Office Pranks That Are Bound to Make You Smile

You know the saying, “work hard, play hard”? Well, some people take the “play hard” a little too seriously. Working in an office usually means you’re spending most of your day in front of the computer, working yourself to the bone.

Sometimes, you need a little office laughter to recharge from all the time spent focusing on the serious stuff. Pulling pranks on your coworkers is the perfect way to pass the time while making those around you laugh. From surprise doughnuts to an office drive-thru, we’ve put together the best office pranks…

Doughnut Mess With Us

Nothing beats walking into the office on a Monday morning being greeted by a fresh box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Being the first one in the office, you know that you’ve scored big time. You open up the first box you see, hoping that they remembered to buy your personal favorite – chocolate glaze with colored sprinkles.

That’s when everything takes a turn for the worse, someone pranked you and your co-workers – and they got you good. Instead of starting off your morning with a nice cup of coffee and a doughnut, you’re stuck with veggies and dips. Guess someone in the office got sick of people complaining about all the weight they’ve gained!

A Job Well Done

What came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s the same question  Looking at this prank, we can’t help but wonder what came first – the left sign or the right one?

We’re guessing the sign asking people not to print large jobs came first, and that someone had the genius idea of printing Steve Jobs staring straight into our souls. Pretty on the dot if you ask us! Although, if we were in charge of this prank – we would have printed an even larger Steve Jobs, just so make a point!

The Grass Is Always Greener

We’d give anything to know the story behind this prank. We’re guessing that the person on the receiving part of this prank is the kind of person who asks everyone not to touch their things. For weeks on end, this guy’s coworkers thought of the perfect retaliation – but then, Lucy from accounting came up with the perfect trick.

The only way to keep people from not touching someone’s things is to make them unreachable – and the only way to do that is to cover their desk with grass. They say the grass is always greener on the other side, and in this case – it’s true!

Free Range Chickens

Let’s face it, everyone loves free food – especially when the boss is paying. We can only imagine the chaos and excitement that was felt when a company-wide e-mail went out announcing that there were free chicken strips in the kitchen…

One by one, employees made their way to the kitchen, ready for lunch, only to be disappointed when the only chicken around was the printed drawings taped to the refrigerator. We can’t help but wonder, was the office vegetarian behind this cruel prank?

You Need to Ketchup

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office is all too familiar with the stenches that often linger in the break room. Most people tend to suffer in silence, but every so often, there’s that one co-worker who will say what everyone else is thinking. The prankster behind this “sorry” is probably the same person who conveniently forgets to throw their trash in the hallway trash.

When they’re done eating in the newsroom, they throw their garbage into the closest trashcan around. We hope that they didn’t fetch day-old ketchup from outside of the garbage can in order to write this heartfelt message!

The Food Thief

The secret to being a good food thief is rotating your target every day. On Mondays you grab Gina’s yogurt, on Tuesdays, you take Adam’s sandwich, and so on and so forth… The person that put up this considerate note thought that by doing so, they were helping a cause.

In reality, what they did was make things worse for everyone except the food thief! The food in this fridge is labeled, which means the food thief knows exactly who they’re taking from. The food thief showed them he will not be stopped by leaving his poor victim a ransom note.

Take Note!

It seems like whoever was in charge of this prank worked in the art department of this office – and they nailed this prank with flying colors (literally!) By the looks of it, the person who works in this cubicle has somewhat of a post-it fetish. When they came back from their long vacation, they were greeted by a beautifully curated post-it exhibition.

They were probably not too thrilled about it, considering whoever pranked them used all of the post-its in the office. On the bright side, if they ever need to quickly jot something down, they don’t need to look far for a piece of paper…

It’s Raining Cats and Cats

There are three types of people in the workplace: the ones that won’t stop talking about their kids, the ones that won’t stop talking about their pets…and then there are the single people. Sick and tired of hearing all this baby talk – or fur baby talk, the singles united in coming up with the perfect revenge.

They covered Janice’s desk with pictures of random cats as if to say, “hey listen, all cats are the same, yours aren’t special, in fact, they are far from it.” We can’t help but wonder if they did the same to the parents…or is that taking it a little too far?

Happy Birthday, Stan the Man!

When Stan’s coworkers asked him how he wanted to celebrate his birthday and he said something along the lines of, “whatever, do whatever you want.” And that is exactly what they did – this birthday prank took commitment, coordination, and devotion.

Since Stan is known around the office as the guy who won’t budge from his seat, they brought the party to him! By the way he’s sitting, you can tell he’s less than impressed — or maybe he’s trying to hide the fact he’s overjoyed that his coworkers didn’t forget his birthday like they did last year, and the year before that.

King of the Cardboard

Tom has been talking about getting a promotion for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, he talks about it so much, that when he actually got his promotion – he had nothing left to talk about. Although his coworkers are happy for him and his newfound success, they couldn’t help but poke a little fun at the “new king of the office.”

On his first day as Assistant Regional Manager, they built him a castle. Just so everyone knows that when they come to his desk, they are in the presence of royalty!

Staying In

There’s always that one person who eats out almost every day – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This office’s foodie has a specific niche – junk food. From Mexican food to In-N-Out, they’re known for their junk-food-loving ways.

One morning they came in to see that instead of going out to their local In-N-Out, their coworkers brought the branch to them. An above-average practical joke if you ask us – they really went all out (no pun intended), and even added a menu! We’d like some fries with that shake, please!

Pushing the Wrong Buttons

There’s nothing worse than when someone pushes all of your buttons. That’s just what happened to this poor machine when its owner was indisposed and the person who put up this note couldn’t find them. It’s nice when machines have simple and clear instructions attached to them- out in the open for anyone to see.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working in an office and how well you know a machine. There will always be new people coming in that may not have worked with that particular kind before. So, rather than leaving it up to chance and having everyone just pushing all of the buttons – just make it easy on everyone and stick a big fat label on it.

Great lengths

What would you do when you’ve exhausted all of your excuses about being sick and attending funerals, but you absolutely can’t make it into the office that day? Why, you ask one of your closest coworkers to help you fake your death, of course! Note: this only works if you have friends in the workplace. All they needed was a little bit of crime scene tape and some electrical tape, plus a dramatic photo of the coworker in question for that special touch!

They just had to make a figure of the approximate body shape on the floor, stick the crime scene tape from cubicle wall to cubicle wall and get out of there before the boss saw them at work. Boom! You just got yourself out of another week of work!

Hole in One

Almost as excruciating as the time after lunch and before five o’clock is the hour (or two) leading up to lunch. We’re all familiar with it — it feels as if you’ve been working for eternity, your stomach is rumbling and you’re ready to sprint out the door, hop in your car and head to the nearest drive-thru. But sometimes, you pack your own lunch and you’ve got some extra time to hang around before heading back to work.

This guy has had an empty cubicle next to his for several months – and he’s got a passion for golf, so he made the wise decision to turn the space into a putting practice area. Word on the street is that the boss is a fan of the game, too, so this actually got approved by management! Way to turn a prank into the office’s biggest attraction!

Say it Louder!

Don’t you hate it when you’re waiting to get a paper towel in a public restroom, but you can’t because there’s some lunatic standing there talking to the dispenser and blocking your way? Yeah, us too. We’ve just going to say it – this is a pretty funny practical joke to play on your coworkers!

Must we reiterate how boring it can be to work in an office every day? You’re around the same people, doing the same work – it makes sense that one would look for whatever it takes to keep themselves entertained. This prank is so simple yet so good – it may be time to print some signs for our next visit to the restroom. Cue the evil laughter!

As Cold as the North Pole

This person’s reindeer mug means the world to them – it’s their most prized possession and they cannot be bothered to buy another one. Whatever the case may be, they’re obviously over everyone else trying to use it! But these office workers weren’t willing to keep their hands off. If you use a reindeer mug all year long, people probably grab it first thing especially during the summer – thinking that it’s a random mug that someone left lying around.

After all, who uses holiday gear in the springtime? Maybe it’s time to invest in a new mug, buddy! If it really means that much to you, take it home and bring a different one for the office that’s not so…attractive.

Caged In

Unfortunately, everyone in the world recognizes Nicholas Cage. The star has been in all kinds of films, including “Face/Off”, “Con Air”, “Gone in 60 Seconds”, and “8mm”. The woman who works out of this cubicle is one of two things – she is either Cage’s biggest fan, or like us, she cannot look at this man’s face without cringing. She went on vacation for a couple of weeks. So, her coworkers decided to do something to surprise her when she returned…

Whoever did this sure put a lot of time and effort into plastering the entire workspace in images of the “Ghostrider”. They printed out pictures of the actor from nearly every stage of his career, without leaving much out. Then, to top it all off, they put the bright colored banners around to streamline the whole experience…this was either this woman’s biggest dream or worst nightmare.

Fort box

Sometimes the stress of working in an office can really take its toll on the employees. And when that happens, it’s important to get away from the madness and take a breather so you can keep your cool. This guy wouldn’t shut up about having a terrible day – so when he came back from lunch, this fort awaited him.

They’ve pretty much created a new version of the “home office” by building a mini home around his cubicle. While most people probably would have just tossed a blanket over their desk and hid underneath for a little while, they went all out. Check out the attention to detail in his hideaway! He’s even got a chimney and some decorative plants. A prank gone right if we do say so ourselves!

The Ben’s Room

Being the only man in your office often times works for your benefit – just ask Ben! Working in an office with twelve women comes with many perks – having your own bathroom is one of them.  Instead of the men’s room, Ben turned the men’s bathroom into his own personal lair.

The office girls know to stay away, and Ben loves it that way. Our only question is, what happens when another man joins the office?! What’s Ben going to do then?

Ed, Who?

Apparently, Ed is quite the commodity in this office and people always seem to be searching for him. When they don’t automatically spot him, they ask his closest coworker, who started getting irritated about the repetitive question. So, he designed this sign to hang by his workspace.

Now, when someone comes up and asks if Ed’s at his desk (which happens on a daily basis), this guy can simply point to his sign without even looking up from his computer. Honestly, we’d make a sign, too, if it meant less human interaction around the office! Lucky for his desk partner, Ed has been around the office a lot more lately – so the sign hasn’t been necessary.

More Than Words

A sink gets a lot of use in the office. Workers need to be able to rinse out their coffee cups and…well, fill up the coffee pot to make continuous batches, among other things. So, when the sink in this office went down and management stuck up a sign to explain, the employees had something to say about it.

Apparently, the maintenance crew was taking their time getting around to fixing the sink, because it seems like they wouldn’t have put the second sign up if it was a situation that had only been going on for a day or two. No, no; these office workers had been without their sink for a while, and they’re good and ready for the “fixage” to commence. Sometimes all you need is a couple of words to get your message across!

Bean There, Done That

Ways to give your coworkers a heart attack number 11: stick a life-sized cardboard cutout of the creepiest character you can possibly imagine in a quiet bathroom corner and wait for the magic to happen. First of all, someone had to go through a lot of trouble to get that thing. At the very least, they dropped some money and had it delivered – which seems like the perfect amount of effort for this kind of prank.

Then, they had to get it past multiple people while keeping a straight face until they were able to set it up in its position in the ladies’ restroom. The only thing that would make this even better is if it were ordered specifically because they knew someone had a Mr. Bean phobia. Hey, it could have been worse – they could have used a cardboard cutout of Pee-wee Herman.

Ice-Cold Heart

There are few things more infuriating than finally going on your lunch break, only to find out that someone has eaten your lunch, either by accident or simply because they don’t care. So, this person, whom we will call lunch box genius, decided to put an end to this very common problem – and we’re positive it worked!

We don’t want to know where this person got the lunch box, but we certainly hope they washed it well before using it. Maybe this isn’t a prank at all, and some doctors got fired the next day…

Had a Bad Date…Or Three

Don’t despair, friend, we hear that the cereal boxes are much more open to a relationship. And if not, may we suggest using a dating app – one with actual humans on it?

Not the most elaborate joke you’ll come across, but it still made us smile. And we’re sure it did the same for anyone reading that note. If you’re reading this – we hope you found true love!

Not So Comic Sans

After laughing our heads off, we do have to say that we agree with this second sign. Throughout the years, Comic Sans has to be the least serious, hated font in the history of fonts. And with good reason. Just look at that lovely Arial font on that second note; now that screams “professionalism”.

Then again – if they’re really so concerned about image, maybe a Fortune 500 company shouldn’t be sticking pieces of paper with cheap tape on the doors. But hey, who are we to judge?

A Huge Leek

Apparently, someone ran into a co-worker’s office shouting “there’s a huge leak under the water heater!” And the only thing we can say is, this guy should be on a stage as a stand-up comedian, not in an office.

The best thing about this prank is that, even though you would probably be quite angry about rushing in a panic to see the water heater didn’t explode, you would surely start laughing so hard at this whole scene that you’d forget to scream at your work buddy. They beet you to it (pun absolutely intended!)

Laughing out Loud

Apparently, this is the temporary keyboard that the IT guys in a certain office give employees when their actual keyboard is getting fixed. Nobody but a tech nerd could’ve thought of this, and honestly, it’s hilarious. Just imagine sitting down to finally work after waiting for a keyboard replacement, only to find every key has been relabeled with “L” and “O”!

We don’t know if the other employees got together and decided to come up with an elaborate prank for themselves, but we hope they did. After all, it’s not easy messing with the IT department. We hope they got the last laugh – we’ll see who’s “loling” now.

You’re Welcome

Someone here obviously had a lot of time on their hands. They must have been really troubled about the dishes. This little passive-aggressive adventure means someone had to print out a meme (using the company printer and toner, of course), cut out a square hole in the middle of it, and tape the frame’s paper corners to the sink.

You know what, Brenda? If you have so much time to spare, why don’t you do the dishes yourself? Or better yet, your actual job!

Picture Perfect

This guy photocopied his face and put it in his office door window – which must have been the smartest thing he has ever done. This is a two-for-one move. He gets to make his coworkers laugh while also blocking the opening through which his boss can see what he’s up to.

Now he’s free to take that post-lunch-break nap he won’t stop talking about. We’re not going to lie, it’s giving us ideas…

Work From Home?

The employee who works at this desk thought he was being funny when putting lotion on the door handles of his coworkers. Apparently, his coworkers didn’t think so!

The next day he came to work and found his entire desk in the parking lot. We wonder if he thought this was as funny as we did, or if he is planning his next move…

Grammar Nerd

All workplaces have their typecast. There is the one who stays in the office way past closing time, the one who brings the best food, the one who brings the worst food, the one who steals everyone’s food, the one who thinks coffee constitutes as a snack (it doesn’t), and we could go on forever but have better things to do.

One of those types is the grammar nerd. It’s that same person who will make sure to correct you every time, no matter if it’s in person or in a note like this one. Go home, Carolyn!

The Bermuda Triangle

An office fridge is like a Bermuda Triangle for food. Things that get sucked into this black hole rarely survive to see their rightful owners again. It seems that people eating food that isn’t theirs is the bane of existence for all workplace altercations.

Honestly, what’s so hard to understand? If it’s not yours, don’t eat it! Also, shouldn’t people usually be reluctant to eat food that they don’t know the origin of?

To Be, or Not to Be?

This person probably had enough of that massive printer being left on half their desk, so they decided to make lemonade with life’s lemons and just add a funny little note to laugh about the whole thing. Or maybe someone just got dumped and was feeling a little bit too philosophical this morning.

Still, they do have a point. That printer should be an example to all of us, asking us the real questions in life. Reading this, we feel like we’re on the verge of an existential crisis.

Debbie, Who?

In this office, there’s one woman who everyone refers to as the “lunchtime bandit,” — and for good reason. You see, Debbie often “forgets” her lunch and is forced to rummage through the fridge to find something to eat. Unfortunately, that usually means she just grabs what she sees, no matter who’s it is.

The coworkers got together and decided that, rather than simply marking their own names on their lunches, which is what they’d been doing; they needed to try something a little more blatant. So, they decided to just label everything in the fridge that was theirs as “NOT DEBBIES.” Hopefully, she got the message and kept her hands to herself. It was delivered loud and clear, after all…

Do Not Tap Glass!

Sometimes coworkers like to do the least amount of work possible to get someone else’s attention from across the office. Here, they simply tap on the windows – or at least, they used to until there was an…incident. Now, they put up a sign to warn those in need of assistance from scaring the programmers.

Since these guys get so wrapped up in their work at the computer that they can seem to lose track of the world around them, it seems that they most likely wouldn’t even hear a mere tap on the glass, so this seems like overkill. But all it takes is one guy in the office to fall on the floor in the fetal position and start crying for them to have to put up a sign. Maybe that’s why they felt the need to include the part about singing Ave Maria! It is a fitting musical choice in this situation!

Jackie Chanthropology

This is almost making us want to go and study anthropology just so we can work with these people. First of all, they are absolutely right, you have to be that good-looking to work in a field called ‘Forensic Anthropology’. And secondly, ‘Jackie Chanthropology”? Now that is just priceless.

We don’t care if it’s overwhelmingly cheesy, it is absolutely hilarious. Who knew that anthropologists had such a great sense of humor?

The Best Plan

It’s crucial for every office (and any building with workers, really) to have plans in place in case of emergencies. Things happen and building managers and employers need to make sure their employees can get to safety quickly and easily. That being said, developing a plan of action is much easier said than done.

This is the space where an actual evacuation sign is supposed to be put up, but apparently, it was forgotten about, and instead, one worker took it upon themselves to fill in the blank. Hey, it seems like a perfectly reasonable plan of escape. In case of emergency – run! Except, that’s terrible advice and would cause panic and God knows what else, so, please, don’t do that.

Meow if You’ve Seen Me!

It’s bound to happen once in a while that some unfortunate employee loses their beloved fur baby and posts “lost” signs up around their workplace. When this person’s gentle, sweet, non-vicious ball of fluff went missing, they panicked. Luckily, they were able to post this sign – to warn everyone he was on the loose.

No, that kitty wasn’t missing at all when this sign was put up in the office. Someone in the building just thought that this picture was hysterical and wanted to share it with the world. Hey, we need laughs around the workplace, and we say the more the merrier! Bring on the funny viral kitty pictures and memes – we’re all for it. The boss may not be too happy about it, but the employees certainly appreciate the humor.

Arachnophobia at Its Finest

A study done by the American Psychiatric Association revealed that more than one in 10 people in the country suffers from a phobia – 40% of which is about bugs, mainly spiders. People here seem to be irrationally afraid of them, almost. Probably thanks in large part to the urban legend about the spider laying an egg sack in the sleeping woman’s cheek. Also, the movie “Arachnophobia” didn’t help!

This office worker decided to have a little midday fun by scaring the pants off of their coworkers. They knew that the guy right behind them was deathly afraid of spiders. They decided to create this brilliant scheme: point, gasp and leave the rest to fate. Needless to say, that guy went home a little early that day.

Creme De La Creme

Coffee isn’t complete without cream. They go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly or toast and…butter. So, it’s understandable how this person was upset about their coworkers helping themselves to their creamy goodness. They put up a note to deter the office staff, but it didn’t seem to do the trick. Instead, the culprit retaliated with a note of their own.

Is it us, or is it a bit strange to have an entire grocery bag full of cream just hanging around the office? Cream is delicious, but if you don’t want people thinking it’s up for grabs, maybe conceal it a bit more or something. We’re not defending whoever took it, but it could be a bit misleading, especially if it wasn’t labeled first. But after they put the note up, the cream thieves should have backed off! Hopefully, the owner of the cream invested in some type of closed container for their stash.

Happy Hour – Every Hour

One of the most important aspects of any job is doing what your boss asks of you. After all, they’re the ones paying and it’s up to employees to follow the rules.

Sometimes, you end up working for a strict employer that can seem to make life tough on everyone. But other times, you get lucky and wind up with a boss like this one, who actually likes to joke around. Just check out this list of “rules” the manager put up to show the employees what it was like to work at this office – pretty awesome if you ask us! There’s nothing we love more than a boss that knows how to have a good time!

We’re Jammin’

Office printers are like the workhorse of the building; they’re often overworked, overused, and undervalued. But that’s not what’s going on here. This company values their printer so much that they even named it after the biggest legend in reggae music. Unfortunately, the darn thing is always backed up with paper and rarely decides to print.

It’s great that the people in this office have a good sense of humor and are able to make light out of a bad situation. But they weren’t really worried about Bob Marley being jammed, because they have another printer down the hall named Santana, and it always runs perfectly smooth. Okay, we’re done with the musical puns, sorry!

Throwback Thursday

These coworkers were feeling like they’d been worked to the very brink of extinction. They tried voicing their concerns about feeling overworked to their boss, but she refused to listen. So, they decided to take matters into their own hands and dress to match their moods.

This office has a strict business casual workplace dress code, but this group of office workers was willing to take the write-ups in order to prove a point. After the boss saw that no one was able to type and get their work done with tiny T-Rex arms, she caved and let everyone go home for the day – sans pay, of course. Guess the real prank was pulled on this group of wise guys, huh?!

The Writing Was on the Wall

Do you see anything wrong with this sign? Yeah well, so did everyone in this office. That’s when they decided to get perfect revenge — they responded to it in the best way possible: with passive-aggressive sarcasm. The first person to notice the hypocrisy simply left a sticky note showing their confusion.

A bold move one might say, but we get why they did so. But everyone that came after the original sticky note was just being plain old sarcastic. With each new note that was added, the prank became even better. Of course – there’s a good chance that thumbtack-guy didn’t even notice the responses.