More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Countless American country stars have stolen our hearts with those twangy catchy melodies about love, freedom and the simple country life. Of course, as you have already seen, these beloved musicians have made some megabucks from their songs over the years.

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It’s no secret that if you go country, you might be guaranteed a pretty nice fortune. Curious about just exactly which of your favorite singers made it big? Here’s more country stars that struck gold.

Dustin Lynch

Net Worth: $5 million

Venture: Ridin Roads

When Dustin Lynch was at Lipscomb University in Tennessee, he knew it was time to choose between two very different career paths, one being as a country singer and the other was saving lives as a medical professional. Lynch eventually decided to go with his heart and chose to start a professional musical career. The singer-songwriter was found very quickly and signed a label deal with Broken Bow. He released his first EP shortly after and proceeded to release three more albums with the label. Since then, Lynch has had six of his eight singles hit the #1 spot on the charts. We’re not sure if it’s his charm or looks (or both), but this country star seems to have a very promising career ahead of him.

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Apparently, going for a luxurious singing career ended up being a lot more profitable for Lynch than a medical career would have been, as it probably would have left him with a whole lot of college debt. His current worth is estimated at roughly $5 million dollars and that’s with a career that’s just only starting to show its potential. His three albums so far were “Dustin Lynch,” “Where It’s At,” and “Current Mood.” His most recent musical venture is an EP entitled “Ridin Roads,” which is shaping up to be another success in a very bright musical future.

Lady A

Net Worth: $41 million

Venture: LadyAID

With over ten million album sales worldwide and multiple Grammy awards, Lady A have managed to make their mark in the Country scene by combining the immense talents of Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott (Linda Davis’ daughter), and Dave Haywood. Despite a humble start supporting other musicians as guest vocalists, the group has managed to garner sufficient popularity and interest to get signed by the Capitol label and release their own music.

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The group is reported to be worth an estimated $40 million, mostly generated through six albums that have all received critical acclaim and praise. Three of the group’s albums reached platinum and diamond status, and nine of their singles reached number one in the charts. If you’re new to the band we highly recommend checking out two of their most popular songs, “Downtown,” and “Need to Know”.

Rosanne Cash

Net Worth: $10 million

Venture: Johnny Cash

Boyhood Home Project The Cash family has been in the music industry for quite a long time. Rosanne Cash, the oldest daughter of famous Country singer Johnny Cash, has seen relative fame and success in her musical career. Unlike many singers in our list, she actually found herself crossing a variety of musical genres until settling on the Americana musical audience, which ended up becoming a very successful one for her. Rosanne Cash is best known to date for her 1981 single, “Seven Year Ache,” which she has never really bested in terms of popularity and acclaim.

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The singer-songwriter debuted with her album called interiors and has since evolved into various other genres and musical styles. Her most popular song, Seven Year Ache, became #1 in both the Country charts and the pop single charts. With a net worth just shy of $10 million, much of her wealth was the result of the added name recognition she got from her father’s extremely successful career. Still not a bad job though.

Keith Urban

Net Worth: $75 million

Venture: The URBAN Guitar Collection

If there’s one Country singer on this list that truly managed to break through into mainstream appeal, it would definitely be Keith Urban. Beyond being one of the most recognizable names in the music industry, Urban is also known for being the husband of Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman. This platinum-selling singer originally began his musical career as a guitarist for The Ranch but quickly decided to go out there and do his own thing.

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The New Zealand-born musician quickly dominated the charts with his debut album due to his amazing looks and insane musical appeal and achieved a very rare feat of receiving platinum status in his very first release. Since then, he has been pumping out best-selling albums without any sign of stopping and has even founded the URBAN Guitar Collection company, which helped boost his net worth to a staggering $75 million. But let’s be honest here, between his musical god status, great looks, immense wealth, his marriage to Nicole Kidman takes the cake for us.

Mac Davis

Net Worth: $12 million

Venture: The Mac Davis Show

Popular retro singer, songwriter, and actor, Morris Mac Davis began his career in the music and entertainment industries as a songwriter for Nancy Sinatra’s company, Boots Enterprises. He worked there for several years, contributing greatly to many of Sinatra’s recordings. David eventually found his way to writing songs for the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. He was responsible for classics such as “In the Ghetto”, “Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife”, “Home”, “It’s Such a Lonely Time of Year”, and “Memories.”

Getty Images Photo By Erika Goldring

Following his success as a songwriter, Davis went off on a solo path, pursuing a singing career which ended up becoming a very successful endeavor. He was awarded the Academy of Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year award in 1974 and proceeded to become an actor that same year. Davis hosted his own TV show on NBC called The Mac Davis Show and from there began to act in various films and TV shows such as North Dallas Forty and Cheaper to Keep Her.

David Nail

Net Worth: $500,000

Venture: MCA Net

David Nail is a 40-year-old country singer-songwriter with a fairly modest musical career. He has released a total of four studio albums: I’m About to Come Alive, The Sound of a Million Dreams, I’m a Fire, and Fighter, with a combined total of mid-6-figures in album sales. His last two albums both reached number three in the United States country billboards. Nail describes himself as “an artist following his muse, making music without rules or regulations”.

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He has been signed by Mercury Nashville and MCA Nashville in recent years and is originally from Kennett, Missouri. The singer took a brief break between 2002 and 2007 but has since returned full force into the music industry. If you’re interested in listening to some of Nail’s best songs, we recommend you check out “Let It Rain” and “Whatever She’s Got”, both these songs reached number-one on the country charts.

Charley Pride

Net Worth: $40 million

Venture: Baseball

Charley Pride is certainly a huge source of pride for many Americans because he exemplifies the pursuit of happiness perfectly. This talented individual somehow managed to become a successful country singer while also turning into one of the nation’s most popular and beloved African American baseball stars. Pride was born in 1934 in Sledge, Mississippi and saw his greatest musical success in the ’70s when he became one of RCA Records’ best selling artists since Elvis.

Getty Images Photo By Frederick M. Brown

He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2000. Since then, Pride uses his small fortune to become a minority owner in the Texas Rangers MLB club as part of his long activity in the sport. Pride is currently estimated to be worth around $40 million. What makes it even more impressive is that he did it as an African American during a time way before our modern push towards equality when a lot of the deck was stacked against him. His famous song “Just Between You and Me” is to this day one of the most iconic and unforgettable songs in country music’s history.

Martina McBride

Net Worth: $38 million

Venture: Love Unleashed Tour

Most country singers eventually crossover to pop and more mainstream versions of country once they have attained a certain level of fame and success. Crossing over helps musical artists expand into much bigger audiences and multiply a singer’s fan base. In Martina McBride’s case, she crossed over to pop a few times, long before achieving her current popularity and acclaim.

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The Kansas-born singer is highly talented and plays everything from piano to harmonica and even the tambourine. Her first major single “The Time Has Come” didn’t achieve the popularity she hoped, but with many tweaks to her musical style and approach, she seems to have found her groove and managed to stay relevant and hot in the billboards for almost three decades since. McBride is currently signed to RCA and her tour Love Unleashed has proven to be very successful.

Billy Currington

Net Worth: $4.5 million

Venture: Shotgun Rider Tour

With over two-million Facebook likes and over 650,000 Twitter followers, Billy Currington has managed to leverage social media to achieve commercial acclaim in the country genre. In 2017, his number-one single “Do I Make You Wanna” broke records by overtaking the number-two song by almost ten million sales. Currington has recently one the hilarious Hottest Video of the Year — “Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right” award from CMT.

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Currington has released six albums since 2003 with over one-million sales. Eight of his singles have reached Gold and Platinum status, including “Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer,” “Hey Girl,” and “Do I Make You Wanna.” In 2013, Currington was indicted of felony criminal charges including making terrorist threats and inflicting mental anguish on an elder person, after allegedly berating and threatening boat captain Charles Harvey Ferrelle that same year. He was sentenced to 5 years’ probation, a $1000 fine, and anger management counseling.

Carly Pearce

Net Worth: $500,000

Venture: Way Back Tour

Young Carly Pearce has a very similar story to Lady A and started out as a guest singer for the popular Josh Abbott Band. Pearce then took a brave step and ventured out on her own, only that it didn’t take talent seekers any time to pay attention to her. The singer’s first single, “Every Little Thing,” became an instant hit when it was released in 2016 and became one of the year’s top songs in Country Airplay.

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Pearce was shortly then signed to the label Big Machine, and has since released one album called “Every Little Thing” which sold around 40,000 units in the US. Her debut single “Every Little Thing” was awarded the Breakthrough Video of the Year award by CMT Music Awards. Pearce was born in Kentucky and grew up in Tennessee. She has recently married Michael Ray, a fellow country star.

Alan Jackson

Net Worth: $75 million

Venture: Nashville

With over 80 million albums sold and 16 albums in his discography, old-school Country legend Alan Jackson’s is still going strong and keeps getting more and more interesting as time goes on. The top-selling singer and songwriter wrote almost all of his songs so far and is also engaged in other business ventures, such as a passion project with his daughter called Nashville.

S_bukley / Shutterstock

Alan Jackson is highly respected and acclaimed in the Country scene. He has amassed a small fortune of over 75 million dollars over the years and has even been involved with Cracker Barrel and the Ford Motor Company. Jackson is also a very religious person, with two of his albums being dedicated to gospel music and two other albums centered around Christmas themes.

Jake Owen

Net Worth: $10 million

Venture: Thunder by the Bay

If you’re not yet familiar with pretty boy Jake Owen, you might be missing out on one awesome country singer. The singer debuted in 2006 with the album ‘Startin’ with Me’ which was fairly successful and resulted in three singles that reached the Top 20 on the charts. He followed it up with his second album, “Easy Does It” which also received favorable acclaim. It’s often true that the ‘third time’s the charm’, which is exactly what happened in Owen’s case. His third album, “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” outperformed the first two by a margin and got him the number-one country hit and the Top New Male Vocalist award from ACM.

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Owen is an excellent golfer and occasionally plays pro golf. In June 2019, Jake was the subject of a small backlash from fans after covering Cher’s song Believe to celebrate Gay Pride Month. He was promptly threatened with boycotts from many fans but chose to instead offer them a hug if they ever come to his concert, emphasizing that they “need one”. The event has caused the musical artist to receive positive media coverage and a spike in his social media traffic..

Cassadee Pope

Net Worth: $4 million

Venture: Stages

Former lead singer of the popular country band Hey Monday, Cassadee Pope, has managed to build herself an impressive fan audience in just a few years after going her own way once the band reached its end (formally a hiatus) in 2011. Pope has released two albums and three EPs while being the singer of Hey Monday and has so far released a self-titled EP in 2012. They were followed by Frame by Frame, a number-one in the country charts, and Stages which came out just this year for digital download, although it had a much weaker reception. Our favorite singles from the talented country singer are, “Wasting All These Tears” which came out in 2013 and reached over a million sales (earning it a Platinum status by the RIAA), and “Think of You”, a single featuring Chris Young which sold over 500,000 copies and also achieved Platinum status.

S_bukley / Shutterstock

Pope has achieved many awesome victories in her short solo career, including being the first female winner of The Voice, being awarded the Breakthrough Video of the Year by CMT for hit single, “Wasting All These Tears”, and was nominated for a Grammy award for Best Country Duo/Group Performance due to the aforementioned “Think of You” duet with Chris Young. She was also chosen as the Top Indie Artist of 2018 by the Taste of Country Fan Choice Awards.

Rascal Flatts

Net Worth: $150 million

Venture: Red Street Records

Originally formed in Columbus, Ohio, the Rascal Flatts are a popular musical group that combines popular music genres to create a delicacy of musical flavor called “country-rock-pop”. The band’s members include singer-songwriter Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Rooney who are known to be second cousins. With seven best-selling albums to date, the group managed to secure an RIAA-certified platinum and diamond status for all their albums.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

The group was first signed with Big Machine Records and went on to sign with Disney’s Lyric Street Records label. They have managed to build a very impressive net worth of $150 million and have succeeded in getting fourteen songs to the number-one spot in the charts since debuting. The band’s longest-lasting number-one single is a 2005 cover of Marcus Hummon’s “Bless the Broken Road”, which spent five weeks in that position.

T.G. Sheppard

Net Worth: $1 million (estimated)

Venture: NASCAR T.G.

Shepard is known as a country music legend and is active to this day even as he pushes age 76. The singer was born in Tennessee and decided to drop out of high school at an early age and pursue a career in music. He began his musical career with the name of William Browder and quickly gained an audience with his single “Devil in the Bottle” which reached the number one hit on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles Chart. From there the singer went on to produce numerous number-one hits in the US charts and even had eight consecutive number one hits in the early ’80s.

Getty Images Photo By Chris Farina

G. Sheppard has since receded into a more modest life outside of the spotlight. His latest hit album was “One for the Money” and from there he would release an album ever 3-5 years with modest success. When asked about his stage name “T. G. Sheppard”, he explains that as an executive at RCA, Browder didn’t want to jeopardize his position by recording materials through other labels. He claims the stage name’s initials (T. G.) are just random initials and don’t really mean anything.

Dwight Yoakam

Net Worth: $45 million

Venture: Bakersfield Biscuits

Dwight Yoakam is the unchallenged king of coolness and stoic facial expressions, with classic country songs such as “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere”, he is hailed by many as one of the greats and is often listened to by fans who want to reminisce about the “good old days” of Country music. Yoakam initially rose to fame in the early ‘80s and has since released over twenty albums. Since his debut, he has successfully sold over twenty-five million records worldwide that have received gold and platinum status.

S_bukley / Shutterstock

Yoakam is loved by many for his unique style, and even managed to reach triple-platinum status for his fifth album “This Time”. With over thirty singles reaching the top of the Billboard Hot Country charts, and a strong sense of business, Yoakam has built himself a fantastic net worth of almost $50 million. The Kentucky-born musician and entrepreneur is also the owner of a restaurant and food maker called Bakersfield Biscuits and is the manager of the Bakersfield Beat radio station.

Faith Hill

Net Worth: $80 million

Venture: Tennessee Titans

With sales of over 40 million albums worldwide and an obsessed fan base that swears by her, Faith Hill can easily be considered one of the most famous and successful Country musicians in the world. Together with her husband of 25 years, Tim McGraw (who’s also a musical icon in his own right), the couple is a powerhouse of music and wealth.

DFree / Shutterstock

The couple also holds a large stake in the NFL’s Tennessee Titans. While McGraw is a lot more involved with managing the team on a daily basis, both of them appear to be active owners and take a lot of pride in their team’s success. Born in Mississippi, the singer grew up knowing early on that she wanted to become a big Country star. Her first single, “This Kiss”, debuted in 1998 to popular acclaim and her Soul2Soul tour is one of the best-selling tours the genre has ever seen. The future looks very bright for this couple, as they currently have a combined net-worth of over $80 million through their successful music careers and smart business decisions.

Johnny Lee

Net Worth: $5 million

Venture: Urban Cowboy

You probably recognize Johnny Lee from his iconic 1980s song “Looking For Love”, which was the number one crossover hit and spent three weeks in first place on the charts. The texas-born country singer began his career humbly in a rock ‘n roll band called “Johnny Lee and the Roadrunners”. The band would often play cover songs in various nightclubs and other night venues in Texas during the ‘60s. Eventually, the young singer was discovered by a talent agent while collaborating with Mickey Gilley, a fellow country music singer and musician whom he worked with for over ten years.

Photo Images Photo By Beth Gwinn

The duo found their shot at fame when they collaborated on the soundtrack for James Bridge’s romantic drama film, Urban Cowboy. From there, Lee went on to release various successful singles, including “One in a Million,” “Bet Your Heart on Me,” “The Yellow Rose,” and other hits that were released in the ’80s. Lee suffered a number of tragedies in the ’80s and ’90s, with his ex-wife dying from prescription painkillers and son from a drug overdose. Since then, Lee has been an activist for stopping the use of illegal drugs.

David Lee Murphy

Net Worth: $8 million

Venture: No Zip Code

Originally starting out as a songwriter and transitioning into a musician in his own right, David Lee Murphy has managed in a couple of years to stockpile a respectable net worth of almost $10 million through his musical career. The country artist’s most popular hit songs to date include “The Road You Leave Behind,” “Party Crowd,” “Out with a Bang,” “Dust on the Bottle” and “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” (not to be confused with Bob Marley’s song). He’s currently developing a musical project with Kenny Chesney.

Getty Images By Larry Busacca

Lee Murphy has released five albums so far and has been on a temporary hiatus since 2004 after almost two decades of activity. During his humble beginnings in the musical industry, the veteran country singer spent his time writing songs for other famous country singers such as Thompson Square, Jason Aldean and Jake Owen. His best known work was “Big Green Tractor,” which ended up becoming a big hit for Jason Aldean.

Johnny Rodriguez

Net Worth: $4.6 million

Venture: RunninWide

Most people know Johnny Rodriguez as the Latin American country singer who managed to build his musical legacy and millions of dollars in net worth during the ’70s and ’80s. What most people don’t know is that the young boy from Texas used to live in a family of ten and was put in jail at a young age following his father’s and brother’s deaths, which caused the young teen to stray. At just 20 years old, Rodriguez decided to turn his life around and moved to Nashville to try his luck as a country singer. He arrived with a guitar and $14 but soon found the demand for his musical and songwriting skills.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Ochs

From there the Latin-American country singer went on to gain fame and national attention with his debut single “Pass Me By.” Rodriguez’s success peaked in 1975 with three number-one singles: “I Just Can’t Get Her Out of My Mind,” “Just Get Up and Close the Door,” and “Love Put a Song in My Heart.” His troubled youth kept creeping up on him as he was involved in very severe legal troubles. Fortunately, Rodriguez was able to stay on the straight path and continues to perform and release albums even today, with his latest album, “Live From Texas” coming out just a few years ago.

Tyler Farr

Net Worth: $4 million

Venture: Broken Bow Records

Tyler Farr started his career as a songwriter and expanded his endeavors over time to include a country singing career as-well. He was born in Missouri but relocated at a young age to Nashville in hopes of being discovered and becoming a successful country singer. His plan seemed to work at first, as he was signed to BNA label, but to his dismay, the label closed its doors just shortly after Farr released his first two singles. Luckily, he recovered quickly from the event and managed to sign with Columbia Records label, leading him to release two studio albums over the next two years and release eight singles which have successfully appeared on the Billboard charts.

Debby Wong / Shutterstock

Farr broke up with his second label, Columbia, after a falling out between the two, and from there he moved to Broken Bow Records in mid-2018. His highest rated single is “A Guy Walks Into a Bar”, reaching the number-one spot in the chart when it was released in 2015. Far is married as of 2016 to his long-time girlfriend, and was featured on the Outdoor Channel show Buck Commander, where he talked about his love for hunting.

Eric Church

Net Worth: $14 million

Venture: Double Down Tour

The young Eric Church is an up and coming Country artist who’s been in the serious part of his career for the last 15 or so years. With six studio albums to his name, Church has produced many hit singles that seem to jive well with the younger fanbase of the genre. His first album, Sinners Like Me, was fairly well received and led to him teaming up with various other musicians such as Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Church’s most recent album, Desperate Man, was also quite well received but has not attained exceptional acclaim or popularity. If you’re interested in checking his music, look no further than his best singles: “Springsteen,” “Drink in My Hand,” and his top hit “Raise ‘Em Up,” which he performed with Keith Urban.

Hunter Hayes

Net Worth: $4.5 million

Venture: The 21 Project

The multi-talented Hunter Hayes is known for a lot more than his awesome voice and great looks. The 18-year-old debuted his first album entitled Hunter Hayes back in 2011 to fantastic sales figures and critical acclaim. The album reached the number seven spot on the Billboard 200 charts and dominated the country album charts. What makes Hayes unique across the board is his talent and skill at playing over thirty different types of instruments.

Debby Wong / Shutterstock

The country artists were promptly approached by Nashville’s Atlantic Records and started working with them. His first single, “Wanted” became a massive hit and sold over three and a half million copies in its first year since release. This made Hayes the youngest artist to reach such records and put him up as a contender for future country Hall of Fame status. All that’s left for him to do is to keep up the good work.

Joe Diffie

Net Worth: $36 million

Venture: All in the Same Boat

You may not recognize Joe Diffie in the picture above because most fans remember him as with the mullet-long-hair and mustache combination that just didn’t seem to work but was still cool. Diffle is a country singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee who was very famous during the ’90s and early 2000s. Since his debut in 1989 as a country singer, he has released 35 singles which appeared in the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, with his top five songs being “Home,” “If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets),” “Third Rock from the Sun,” “Bigger Than the Beatles,” and “Pickup Man,” which was his most successful single and lasted four weeks at the number one spot.

Getty Images Photo By Rick Diamond

He is often compared to George Jones and Mark Chesnutt, although he’s regarded more as a humorous, rock-tinged singer rather than a traditional country artist. Diffie has been married four times so far. He used to hold charity concerts in the ’90s for First Steps, a nonprofit that helps with education for mentally and physically disabled kids. He was even awarded a Humanitarian Award for his contributions in 1997 by Country Radio Broadcasters.

Tom T. Hall

Net Worth: $1 million(estimated)

Venture: Clipper Teas

One of the classical best sellers and among the most popular country singers in the world is Tom T. Hall. The retired country artist was once the hallmark of excellent country music and was consequently a massive country star in the ‘70s. Some of his most beloved songs are “I Love”, “(Old Dogs, Children and) Watermelon Wine” and “Harper Valley PTA”.

Getty Images Photo By Tom Pennington

To respect his musical legacy and vast contributions to the country genre, Hall was recently inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Anyone who loves the country knows that you can’t have a list of the most successful country singers without including Tom T. Hall. Outside of his musical career, the retired musician is also a novelist and short-story teller. He wrote nine books to date between the ’70s until the mid-’90s. In 1969 Hall was married to famous bluegrass songwriter and producer Dixie Hall until her passing in 2015.

Thomas Rhett

Net Worth: $5 million

Venture: The Ranch

Thomas Rhett is a successful country musician, actor and media entertainer. He was born in Georgia and grew up with Tim McGraw and Brooks & Dunn because of his father Rhett Atkins, who is a successful singer himself. Thomas Rhett knew he was born to be a musician early on, and already started showing the first signs of his musical talents during high school as a member of the High Heeled Flip Flops band.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Rhett was signed on Big Machine and released four albums at this point in time. He also appears often on shows such as The Ranch and Saturday Night Live. The country singer has so far released seventeen singles, with many of them reaching the number-one spot in the Billboard country charts.

Sherrie Austin

Net Worth: $400,000

Venture: Circus Girl

While Sherrie Austin may look like your typical Alabama or Tennessee girl, she was actually born in Sydney, Australia and decided to try her luck in the musical and acting worlds by moving to the United States. Austin was a singer and general entertainer from a very young age, even going as far as being the opening act for the iconic Johnny Cash during his performance in Australia when she was just 14 years old. All of which led the young talented girl to move to the US. It didn’t take her long after to achieve her dream as an actress.

Getty Images Photo By Mindy Small

Austin debuted as an actress in NBC’s popular American sitcom “The Facts of Life” where she played as Pippa McKenna. She also had a short role in the legendary sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” where you might have recognized her as Lady Penelope. From there, Austin decided to form a country band in 1991 called Colorhaus. The band was modestly successful and had one of their songs appear on the soundtrack of an episode of the popular show Baywatch. She has since started a solo career, releasing five albums which have received lukewarm critical and commercial success. Her most successful single so far was 2013’s “Streets of Heaven” which reached the number-eighteen spot in the country charts. Austin is also a part-time Broadway actress.

Brandy Clark

Net Worth: $10 million

Venture: All BC Music

One of the younger singer-songwriters on our list is Brandy Clark. In just a bit less than 15 years, the acclaimed musician has managed to accomplish some pretty impressive feats. Clark writes songs for various famous artists such as The Band Perry, Sheryl Crow, Miranda Lambert, and even Reba McEntire. She’s also already signed with a private label named Slate Creek, which not many artists manage to do. If that’s not enough to persuade you, Clark has even founded her very own recording and production company called “All BC Music” (with the BC standing for either Brandy Clark or Blue Cheese).

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

What we love the most about this inspirational young woman is how she got started. Apparently, music was a huge passion for young Brandy Clark and was already playing guitar by the age of ten. Her parents were her biggest fans at the time (hopefully they still are), and they helped push her to learn singing, songwriting and eventually, pursue her own music career. If you’re looking for a great model on how to raise awesome children, look no further than the Clark’s.

Scott McCreery

Net Worth: $4 million

Venture: Weekend Roadtrip

Tour If the name McCreery rings a bell, it’s because 26-year-old Scott McCreery was the winner of the popular musical reality show, American Idol, in its tenth season back in 2011. His success was a virtual guarantee following the publicized and challenging win, as he was offered many records deals with labels all across the United States. He eventually decided to go with Interscope and released his first studio album that year. The album, titled “Clear as Day,” was an instant hit among his fans from the show and received the lustrous platinum status. The album included many songs which ended up becoming very well received, mainly “The Trouble with Girls” and “I Love You This Big.”

Getty Images Photo By Stephen Lovekin

McCreery decided to leave the label just six years later and promptly became the first and only country artist in history to appear in the charts without a record label behind him. McCreery is a sweetheart not just in his music videos and public appearances but also in real life. He recently married Gabi Dugal, his longtime girlfriend. He also sang the National Anthem before a popular AFC divisional game in 2016. With 4 albums released to date (one of which being a Christmas album) and a multi-millionaire status at the young age of 26, Scott McCreery is poised to have an extremely successful musical career.

Joe Nichols

Net Worth: $9 million

Venture: Never Gets Old

Heath Ledger look-alike, Joe Nichols is a country star that debuted back in the mid-‘90s and was immediately signed to Intersound and Giant for his commercial and popular appeal. Nichols has released nine albums over the course of his career, with the first being the eponymous Joe Nichols back in 1996 and the last one being the appropriately named Never Gets Old in 2017. Throughout his career, Nichols enjoyed a fair amount of commercial success with over fourteen of his songs appearing in the top 40 singles on the country charts. Joe Nichols

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

His best singles to date which have also performed best commercially are “Sunny and 75” and “Gimme That Girl,” with both singles reaching the number-one spot on the charts. Nichols started his career with the musical group The Rodeo Band and would often play in amateur venues such as high school dances and small clubs. It’s reported that the country singer is currently worth nearly $10 million through his label and album sales.

Chris Stapleton

Net Worth: $10 million

Venture: All American Road Show

Despite not being as famous as some other country singers and musicians on our list, Chris Stapleton is definitely a name that you want to know if you’re a fan of the genre. With over 170 songs in his arsenal and 6 out of them reaching the #1 spot on the music charts, this songwriter is easily one of America’s most successful songwriters and it’s likely you’ve listened to at least a few songs he wrote himself.

Getty Images Photo By Axelle/Bauer

If you’re a fan of the beloved Country star Kenny Chesney than there’s no way you haven’t heard his hit song “Never Wanted Nothing More,” that hit #1 on the music chart for 5 weeks. While the song was performed by Chesney, it was actually written by Stapelton. The successful Country singer and songwriter currently tours the country through his “The All American Road Show” concert tour, where he performs various songs he wrote over the years.

Miranda Lambert

Net Worth: $45 million

Venture: Red 55 Winery

One of the most famous and successful Country singers in the United States, Miranda Lambert is often compared to other female stars in the music industry such as Avril Lavigne and Amy Winehouse. Lambert’s songs are full of powerful and empowering messages and are beloved by many women who view her as an amazing role model. Amongst her best songs are, “The House That Built Me,” “Mama’s Broken Heart,” “Heart Like Mine,” and our personal favorite, “Gunpowder & Lead.”

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Lambert is an avid supporter of animal rights and is very actively trying to improve the way people treat them. She’s the founder of the MuttNation Foundation along with her mother, Bev Lambert. The foundation helps rescue animals in danger and gives them shelter. Outside of music and activism, the fiery and confident Lambert is also an owner and manager of a wine brand named “Red 55 Winery”. In case you were wondering if she’s still available, we’re happy to say that Lambert is happily married to Brendan McLoughlin, an NYPD officer. This is a fairly recent marriage, as the couple married just at the start of 2019.

Danny Gokey

Net Worth: $600,000

Venture: Rock and Worship Tour 2016

Another country singer who gained much of his fame while appearing in American Idol is Danny Gokey. The Milwaukee born singer was a church music director before joining the 8th season of the popular musical reality show American Idol. Gokey ended up reaching third place on the show but was quickly signed with 19 Recordings after his appearance and then changed labels to RCA Nashville. His debut album, My Best Days, was released during the singer’s time with RCA Nashville. He didn’t stick long with them and moved on to a deal with BMG label in 2013 after deciding to change his tune to Christian rock rather than a classic country.  Just this year, Gokey won the K-LOVE Fan’s Male Artist of the Year Award.

Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock

His second album, Hope in Front of Me, was released in 2013. Gokey is just as lovely as his American Idol co-winner, Scott McCreery, as he has also married his high school sweetheart, Sophia Martinez in 2004. Unfortunately, his wife passed away before he joined American Idol, leading him to start a foundation in her name, Sophia’s Heart Foundation

Billy Joe Thomas

Net Worth: $5 million

Venture: Pepsi

As we move from Billie Jo Spears to Billy Joe Thomas, it clearly dawns why old-school fans of country have often lamented that traditional country has “just isn’t what it used to be”. The ‘60s and ‘70s produced some of the most prolific and incredible country singers to date, perhaps it was the era and the culture, or maybe it was due to the older recording quality, but either way, Billy Joe Thomas definitely stands head and shoulders above many of today’s pop-country musical counterparts with his soft and tender music that somehow manages to make your soul feel happier.

Getty Images Photo By GAB Archive

The country singer is mostly known for his musical mix of pop, country and Christian which came from his background as a church choir singer in his youth. His single, “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” which was a cover of the hit Hank Williams song gained over a million sales and launched Thomas’ career. He has won several Grammy Awards and was recently inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for his iconic song, “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head”, which was featured in many films and video-games.

Jo Dee Messina

Net Worth: $9 million

Venture: Bigger Than This

Two-time Grammy award nominee Jo Dee Messina is a perfect example of a country singer taking the music industry in a perfect sequence of events. From a young age, Dee Messina was proving herself to be a very talented musician. She would tour her state of Massachusetts with her brother and play music in various local clubs. She was discovered eventually and signed a label deal with Curb in the early ‘90s. Her career skyrocketed from there and resulted in her releasing six hit singles in a short time span.

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

Dee Messina was the first female country singer to have three number-one singles the lasted in that spot for multiple weeks. Her albums were very successful and received one gold and two platinum certificates from the RIAA. The Massachusetts-born singer sold over five million copies worldwide and managed to become a multi-millionaire in the process with a net worth of almost $10 million. She has released six albums to date and her most successful singles are “Bye, Bye,” “I’m Alright,” “Stand Beside Me,” “Bring on the Rain,” and “My Give a Damn’s Busted”.

Carrie Underwood

Net Worth: $65 million

Venture: CALIA by Carrie Underwood

When we first heard Carrie Underwood perform as a young and aspiring artist in a popular music reality show American Idol, it was clear from the start that she was going to be causing some huge vibrations in the music world. This is exactly what happened, as the Oklahoma-born singer ended up becoming one of the most successful artists from her state. Underwood would go on to win American Idol, three Grammy awards and build her brand as a highly acclaimed musical artist.

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

Underwood’s musical ventures and business enterprises helped her secure a serious $65 million in personal net worth. Outside of music, she is also the founder and principal investor in her clothing line, CALIA, which provides sportswear for athletes that are based on her Oklahoma roots.

The Dixie Chicks

Net Worth: $40 million

Venture: Someday

This trio of country singers is the fantasy of every country music lover out there. Together, Martie Maguire, Emily Erwin, and Natalie Maines have more combined musical talent and beauty points than we know what to do with. After almost two decades of the trio’s relatively quiet and eager waiting from fans, the Dixie Chicks are finally working on their fourth studio album, Someday, which will undoubtedly be a bestseller.

Everett Collection / Shutterstock

The three singers first started touring together in Dallas and have found popularity with the country crowded with their unique set of voices and talents. Despite their short time together and very long hiatus, the trio’s best hit singles “There’s Your Trouble,” and “Wide Open Spaces” helped them received three Grammy awards over the years and sell millions of albums over the years. The moral of the lesson is, if you’re going to take a two-decades-long hiatus, make sure you do it after creating a raving fan base that’s going to keep consuming your material and eagerly waiting for your return.

Jerry Jeff Walker

Net Worth: $200,000

Venture: Mr. Bojangles

With over 5 decades of experience in the music industry, you can definitely say that Jerry Jeff Walker has been around the block. In fact, he has been circled the block many, many times and still keeps going. Jeff Walker, also known as Gypsy Songman, is a country and outlaw-country singer that comes from a family of musicians that goes back to his grandparents. He is currently 77 years old and still tours around the US.

Getty Images By Erika Goldring

Jeff Walker has been producing music consistently over the past 5 decades, with 38 albums attributed to his name. His best known single to date is the song “Mr. Bojangles.” The song has since been recorded by many other artists including the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1970. Walker claims he was inspired to write the song while serving time in jail for public intoxication. He met a man who referred to himself as “Mr. Bojangles” which was the source for the single’s title.

Trace Adkins

Net Worth: $19 million

Venture: SiriusXM

With an incredible record of highly successful songs and a terrific acting and radio hosting career, Trace Adkins has secured himself a spot in every Country aficionado’s Greatest Hits compilation. The Louisiana-born singer and guitarist reached the peak of his fame towards the late ‘90s and early ‘2000s. In that period of time, he managed to release eleven highly acclaimed and popular albums that helped him reach a net worth of almost $20 million.

DFree / Shutterstock

If you’re interested in listening to Adkins host on the radio, you can catch him at the SiriusXM radio station. Amongst his best albums are his 1996 debut album, Dreamin’ Out Loud and second album, Songs About Me, which became a two-times platinum and sold over two million copies. His best singles that have also attained popularity among Country fans are “No Thinkin’ Thing,” “Ladies Love Country Boys,” and “You’re Gonna Miss This.”

Pat Green

Net Worth: $3 million

Venture: Dancehall Dreamin’

Pat Green has been reinventing himself and his musical style for as long as he’s been in the music industry. The Texas-born singer began his musical career in 1995 and since then has recorded seven studio albums and had fifteen singles appear on the country charts. Although Green’s career had a lot of ups and downs over the years with mostly downs, he’s recently managed to break through into commercial in 2015 after two decades of work.

Pasphotography / Shutterstock

His 2015 breakthrough album is entitled Home and managed to snag the number-five spot on the album charts. Previous records have been less successful, with his second-best commercial success being the song “Wave on Wave” which performed better in the charts than all his other singles. His album of the same name also reached the most popularity and acclaim since and has received a gold certification. Green has worked with two labels so far, Republic Records and BNA, and is worth an estimated $3 million.

Ronnie Milsap

Net Worth: $14 million

Venture: WB4KCG

What happens if you combine Elvis Presley, Elton John, and Johnny Cash into a musical country genius? You need to look no further than the legendary crossover country artist, Ronnie Milsap, who was both a lyrical country genius and a virtuous pianist. Milsap has amassed a multi-millionaire net worth through sales of his incredible mix of soul and country to create iconic hits such as “Stranger in My House” and “Smoky Mountain Rain.”

Getty Images Photo by Ethan Miller

The 75-year-old artist was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2014 and received six Grammy Awards throughout his five-and-a-half decades of music. He was also the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions such as Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year, Entertainer of the Year and Best Male Country Vocal Performance. Milsap was a musical prodigy of his time, which resulted in thirty-five hits that reached number one in the charts. Outside of his musical career, Milsap is an amateur radio operator and his call sign is WB4KCG.

Montgomery Gentry

Net Worth: $10 million

Venture: 20 Years of Hits

The mix of Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry has to go down as one of the most iconic and brilliant ideas in history. The two country stars, Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry decided to kick things together and formed a classic duo in 1991. They decided to give up fancy names and simply call it Montgomery Gentry. The successful country-rock band gathered a small audience that combined the influence of both singers and also collaborated with other artists like the Allman Brothers and Charlie Daniels. Their success led to a combined net worth of roughly $10 million.

Debby Wong / Shutterstock

The band was signed with Columbia Nashville and released six albums during a decade starting from the late ‘90s. The country duo was quite successful and managed to release twenty different singles that have appeared in the country charts. In 2007, the band was hit by a sudden tragedy when Troy Gentry was involved in a fatal helicopter crash. Despite Gentry’s tragic death, Eddie Montgomery still tours under the name of the band to this day.

Trisha Yearwood

Net Worth: $40 million

Venture: Trisha’s Southern Kitchen

Trisha Yearwood is one of our generation’s most talented entertainers and managed to exercise her influence in many of today’s mainstream outlets and topics. Beyond her successful career as a country singer and songwriter, Yearwood is also a popular celebrity chef, actress, author, TV personality and continues to dabble in many other ventures. With a net worth of $40 million and a huge following of fans that love watching her whether she’s singing or cooking, Yearwood has built herself one amazing set of skills that she commercializes perfectly.

Getty Images Photo By Dominik Bindl

The Georgia-born entertainer started out her journey to fame and fortune in the music industry with her debut song, “She’s in Love with a Boy,” which rocked the charts and became the number-one hit of the time, eventually selling over two million copies. Yearwood then used that fame to launch her career in many other successful directions. She has also written a cookbook with her mother and sister that contains various recipes that her family enjoyed cooking and eating during her childhood. Today Yearwood hosts her TV show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.

Darryl Worley

Net Worth: $1.3 million

Venture: Darryl Worley Home Furnishings

The sweet Darryl Worley is a singer-songwriter and guitarist. With five successful albums and twenty-two singles, he has managed to build quite a successful musical career. His songs “Awful, Beautiful Life,” “I Miss My Friend,” and “Have You Forgotten?” have all reached the number-one spot in the United States charts. He’s a very generous and charitable fellow and annually hosts a charity event called the “Tennessee River Run” and also founded the Darryl Worley Cancer Treatment Center in his hometown of Savannah, Tennessee.

Getty Images Photo By Rick Diamond

Worley is a very popular stud and posed nude for the 2007 July issue of Playgirl magazine. His singles reached the number-one spot for three years straight in 2002, 2003 and 2004, and have been consistently successful ever since. Worley is also the owner of a vegan restaurant in Dothan, Alabama and and used to own a boutique furniture store in Enterprise, Alabama. The singer was signed to various labels over the years, including DreamWorks and R&J Records (previously known as Stroudavarious Records.

Jon Pardi

Net Worth: $8 million

Venture: Heartache Medication

Even at a young age, Jon Pardi proved his musical and business skills were valuable assets when he formed his own band back when he was still just in high-school. He was born in Dixon, California and left his hometown after finishing high-school in the hopes of becoming a successful singer. The young boy moved to Nashville and found his luck there with the Capitol Nashville label. The young multi-millionaire is also a record producer and has many sets of talents under his sleeves.

Debby Wong / Shutterstock

Pardi has managed to charm the crowds with his laid back neotraditional country singing and brilliantly manages to fuse old traditional styles with the modern tastes of country lovers, bringing both oldies and youngsters together to his tours. So far, Pardi has released two albums and ten singles, with almost all of his singles appearing in the country chart. He is currently working on his latest album, Heartache Medication, which we’re sure will be just as good as the first two (or even better).

Juice Newton

Net Worth: $4 million

Venture: Los Angeles Equestrian Center

Juice Newton’s career began when she was still a little girl, with her mother actively helping her develop various musical skills such as playing the guitar. Over the years her musical style has changed from the focused tunes of classic country music to a more general style of country-pop that many crossover artists engage in these days to reach a broader audience. This caused audiences to label her as a crossover star, a title that some classic country musicians criticize and avoid at all costs.

Getty Images By Mark Reinstein

Newton has received many awards throughout her career which began in 1975. Amongst her proudest musical achievements and recognitions are five Grammy nominations with one win, an Academy of Country Music Award and two back-to-back Billboard artist awards. Her albums have consistently reached platinum and gold status, with the most successful one being her Greatest Hits compilation.

Billie Jo Spears

Net Worth: $1.9 million

Venture: The Estate of Billie Jo Spears

Billie Jo Spears was a popular country star from back in the ‘60s, who was mostly known for her hit song “Mr. Walker It’s All Over”. Widely regarded as the “Queen Mother” of country music by fans and critics alike, Spears had a wonderful streak of singles that became hits on the charts. Her musical career began stagnating and was eventually paused for a few years due to personal reasons — and fans were demanding a comeback.

Getty Images Photo By David Redfern

Following a few years of hiatus, Spears managed to surprise everyone when she released her most famous and successful song to date, “Blanket on the Ground”, which came out in 1975 and became an instant hit. She continued releasing albums into the ’80s but her fame and popularity began to fade in the United States, although she was still very popular in the UK and even recorded albums which were almost exclusively released in Britain. She continued her career into her mid 70’s despite persistent medical problems. Spears eventually passed away in 2011 leaving her wonderful music behind for the world to enjoy.

Blanco Brown

Net Worth: $500,000

Venture: The Git Up

One of our most exciting up-and-comers in this list is Blanco Brown. Representing both the African-American culture and old-school folk American tradition, the singer has managed to combine the two most unlikely genres of rap and country into some of the most engaging and unifying forms of music that we’ve heard in the last few years. If there’s one genre that’s typically associated with more “dirty” themes it would definitely be rap and hip-hop. Brown brilliantly manages to take the best rap and hip-hop have to offer and distill them into an extremely positive country musical experience.

Getty Images Photo By Mindy Small

This young artist from Atlanta appears to be doing exactly the right moves since his works have led him to sell over twenty million records in his very short career so far. If you’re interested in listening to Brown’s music and experiencing some of the best combination of genres that music has to offer, look no further than his hit single The Git Up for some great ear pleasure. The song racked over 50 million views on YouTube and is honestly one of the most interesting pieces of music we’ve heard in a while.

Jana Kramer

Net Worth: $2 million

Venture: Dancing with the Stars

While you may know Jana Kramer as one of the stars from the ABC’s American dance competition, Dancing with the Stars, or as a young and successful country singer, she’s the first country artist on our list that started out in entertainment as an actress and only then moved on to singing. While many actors dabble in music and singing, Kramer decided to fully embrace the country path and debuted her musical career in 2012.

DFree / Shutterstock

So far, the young actress and singer has released two studio albums for her label called “Jana Kramer,” and “Thirty One.” Both albums received very favorable sales and reviews, and have both reached high spots in the charts, with seven singles also reaching the charts. Her two best performing songs to date are “I Got the Boy” and “Why Ya Wanna.” She’s most recognizable as an actress for her role as Alex Dupre in the One Tree Hill TV show and also acted in the low-budget indie horror film, Dead/Undead.

Willie Nelson

Net Worth: $25 million

Venture: Willie’s Reserve

You may recognize Willie Nelson from various films and TV shows. Despite looking like your favorite uncle during the time he rebelled against your aunt and to prove his independence, Nelson has built a substantial following of fans and a net worth of around $25 million. He is actively involved in poetry and activism, mostly focusing on the topic of legalizing the use of Cannabis.

Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock

Nelson has also been around for a long time now, and originally signed his first label deal in 1973 with Atlantic Records after growing his fame through folk music. The singer has since changed his tune and focused more on outlaw country music rather than classic American folk, with his most famous album is “Wanted! The Outlaws”. Nelson currently spends his time and wealth on his business which sells marijuana-related products, as-well-as various activism efforts for legalization.

Lee Ann Womack

Net Worth: $20 million

Venture: CMT Crossroads

When Lee Ann Womack first appeared in the country scene, she was instantly recognized as a modern mix of Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette. The country singer managed to bring fans back to the older days of female country songs with her musical style being deeply rooted in traditional country. When Ann Womack debuted in 1997, she instantly received fame and acclaim for her music. She is best known for the title song “I Hope You Dance” from her debut album, and has managed to achieve quite a lot with a relatively small discography.

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

When Ann Womack released, There’s More Where That Came From, her second album, she was quick to find out that the name was exactly the right fit because it performed just as-well or even better than the first. The traditional country singer took a break in 2008 and only returned to the music scene six years later with the album “The Way I’m Livin”, which sold over six million copies in the US. Ann Womack has definitely built a very impressive career with a relatively low amount of work, compared to other country singers, and currently boasts a net worth around $20 million.

Kip Moore

Net Worth: $4 million

Venture: Slowheart

Many fans of the hip Kip Moore don’t know that the singer never really set out to develop a musical career, and to some extent, stumbled into it. When he was younger, Moore would travel as a backpacking nomad and spend most of his time after college surfing in Hawaii while living in his tiny Hut. In 2004, after what we imagine were some really great days of tanning and working on his beach bod, Moore decided to try his luck at singing and moved to Nashville, where he met the successful producer Brett James, who helped him get a label deal with MCA Nashville.

Trina Stewart / Shutterstock

The surfing singer made his debut in 2012 and his luck just kept going. Moore would go on to receive critical and commercial acclaim for his first album, “Up All Night,” which was the best selling first album of any male country star for both 2012 and 2013, and achieved platinum status by the RIAA shortly after its release. Since then, Moore has released two more albums, “Wild Ones” and “Slowheart”, which both received good amounts of sales and attention, but failed to live up to the levels of success the first album generated. His best singles are, “Young Love,” “Dirt Road,” and “I’m to Blame.”

Sawyer Brown

Net Worth: $9 million

Venture: Beach Street Records

If you’ve heard of the popular country singer Don King who ruled the ’70s and ’80s with more than fifteen hit singles in the Billboard charts, you probably remember that he had a band of musicians that toured with him across the US. When the popular singer retired, those musicians chose to stick together and in 1981 they formed Sawyer Brown, the popular country-pop band that was founded by Mark Miller, Gregg “Hobie” Hubbard, Bobby Randall, Joe “Curly” Smyth and and Jim Scholten.

Getty Inages Photo By Mindy Small

The band’s country, rock and pop musical style was an instant hit. The band was such a success that it still plays in nowadays after nearly four decades together. They first competed in the popular TV competition show “Star Search” and won the grand prize of $100,000 plus a label deal with Capitol Records. The band went on to release eighteen studio albums and had over fifty songs appear in the Hot Country Songs charts. Their most successful songs to date are “Step That Step,” “Some Girls Do,” and “Thank God For You”.

Chad Brock

Net Worth: $100,000

Venture: TCN

If you’re a veteran WCW fan, you’ll probably recognize Chad Brock from his old wrestling days in the mid-’90s. The wrestler was always a signer at heart and moved from Florida to Nashville to try and become a popular country singer. Despite signing a deal with Warner Bros, he didn’t release any music for three years and instead became a WCW wrestler between 1994 and 1996. His wrestling career was quickly dispatched due to an injury that prevented him from wrestling. This was just the push he needed to return to music, as Brock went on to release several albums.

Getty Images Photo By Frank Mullen

His debut single, “Evangeline” peaked at number 51 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles but his next song, “Ordinary Life” became an even more popular hit, reaching the number-three spot on the charts. He has since released three albums which have seen moderate success. His strongest single to date was “Yes!” which reached first place on the country music charts. Since then, he has left the music scene to co-host a morning show in Tampa, Florida and eventually announced his desire to run for the United States Senate in 2014.

Mark Chesnutt

Net Worth: $7.1 million

Venture: Nada Dinero

Our second neotraditional country singer is Mark Chesnutt, who’s worked with both MCA and Dacca and released over many successful albums throughout his career. The singer-songwriter debuted in 1990 after many years of wanting to take up a musical venture due to his passion for country music. Chesnutt was born in Beaumont, Texas and drew his musical influence from his father, Bob Chesnutt, a popular singer and record producer. He played music from a very young age and dropped out of school to focus on performing, before being taken to Nashville by his father to begin his recording ventures.

Getty Images Photo By Paul Natkin

By the late ’80s, Chestnut released eight singles that were stitched together into his debut album, “Doing My Country Thing”. The album was well-received, as were his following three albums which have all managed to attain the Platinum status. Chesnutt has been slowing down a bit in recent years, but still released albums every few years or so. He has released 17 studio albums to date with nine of his singles reaching the number-one spot in the charts. He is highly awarded and even has his own label named Nada Direno.

Darius Rucker

Net Worth: $14 million

Venture: MGC Sports

Darius Rucker is the lead singer of Hootie & the Blowfish and is one of those rare artists that managed to combine different music genres into a beautiful and unique mix, namely, country and R&B. Over the years the band has released five albums and managed to claim six top-40 hits on the Billboard charts. Rucker also has a solo musical career, and already released several Country-R&B songs that have garnered their own audience and fans.

S_bukley / Shutterstock

In his business venture, Rucker is currently focused on sports marketing and is a partner at MGC Sports, which promotes talented athletes across many different sports and provides them with services ranging from marketing to public relations and management.

Lynn Anderson

Net Worth: $10 million

Venture: The Lynn Anderson Estate

When people look back at classical country music, two figures immediately come to mind — Dolly Parton, the country icon who empowered women all across the United States; and Lynn Anderson, herself a legendary figure in country and music and one of the best vocalists in the genre’s history. Anderson has released many number-one singles throughout her long career and excited the masses with her unique and defying musical style, especially during the ‘60s and ‘70s. Anderson’s most successful song to date is her version of “Rose Garden” which is considered as one of the most successful crossover recordings of all time.

Alamy Stock Photo /

Anderson made a much-demanded return in her last few years before passing away in 2015. She enjoyed her last decade touring to sold-out concerts and an unfathomable amount of love, gratitude and praise from fans all across the country. The legendary singer was inducted into the Texas Trail of Fame and ranked 28 in Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Country Artists of All Time.

Kenny Rogers

Net Worth: $250 million

Venture: Gambler Chassis Co.

Another musical Hall of Famer, Kenny Rogers has also become a legendary name in music and especially the country genre. While most musical artists record and release just shy of 100 songs throughout their entire career, Rogers has released over 120 songs that hit the singles chart throughout many genres of music. As the #1 record seller in the United States for more than 3 years, Rogers built a vast fortune of $250 million to his name.

Getty Images By Donald Kravitz

Since launching his career, the iconic singer has sold over 100 million records worldwide and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. He’s widely considered as one of the most influential musical artists of all time for multiple musical genres, with an obvious emphasis on country, and uses his mastery of guitar, bass, harmonica and fiddle to give the crowd exactly what they need. Outside of music, Rogers is the owner of the Gambler Chassis Company, which manufactures racing cars. Rogers has recently passed away at the age of 82.

Kelsea Ballerini

Net Worth: $6 million

Venture: The Voice (as a coach)

A fairly new country star who appeared in the music scene in 2014 is Country-pop artist and songwriter Kelsea Ballerini. The singer, who also works as a coach on The Voice, has managed to build a net worth of $6 million in her musical career which so far has only existed for 5 years. Shortly after her debut, Ballerini signed with Black River Label and proceeded to release her first album, The First Time, which went on to receive positive reviews and decent sales figures.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Shortly after, she released a second album called Unapologetically, which unapologetically earned her a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist in 2017. During Ballerini’s short time in the music industry, she has already managed to get seven songs rated in the Hot Country charts with four of them reaching the number-one spot. Quite impressive, especially if you include the fact that she’s often being compared to Wynona Judd and Carrie Underwood for consistently managing to release #1 hit songs. This makes her a very demanded musical talent and shows great things for her future.

Maren Morris

Net Worth: $300,000

Venture: Girls Just Wanna

Weekend The Grammy-winning Maren Morris is a wonderful country artist with a varied pool of talents and musical styles. The singer-songwriter has released some very successful pieces of music, including an album, Hero, which reached number five in the charts and number one in the Top Country Albums list. Her most highly acclaimed and popular song so far has been “My Church” which reached #1 on the Country Digital Chart in 2016.

Getty Images Photo By Taylor Hill

Morris was born in Texas and also plays the guitar brilliantly. She recently had a few major life events that we’re very excited for — first she signed on to Columbia Nashville label, then released her second album in her debut major album deal. Secondly, and perhaps a lot more exciting, is that she married Ryan Hurd, a fellow popular country singer. The couple has recently announced that Morris is pregnant. Fortunately for the couple, their musical career has already started to blossom and it looks like things are only going to get better from here.

Morgan Wallen

Net Worth: $700,000

Venture: Dig Your Roots Tour

Born in Tennessee, Morgan Wallen was well on his way to a successful career in baseball and was hoping to reach the MLB. He proved himself as a hardworking and talented individual, and even received a sports scholarship. Everything was going his way until one day, Wallen suffered a sports injury that severely damaged his odds of accomplishing his dream. Wallen chose to go into the music industry instead, and attempt to leave his mark there.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

We were first introduced to Morgan Wallen in the 6th season of NBC’s reality music show, The Voice. Despite falling out in the playoff rounds, the singer-songwriter was quickly picked up by the label Big Loud and has since seen released a studio album and two EPs. He was recently nominated by the Country Music Association as Best New Artist of the Year, but the results are still pending.

Justin Moore

Net Worth: $10 million

Venture: Valory Music

Justin Moore has managed to personify the image of southern “bad boy” and definitely uses it to boost his commercial and popular appeal. The singer-songwriter and guitarist was born in Arkansas and quickly became known for his musical talents and popular appeal with the ladies. Moore was signed to Big Machine label, which constitutes a part of the Valory Music conglomerate. Since debuting a few years ago, the singer has released five albums and amassed a net worth of around $10 million.

S_bukley / Shutterstock

Moore has consistently produced hit number-one singles throughout his music career that consists of three studio albums. Some of these singles are “Til My Last Day,” “You Look Like I Need a Drink,” “Small Town USA,” “Lettin the Night Role,” and “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away.” His third album, Kinda Don’t Care, also follows along the same bad-boy line (as evident by its title). If you’re into the whole “I’m an awesome guy and I don’t care” thing, this is definitely a singer you should listen to and follow.

Janie Fricke

Net Worth: $10 million

Venture: The Statler Brothers Show

Janie Fricke was one of the most famous country singers during the ’80s, she is best remembered for her incredible ballads, including “Down to My Last Broken Heart” and “I’ll Need Someone to Hold Me (When I Cry)”. The singer had many number-one singles during the ’80s was awarded the Female Vocalist of the Year in 1982, 1983 and 1984 by Country Music Association Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards and Music City News Country respectively. She has received three Grammy nominations for her songs “What’re You Doin’ Tonight,” “Your Heart’s Not in It,” and She’s Single Again.

Getty Images Photo by Jason Kempin

Fricke’s rise to fame began after producing a lot of uncredited background work for other artists, including Dolly Parton, Barbara Mandrell, Crystal Gayle, Ronnie Milsap, Lynn Anderson, Tanya Tucker, Conway Twitty and Eddie Rabbitt. Over time, she began to attract attention from interested fans until her 1977 debut. Despite Fricke’s career slowing down considerably since the 2000s, she is still actively involved in the music industry and attends various events. Her 2004 album, “The Bluegrass Sessions”, was the last major release from the famous singer and songwriter

Barbara Mandrell

Net Worth: $45 million

Venture: Barbara Mandrell & the Mandrell Sisters

Famous actress and singer Barbara Ann Mandrell saw her rise to fame through a bevy of hit songs during the ‘70s and ‘80s. Her most famous songs to date are “Years” and “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool”, although she has had many other successful singles including 1978’s “Sleeping Single in a Double-Bed.” Mandrell’s fame and success as an entertainer and actress peaked when she hosted her own TV show on NBC called Barbara Mandrell & the Mandrell Sisters, which went on to win a Globe nomination and the People’s Choice Award.

S_bukley / Shutterstock

She is considered to be one of the most successful female vocalists in the country during the ’70s and ’80s, and is still a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1972. Her former mansion which was located in Whites Creek, Tennessee has turned into a tourist attraction, hotel, restaurant, shooting range and music venue, and was managed by her daughter until 2017. Mandrell also starred in various shows such as Touched By An Angel, Empty Nest, Diagnosis: Murder, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, The Commish, Baywatch, Walker, Texas Ranger, and The Rockford Files.

Brad Paisley

Net Worth: $40 million

Venture: San Antonio Stock Show

Brad Paisley is one of the most prolific and popular country singers and guitarists in recent times. With nine albums that have all performed exceptionally well commercially and a record-breaking list of ten singles that all hit #1 in the country charts, Paisley was able to bank around $40 million in just a few years. Paisley was born in Glen Dale, West Virginia and has been commercially active since 1998. He’s known to play guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo and dobro.

Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock

The popular singer has received various awards including three Grammys and numerous Artist of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year and other awards. Paisley has also appeared in various reality shows including The Voice, America’s Got Talent and HBO’s Hard Knocks. He is a big fan of sports and follows teams such as the NFL’s Cleveland Browns.

Garth Brooks

Net Worth: $330 million

Venture: Pearl Records

Garth Brooks is the second best selling solo artist in the world to date, with sales of albums exceeding 148 million in the United States alone. He is a titan in the music industry and fully justifies his net worth that’s in the hundreds of millions. Together with his wife, singer Trisha Yearwood, the two have invested in various successful ventures, including an online music eStore which was bought by Amazon for a large sum of money. He’s also the owner of a Pearl Records label and even played professional baseball for the Kansas City Royals about fifteen years ago.

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

As a musician, Brooks has seen unparalleled success, which has even overshadowed the Beatles with seven of his albums getting the ideal and extremely rare diamond rating. His only real competitor as a solo artist is Elvis Presley, the king of rock ‘n roll. Brooks also made the transition into the beloved genre of rock, making him an even rare case of success, as the transition only helped boost his already overwhelming influence and omnipresence.

Lucinda Williams

Net Worth: $15 million

Venture: Sweet Old World

Lucinda Williams is not your typical country singer. She has been around the block since the late ‘70s and her career has been an incredible ride so far with very high peaks and long periods of silence. Her first few albums, which debuted in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s failed to capture attention and were relative flops. She then released a self-titled record in the late ‘80s with the hit single “Passionate Kisses” that would end up winning her a Grammy award.

Getty Images Photo By Jesse Grant

Williams is notorious for working at ever-changing paces and taking her time between albums. Her work only began to receive serious commercial and critical success in the last few years. She has since won three Grammys, been nominated over fifteen times, and was even named “America’s best songwriter” in 2002 by Time Magazine. Her most successful singles in recent years have been “Essence,” “Righteously,” and “Are You Alright?”

Dierks Bentley

Net Worth: $30 million

Venture: The Voice

If you remember Showtime’s dark comedy-drama series Weeds, you’ll probably recognize Dierks Bentley as the guy who sang the show’s opening theme song. The country music singer has been working with the Capitol Nashville label since 2003 and debuted with his first album, called “Dierks Bentley”. So far Bentley has released nine studio albums and was nominated for numerous Grammy awards, but hasn’t actually won any yet.

DFree / Shutterstock

He was the ACM’s Top New Artist of 2004 and has since done a pretty good job maintaining this record. Bentley has hosted a few musical events and also read the final results in season 15 of The Voice. The artist has been touring annually since 2006 and has not missed a single year. He’s married to Cassidy Black and lives in Nashville with their three children and dogs Jake and George. What most people don’t know about Bentley is that he’s also a licensed pilot and owns two private airplanes, which add to his $30 million net worth.


Net Worth: $20 million

Venture: Bigger

Being part of a group or band certainly has its benefits and disadvantages. You certainly enjoy the support and cooperation working with other musicians towards a shared goal, but the downside is that sometimes things can get a little crazy. Sugarland is an example of a band’s poor inner-communication leading to a falling out. Originally started as a trio consisting of Kristian Hall, Jennifer Nettles, and Kristian Bush, the band debuted to a strong open and was signed to Mercury Nashville.

Getty Images Photo by Roy Rochlin

It didn’t take long before trouble started appearing though, as Kristian Hall suddenly left the band. Accounts on the reasons are different on the two sides, with Nettles and Bush claiming that Hall left the group on her own due to stress issues, and Hall claiming that she was effectively kicked out. Hall didn’t waste time and sued the group, a matter which was settled out of court. The biggest musical mark that Sugarland left to date was ironically their debut album “Twice the Speed of Life,” which received a double platinum status by the RIAA.

Loretta Lynn

Net Worth: $65 million

Venture: Loretta Lynn Ranch

Born before World War II, Loretta Lynn is certainly a soul that’s still very much infused with the simplicity and charm of older and more traditional times. She was born in Kentucky and became a household name for everything country related. The veteran singer is still touring occasionally at 87-years of age but no longer records new music. If you’re interested in her life story, we highly recommend that you check out the Oscar-winning biographical drama film Coal Miner’s Daughter, which effectively takes you through her incredible life journey.

JStone / Shutterstock

Lynn is a highly acclaimed singer and loved by many. She’s the owner of the Loretta Lynn Ranch, which sells attire and merchandise related to her wonderful brand. She’s certainly one of a kind, and if you’ve never heard her hit songs “Don’t Come Home,” “You Ain’t Woman Enough,” and her amazing “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” now would be a good time to take a listen. You definitely want to catch Lynn performing live while the opportunity still exists.

Dottie West

Net Worth: $3 million

Venture: Coca-Cola

Dottie West was one of the female pioneers in country music, with a nearly perfect record of hit singles and albums that launched her career into fame and success. She is often compared to Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline, and is widely considered as one of the leading female singers that helped open the field for many other female country singers to come. Her debut song “Here Comes My Baby Back Again” was released in the ‘60s to massive critical and commercial success. It was immediately put in the Top 10 ranking in the country charts and West even received a Grammy for it, making her the first female country singer to ever win the prestigious award.

Getty Images Photo By Jason Kempin

Following her rise to fame, West struck a deal with Coca-Cola that ended up being another huge success. She wrote and recorded the iconic song “Country Sunshine” which became the company’s jingle for many years to come. The song also reached the #2 spot in the charts and helped propel her even further to critical acclaim. West then partnered with country icon Kenny Rogers and released a series of duets which helped her soar into even taller heights. The legendary singer’s music is now considered the standard for great country music and she was recently posthumously inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Eddie Rabbitt

Net Worth: $3 million

Venture: Days of Our Lives

Rock and country musician Eddie Rabbit was born in Brooklyn and began his musical career after watching his father, a successful accordionist and fiddle-player, and becoming motivated to achieve and surpass his level of musical success. Rabbit began his musical career writing songs for various country stars, including Kentucky Rain for Elvis and Ronnie Milsap’s hit, “Pure Love,” in 1974. When Eddie Rabbit went into singing on his own, he was instantly recognized for having a unique style of country that mixed country and rock. The singer also acted in the famous soap operas Days of Our Lives and All My Children.

Getty Images Photo By Paul Natkin

Rabbit passed away in 1998 due to a long battle against cancer, but the news was not published until after his burial at the request of his family. His most successful songs to date are “Suspicions,” “I Love a Rainy Night,” and “Kentucky Rain”. Eddie Rabbit was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1998, the same year of his passing.

Ashley McBryde

Net Worth: $1 million

Venture: Girl Going Nowhere

Ashley McBryde, considered by many fans to be the pride of Arkansas, was originally discovered and presented to the world by popular country singer Eric Church who invited her to perform her song “Bible and a .44”. Often admired for her honesty and good-hearted performances, McBryde struck a chord with the audience and developed a big fanbase of loving admirers.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

McBryde has released two albums before being signed in her first big label deal with Warner Music Nashville. The album’s names are “Expensive Guitars” and “Jalopies”. She was recently nominated for a Grammy and her song “A Little Dive Bar” is widely considered to be one of the best country songs of the year. The singer has a net worth of around $1 million, which is likely to increase dramatically as her fame and discography keeps growing over the years.

Alison Krauss

Net Worth: $16 million

Venture: Rounder Records

With a net worth of $16 million, Alison Kraus is showing young men and women that all you need to have a great career is talent and lots of hard work. Krauss is a versatile and multi-skilled musician with an angelic voice and control of various instruments from the piano to fiddles and mandolins. Kraus definitely did well on the commercial side with many of her songs being made directly for iconic film soundtracks. She’s contributed to films such as O Brother, Where Art Thou by the Coen Brothers and Cold Mountain by Anthony Minghella.

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

Krauss has nominated multiple times for the Oscars thanks to her incredible soundtrack songs and even decided to form her own label, called Rounder Label during a peak moment in her career, in order to make sure she has complete sovereignty over the content of her music. It looks like she’s got the incredible potential for the next few decades ahead of her, and you can be sure we’ll be rooting for her to appear on our next list with a nine-figure net worth and more amazing stories to tell.


Net Worth: $500,000

Venture: Emblem Records

Back in 2008, singer and expert mandolin player Cheynne Kimball decided to go from solo artist to band member and promptly founded Gloriana, a country group starring Rachel Reinert and brothers Tom Gossin and Mike Gossin. The band has produced three albums, with the first two reaching second place on the US charts. Their two most commercially successful songs “(Kissed You) Good Night” and “Wild at Heart” respectively reached platinum and gold status.

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock

The band has been well received from the very beginning, winning the American Music Awards’ Breakthrough Artist of the Year. Since their strong and critically acclaimed debut, the band’s commercial success has been declining quite rapidly, with the first album, “Gloriana,” standing at 235,000 sales, the second, “A Thousand Miles Left Behind” at 118,000, and the third, simply called “Three”, at an estimated 40,000 sales. The group was effectively disbanded after the release of their third album.

Gretchen Wilson

Net Worth: $4 million

Venture: Country Bands Together

If you’re looking for a classic country singer to listen to during long road trips and drives, look no further than the beautiful and very talented Gretchen Wilson. The country singer made her debut with a Grammy-winning single called “Redneck Woman” and has consistently produced award-winning albums and songs ever since.

S_bukley / Shutterstock

Her most successful album to date, “Here for the Party” has been awarded five-times Multi-Platinum status by the RIAA for exceeding sales of five million copies. Wilson’s debut single “All Jacked Up” is considered to be one of the best female debut singles in history. In her relatively short time in the music industry, Wilson has made a few million dollars and became a sponsor of a women’s softball league in Pierron, Illinois. She was arrested last year for causing a public disturbance at the Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, but has otherwise stayed away from mischief and trouble.

Luke Combs

Net Worth: $1.2 million

Venture: This One’s For You

It took Luke Combs three different EPs before finally hitting the sweet point of commercial success and reaching the top spots in the Billboard Charts. His third EP, Hurricane, was the catalyst for his recent label deal with Columbia records. Since then, Combs has released a full studio album in 2017 titled This One’s for You that managed to climb to the number one spot.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

His first two EPs, The Way She Rides and Can I Get an Outlaw, were not as successful as the releases that followed. Combs has since gone back to his roots in EPs and released a fourth EP just recently this year called The Prequel which sold almost four times better than the previous one which catapulted him to fame. Combs is a perfect example of how powerful persistence and improvement are. These traits have helped the 30-year-old singer build a net worth of over $1 million.

Lee Brice

Net Worth: $6 million

Venture: Curb Records

The singer-songwriter Lee Brice recently broke a massive record that lasted for over 6 decades by having his single, “Love Like Crazy,” spend 55 weeks on the country music charts. The 40 year old country artist from South Carolina started his musical career in 2007 and has since released four successful studio albums called “Love Like Crazy,” “Hard to Love,” “I Don’t Dance,” and “Lee Brice”. He was nominated nine times for various musical awards including Top New Artist and Best Song but has yet to win an award. The South-Carolina born artist is estimated to be worth over $5 million.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Brice has written many songs for many popular country artists between 2006 and 2016. In 2013, Brice married his longtime girlfriend Sara Nanette Reeveley. The couple have three children named Takoda, Ryker and Trulee. with his most successful compositions being Eli Young’s “Crazy Girl”, 2011’s top country song and Brook’s “More Than a Memory”, which debuted at number one on the country charts.

Jason Aldean

Net Worth: $80 million

Venture: Buck Commander

Known by many as one of the best guitarists in the country music space, Jason Aldean has managed to create his own small empire with a fortune of over $80 million over his career. The country star has mostly stuck to traditional country values, both in his personal life and musical career. Aldean is also the owner of a hunting and fishing gear label named “Buck Commander” that’s based on his likeness and brand.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Aldean was able to organize and invest in this business through the large income he receives from album sales. He’s apparently even more popular than you might think, with his 2010 album My Kinda Party receiving the super rare quadruple-platinum certification by RIAA (which is a super-duper cool certificate). Various of his other albums also reached platinum and double-platinum statuses.

Cole Swindell

Net Worth: $3 million

Venture: The Reason to Drink Tour

Cole Swindell is a singer and songwriter who debuted his career as a solo country singer in 2013, after a full three years of songwriting for other popular country artists such as Thomas Rhett, Scotty McCreery, Luke Bryan and Craig Campbell. Swindell has released three albums so far and is signed with the prestigious Warner Bros. Records label in their Nashville branch. His latest tour, Reason to Drink, was criticized for its title which according to many promotes alcoholism. He’s currently touring alongside famous country artist Dierks Bentley.

Debby Wong / Shutterstock

Swindell has released nine singles so far with seven of them making it to number-five or higher on the country charts. He has over a million likes on Facebook and managed to become a multi-millionaire in his mid-thirties. In 2015, Swindell won the Best New Artist of the Year by the Academy of Country Music Awards. His most successful singles so far have been “You Should Be Here,” “Middle of a Memory,” “Break Up in the End,” and our favorite, “Chillin’ It.”

Ed Bruce

Net Worth: $26 million

Venture: Bret Maverick

Ed Bruce is best known as everyone’s favorite original outlaw country singer and avid traditionalist of the genre. Born in Keiser, Arkansas, the talented young Bruce quickly caught the attention of Sam Phillips, the founder of Sun Records, and began writing and recording various songs for him. Bruce then proceeded to do voice-overs for TV shows and radio commercials, and finally debuted his first single in 1969 to moderate success. The aspiring singer finally made big progress when he released “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys”, a song which he wrote with his wife. The song reached the Top 20 charts and his career began improving quickly from there.


Bruce has released over 20 studio albums to date, with the most popular and commercially successful being his 1980 self-titled album. His best reviewed and commercially appealing songs are “You’re the Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had,” “Ever, Never Lovin’ You,” “”After All,” and “You Turn Me On (Like a Radio).”

Tammy Wynette

Net Worth: $900,000

Venture: Tammy Wynette Museum

Tammy Wynette was truly one of the greats when it came to classic country music. Often referred to as the “First Lady of Country Music”, she helped during the ‘60s and ‘70s to pioneer much of the popularity of the folk American genre, with music that touched every person in the United States on topics such as the hardships of maintaining loving relationships and the effects of loneliness on the soul. Wynetta is often compared with some of the greats in the genre like Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn.

Vicki L. Miller / Shutterstock

Wynetta hit her peak popularity between the ‘60s and the late ‘70s with songs like “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” that were massively popular before anyone has even heard of country-pop. With twenty singles reaching number one in the charts, this iconic and legendary singer was truly one of the best 20th century had to offer. If you’re interested in experiencing the magic of Tammy Wynette, you should listen to her hit song “Stand By Your Man”, or visit the Tammy Wynette Legacy Park Tremont, Mississippi that was constructed in honor of the woman who touched millions with her voice.

Greg Bates

Net Worth: $200,000

Venture: The Highway

(Sirius XM) American country singer Greg Bates has had a fairly short-lasting musical career that mostly appeared between 2012 and 2013. He released his first single, “Did It for the Girl”, which debuted at number 57 on the Hot Country Songs chart in 2012. The song was well received and was praised for being simple and memorable.

Getty Images Photo David Becker

Bates was born in Brentwood and moved to Nashville to better position himself for a country music career. He then got his music degree from Belmont University, which led to his signing a record contract with Republic Nashville a year later in 2011. Bates has since parted with the label after releasing two singles, “Did It for the Girl” and “Fill in the Blank”, and also an extended play which all did moderately well financially and critically. He has since been fairly quiet and we’ve not heard too much from the country singer except for his marriage in 2015 to girlfriend Shelley Skidmore.

Kacey Musgraves

Net Worth: $10 million

Venture: Golden Hour

The beautiful and talented Grammy-winning Kacey Musgraves has managed to grab attention for her unique musical style right from the start of her musical career. Since her debut, she has become a critically-acclaimed icon with a bevy of awards and recognitions, including six Grammys, four CMAs, and three ACMAs. Musgraves was relatively unnoticed during her first three albums releases but became an instant celebrity and highly-wanted musician after appearing in the Nashville Star singing competition TV show at age 27.

Lev radin / Shutterstock

Despite only coming in seventh place during the competition, Musgraves was quickly picked up by Mercury for an impressive label deal and has been winning Grammys ever since. Her albums “Same Trailer, Different Park” and “Merry Go Round” have both been commercial and critical successes, with both of them winning a Grammy. Her most recent album, Golden Hour, took things to an entirely different level and ended up winning four different Grammys. Since her debut, the singer has become a multi-millionaire and only seems to be growing in popularity, wealth and prestige as her career moves forward.

Taylor Swift

Net Worth: $320 million

Venture: Taylor Swift Productions, Inc.

Taylor Swift is a household name at this point and has effectively crossed over from country music into the hearts of Americans all across the nation. The singer often gives back to her fans, even to the point of occasionally surprising them with a musical visit. Swift’s debut album, Speak Now, was immediately a big hit and reached #1 in the charts shortly after being released. Nowadays, with over 150 million record sales in America alone, it’s no wonder that the star has managed to create a net worth of over $300 million.


Swift was first signed to Big Machine label until her fame and acclaim exceeded the scope of her contract. She then moved to Sony and has been in the worldwide spotlight ever since. The acclaimed star is also executive of her brand’s company, Taylor Swift Productions, which sells various items related to the Taylor Swift name.

Gary Allan

Net Worth: $10 million

Venture: EMI Nashville

While Gary Allan’s career has been relatively quiet in comparison to the previous stars on our list, the country singer-songwriter-guitarist has managed to create a net worth of around $10 million for himself, proving that you don’t need to be a mega-celebrity to attain wealth through musical talent if you’re willing to put in the work. Allan has switched from label to label, starting out with MCA records and then switching to Decca. He is currently signed to EMI Nashville and plans to stay there.

Getty Images By Stephen Lovekin

Allan has produced nine studio albums so far with twenty-six singles that have found their way to the Billboard Country Charts. Among his most successful and most fun singles are “The One,” “Her Man,” “Right Where I Need to Be,” and “Watching Airplanes.” You can check out his most recent album, Set You Free, on various online music stores.

Emmylou Harris

Net Worth: $15 million

Venture: The Roots

Alabama-born Emmylou Harris is one of country’s most beloved and acclaimed artists of all time. Harris started out playing in coffeehouses in Greenwich Village after she moved to New York with the goal of becoming a successful musician. It didn’t take long for fame and success to follow, with her 1969 debut album Gilding Bird marking the beginning of an extremely successful career that shows no signs of stopping even as Harris approaches 75 years of age.

Getty Images Photo By Aaron Rapoport

The powerful singer has released many albums and singles over her five decades of music. She’s one of the most decorated country singers in the world with fourteen Grammys, the Polar Music Prize, a Country Hall of Fame induction and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Harris also helped popularise feminism in the late ’90s through her music and supports Vietnam Veterans, animal rights and even founded her own animal shelter in Nashville. She’s currently a member of the Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Lyle Lovett

Net Worth: $25 million

Venture: Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

Despite being less known than other popular Country musicians on our list, this Houston-born singer has been rocking the Country genre since the ‘80s. Four times Grammy award winner Lyle Lovett might just be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re interested in some old-school Country music. Lovett has recorded thirteen albums in his career with twenty five singles. His work as a musician helped him create a serious net worth of over $25 million.

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

When he isn’t creating music, Lovett is also a part-time classic theater actor and composer. He is currently doing Much Ado About Nothing at the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles. You can check out his 2007 hit album It’s Not Big It’s Large if you’re interested in his older singles, or his newest album, Release Me, which has a more evolved sense of style.

Lila McCann

Net Worth: $2 million

Venture: Paint This Town

Lila McCann is every country boy’s dream, with a combination of beauty, talent, and an appetite for artistic success. The singer and actress made her debut in the country music genre as a teenager with the song “Like a Blackbird,” which hit the ground running and reached the twenty-eighth spot on the country charts (despite her lack of fame at the time). Her first studio album, Lila (which included the song), went on to become a mega success both commercially and critically, becoming the best selling debut album in 1997 and getting certified platinum by the RIAA in the US. McCann, who’s a very young millionaire, was instantly a highly demanded artist.

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

Her artistic ambitions were probably stoked at a very young age, when she appeared briefly as Kelly Wyman in the popular western action show “Walker, Texas Ranger”. Since then, McCann released two albums which have not performed as-well as her first, and now focuses mostly on iTunes as her way of reaching fans with her wonderful country songs.

Tanya Tucker

Net Worth: $60 million

Venture: Tuckerville

While most musical artists and celebrities take many years (sometimes decades) to achieve the lusted status of fame and wealth, it almost seems that Tanya Tucker was born for those. With her hit single “Delta Dawn” topping the musical charts when she was just 13-years old, Tucker was clearly destined for massive accomplishments in the country music scene. While many child stars tend to fade in popularity over time, this young prodigy had only gotten better as time went on, eventually leading the young Texas-born artist to a net worth of over $50 million.

Getty Images Photo ByPhoto by Terry Wyatt

Since her debut, Tucker had amassed various award nominations and top-hit singles including 1973’s “What’s Your Mama’s Name?” and “Blood Red and Goin’ Down”, 1975’s “Lizzie and the Rainman”, and 1988’s “Strong Enough to Bend”. She’s also a popular entertainer and appears in various shows and popular award ceremonies. Tucker also published an autobiography called “Nickel Dreams: My Life” in 1997. She recently dyed her hair pink in support of a friend whose going through cancer treatment and intents to keep the color until her friend recovers.

Debby Boone

Net Worth: $10 million

Venture: Debby Boone’s Hug-A-Long

Songs Debby Boone was born in New Jersey and comes from a long line of famous actors and singers. Her father is the famous Pat Boone, American singer, composer, actor, writer, television personality, motivational speaker, and spokesman. Her grandfather is country music legend Red Foley, one of country’s biggest stars for more than two decades with over 25 million record sales in the ’40s and ’50s. The young singer was part of a band with her three sisters, Lindy, Laury, and Cherry, but eventually went her own way towards a solo career, which proved to be a very successful decision.

S_bukley / Shutterstock

Debby Boone’s most popular song “You Light Up My Life,” was released in 1977 and became a number-one hit for ten weeks straight. Since then she has released various hit songs, won several Grammys, world records, and even wrote six books with her husband, some of which being children’s books. Her husband is also a well-connected in Hollywood, with his brothers being the famous actors Miguel and Rafael Ferrer and his cousin, George Clooney, also a big part of his family.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Net Worth: $20 million

Venture: Parents Television Council

Anyone who knows who Miley Cyrus is most likely heard of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. Both Billy and Miley Cyrus have been an active part of Disney Entertainment but eventually parted ways. Billy Ray Cyrus had his musical debut in 1992 to popular acclaim and released twelve albums so far. He has faded in popularity over the years despite being involved in various scandals that his often-provocative daughter Miley caused.

Joe Seer / Shutterstock

The country musician recently got back to media fame after a strong collaborative song called “Old Town Road” with famous musician Lil Nas X. The song starred in the #1 spot for two weeks after being released. Not much is known about the relationship between Billy Ray and Miley, but fans speculate that the two aren’t in the best of terms. On a final note, you might be interested to know that Cyrus is currently a member of the Parents Television Council.

Shane Minor

Net Worth: $1 million

Venture: Broadcast Music, Inc.

Shane Minor is definitely not your typical country singer. Before debuting as a singer in 1994, he was both a rodeo bull rider and a police officer in California. A bolt of genius must have struck Minor, and in 1994 he decided to quit both the police force and his bull-riding career to pursue a musical path as a country singer. Minor was picked up by Mercury Nashville and enjoyed a short but sweet six-year run as singer, before deciding to drop out of this career as well in favor of writing songs for other popular singers.

Getty Images Photo By Rick Diamond

Minor has been writing songs since the year 2000 for other artists and with great success, as many of his written songs shot up to the number-one position in the charts. He’s got a very impressive record of working with some of the biggest names in country music, including Trace Adkins, Kenny Chesney, Steve Holy, Luke Bryan, and other popular and highly acclaimed artists. Like many of his counterparts in the country music industry, he lives in Nashville, where he’s enjoying his career as a professional songwriter.

Kane Brown

Net Worth: $6 million

Venture: Zone 4

Born in Tennessee, Kane Brown is proof that you don’t need a major label deal to successfully debut a musical career in this day and age. The versatile artist likes to diversify his music across multiple musical genres and has successfully reached number-one in several Billboard charts at the same time. Brown’s success is mostly attributed to his large social media following, which helped boost him into commercial success right from his debut.

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

Brown is the quintessential example of an artist using social media to monetize and build a large following. He was quickly picked up by the RCA label after his music proved to be both critically and commercially successful, making him a millionaire in the process. Brown has released multiple EPs which all became instant hits and his recent album, Experiment, was released just last year in 2018.

Luke Bryan

Net Worth: $90 million

Venture: 32 Bridge

Luke Bryan is a classic Cinderella story of a talented guy who started out in the songwriting profession, working for popular country singers such as Travis Tritt and Billy Currington. One day Bryan said to himself, “Hey, I’m pretty good at this singing thing too! Why don’t I go out on my own and do a solo career?” And that’s exactly what he did. The singer-songwriter was quickly picked up by Capitol Nashville alongside Keith Urban, and since then released nine albums, all of which have been successful and have sold millions of copies.

Debby Wong / Shutterstock

Since his debut as a singer, Bryan managed to release fourteen hit singles that reached the number-one spot in the country billboards. He has amassed a net worth of almost $100 million and used some of that equity to start his own restaurant franchise called 32 Bridge and his first location was a success. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, the restaurant is a luxury dining experience with great reviews and cuisine.

Crystal Gayle

Net Worth: $10 million

Venture: Crystal’s Fine Gifts and Jewelry

Crystal Gayle is a country singer, widely known as the sister of Loretta Lynn and her famous single “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” which topped the country charts and became an international success. Since then, the singer kept producing successful hits through the ’70s and ’80s, including “Ready for the Times to Get Better” (1977), “Talking in Your Sleep” (1978), “Half the Way” (1979), “You and I” (1982), and “The Sound of Goodbye” (1984).

Getty Images Photo By Taylor Hill

Gayle was the recipient of a Grammy Award and five Academy of Country Music awards. She was recently ranked by Rolling Stones as one of the greatest country artists of all time and received a star on the  Hollywood Walk of Fame. She has released numerous albums that received Silver, Gold and Platinum certifications. Despite fading in popularity after the ’80s, Gayle has continued to tour and release albums over the years. Her latest album “You Don’t Know Me: Classic Country” was released just a few months ago.

Dolly Parton

Net Worth: $500 million

Venture: The Dollywood Company

The undisputed queen of country music, Dolly Parton, inspired millions of young men and women to freely express themselves and be their best versions through her many memorable and wildly popular songs. At this point, Dolly Parton is as associated with the country as Elvis is with rock. The legendary singer expertly used her immense income to found The Dollywood Company, which owns a water park, a dinner theater, and a spa resort.

Tinseltown / Shutterstock

Her musical and business achievements helped her secure a net worth around half a billion-dollar, much of it thanks to her Dollywood theme park, which is the twenty-fourth most popular theme park in the United States. She was heavily referenced in the 2018 coming-of-age drama Dumplin’ starring Danielle Macdonald and Jennifer Aniston. If you haven’t listened to Dolly Parton yet (and really, why wouldn’t you), then you should stop what you’re doing and put on her hit song “Jolene” in the background before continuing this article.

Conway Twitty

Net Worth: $14 million

Venture: The Estate of Harold Jenkins

Harold Lloyd Jenkins, mostly known as Conway Twitty, was a country singer from the ’60s and ’70s that dabbled in various genres from rock and roll to R&B and even Ppop. He was widely praised or his duets with Loretta Lynn and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame following his passing away in 1993. His most successful songs include “Hello Darlin’,” “Honky Tonk Angel,” “Linda on My Mind” and “The High Priest of Country Music.”

Getty images Photo By Michael Levin

Twitty was the center of various legal issues throughout his life, including alleged tax evasion and fights over his estate, including copyrights and royalties. The peak of his career was during the late ’70s when he shifted his musical style to country pop and changed his look from the slicked-back pompadour style to the regular curly hair and mustache. Most people don’t know this, but Twitty was on his way to becoming a professional baseball player until his plans were interrupted by a draft from the U.S. military. In the long run, we’re glad that they were.

Blake Shelton

Net Worth: $60 million

Venture: Ryman Hospitality

Singer, real-estate investor and Gwen Stefani boyfriend, Blake Shelton is every girl’s dream — he’s got the looks, the money, and the voice to capture anyone’s attention. This was evidently clear when Shelton first released his debut album in 2001 and saw his hit single “Austin” stay in the #1 spot for five straight weeks in the country charts. His debut was a massive success and landed him square inside the much-desired platinum status for the album’s sales.

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Shelton was signed with the Giants until the label closed its doors not too long ago. He quickly snatched by Warner Bros. Records and signed a hefty contract with them. Outside of music, the singer invests his multi-million dollar wealth into various industries and especially focuses on Ryman Hospitality, a hotel, resort, entertainment, and media company that owns a variety of real estate properties under its name.

Shania Twain

Net Worth: $400 million

Venture: Let’s Go!

Let’s just get one thing out of the way first, this artist has pretty much beaten everyone in this list when it comes to sheer wealth. With a net worth of over $400 million, Shania Twain is arguably the most successful female country singer in the world. With over 100 million album sales, she has pretty much smashed the glass ceiling for women in this musical genre and even went a few steps further.

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Twain was born in Canada and became a famous artist after being discovered by producer Mutt Lange, whom she ended up marrying by the way. She is currently signed as a musician with Mercury-Nashville, and has recently announced sponsorship projects named “Let’s Go!” that aims to help young artists find their voice and crowd. The project is currently based in Las Vegas.

Tim McGraw

Net Worth: $85 million

Venture: Tennessee Titans

Musical icon and owner of the Tennessee Titans NFL team, Tim McGraw is husband to the successful country artist Faith Hill. The power couple has attained the status of “rich and bestselling country musicians” with combined sales of their albums likely surpassing the 100 million mark. McGraw has released a total of fifteen albums to date that has all sold exceptionally well. Out of those fifteen, a total of ten albums have been serious home runs for the singer, resulting in #1 spots in their genre.

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The duo has made some serious business investments using their wealth which is in the tens of millions of dollars. Their main investment was in the Tennessee Titans, as both are currently owners in the successful NFL team. Mcgraw likes to manage the team on a day-to-day basis while Faith Hill takes care of other responsibilities related to the management of the team.

Reba McEntire

Net Worth: $95 million

Venture: RBI Widely

referred to as the queen of Country music, Reba McEntire is a musician and businessman that’s been around for longer than many of her male Country counterparts. The singer has dominated the genre with over thirty albums to date which almost all attained a gold status or better. She is one of the all-time best-selling Country singers and has over 75 million album sales to brag about.

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Outside of her career as a musical artist, she has built a net worth of almost $100 million through smart business decisions and reinforcing and improving what’s been working for her throughout her long career. McEntire is the founder and manager of the RBI management firm and is also a successful actress. The actress has appeared in the classic monster comedy-horror film Tremors and was the lead of her own sitcom, Reba, which helped show off her charisma. McEntire also appears occasionally in broadway productions. There’s only one question at this point — is there anything this woman does that isn’t amazing?

George Strait

Net Worth: $300 million

Venture: Codigo 1530

George Strait is your classical American country music icon. Strait is often referred to as the Clint Eastwood of country. With a career spanning over three decades, revenue from his tequila company “Codigo 1350”, and more than one-hundred million album sales, this musical behemoth has built himself an impressive net worth of over $300 million. He is currently signed with MCA Nashville label.

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Strait was born in Texas and over the decades became one of the most famous singers of all time. He’s what you’d call a country traditionalist, and has deep roots in the gritty origins of this musical genre. The legendary singer is a massive critic of the modern generic style of country-pop that seeks to appeal to the largest audience, rather than focus on the genre’s tradition and background.

Kenny Chesney

Net Worth: $225 million

Venture: Kenny Chesney, Inc.

With a net worth of $225 million, Kenny Chesney is a true king when it comes to creating great music that captivates a large audience of fans, then effectively monetizing that fanbase through various apparel and merchandise. The singer-songwriter and businessman have released twenty gold-certified albums so far with record-breaking success. Chesney has consistently dominated the charts with over forty Top 10 Country singles and twenty-nine of them reaching the #1 spot.

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On the business side of things, Chesney has become a very versatile musician which enabled him to appeal to a very wide audience of music fans. He then took that base and founded the Kenny Chesney corporation which expertly sells various items to his dedicated and loyal fans. Kenny Chesney is a singer-songwriter who has released twenty albums, nearly all of which have been gold-certified or higher by RIAA. This legendary star has had more than forty Top 10 singles on the country charts, twenty-nine of which has snagged the #1 slot. Chesney is a crossover artist whose style is among the most versatile in all of country music.

Toby Keith

Net Worth: $500 million

Venture: Show Dog Nashville

Toby Keith went from a popular and highly successful singer to an absolute business magnate in just a span of 25 years. Keith managed to do in just two and a half decades what most successful entertainers and businesspeople never even accomplish in their lifetimes, and created a net worth that’s equal to half a billion dollars. The legendary singer-songwriter and actor was born in Oklahoma and has been a source of pride for them ever since.

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With a long list of hits that generated him a substantial income, Keith invested his newfound wealth into a business venture called Show Dog Nashville, an independent label that he currently owns. The label’s name was recently changed to Show Dog-Universal and has managed to sign a serious number of up-and-coming country artists who ended up becoming popular and acclaimed such as Scotty Emerick. If you’ve never heard of Keith’s hit single “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”, you might just be missing out on one of the greatest hits of all time in the country genre.