More Dads That Have Failed At Parenting In the Most Hilarious Ways

Everyone knows that there’s no love like a mother’s love, and there are plenty of songs and movies that attest to the tender care only a mother could provide for her child. However, dads will argue that there’s nothing like the bond between a father and their child, and this may be true, but once you see the following slides in part 2 of Dads That Have Failed At Parenting In the Most Hilarious Ways, you’ll realize that the bond is…well, differentBut hey, we could at least give all these dads an ‘A’ for effort.

What the…?!

All we want to know is who was the photographer that let this happen! Clearly, this dad wanted a studio portrait of him and his son, which is always a nice idea. This guy was proud of his profession and thought it would be cute to dress his baby up like a surgeon too. So far, so good. But then, someone thought it would be a good idea to through in some silicone breast implants as a fun prop!


We really hope this was made as a funny prank to show mom. And that dad took that implant out of the baby’s hand before he decided to put it in his mouth thinking it’s a toy!

Dad Needs New Glasses

It’s always a good idea to take your kids outdoors; however, this does mean that you have to be extra careful. After all, there are many perils to watch out for – wild animals, extreme weather, poisonous insects, dad not reading dangerous warning signs…


This is either the most spaced-out dad we’ve ever seen, or he needs a new prescription for his glasses because he seems to be completely oblivious of the fact that his baby has her entire hand wrapped around an electric fence! On the bright side, it doesn’t seem the electricity was working that day. Thank God!

Does He Get Points for Trying?

We know this dad knows what his baby looks like inside his DIY “carrier” because he’s actually taking a selfie of it in front of a mirror. And he couldn’t be more proud of it!


We’re sure he did this as a joke (at least, we really hope he did), but the baby’s face is still priceless – “Seriously, dad?! I’m holding on for dear life here, man! Snap the friggin’ picture already!”

Best View Ever

We don’t know what was so incredible to watch that made this dad use his baby’s stroller as a footstool – while the baby was in it! Not only could he have slipped and stepped on the baby, but the stroller’s safety lock could’ve snapped and sent dad flying into the air.


We hope the view was worth it because one small slip and this could’ve turned into a pretty bad accident.

One, Two…Disaster

This looks incredibly fun…and extremely dangerous! You have to hand it to this dad for his creative idea and DIY sled, but it’s probably not the best idea to pack four kids on a small mattress and push them down the stairs. No matter how much fun they seem to be having.


Then again, maybe this was the dad’s last resort after hours of trying everything he could think of to keep the kids busy. We know the struggle, dad.

When Missing the Bus is Not an Option

This looks like a scene straight out of a ‘Rush Hour’ movie. We have to applaud this dad for his determination. He knew that missing that bus was not an option, so he did what he had to do, told the kid to hold on tight, and jumped the fence. The kid probably felt like his dad was a real-life hero taking him on a wild adventure.


And hey, as long as the kid was securely fastened in that carrier, we don’t really see the problem. In fact, this dad gets an ‘A’ for effort.

He Won’t Even Notice!

Just when we thought a person couldn’t get any lazier, we found a photo of this dad. OK, dad, we know it sometimes takes time to find that perfect position on the couch when you’re finally completely comfortable. You try to place everything you’ll need within your reach; the glass of water, the laptop, the TV remote, the baby…


Either this guy finally sat down when he realized it was feeding time again and decided to maneuver the situation, or he actually thought this through. ‘How can I give him the bottle with the least amount of movement possible?’ Congratulations, dad, you found the way.

Get Your Own Cart, Dad!

There’s nothing cuter than when a kid tries to imitate a parent’s behavior – they dress up with parents’ clothes, wear their shoes, grab a huge broom and pretend to clean, etc. This is actually one of the ways kids learn about the world and their surroundings, which is why when your kid asks if he can bring his toy supermarket cart to help you with the shopping, you should probably avoid using it for carrying your beer!


On the other hand, this dad probably thought to himself, “Hey, just because it’s a toy cart doesn’t mean it can’t carry stuff!” Good job, dad. That’ll teach the baby that he needs to work for things in life. After all, if you make the grueling effort of pushing around your beer from the aisle to the cashier, you certainly earned the right to drink them.

Nice Try, Dad

Mom probably figured, what’s the worst that can happen if I leave him in charge of the costumes this year? Well, having your toddler go trick or treating around the neighborhood dressed as a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, that’s what.


But don’t worry mom, dad wasn’t going to let the baby make a fool of himself on his own, so he decided to dress up as a bottle of whiskey! This dad probably figured it’s never too early to teach your kids about cigarettes and alcohol.

You Scream, I Scream

We all know how frustrating it can be to listen to a screaming baby for hours on end – even if it’s your own. This dad seems to have exhausted every possibility to try and calm his baby and decided to simply scream back.


We feel your desperation dad, and to be honest, we wonder if it worked. Maybe this guy finally solved what countless mothers have been asking themselves since ancient times – how do you quiet a relentlessly screaming baby?

Darth Baby

Nothing like having a die-hard Star Wars fan for a dad. Maybe this dad found his favorite Darth Vader helmet lying around in the closet, or perhaps he was taking the baby for a stroll and happened to walk by a costume store and thought, “ok, kid, bear with me, I have to do this!” We can even imagine him doing the entire “I am your father” bit. Absolutely hilarious.


Even though this is one of the most hilarious baby pranks we’ve seen, we really are hoping dad quickly took off this huge helmet off that tiny baby’s head immediately after taking the photo!

When You Can’t Find the Crib

This dad deserves extra points for creativity. Instead of losing his mind looking for a place to put the baby so he could work, he decided to plop him on his stomach and kill two birds with one stone.


And we must say, that is one of the most peaceful, blissfully sleeping babies we’ve ever seen. Good job dad!

(Very) Extreme Sports

Having kids shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love most, and we completely agree with taking your little ones on all kinds of adventures, but this is dad took things a little too far. Maybe this dad had already planned a ski day on his own when mom suddenly told him she had a last-minute work meeting. Or maybe he thought it would be a perfect activity for the baby on their day together.


Whatever this dad was thinking, it’s probably not the best idea to take a small baby skiing – despite how secure this baby looks in the carrier and the fact that dad remembered to take his favorite stuffed giraffe with them. Still a big no-no, dad. Too many ways this could go incredibly wrong.

Bubble Trouble

OK, we appreciate this dad’s try to be extra efficient by bathing his four kids at the same time, but that doesn’t mean you had to throw in a bottle of soap per kid!


These kids are probably having a blast, but this dad does not look happy. And neither would we if we were looking at the huge mess we’d need to clean up; not to mention convincing those kids to get out of the bath and get them ready for bed. We feel for you, dad.

Ninja Baby

Mom probably thought it was a good idea to leave around a healthy snack for dad and the baby. You know, to make things easier while she was gone. Little did she know this dad had other plans for that watermelon. To be fair, this baby girl looks incredibly amused with her new ninja helmet.


And hey, they probably did eat the watermelon before dad decided to turn it into a DIY helmet. This mom will surely think twice about what she leaves lying around in the kitchen next time she leaves the baby with dad.

Ever Heard of a Sippy Cup?

Clearly, this dad forgot that planes tend to move during a flight. We almost feel bad about it after seeing this parent’s look of absolute worry and shock. But come on dad, what did you think was going to happen when you give a toddler a huge water bottle during a flight?!


This kid probably said he was thirsty and the dad looked at his water bottle and said ‘that’ll do’. Which, to be honest, makes perfect sense – if it wasn’t a known fact that kids tend to spill 90 percent of whatever they’re drinking. Enter, the sippy cup. We’re sure you won’t forget to bring it with you ever again, dad.

DIY Mouse Pad

You have to applaud this dad’s resourcefulness. Maybe he had a deadline for work, or maybe he just wanted to surf the internet on the five-minute break before he had to change diapers again. In any case, he found the perfect way to watch over the baby while finding the perfect surface for his mouse so he could stay in bed.


And hey, we all know how annoying it is when you don’t have a mouse pad and you’re trying to find a surface it can roll on properly. Who knew it would end up being this baby’s onesie?

Laziness at Its Worst

Though we do have to appreciate this dad’s effort to make sure his baby doesn’t miss the view, this is clearly not the right way to go about it. Think about it, just one slip and that stroller could roll right off the rails. And what’s most shocking is that the mother doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with this!


We get it, maybe this dad knew that taking him out of the stroller was a sure way for the baby to have a full-blown tantrum – something no parent is ever happy to deal with. Still, maybe just pick him up next time, dad, like a normal person would do.

Mom, I Decided to Put Dad to Sleep Early Today

We all know there are fewer things in life more exhausting than parenting, and this dad clearly couldn’t take it anymore. The question is, how did he end up passing out inside the baby’s crib? Did he just try to pick him up for the last feeding and keel over from exhaustion?


One thing is clear, this baby seems very understanding of the situation. It almost looks like he was just surprised by mom and is trying to tell her “give him a break, mommy, he tried his best”. Just look at how his cute little hand is grabbing dad’s, as if making sure he’s soundly asleep.

Any Extra Weight Helps

Come on, dad, we understand you have your work out goals, and taking care of the baby shouldn’t keep you from them. But lifting those kinds of weights while having a baby strapped to your chest?! We can’t stop picturing this situation going terribly wrong.


This dad wasn’t going to miss a workout, and he probably thought, the more weight, the better. We guess we could give him points for making the best out of the situation – but still, this is just way too unsafe! Never try this at home, dads!

Dad, I Don’t Think This is Right

Granted, this dad and his baby do look extremely cute, but is dad actually planning on going out like that? Sure, they both look warm and cozy enough to brave what is obviously very cold weather outside, but using a jacket as a baby carrier is not ideal, to say the least. And judging by the expression on his face, the baby agrees with us.


This dad obviously made his best effort, though, since he seems to be proud enough to want to photograph his achievement. Hey, at least he made sure the baby’s head was protected from the cold by putting on that adorable little hat.

That’s My Baby Pen, Daddy

When mom left her husband, baby, and kid at home together, she didn’t expect to come home to this; the dad inside of the baby’s pen and the baby outside of it. It seems like the joke is on mom and dad this time. Perhaps the kid snapping the photo wanted to show dad who was boss around there.


He didn’t feel that it was fair for the baby to be locked up inside of the gate and the second kid wanted to free the baby. So, he freed the baby and locked up dad in the pen. By the look on the baby’s face, it seems like he was in on the plan as well.

Find Another Bedtime Story, Dad

If they say that a picture says a thousand words, then we’re going to go ahead and say that this one says a million. Reading to your kids is important to help them learn and stimulate their minds. It’s also a great way to spend quality time with them and relax together. But this dad should probably invest in some children’s books, because his son won’t be needing this magazine for quite some time. The facial expression of this baby is perfectly timed as his dad flashes a Playboy magazine in front of his face, to his apparent shock.


Although this baby doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s looking at, and it’s probably just pure irony that he happens to make that face while the Playboy magazine rests in front of him, he may know that it’s different from his usual bedtime story of Peter Pan and Dr. Seuss. Regardless, this boy will most definitely look back on this picture in years to come and laugh about this scenario. We must say, his dad is quite the jokester! We just hope that mom is on his level.

No Escape

If it’s one thing that you need to know as a parent it’s that you shouldn’t leave your baby alone if they’re able to crawl or walk. This can end in something seriously bad and even fatal. For that reason, there’s something called baby gates and playpens so that you know your baby is in a safe, confined space if you’re unable to watch them for some time.


Seems like this dad has gotten himself into the classic dad pickle; he must have forgotten how to unlock the baby gate or move it to where mom put the playpen, so he was left to come up with the next best thing; a makeshift baby restraint. He tied the legs of his baby’s onesie to the legs of the crib so that his little one couldn’t get very far. We hope that this is just a little joke, because it seems a bit wrong to do that!

Baby Table

Anybody who’s a parent knows that one of the keys to parenting success is mastering the art of multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is virtually the only way to get everything done. While this dad was on the way to the kitchen to satisfy his sweet tooth, his fussy baby started crying. The dad looked at the kitchen and back at his baby, and once again at the kitchen and back at his baby. There was no way he was willing to veto the triple chocolate cake that his wife had just picked up from his favorite bakery.


He knew that it was now or never for the chocolate cake. So, he did what any nurturing dad would do; he cut himself a nice thick slice of decadent cake and grabbed his child to rock while eating. Well, turning the baby into a placeholder for his plate seemed to be the answer. “The only way my three-day-old daughter would fall asleep. After two hours of carrying her around I got hungry,” he wrote. Dads may have their own way of parenting, but many times it works in their favor, and in their kids’ favor. Now who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Well, That Could End Very Badly

We’ve already seen this dad multiple times, and he is basically the epitome of father fail pictures. Luckily, his pictures are all taken in good humor and he doesn’t actually endanger his adorable daughter. He just has a very good eye for snapping father fail pictures and a good sense of what will go viral.


This picture in particular, leaves us wondering whether that fire is photoshopped in, because it’s pretty unclear. Although this dad does play it safe, based off of his other images, this photo might actually be real. We just hope that his wife wasn’t involved in the making of this image because then we’d have to also call it a mother fail and we’d rather not. Regardless, children and fires just don’t mesh well and that’s in parent 101.

Dad’s Should Never Do Makeup

Leave dad alone for 10 minutes with the little one, and you might end up with an angry little infant, pretty much like this tiny tot. “I leave my husband with the baby for ten minutes,” joked a Reddit user who shared this hilarious but adorable photo of her insane looking baby.


Although we are pretty sure it’s all in good spirits, you be the judge; is this picture a dad fail or a major dad win and a hilarious memory that this little baby will have for the rest of her life? One thing is probably certain, and that’s that dad hadn’t intended on having his art work go viral all over the internet. Well dad, the joke’s on you! This is the kind of stuff that makes for some perfect viral internet material.

Foam Pit Accident

We’re not sure what the intentions of this father were and whether he meant to send his daughter soaring head first into the foam pit, but it looks like that’s what happened, whether he meant to or not. Well, if the daughter was scared of the foam pit before, then she either feels like she’s finally mastered the evil foam pit and is capable of anything, or she’s extremely traumatized and will never step foot near it ever again.


And if this dad was attempting to teach his daughter a lesson on trust, he failed at the task miserably, and his daughter might be seeking out therapy to heal from this moment for years to come. Luckily, the two were swinging above a foam pit and no real disaster happened. It’s almost certain that his daughter will be more cautious in the future regarding whose shoulders she decides to climb on.

The Science of Swaddling

Swaddling is a science. New parents often struggle with mastering the art of successful swaddling. Babies love being swaddled because it takes them back to the cozy warm confinement that they felt in the womb. It seems like this dad is struggling majorly this morning, but he is definitely an improviser master and that deserves some major credit, although we aren’t sure that mom will think so.


He used some industrial-style clamps to get his baby wrapped all snug and in place. It looks like his idea worked because his baby is sound asleep. She has no idea that her dad completely made up the swaddling system. Way to go dad, you deserve some major credit for your work.

Banana Hat

When this dad took his little guy to the beach, he realized that he forgot to pack him a hat. His wife left him specific instructions to put a hat on him and he knew that he would be in big big trouble if he came home with his son and his son’s head got a bit burnt. So, he made him a makeshift hat out of a banana peel. Although it looks cute and funny, the baby boy is definitely not impressed by his father’s innovative hat.


He’s giving him a look like “C’mon Dad! I’m not a trash can. Enough of the funny business, couldn’t you have given me a real hat?” If the dad had just read his wife’s instructions before leaving the house, then they wouldn’t be in this pickle right now. One thing is for sure, an outing with dad is always an entertaining one. This boy will probably realize this later in life.

Yard Sale

We hope, and we surmise that this picture was only a joke. Parenting is no easy task and sometimes parents just need a break! This dad apparently felt the hardship of parenting real hard in this picture, so much that he displayed his baby daughter as part of the free stuff yard sale he was having, alongside some very giant shoes.


The dad is obviously joking here (we hope), and decided to have some fun with the family moving sale. Perhaps they didn’t need the baby seat anymore and were giving it away for free. With the “free stuff” sign, the dad had the perfect opportunity to create a funny picture. Anyways, he better watch out, because with a bubbly and happy baby that cute, anybody would be happy to scoop her up for free.

The Tooth Fairy Was Drunk

Not putting a little money under your child’s pillow when they lose their tooth should be a crime against the imagination and dreams of children. But when we say money, we mean a few dollars. This dad seems to have been a little tipsy last night when he crept into his daughter’s room to put money under her pillow.


His daughter woke up the next morning $100 richer. Although his daughter was ecstatic, her father, on the other hand, was bummed to see that his wallet was that much lighter this morning. It’s clear from her father’s reaction that he’s not going to be able to explain this one easily. And he can be sure that the next tooth will cost him $200.

Just Like a Cradle

When your sleeping baby is desperate for close contact with you, but you are desperate to play your computer game (if it’s even acceptable to call this desperation), then you go to great measures in order to make the two possible. I mean, you don’t want to ignore your baby’s needs and act like a neglectful parent, but when your computer character requires your attention, ignoring that can make you an equally neglectful computer player. This guy came up with his own unique solution, and we are definitely putting a disclaimer out there; do not try this at home.


We are sure that mom wasn’t too happy with the situation. Rather than rock his baby to sleep in the other room, this dad created a sleeping area in the drawer of his desk so that he could play his computer game while rocking the baby with his foot! Being a responsible parent comes to fruition in all sorts of ways. What’s important is that this baby looks safe (as long as the drawer doesn’t close on him, and hopefully the father is willing to pause his game if his baby needs his attention).

The Cheerios Tower

Sometimes, being home all day with your kid can get a little boring. That’s why it’s important to always find ways to mix it up and throw some fun into the mix, or cereal. In 2016, the Cheerios Challenge went viral all over the internet. The challenge is quite simple, and anybody with a box of Cheerios at home can participate. Disclaimer: we aren’t telling you to try this at home, and dads, do this at your own risk (of getting in trouble with the lady). The challenge requires two ingredients; a sleeping child and Cheerios.


The goal of the challenge is to stack as many cheerios as possible on your baby’s head while they are sleeping. Unsurprisingly, most of the participants in the Cheerios Challenge are men. The dad from this photo is clearly a cheerio-stacking genius and basically deserves an Olympic gold medal for the hard work and dedication he puts into the sport. Whether or not he has an advantage because his child is a deep sleeper, is up for debate.


Many of these pictures are failures with a touch of humor. There are zero things funny about this picture. Zero. Danger is lurking closely down below and the baby could have easily been mauled by the crocodile if dad had accidentally dropped him. And whoever snapped the photo isn’t doing any better of a job and they are just as guilty in the situation. Child protective services, where are you when you’re needed?


This is not okay and we don’t applaud this photo at all as it shows how careless some parents are and even encourages other parents from imitating the act. Worst of all, the baby is laughing because he has zero idea of how dangerous the situation is.

Best Facebook Hack

Reason number 1,092,093 why you shouldn’t allow your parents anywhere near your Facebook, or near your computer, for that matter. This is what you would call next level embarrassment. Dan’s dad, while intending to be informative, didn’t have a clue that he was single handedly destroying his poor hospitalized son’s life.


Although he did it with good intentions, he pulled a classic embarrassing dad move, and Dan might end up extending his stay in the hospital after waking up from his surgery and experiencing cardiac arrest thanks to discovering his dad’s post. It’s safe to assume that Dan will be plotting some kind of revenge against his ignorant father. If this post was real, as somebody in the comments hoped for, then it could quite easily go down in the hall of fame of dad trolls.

Homemade Disney World

Many parents are reluctant to making the trip to Disney World because of the high costs involved. There are the flights, entrance tickets, and let’s not even get started with the exorbitant food costs. For a whole family, you could be looking at spending a couple thousand dollars. So, what are you to do if you aren’t able to afford it? If you can’t make it to Disney World, you bring Disney World to your home!


This awesome dad deserves the dad of the year award. He shows that being a good dad doesn’t require a lot of money, just some thoughtfulness, creativity, and love. These kids look like they are having the time of their lives. Although this ride may be shut down for breach of federal safety regulations, one thing is for certain; these kids definitely won’t be begging to go to Disney World anytime soon. This dad photo went viral all over the internet. Dads certainly have their own unique ideas, and sometimes it even seems that moms could afford to learn a thing or two from them.

As long As She’s Asleep

It seems that the only place and time that kids don’t like to sleep is in their bed when it’s bedtime. Other than that, they tend to fall asleep in weird positions and places. This girl fell sound asleep right in the middle of the coffee table when she was being watched by dad. Obviously, her mom wasn’t home or she would have been moved to a more comfortable sleeping arrangement. The dad is reluctant to move his daughter because he’s dying to tune in to Sunday night football and knows that if he wakes her up, that won’t be part of his plan anymore.


Seems like dad has made light of her daughter’s sleeping position and has been piling up stuffed animals on her to see how many he can do without waking her up. Looks like her father is a big baby himself. Dad, this isn’t college anymore! This is your kid we’re talking about, not some guy who passed out from drinking too much. Hopefully, the dad moved his daughter to her bed before mom made it back home.

What Are You Using For the Dog?

When mom left instructions for dad to take their baby girl for a walk, he did exactly as he was told, he took her for a walk. But um, dad, I don’t think she needed to be on the dog’s leash! Looks like the girl caught onto her father’s foolery and she was much too smart for him.


There’s a good chance that this girl will be the class clown, if she’s learning from such a young age how to be boisterous. It seems like she already has a pretty good sense of humor. Many parents choose to use leashes on their children, which is pretty questionable. This is a great example of a good dad joke.

No Tolerance!

Here is another father poking fun at his child in quite the same manner as the previous father. Perhaps this father even received inspiration from the other dad. In this picture, this boy’s dad makes it look like his son passed out after taking four shots of Jameson.


It’s a pretty funny picture and we are sure that the dad got some good laughs out of it. We imagine mom eye rolling as she received a text message with the picture and we’re sure she wasn’t too pleased with it. As long as the dad wasn’t actually feeding his child alcohol, then it’s all good. Hopefully, the baby doesn’t remember the time his dad “attempted” to get him wasted!


There’s a reason why many carts come with a seat for your child. It’s to avoid situations like these. When this dad went shopping with his daughter, he was meant to leave his daughter in the car and grab a shopping cart instead. But, he clearly forgot this important step and instead was left to pile the groceries on top of his poor kid!


We don’t care how adorable it is that his daughter’s polka dotted dress matches his polka dotted belt, piling groceries on your child’s face is just wrong. It does make for a hilarious photo, however, with her daughter covered in milk and other household items. Dads, they mean well, but sometimes they just do it hilariously wrong.

No Dads on Facebook

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t add or accept your dad on Facebook, with this being one of them. One of the roles of parents is to be embarrassing, they can’t help it, it’s in their genes. So, if you’re able to avoid any embarrassing situation from occurring, you should probably take all appropriate measures to avoid it. Social media is one particular place where parents have great power to embarrass you in front of a large audience, and basically ruin your life as you know it.


Just like anyone online, parents feel that it’s easy and more acceptable to run their mouths online and say as they please. The dad behind the genius caption in the photo is full proof of why you shouldn’t accept your parents as Facebook friends. If you are going to, then you better make sure to set some privacy limits so they aren’t able to view all your pictures. This daughter apparently forgot to do that, and after her dad mortified her in front of her friends, she very quickly told them that the comment was written by her father.

Come On, Dad!

As a child, I used to envy children who got to ride around in a bike seat on their parent’s bike. Well, I can gladly say that my life-long trauma of never having had my wish fulfilled is finally over and done with. By the looks of this unfortunate girl’s face, she would rather be anywhere in the world but behind her father’s crack, and we really don’t blame her. Although we may have stated beforehand that the Disney/divorce mistake was the most epic fail, we might have to retract that statement.


After seeing the looks of this girl’s suffering face, we understand just how easy it is to scar a child forever. And not only is it unfortunate that she was stuck riding behind her father’s crack, but the image went viral all over the internet which is even more humiliating. We just hope that the dad didn’t eat chili the night before because then the daughter is really in the ring of fire.

Extremely Organized

When mom left town for the weekend for a girls’ trip, she knew that she had to leave the house as organized as possible in order to prevent a disaster from occurring. Considering that her husband doesn’t know where anything is in the house and has the tendency to misplace things, she decided that it would be best to label everything in the house, including the baby.


As if the father would forget… but maybe he would! It’s not easy remembering all of your responsibilities as a parent, especially when you’re a new parent. Now that a label is on his baby’s forehead, he will never forget what the baby is for, unless of course the label falls off of the baby’s head. Yup, just your average dad!

Drop the Tablet, Dad

This picture is a perfect illustration of how technology impacts our lives in a negative way. It seems like dad was given the task of spending time with his baby, but instead, he had different plans for himself. He was more concerned with whatever he was doing on his tablet, leaving his baby to lay by himself on the hardwood floor.


I mean, dad, at least pretend like you’re playing with the baby and put him on the mat! We sure hope that this isn’t how Dad spent the entire time with his baby because that would be a major dad fail. For his sake, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and just assume that he was searching for an episode of Spongebob Squarepants to watch with his baby, although his baby does seem a bit too young to be watching T.V.

The Tighty Whities Family

You know when we said earlier that it’s cute when fathers match their children. Well, some situations are cuter than others. This one would be under the ‘other’ category. As cute as it is that the dad’s daughter wants to be a big girl and help her out, the dad in the tighty whities seems less cute. But, we do applaud him for instilling responsibility at such a young age. It’s a great show of leading by example. The younger you teach them, the better off they’ll be when they’re older.


As cute as the daughter is, and (un) cute that the dad is, we assume that this is their backyard, and if so, the dad is free to wear (or not wear) what he wants. It’s safe to assume that the child’s mother left dad in charge of babysitting duties for the day because under her watch, something like this would never ever happen.

Starting Young

Here you have the second father who believes that it’s never too early to introduce your son to the world of gorgeous women, and more specifically, their bodies. This dad took his son to their local Hooters restaurant and documented his reaction when the baby (seemed to) understand where they were.


There’s a good chance that this father is single and brought his baby along as a babe magnet. And if he’s not single, well, he’s going to have some explaining to do as to why he ended up at Hooters. Regardless, this is a hilarious picture, and the baby’s reaction is perfect.

Number One Dad

We love seeing dads who are so dedicated to their children that they are willing to sacrifice their own comfort in order to make their children happy. We will chalk this one up to a “dad win” rather than a “dad fail” because this dad rocks. While it seems like it would have been easier for the dad to just take his daughter to the local park, perhaps bad weather prevented them from going outside and he decided to make her a human swing indoors instead.


This girl is lucky that she has a dad who cares so much about her happiness. And dad is lucky that his daughter isn’t so big yet that her weight would be too heavy for him to hold up. Even so, that weight must have hurt his shoulders. We’re sure that it was a funny sight for mom to come home to.

Bags Are Packed

When his wife told him to pack the baby bag, he did exactly as he was told, he packed the bag. But, looks like he took the request a bit too literally. Instead of packing a bag with his daughter’s essentials for their day out at the zoo, he packed his daughter inside of the baby bag.


The baby looks frightened, the father looks confused, and situation seems pretty funny. However, we do question whether this situation is humane. But, we are sure that it’s just a joke and that her father removed her right after the picture was snapped… at least, we hope!

No Stroller Needed

Taking your child out in public can be very stressful at times, especially if you have a child that likes to wander. Parents come up with all sorts of ways to make sure their child stays within their reach at all times. This method here might just be the most innovative and creative one yet. It also might make you question whether certain people are meant to have children. And also, what brand is that plunger? That’s one heavy duty device and we would love one for our bathroom.


When this dad wanted to test out the effectiveness of the plunger, he used his own child as a guinea pig and the plunger had such a strong suction that the child was lifted off of the ground. We are just happy that we don’t have to see the events that followed, like whether his son was left with a huge mark and if he flew into the cement floor of the store. Yup, we are just happy we only have to witness the situation thus far.

Hail to the King

Dad seems to have done a good job training his kids. Perhaps he’s an Army officer. We at least hope that this picture was taken on Father’s Day. If not, than we’re a little worried about what how this dad defines quality time with his kids. We are sure that this picture is a joke, and it is pretty hilarious.


Dads are just kids in bigger bodies and it’s no wonder that kids have so much fun with their dads. This dad seems to have come up with creative ways to get the biggest bang for his buck, by using his children. And the children seem to have a lot of respect for their father. We hope that he let his kids play afterwards and eat ice cream.

What Happens With Dad…Stays With Dad

Looks like dad was left on babysitter duties last night as this baby boy looks like he had a full night of partying and hit the bottles real hard. At least, that’s how dad set up the picture to make it appear. When dads see an opportunity to poke fun at their kids, they jump on it.


This dad’s idea of light heartedness involved naked Barbie dolls, some brews, and a pack of cigarettes to make it look like his son got absolutely trashed last night. Although it’s pretty inappropriate, that doesn’t mean it isn’t humorous as well. We are sure that when this boy grows up, he will be laughing at the picture as well.


This dad could write a guide on how to babysit the kids while enjoying a nice cold beer on a hot day. We are sure that the book would easily be a bestseller. A lot of parents can’t manage to find the balance between being present in their children’s lives and also taking time for themselves. Well, this dad seems to have figured it out. While he had to put some thought into it, he managed to come up with a way to do both things, and at once.


The baby is enjoying her time in the swing while the dad is getting in some much needed r & r.  This is one of the most viral dad fails on the net. What do you think, is this a fail? In a way, the dad is being typical dad, but he seems to have figured out a way to make both him and his kid happy, and isn’t that what’s most important? We are choosing to call this one a dad #success.

Buff Baby

Sometimes when you leave your baby at home with dad, they’ll end up looking like a motor man. Other times, you might come home to a baby with a six pack. Hey, if your husband ain’t rocking one, somebody’s got to. When dads are home with the baby, they get pretty creative with their parenting.


Dads like to have fun, and that fun can look like a number of things. This father posted this hilarious picture of his baby on Reddit with the caption: “My son was Joe Rogan for his first Halloween.” We must say, he nailed it. Hey parents, does this give you a costume idea for this year’s Halloween party?

Not the Right Toy, Dad

When mom sent dad to do the shopping at Target, she should have known that the shopping wasn’t going to be completed as expected. It was, how should we put it, going to have a fatherly play on things. A lot of people love those toys, but this baby was definitely in for quite the surprise when Dad used the toy on her face. We’re not quite sure whether the facial expression is one of fear or happiness and whether tears of joy or sadness followed.


The pin art toy outline of her face is pretty hilarious and we can understand why dad decided to take the moment to snap the photo. If this girl doesn’t realize it yet, she will soon understand that she’s lucky to have a dad with a great sense of humor. We hope that her father at least bought her a toy after taking advantage of her face like this.

Didn’t You Say It Was Too Hot?

There are only so many reasons to bring out the leaf blower, and two of them don’t involve leaves. Either it’s a hot day and you need to cool off your family, or your children are misbehaving and you need to teach them a thing or two about discipline. Whatever the reason behind this picture, it has resulted in a hilarious outcome!


Whether she’s enjoying the experience and finding it hilarious, or suffering, is left up to the imagination of the viewer, as her facial expressions are far from being discernible. If the dad is trying to cool off his daughter or teach her a lesson, we are pretty sure that there are other more humane ways to do this, without possibly losing custody of your children. Yes, dad, there are other solutions besides blowing pressurized air on your daughter, believe it or not.

Dapper Baby

“You said the dress code was black tie, right?” When you left dad in charge to get the baby ready, you should have expected that something like this would ensue. Although mom had bought him a perfectly sized little outfit for the event, dad had other ideas for how he wanted his son to look.


Mom should have specified exactly which outfit she wanted him to wear. You know dads, unless they are given very strict  instructions, they never seem to do as mom wanted. His dad probably put him in this because he couldn’t find the baby’s real outfit and was too lazy (or terrified) to go ask mom.

Pro Gamer and Bottle Feeding Master

Like we said earlier, the only way you’re going to succeed at the whole parenting thing is if you learn how to do multiple things at once. When you have a baby, they often require your attention. But, this doesn’t have to be undivided attention. Nope, that’s where many parents falter. This dad understands just how well he can divide his attention between multiple things. He was unwilling to accept what people say about parenting changing your life. His idea of the perfect world involves parenting while continuing to do the things he likes.


He seems to have found the perfect solution for bottle duty. Who said that you can’t hold your kids close while staying loyal to Fifa? The baby looks happy and satisfied, while dad gets to continue playing his video games; it’s a total win-win situation for all involved. Plus, his baby may grow to be a video game champion one day.

Just Another Big Kiwi

Leave your child alone with dad for the day, heck even for an hour, and you might end up getting a text message with a photo like this. Dads definitely have a different take on things in the world. We have to admit, this picture is pretty adorable and clever. The baby’s head does resemble a kiwi, which is what led dad to place a kiwi sticker on his baby’s head. This is one of the tamer “dad fails” you will see, and just shows what a jokester some dads can be.


We wouldn’t be surprised if the dad snapped a second picture of the baby in the fruit bowl among apples and oranges. At the end of the day, you don’t know how much you can trust dad alone with your baby, especially if he’s a huge baby himself. We hope that his wife has a good sense of humor, or dad would have been dumped in the dog’s shed that night.


When you’re a parent, you figure out all sorts of hacks to things. Take this father, for example, who figured out that a video game controller could be used to play video games and to prop up his baby’s bottle, and even better, at the same time! When mom gave dad some instructions on feeding the baby, she made the mistake of not specifying word-for-word how it should be done. So, the decision making was left in the father’s own hands.


He did what many fathers would do and put his own creative twist on things. We imagine that if the mom entered the house in the middle of this, the dad would get some major eye rolling from her. But hey, the father seems to be succeeding in his method, so why take away from his moment? As long as the baby seems happy and full, there isn’t anything wrong with the picture. We’re sure all you bottle-feeding dads out there are rushing now to try this on your own little one. We’ll say it now, we didn’t tell you to do it.

Baby Driving

Leaving dad at home is one thing. Sometimes you just don’t have a choice. You need to run errands and it’s a free babysitter. But, you might want to specify the rules if you are going to do so, like not letting dad take the baby out. If you don’t put your foot down, your phone might end up receiving a photo much like this one. Once you get the photo, you can choose how you handle it.


Do you make the most of the scenario and create a meme from it like this mom? Or, do you restrict dad from leaving the house with the kids? If you have a sense of humor, then you most likely do the former. Realistically, this dad isn’t putting his child in harm’s way and the car is parked (we hope). We’ve got to admit, this picture is pretty funny and it appears as though the baby is experiencing some sort of road rage and is ready to crush some small cars out on the road.

“I Can Do it Better, Dad”

One very important responsibility of parenting is instilling within your children the belief that they can do anything they put their heart into. That is, within reason. You don’t want to give your child false hope or unrealistic beliefs about themselves. This dad seems to have taken things a bit too far when he let her daughter believe that she was strong enough to push him and their cart full of groceries.


The young girl seems to be putting every ounce of her effort into the task. We are sure that the dad was just joking around, and that the scenario got a bunch of stares and laughs from people passing by. Dads love being quirky with their children and they don’t really mind if people are looking on as they display their idea of parenting.

Ballet for Dummies

This dad’s hilarious photography has made its way all over the internet. The man in the photo is Dave Engledow. He has over 10,000 followers on his Instagram page. He sets up hilarious photos, much like this one, in which he does something quite contrasting from a good father, all the while mocking himself by holding a cup with “The World’s Best Father” written across.


In this particular photo, he’s in a matching tutu with his daughter who is attempting to hold up her father’s large leg. He’s reading the book “Ballet for Dummies’ while holding his trademark coffee cup. His daughter is absolutely precious, and something tells us that her dad is actually quite a good dad. She will definitely love having these pictures when she’s older.

Get Your Grades Up, Thomas!

This father from Cleveland, Ohio, found the perfect and if we say so, most humiliating way to encourage his son to get his grades up. He was originally supposed to go to the Cavalier’s game with his son, but after discovering that his son’s grades were down, he decided that Thomas wouldn’t be able to join him at the game and would instead be subjected to staying home and studying.


Thomas’s dad clearly has a good sense of humor, and I bet he was hoping to get filmed with the sign. Well, he was in luck as the camera caught him in the audience with his thoughtful sign. Although this probably hurt like salt in a wound for Thomas, it may have worked in teaching a lesson: bad grades mean you don’t go to the NBA game and Dad will make sure to make you the laughing stock of the stadium.

Say No to Your Kids Sometimes, Please!

There are many times you should listen to your kids, and times when you are meant to put your foot down, all for the well being of your child. Although there is something to be said about giving your children a voice and allowing them to make decisions for themselves, there is also something called “your parents know what’s best for you.” Here, the child’s parents seemed to let him exercise the freedom of speech a wee bit too much. When he told dad that he wanted to look like Cletus from The Simpsons, his father thought that it was a great idea and let his child proceed with the haircut.


Taking into consideration that Cletus, a cartoon character, even looked silly with the haircut, we aren’t sure why the father agreed to allow his son to do this. But, we can assume that mom was nowhere near the situation when it happened and that she was not such a happy camper upon returning home and seeing what had transpired since she had left the house one hour earlier. And to think that you were only running to the supermarket and expecting everything to be the same as you left it an hour earlier… Fortunately, hair grows back very fast. Users of the net loved this photo and it went viral, especially big fans of the TV series who thought that the haircut was perfect.

Human Napkin

When you’re carrying a baby in a baby backpack, you should probably watch out when you’re eating, considering that your baby’s head will be directly under you. This father seems to have dripped ketchup almost in his baby’s eye! If you have a parent who hates wasting food, then you will understand this father’s intentions. Not wanting to waste food, this dad takes this to what you would call, the next level.


He is teaching his child from a very young age that you never waste food, or a napkin. When the condiment falls on his baby’s face, he whips out his tongue, much like a mother kitten, to wipe his baby clean. When a kitten does this, it’s cute. But a human… we aren’t so sure so. The child seems to be unaware of the whole matter, perhaps because he is already used to dad’s crazy antics.

Never Let Dad Cut Your Hair

There are some dads out there who assume the responsibility of giving their young boys haircuts. Well, this is a prime example of why some of them shouldn’t. This boy might not be aware yet, but his father basically just ruined his life as he knows it. When he goes to kindergarten tomorrow, he might be the laughing stock of his class.


His father was probably joking with him when he gave him an old man haircut, but by only shaving off the middle of his hair, he ended up giving his son quite the hilarious haircut. Hopefully, this young boy will be able to look back on this picture one day and have a good laugh. In the meantime, we hope that his hair grows back fast.

Dads Can’t Paint Nails

There are several things that dads should never be left to do, like painting toe nails. Sometimes, dads underestimate the tasks that women do, not realizing how hard they are. This dad posted this photograph on Father’s Day, sharing that he decided to paint his daughter’s toenails but failed miserably.


“My daughter’s toes look like they were dipped in nacho cheese.” We hope that his daughter, Abby, at least appreciated her dad’s failed attempts at painting her toenails. Luckily for his daughter, nail polish can be easily removed with some nail polish remover. Hopefully the dad was in good enough spirits after ruining her nails that he was willing to go out and buy it for his daughter.

Time to Tutu

This jokester father decided that he didn’t want his daughter to be in a tutu alone. He also wanted to be included in the costume fun. So he threw on a male ballet outfit consisting of a black v-neck and black leggings and threw in a bright pink tutu just for the fun of it.


By the looks of the baby’s face, she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, but she’s rolling with it and isn’t fussy. We are sure that she will treasure this photo when she’s older and appreciate having such a joyous, funny dad.

Hold On!

And risking your child number 843. Although it looks like the daughter is having a blast in the moment, there’s a good chance that this picture didn’t end well. To be honest, we are quite disappointed by this photo and it’s not such a funny daddy fail. It’s more like a stupid dad move.


We’re sure that the dad was pleased with the outcome of the pictures, but it’s wrong to jeopardize your kid’s safety in lieu of a killer picture. This girl could have fallen from her father’s shoulders and greatly injured herself. In that case, the dad would have had to morph into Aquaman in order to save her life. Overall, this just seems like a bad idea even if the daughter is a great swimmer.

Whatever Works

If your dad ever did your hair when you were younger, chances are that it turned out somewhat like this. I mean do you fault them? It’s not like they’ve lived their whole lives practicing on the long hair they don’t have. When moms ask dads to get their daughter ready for school, there are many things that can go wrong. Hair doing is one of the things where the struggle is #real. With the many hairstyles and hair products to choose from, dads aren’t able to figure out what goes where.


When dad couldn’t find his daughter’s stash of hairbands, he made an impromptu one, instead. Although it seems to be doing its job and keeping his daughter’s hair in one place, we can imagine this girl got many stares, and we not sure how fun that was for her. Hopefully, mom took it on herself to show dad where those hair ties are stored once she saw this.

Dad Jokes

We are suckers for classic dad jokes, much like this one. This is the epitome of a dad joke and shows how dads love to get on our very last nerves. Even if his joke will only make himself laugh, he doesn’t seem to mind much and will make it anyways. Dads love wasting their children’s time even if it’s for the sake of a dumb dad joke like this that serves no purpose.


They have the power of taking something so simple, like getting a snack, and turning it into something harder than it has to be, just for the sake of making a joke that barely makes sense. I think we can chalk this up to dads being bored sometimes and just wanting to pull their children’s leg as a form of entertainment. Well dad, go find yourself some entertainment elsewhere, and stop being so annoying!

“I’ll Never Let Go, Jack”

For the sake of the picture, we’re going to call the kid Jack. Like Rose promised once ago, she wouldn’t let go of Jack. Well, we all know very well how that turned out. As cool as it is that the camera captured a photo of the dad and his child midair, for the child’s safety, we hope that this dad was tightly holding onto his son. Although, we are not sure how much that would even do for the kid, considering that the father still had the potential of crushing him. Anyways, one mistake and the kid could have ended up seriously injured.


For all we know, maybe he did. Whatever happened behind the scenes is something we don’t know. The child does look as though he’s having a blast in the moment, but whether or not his face was filled with tears after landing is something that’s a mystery. Let’s just hope for both the father and child’s sake, that everybody had fun. We are sure that loads of you dads are rushing to try this at home with your little one, but we don’t advise you to try and repeat this picture at home. Especially if you want to avoid getting in trouble with your wife.

Photoshop Brilliance

With Photoshopping, there is little you can’t do these days. This face swap is one of the better ones out there and therefore, we had to share it. This father took a picture of him and his son from a day at the beach. He then swapped the faces between them so that it looks like his infant son, with a hairy chest, is holding his tiny dad!


Unlike mothers who usually post beach day photos on their social media, fathers tend to go a different route, one which is atypical. Photos of their son throwing sand around don’t cut it for them. They need to add silly drawings to the picture or swap faces for it to be worthy of being shared.

Not Enough Room Inside the Car

This new family of four hadn’t yet upgraded their vehicle when their second baby was born. When they piled into the car for their first official family outing, they realized that they didn’t have enough room in the truck for everybody. So, dad came up with a way to transport everybody to the store. Although attaching your son’s wagon to the back of the truck doesn’t exactly look like the safest way to transport him, it is pretty funny.


It does seem like his song doesn’t mind it too much, and he’s just hanging out enjoying the open road with his juice box. It does look like fun, sort of like tubing on pavement. However, if they are actually moving, there are probably some legal consequences to this as well as repercussions for your son.

Way Too Much Information

As sweet as it was for this family to create signs welcoming home their mom, it seems like their signs reveal a little bit too much regarding what mom has been up to since she’s been away. This sign is most likely a joke and mom wasn’t actually serving a prison sentence. But, the kids and their father thought it would be a solid opportunity to mess with their mom after she’s been away on a work trip.


And we must say, it’s pretty hilarious! Hopefully mom has a good sense of humor and will be able to laugh it off instead of being absolutely humiliated. If not for her laughing, the signs definitely had many others laughing in the airport.

Girls Rule

If proof was ever needed to show that women rule the world, it’s right here in this text exchange between a daughter and her father. A lot of kids usually use mom in order to convince dad to do something for them, and this daughter seems to have been making use of that ploy perfectly. This daughter was innocently asking her dad for a ride because it was raining.


While we aren’t exactly sure why the dad was refusing to pick up his daughter, one thing is for certain; one she pulled out the “I’m going to tell mom” card, he freaked out and probably picked up his act real fast. Needless to say, he showed up five minutes later to pick up his child from wherever they were.

Staying Fit Together

Another picture from the “World’s Best Father.” This is Dave’s take on what it means to be the best father. While it seems a bit counter-intuitive to his workout, considering that he has a piece of chicken in one hand and some ice cream in the other while on an exercise bike, you can rest assured that this picture is just another one of Dave’s jokes. His daughter is getting the exercise that she doesn’t need at her young age, while he is skipping the exercise in favor of some fried chicken.


At this rate, Dave will become a professional chicken wing eater, while his daughter may end up being a future cyclist.

To Each His Own Formula

When you become a father, you most likely write off beer nights with the boys and date nights with your lady. But, that doesn’t mean you have to write off beer for good! You’re not breastfeeding the baby, after all. Instead, you get to have date night with your baby. This dad scored big when he got to have date night with the favorite girl in his life. When he was really craving an ice cold beer in the afternoon, he saw that his wife left him instructions to feed his baby at 1:30.


So, he did what any creative genius would do, and attached several straws together to be able to successfully drink his beer while feeding his daughter. Instead of waiting for his daughter to be done eating, this dad was eager to get started on that beer. If you can pull it off, more power to you. We’ve figured out the perfect Christmas gift for this dad, a twisty straw. Just saying…

Winging It

A lot of parenting involves thinking on the spot and especially, outside of the box. We love a father who doesn’t care about getting made fun of, all for the sake of the wellness and happiness of their child. Like the father and child in their matching red outfits from before, this father goes a great distance to assure the well being and pleasure of their child, and we think that’s awesome. He doesn’t really care if he’s going to get made fun of. Although he doesn’t need a life jacket because he’s an excellent swimmer, his child was embarrassed to go out in a life jacket by herself.


So her father did what any genius father would do, and decided to also put on a life jacket, in order to encourage his daughter to go out in the water. But, this isn’t any life jacket, this is a homemade life jacket and one which is very innovative. In fact, you might just find these in stores near you soon. And we are sure that once his daughter saw his version of a flotation device, she no longer felt humiliated to wear hers. When in doubt, make yourself look sillier than your child so that they don’t feel like they’re the laughing stock of the world. Note, this only works up to a certain age.

Annual Photo Shoot With a Twist

If it’s one thing that kids universally despise is going to the mall or department store for the annual family photo. They are forced against their will to go, not to mention that putting on uncomfortable fancy clothes and posing in a cheesy way with your parents is the farthest thing from cool. This dad had a different idea for this year’s photo shoot. An idea that wouldn’t absolutely torture his son.


He wanted to show his son that the yearly photo shoot doesn’t have to be a big bore, and can actually be turned into something entertaining. So, he ordered his son to get dressed in his best 90s wear and the two of them put on their best impressions of the decade. This dad actually looks like the coolest dad out there. He tossed his hat to the side, to be like his son. They even posed in a way that resembles a boy band album cover. Lots of love for this father.

Skirt Time!

Few things are more precious than the relationship between a dad and his daughter, especially a dad who’s willing to get on his daughter’s level and see eye-to-eye with her. This dad had no problem with doing exactly that, to the point where he fulfilled his daughter’s wishes of wearing a matching red skirt with her red dress. While you can hardly call this one a dad fail, it is a pretty hilarious and cute photo.


A dad in a skirt already gets many heads turning, but wearing a matching dress with his daughter is sure to get some chuckles. And if the child in the photo is actually a boy, then the dad most definitely deserves the father of the year award for supporting his child until the very end. We love seeing a father who’s so supportive of his child, no matter how the child identifies.

Spider Family

Saving the city on your own is not easy, even if you’re a superhero. Spider man wasn’t able to take on the big mission by himself, so he recruited his little spider man in training. After all, the young spider man would one day be taking over his dad’s role and would need to learn the ropes sooner or later. Although his son is probably still too young to run or jump, he will offer his father some motivation when he really needs it.


It looks like they are trying to connect through the slime on their hands and that makes the picture even more precious than it really is. Good one, dad, but it doesn’t seem like your son is ready to assume his role yet of world savior. And anyways, we don’t think Mrs. would be too keen on the idea. Perhaps in a few years.

We Feel You, Dad

This is what happens when dad is tasked with watching his kid for the day. Dad gets to nap all day while his son sits in front of the T.V for hours on end. The two have a pretty good deal going on; the kid promised not to tell mom that he’s watching T.V and the dad gets to catch up on some much-needed sleep.


Let’s be honest, watching a toddler is absolutely exhausting and once in a while you do need to just turn on the tube and allow yourself to rest. In the dad’s defense, he also did let his son pile all of his stuffed animals on him. Hey… I wonder who took the picture? Looks like the dad and son were caught red-handed and the mom has photo evidence as proof that the two of them were up to no good.

Biker Baby

This is what the world looks like from the eyes of a Harley Davidson obsessed father. When this baby’s mom went to work, dad decided that it was time to make his son ‘one of the gang.’ So, he painted a tattoo on the baby’s arm, tied a bandanna around his head, and even gave his baby a goatee. Within minutes, the baby went from looking like a young and innocent child, to a bad-ass biker. Without a doubt, this baby received a warm welcome into the gang, no questions asked and no I.D. required.


Unsurprisingly, this photo received a ton of attention on the internet and went completely viral. People thought that the baby really looked like an actual biker. What his wife thought of the baby’s new look is unclear, but if we were the mom of that baby, we would at least appreciate dad’s ability to have some fun with his child. For other reasons why dads shouldn’t be left alone for long with their children, keep reading.

Going To Disney

One of the problems with texting in today’s age is that many people resort to messaging others instead of speaking on the phone or face-to-face conversations. People are even using text messages these days to break up a relationship or share very serious news. And auto-correct often doesn’t help the situation. Imagine that you are a child of parents who have a very good relationship and you get this message. You have always looked up to your parents for their relationship and thought that they were great role models for a positive relationship.


One day, out of nowhere, you get this message from them that they are getting a divorce. Your world for a second feels like it’s shattering and you demand to hear it on the phone. You are perplexed; there has been no fighting at home and your parents don’t have any problems that you’re aware of. Thankfully, this text was the result of auto correct and the parents were actually just going to Disney and not going to divorce. Do you think this is the biggest fail you’ve seen here so far? Keep reading to check out more.

You Need A Shirt Under That, Dad

It’s no surprise that this photo went completely viral on the internet after catching the eye of talk show queen and comic genius, Ellen DeGeneres. This is what you would call an epic dad #fail. Although millennial dads are often successful at parenting as much as mothers thanks to the internet, when it comes to dressing little girls, understanding overalls and hair bows can be stressful. When Jeremy went to dress his little baby for daycare, he put his daughter in this cute set of overalls. However, he failed to understand that a shirt belongs under the overalls. Thanks to his genius mistake, he’s made millions of people laugh around the world. In dad, a.k.a Jeremy’s, defense, how was he supposed to know that a shirt belongs under overalls? There are a lot of fashion trends that dads don’t understand, and overalls are one of them. Innocent Jeremy pleaded ignorance when his wife confronted him about it via text.


Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the continuation of the conversation, but if Jeremy’s wife is light-hearted, then she was probably able to laugh it off, like millions of people around the world did. And if she is the more serious mom type, then there’s a good chance Jeremy’s privilege of dressing Olivia in the morning was revoked. Brooke, Olivia’s mom shared with TODAY Parents “I had no idea she was dressed like that until I picked her up,” Brooke told TODAY Parents. “When I picked her up from daycare, I thought perhaps she spilled out of her diaper and maybe they removed the shirt that I assumed she was brought in. Our provider just laughed and said, ‘No, Jeremy brought her in like that, and we just thought OK,'” Brooke continued. “We all just laughed about it.”Other moms were quick to share in the comments section of Brooke’s post, their own personal versions of times when Dad had difficulty dressing the baby. “I went out for a girls night when our daughter was a baby and my husband put Build a Bear clothes on the baby,” wrote Kelle Kidd Torregrossa. “I could see the hole where the tail of the stuffed animal was supposed to go.”

Take The Bus From Now On, Buddy

Taking the bus home from school can be a real bummer. Well, this father kindly offered to pick his son up to save him the hassle. But by doing so, he put his son in an even bigger problem, and that’s being seen next to his dad as he dressed up as an Olympic swimmer, for whatever reason he had to do so. When this father went to his son’s school to pick him up, he decided that today was the day to show up as an Olympic swimmer.


So, he threw on his most authentic speedo, and galloped through crowds of kids with his arms stretched wide professing his love for his son. Meanwhile, the other kids were getting a real kick out of the father’s look, and took it as an opportunity to snap photos of him. The son couldn’t even pretend that he didn’t know the father, because it was so clearly his own father. We’re guessing that next time he won’t be so quick to accept a ride from his father.

Bubbled Dr. Seuss

This is what happens when you hand over bath duties to dad. If you expect dad to scrub your baby clean and rinse them without any added flare, then you’ve got to get to know your husband better. Nope, dads have to bring in their own fun twist to whatever they do. This particular dad looks like he had some fun during bath time with his child, and hey, the child seems to be enjoying it at as well. This looks like it can be the inspiration behind a new Dr. Seuss book.


Mom, Melissa Nas, took the funny image as an opportunity to share with the internet, where it has since been viewed millions of times. Sometimes, bath time can seem stressful, but this is a nice reminder not to take life too seriously. And mom definitely can’t try and tell dad that he didn’t clean the baby, because that baby looks squeaky clean under all that soap. We just hope that dad didn’t forget to rinse the baby off afterwards, because that is definitely a possibility.

Taking Things Too Literally

If you’re a dad and your wife leaves you in charge of doing your daughter’s hair, you basically have no choice but to panic. You don’t grow up with long hair, so you have no idea what to do with it. When this dad’s wife asked him to put his daughter’s hair in a bun, he took the instruction a bit too literally. Looks like dad should have gotten on YouTube to see what it actually means to put your hair in a bun.


Although this is a terrible interpretation of what the girl wanted, it’s also pretty brilliant. Not only does she have her hair in a bun, but she also has a snack for later. Dads are like a breed of their own, and this viral photo shows that they are full of a lot dad humor every which way they turn.