More Online Shopping Gone Hilariously Wrong

Most of us have shopped online at least once, so by now, we know that sometimes the Internet can be a place where terrible people gather to sell terrible products. It only makes perfect sense that online shopping has a dark and dreadful underbelly filled with the remains of consumer culture.
If you liked our previous article, you’ll have to prepare yourself, because some of these stories would be straight-up cringeworthy, if they weren’t so hilarious!

Want Combat Boots? Well Here are Some for Your Doll

One girl on Twitter posted a picture of the boots her sister ordered online for her Halloween costume, The only thing is, they came in Barbie doll size. Where did she go wrong? Guys, beware when you see items online that look two affordable.


Perhaps she thought that she caught a good sale but if fact, it’s just an accessory item for dolls. Always read the fine print, and check the sizes!

Not Exactly What She had in Mind…

C’mon, I’m starting to think that these companies are just trolling these poor customers. All the girl wanted was the nice and elegant dress she saw advertised on their website… but what is this mess she received?


We’re sure she’ll get a full refund if she shows them this picture. We just hope she has enough time before her event to get a new dress. Like she stated in the caption, she sure won’t be buying anything from China again anytime soon.

A Whole New World

One online shopper didn’t bother to check the dimensions of a small carpet he wanted to purchase, and that is probably rule number one when it comes to shopping online! Never rely on the photos, they’re just an optical illusion as far as you’re concerned.


But hey, at least the tiny carpet wasn’t bought in vain. The guy’s cute little dog can pretend that he’s soaring through the sky on a flying carpet, Aladdin style. All he’s missing is his princess Jasmin, well nevermind, there’s no space. Stick to flying solo.

Chairs On Deck

One mom decided that it’d be a nice idea for her and her husband to have a couple of lawn chairs for when they sit out on the lawn. She thought she found herself a bargain when she saw these online. Why go through the hassle of going to ACE, what could possibly go wrong?


Well, lots, apparently. Not only will they (still) not have the lawnchair they wanted, but she’s practically bought garden furniture for the pesky little rodents that may be lurking around. #Fail

Trump and Kim

One online shopper ordered this humorous T-shirt on the left with the several faces of “the 45th,” President Donald Trump from AliExpress.


Instead, he received the T-shirt on the right, with the image of the “Supreme Leader” of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. The online shopper feels like he was being trolled by the online vendor. What do you think? was this just an innocent mistake?

Wake Up and Smell The…WTF?!

If you look closely, this mug was made for people who are definitely not morning people. Do not speak to them before they have their cup of coffee.


One Redditor posted a photo of a mug he ordered with the caption “This f#!%ing mug,” which couldn’t be more fitting. And yes, in this case, the pun was totally intended.

Plagiarised Dress Print?

One woman found this lovely Pakistani dress but just as she was walking to the dressing room to try it on, she realized some faint writing on it. In fact, it was a Shutterstock watermark. For those who aren’t familiar, Shutterstock is a photo stock website.


When you don’t purchase the photos to properly obtain the rights to them, then they’re left with the website’s watermark to prevent copyright infringement. Well, I guess this clothes designer was too cheap to pay for the photo, or perhaps it’s part of the art. I guess we’ll never know.

We Hope His Wife Understands

One hopeless romantic wanted to buy a lush and colorful bouquet for his wife, so he ordered the beautiful one on the right. Instead, his wife got the lame one on the left.


We hope his wife wasn’t disappointed and they shared a good laugh. But still, get a refund man.

Two Left Feet

Imagine ordering some new running shoes, and soon as you press the order button you anticipate its arrival. You finally get your package, only to discover you got two left shoes! Tragic.


Either this online shopper didn’t read the small print, even though that would be weird in itself,  or maybe it was just a joke (or a message??) for a person who is extremely clumsy.


Sheet masks have been all the rage in the skincare world. Ever since western beauty consumers discovered this Korean beauty secret they’ve been posting funny Instagram posts and even scaring the fellow airplane passengers that sit next to them when they put them on mid-flight.


This poor woman got a rude awakening when her sheet masks arrived. Instead of joining the trend she had to write the company’s customer service for sending doll-sized masks. Perhaps her baby can use the face mask? That was a joke! We do not provide medical (or cosmetic) advice.

Too Much

One, thoughtful boyfriend thought it would be romantic to buy his girlfriend a nice soft pillow with his face on it. He thought she could cuddle up with him while they whenever they were apart.


When he got it, he realized he should just go with a bouquet of roses, because if she saw this pillow it might actually put their relationship on thin ice, or give the poor girl nightmares. Not exactly the image that you want your significant other to have in their head before bed.


Betty Boop seems to be in a sticky situation in this one. This woman couldn’t but posting this funny image she caught on her pajama bottoms.


We’re sure that the seamstress who made it didn’t notice the design on this fabric when she was stitching it together, or maybe she just has a naughty sense of humor. hehe.

How Do You Attach This?

This young lady wanted to dress up as a “sexy wolf” for Holloween, when searching for costumes on eBay she saw this “Fur Wolf Tail For Halloween Fancy Dress” listed. The photo online seemed like it was exactly what she was looking for, but then it arrived…


How the heck do you wear this?! And if its how we suspect…who are you people who use these things? I need answers!

“Did I Order a Piñata?!”

One guy seemed to be looking to get in shape, (or practice for a fight?) in an economic way. Instead of buying an expensive gym membership, he just bought a punching bag online.


But you know what they say, you get what you pay for. Instead of the punching bag having a proper filling, this one was just loaded with a bunch of trash! It literally burst open like a piñataafter one punch. What a load of…junk.

R-Rated Fly Show

This guy was strolling around a thrift shop when he spotted an interesting looking shirt. Luckily, he realized what these flies were “busy” doing before he actually purchased this shirt. It would have been so awkward walking around wearing it.


This is what happens when you get clothes from the flea market. Pun intended.

Resourceful Packers

The employee of the month? Whoever ran out of tissue paper thought of another useful shoe stuffing alternative- tighty whities!


I guess you can’t really complain, the guy got his new shoes, plus free underwear, win-win. You can never have too many underwear. Just be sure to throw them in the washer!

Ugly Onesie

The onesie on the right is bright and looks fun and soft, who wouldn’t be tempted to buy such a thing? Well, this innocent online shopper thought that you actually get what you see online.


If you didn’t know, then you know by this int in the article, you don’t! And the image on the left is just another example of that.

This is Not What I Saw Online!

This woman wanted to try the sexy peek-a-boo pants trend but instead, she went back in time and received some sumo wrestler-style pants. She did not intend to show this much leg.


What she got is not what they advertised at all, give this woman her money back, ASAP! We got your back!

(Un)stuffed Animal

The image on the right is exactly the one that comes to mind when you think of the classic, timeless, teddy bear. We don’t know what happened to the poor guy on the left… it’s like someone sucked out all of its “filling.”


That’s definitely not the kind of teddy bear you want to cuddle up with at night. Pass!

Same, Same But Different

All she ever wanted was a cute romper to rock on the weekends but instead, she’ll have to settle for her worse online purchase ever.


Hopefully, she’s able to get a full refund for this horrific purchase, personally I would sue for emotional distress.

Paddling pool

Looking at the picture at the left, you’d think that this would be a normal-sized paddling pool. Well, think again! This purchase was probably made for the ants as it came out looking hilariously small.


The kids aren’t going to be happy at all to see this new pool out on the yard! Again, another testament in realizing that suspiciously cheap things are way too good to be true.

Misspelled jewelry

This might be a great thing to wear if you’re a guy trying to humorously get your girlfriend to believe in your loyalty. However, this wasn’t exactly the case for this girl who expected to receive a bracelet that spelled out “hopeless”.


Apart from the completely cynical word choice, it doesn’t look like the most attractive thing to wear either. She probably didn’t even bother wearing it at all. We wouldn’t, at least!

Photo ornament

Family portraits are always a good pick to have when you want to give out some personalized gifts to your loved ones. Aside from it being a sweet gesture, you also don’t have to spend too much on them.


However, this guy probably didn’t expect that his seller would have a different idea about personalization. Apparently, photoshopping some penguins would be a great addition to their portrait. Nobody asked for that awkward addition, Sir!


Why bother with some old regular boring sunglasses when you could purchase a cool, laser-cut, trendy, angular heart-shaped pair? Clearly, the seller and his buyer weren’t seeing eye to eye here.


This company is definitely going to end up with some bad reviews and angry customers if these are the kind of deliveries they’ll constantly be making. Another deceitful purchase!

Cheap leggings

If you’re ordering from a brand that is famous for their dolls, you should probably expect that you’ll be receiving purchases that aren’t catered for a human being. This girl was probably oblivious to what Bratz really was as she expected to receive some cute new gold leggings that she could wear out.


Unfortunately, she ended up with this tiny pair of leggings that she’d never be able to fit in a million years. That explains the super cheap price!

170mm screw

This purchase is straight up hilarious! Who’d ever think that such a huge screw actually existed? Apparently, this buyer didn’t realize that an extra zero can make a huge difference when it comes to measurements.


Precision is key when you’re dealing with these kinds of things! Expecting to receive a 17mm screw, he ended up with this ridiculously huge 170mm one! We wonder what this could even be used for.

Face pillows

In theory, face pillows of your kids should be an adorable addition to the living room. However, what this family ended up with was a total nightmare! Their seller ended up filling a whole pillow with the kids’ face alone, making it look absolutely creepy.


Next time, they should probably note that blowing up the size of any face wouldn’t give them the best results for any type of customized gift. We definitely won’t be getting good dreams tonight.

Scallion flowers

Hoping to purchase a beautiful bouquet of flowers, this buyer probably didn’t prepare to hear some bad news upon reading the receipt. Apparently, the flower shop ran out of the flowers he requested for and instead, gave him an alternative to a bouquet.


This hilarious alternative ended up being some spring onions. Who would even be satisfied with a substitute like this? He probably just used this for dinner that night.

Tiny rug

People should probably take this advice to heart when doing some online shopping – when a product deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You can expect the possibility of a scam when you stumble upon something that is absurdly cheap.


You may think the deal’s a steal but the only steal happening there is probably your own money. This guy learned this the hard way when he ended up with this tiny rug, something that would end up being completely useless. There goes his money!

Long-legged bear

By now, you must be used to reading up on people receiving things that are way smaller than expected. Well, this guy received the opposite. Thinking he was about to receive this adorable plush teddy bear, he ended up with this awkward long-legged one.


The good thing is the bear’s pretty much the same as the photo, just with extremely odd long legs. It isn’t that bad of an outcome when you realize that other people have received worse!

Dry pizza

With the ease of delivery applications, ordering your late night cravings has never been more efficient. However, nothing sucks more than getting excited to devour your food delivery but ending up with a completely unsatisfying order.


This guy must have been totally furious when he opened the pizza box and saw this sad attempt at a pepperoni pizza. They obviously forgot the most important ingredient – the cheese. This just doesn’t look appetizing at all!

High-waisted pants

High-waist pants have definitely made their place back in the fashion industry today. They’ve come to be that fashionable article of clothing that all the girls make certain to own.


However, this pair of pants that this girl received probably took the definition of “high” way too far! It’s either the seller was expecting someone extremely tall or this girl just got really unlucky.

Adidas shoes

Now, this is just a sad attempt at recreating those trendy Yeezy’s. This buyer probably thought he was purchasing a pair from a reliable source after carefully looking through the description and additional information.


However, you can’t really escape the fact that scammers really do their job well in deceiving you. Expecting to flaunt his new shoes that would complete his dope outfit, he ended up with this horrific pair. We can’t deny that they look hilarious, though!

Undersized chair

This girl was probably just one of the many foolish buyers who doesn’t care to thoroughly research on what they’re purchasing online. Obliviously thinking she’d be receiving the right chair size without checking on the dimensions, she ended up with this little toy instead.


This is why you should never rely on just the pictures sellers provide online. It could look totally misleading!

Dinosaur pillowcase

This guy must have been totally excited when he purchased this adorable dinosaur pillowcase online and we can’t blame him. However, what could have been a cute addition to his bedroom ended up being a total disappointment.


His mood probably immediately shifted when he saw this piece of paper in the mail. He’s definitely not going to be sleeping as comfortably as he thought. Then again, would he even have a pillow to fit that kind of case?

Cat’s Out Of The Bag

Danny took to Twitter to share his mom’s hilarious latest shopping spree mishap. Apparently, his mom, being the novice online user that she is, ended up making some foolish decisions when she placed an order on eBay for a backpack.


She thought she’d be able to surprise her grandchild with this cool converse rucksack. Well, this is just another situation that proves we should always monitor what our elders purchase online since she ended up receiving this tiny little accessory instead. Nevertheless, this cat gets to enjoy it anyway!

Bitesize Meal

You’ve probably come across those adorable tiny cooking videos that captivate you, leading you to watch a ton of them straight. Though it’s pretty pointless to watch, you can’t deny how entertaining these videos are! Well, this guy had no intention of buying himself one of those tiny cooking sets.


Upon placing an order online for a new cooking set though, he thought he’d finally be able to get some work started in the kitchen. Unfortunately, he ended up with a set that was way smaller than what he expected. Maybe he can use this little set to gain some online fame, too!

Ho Ho Horrible

When Christmas season approaches, one of the most anticipated activities that everybody loves doing is prepping the Christmas tree. It’s definitely something to look forward to doing with the family around. Since nobody likes ending up with a sad, bare, and naked tree without any branches or leaves, people usually turn to the plastic versions instead. Unfortunately, this buyer didn’t have any luck on his side when he received this wretched little plastic thing.


He was under some major false pretense in thinking he was going to receive a full and healthy-looking plastic tree. What a blow to the Christmas spirit!

Size Matters

After moving into his new college apartment with his roommate Tom, George thought all logistics would go smoothly after he agreed to chip in with the general shopping. Since Tom already purchased some curtains for the living room windows, George went ahead and decided to buy a rug to complete the look.


Apparently, he didn’t spend enough time reading through the information because what he ended up with was this tiny piece of cloth that resembles a bookmark! This pathetic little thing obviously was of no use to them.

Barking Mad

When you’re purchasing something as simple as a bouquet of flowers, the last thing you would expect is your order getting all messed up. Colleen thought all was well and prepared when she placed an order on 1-800-Flowers just in time to surprise her boyfriend for his 28th birthday.


She had the brilliant idea of getting a bouquet shaped like a Golden Retriever’s face, her boyfriend’s favorite dog breed. As excited as she was to make her boyfriend smile, she disappointingly received this monstrosity of a bouquet. What came in her door ended up looking like a melted, sad attempt at a cartoon.

Game Of Scams

This is probably one of the most seriously disappointing purchases on this list. Peter thought that he’d be the best father after deciding to get the ultimate Christmas present for his son on eBay. Finding a great deal of just $750 for an Xbox One, Peter thought he found a needle in a haystack.


Apparently, he purchased it after checking the seller’s feedback and saw no negative reviews. It wasn’t a surprise for us to find out that what he received was a flimsy piece of A4 paper with the picture of the Xbox One console printed on it. There goes all that money!

Poor Pooch

At the old canine age of 13, Tiny the dog was long past his puppy days in dealing with the cold. With the winter season fast approaching, he surely needed something to keep him warm as the temperatures were about to drop drastically. As such, his owner knew to search for a doggy coat online to keep Tiny feeling comfortable and warm.


Already expecting to receive the right fit after making sure of the dimensions stated on the site, his owner ended up with a coat that was way smaller than expected! It turns out the company’s measurements were still way off! Poor Tiny!

Gender Free For Me

Plaid printed clothing can be really pretty to wear, especially for a casual and classy looking dress like the one on the left photo. Sam, being the country girl she is, was so excited to feel her feminine side in this supposedly beautiful piece. Though she usually bought her clothes from a local store in town, she decided to try out online shopping since her friends wouldn’t stop raving about it.


Well, luck wasn’t on her side as her first online purchase turned out to be completely different. Sam ended up receiving a plaid menswear button-down shirt instead. So much for being feminine!

Stilts Not Included

Well aware of the horror stories that online shoppers share about their misleading purchases, George decided to do his research in order to not fall victim to the same situation. Being the overly cautious shopper he already is, he decided to make sure that the jeans he was buying from ASOS had the right length.


Satisfied with the information provided on the site, he went ahead and bought the jeans. Little did he know that ASOS can make mistakes, too. They ended up having measurements that were way off! What he expected to be 32 inches in length, turned out WAY longer! This pair would definitely have him looking like slender man!

Drunken Decisions

We have another drunken purchase over here! Though Brenda was used to her roommate Cassie’s crazy antics after a night out at the local pub, she probably didn’t expect her to spend on such a foolish and random purchase. Cassie always had a weak spot for online shopping, so she probably ended up on the internet while completely intoxicated.


They ended up receiving this tiny television stand that would be of no use to anyone at all! The outcome was hilarious and it probably had the two rolling on the floor laughing!

Distorted To Say The Least

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen these hilariously deceitful masks around the internet already. This girl was another victim to those supposedly cute facial masks.


Expecting to look like Winnie The Pooh, she was probably horrified to see such a disturbing sight in the mirror. Since her mom bought it for her for Halloween, she still ended up deciding to wear it to school anyway. What a trooper!

What A Snake

Besides the fact that it’s completely bizarre to want to purchase a belt in the shape of a snake’s head, it’s even more bizarre when the seller mistakes a snake for a crocodile! It’s probably made in the wrong dimensions but either way, this buyer was definitely unhappy with the outcome of her purchase.


If you’re making belts for a really small market of people that would even consider buying one, you might as well get it right!

Spreading It Thin

This purchase might be great if you were buying some new furniture for your doll’s house. Without checking the proper dimensions, Beth ended up with this tiny little chopping board. Since she moved into a new apartment after separating with her boyfriend of eight years, she thought it would be wise to purchase some of her own furniture.


She was willing to give up their wooden chopping board and bread knife but sadly, was left with this depressing kit instead. She’s not going to be able to chop any of those vegetables anytime soon!

Carefree Clothes

There are those people who would rather spend there time abroad going on shopping sprees, but there are also those that would much rather relax and enjoy the beautiful views and cultural areas to visit. This girl definitely didn’t want to waste her time going around malls. Instead, she decided to turn to some online shopping since she needed to plan her outfits.


When you’re in Greece, of course you have to get some beautiful pictures of yourself, right? She thought she’d be prepared to flaunt all her ensembles but disappointingly, the size chart was obviously completely off. She ended up not having any clothes to flaunt for those Greece pictures at all!

Model Not Included

Though there may be some ridiculous sellers online, there are some ridiculous buyers out there, too! This guy should have expected that the model in the picture wouldn’t be included, seeing how human trafficking is such a huge issue.


Who would even dare to publicly sell a person online, anyway? I guess there were some serious communication issues on his side as he expected more than just clothes to arrive in his house. We hope he learns to fix his morals before he goes on the internet expecting to purchase some women. Not the place for that, buddy!

Short-Term Solution

In need for an adequate solution to his horrible migraines, this guy thought he made a good decision in purchasing this curtain he found online. His neurologist, who was one of the best in his field, recommended that he set up some blinds for his bedroom to avoid the harsh sunlight on his face when he wakes up.


What he received turned out to be only just half of that solution. We hope he finds some time in his busy schedule as a full-time accountant to buy what he needs! He definitely isn’t going to enjoy working for the next few days.

Knock Knock Joke

Again, it’s important to remember that when purchasing pricey things like electronics, you’re better off buying directly from the company or from a completely reliable source. If not, you can end up with some real trouble and a blow to your wallet.


Alfred thought he made a good purchase with this television he came across online. Being all excited to receive it, he ended up completely disappointed to find out what was waiting for him inside. Yep, he ended up with a big piece of wood. All that money absolutely wasted!

Define Small

It’s always a struggle to define what the standards of certain sizes are across various clothing stores. Sometimes they come off too small and sometimes they come off way too large. Stephanie trusted that the flowing mini skirt she was eyeing while she was browsing for clothes around the mall.


Unfortunately, the price was way out of her budget range, leading her to look for some alternatives online instead. Finding a similar skirt online, Stephanie trusted that small size of the skirt would fit her petite build. Well, she definitely understated what “small” actually meant to her seller!

When In Paris/London

It’s always best to think of your loved ones when you get to travel abroad to show them that you thought of them. Sarah, though she intended to bring back a nice souvenir for her niece, ended up having a tight schedule on her short business trip to London. Dealing with one meeting to another, she realized she wouldn’t be able to go to any souvenir shops before going home.


Thus, she decided to place an order online for a t-shirt souvenir and have it delivered to her New York apartment. Well, she ended up not having a souvenir just for London, but for Paris, as well! We wonder if her niece will even notice.

Smells Great

Obviously a drunken purchase, Emily was immediately enticed to see something titled as “bag of unicorn farts.” It was especially attractive to see a description that says “100% magical, majestic, and mythical.”


Who wouldn’t be curious to know just what was in that bag? As hilarious and adorable as it could have been, Emily ended up with this bag of cotton candy. Though she probably still enjoyed it, it’s still frustrating to know that she spent way too much just on candy! Well, what was she expecting, anyway?

Bad Apple #2

If you’re looking into buying original products, your best bet would be buying directly from the company or store. This is important in avoiding any fakes that sellers might manipulate you into purchasing online. It’s especially important if what you’re buying is pricey.


This guy was looking forward to enjoying his money’s worth on an Apple iPad that he found for a ridiculously cheap price. Newsflash, that’s a total warning sign already! Disappointingly, he came home to this Apple iPad knock-off and ended up being a victim of a scam. Next time, remember to do your research and ask for a warranty before you end up like this guy!

Cold Truth

One important thing to remember when online shopping for clothes is that one size doesn’t fit all. Most people probably would’ve understood that by now but this guy, unfortunately, did not get the memo. Preparing for his trip for London, he thought he might need a trench coat to keep him warm and looking sophisticated.


He knew he’d be shelling out loads of cash on the trip alone and ended up deciding to purchase the coat online instead. Much to his dismay, the poor guy received this awfully sewn jacket that completely didn’t look like the photo on Amazon. He isn’t getting warmth in that, for sure!

Bowl Of Fun

Teddy, being the busy high tech executive that he is, felt he needed to turn to some online shopping for some much-needed home supplies. He thought he found a great supplier for a ladle he’d been looking for and clearly, did not stop to think that there were actually different ladle sizes available.


Well, he ended up with this humongous ladle that would only really work well if he was a server at a soup kitchen working with enormous pots! He might want to look into inviting some friends and family over for that!

Bad Apple

The Apple force is just too strong on most of us that we’re constantly led to purchase their new gadgets. When the Apple Watch came out, the excitement for it from its consumers wasn’t anything new. Yet, there are still some people who would rather not shed all that money on a simple accessory and end up opting to choose other inexpensive alternatives.


Such a demand in cheap but similar rip-offs has made factory owners and retailers improve remarkably at perfecting these knock-offs. However, this watch right here fell too far from that line. It basically screams “I’m an absolutely fake Apple Watch!”

Purple Problems

One of the best things to look forward to as a newlywed couple is furnishing and creating your dream home. This adorable couple was absolutely ecstatic to do just that. In order to represent their new and beautiful beginning, they decided they would throw out all the old and start purchasing only new furniture for their humble abode.


As such, they came across this pretty purple rug online and thought it would be perfect for their living room. Well, what they received was a purple rug, alright. Just four times smaller!

Crochet Catt

Christy was very frustrated to find out her daughter used her money on this misleading crochet top. Knowing good and well that more people would probably be fooled by this seller, she ended up leaving her 1-star review elaborately expressing her disappointment.


She even made her cat wear it to get her point across! She wrote the following review: “My 16-year-old daughter bought this thing. It is ridiculously small and I probably couldn’t legally post a picture of what it looks like if she attempts to wear it. But, so you can see.., here is a picture of our cat wearing it. To be fair, it does cover all of the cat’s nipples. However, she hates the weave. In summary, do not buy this, even for your cat.” Hilarious!

Keeping It Simple

Tom was probably looking forward to spicing up the fashion just in time for the winter season. Stumbling upon this vest online, he thought it would be the perfect piece for his outfits! Aside from it being chic, this vest would have been the perfect solution for Tom and his constant need to feel warm in his college auditorium.


When it arrived though, it seemed that the seller produced something way simpler than Tom imagined. Looking like a piece of cloth with two holds, this vest was definitely not going to be worn by Tom. We hope the seller puts WAY more effort into what he produces next time!

Worst Wedding Decision

Many girls would rather save their money and shop online rather than spend unnecessary amounts of money for a prom dress. After all, if it’s for one night, why spend all that cash? However, you might want to sacrifice your time and money if it’s for your own wedding gown!


This girl was able to find herself a cheap substitute just in time for her ceremony but unsurprisingly, she ended up with this absolute monstrosity of a dress! No woman would want to be walking down the aisle in that! Luckily, she was able to find another, much more beautiful dress for her special day.

Beat The System

Is this a tent for a full-grown man or for a full-grown toddler? This man was probably oblivious to the information of what he purchased since what he received was actually a 2-person child’s tent! Thinking that he’d find a steal of a price for a full-size tent, he went right ahead and purchased this one online.


Much to his dismay, he ended up with this tiny thing! We wonder what ended up with for the music festival he was preparing for! Definitely not this tent!

Seeing Sideways

This purchase would have been totally adorable.. If it were actually what was in the photo provided! Though it may look pretty similar, the sellers didn’t indicate the crucial information that the cats would be completely sideways.


What’s the point of wearing cat rings when people can’t view it correctly? It just ends up looking like a Facebook logo, which was most definitely not what the purchaser expected. This could totally hurt the company’s income and credibility!

Auto Mislead

This one got us laughing our heads off! During her daughter Emily’s birthday, this mother thought that topping her birthday cake off with a doll that resembled her daughter would be adorable and thoughtful. She was so excited to see how her daughter would react when this little addition came to life. Well, just like many mothers, she ended up having some problems with her phone functions.

Dailymail/Emily seggie

Thinking that she typed “blonde” on her phone, this mother ended up with an auto correct that turned it into “blind”. Since the customer is always right, the baker went right ahead and created what she asked for. Her daughter must have been totally confused to receive such a cake!

Supersize Me

Just check out that look of disappointment! This guy was excited to finally purchase a brand new armchair after putting some of his hard-earned money aside through the months. Though, as a statistics analyst, he’d much prefer to be shopping in a risk-free environment, he came across this great deal and thought that it would be unwise to pass this one off.


Going right ahead with such a great opportunity, he obviously didn’t get the bang for his buck. He must’ve been really frustrated to spend his precious money on something so teeny tiny!

Phone (And Face) Cover

You know it’s a bit problematic when a seller you’re buying from insists to add something to your purchase without notifying you. Well, this company probably wasn’t too fond of this guy who was expecting a phone case with him and his buddy’s face on it since they suddenly decided to place some desserts on top of his face!


Not to forget, they also added another little dessert to his friend’s hand, too! It makes you wonder, of all things, why desserts? What a bizarre and hilarious mistake to make!

Pride Aside

Hooray for Canada Day, Canada’s federal statutory holiday that celebrates the anniversary of July 1, 1867! Of course, a patriotic celebration calls for a patriotic parade! As such, people love wearing the Canadian flag colors all over the country during this time. This man was no exception in participating in the year’s festivities.


He absolutely couldn’t wait to feel the patriotism with the shirt he purchased online. Disappointingly, the shirt he received was several sizes smaller, making him look ridiculous! If it were you, would you pick celebrating your patriotism or absolutely humiliating yourself?

Latest Latex

Now, this does not look attractive at all! Amy always imagined herself looking dashing in the perfect pair of leather pants after drooling over them at various stores, but she felt that maybe she wouldn’t be too comfortable wearing such a tight garment out.


Instead, she thought of the perfect alternative – a pair of thigh high, black latex socks! Assuming she’d be looking stunning on a night out, Amy is left absolutely disappointed with this horrendous pair that was delivered to her door. She definitely won’t be wearing these garbage bags on her night out!

Not That Kind Of Girl

There are purchases that people receive that aren’t similar to what they imagined, and then there are COMPLETELY different purchases that others end up with.


We can’t quite wrap our heads around why this seller would confuse some rubber shoes for a pair of high heel pumps. This girl sure doesn’t seem like the type to be wearing those either! How is she going to get down to some serious business with such a girly pair of heels? Perhaps this was the time for her to get in touch with her girlier side?

Ghost Of Star Wars Past

We’ve all gone as our all-time favorite characters for Halloween at one point, right? This girl had an intense adoration for Princess Leila and decided to go the lengths and buy a costume online for her friend’s Halloween bash.


Instead of looking like Princess Leila though, she ended up looking like a ghost! How are any of the Star  Wars fans going to drool over her costume now? She could probably make a few adjustments here and there to try and achieve the look but… We could still just imagine how disappointed she was!

Bigger Is Better

It’s already frustrating when you receive one wrong order, but when you receive 50 wrong orders, that’s a whole different story. This guy’s boss tried his best to contain his laughter when he saw this odd yet hilarious situation.


To him, it was too funny of a situation not to share! Of course, he turned to social media to announce this mishap. Along with this picture, he wrote the caption: “My boss bought 50 chairs in an online auction.. It wasn’t until we went to pick them up, that it was at an elementary school!” Thankfully, his boss was a total sport about it and just laughed it off. We hope he finds the right chairs next time!

Interesting Positioning

This purchase was definitely lost in translation. You’d think that a clear photo of what you’re buying would make things totally easier, right? Well, that wasn’t the case for this girl!


Expecting to receive the sweater on the left at a mini-dress length with the sewed mittens positioned right above the girl’s abdomen, this girl instead received all the opposite measurements. Aside from it being a whole lot shorter, the mittens are completely misplaced, too!

Trash The Dress

This guy was probably really excited to show off the bod he worked so for by purchasing a new tank top. What’s the point of working so hard on your fitness if you don’t get to flaunt it every now and then, right?


Assuming he was getting that nice fit on the photo online, he was ready to have a dope outfit to work out in. Well, whoever sold this to him probably thought he was a fit woman as it turned out to be a body-hugging mini dress! Turn it into a makeshift gift for the girlfriend, maybe? T

Toe Tights

If you’re one of those people who love dressing up for Halloween, you’d probably share in the frustration that this guy felt with what was delivered to his door. He’s been protecting his reputation of coming up with the best Halloween costumes over the years of being a well-respected drama teacher.


This year would be no different to him in brainstorming for the ultimate costume. He wanted to burst some laughs by being Catwoman, but it turns out the stockings he ordered weren’t made for a full-grown man. It would be great for a full-grown doll though!

Basically The Same

This is deceit at its finest! Riding the wave of the heat sensitive mug trend, Peter was probably stoked to purchase this festive mug. Changing colors according to temperature, this mug could’ve been the perfect Secret Santa gift for the Christmas season. His coworker Andy would’ve loved it… If the mug actually worked.


The seller totally deceived Peter by literally using the printed photo of the heat sensitive mug. Time to look for another gift, Peter!

Crawling On The Walls

Yup, we have the same sentiments, little kitty. We see right through this cat’s disappointment with his owner’s gift. Though his owner probably had all the right intentions to please his furry friend, the turn out didn’t seem too favorable.


How is Shorty going to deal with that boredom with this flimsy little thing now? Well, it’s the thought that counts, I guess!

Surprise, Surprise

This one is seriously comical! Nicole was trying her best to make her mother’s surprise Mother’s Day party a complete success. Since she ordered some party supplies to be delivered online, she knew she had to conceal of any evidence so her mother wouldn’t find out.


Though the online store respected her personal request to the order placed, it seems they didn’t really catch the whole “surprise” part. Yes, the box was concealed… But with the most inculpating message thinkable on it!

Purple Disaster

Working as a paralegal at a well-established New York City law firm while simultaneously being a student at New York University, Tiffany definitely did not have any time on her hands to wander around for a new dress. Yet, it was her sister Stacy’s wedding so this situation was an urgent one.


She thought all would be well when she settled for online shopping and found that perfect dress. Well, it didn’t come out as perfect as it seemed on the photo and description… Not perfect at all! Don’t worry, Tiffany ended up borrowing a friend’s dress. Who would want to show up to a wedding in that?

Less Than Perfect Fit

This was definitely not the prom dress Emily was hoping to confidently show up in. It’s especially frustrating to see this piece when you’re trying to impress the captain of the football team who asked you out!


After months of grueling SAT studies and extracurricular credit, this was surely the night Emily was looking forward to. Unfortunately, Emily probably had more stress to deal with when she saw this horrendous purchase come in.

Bejeweled Mess

That face just says it all! She probably realized in that very moment that she should really rethink trusting something in good faith only because it’s found on the internet. So close yet… So so very far!


When you’re dealing with articles of clothing as detailed as this dress, you might want to be sure you’re purchasing it from a reliable and competent seller!