Look out: Signs you’re becoming a fitness freak

Being in shape is a blessed thing, but you don’t want to become one of those people who obsess about fitness, do you? The hardest part about training and getting in shape is – you guessed it – the beginning. So often after people push past that barrier, that’s all they can talk about. They get too obsessed with working out, for better and for worse. It’s okay to be proud of your progress and enthusiastic about your goals, but balance is key word here – you don’t want to damage your body by over doing it, and most of all, you don’t want to get on people’s nerves! Here are the signs warning you that you’ve gone too far.

1. You replace your regular clothes with gym clothes

I’ve seen that happen to the best of us. One day you wake up and you find it perfectly acceptable to walk around the streets with your gym wear. That’s the next step after you get excited about gym wear.

2. Gym wear is exciting for you

Normal clothes don’t do it for you anymore. Gym Shark has become your second home, and you no longer have room in your closet for regular clothes. If that’s the case – congratulations, you’re probably a fitness freak.

3. You don’t find oatmeal repulsive anymore

In fact, it becomes the main ingredient in your kitchen, and you suddenly realize you can make almost anything with oatmeal! A whole new world opens up for you, and while others enjoy cookies made with white flour, you indulge in your oatmeal-banana brownies.

4. You maintain a successful Instagram account

If you’re a real fitness freak, you must have an Instagram account (or some other form of blog) where you keep track of your progress, and let’s be honest, show off. You also share your latest active-wear purchases and healthy food recipes you discovered, or better yet, you invented.

7. You work out during a vacation

You’re one of the rare people who visit the hotel gym. If you can’t stop training even during a holiday, that’s a sure sign of being a fitness freak. And of course, you pack training tools with you, in case the hotel doesn’t have a gym.

5. You take mirror selfies

Your favorite form of photography is now taking selfies in front of the mirror (the gym mirrors). This relates to the previous bullet of running a successful Instagram account – have you ever seen a personal trainer’s account with no mirror selfies (at the gym)?

6. You can’t help but looking in the mirror when you pass one

Just to check that your muscles are still there, and maybe take a quick selfie. You regularly check to make sure your abs are still there as well. We can’t blame you for that one – you worked really hard on them.

7. Nothing can make you skip a workout

Not even a date with your knight in shining armor – if it’s really meant to be, he’ll wait.

8. The best gift anyone can give you is more gym clothes

Because a person can never have too many leggings. Or shoes, for that matter – fitness freaks have different pairs of shoes to match with different gym outfits.

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