More of the Strangest Things You’ll See On Your Daily Commute To Work

“Traffic, huh?” This line seems to work its way into every possible small talk simply because it’s a nuisance none of us can avoid. It’s boring, it’s annoying, and it usually feels like a complete waste of time, but the good news is every now and then, being on the road puts you in the way of some pretty hysterical situations.
As you’ve probably seen in our previous article about the bizarre things people found while being on the road, it looks like there’s no end to roadside hilarity. And since there is no end anyway, we thought you could use some more funny moments caught on people’s daily commute. Here they are:

Obstacle Course

Whoever painted these sidewalks must have decided to have a little fun that day by designing an obstacle course for bike riders. Otherwise, they should have thought more before sending bikers riding straight into a line of metal poles.


This is clearly an accident waiting to happen! Luckily, the sidewalk is wide enough for riders from both directions to cycle at once. (As long as they have quick reflexes and manage to swerve before impact.)

Subway Stop

Owning your own car is the best, and one of the best things about it is that you no longer have to use public transportation. No more standing unreasonably close to other commuters or walking in the rain to the bus stop. But there is also a downside, the high price of gas, insurance, and standing in traffic for hours at a time.


It seems like the owner of this car couldn’t take it anymore and decided that they were sick of driving; they were going to take the subway instead!

An Obvious Choice

New Life Lane or Dead End? Although we guess it depends on what mood you’re in at the moment, it seems fairly obvious. Regardless, this is a very ironic and, actually quite hilarious, sign to come by.


It would certainly be enough to leave a happy-go-lucky commuter pondering for a while. Going straight or turning left has never felt like such a big decision! What road would you take?

Just Throw It in the Trunk

Clearly, these people are very attached to their boat. It’s amazing this car can even advance with that thing in the trunk; come on, sometimes you just have to learn to let go! And this is one of those times…


Maybe it didn’t occur to them to strap it on the roof? Not that that would have been ideal either, but hey, at least they wouldn’t be driving a car with a gigantic boat sticking out of it. Well, at least they won’t have to worry about cars keeping their distance…

Stay Out of the Bike Lane

This sign achieves something pretty amazing; it defies its own instructions! The sign reads “give cyclists space,” which is a great sentiment. Unfortunately, it completely undermines that statement by being positioned in the middle of the bike lane.


We have no idea what they were thinking when they put it up and dangerously blocked the bike lane, forcing bikers to swerve into the lane used by cars. Luckily, the cart has wheels, which makes this absurd situation easily rectified.

The Traffic Light Guessing Game

Apparently, the traffic control center came up with a new game called “Who Can Guess the Traffic Light?” And hey, can you blame them? Imagine if you had to sit in a room staring at a screen all day, controlling a city’s traffic. Wouldn’t you want to spice things up a bit?


For everybody’s sake, though, we hope this is just a case of an old traffic light that they forgot to take down. Otherwise, that intersection is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Booted Your Tank

Don’t you hate when you bring your tank home and when you want to head out to work in the morning, it has a boot on the tire? Unbelievable, what do they even want from you? It’s their own fault that they don’t provide tank parking on the street.


All the other cars are also parked half on the sidewalk. Why are they singling you out? It’s not like you’re the only person who’s driving a tank, right?

Probably Not the Embrace He Was Looking For

One of the unspoken agreements among nature lovers alike is to practice respect for your surroundings when you’re in the great outdoors. You need to leave things as they were when you came and clean up after yourself.


It also helps to have a general understanding of plants so that you don’t get into any sticky or prickly situations. This young man could have used a science lesson or two before coming out into nature. Luckily, he had a confused group from the local fire department come to his rescue.

Build-A-Baby Factory

This poorly placed advertisement takes away from what is happening in this ad! At first glance, this bus quite obviously belongs to some kind of robot baby-making facility.


But then you realize that all this is — is a funny error. One so bad you forget what exactly it was you were looking at, to begin with!

Double Decker Parking

It is not clear how this car ended up balanced on the Fiat in the first place. It is like bad parking is its own special gymnastic sport. Well, this gray car certainly deserves a medal for creative bad parking.


To end up like this, they must have been taking directions from someone who has really bad depth perception or had faulty parking sensors. Either way, they should call in the professionals at this point before more damage is done to either car.

Self Care First

Self-care is always important, especially when you work a full-time job. This cab driver needed some R&R time, and so he decided to slap on a face mask while working.


We appreciate his dedication to taking care of his skin and his hard work.

Special Kind of Ride

Is that a unicycle? It might seem like one, but if you look closer, it isn’t. It’s a special kind of bike that fits perfectly at the back of this guy’s car.


Luckily he had enough space for it.

It’s a Hot Day

In the summer, it’s great to have a pool in your backyard, even if it’s an inflatable one. This driver decided to transport a pool deck in the back of his car.


Maybe he could’ve called someone to ask for help?

Hands are Full

This guy’s hands are full, he has one hand on his phone, but he’s using the other to read a message using a magnifying glass.


The text must’ve been too small, so he needed it. But he’s also jamming to music with those headphones. Hopefully, he pulled over first.

Into the Wild

These deers are in for the ride of their lives. They’ve never sat in an actual car before, and this seems much quicker for them than walking.


They’re master hitchhikers, and by the looks on their faces, they’d love to ride a car again.

Time to Split

This driver must really love bananas, or maybe that’s a rental? That’s a sweet ride he’s got, and it looks like he turned a lot of heads that day.


The only thing that’s missing is the fake ice cream and cherry on top!

Car Hybrid

This is the result of merging a car and a truck together. You get this truck-car hybrid which would be great for road trips and transporting furniture.


It’s also big enough for a group of friends to ride in the back. Win-win.

Speed Racer

We can hear the screeching noises from our screens. It seems like when he latched on the wheel to his car; the material wasn’t sturdy enough for it to endure the road.


We’re hoping a cop or a driver nearby was able to help him. Yikes!

Can He See?

This is one way to transport a bed frame! At least it has a few cracks so the motorbike driver can peer through to the road.


This isn’t recommended and should only be a last resort. Luckily they weren’t moving the mattress as well.

Watch Out!

It’s usually advised to keep away from vehicles that have metal bars hanging from the backside.


It’s best to keep your car at a healthy distance when you see one of these on the road. Maybe he should’ve gotten a bigger truck?

Pimp My Ride

This driver was tired of driving the conventional car and decided to give it an upgrade. The purpose of the extra part was to help him gain momentum on the highway.


We’re not too sure if it works, but we hope he found what he was looking for!

A Mind of Its Own

This truck looks like it has a mind of its own, with its massive hay protruding from the roof.


At least the people were able to hop on top and make the most out of it! That ride looks super comfy.

Missing Hydrant

This hydrant seems to be strapped to the bottom side of the truck. Either he accidentally ran it over, or this was intentional.


If it was intentional, we’re still unsure of what the purpose was. We sure hope he was able to take it off eventually.

“Toeslide” Check

This car tried to do a toeside check slide and managed to nail it! He gained momentum, landed on the railing, and just kept on driving.


It clearly landed the trick, but now the next part is getting down.

Extra Part

Some people are tired of the same old car design and convertible that they want to take things to the next level.


Just like this driver who strapped a big chunk of metal to his car. What was the point of this? We guess we’ll never truly know.

Seeing Double

Owning one convertible just wasn’t enough for this guy; he needed to have another one. But he wasn’t sure if he needed an entire one and figured that perhaps just half would suffice.


Now we’ve seen it all! After all, why have one convertible when you can have one and a half?

Missing Hammer

It just isn’t Thor’s day. He seems to have misplaced his hammer. Maybe he lost it during a fight with Loki?


The savior of Asgard doesn’t have any time to save its citizens because he keeps on throwing his hammer in random places.

Snow Overload

Cleaning snow from your car is a hassle, and it’s one of the downsides of winter. This driver didn’t feel like cleaning his car from snow and ice at all.


Instead, he got in and started driving his usual route. We wonder how he was able to see the back.

Legends of the Hidden Temple

The designs on this car remind us of the show “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” Is that a red jaguar or maybe a purple parrot?


It looks like a mish-mash of sorts, but it somehow flows altogether. This guy could be heading to a music festival with that cool ride.

Bump in the Road

This truck ended up face down with its windshield facing the ground. Some people say they saw a truck facepalming.


All types of messes can happen on the road, and this is one of them. Hopefully, it was towed shortly after. We hope the guy has his insurance covered.

Thor’s Wrath

Thor was fighting with his archenemy and only brother Loki in Asgard when he threw his hammer so hard it landed on this guy’s car.


The driver didn’t seem to mind since he was a Marvel fan, so he managed to let this accident slide just this once!

Just Hanging With a Cheetah

Everyone loves driving along with their trusty mutt by their side. It’s always cute to see a dog chilling in the passenger’s seat with its head out the window. Not this time.


This guy has a cheetah. Now that’s a first. He’s in for a bumpy ride; better wear a seatbelt.

Escape Route

Either this is some kind of art installation, or that’s an actual grandma hanging on the side of the truck.


According to the internet, it’s the latter, and we have so many questions about this photo. The most important one being: where’s she going?

The Butt Frame

There are those who smoke cigarettes, and then we have those non-smokers. People who smoke cigarettes can sometimes litter the road with the butts of their ciggies instead of pocketing them in case they pass by a trash can.


Hopefully, this driver had an ashtray in his car.

Not Cool

Wet concrete on your tire’s wheels isn’t something you’d want to have. But you also don’t want to go through the same road with a new vat of concrete because someone entered by accident.


This is a whole mess of sorts, and we sure hope they were able to work it all out!

To the Batmobile!

Speaking of Batman, if we saw this cruising down the road, we’d do a double-take. This sleek and futuristic design beats Tesla’s cars by a milestone.


The only downside is the lack of windows, doors, and windshield. It probably uses one of those special glass materials where you can look outside but not in.

Gotham City’s Finest

This officer didn’t expect to pull the one and only Batman when she saw him speeding down the highway.


Good thing Batman always has his license and registration stored in his car. He was thinking about saving lives this time and forgot to check the speed limit.

Can They See?

After getting out of the automobile repair shop, this driver forgot to fix his hood and latch it back to its spot.


Either he doesn’t mind that the hood is up and can see perfectly fine, or he has some special X-Men powers to look at the road.

When in Rome

This guy looks like he came straight out of “Mad Max” in the Roman era. At first glance, the horse looks real, but it’s actually a horse figurine attached to a bike!


This is one of the most creative vehicle ideas we’ve seen — he wins in life for sure.

Driving 101

Instead of leaving mean insults on people’s windshields, this clever driver decided to help other drivers.


Sometimes after we take our driving tests, the important parts slip our minds. Good thing there’s this guy to save the day with his driving 101 tips for all the world to see.

Stay Away

This truck made the right move to stick smart words on its backside to prevent people from breaking in.


It’ll ward off any unwanted robbers with an almost empty wallet and lack of clothing. Great strategy, Moosejaw! They must have some writers with a good sense of humor.

Just Chilling

This group of friends is hanging out on a Nigerian highway instead of meeting in a local bar.


Why be indoors when you can be outdoors with an amazing view of the city? Despite these guys looking out of place, they seem to be having the time of their lives.

A Game of Jenga

This truck looks like a vehicle version of Jenga. How did they manage to stack this many chairs and tables?


It looks like it could topple over any minute! Luckily, the wheels are still hanging strong despite the massive load.

The Yellow Cement Road

“The Wizard of Oz” is a well-loved classic, and one can’t help but think of the yellow brick road when looking at the picture.


The guy didn’t notice that he spilled golden liquid all over the street. This looks like a job for the wizard! If only he could wish to go back in time.

The Walking Cone

Hey, that cone isn’t supposed to be walking! Oh wait, it’s a person who looks identical to the cones set up around him.


He probably wasn’t a worker and happened to pass by the area by chance. This picture makes for an interesting coincidence.

Only Grown-Ups

These adults made their own version of “baby on board.” Instead of car signs saying there are children or babies on board, they wanted to highlight adults too.


After all, they’re the ones driving the car! Good on them for including adults in the picture.

Two in One

This red van wanted to keep things spicy and interesting and didn’t want to choose the regular paint job.


He decided that having a black car design on his existing car would make him unique. Lucky for him, there’s no other car on the road that looks like this van.

Grinch on a Bike

The Grinch found the best way to deliver presents on Christmas is to rent a motorbike. It’s cost-efficient, and he won’t have to bug Santa Claus to borrow one of his reindeers.


That would make for a cool story, but this duo just wanted to dress up and have fun.

Ready For the Cops

This guy was well prepared and was two steps ahead of the policeman. Before the cop could open his mouth and say “license and registration,” he already knew what was coming.


This was a smart move on his part!

Not Under a Rock Anymore

Patrick Star was tired of living under a rock in Bikini Bottom. He thought it’d be much cooler to live on a wheel since he’d be able to drive around the city and see more of the views.


I can’t argue with Patrick Star’s logic!

How’s Bob?

The minions Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, were walking down the highway one day when Bob suddenly deflated.


Kevin and Stuart had no idea what to do and tried to call Gru to help. Looks like Bob will be hanging low for a while.

Little Guy

Seeing something smaller in comparison to its larger size can really help put things into perspective. This driver wanted to entertain other people on the road with his setup, and we commend him for that.


It was a cute idea to attach a small truck to his large one.


Driving is already confusing, and these two vans just made it even harder! One of the trucks is asking the drivers not to follow, yet the other truck wants the drivers to keep left.


It’s a contradicting situation to be in, but it’s still hilarious to come across.

Stacking it High

In Southeast Asia, this is a common sight on highways. This is an example of one of those instances where a truck is overloaded with cargo.


The car could’ve gotten a flat tire, but it’s still going strong. We’d love to see how this car makes a U-turn because it seems impossible.

Airing Out His Paw

Being a pampered pooch and living the life of fame is not easy. For this gentle doggo, his owner left him in the car, and he was left to fend for himself.


Luckily, this guy was doing well in the front seat and didn’t need any supervision.

 Split Personality

This sheriff thought he could go undercover by also pretending to be a taxi. He should’ve stuck to one profession — it looks like he’s trying to alternate between two positions.


Even though this car looks divided, it still looks unique.

 Too Young to Drive

This policeman was teaching the baby the first rule of driving: always wear a seatbelt and a t-shirt when driving.


This baby was doing neither and got pulled over. This kiddo was shocked when he was making his merry way down the street when he saw a car following him. This isn’t something you see every day!

Peep the Pokemon

Pokemon was an iconic video game of the early 2000s. Kids would sit in the hallways with their Gameboys pressed closely to their chests, watching their Magikarp transform into Gyarados.


This driver thought to add a Pikachu tail to the back of his car to complete its Pikachu form.

Drive Carefully

This road sign thought it could capture people’s attention by using a funny joke instead of a graphic PSA on why you shouldn’t text and drive.


It’s pretty effective since it’s funny and the “Cell no” at the end was a nice touch.

 Feline World Domination

This cat decided he was done with his owner not feeding him on time and decided to take over his car. First, his owner’s car, then on his home, and then — world domination.


The cat also decided to take his scratching post from home to bring with him on his escapade.

Time to Rick and Roll

Here we see Rick and his determined look to save Morty from Galaxy 55, where they’ve kept him as a prisoner, forcing him to play video games for hours on end without looking away from the screen.


Luckily Rick has transformed himself into a car so he can speed things up.

Flashy But Simple

If you look closer, you’ll see the plate number and see that it says “humble.” This attractive-looking car is anything but humble with its sparkling sheen.


How ironic is it that his car is the opposite of what the plate number says?

Hungry for An Aquatic Trip

We love the attention to detail that the burger car has; it looks good enough to eat. The shark car also looks pretty cool, with the fins poking out from the sides.


Maybe they’re a tandem promotion? Either way, that’s great marketing.

They’ve Found Rocket!

If you’re a fan of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ or are familiar with the characters, then you’ll remember Rocket. He’s been missing for a while on planet earth and landed there when Groot pressed the wrong button on the ship.


A man driving a truck was able to pick him up. With that cuddle, Rocket won’t be saving the galaxy anytime soon.

Captain of the Road

Captain America makes his way down from DC to a meeting. On the way, he managed to defeat Crossbones and even cut past traffic to battle Baron Zemo.


His last fight is to ride his motorcycle to his meeting. After all, is there anything Captain America can’t do?

Look Both Ways

In Pennsylvania, this isn’t usually common. What’s common is the delicious cheesesteak places and the Liberty Bell.


He could’ve easily schlepped on the ladder to the top of the car and strapped it in securely with cables or strong wires. Hopefully, he was careful enough to avoid any mishaps.

Riding Shotgun

Riding shotgun is one of the best things about being in a car. You get to control the playlist while also having the best view.


This snake was smart for grabbing the front seat, and he’s looking pleased. It seems like he snuck his way in pretty stealthily.


Observing signs can be hard when you have to keep two eyes on the road. But what happens when that route doesn’t have a destination?


This driver thought he could cut corners and take the shorter route. He should’ve stuck to the main road instead of going on the overpass.

Moving Day

Moving out requires transporting furniture from one place to another. This guy took matters into his own hands. He’s probably done this before.


Who needs a mover’s help when you’ve got a strong set of shoulders and arms?