Nature’s Warning Signs That Danger Is Near

No matter where we go, there is always the chance that we’re going to run into some sort of danger-especially when we are out in nature. You may think you have all the survival tips under your belt, but nature can throw twists and turns at us that we may not be prepared for.


However, there are many ways that nature lets us know when danger may be about to strike. You can’t always depend on the weather forecast to decide if you’ll be safe going out or not.

If Volcanoes Shake, Swell, And Get Gassy, They’re About To Blow

Although volcanoes can be cool to look at and visit if we get the opportunity to do so, the story of Pompeii has shown us that they can be very deadly. You may be asking, how can I tell if one is about to erupt? For starters, there will most likely be small earthquakes under the volcano. It can also swell and release more heat and gas, but these types of signs are very difficult for someone like you or I to notice and/or feel.

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Lucky for us, we have people called volcanologists who are always monitoring these types of signals via radar satellites and other detectors. A lot of nature’s warning signs can be hard to detect without the use of technology. It’s unfortunate, though, that it’s not easy for scientists to monitor the gas an impending eruption releases the most-water vapor since there so much water vapor in the air already.

If Your Dog Acts Worried Towards A Part Of Your Body, Go Get It Checked

Dogs are very smart animals even though they aren’t able to speak our language. If you notice that your dog is paying more attention to a certain part of your body than another, it might be a good idea to see a doctor. Why you may ask? Because dogs apparently have such a strong sense of smell they can sniff out signs of cancer.


Scientists believe that dogs smell organic compounds that come from cancer. They were able to prove that they can distinguish between cancer patient urine and cancer free urine. In addition, there has been numerous cases when an owner’s dog has alerted them to cancer growing in their body. It’s just like when your dog sits by the door to go outside, you listen to them. Pay attention to what your dog is trying to tell you.

Don’t Go Into Any Beautifully Colored Pools

If you find yourself camping in Yellowstone National Park you may see one of their beautifully colored hot springs and want to jump right into it. But you’ll want to avoid doing that. If you go into the pool, it could be deadly since they are usually at boiling hot temperatures of 200 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. To compare how hot that is, hot tubs are normally set at 105 degrees or below.

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Some bacteria thrive in these extremely hot environments and they are what gives these pools their beautiful color. Each color represents a different bacteria. Within the National Park there are usually signs that indicate whether an area is safe or not.

There’s No Warning For Quicksand, But You Can Get Out

Quicksand is usually, if not always extremely dangerous. It is denser than your body. If you put your foot in it, your foot will initially push the sand down, which will cause the water and clay to close around you. However, if the tides come in, that’s where you might be in drowning territory. If you find that you’re ever sinking in quicksand, you’ll need to wiggle your leg just a little bit and calmly step up.


If you’re able to get horizontal, there is a good chance that you will eventually float back to the top. However, it is possible that if the quicksand has gaseous bubbles, you have a higher chance of sinking.

If A Bee Stings You Near A Hive, Find Shelter

Almost all of us know the importance of not swatting at bees when they are swarming around us because they will feel threatened. Bees are usually attracted to anything that smells sweet and is a bright color. People do unfortunately get stung sometimes.

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Did you know that a dead honey bee emits pheromones that let nearby bees know they should attack? If you’re near a hive and get stung, you’ll want to run, and run fast. You’ll want to find the closest shelter possible and try to avoid swatting at the bees following you.

If There Are Dead Fish On The Shore, Don’t Go In The Water

It is not uncommon to see a dead animal washed up on the shore of the beach, but it should be alarming to you if you see several fish and/or other dead animals on shore. This is a telling sign that the water may be toxic. It’s very possible that “red tide”, which is when the water is filled with more toxic algae than normal. It can cause the water to become a reddish or brown color, other times the color may not change at all.


There is one particular algae species that causes them in the Gulf of Mexico called Karenia brevis. If you go into these contaminated waters, you are likely to experience respiratory irritation like coughing and/or an itchy throat. However, if you rinse off in freshwater the symptoms are likely to disappear.

But If They Start Running Towards You, It Could Mean A Fire

Other the other hand, if you are seeing birds flying and animals running, there may be a chance that there is a wildfire in the distant. There are some animals though, such as amphibians, who stay in the area of the fire and just burrow themselves in the ground to escape it.


Obviously larger animals like the ones pictured above do not have this luxury and have to find safer ground.

If There Are Bands In The Sky, Run To A Basement

If you are outside watching the clouds graze by and you see a long streak of rotating clouds, you are about to find that you are seeing the first signs of a large thunderstorm, or even worse, a tornado. Get in doors immediately and make your way to the basement just in case.


These streaks are what we call “inflow bands” and their presence is an indicator that the storm is drawing in low-level air from a long distance. These storms typically stretch to the southeast or south of the storm and are usually low in the sky. There are professional storm spotters who keep an eye out for them to see if a tornado is coming and they will then warn people who reside in that area to stay away from windows and get to the lowest level in their homes.

Green Skies Mean Harsh Weather Is On The Way

Have you ever seen the sky turn a green color before? If you have, you know that it means a thunderstorm is brewing. The reason the sky turns green is because the sun’s red light is intermingling with the blue light under the storm. The color green means that the thundercloud is very large and is a warning that a tornado or hailstorm may be coming very soon.

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If you ever happen to find yourself staring up at the green sky, it’s important that you find coverage as soon as possible. You don’t want to be stuck in the midst of a storm like that. In the event that the storm turns into a tornado, you want to get to your basement as soon as possible. You’ll want to keep checking the news to see what kind of storm is going to pass through because it isn’t going to be pretty.

Animals With Bright Colors Are Often Dangerous

Unless we are camping out in the wild, we aren’t normally one to eat random animals. We usually leave that to other animals. However, when predators see bright colors such as red, orange, or yellow, they know to stay away from that prey. Some animals change colors in effort to warn another that they could become very dangerous.

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For example, monarch butterflies are a bright orange color, and can make birds sick if they eat them. Another example would be coral snakes who have bright red and yellow stripes to let their enemies know they have an extremely venomous bite. With that being said, some can be harmless signs, such as a king snake who is not dangerous, however, they evolve to look very similar to a coral snake.

Never Go In The Water If It Looks Green Or Has A Bad Smell

If you’re near a body of water that’s green and smells horrific, keep your distance. Don’t allow children play in it, or your pets drink from it. There’s a great possibility that an algal bloom has formed in the water. This means that there is a lot more algae than what is considered normal thriving near the surface of the water.

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It’s hard to say whether or not the algae is harmful to you, so it’s best if you steer clear of it completely. The toxins in the water can cause animals to get sick, and even kill them as well as humans. Most times these blooms are caused by too much fertilization which then pollutes the water.

Don’t Step On A Lake If It is Covered In White Or Gray Ice

Saying “you’re on thin ice,” may be a funny way to let someone know you’re about to snap at them. But in regard to a frozen lake, it could mean more danger. During the colder months when lakes freeze, people may be more so inclined to go out on the lake to ice skate. However, it’s important to make sure it’s safe first.


Some lakes have professionals who check the ice’s safety, but not every lake is fortunate enough to have people like that. You’ll want to bring along materials to check how thick the ice is. One of the first indications that you may notice is if it is a blue, clear color, or if it is white or gray. The latter may mean that it’s not very safe to be one.

Never Stay In A Cave During A Full Or New Moon

There are many beautiful caves alongside beaches that can only be accessed when the tides are low. You may find yourself walking along the coast, exploring a cave, but you need to be careful. If the tides raise, you might be trapped in a watery doom.

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You must always be aware of tides before going into these caves, especially during a full or new moon. When in a full or new mood, the tide is called a Spring Tide. This is when the sun, Earth, and moon are all in line which causes the tide to be higher than normal.

Deep Cracks Or Missing Bark Means A Tree Might Be About To Fall

When a tree is about to fall or has fallen it can cause a lot of damage to your well-being and/or your wallet. To avoid any damage to you or your home, make an effort to check the trees that could possibly fall on your home. There are many signs trees give us to let us know that they are unhealthy. For example, if the bark has deep cracks or is missing sections of it, there’s a good possibility that it could soon fall.


If you notice a hole in the trunk, dead of falling branches, and a leaning trunk are also all signs that something may be wrong with the tree. If you notice these signs, the tree or trees may be ask risk for falling over if they experience strong winds.

A Skunk Stamping Its Feet And Raising Its Tail Means Get Out Of The Spray Zone

A skunk’s spray is not life-threatening, but it’s one of the most unpleasant smells out there. Did you know that skunks celebrate Valentine’s day? It’s their mating season during the month of February in Northern California. It’s during this time when you’re more likely to run into them. Skunks don’t have a lot of spray so they will warn you before wasting any of it.

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An indication that a skunk is about to spray is when they raise their tail and shake it. If you’re in close range of one, back away and of course leave it be. If you interrogate it, they will come towards you and give you another warning before they spray you. If you somehow get sprayed, you’ll need to get the tomato sauce ready- and a lot of it.

Don’t Eat Red Berries From The Wild

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that you shouldn’t eat anything in nature unless you’re positive it won’t be harmful to you and your body. There are different kinds of berries in the wild that are poisonous to humans. For example, Holly berries can cause vomiting, whereas dogwood berries are usually eaten by birds, but are not safe for humans to eat. Another berry called the cotoneaster berry can actually cause someone to have a seizure.

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If any of that happens, you’ll want to call poison control and make your way to the hospital as soon as possible.

If There’s A Funnel Cloud In The Sky, Get Inside Quick!

Most of us would agree that funnel cake is not only delicious, but it brings us a lot of joy. Other the other hand, funnel clouds bring along fear and danger. These clouds are in the shape of a cone that protrude out of storms but don’t reach the ground. As with any other cloud, funnel clouds are made of droplets of water that are condensed together. If you see that the cloud is rotating, there is a good possibility that it could turn into a tornado.


When and if the funnel cloud touches the ground, it has now become a tornado. Cold air funnels are not typically threatening, however funnel clouds formed from warm air are the ones to watch out for.

A Wall Cloud In The Sky Means Stay Alert

On a nice sunny day, you may go out and lay on the grass, looking up at the sky and watch the white clouds slowly move by. It might be a good idea to spend the day until you see a wall cloud. If you’re not sure how to identify then, look for clouds that sit lower than the rest. Thunderstorms can be up to five miles long.

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When the air quickly rises, it makes the pressure drop below the storm which causes the formation of the wall cloud. This could mean serious danger if and when the cloud begins to rotate because it could mean that a destructive tornado is about to tear apart everything in its path. I’m sure we’ve probably all seen The Wizard of Oz, and we know what happens there.

Five-toed Paw Prints And Scratched Trees Means Bears Are Near

If you find yourself traveling through bear country, it’s always good to be safe and on the lookout for bears. Seeing paw prints in the dirt that are quite large with five toes and a set of claws. They are somewhat in the shape of a diamond. Another indication that one is close by would be if you see scratches on the trees.

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Another sign of bears is when you see tufts of fur and their scat. If you come across either of these signs, stay on high alert. If you happen to run into a bear, you’ll want to avoid eye contact as much as possible, speak in soft tones, and slowly wave your arms, making you look as big as possible.

If You Hear Rushing Water, Run To High Ground

If it’s been raining a lot, you’re near a stream or river, and you hear a roar of rushing water, get to high ground immediately. It’s likely that a flash flood is about to spill out in front of you and, considering that floods are the second most deadly form of severe weather (in the U.S.), you don’t want to be caught in it.


Flash floods are incredibly powerful. They can roll boulders, level buildings, uproot trees, and drag bridges. Broken dams, failing levees, and heavy rain can all cause flash floods. Unfortunately, rain is only romantic until it takes away half the road.

If The Ocean Starts To Roar, Get To A High Point

The ocean is by far one of the most beautiful scenes out there. The sounds the waves make is very calming, but sometimes they can be extremely loud which may mean that there is a tsunami on its way. You can either float in the ocean, or it can swallow you whole. They are powerful enough to not only hold up ships but make them sink as well. If you’re unsure whether there is a tsunami coming, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Most tsunamis are typically caused by an underwater earthquake, a meteorite can crash into the ocean and can launch a wave around the entire world. Approximately 3.5 billion years ago, a very large asteroid hit the Earth, causing giant tsunamis to develop.

Red Skies Are A Weather Indicator, Day Or Night

There’s a common saying that the color of the sky can predict the weather: “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.” Red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning.” But you may be wondering, is there any truth to this? The answer is, yes, a little bit. The red color comes from the sun reflecting off water vapor and dust particles in the air, which can indicate the weather.

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Weather normally moves from the west to the east. The timing of the red sky can predict upcoming weather. When seeing red skies at night, it means that comfortable and nice weather is coming because the dust particles usually mean there a high-pressure system. With that being said, if the sky is red at sunrise it may mean that the good weather is about to pass, and a low-pressure system and a storm are coming in from the west.

If Animals Start To Evacuate, An Earthquake Might Be Coming

It’s true that as far back as 373 BC Greece goes, there have been reports of small animals and insects fleeing people’s homes just days before a large earthquake hits. However, these stories are not backed up by scientists who don’t really believe that animals are able to detect something like that. It would be almost, if not completely impossible to study an animals behaviors prior to an earthquake because it’s hard to detect when one is coming.


However, with all that being said, it is true that these small animals can sense when an earthquake is about to hit seconds before humans can because they can feel the initial small waves that we can’t feel. That isn’t helpful to us though because we would not be able to get out of the earthquake zone fast enough.

If Your Hair Gets Spiky, Take Action

Although it may be hard to believe, it’s true that you are more likely to die from being struck by lightning than you are from being attacked by a shark. Annual deaths from lightning have decreased drastically because people are more aware of how dangerous it can be.


If you’re outside and you begin to see the hairs on your hand stand on end, your skin begins to tingle and you get a metallic taste in your mouth, you’re probably in the zone to get struck by lightning. It’s important that you immediately get to shelter and get on the ground to make yourself a smaller target. It’s been said that you should touch the ground with the balls of your feet and do your best to get out of the area as soon as possible.

Sharks Swimming Towards Deeper Waters Can Mean An Impending Hurricane

In the off chance that you’re out in the ocean and you see a bunch of sharks swimming deeper in the water, it’s likely that a hurricane or tropical storm is approaching. They are probably sensing the drop in barometric pressure that accompanies the storm and trying to get out of the hectic zone.

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Unlike the terrifying movie, Jaws, sharks don’t usually go around with the sole purpose of attacking humans. Instead of remaining in shallow waters and getting stranded on the shore, sharks simply try to get to safety. Don’t believe those fake pictures of sharks in flooded malls and streets, because these animals didn’t evolve for millions of years to be that stupid.

A Ring Around The Moon Or Sun Can Determine Tomorrow’s Weather

Have you ever been outside during the day and saw a beautiful glow surrounding the sun? Or have you ever been outside with the moon and noticed a strange halo-like ring around the moon? These are formed when extremely thin, high up cirrus clouds drift above. The cirrus clouds are made up of very tiny ice crystals which reflect light, and that is what can cause the appearance of a ring around the moon or sun.


Although cirrus clouds usually come before a storm, the ring can let us know that the rain willing be arriving within the next day or so. It may seem like the air is clear at the present time, but the low pressure system is most likely on its way in to disrupt that. Of course the halos are beautiful and are worth seeing.

Rising Water Levels Mean A Flood Is Coming

When there is an increase of rain that lasts for longer periods of time, there is a possibility that flooding can occur. This can cause nearby flooding onto streets and into your homes. The water will be a brownish/muddy color from the water moving quickly, eroding the surrounding sediment.


Of course, you may already know that you should turn around if you see flooding ahead. Sometimes the water levels may not seem very high, leading you to believe that you’re able to drive through it. Most times vehicles get stuck and cause terrible damage to your cars or trucks.

Ecosystem Canaries Warn About An Ecosystem’s Collapse

There was a time when coal miners used canaries to check for any poisonous gasses underground. However, now there are scientists who are looking to “ecosystem canaries” to check the health of an ecosystem. These canaries may not even be birds at all, but the species that have started dying even before the ecosystem crashes completely.


Generally speaking, their reproduction is slow, and they aren’t great at competing for resources. Unlike the keystone species, they are not very crucial to the ecosystem. One day, scientists hope that they are able to identify the canary species and then use them to monitor ecosystems before they can’t be saved.

Glossy Pavement Means Danger In The Wintertime

All of Key and Peele’s black ice jokes put to the side, glossy pavement is a nightmare. Black ice is not really black, it is clear and shiny, and something that you won’t typically see until you’re right on top of it. If your area has just experienced sleet, heavy snow, and/or freezing rain, you want to be careful walking and driving.


Black ice will develop when it rains at temperatures near the freezing mark. The water will turn to ice shortly after hitting a cold surface such as a pavement or sidewalk. You want to be aware of the weather before going out to drive. If you take notice that the road is patchy with dry areas and then areas that seem glossy, there is a good chance that it’s black ice. In most cases, you want to avoid driving at all, but if you have to, drive slowly and don’t accelerate or break quickly.

Rattlesnakes Will Let You Know When They’re Angry

Something you don’t hear often, but when you do, you know you need to be cautious is the sound of a rattlesnake’s rattle. The rattle is located at the end of the snake’s tail, and is made up of keratin segments. This is what our fingernails are made up with as well. When vibrated, these segments will bounce into each other, and that is what causes the alarming buzzing sound.

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When a rattlesnake sheds their skin, a new segment is added to their rattle. In most cases, the snake uses its rattle to warn predators and enemies from getting too close. If you or another predator get too close it will spring at you, biting and injecting you with its lethal venom. In most cases, this particular venom is for killing small animals for food, after the snake uses its heat-sensing vision to find their prey.

Range Shifts Warn Of Climate Change

A very telling sign of a change in climate is the shifting of animal and plant ranges. A range is the area where a species naturally occurs, taking the temperature, rainfall, humidity, and other natural factors into account. When these factors are altered by climate change, animals and plants will begin moving out of their normal ranges.


A perfect example would be grizzly bears when they move north and run into the territory of polar bears. Moose and snowshoe hares will do the same, following a bush that’s been able to grow taller when in warm climates. Scientists have estimated that half of all living species are moving somewhere new.

Never Eat A Mushroom Growing Close To A Tree

The deadliest mushrooms belong to the Amanita genus, which includes the “destroying angel” and “death cap.” To tell them apart, the destroying angel is all white, while the death cap can be yellow to brown to white on top, while its bottom is all white.

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It’s hard to tell the difference between one mushroom to the next. Most Amanitas live near trees so keep that in mind if you come across that. Remember, they are not safe to eat. It’s best to not eat any mushrooms that are in the wild because you never know which can be harmful or safe for your body.

Beware Of Lakes Located Near Volcanoes And A Warm Environment

If there’s a lake that’s located in an extremely warm environment, never seems to have a cooling down period, and is close to a volcano, it could mean things are about to pop like a viciously shaken soda.  The magma that’s under the ground might be pushing carbon dioxide into the bottom of the lakes which causes a ton of pressure. Since it’s normally hot all year round, the lake never mixes, and the gas doesn’t have the opportunity to escape.


On the other hand, if the area gets bombarded with lots of heavy rainfall, or possibly an earthquake, it explodes into what is called a limnic eruption. This means that water will burst out and the suffocated carbon dioxide erupts killing everything around it for miles. You can find a few of these lakes in Africa, however once they were identified, people started degassing them.

Don’t Go Into A Channel Of Choppy Waters At The Beach

If you see a channel of choppy water on the beach, seaweed and debris moving away from the shore in a particular area, a section of discolored water, or a gap in the line of waves, it’s likely that a deadly rip current lies beneath the water’s surface. Usually called riptides, these currents are very powerful, fast channels of water flowing away from the shore.


Heading to the beach is always a fun and relaxing time, however, you need to keep your eye out for choppy waters. If you see seaweed and other debris moving in the opposite direction of the shore in a certain area, a gap in the waves, or discolored water, it’s more than likely that a dangerous rip current is just beneath the water’s surface. A lot of people mistake these currents as riptides, but rip currents are always fast and powerful channels of water that flow away from the shore. It’s true that rip currents have killed and will continue to kill hundreds of people in the United States every year. To be on the safe side, you’ll want to check for signs before getting into the water. If one appears while you’re swimming it’s important to know that you should swim parallel to the shore to break out of the channel, and then swim at an angle until you reach shore.

Get Off The Road If You Ever See A Wall Of Dust

If you’re driving in the southwestern states and see clouds of dust coming your way, you should make the safest attempt to get off the road as soon as you can. You’ll want to utilize your emergency brake and turn off your car’s lights because dust storms can cause terrible car accidents.

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You may think it’s silly to turn off your lights when you’re parked, but the lights may indicate other drivers to go off the road towards you. If there isn’t an area for you to pull over, keep your lights on, drive slowly, and lay on the horn every once in a while.

Frogs Can Help Predict The Weather

Frogs are probably most famous for their croak, but have you ever heard them croaking more than what is considered normal? It may be a sign that it’s about to rain. A little rain won’t hurt the frogs or you and I, but it can ruin fun outdoor plans.

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Frogs lay their eggs in the water, and when they are croaking, they are calling out to potential mates. The water is a perfect area for baby frogs.

If All Golden-Winged Warblers Disappear, A Storm Is Coming

It’s not clear whether or not animals will leave a location before an earthquake, but if all the golden-winged warblers fly away suddenly, it’s very possible that a dangerous tornado is in the near future. Back in April of 2014, there was a group of researchers who were tracking this group of birds located in Tennessee. It just so happened that these birds weren’t located in Tennessee anymore.


Once the researchers had checked their geolocators, they saw that these birds had flown to Florida, and one that was in Cuba. A few days following this discovery, all the birds flew back to Tennessee after completing a 900-mile round trip. The researchers believe that it was a low-frequency infrasound that they heard coming from the storms which is something people are unable to hear.

A Patch of J-Shaped Trees Is A Landslide Warning

Have you ever seen a patch of trees in a J shape, while hiking in the woods? You may have escaped a very dangerous situation since that’s a sign of an upcoming landslide. The ground is moving very slowly, which is what causes the trees to bend into this odd shape. If you love nature, I’m sure you’ve gone hiking more times than you can count on two hands. Have you ever seen a group of trees together that have grown to form in the shape of a J? If so, it’s very possible that you have missed the scary chance of finding yourself in a very dangerous situation.


The shape of these trees is a sign that there may be a landslide on its way. The ground is moving very slow which has causes trees like these to form the way that they have. However, that is not the only sign that there will be or has been a landslide already. Have you ever noticed cracks in the sidewalk, dirt, or on roads? Those are more signs that the ground is moving. If there was a landslide in that area before there is a good chance there may be another one on the way. In most cases, landslides typically occur on sloped areas rather than flat areas.

When The Ocean Level Drops, Something Very Dangerous Is Coming

If you ever find yourself walking along the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, there are a couple things that you should be aware of. If you notice that the ocean starts to recede, that’s a telltale sign that things may be about to get nasty. You don’t want to waste any time checking out the fish in the water or any of the scenery. You’ll be wanting to get out of there fast. Why? Because a tsunami is most likely on its way.

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Tsunami’s are basically when an earthquake happens underwater, which makes the water displace above it. When this happens, waves can move across the ocean faster than you can blink your eyes- 500 miles per hour to be exact. If you are on the ocean shore, keep your eyes peeled to see if you notice that ocean levels are dropping. While tsunamis typically occur in the Pacific, they can happen anywhere.

Signs A Bull Is About To Charge

More people will die in a year from cows than they will from sharks, so it’s important to pay attention to their behavior when you’re around them. If you see a cow or bull pawing at the ground, making snorting sounds, you should move very slowly and try to get behind a tree, or something between the two of you. As we all know, bulls are normally the most dangerous and we hardly ever associate cows with being dangerous, but they can be, especially if they have calves.

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Bulls can also show signs of aggression when they arch their back and put their heads down. Also, a bull may shake its head from one side to the other and the hair on the back of their neck may become raised. Once danger is present, the bull with lower its head, pointing it towards their target. If you find yourself to be a victim, walk backward until you are about 20 feet away and the bull will probably lose its interest.

Cracked Snow Can Mean An Impending Avalanche

Skiing and snow always can always make for a good time, but the snow can become very dangerous if an avalanche begins to waterfall down the mountain. It’s nearly impossible to escape seeing as they travel up to speeds as fast at 80 miles per hour, usually swallowing the people in its path. However, there are signs you can keep an eye out for.


Does the snow give a hallow feeling when you walk on it? Do you have an odd “whumping” sound under your feet? You want to check the snow around you to see if there are any cracks in it. Also, when there has been a heavy snow storm in combination with rain, and the temperatures have risen, it may be safer to stay away from the slopes.

If You Ever See Square Waves, Get Out Of The Water Immediately

If you see square waves, you’ll want to get yourself moving and out of the water. This pattern may seem like it’s impossible to develop, but when two wave systems run into each other, it happens. One of the wave systems continued despite the shift in wind which creates what is called a “cross sea.” They may be very cool to look at, but they are very dangerous for ships, surfers, and swimmers.


Underneath the surface of the cross seas is an insanely strong current that has the capability to carry you out to sea. The water also becomes very difficult to navigate through when you are on a boat which can cause ship wrecks. The Isle of Rhe in France is quite famous for them. They can also be found in New Zealand and a few other places as well.