More Hilarious Airport Pick-Up Signs You Must See

As we’ve already established, despite our best efforts, life is far from being a rom-com. Rushing to the airport to greet the love of your life or your long-lost cousin may seem like a good idea, but if you don’t have a sign in hand, they may not know it’s you!
Some of these signs are original and heartwarming. While others had the person being greeted so embarrassed they probably wanted to hop back on a plane. We’ve rounded up yet another list of solid gold airport signs so awkwardly sincere and sincerely awkward, they’ll be sure to have you taking a taxi home on your next business trip.

You Wish!

This here guy is probably sleepwalking while dreaming about a wild fantasy of his.


Obviously he’s a fan of one of the Kardashian women, or maybe he’s referring to Rob. You never know.

Desperate House Wives

One of these desperate housewives is good and ready for her husband to get back home to help her out with their toddler.

Alamy Stock Photo

The other is just ready for a make-out session with her hubby. They obviously don’t have young kids yet.

Warm Home-Welcome For The Veteran

This group awaits the arrival of their friend, Fire Controlman, Celina Chavez, during a homecoming celebration at a Naval Base San Diego. Chavez was returning to San Diego after a six-month deployment.

Alamy Stock Photo

We’re sure that she’ll be touched by her friend’s “sweet” welcoming words, and that flattering picture of her they’re holding up high. Celina probably isn’t surprised and this is just their kind of humor.

Another Jokester

Here we yet another jokester making an attempt to publically embarrass one of her friends by implying that he got a sex-change.


Although the idea lacks originality, she did put in more effort on her poster.

Daddy’s Girl

Our hearts are just gushing from this cute little girl’s sign, and her genuine facial expression.


She’s clearly not the one who wrote the sign, as she;’s very young but you can tell, from the dozens of stickers that she decorated it with all her heart. We’re sure her dad will absolutely love it!

American Girl

This little toddler is dressed to a T with her American flag accessories. Maybe one of her parents is a soldier.


Whoever it is arriving, their heart will surely melt as soon as they see this adorable little girl.

Kiss the Sailor

This picture a sweet couple is reminiscent of the famous V-Day photo, perhaps it’s a planned The Kiss reenactment.


Planned or not. We’re here for it. What a sweet greeting for one of our men in uniform.

We’re Not Exactly Sure…

So, this lady was attempting to be funny, we’re just now sure about her approach… Is she referring to herself…is she seeking smelly fart fetishists?


Or perhaps she wrote this sign mid-stroke, and now she’s not even sure what happened. We need answers!

Honey, I’m Home

This one is direct and straight to the point. Head straight to your love, do not pass Go.


Let’s just hope that they get to a room before they start their reuniting activities.

So Sweet

Oh finally a break from the immature prank signs, it’s now time for a bit of cliche and cheesy romance.


Which sign would you rather be welcomed with, one like this or a sign declaring that you just come back from rehab? Which one says “I miss you” more?

Ex-Convict Mama

This mom seems to be taking her son’s prank lightly. We’re glad she has a cool sense of humor.


The ironic thing about it is that her son is actually an ex-con. Plot twist! We’re joking of course. He’s a really nice young lad.

He’s Out!

“They try to make me go to rehab and I said, no, no, noo.” We’re sure this woman is just pulling a prank on her friend who will definitely have a chuckle once he or she arrives.


Worst-case scenario, they won’t be so amused and maybe a fight will break out. But as a spectator that’s equally entertaining.

Cult Movie Reference

If you haven’t seen the movie America Pie you probably live under some rock on the moon.


Whoever does actually live on planet earth as saw the film, you’ll definitely get this reference. And you know what happens in band camp, wink wink. Nothing like good ol’ America pie.

Barbie Girl

“I’m made of plastic, it’s fantastic…” Talk about putting someone on blast! This guy just revealed to everyone at the airport that his friend just got some new “enhancements.”


We love the ballons he added to his sign as if it wasn’t “elaborate” enough, it’s just that they’re placement is a bit awkward.

Google Translate Gone Wrong

We’re not exactly sure what she trying to say here, or who’s name she trying to type.


One thing’s for sure, no one named “Hot Gravy” is going to show up at the arrival hall. Hopefully, she doesn’t wait there for too long.

Her One And Only

These little rascals must think that their mom is coming back from a marathon with this long spread they have waiting for her.


She’ll either think that it’s adorable or yell at them for using that entire roll of paper she was saving

Big Poppa Has Arrived

This woman believes in brutal honesty when it comes to relationships. Her man knows exactly where he stands and what his purpose is.


We respect her honesty because “I’m not saying she’s a gold digger…” but you know the rest of that Kanye West song.

Someone’s Been a Naugty Girl

“Attention, attention calling Courtney Payne, I repeat, calling Courtney Payne to the arrival hall!”


“There’s a creepy man in a green elf suit looking for you, and he won’t leave until he has you in his custody. Come spare us!”

Hide Your Sheep!

Sean was surly blushing when he got to the arrival hall but not because he was excited when he saw his best pal waiting for him with a huge welcome sign but more like the horrendous caption they were holding up for all to see.


But hey, what are friends for if not to make the general public think you’re into bestiality?

I’m not smiling, are you smiling?

Well this chick is definitely smiling. And we’re kind of creeped out, so we’re just going to catch a cab.


Let’s just back away very slowly…

Welcome to the north

We wonder if they had some delicious poutine with them for the welcome party? Mmm, poutine.


If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out, eh?

“Aww, C’mon, mom.”

This mom embarrassed her son through the entire train station. She asked a few people to take pictures along the way, too.


But did you have to wear the feather boa too, mom?

This Instagram savvy dad

His daughter was super impressed that dad even knew this word.


Also, her eyebrows were totally on fleek. Thanks, YouTube!

The sign says one thing…

And the kids’ body language and faces say another! But we all know who really wrote the sign.


Hint: mom. The kids are ready to go home and have some cookies.

You’re so hilarious

This guy’s friend decided to get a little creative with his sign. His friend is straight. So is he. Nah, just kidding.


Very nice work on the bubble letters, boys!

Musical cab seats

We know that this is a band, but we’re still not sure if we would step foot inside that guy’s cab.


He could be a serial killer with a great taste in tunes and a nice sense of humor.

The class-clown

He may as well be holding a sign that says, “looking for chlamydia.” Or hey, maybe…


Nope, that’s pretty much what it says, dude.


What we meant was, boo-hoo. Okay, we sort of meant both.


Let’s head straight to the bar for some stiff ones, yeah?

This super sweet husband

His wife thought this was adorable.


So did the group of single 40-year-old divorcee traveling through the airport on their way to an Alaskan cruise.

This amazing name that we hope is real

“Gleeballs, paging Gleeballs. Dan Gleeballs.” O-M-G, please let this be his real name.


Poor kid probably had a tough time in high school, though…

This sign that is weird and inappropriate

Hmmm…we’d say that sign tells about one thing too many about the person who it’s for.


Now we can’t stop imagining things. Please send help!

These super honest bros

So, they may have made one little mistake while their friend was out of town. At least they were upfront about the situation.


Let’s just hope that her brother is cool enough with whoever did the knocking up, otherwise, they may be in for some trouble.

Clans and Kilts

This guy took a trip to Scotland and returned to this. Hey, at least his friend made an effort.


Or maybe it’s his brother, Gavin McGregor.

Secret Service

These roommates decided to dress up and go all out to pick up their buddy. We give them five stars.


After all, who wouldn’t want to be picked up by the Men in Black? Well, except for little (and big) green space aliens…and all other space aliens.

Awkward carpools

Ugh, rideshares with strangers can be the worst.


We hope Alice wasn’t too uncomfortable on her way home. At least no one had to sit in the middle seat, though!

Simon says buh-bye

Well Simon, you honestly should have known better before you bought a selfie stick. Britney, we fully understand your disappointment. See you later, Simon!


Don’t worry, you certainly have the tools to keep yourself occupied.

This super pumped army wife

This guy was definitely excited to return home to this sight! We don’t blame him, who wouldn’t be?


A. Neal reporting for booty, sir! Err…miss.

This jerk of a  friend

But now everyone is very much aware of what kind of addiction Chris is in the grips of.


Yes, pun intended. Hopefully, poor Chris was able to beat it. Hehe.

This big baby in a onesie

These parents forgot to leave an extra box of cereal in the basement kitchen for their overgrown crotch goblin.


Hopefully, this is just an inside joke in this family!

Someone’s going to learn today

Okay mom, do you like washing dirty underwear? No? Well uh, time for some lessons in the laundry!


Looks like it’s time for a store run, too. Always, always keep backup undies for emergencies, kids.

This true friend

We’re really digging the fact that he knows his 90’s pop culture. We truly appreciate the reference.


Unless of course, that’s really the name of whoever he’s waiting for, and in that case…why, mom?

Smooth Operator

This guy thinks he’s really hot stuff, holding this sign up for his wife. She actually really loved it.


Or, maybe he’s just trying out a new method of finding women.

Bottoms up

This girl’s boyfriend was sweet enough to pick up the medicine she asked for but mean enough to blast her about it on this sign.


If she really did need Imodium, though, that must have been one super uncomfortable flight.

Later Gator

Welcome to the Sunshine State, Sarah.


We’ve got beautiful beaches, palm trees, and alligators lurking around every corner!

Be careful what you wish for…

This guy, who is waiting for…okay, what is this guy waiting for? Oh, it’s a heavy metal band? Phew.


Still, that sign seems to be sending very mixed messages.

This enormous head on a stick

Well hey, at least there are zero chances that Mokie misses that sign.


They can also probably repurpose that thing afterward to terrify some children on Halloween.

This sort of sad new mom

We hope that she’s not caught up on her post-baby weight!


Ladies: you are beautiful just the way you are! Plus, that dress is adorable, momma!

A blonde walks into an airport…

And gets snapped spectacularly holding this sign the wrong way.


Somebody grab the sunscreen because this blonde burned herself pretty badly. Ouch!

Now under CIA interrogation

It was all fun and games until the feds got involved. Apparently, his friend’s name was Eddie. Oops.


We’re sure they didn’t hold him underground for too long…probably.

Definitely Michael Jordan

Okay, maybe this guy is just waiting for his son, who by the way – is not named Michael Jordan at all.


Or, maybe he wasn’t really waiting for anyone and he was just hoping to catch the basketball car on his way off of a flight.

This bittersweet symphony

Hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? Cheers to this guy for having a portable margarita stand!


Except, we just see the mixer, where’s the most important ingredient, bud?

This grateful husband

“Welcome back, honey. It’s so…nice to see you,” he says, as he holds this sign up in her face. Aww?


Kind of makes you wonder where it is that she went away too, though, huh?

When you finally meet your online friend IRL

And he picks you up from the Israeli airport, Natbag with this sign that just makes you say, “WoW!”


Enjoy the battle for Azeroth, you two.

This incredibly sweet brother

Tell us how you really feel about your sister Jody.


Nah, we’re sure this is just another one of their inside jokes. If you happen to have a brother, we’re sure you can relate!

The best little brother ever

This little guy really is just interested to know.


How was the food? Did anyone try and shank you? He has questions!

Hugh Jarse? I’m here for a Hugh Jarse

We wonder if this guy was the butt of a joke or if he knows what he’s doing there.


Well, hopefully, his party showed up either way.

This intelligent baby

Oh my god, this baby is a genius! Look, he wrote this sign all on his own! I guess mom is as funny as she is hard to handle.


We’re sure that the soldier is glad to be home with Kaden, who potentially has a future in graphic design.

Tom’s friend who wants to be more

This guy keeps dropping hints, but Tom is either blind to his admirer, or he just keeps putting him in the friend zone on purpose.


Or maybe Tom isn’t interested, buddy.

This trio of giddy military wives

So glad everyone was prepared! Well, almost everyone. We’re looking at you, Martha in the middle.


But if she didn’t make that sign in advance, where did that shoelace that’s keeping it around her neck come from?

Poor, poor mumsy

This woman came home to a loving daughter and a lazy husband. We hear she did a 180 and took another 2 days’ vacation.


Maybe it’s time to invest in a Roomba?

Best friend keeps it real

If we know one thing about their friendship, it’s that it’s honest! And a little bit sassy, too. We like it.


Although if you think about it, a lot of people can probably relate to this sign.

A big thumbs up

Hey, we know we’re super excited! Steven, Taylor, everyone, ready?


Okay, and how amazing are the little thumbs up? Yeah, we think so, too.

This new catch-phrase

Okay, so you’re going to start saying this right? We’re going to start saying this.


Hey dude, you’re the duck’s nuts – duck yeah you are. Aha, take that, autocorrect!

This awesome bromance

He chose the neon colored poster board and everything. We admire the kind of friendship these guys have.


But judging by that drawing of a beer mug, it seems like maybe this won’t be the last time this happens.

It’s the motion of the ocean

But poor Richard apparently has one little boat. Maybe he got in trouble and this is his punishment.


Hey, at least he seems to be taking the whole thing in stride…no matter how little the thing may be.

This sweet girlfriend

This girl went to the airport to pick up her boyfriend and their best friend.


She didn’t want the friend to feel left out…we hope. Or hey, maybe it’s a poly thing.

These 20-year-old orphans

We hope that they were able to find a family with huge hearts that could raise them as their own.


Poor children, they’re so hungry and cold!

When you’re waiting for your boss

They’re just following orders, man. Their boss can be a real nightmare. Seriously, though…that’s some major commitment.


Here’s to hoping that whoever got off of that plane was dressed like Darth!

In your face, ICE!

Although we sincerely hope that this sign was created solely for protest, and not because the person who made it was really missing a family member.


Whatever the reason was, they put a lot of effort into it.

Love on lockdown

Or you know, in lock up. No more ramen noodles for this mom. Yay!


On the plus side, mom is probably super buffed up now – you’d better be on your best behavior, kids!

Anna’s got 99 problems and this guy is definitely one of them.

Oh, man, poor Anna. All she wanted was for her next-door neighbor to pick her up from the airport after her 10-hour flight back home.


Too bad he has a terrible sense of humor.

This Willy Wonka weirdo

This guy was picking up his buddy, who actually owns a chocolate making factory. That’s some serious commitment.


Although, it’s also possible they’re headed to a killer party at the club.


This dog mom came home to an adorably designed sign with a pretty awful message.


Guess she’s going to be sitting on the ground when she gets home!

This military wife who can barely wait

This soldier’s wife has been deployed for a year, and she’s ready to get reacquainted, like – NOW!


It’s pretty safe to say that he’s more than willing, too.