No Pain No Gain; The Human Body Like You’ve Never Seen Before

 The human body is a wonder within itself. It has abilities we are unaware of, and it can create and perform magnificent routines if trained. Professional athletes work their bodies around the clock to reach their peaks and to break global records. Sometimes, the human body has weird ways of reacting, and sometimes it does things that you wouldn’t believe unless you saw it with your own eyes.
Twitter @PJKleiweg
Twitter @PJKleiweg
We have collected fascinating moments in sports and photos of how our body reacts from being pushed to the limits, showing you how astonishing our human-machine is. If we only set our mind to it, anything is possible (well, for some of us!)

The speed of light

Indoor cycling doesn’t get as much attention as the known outdoor cycling, like the Tour de France tournament watched and followed by millions worldwide. A few facts about this sports event:

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These bikes don’t have breaks (apparently, it is safer.) In comparison to road bikes, they are heavier, making them stick to the tracks. Last but not least, the cyclists ride so fast, faster than the speed of light, making it impossible for the commentator to know who has taken over or has won the race.

Land, Sea and Air

We all remember the Land, Sea and Air game, following the leader’s instructions, making sure not to fall. It’s been around for centuries and translated into every language. Athletes use this game as part of their training program.

However, the athletes have taken the game slightly more seriously as when Air is called our, not only do they have to jump up in the air, they must stay in that position until instructed otherwise.

No Pain No Gain

Lifting weights is a dangerous sport. If it’s not done correctly, you can cause serious injury that might leave its mark for life. It is crystal clear that this guy is in agony; however, one thing still makes us question the incident.

Getty Images Photo by Phil Walter

What exactly happened there that made his arm twist like an exaggeration of the queen doing her royal wave?

Water Wonders

Amazing things can be done underwater, and we are not referring to scuba diving. From artistic swimming to diving and creating cool images with bubbles, the water is a magnificent place to be.

We are not sure what impresses us more. The Olympic symbol created from water bubbles or this gentleman staying underwater for so long. When do you think this will enter the games as a regular sport?

Brainy Thighs

If you thought the brain’s center of the human body was within the boundaries of your skull, you are in for a shocking surprise. You won’t believe this, but apparently, the central organ of the human body is comfortably set in no other than the human calf.

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So, next time you say something not very bright, or if you forget where you have placed something and someone remarks – “have you lost your mind?” you can confidently answer- no. I haven’t. It s where it’s always been, on my calf.

 Now You See Me Now You Don’t

Watching a magic show is fascinating, no matter how old you are. Seeing the magician and his assistance disappear behind the curtain and then appear suddenly behind a door can blow your mind away.

The Sportster

The young lady in this image is between two courses, magic studies and ice skating. She is stuck between learning how to disappear and reveal herself back on the ice ring. Hopefully, by the next lesson, she will disappear completely.

Confused Are We?

Every little boy wants to be a Judoka. A single-man kind of sports, where you don’t depend on an entire team, and you have only yourself to rely on. If you win, you take all the glory and if you lose, you carry alone all the shame.

Getty Images Photo by Laurence Griffiths

You can feel the pride and joy of this judoka, almost confusing the gymnastics hall to the judo competition one. Nothing beats a good judo competition with a back summersault for the grand finale.

Not All Legs Are Meant for Walking

There is nothing like a fit body, with long strong muscles. In this image, you can clearly see the amazing physics of this lady, and we are sure that many years of exercise and a good diet were invested here. Fitness

The investment must have been worth it, as by holding this position, she will save on buying a coffee table, bookshelf, an extreme something for the kids to play on, and shoes.

Sweet Potatoes

Athletes all over the world work really hard and treat their bodies as sacred. They must feed and nourish their temple so it does not betray them when they rely on it the most.

But sticking a gigantic routed sweet potato up your thigh is not really considered nourishing, now is it?

A Cup For You and a Cup For Me

Cupping therapy is an ancient alternative medicine, very popular amongst athletes. It helps to ease pain, muscle inflammation, blood issues, and relaxation. What an amazing body we have. A few glasses stuck on the back, and the pain is gone.


Very often we see swimmers appear for a competition with a decoration of cupping therapy marks all over their bodies, making it much easier for the sports broadcaster to recognize the right swimmer in the right lane. Funny enough, we thought those circles were another invention, to make swimmers swim faster.

Take it Easy

Injuries are the dark side of competitive sports. Some things are beyond our control, and when the body betrays us, there is not much one can do.

Getty Images Photo by Hannah Peters

We think two elastic ankle braces are plenty for taking it easy for a while (however this athlete is performing tremendously despite the braces).

Anything Will Do

Yoga is known to be a kind sport, one that helps you connect your body to your soul. Learning how to breathe property sounds easier than it really is and one of the biggest gifts yoga can give our body, is amazing flexibility.

This man has surely become flexible. The next time you want to give yourself a hug, consult with this guy. Though it will probably take a few years.

Easy Rider

What happens the day after? what happens when you reach that peak and realize that the days of being a professional bike rider are over? Have a look at this photo. Can you spot the ten differences between them? (besides the tan line)

It looks as if this bike rider has mapped out the Tour de France route on his legs, by using his veins. He will surely always be connected to his professional past.

The Almighty Seven Field

Sacred only for women, the seven fields cover amongst others the hurdles which, for us, seems to be one of the hardest events. The abilities the human body must endure are preserved only for the true superwoman. For the best of them all.

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We hope this athlete doesn’t stay in this position and decide to continue to other events in the competition, as we feel it might be a bit difficult taking part in the 100m sprint with one leg stuck in the air.

Fred and Ginger

Since they were five years old, these two have been dancing. Starting with classic ballet lessons, moving on to jazz and hip hop, and joining the tap and Irish companies in their teens.

Now that they have reached their twenties, the most beautiful years of their life, they have been accepted to the “Strenchitbaby” corps de ballet. And yes, this is how they have to remain all the time.

The Boxer

Boxing is no joke. One of the most violent sports around, however big names and grand idols have grown out of this world. Mohamed Ali for example is one of the greatest sportsmen of the 20th century.

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The odd thing is, we knew boxers develop very strong arm and leg muscles, they developed extra strong abdominals and are extremely fit. What we didn’t know and came as a surprise, is that apparently, the brain develops tremendously, and becomes an essential part of this sport. So, there is more to boxers than what the eye can see.

Balance it Out

Although walking on a rope is not an official sport, the physical abilities and the balance required to perform well turns this into a  sport as far as we are concerned.

Alamy Stock Photo

Pay attention to the glove the performer has on. This is to avoid fingerprints on the wallets being picked from the crowd. Rope walking is one of the best escape methods for professional thieves.

You’re as Cold as Ice

There are ways of heating your body when it’s cold, and there are ways to turn down the flames after a harsh workout. The athlete in this image thought of the easier, most natural way to do so. He went back to basics.

No modern devices, no up-to-date technology. A simple extra-large ice block, one tub, and away you go. Couldn’t get those muscles any cooler.

Baby, You Can’t Drive My Car

We were taught when taking our driving lessons, that it’s forbidden to overtake from the right-hand side. The car you are overtaking cannot see you, and it is a sure path for accidents.

This Dutch cyclist was not paying attention during her driving lessons, and despite that, we feel she must go on the wall of fame. There are never too many walls one can go on.

Spin Screwing

The ice skating world has been around for years. The famous spin-screw ice skaters are known for things that normal people can’t perform. We don’t care how much you try to persuade us, you are either born with it or not.

Getty Images Photo credit should read PETER PARKS/AFP

This young lady in the photo emphasizes this fact, as we don’t know where her hands start and where her legs begin.

Relax, Don’t Do It!

Everyone anywhere needs a break. There is a limit to what our human body can do, and if we don’t listen to it  and don’t give it rest when needed, the performance will show.

Take advantage of your free time even when watching your favorite show on T.V. Get your leg up there and stretch.

Uptown Girl

If you remember the basic ideas of evoluation, the human body started with walking on all fours. It then gradually, developed into a two-legged human, with a spine as a stable and strong structure.

This lady was born way too early for her time, as it is clear that she is a few steps forward in the evolution and has reached the u-turn spine stage.

Fly Fly, Butterfly

At a very young age, little children invent their own dance routine, resembling things they see and things that want to be when they grow up. But mimicking flying objects is not something reserved only for little children.

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Yet again, the human body manages to amaze us and shows that if we really want something, and if we really set out minds to it, we can do anything we want. And be anything we want. Even a flying human butterfly.


All children (especially boys) at a certain stage of their childhood, want to be a superhero. Superman, Batman, Captain America, or The Incredible Hulk, it doesn’t really matter.

So next time a child says that Spiderman doesn’t exist, show them this photo. Spiderman does exist, and the human body can do anything you want it to do if you believe strong enough.

Adam and Eve

Back in the Garden of Eden when the whole apple and Eve story was going on, there was a snake. And the snake was devious. And the snake could do many things humans could only dream of.

Take a look at the x-ray photo and tell us what you see, as there is no way Adam or Eve were up to this.

Leg Warmers

Achieving goals, having amazing bodies, and enjoying fame and glory are the pink sides of being an athlete, however, there are also darker times and painful moments. Luckily enough the modern world has provided devices intended for making the athlete’s word a little easier.

These unique electronic foot warmers, intended for helping blood circulation, do much more than you think. They ease the pain, relax the foot and charge your iPad.

Double Trouble

The size (of anything) doesn’t always matter. As you can see in this photo, these two guys are both cycling for the same riding team and they are in no way in the same dimensions.

Alamy Stock Photo

So which one do you prefer? The incredible mini hulk on the right, or the – “what was I thinking taking a photo with that dude” – on the left?

The Globetrotters

Sports are not only about keeping healthy. Sports can also be pure entertainment. Keeping the audience glued to the basketball court for example, and not only to follow the balls being missed time and time again.

Getty Images Photo by Warren Wimmer/Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire

This ex-globetrotter has gone solo. He has developed his one-on-one career and is grabbing all the fame. We wonder how long he is planning to stay up there.

Slippy Slops

Being a professional ski jumper requires many abilities and talents. Not anyone can decide that they are going to jump for life. This is the view from the top of the Olympic ski jump.

Alamy Stock Photo

So as we said, to be an Olympic ski jumper, you need courage, strength, belief, and not giving a damn about the next day as no one will guarantee you’re coming out of this jump safely.

Enough is Enough

Single ice skating performance is one thing, couples ice skating performance is another. It’s everything you are amazed, but double the pleasure and double the joy. Couples ice skaters are as good as it gets.

Getty Images Photo credit should read PETER PARKS/AFP

From what we can see in this image, it’s not all good, and ice skaters do have their share of arguments between one another. This guy had it easy, as he didn’t have to go very far to get rid of his partner. Enough is enough!

Run Run Run

To be honest, we were a bit skeptical about the credibility of this photo, as we can almost feel the pain projecting through. Athletes in general and runners, in particular, develop such strong leg muscles that they look completely different than the ordinary person’s calf.

Alamy Stock Photo

They don’t have a gram of fat on them and they work like an oiled machine at its peak. This is what a runner’s leg looks like after training. We don’t want to know what it looks like when there is a cramp.

It’s All About Proportion

A new pair of jeans is probably the hardest thing to buy. There are so many designers and cuts on offer from bell bottoms to boot cut, straight cut, low rise, high rise, skinny jeans, mama jeans, and the list goes on and on.

Alamy Stock Photo

The guy who was blessed with these extravaganza thighs might find it slightly difficult to choose a style. We would recommend the bell bottoms. Worn upsidedown.

Child Birth

The wonders of childbirth keep to fascinate us. Two people creating a third, bringing new life into the world. The human body has abilities that we barely understand, and the physical aspect of this miracle is a wonder within itself.


This lady hasn’t come to terms with the fact, that she is out of the womb. Yes we know, the world is a difficult place, can be cold sometimes and a bit noisy in our opinion. But staying like this with your legs around your neck for too long is not going to get you anywhere my dear.

One Two Three Strikes

At first, we were admired by the position of this lady. So strong and so firm, believing this was a famous gymnastic. Then we realized, she was holding a baseball in her hand, which made this photo even more interesting.

Getty Images Photo by Matt Slocum-Pool

So, we were right the first time, this is indeed Simone Biles, an incredible athlete. In this photo, she is throwing the first pitch for the Huston Astros. We are sure Simone managed to throw that ball so far and accurately, just as she performs in the gymnastics stadium.

Casper And Friends

Everyone loves basketball. And everyone loves not listening to their mother while growing up and not wanting to come back home on time. We all preferred to stay an extra hour on the court shooting some loops.

Alamy Stock Photo

When the trial begins, and this boy’s mother insists she saw her boy in the court throwing a ball way past his curfew, we doubt this photo will be useful as evidence. We want to see this mother proving this is her boy. My lord, this boy certainly knows how to basket his ball.

Opening Ceremony

It is obvious that Alexander Volkov (right) is a basketballer, and the young lady to his side, Seda Tutkhalyan, well- she’s not a basketballer. However, they both represent the Russian team.

Do you think Alexander Volkov carried the national flag at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, or he just carried Seda Tutkhalyan wearing a top with the flag on it, and no one noticed?

Strike the Pose

There is no need to introduce the magnificent Nadia Comaneci. The Romanian wonderchild who scored the perfect TEN, which was never scored before. This image says it all.

Getty Images Photo By Tony Duffy/Allsport

How astonishing the human body is, and how much strength is needed for this pose. At first, we thought the photo was taken horizontally, and then simply turned around, but no. Nadia Comaneci was this strong and held this position with her own amazing body.

Gillette. The Best a Man Can Get

It is known that athletes, both men, and women remove body hair, and it’s not only because it looks good. For swimmers, for example, long-stroke is performed better, as the water wraps their silky body and carries it over the water faster.

This dude (Nathan Gadrian) obviously didn’t understand the competition’s manual properly, as they specifically recommended avoiding the eye area when applying the hair removal cream.

Who’re We Gonna Call? Ghostbusters

A trip down to the beach is pure escapism. Sun sea and surf,  fresh breeze blowing in your hair, and a mojito in your hand. Sounds like a perfect beginning to the day, or a relaxing ending to one. Either way, the beach is the place to be!

Just remember. With all the sun and glory the beach provides, security is not on the list. I wouldn’t want to come across these three not escorted by body guards.

Usain, Say Cheese!

We are still unsure who amazes us more. Mr. Usain Bolt or the photographer of this photo. They are both giving us reasons for a grin on our faces, making us wish we could be a little more like them (the runner or the photographer, you chose).

Alamy Stock Photo

When running 100m at the Olympic games, you have to give it all. Bolt proved once again, that he was one step ahead of everyone else. Not only did he win the race, but he also found time to stop and smile. And the photographer….touche’ to him.

How Low Can You Go

When we were sorting out the images we wanted to share with you we came across this one and wondered why on earth is it here. As we are covering the amazing abilities of our human body, this guy didn’t seem to do too much to earn a spot on the list.

Then, the dime dropped. Have a close look as this is the most updated way of stretching an athlete’s body. So, if you are an athlete, don’t forget to book your own personal old age stretcher for your next competition.

Nosy Pegs

We don’t want to underestimate the beauty of artistic swimming, and we know that a lot of time and effort is invested into this magnificent sport, but no matter what you say, and no matter how hard you try to convince us- it doesn’t look good.

Getty Images Photo by Ian MacNicol

What does she think? That being carried over water by ten other girls, a clothes peg on the nose, and a look of someone that’s lost it, will make us change our mind? No, thank you!

Give Me an A

The world of gymnastics is fascinating. Little girls dream of flying, make their wishes come true and spend years and years turning the Comaneci fairytale into reality.

Surprisingly, these athletes spend hours and hours, practicing the next message they want to pass on to their coach. A – for America, U- for Utah, O- for Olympics, and W- for we’ve had enough, we’re hungry, we’re off to Wendy’s.

Fashion Mistakes

When it comes to new fashion trends, there is no right or wrong. There are some things you like and things you don’t, and no matter how much time is spent trying to persuade you to wear something, if it’s not love at first sight, it won’t work.

Getty Images Photo by Remko de Waal / ANP / AFP) / Netherlands OUT/REMKO DE WAAL/AFP

Van Der Weijden, the Olympic swimmer has his unique style of fashion, seen on the design of his “163km swim” pair of gloves.

Losing Track of Time

Riding a bike is one thing, but riding long distances is another. You can see by the look of this man’s legs, what riding up and down hills for over 2000K miles, results in.

The riding route is delicately mapped out. All it is lacking, are a few miniature villages and trees to complete the scene.

Is it a Troll?

We don’t really know what to say about this one, as we are not sure it is human. We suspect it is a troll in disguise, or even worse, a “Trolles” (how on earth is a female troll named?)

Twitter @PJKleiweg

After deep research, we discovered that these feet belong to the amazing Maarten Van Der Weijden (Dutch Olympic swimmer), after swimming for over 55 hours, all to raise money for good cause. Maarten, it is our honor to host you on our list.

Sign Language

Thankfully in these modern days, deaf people have assistance everywhere. There are hearing aids that perform tremendously, and there is sign language on almost every show broadcasted on T.V.


In this specific case, we feel that the choice of the person to present sign-language, might not have been the best one available.