More Brutally Honest Breakup Messages That Will Give You Love Trauma

Have you ever been dumped through a text message? These people have! If you loved reading about other people’s heartbreak in our last batch of breakup texts; you’ll be sure to love these!

Breakup Bonfire

This was obviously an already volatile situation, judging by the short responses. And things are about to get really ugly. Everybody knows that when the violence against electronics begins, all bets are off.


It must have been incredibly satisfying to burn an Xbox 360, but there will be consequences. Bad ones.

Fair Enough

While it was probably excruciating for the receiver to read this message, we have to admit we would’ve probably done the same thing.


OK, maybe the fact that a grown person still listens to Blink-182 can be overlooked (with a lot of effort), but peeing in the bed while you’re in it with them?! No way.

Poor Adam

Adam thought he needed to watch out for Sam, but turns out there was an entirely different problem going on. At least they were honest, and apologized more than once.


However, one thing is still a mystery. Why did they only find out on transfer day? And more importantly, what’s transfer day?!

Further Explanation Needed

Did this person just breakup with the wrong Elisa? Because she seems to have absolutely no idea what’s going on. And neither do we. Things kind of made sense until we got to “A poltergeist love. And I need an exorcism”.


All in all, maybe this person dodged a bullet, because whoever wrote this message doesn’t seem to be too sane.

The Devil is in the Details

This girl seems like a bit of a lunatic, and the guy is clearly a stickler for details, especially when it comes to grammar and spelling. Although, to be fair, we kind of agree with the guy here.


There are few things less attractive than a person who doesn’t write properly, especially when they’re lying to get a rise out of you. If this girl hadn’t actually slept with the best friend until now, she’s definitely doing it when he gets back from Wales now.

Raging Mom

Anthony’s mom has had enough of Susan, and apparently so has Anthony, who was clearly too much of a coward to break up with her himself.


Maybe everything she said was true, but that’s still a harsh message to send to someone. Then again, nobody gets the job done better than a mother.

Mormon Boy

Apparently, this woman’s hair was too much of a temptation for Mormon boy to handle.


At least he was decent enough to make it extra clear that the breakup has nothing to do with her. Still, we’re really curious as to what this girl’s hair looks like…

Will the Liar

Come on, Will! Why would you even ask her if she trust you if you were going to break up with her a second later?!


Maybe Will had good reason to be so mean, but that’s still pretty harsh. Now this person is definitely going to be crying for days.

Just Jump

Seriously, what kind of person breaks up with someone while they’re on holiday, on a cruise?! It’s bad enough to breakup through a text message, but to ruin somebody’s holiday is just wrong.


And this is exactly why we love the response so much. Honestly, what else can you do but laugh at the whole thing and tell the person to go jump off a bridge?

Not a Fan of Cole

Clearly, this is a breakup between kids, but it’s still pretty funny. Kids have a way of simplifying everything, and sometimes being a little bit too honest, like Cory here.


She’s not a fan of Cole’s, and even with the bad penmanship and jumbled letters, this message has got to sting a bit.

Bobo the Lunatic

This message is absolutely hilarious. And although these reasons might actually be legitimate for some people to dump their partners, you have to admit they’re a bit much.


We could maybe get behind the relationship status update and the cat thing, but everything else is just madness. Unladylike swearing and disclosure of sexual partners?! Get over yourself Bobo!

Too Much

We don’t know what this guy did, but it must’ve been pretty bad to warrant this. Not only did the woman go through the trouble of destroying a perfectly good keyboard so it spelled out “I Hate You”, but she also left a gorgeous engagement ring and a key. Ouch!


Maybe the guy can pawn the ring to buy himself a new keyboard.

Happy Breakup

While that is a very nice-looking cake, and arguably more considerate than a text message, it’s still going to cause trouble when the other person opens that box.


At least they’ll have a nice, delicious-looking chocolate cake with a rose made of icing to drown their sorrow in.

Dan the Jerk

If Dan had any chance of saving his relationship, he definitely lost it when he wrote that reply. First of all, what kind of boyfriend would say that about their girlfriend’s sister in the first place?! Secondly, if they did, why would they bring it up to their girlfriend?!


We think this girl definitely made the right decision to break up with Dan. And we hope he’s not thinking about hitting on the sister now!

Redirecting the Anger

There is no better way to diffuse a situation than by creating another one. This girl knew that her boyfriend’s Xbox is one of his prized possessions, and that the mere thought of losing it would wreak havoc.


So, she figured that cheating on him and being honest about it would hurt far less than a broken Xbox. And it seems she was right.


Even though this person must have been furious at their ex for lying so blatantly, it must have been incredibly satisfying to catch them in the act.


That’s what you get for lying, buddy. We would’ve paid good money to see this person’s face when they realized their partner was standing right behind them.

The Breakup Post-it

There are few things more infuriating than getting dumped through a text message or phone call, but getting dumped with a post-it note?! That’s just unforgivable.


We must applaud how concise and to the point the message is, though.

Thinking About You

Poor Karah. She was genuinely thinking about her guy, while he was trying to think of a way to break up with her. And we must say, he chose the worst one.


This guy decided it was better to just take the opportunity and break up. We wonder how long he’d been thinking about it.

The Harsh Truth

Although it isn’t exactly a breakup message, there’s not much left to be said after a note like this.


You have to hand it to this person though, at least they were honest.


We don’t know what this person did to deserve such a mean text message, but hey, at least it was creative.


Maybe babe will find a new partner in Dumpsville. Or at least a few friends to talk to.

Chocolate Cake Break

That cake looks delicious, but we suspect whoever found it threw it in the garbage after reading what the icing spelled out.


Not only is it infuriating to get dumped with a cake, the message written on it couldn’t be more passive aggressive! Hey cake baker, maybe it’s actually you?!

When Autocorrect Kills the Mood

We’ve all been victims of autocorrect, and this breakup was no exception. This person was trying to be serious and stand their ground with the breakup, but the autocorrect was just too funny to ignore.


At least the reacted with some humor and made sure to make it clear that they are, in fact, over.

KFC Obsession

Clearly, Julien likes KFC a little too much. And unfortunately, KFC isn’t ready for a serious relationship at the moment.


Maybe Julien should try his luck with Popeye’s Chicken? We hear they’re a bit more friendly.

The Cheater

Seriously, if you’re already going to be a terrible person and cheat, at least try to be smart about it! We applaud this girl for not even waiting for her boyfriend to get out of the shower and engaging in conversation, and to be honest, he didn’t even deserve that note.


Although judging by how blase this man was with the pics of his ex on his phone, maybe this is exactly what he wanted: to get dumped.

Friendly Neighbors

The residents of Chicago have had enough, and we totally understand. Nobody should have to spend the whole night listening to a couple scream their heads off.


Sometimes you just have to take the neighbors’ advice and get it over with. Otherwise, that building won’t be getting any sleep any time soon.

Bad English

Although we will never agree with breaking up over a text message, we also have to admit that there is nothing worse than a person who can’t even be bothered to write proper sentences. Some text slang here and there is fine, but this is just ridiculous.


Granted. The last message was a little too aggressive, but sometimes bad English is enough to ruin a relationship.

Small Corrections

Not only did this person have to check in because they were obviously being ignored, they had to actually break up with themselves!


It’s bad enough to get a response like that, even worse to have to clarify it yet again to make sure that they’re “not” ready for dating.

Take Care

The only nice thing about this letter is the pretty penmanship. Other than that, Marge felt the need to tell whoever this man is that she not only met a nice guy, but that he’s a real gentleman and has a blue convertible.


Clearly, this man is off at war and Marge just went on with her life; at least she was completely honest gave her best wishes. But we still feel bad for this poor guy. As if war wasn’t enough of a bad situation, this guy is going to come home to find his girl gone, his ring returned (along with a special picture, we guess), and his heart broken.

They Even Took the TV

It’s bad enough to come home to a note like this, but to realize you now don’t even have a TV to watch sad movies and wallow in self-pity? That’s just brutal.


But hey, at least they left the mail box key. Now, that’s real love.


This person just isn’t accepting that they’ve been dumped. They refuse to make peace with it, they’re standing strong and saying “nah”.


To be fair, “nah” is the perfect annoying and infuriating response to a person that breaks up with you through a text message. So, good on them!


We would’ve paid good money to see her ex-boyfriend’s face when he saw this on TV. He probably thought he would have a nice quiet evening at home and watch the game, while his girlfriend went out with her friends. Wrong, buddy.


Your ex-girl had other plans. She knows you cheated, and she knew you couldn’t afford tickets to your favorite game, so she hit where it would hurt. And we applaud her.

When Autocorrect Ruins Your Life

Jenna probably wants to jump out the window right about now.


Poor Jason was feeling sexy and wanted to send a text to his girlfriend, while she was trying to figure out how to tell him they need some space. Oh well, autocorrect took care of it.

Coffee Always Wins

As coffee fiends, we completely understand where this person is coming from. Coffee is all the things on that list and more, but if your partner can name more things they love about coffee than they love about you, it’s pretty much over.


In all fairness, at least they took the time to draw a nice little coffee mug doodle.

Bad Andy

It looks like Andy has some serious communication issues. Apparently, he forgot to tell Jessica they’d broken up and he now has a new girlfriend. Or maybe he was just too lazy to do it and said, “hey, it’s better if my new girl breaks the news’.


Honestly, we’d be far more concerned if we were the new girlfriend.

Not Working Out

Either this guy is a fitness freak and using exercise metaphors is the only way he knows how to communicate, or he’s just an idiot. Breaking up with someone is never easy, and we get that maybe he tried to make it humorous, but he achieved the complete opposite.


Sara is probably better off without him, but it’s never easy to have your relationship compared to doing push-ups on your knees.


In all fairness, they do have a point – ‘babe’ is now officially an ex. We love this person’s quick wit and sense of humor, and we want to believe that they were joking playfully when they told ‘babe’ that they were totally replaceable.


Let’s hope ‘babe’ understood it was all in good fun and there were no hard feelings. And nobody became an ex.

She Probably Wasn’t

The worst part is, she probably wasn’t worth it, as we often fantasize and imagine things far better than they actually are. We may never know the whole story behind this mild vandalism act, but if there was cheating involved, they probably deserved it. And they’ll most probably never do it again.


Or they’ll remember to hide the spray paint next time.

Bus Money

The first part of this note isn’t so bad, if you chose to ignore the fact that this person thinks writing a last-minute sharpie letter on a dollar bill is ‘putting a lot of thought into it’.


At least they were considerate enough to offer to share the car and leave a dollar for the bus. We think Mary should spend as much time mourning this relationship as this person spent writing that note.


We truly hope this person was joking, because otherwise, he’s the worst husband in history. Not only did he try to breakup with his wife through a text message, they were actually both in the house when he did it!


As if that cowardice weren’t enough, he just admitted to having an affair. Hey, at least he was ending it.

Please Don’t Call

You’ve got to love notes like this – short, to the point, and with an actual kiss on them. At least she was brutally honest and this person won’t be left wondering what they did wrong. They just weren’t any fun. That’s not hurtful, is it?


On a positive note, this woman was kind enough to leave something to be remembered by – dry lipstick. And very clear instructions.

BFF Fail

We wouldn’t want to be around when Derek finds out what his best friend just did. On the other hand, maybe it was all an elaborate plan so Derek didn’t have to deal with the breakup drama.


Not that his BFF is doing a better job – telling someone your boyfriend hasn’t liked you for months is pretty brutal. And uncalled for. Come on guys, grow a pair. Both of you.

Millennial Breakup

Whoever said that emojis were affecting our communication skills? If anything, this clears things up – there aren’t many ways in which this text could get misunderstood. You fall in love, become a couple, time goes by, the love goes away, you wave goodbye and make a run for it.


And in the odd chance it wasn’t clear, two thumbs up and some cool sunglasses should do the trick. Seriously though, this guy couldn’t even make the effort to type words?! The girlfriend dodged a bullet.


This is just priceless. Not only did this guy not have the nerve to breakup in person, he couldn’t even write his own words?! Then again, judging by his second message, we understand why this guy had to use a Chris Brown song.


However, we do totally agree that you only live once, and this is exactly what this woman should remember next time she gets sad over this loser breaking up with her.

Relationship Status

You’ve got to love social media – it even saves us the trouble of breaking up with someone! No need for awkward conversations, face to face meetings, screams, crying. Just a simple click to change your relationship status and voila!


We have to hand it to Katlyn though, not only is that a very harsh way to leave someone, but on top of it all, she actually replied to Austin’s comment! We truly are sorry dude.

Just a Little Space

We don’t know about you, but if we were the ones breaking up with Sarah and she replied with space images, we’d never let her go. We can’t think of a more clever, or more hilarious, response to the tired, cliche phrase of “I just need some space”.


This person doesn’t even deserve those beautiful photos! We wonder what they replied…

What Do You Think?

This person cared enough about their partner to ask a complete stranger what they thought about the breakup plan. But not enough to tell them in person.


We’re sure that whoever got this message by mistake has probably never been happier to be a ‘wrong number’.

Nothing Like a Good Playlist

Sometimes, there’s no better way to say something than with a song. Except for when it comes to breaking up. As much as we appreciate this person’s creativity and the amount of thought they put into this playlist, Wyatt deserved better.


FYI, we don’t think that after that playlist they’ll be able to stay friends. Or Wyatt be able to use Spotify ever again.

Multiple Choice

We’re not sure if this person is extremely considerate, or just downright insulting. Maybe we should write a multiple choice question so they can tick a box. Not only are the options ridiculous (who would want to breakup through a friend?!), but we’re guessing that this note already did the job.


Maybe they were genuinely concerned about the person’s feelings and wanted to make it less painful by at least giving them control over the breakup.

Not the Dog

Judging by the note, Brenda won’t be completely shocked by this breakup. Things weren’t working, they both knew it. What she probably wasn’t expecting was for Mark to take the dog.


And as if coming home to an empty house wasn’t enough, the dog apparently hates her anyway! This was a very bad day for Brenda.

It’s Love…and It’s Over

Apparently, this woman got inspired by ‘Love Actually’ and decided that if place-cards worked so well to declare your love to someone, why not use it to break up, too?


You have to love this woman’s clever little note transformation. And come to think of it, it’s a pretty simple and accurate description of a relationship. One minute “it’s love”, and the next, “it’s over”.


It seems like these text messages might be a couple of jokes tossed around with a hilarious couple who have a good sense of humor. At least we hope it’s that way. If they are being serious, then the man got seriously played and his lady got the final last amazing word in. In short, she won by a long run.


If the situation is real, then there’s nothing to say; getting dumped when you’re expecting a baby is rough. But, being able to shove the fact that you’re pregnant in the face of your baby daddy who’s trying to dump you is the most satisfying thing. Hopefully these two were just joking around with one another or were able to reconcile their relationship, at least for the sake of their unborn child.

That “New Film”

Oh man, now this is a pretty cruel move to pull. One person asks the other if they’ve heard of a movie called “other people.” So of course, person #2 naturally thinks that person #1 is going to ask them to go see this new movie. They probably already start to imagine the romantic evening they’re going to have, huddled together in the dark theater… are they going to kiss or not going to kiss… But then, out of nowhere, person #1 says that what they want to see is other people, and they aren’t talking about a movie.


As clever as the message is, it is a pretty low move to pull and we feel sorry for the person who received this message. Kids, don’t try this at home. As for person #2, hopefully, their future involves somebody who will be kinder to them.

Being Genuine

Breaking up with somebody is no easy thing to do. Sometimes, people scramble to find the words of somebody else, like their favorite superhero, to express the way that they’re feeling. Although we are all for quoting celebrities or superheros, we think that using somebody else’s words in the case of a breakup, especially of a fictional character, is pretty low.


The clever part here is that the person being broken up with understood the reference. Perhaps what brought this couple together in the first place was their shared love of superheroes. We just hope that the person being dumped came up with his own clever lines later on in the conversation to get back at his girlfriend.

To The Point

As we’ve said, sometimes all what you really need is a short letter to get your point across. This is also true of break up notes. Of course, breaking up in person, while difficult, is always the more considerate and mature route to go. But we understand that it’s 2019 and that people no longer lack the emotional and communication skills that they did 20 years ago. So, if you’re going to break up with somebody via text, then you might as well make it quick. Of course, if you date somebody for years, then you obviously aren’t going to break up with them in a few sentences. But, if you’ve briefly dated someone especially if you’re young, then a quick letter will do.


We do love how Jenny preemptively clears up any worry that Alexander might have for her dating his friends. She lets him know when breaking up with him that she isn’t interested in his friends. We do hope that she’s staying true to what she tells him and isn’t about to go behind his back. That would just be a little much considering that she already dumped him.

The Extreme Break Up

A lot of people try to be super nice when breaking up with somebody. After all, we are talking about human emotions which are so raw and can absolutely tear someone to shreds. On the other hand, there are people who literally want to tear their significant others apart for the hurt that they’ve caused them.  Well, this boy wanted nothing more to do with Valerie and was willing to go to extreme measures to guarantee that. He drew a very graphic image to illustrate to Valerie just how far he was willing to go to make sure that he would never have to face her again. We hope that Valerie didn’t see this note, because somebody of her young age is bound to be frightened and have nightmares.


As for this little boy who wrote this note, we sure hope that his parents saw it and are taking the necessary measures to find this boy some child therapy.

How Can You Be So Heartless?

We don’t know why so many people must break up with their S.O. in a public manner, but this girl decided to announce publicly to her significant other, Dan that she was leaving him for Gary. We aren’t even sure what Dan did wrong and if he deserves this sort of treatment. To add even more hurt to the situation, Laura did it on Valentine’s Day.


That would really suck if Dan had a really nice romantic evening planned for the two of them. And to send him back to his parents’ home, now that’s just brutal. Seems like she didn’t really give him much say in the matter.

If You Can’t Write It, Draw It

This guy had a hard time expressing his words, so you know what they say- pictures say a thousand words. ZF was having a difficult time coming up with the correct breakup words to Janet, so he drew a picture to express his feelings towards her. We aren’t sure how him riding a giraffe has anything to do with their break up but sometimes you just can’t explain why you no longer want to be with somebody. It looks like the boy riding the giraffe is pretty angry, so that might be how ZF feels about Janet.


Whatever it is, she probably wasn’t too happy getting this letter from him unless she’s used to his weird antics.

Keep It Short

If you’re going to go the route of a breakup letter, then it’s most considerate for you to just make it short and to the point, rather than write a long drawn out letter on how horrible the person is and all of the things that are wrong with them. Well, Carol started her letter off respectfully, but it ended pretty badly.


First of all, she signed the letter as “your friend” which is just painful if N.D. thought that the two were romantically involved or serious. And everybody knows that exes can’t stay friends. Second of all, she wrote “No one has to know we were going together in the first place,” meaning that she doesn’t want him to tell anybody that they were ever romantically involved. Now that really must burn.

Why I Don’t Like You

Getting broken up with is hard enough. But, getting broken up with and receiving a list of criticism about yourself is even worse. Well, this person left their ex quite the comprehensive list of all the things they don’t like about them. They seem pretty superficial to care about some of the things they’ve put on the list, like that they are bothered by the fact that their S.O they can name all of the members of one direction or that they think Predator 2 was better than Predator 1. Also, if they care about things like email addresses, then they might never meet somebody. But, we do agree with the fact that the person kisses everybody in their family on the lips is a bit much and we wouldn’t like that either.


This person who is getting dumped does seem to have some pretty bad habits that make it understandable why their girlfriend no longer wants to be with them. It seems that he was such a bad boyfriend that his girlfriend felt obligated to make a list of everything he did wrong so that maybe he can make some changes to be a better boyfriend to his next girl.

Two Girlfriends

Looks like Steve Frazer has been called out by both of his girlfriends and now he’s more single than ever. This sign is even better than the other ones we’ve seen of somebody’s wife calling out their husband for cheating. When Steve Frazer’s girlfriend found out that Steve was cheating on her with a second girlfriend, she teamed up with his second girlfriend and the two of them got back at Steve in a way that only badass women who join forces are able to do.


You can imagine Steve’s reaction when he understood that he was no longer going to be able to pull off dating both of these women. And the fact that he had been called out publicly was even more of an embarrassment for him. But, shame that he rightfully deserved.

Joke’s On Him

This guy was attempting to pull a joke on his lady by pretending that his phone had been disconnected when she contacted him with big news. He was clearly very taken aback by the news and didn’t want any involvement in the baby’s life. Well, he made the silly mistake of revealing his silly tactic when he spelled the word You wrong.


He didn’t even try to come with an excuse for his behavior and kept going with his joke. We wonder who this woman was that was trying to contact her future baby daddy and whether she managed to get in touch with him because if not, that dude is gonna owe a lot of child support one day.

Break Up Anniversary

Now that’s a real harsh one! Young Delandren broke up with his girlfriend of one month, Krystal. Seems like he chose to break up with her on their anniversary. He expressed how hard it was to do it to Krystal. Maybe he thought it was nice of him to wish her a happy anniversary, but it probably just added salt to injury.


Perhaps when Delandren grows older, he’ll understand that breaking up with your girlfriend on your anniversary is a horrible thing to do. He’ll also realize that a breakup note won’t cut it. Well, he and Krystal don’t seem to be older than 7 years old, so we won’t hold it against him.

Imaginary Girlfriend

If you are using dating apps, then you know what it’s like. You may come across a profile of the man of your dreams and start fantasizing about the life you’ll live together on your ranch, with cows and horses in the backyard and three children named john, joe, and jill. Your husband will work the land as you whip up fresh-baked apple pies in the kitchen. Well, seems like Greg started to envision his life with Dr. Who Girl, and it didn’t end so well for the two of them.


He seemed to notice something in her profile that made him already imagine his future self divorcing her. Although the two never actually met, in Greg’s mind, they got married and divorced. He signs off, saying that she can keep the hat and he’ll keep Hawaii. Dr. Who Girl is clearly wearing a hat in one of her pictures and lives in Hawaii. If Greg is trying to use this as a pickup line, well, I’m not sure that Dr. Who Girl will buy into it. She might find the message quite annoying. Sometimes guys write such exaggerated messages to girls when they’d be better off and have more luck just saying “hi.”

Work, It’s Over.

Break ups don’t only happen between two people. They also happen between workplaces. This breakup letter that Madelyn wrote to Five Guys is pretty genius. And, we must give her credit for writing such a super sweet letter to them. It seems like she really enjoyed her time working at Five Guys but is moving on to bigger and better things, like traveling.


From the positivity in the letter, you can tell that this traveler had a very positive relationship with Five Guys, so Five Guys shouldn’t take the break up so personally. If Madelyn hadn’t loved Five Guys so much, then she probably wouldn’t have taken the effort to write a thoughtful letter like this.

Better Read the Paper

If you aren’t an avid reader of your local newspaper, then you might want to start reading it… you never know when you could find a message directed at you, like a breakup message. I would say that it’s worse than getting dumped on social media, but considering that everybody is on social media these days and not reading newspapers as much, we guess that posting on social media is even worse. So, Kevin Maxey maybe got it good that his partner didn’t break up with him via social media and chose the early 2000’s method via the local paper. And even if Kevin was loyal to his local paper, there’s a good chance that he missed this section in the paper because most people have their few sections that they read and they don’t pay much attention to the rest.


We hope that somebody who knows Kevin at least saw this and relayed the message so Kevin knows that he is now single.

If Anybody Was Wondering

If anybody and everybody that follows @cjkarl11 were wondering, he just publicly broke up with @syd_ross via Instagram. Yes, this is the problem with millennials growing up on social media; they lose the ability to communicate with one another in person. Getting broken up with is awful. But getting broken up with on social media takes it to a whole other level. We wonder what awful thing she did to him to make him publicly announce their break up before it seems like Sydney even know about it herself. Perhaps they took things to their dm’s after she commented on the photo but we wouldn’t count on that.


We wonder what she did for him to be inclined to break up with her via Instagram and letting her down gently in the comment section. Maybe they were able to settle things in the DMs but we’re willing to bet that’s unlikely.

Get Your Act Together, Shawn

This breakup letter is precious. Apparently, Shawn was too shy to talk to Rachel since he asked her out three months ago. Judging based off of her spelling mistakes, these two are young kids. Rachel grew to be frustrated with her significant other for not talking to her enough. You go, girl, although you could have tried to talk to Shawn before breaking his little ripe heart. Shawn will learn that if he wants to keep a girl by his side, then he’ll have to talk to her and not just stare at her googly-eyed from across their math class. Shawn should definitely internalize Rachel’s advice, she gave it to him in a pretty sweet way.


Seems like he’s got some work to do on himself… but don’t we all?

Take a Good Look At Yourself

Sometimes you need a good look in the mirror to get grounded and gain a sense of reality. Or, to understand the fate of your failing relationship. Well, when this person got up in the morning and went to the bathroom to get ready, they were slapped in the face with brutal reality. Unfortunately for this person, they’ve been dumped and now they’ll have to spend some time cleaning all of that makeup off of their mirror as they cry their eyes out into the mirror reflecting on their last few years in the relationship.


We do wonder who broke up with who in this relationship and the reason for the harsh break up.

Keep Up

Sometimes, people are so in denial about a relationship coming to an end and it seems like nothing you say will convince them otherwise. It’s not clear in these text messages whether the person is talking about their own relationship or a celebrity couple that had broken up. Regardless, it seems like they just aren’t understanding the underlying theme. They talk about Seal and Heidi as well as Britney and Justin to try and express to the other person that it was real. But, the person still doesn’t seem to be getting it. TBH, I felt this way when Brangelina broke up. Nope, I just wasn’t willing to accept that this gorgeous power couple was no longer.


What am I supposed to do with all my Brangelina shirts?

Joke’s On YOU!

More often than not, your dirty laundry gets revealed. You might be good at hiding it for some time, but the stench is bound to come out sooner or later. This girl thought that she was getting away with murder, but all of her little dates would soon come to the surface and slap her in the face really hard. And do you know what would also be hitting her in the face? The key to her home. It’s time for her to move out!


This girl’s boyfriend gave her a card that read “this card will feel heavy.” While she may have thought that she was getting a piece of jewelry, once she opened the card she discovered that her boyfriend was calling her out for all the men she had been seeing on the side. Sneaking around never ends well and this girl deserves a breakup like this.

Denial is Rough

Denial is Rough As if it’s not already hard enough to break up with somebody, it’s even harder to do when your partner is in denial. When this person is going to wake up from dreamland and reality hits, they are going to be in a pretty rough place coming to terms with what just happened. She refuses to believe that her boyfriend is breaking up with her, despite him resorting to exclamation points to relay the message to her that their relationship is kaput, over. We are legit worried about this girl roaming the world on her own.


This kind of naivety can get you into major trouble.

It’s Not Your Math, It’s Me

This person makes it clear that they aren’t breaking up with their S.O. because of their horrible math. However, Ron’s awful English does seem to be a factor in the breakup. I mean I don’t really blame them. Saying “I don’t have any math,” isn’t exactly a chick magnet.


Ron thought that she was leaving him because of his poor math skills, but she let him know that wasn’t the reason. We have a good feeling that she broke up with him because she’s looking to be with a more educated man. Poor Ron, he will probably be stuck in summer school learning math and sorely single.

Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too…

We’ve all heard that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Well, this person’s partner served them up that phrase, literally. When they decided to pick up and move to Australia, their breakup was delivered via a cake. On the brighter side of things, it could be worse. This person could have been left broken up with and no cake. At least now, they have a cake to cry their tears into.


It looks like one person in this relationship was so eager to get out of the relationship and move on, that they took things to the extreme. They moved to the farthest place possible; AKA the land down under. Getting broken up with through a cake is pretty demeaning, I must say! And that person getting broken up with will never again get to enjoy another birthday.


These days, there are acronyms for everything. Nobody has time or energy to write things out. ILY is a pretty common one and it usually stands for “I Love You.” Well, when this person’s partner wrote to them “ILY,” they thought that they were getting a cute romantic text and wanted to see it spelled out.


What came next was definitely not what they were expecting; a breakup text! Can you believe that? People who don’t have the audacity and decency to break up with their partner in person, in our opinion, don’t even deserve to be in a relationship. This person was probably left heartbroken after this text and should definitely NOT forgive their ex under any circumstance.

Free Wife

This guy is having a big garage sale and you might be able to get his wife for free! You know a garage sale that has a sign “all must go” means that the owners are ready for you to bargain with them. They want to get rid of everything as fast as possible. You’ll be able to get all sorts of things for your house at a majorly discounted price.


If you don’t mind having a wife that cheats, then she’s also being sold in the sale! You’ll probably be able to get away with her for free, since it seems like this guy is very desperate to get rid of her fast. His wife won’t be too happy about this sign but erm… she deserves it.

Strong Case

Have you ever broken up with somebody that just isn’t having it? They try and convince you of the reasons why you should stay with them. That can be really tough. That’s why it’s important to stand your ground and make the breakup official, or it can encourage an unhealthy cycle of breaking up and getting back together and so on and so forth.


If they come at you with a response like “you’ll never find someone like me,” you might question and hesitate the choice you’re about to make. Well it seems like this person stood their ground and didn’t let their soon to be ex dictate their decision making.

A Wish

Who doesn’t love the old make a wish at 11:11? Even if you don’t truly believe that there’s a chance of it coming true, it’s still fun to close your eyes and allow your inner imaginative child to emerge. Well, this person’s wish of getting married and staying together forever definitely wasn’t about to come true. That’s the last time they will ever wish for something at 11:11! They probably believed after this that 11:11 brings with it an utter disaster. Here’s to making sure that you’re on the same page with your partner.


Seems like the both of them had completely different ideas for their future! One person seemed so excited for their future together and the other wanted to get out real fast.


We’ve all heard some pretty lousy knock-knock jokes in our days. But, this one must be one of the worst. Usually, you tell a joke in order to ignite a positive reaction and laughter in the person you’re telling it to. Well, that didn’t seem to be this dude’s intentions. And to think that this poor girl was expecting to laugh and then got this. Now that’s just awful.


She wasn’t expecting to cry her eyes out over the knock-knock joke. The worst part is the last text when the guy tells her that he’s being serious. Well, the girl is definitely better off without him! Anybody who can’t muster up the courage to break up with somebody face to face isn’t worthy of somebody’s commitment to them.

Publicly Broke and Single

Can we just pause for a moment and publicly applaud this woman’s courage? If your husband is going to be unfaithful, then what a better way to call him out for his wrongdoings than through a billboard on a building? And best of all, one of which that she paid for with their joint bank account! But you know what was probably priceless? The look on hubby steven’s face when he saw the sign. That right there is gold.


Looks like Emily was trying to get Steven’s attention for quite some time, with no luck. Well, Emily, you’ve probably gotten his undivided attention with this move now. And you’ve probably also stolen everybody else’s attention in the city and perhaps caused a few accidents to happen. We hope that Steven learned his lesson for his next relationship! If he ever decides to pursue one again.

Take that Paul!

Sorry Paul, as embarrassing as this public break up may have been for you, it seems like you deserve it and for that, we aren’t at all about to denounce your wife’s break up tactic. In fact, good for her.  We imagine that this was Paul’s favorite cafe. We can picture him walking into the cafe in the morning, all groggy-eyed from his slumber and desperate for his favorite cappuccino before starting the daily grind. Well, his daily grind apparently involves another lady.


You got served Paul and now you are never going to be able to face your favorite cafe again! You better look for another place to get your caffeine fix. And you better run home to say goodbye to your dog, you execrable beast!

Not on the Same Page

It’s important to look for a partner that is on the same page as you. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily want all the same things as one another at the same time and enjoy all the same hobbies. But, when you’re in a relationship, you grow together and your separate paths start to merge. You may even find that after some time of being together, you can complete each other’s sentences or blurt out the same words at the same time. Well, this couple’s relationship doesn’t seem to have taken that course. It’s especially awkward when you want to express something to each other and decide to say “let’s say it at the same time,” and that epically fails.


In the case of this couple, one person had something very sweet to say, while the other had only heartbreak to deliver. Jacob apparently wanted out of the relationship, while his significant other wanted to take things to a whole new level and tie the knot. By the way, Jacob, that is a horrible way to break up with somebody. Have some nerve and be a man!

Diet Starts Tomorrow

This picture can mean one of two things. The first option is that this person is starting a keto diet tomorrow and ending their relationship with their dearly beloved, pizza. The second option is that this person is getting broken up with by a rather evil partner who chose to relay the breakup message via a box of pizza. If you’re a lover of all things pizza, then this is the last way you’d want to get broken up with.


On the other hand, if you are getting broken up with this way, at least you’d have a nice, steamy cheesy pizza to melt your feelings and sorrow into.