maybe it’s more like it has an appetite for the Chippendale dancers. This kid couldn’t just stop after the appetizer though, they listed every…part of the elephant’s meal. We wouldn’t want to be the guy around when it got hungry and started searching for dinner, that’s for sure.


You know mom had to have laughed hysterically when she got this back. Who wouldn’t? Hopefully, he understood the corrections and spells it as “peanuts” now. Otherwise, his future teachers are in for some shocks and giggles along the way.

I’m Freaking Out

Luckily, this looks like it was part of a science test and not a psychological evaluation. But in any case, this person probably didn’t do very well on it. Or at least, not on that question.


Granted, it would be pretty scary if a table could actually feel things. Then you would have to be worried about the table trying to take over the house and everything.


This wasn’t exactly what the teacher was asking for when they said “write < or >.,” but they could have been a bit clearer with the instructions. Technically, this kid did exactly what he was asked to. Of course, the numbers aren’t symbols, but hey, close enough, right?


Maybe this kid just wasn’t feeling the class that day and just threw the test. Or, maybe they thought they were in the right and got confused when it came back with red marks.

Easy Enough

This is so relatable it hurts. Some brains just don’t comprehend math, no matter what. But this kid certainly has a knack for both English and comedy. Unless he wasn’t trying to be funny, and then it’s just that he has a good handle on the language.


The teacher should have accepted the answer because he’s technically right. But, since it was math class, there’s a good chance that one came back with a big red X next to it. Can’t blame him for trying, though!

Lord of the Things

It’s obvious that whoever filled in this gem is a serious R.R. Tolkien fan. After all, who else would possibly see the Eye of Sauron when they look at that graph, other than a true fan? And judging by the teacher’s response, this isn’t the first time he’s pulled something like this.


Not only did the teacher use all capital letters, but they also underlined their statement for extra effect. To me, it reads more like, “for the last time, Alex, stop writing about this movie and start paying attention in class.” Alex probably went home and watched Lord of the Rings that day to get over the bad marks.

No, Not Like That

These lovely red X marks came along with a ‘0’. That means that whoever this guy’s teacher is, they have no sense of humor when it comes to teaching. It’s also possible they were having a bad day – or that they’d seen it before.


Did this guy really try pulling this twice? Because it is pretty funny. We may have let this one slide. Then again, he did it on 6 separate questions. Hopefully, he did better on the rest of the quiz and that ‘0’ is just for that one section.

Coffee Break

Would anyone like a sip of tea out of this obvious cup and saucer shape? Okay, the saucer and handle were drawn by the student, who apparently forgot their trapezoids that day. We don’t really blame them. Some shape names are hard to remember – especially the ones that we don’t use often.


After all, how many times do trapezoids come up in your daily life? Triangles, sure. Squares, yes. Even octagons, because we see them at every stop sign. But trapezoids? Not so much. The teacher didn’t necessarily mark it wrong, though, did they?

I Just Can’t Bear It

Is this a math test or a biology test? Something tells us that bear doesn’t belong there. Hey, it’s a cute way to cover up the fact you have no idea what the answer is. And maybe it even scored this kid some points with their teacher.


Sure, they just drew all over it – but at least it’s a comic, right? Although honestly, it looks more like a pig than a bear. Bear definitely sounds cuter though, so we can see why they went in that direction.

Fruse or Dare

This student was trying some sort of optical illusion to score a higher grade on their test, it seems. Rather than just studying up so they had some kind of idea of what the answers were, they decided to try out something new. They molded the words “true” and “false” into this jumbled hybrid thing, called a “fruse.”


The teacher probably had a tough time at first determining which one said what. Fortunately (for the teacher, unfortunately for the kid) they saw right through the scheme and marked every single one of them wrong.

Don’t Know Jack

Common core math was introduced around 2010 and has confused children (and parents) in the states that have adopted it. There are countless memes about how ridiculous it all is, and it doesn’t make sense why schools would switch to such a useless and chaotic form of mathematics.


Common core math questions are always something just completely out there, like, “if Stacey and Allen are traveling to Utah by boat at 77 mph, how many chickens would it take to win the baseball game?” Yeah, don’t feel bad, Jack. We’re with you on this one.

Staying Green

This kid is destined to do great things for the planet when they grow up. They may have already started, judging by their reaction to this question. Except, as important as it is to protect the environment, it’s also important that humans have homes.


Although considering the fact that there are nearly 20,000 homes sitting vacant in the United States, the kid has a point: forget about the house and go buy one that already exists. In China, the numbers are even worse (although they obviously have a much larger population) at more than 50 million vacant homes in 2018 and rising.

For Sparta!

What is someone to do when they don’t know where to begin determining this shape’s mass? Why, use your pencil to draw the one and only Gerard Butler as an angry King Leonidas, of course. We can almost hear his voice rumbling as he groans about how confusing the math quiz is.


Honestly, though, if it has anything to do with common core then you can pretty much guarantee it is. Math is confusing anyways, much more with all of that nonsense thrown in. It seems like schools should be more concerned with teaching things that are applicable in everyday adult life. You know, to prepare them for the real world.

Pollution and Body Image

What is it with kids and making fun of other kids because of their weight? Well actually, there are full-grown (small-minded) adults who still do that. We guess that’s probably where these kids get it, too. Then, they take it to school with them and spread that mindset around.


Luckily this teacher had the appropriate response and told her that using that word is mean. Hopefully, she was able to grow past that line of thinking and evolve into a compassionate human.

Finnish Him

This kid must be from Indiana, where the flag at the finish line during the Indy 500 looks just like that. Hey, they did really well on the Danish and Swedish flags, so something tells us they knew exactly what the flag of Finland looks like and just wanted to have some fun with their teacher.


Let’s hope they didn’t lose too many points on this one. It probably took at least a few minutes to draw all of the little squares. Aww, come on, give the kid partial credit!

Girl Code

Frank, Mike, Ron and George were players in high school, and dated multiple people from within the same friend group. So not cool on either side, male or female. But at least this girl and her mother have some integrity. She wasn’t about to get caught up in all of that drama, considering she’s been friends with Mary and Louise since the beginning of elementary school.


Way to stick to your guns about the girl code! Let’s hope the teacher had a sense of humor – and it probably wouldn’t hurt if they had a set of X chromosomes, either.

Stars and Cannibalism

Either this kid was super hungry during this test, or they have some…issues. But, as gruesome as this answer may seem, it’s actually logical, too. After all, you never know what you would have to do if you were stranded on an island. You would definitely get hungry and be desperate to survive.


Plus, if it’s someone that you hate, it makes it slightly better – it’s not like it’s a friend or a family member. We would say give the kid a star, but the teacher’s already done that, because this answer is amazing. That kid is going places.

Literal Thinking

We have so many questions about this one – and this kid doesn’t explain much about what exactly is going on. What is she thinking about? Is it a bunny? A dog? Ah yes, and her hands are up in a questioning gesture to show that she’s asking her mom and dad if they’ll let her get one.


Then, the exclamation point and smiling face mean either they said yes, or she expects that they will. Okay, we understand now. Who would be able to concentrate on a math test when they’re getting a new doggy? We surely wouldn’t!

Tusk Luck

This kid obviously cares about animals and the environment – much more than math, at least. They could have just drawn a bear or a dog like most other kids. But no, they went the extra mile and decided to make their “I don’t know the answer” coverup mean something.


They took the opportunity to show their teacher what was important to them. Unfortunately, the teacher didn’t think it was as cute, and they still missed a few points. Looking back – we’re sure they’d make the same decision again. You go, kid!

Look for It Yourself

This kid was not feeling math class on the day of this test. He had already had a bad day, with missing the bus and having to walk to school, which ended up making him late. Although Steve definitely could find out if he was speeding or not by checking the speedometer in his car – that’s not what the teacher wanted to hear.


Although to be fair, we’re not entirely sure what the teacher was looking for, either.