More Hilarious Recreations of Childhood Photos

There’s nothing like a trip down memory lane to discover that some things never change. These recreations of childhood photos have got to be one of the most heart-warming trends we have ever come across. It’s fascinating to see how much these families have changed over the years, but we also get a glimpse of the bonds they share today.
The photos are just as hilarious now as they were back then, and fortunately for you, we’ve collected even more hilarious creations that are sure to leave your hearts all warm and fuzzy!

Look Straight Forward!

Trying to take a picture of multiple people is always hard. Usually, one of the people photographed will not like the way they looked in the picture, or simply will not look in the same direction as the others. In this family’s case, the latter seems like more of an issue as half of them aren’t even looking at the camera.


They were, however, good sports about it and decided to recreate it years later. They even made a great effort to match the clothes from the original picture, all the way down to the stripe-wearing mom and the He-Man t-shirt!

Vacation Mode

When people go on a family vacation they’re always a little different. They can let loose, blow off some steam, and hang around in swimwear as there’s always a pool nearby. This family definitely ticks every box in the family vacation checklist.


Looks like it was a wonderful experience that everyone enjoyed. They enjoyed it so much they had to recreate at least that one special picture years later. The father’s hair was already gray and the little brother was so much taller than his sisters, but the memory is all that matters.

Hasn’t Changed Much, Just More Holes  

We would nickname this chubby-cheeked little girl ‘cupcake’ because she is just so sweet! Her adorable little teddy bear dress makes her even cuter. We were so surprised to see she found an identical dress so many years after the original photo was taken.


Now that she’s all grown up, her sense of style is somewhat different, but when that kind of opportunity comes your way you just have to go for it even if only for the picture’s sake.

Enjoying the Little Things

With smartphones and social media, it’s easy to forget how simple life used to be when we were little. Take these two brothers for example — a simple cardboard box and some sunshine were all it took to make one of their best childhood memories.


Cut to a few decades and a few tattoos later, and these two are still inseparable. Hopefully, they still remember to enjoy trivial things and have fun in the sun.

A Day at the Park

Spring weekends and holidays are the best time to be outdoors with friends and family. Breathing in some fresh air, enjoying the trees and appreciating mother nature can be quite rejuvenating.


As kids, we don’t fully appreciate the time we have to do that. It’s nice to know that this group of friends kept their tradition of exploring the parks even when they’re all grown up and have more obligations.

Always Dressing Up

A lot has changed since the original photo was taken. The brothers got older, their hair got darker, and they both grew magnificent beards. What hasn’t changed is their love for carrot cakes and playing dress-up.


It looks like they love to party and know how to keep their guests entertained. If anyone knows how to throw a decent play in the living room for the whole family to watch, it’s these two.

Happy in the Water

Remember when we were little we had some toys in the bathtub? When exactly do we grow out of it? Or better yet, why do we even stop with it in the first place? What’s wrong with having some toys around to witness you singing in the shower?


It looks like these two never stopped playing, and the only thing that changed is their choice of shower toys. Now they prefer some drinks and each other’s company.

A Global Trend

The childhood photo recreation trend is anything but local. Even celebrities are recreating some of their favorite pictures. Take the successful Kpop group BTS for example. J-Hope, one of the stars in the group, recreated a picture of his and the result is super sweet.


The fully white ensemble along with the yellow suspenders looked so cute on him as a little kid, and it looks equally cute as an adult.

Keeping It Real

These three brothers have it all: a good sense of humor, a timeless sense of fashion, and each other, of course. We get the feeling they didn’t need much persuasion to recreate their childhood photo.


The house obviously went through some renovations as the banister is different, the wall has been painted pink, and there are a lot more pictures on the wall. The things that haven’t changed, however, are the brothers’ playfulness and their undying affection toward funny slippers.

Smile for the Camera… or Don’t

A parent and a child’s ideas of picture day may not always go hand in hand. Not all kids react well to a camera or to the unfamiliar environment of a photo studio with a stranger who insists on making them smile. Sometimes they’re just not having it. Good thing they can laugh about it when they are older.


It is quite possible that the studio where these siblings took their first picture still exists. Where else would they find a place that has the exact same backdrop? Also, props on bringing a teddy bear and on styling the baby brother’s hair and sailor suit.

The Family That Paints Together Stays Together

If this family has ever considered releasing a musical album, this picture should definitely be considered as the cover image. Whoever came up with the concept for this photoshoot obviously had a whole vision planned. And even though the styling isn’t exactly ’00 kind of modern, it can still put a smile on our faces.


It looks like those kids hold on to their sweet and mischievous spirits well into adulthood. Their parents must be very proud.

Some Things Never Change

The firstborn child of a family is commonly more responsible than his/her younger counterpart. It’s usually more important for them to do well in school, and they are often charged with taking care of their little siblings as they grow older. Something tells us this it is the exact dynamic between these two brothers.


The older brother’s buttoned-down striped shirt and the expression of general confusion on the younger brother’s face say it all. Good thing they have each other to maintain a nice balance.

The Hair Salon is Now Open

Being an only brother to three sisters has its pros and cons. One of the pros is that understanding the other sex is a lot easier for you as an adult. One of the cons is that you are subjected to many beauty treatments you may or may not want to be involved in. Luckily, it looks like the brother in this picture isn’t too mad about his sister giving him a haircut.


In the recreated picture, however, he could have put a little more effort trying to look a little less in pain. After all these years, his sister must know her way around an electric razor.

Wink Wink

This sweet little two-month-old baby is an emoji in human form. This picture looks like it would fit well in a scrapbook along with a picture of the baby’s first step and the first time he got his hair cut. We do, however, doubt that there is a scrapbook big enough to include the rest of his pictures until he turned forty.


The unique combination of his baby-self facial expression and his facial hair makes for a hilarious side-by-side comparison.

Five Kids, Five Looks

Looking at the original, you cal tell that each of those siblings has a special place in the family. You can also see that they have a very tightly-knit kind of relationship and that they have each other’s back no matter what. Those qualities can easily be seen in the recreation of the photo years later.


Some details in the recreation definitely call for an honorable mention, like the brothers on the left wearing the same shirt, and the sister in the middle with her toes showing at the bottom. Great job!

Classic Redheads

Flaming red hair, freckles, and sweet smiles? These two must be long-lost members of the Weasley family from the Harry Potter books. If time machines were real, we would cast the young versions as Ron and Ginny, and the older versions as Molly and Arthur.


The hardest part of recreating this picture must have been the wardrobe — a yellow buttoned-down shirt and a gray cardigan is one thing, but where on earth would you find a white/brown striped turtleneck after all these years?

Forever Climbing

It is a known fact that the top of the fridge is the place where you can find the best treats in the house. It’s out of sight and out of reach. Well, it is at least, until the kids find out about it and learn how to climb. This girl must have mastered the art of climbing at a very young age. Now nothing is out of her reach.


The only riddles that remain unsolved are 1. Does climbing the fridge get easier? 2. Did the parents ever try to find a different hiding spot for treats after they found out about their climbing spider girl?

Going on a Road Trip

No matter how old your kids are, there is nothing like a long car ride to help them fall asleep. Something tells us those children were no stranger to road trips and late-night travels to exciting places and camping sites. This must be why they chose to recreate this picture so many years later.


Sure, some things are different, like facial hair or the fact that the little sister no longer fits in the booster seat, but the sentiment is definitely there.

Spot On

Children’s birthday parties used to have a very specific itinerary: you invite your friends over, you sing, play games, have some cake, and when everyone’s gone you get to open the presents. It was all innocent yet fulfilling. This brother and sister duo somehow managed to recreate that magic many years after this birthday party photo was taken.


Not only did the two find headpieces and clothes to match the original picture, they even made sure the details in the background are the same. They even went as far as putting the leaf in the top right corner. Such commitment!

Same Girl, Different Bottle

This family makes sure to always be on-trend. You can tell by the floral curtains and mustache that were all the rage in the ’80s. The same thing goes for the love in the parents’ eyes, that’s one thing that never goes out of style. You just know that the baby girl was the most fashionable girl in daycare.


As it turns out, she grew up with a great sense of humor as well. We wouldn’t be surprised if she got that from her parents too. This photo recreation, almost 30 years later must have been the perfect Christmas activity, and the wine bottle was the icing on the cake.

Carbon (Yearbook) Copy

Some things just always stay the same. Has this been his look for his entire life, we wonder? Or is it just a part of the recreation? Finding the same outfit was probably the easiest part of this photo. His hair is better and so are his teeth. But that smile is still there. You don’t have to take a second look to know this guy is the same kid in the photo to the left.


Also, did he keep that tie tucked away in case he would need it again for some reason? This must have been it. Of course, he probably saved it in case it came back into style and he wanted to wear it on a date or something.

Still Needs A Bib

Food is just too good sometimes. So good, almost too good, that it makes you think about life. Who doesn’t like a good plate of spaghetti every now and then? That is one meal that can make you messy no matter how hard you try not to get it all over the place. Slurping up noodles is a favorite pastime of many people throughout the world and it usually, always, leads to a mess.


Halfway through devouring this scrumptious pile of noodles and sauce, the questions of life came in waves. Take notice of the Big Bird on her. She made sure she had him in the reboot all those years later. Classic cool points for the Big Bird!

Bring Out The Crazy Eyes

We honestly aren’t sure if the people in the original photo and the recreation are the same or not. All that really matters is that they redid it, so we guess that everything is legit here. You have to admit though, if you saw someone with crazy eyes on while walking down the street then you would be a bit bemused or maybe even scared. Especially if they were smiling like you were the crazy one.


This is where creepy and funny come together almost like part of a magician’s act. There is no telling what other things these two do to show off their sense of humor. Hopefully, they only put the eyes on for this picture and then burned them.

Still Keeping Cars Clean

Sometimes chores don’t seem like chores at all–like washing a car. It is more fun when it is your own car, though. Having to wash someone else’s car isn’t as great. Try washing someone else’s car like a baby. Child labor is amoral, but this kid must have had the time of his life. Some people just love cars so much that washing them is just like spending quality time with them. This boy probably did it once when he was young and only wanted to do that for the rest of his life. The bib was just for a little extra splash guard.


Don’t try this at home though. Not every child would be psyched to have to wash someone else’s car. If only all chores could be as fun as washing a car. Doing the dishes, taking out the garbage or cleaning your room could all use reboots.

The Holidays

For the most part, everyone loves the holidays. You get to be cozy with the family and wear warm clothes if it is cold outside and get to take awesome holiday pictures like the one on the left. Sitting on the bulk of your family as a baby is a joy. However, a decade and a half later, it isn’t as fun for them! We hope that he isn’t putting all of his weight on everyone else, but he may very well be doing exactly that.


A classic recreation with festive holiday spirit heavily underscored. He probably is putting all of his weight on everyone else. Getting sweet revenge for all the torment he experienced as a little kid.

Never Too Old

Being the youngest sibling has its perks. You can lay on your mother and grandmother’s lap until the cows come home, and they love it too. Then you have grown up and if you try to do it again, people will think you are a momma’s boy. No one wants to be called a mommas boy even if it is true.


So it appears the best way to be able to nap on your mom’s lap again is to recreate all of the photos with you on her lap when you were little. Of course, you might want to take it easy on your poor old mom.

Growing Up

Here is the true meaning of gains. Sure, he was a baby in the before photo. Maybe people should do this for before and after workout photos to trick us all. Way more effective than the fortnight one you always see on Instagram and Facebook.


This one looks like Mom has got up there in age and would not have been able to pick up the boy in the middle of her life depended on it. Cropping his legs out was a great idea because mom looks so strong.

Making A Mess

What a mess. Notice the cabinet on the left of the child is locked closed. That must be there for a reason. This baby is good at making messes, it is clear. So good in fact, that the parents had to take a picture to show the world how much of a little punk she was. Now all grown up, she wanted to recreate the magical photo that made the rest of her family lock their cabinets when she came around.


Making a mess is ill-advised when you are older because you are the one who has to pick it up unless you are remaking a wonderful photo just like this. Making a mess for a recreation photo this epic is definitely a worthy cause.

Pinching Since The 1970s

Siblings have been known to fight once in a while, or all the time, if you have an older sister. It always seems to be about the dumbest things. This picture exemplifies this perfectly. The kid on the far left gives the baby in mom’s lap a great reason to want to fight. He pinched the baby’s muscle with a straight face. Getting pinched is not up on the list of what many people like to have done to them. So that screaming is well warranted.


Maybe the mom should have taken a little more notice to prevent a full-scale war. It looks like she had her hands full anyway. The daughter in the back is just chilling minding her own business. Keeping it chill is the best way to live with siblings. You avoid trouble and if it ever comes your way, your parents will know it is not your fault.

Santa Still Isn’t Thrilled

No matter your age, you can always ask Santa Clause for something. Whether it is a toy car, a real car, candy, clothes, or money. You are never too old to hit up old Saint Nick, and if you haven’t done it in a while, he probably owes you. It is no secret that Santa is a real person in those shopping mall pictures you always used to take at holiday time. But here it looks like Santa is fake. How else would the big man be able to hold two other big men on his knees?


Well, he does fly around the world in one night with flying reindeer and sliding down chimneys with sacks of presents, so maybe he has super strength, too?

Reliving Fashion Week

Dressing up when you’re young is always entertaining. Putting on grownup clothes that your parents wore was just the funniest and most obvious thing a kid could do. Once you’re old you try on clothes before you buy them. So here is to fitting rooms and ‘try on before you buy.” Buying clothes these days is kind of like a fashion show for anyone.


The original picture was probably inspired by a fashion show of some kind. It is crazy that they have nearly the exact same dresses, or maybe they are the same ones and it is just too hard to tell after all of these years. Trying on clothes is really fun, especially when you can’t afford them.

We Bet They’re Still Batman’s Biggest Fans

When you are a young nothing beats dressing up as a superhero. This is picture proof! Who doesn’t want to have superpowers and save everyone from evil? Living through Batman is something all kids into that universe have done. Anyone will tell you. But what we are trying to figure out is, are the costumes in recreation the same ones from the original or did they find new ones? Either way, it is pretty awesome that they did this.


The pumpkin is the biggest difference we can see. Other than the fact they are much bigger. Oh, and a few props from the background are gone.

Balloon Popping Is Still Fun

When you are a kid, it doesn’t get much better than balloons. They can be popped, you can play don’t touch the floor and you can watch them float off into the sky to see when you lose it. Snapping photos with them is cool as a kid and as an adult. But we bet this girl didn’t choose the balloons as her prop in a baby picture.


The suitcase is just the cherry on top of this already amazing recreation! Rubbing balloons on your head is also a great way to pass the time. They stick because of the static electricity.

Bath Time Is Still A Riot

When you are a child, life seems filled with possibilities. Then you grow up and realize that it actually kind of sucks sometimes. You can’t be fed while sitting in a highchair, you can’t poop in your pants while keeping your friends and you sure as well can’t take baths in the smallest of containers anymore. These dudes had enough of that noise.


They thought it was high time to bring back the days when you could take a bath in a bucket and keep your dignity. They had to try it at least once to bring back that feeling of magic. The possibilities really don’t stop when you hang onto your imagination.

Bride And Groom Bit

These two are the bride and groom, we guess? As a treat for their families and friends, they decided to recreate these pictures, but why they chose these two, we don’t know. But, they are some pretty cool pictures to do once again. The groom is holding an award of some kind and the bride is really strutting her stuff in a sassy pose.


This is an unconventional recreation, but of course, there are no rules. They are adorable as kids and that’s the only thing that is important. And adorable they certainly are.

The Only Thing’s That Changed Is The Bucket

There is another saying that isn’t quite as popular. It goes “Once a bucket head, always a bucket head.” It is unknown who said it first, but for this youngster, it is clear his mind is somewhere else. While there could be a million reasons to put a trash can on your head, it all appears to be in the name of fun here.


This dude taking care of business on the toilet with the bucket on his head might be the most fun he has had in the bathroom. When he grew up, it was still fun. Now go try this at home and see it! But please empty the trash first!

Smell Me, Everyone!

As the saying goes, give someone an inch and they will take a mile. The little boy in the back seat knew he wasn’t supposed to have his feet up in the back seat, but did so anyway and wasn’t wearing shoes! That could not have smelled great. They had to document this clear disregard for his siblings’ noses and the rules, so one day they could show him what a cheeky monkey he was.


This was a prime photo for recreation and it shows. Look at the rebellious look he has again, and this time his brother and sister are even braver because his feet are big, hairy, and extra smelly. At least it looks like he clipped his toenails. That would be where most people draw the line.

That’s Still Not Your Beer, Pal

Having a beer with your dad is a rite of passage pretty much every young boy and sometimes girl, looks forward to. Little Jacob here just couldn’t wait to crack open a cold one with his pops. His lustful stare at the can could have been a sign that this guy would be doing beer bongs and shotgunning cans when he got a little older.


The dad isn’t even paying attention and for all he knows, Jacob could have stolen a sip or two when he wasn’t looking. One startling difference in the remake is that dad’s hair has left him. Sorry, dad! Kudos to the dad for showing his son how to drink responsibly.

Some Very Small Changes

With the photo on the left, you have two young kids. The bigger girl is holding a doll as if it was her baby, and the boy is staring off into space, with an adorable fisherman hat on. Things got serious when they recreated this timeless photo. As grown-ups, the sister now is holding her actual baby, and the brother has outgrown his sister and the clothes he was wearing in the original.


The two look like they really enjoyed remaking this great photo. And the plastic doll turning into a real baby is actually a better touch than trying to locate the original doll.

Even The Band-aids Were Cuter

With double band-aid knees and gigantic glasses on her face, it looks as if this girl was extremely bookish growing up, especially when you take into account how big the book is that she is reading. Now fully grown up, recreating this image wasn’t that hard. All she had to do is find some band-aids and any book.


She also had to make sure she wasn’t wearing her contact lenses. What an adorable recreation. Maybe her mom or dad sent this to her and she just decided to recreate it one day. What a cute recreation, and the best part was probably not needing to scrape up those knees once again.

Going Bald Was Never A Concern

Pictures like this prove that brothers and sisters are essentially attached at the hip for their whole lives. Takes these brothers for instance, who are all a few years apart and clearly, still very close all these years later.


Of course, they go off and live their lives and have families of their own now and a lot of facial hair, but at the end of the day, brotherhood is a bond that cannot be broken. Surely they didn’t think the little one would have the biggest beard, in the end, did they?

An Animal’s Love

The reason why this is one of our favorite photos on the list is that of the big fuzzy pup who grows into a big friendly dog. For everyone else without brothers and sisters, you can still make dynamite recreations with your cuddly friends, which is just as awesome, if not more so.


It also shows how important our furry friends are in our lives and how they shape the way we grow up. This puppy looks so sweet in the original, and just as much in the recreation.

Photographic Time Machine

This is a great keepsake for these siblings to have forever. It really makes us want to get our cameras out and snap pics with our brothers and sisters as well. So great they were able to recreate their childhood photo into being the fine young grown-ups they are now.


The best part is seeing the changes, however slight, in their appearances and even personalities. This photo and its remake are so moving that we are sure they will cherish it forever.

Still Loving My Sailor Briefs

How many of us have photos of ourselves as kids, flexing those pythons we have for muscles? A lot. Most little children think they are super strong and adults love to encourage these thoughts, mostly because of the adorable photos this attitude makes for. We have got to give this dude credit for having the nerve to recreate a photo wearing what we guess could be called a bathing suit, the sunglasses, hat, and even the feet and beer in the bottom left corner.


This photo is as close to the original as can be. Yeah, maybe it wasn’t possible to find a swimming suit that covered a bit more. Maybe he forgot his so he had to borrow one from someone else?

Good Going Mom!

This is a classic game that anyone who experienced had to have loved. Begging mom or dad to hoist you up on their legs in order to play the airplane game is a rite of passage pretty much all kids go through, at least for our team. This mom is an old pro at the airplane game, as she could lift both of her kids at once. She really had to trust her ability to balance them both and have the strong quads to do it.


She should have won an award for this picture and seeing as she was open to doing it again all those years later, with grown-up kids, make this even more precious. Not only should she be given awards for her airplane skills, but she should also be inducted into the Mother’s Hall of Fame.

The Family Trip To The Capitol

The ubiquitous family vacation photos that no one wants to break away from having fun for, but mom says so you have to be in it. Truly both of these photos are impressive in their own right. Getting these three sons to stand still for ten seconds in order to snap the photo is impressive on its own. It is even more astounding when you consider that no one has their finger up their nose, closing their eyes, crying or throwing up. That is a win in any parent’s book!


Therefore this is clearly mom’s favorite picture, not only because of her three adorable sons but also because it defied all laws of childhood and was a must for recreation. It truly is one of the best pictures on this list. We say that a lot and we always mean it!

We’re Going To Need A Bigger Bowl

Just like every house has a good ol’ laundry basket, so does it have a nice big mixing bowl, and like the laundry basket, small spaces in the kitchen are great for taking snaps of young kids. It may sound nuts, but parents have to take advantage of their kids’ small size while they can and you definitely can’t argue with the results. Time is of the essence and the opportunities won’t last forever.


Look at this recreated childhood picture and long gone are the days when he could fit into that mixing bowl, and while he may not be as small and cute as he was in the original, the new photo is absolutely awesome. Nothing says I love you, son, or daughter, like putting them in the dishwasher to take a few photos!

She Still Fits!

Babies are tiny little dolls, so it is perfectly natural for parents to love putting them in weird places to snap a (or 1,000) photos. Take a look here at the laundry basket. A normal basket used to keep clothes in is also hours of entertainment for a baby. Look at that gigantic smile on the kid’s face and you’ll remember why everyone, including you, loves babies.


Pretty much everything on earth entertains them. A cute little baby giggles and this is clearly one of her parent’s favorite pictures, and honestly, she nailed the recreation as well. The wallpaper is spot on. The laugh of a baby…is there any better sound?

Still Doing As I Please

Little children are free of the social constraints that adults are, and due to that fact, they are wild and natural. They haven’t had too many negative experiences and therefore don’t see the world as a jaded adult does. This is clear with the girl in the original photo on the left. She looks cute with her white t-shirt, rebellious face and one cannot miss her dad’s oversized boots.


We bet that this was one of her parents’ favorite photos, and while the recreated photo does not quite have the same effect, it sure is a nice way for her and her family to look back on the memory for years to come. The oversized boots are a really great touch.

Time-proof Children Pictures

It’s a fact that parents cherish pictures of their children forever. That is probably why moms and dads go the extra mile to ensure their kids wear the most ridiculous outfits while posing for an hour in front of the photographer. It usually sets them back a couple of hundred dollars, but to them, it is well worth it. Back to ridiculous clothing, just look at these brother’s pants.


We keep dressing up our kids in matching clothing for a portrait, but those checked pants are too much. It seems the brother’s thought so too. They wanted to recreate this picture from their childhood and we must say they did a great job. When will parents understand that they really can’t embarrass their kids and even when they try, their children turn it into something funny and equally silly?

Hulk Made This Guy’s Day, Both Times!

Hulk Hogan and WWF fans will love this recreated photo. This super fan was lucky enough not only to meet the wrestling icon once but twice. In the sweet photo on the left, the fan looks like he wasn’t even a teenager when he was first trapped in Hulk’s trademark headlock.


Clearly, the fan didn’t have enough, because he met Hulk again and recreated the photo. Maybe every decade he and Hulk can reconnect to recreate the original photo. These photos definitely make for pure entertainment! And then he can snap into a Slimjim with Randy “The Machoman” Savage.

Still Spending Time Together, 60 Years Later

As one of the most heartwarming photos on the list, this picture shows that even once we have grown up, it is still nice to have our parents around. From childhood, this father was clearly a very significant person in his son’s life and although he worked long hours, he always made time to kick the soccer ball around with his kids.


Sixty years later and some things never change. Sure, his son may have grown to be much taller than him, but the bond over soccer is still standing strong. Aww…this one might be the most moving on the list.

Family Photos That Survived History

Although this recreation looks pretty similar to the original, it is clear to see the location of the picture has changed quite a bit. Now that the Berlin Wall is no longer splitting East from West in Germany, it was a little difficult to be completely accurate in recreating this photo. Although the places from our childhood usually change for the worst, every now and then, they change for the better.


Everything else about this photo was recreated perfectly. From the jeans, jacket, and sneakers down to the hairstyle and pose. He and his family will definitely keep this for all days to come. These recreations don’t always bring back the best memories, but at least in the new-fangled version, there is the appearance of brighter days.

A 30-Year Friendship

As we age, keeping in touch with friends is a constant struggle. With work, family and every other bump in the road that comes our way, hanging out with friends seems to fall in line with blue moons and the Hale-Bopp comet passing close to the earth. That’s why this recreated childhood photo is so special.


The original photo of these two youngsters shows them in elementary school. The original is already so moving on its own and shows how close the two’s personalities are. Fast forward to the present day and as you can see, not much has changed. Hopefully, in another 30 years, they can make a new recreation, if such a thing is a thing in 30 years.

T-Rex Arms Are Still Hilarious, Even 20 Years Later

Children are silly and playful all of the time, so it isn’t too unrealistic for parents to have photos like the one on the left. No matter how silly these photos are, they perfectly preserve memories for parents, siblings, and the subjects for years to come. That’s why recreating these photos is hilarious 150 percent of the time.


We’re glad to see the brother and sister have hung onto their playful ways with each other and are still close. But those T-Rex arms certainly haven’t grown that much.

Still Not Sure About This Whole Situation

Took a look at this kid’s face and you can clearly see that he doesn’t quite know what to do with his little brother yet. Maybe he wasn’t sure if he was okay with being a big brother yet. Or perhaps he knew his days of sleeping and having mom and dad all to himself was over.


Either way, it looks like all of that is under the bridge, based on the hilarious recreation they did to the right, but he does nail that questioning face. Maybe something passed the gas and he suspects his little brother.

Merry Christmas, The Later Years

The holidays bring out the best in absolutely everyone and it is the best time to pull your Santa hat from out from storage and let mom take photos. For Rudolph’s sake, would you just stay still and smile? Honestly, getting your kids to sit for as long as it takes to get a good photo is like climbing Everest and winning the lottery all rolled into one.


You might think it would be easier to do as your kids get older, but nope, still hard as heck. You might as well tie them down because posing for pictures is like the last thing on a little kid’s mind.

Timeless Vacations

Who doesn’t love looking back and remembering the awesome time we had on vacation through the photos we took? Sure, there may have been a lot of time bickering with siblings and cooling our sunburns with aloe, but with those times, there are so many happy moments. This photo on the left was taken by the mom when the kids jumped into dad’s arms during their beach holiday. So they just couldn’t resist recreating the photo when they took a beach vacation 20 years later.


Sure, dad probably threw out his back for it, but he’ll live, and they will have a hilarious photo to show him while he lies on his back. And he probably won’t ever do that again, even if he could.

The Circle Of Life

We really love this picture and not for just one reason. Finishing school can be pretty tough. But for those of us who have kids, it can be even more difficult. The photo on the left shows the father on graduation day holding his little girl while she sweetly dons his graduation cap.


As touching as that is, it is about to get much better, because the recreation is of his daughter’s graduation and now she’s holding him! It ticks so many boxes when it comes to making a great recreation photo! It is silly, light-hearted, and shows off both of their sense of humor, which being father and daughter, might be exactly the same.

Weather-proof Friendship

Perhaps the best part of recreating photos is showing how everyone has grown up. Look at the two smallest siblings on the right-top corner. Those two were once the shortest of the group, but now they’re soaring above their older siblings. The youngest of the group even looks like he has 12 inches on some of the others.


While their heights may have changed, it appears their playful nature is still firmly intact. Older siblings have a psychological edge in wrestling matches no matter how big their younger siblings get, so that tall drink of water probably still gets owned when it comes down to it.

The Time For Overalls Has Passed

Overalls are adorable on just about any little kid or a farmer, and do not see the light of day if you don’t fit one of those two categories–just kidding, wear them if you got em–but seriously, these two guys should have checked with the fashion police before recreating this look for their photo.


Anyhow, might be one of the funniest recreated childhood photos on this list. The original was already pretty funny, but tack on 20 years and facial hair and that usually give you something pretty amazing. Add rappers from the 90s who can rock the overalls…and maybe hippies.

Bathtub Family Fun

How many bathtub photos with siblings are there in the entire world? Maybe trillions, but definitely billions, right? Parents love to multi-task by putting all their kids in the tub at once when they’re small so they all get clean and save time too. To be fair, it does kind of make sense in a weird parental way. The reason is this–parents are busy! So any time-saving methods, even if it means seeing your siblings naked, are welcome for them.


As you can see these kids don’t exactly love the fact their mom or dad put them all in there together, but years later, they are probably laughing at it with the help of this grand recreation. Ah, there it is… the sibling bath and everyone kept something on.

You Still Don’t Fit, Buddy

It seems like parents are always making their kids do silly and awkward things in front of the camera. These parents are no exception. They forced their three sons to squeeze into a rocking chair. Look closely and you’ll see the expressions go from great, to meh, to, okay that will do it. With a priceless photo like that, it is only natural that the brothers recreate it several years later for their folks.


We’re very happy with the recreated facial expressions, which are near spot on. Bonus for the youngest dude for hanging onto those awesome sweat pants he wore in the original. How many times have those sweatpants been through the wash in all of those years? They certainly don’t make them like they used to.

Mom Wanted A Simple Christmas Picture

Moms and dads are notoriously hard to shop for when the holidays come around. Most parents say they don’t want anything at all. When the mom of these brothers said she only wanted a nice photo of all three of them, they grabbed the chance to do a little recreation. Rather than recreate any old photo, they went straight for the heartstrings and recreated their mom’s favorite photo of them from childhood. And wow, did they absolutely smash it.


They went the full nine by having the recreation done in an actual studio and managed to wear similar outfits. The best part though is those faces that perfectly match the ones from 20 plus years before. What a perfect gift from three great sons.

That Day At The Beach, Many Photographs Later

There are a few elements that every greatly recreated childhood photo has. First, you must have a similar background and somewhat matching clothes. However, the best-recreated photos are the ones where the subjects get the facial expressions absolutely spot on.


These three sisters and their older brother did exactly that! Not just that, they got the placement right with a close but not exact umbrella on the left-hand side and the yellow beach towel are very nice touches, but the youngest sister pretending to ball her eyes out is the best. This photo is just priceless. It is like the youngest sister knew that her crying eyes and frown would stand the test of time.

A Mother’s Favorite

When dealing with original photos from childhood, in some cases, it is nearly impossible to fathom how they could get any funnier. These boys proved that it is very possible. The original picture is really adorable and really silly as well if you take a nice long gander at it. These cute boys look really sweet and goofy at the same time, which makes it impossible not to smile at this photo.


Clearly, this picture is a family favorite, so when they wanted to do a recreation 30 years later, the choice was clear. With the expressions on their faces and their clothes, we think they did a great job. Thirty years can do wonders for a sense of humor.

The Lovely Brothers

These photos show that little children can pull off nearly any fashion style. A sweater with a train on it? Looks cute on this little brother! Matching teal collared shirts? Looking good! Suspenders? Why the hell not! And did anyone say a gumball machine? Of course. But when you have the picture recreated with the same fashion sense along with it, the grownups can’t quite pull off the same look like they could back when the original was taken.


But still, these three brothers tried to recreate this picture and what came out is truly mesmerizing. And why gumball machines still sell like hotcakes.

Cinematic Detail

This childhood photo recreation has an awesome story attached to it. Irina Werning is an internationally renowned photographer and has a very popular series entitled “Back to the Future”, where she helps adults recreate their favorite childhood memories. Not only does Werning shoot the photographs, but she also gets propers and locations for the shoot and makes all of the costumes. “I go crazy with detail,” she told The Daily Mail. “Every detail, every button, everything. I bought the fabrics making sure they were the right texture and able to create as they do in the  picture, and then I make them…and I bought the bicycle for one of the photos on eBay and then made sure I had all the locations set before I arrived.”


That is astounding how she could go so overboard on getting the exact photo recreation. How did she choose the photos that she recreated? Were they based on what she could get for the recreation or based on how good they were?

Nothing Like A Brother

You just can’t get better than brotherly love. These bros look like they were born connected to each other when they were little. Posing in the same way with similar clothes on, it is clear to see that they are probably best friends now, all those years after the original was taken.


The recreation is a bomb, even wearing the shirts they had on in the original picture. Nothing says a best friend like wearing the same clothes.

Halloween, Many Years (And Much Candy) After

Some of the best pictures to view years after they were taken are Halloween pictures. In addition to reliving what was popular at the time, we can see how funny, and in some cases sad, our Halloween costumes were. The three boys look cute in their Halloween costumes on the left, and although we give them credit for their costumes in the recreation on the right, they weren’t quite as cute in that photo.


Halloween is a great way of knowing what was popular at the time. What movies, TV shows, musicians, and video games everyone knew then.

A Nice Family Portrait

Although a lot of these pictures are of children as adults, we do love seeing the entire family getting involved in recreating these awesome photos. The picture on the left is of a proud dad with his three sons, all wearing their best clothes it appears. This is clearly a photo that should be recreated. Give them credit for getting all of the details in the photo correct in the picture on the right.


All the details are there, from the boy’s clothes, with the son on the right in particular, to the youngest brother trying to get his dad to hold him. Nearly an exact match! Probably had the mom help get all of the exact details for the clothes correct because, let’s face it, she probably dressed them in the original too.

Boys In The Mud

This photo is so good. Mostly because the recreation on the right doesn’t even look like a recreation of the original. Truly, we hope these four mud-soaked boys were close throughout their boyhood and into manhood. Also, it would be nice if this photo was spontaneous and slightly similar to the original, instead of them trying to recreate it.


Youth is full of these sweet moments and memories. Surely mom and dad loved to get these two photos of their boys then and now as a Christmas present. And we’re sure they were glad they didn’t have four mud-covered boys they had to clean too, now that they are all grown up.

Still Scared After All These Years

This baby picture is so funny. We love to picture parents trying continuously to take cute photos of their babies, while more often than not, the baby looks like it is terrified instead. Although it probably wasn’t the look they were going for, it is still a hilariously cute picture.


It’s also heartwarming to see that the now grown-up newborn has such a good sense of humor about the whole mess. It’s nice to know you have raised a good sport, which is how every kid should be raised. Not to take things so seriously.

 The Newborn Isn’t New Anymore

It is the standard operating procedure for parents to have a photo of them and their newborn sleeping peacefully with each other. Usually, the new mom or dad is just too tired to stay awake from taking care of their newborn son or daughter, because parenting is no piece of cake. The dad in this picture is the perfect instance. He looks pretty zonked out, but his son sleeping in his arms makes for a very endearing photo.


Move ahead 25 years and there is the son, not a newborn by any stretch of the imagination, and there is the dad who can’t fit his son in his arms as snuggly any longer, but the effort is all that counts, plus a comical photo. How that dad didn’t wake his newborn up with his snoring is a miracle in its own right.

Memories In The Sand

As tradition dictates when at the beach, you must bury your friends or siblings in the sand. It is the rules, and these kids followed them. When they were children, these kids went on a trip to the beach and buried each other up to their chins in the sand–perhaps by mom and dad who probably did it to keep them in the same place for once.


None of the kids look too excited to be where they are, though. Maybe the idea of getting buried in the sand is better than actually being buried in the sand. Either way, it certainly made for a great original photo and an equally good recreation.

Once A Chocolate Face, Always A Chocolate Face

Younger kids aren’t really noted as being graceful or hygienic, are they? It is perfectly natural for kids to be messy eaters when it comes time to eat, resulting in a photo or two, perhaps more, and them happily stuffing themselves with more food on their faces than in their hands.


This pair of brothers had a candid photo taken of them outside of a sporting event when they were young. One brother notices the photo about to be taken and smiles the best he can. The other couldn’t care less, as he devours his ice cream cone, making this recreation sweet in more ways than one. Some adults are messy eaters still. It is a hard habit to shake.

Not So Light Anymore, Is He?

For anyone with siblings, the chances are usually good that there is a photo around of you holding your younger brother or sister or an older sibling holding you, all with big grins on your faces. This pair was no different. Take a gander at how proud the big brother looks to have his new brother in the family now.


This was clearly a photo both parents have loved and cherished since it was taken. Because of this, it is clear why the boys decided they would recreate the photo. Well, they get an A for effort. As you can probably assume, holding your brother is a lot easier when he is only 22 inches long. And probably a lot lighter, too?

A True Wild Child

There are some childhood photos that shouldn’t be recreated. Exhibit A is here and it does exist, but luckily it is hilarious. The original picture is one of the most legendary childhood photos ever taken. Between the insane look on his face, and you know, pulling the Fruit of the Loom tighty whities all the way up there is just pure comic genius.


We salute this guy for having the guts to even recreate a picture that many would be way too embarrassed to have even taken in the first place. You can take the child out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the child. And you probably can’t take that big a wedgie out without notifying a doctor.

Pop Needs A New Bike

Perhaps the best part of adults recreating photos from their childhood is how big they are in the recreation photo. Everything, from trying to squeeze into the same outfit they wore in the original photo, or to have dad hold a full-grown son on his handlebars like they did when he was only three years old, it’s certainly a challenge to recreate these magical memories, but the rewards outweigh the sacrifice. This photo is perfect.


The original photo has the happy dad posing on his bike while his sons sit upon the handlebars and at his side. In the recreation, it is blatantly obvious that both boys are now men, but the feelings in the photo remain present. Most dads look forward to the day when they don’t have to carry their sons around. I bet this dad thought those days were over, but alas, photo recreations are something he probably never saw coming.