Outdoor Exercises for You & Your Pooch

Just like us, dogs require exercise to stay happy, healthy, and out of trouble. Here are some activities you can do alongside your dog to ensure you are both in great shape! That being said, if your pup is elderly, out of shape, or has arthritis, you should consult your veterinarian about the exact amount of activity that is right for them. Some tips before we get started are start slowly, take breaks, and encourage your dog to drink water — these days, there are even made-for-dogs energy drinks. Exercising with your dog daily tires them out in a positive way so that they will be less prone to negative behaviors. Exercise also generates serotonin, which helps prevent anxiety and depression.


Dogs love to run alongside their owners while they ride. Since it can be risky to allow your pup to run free, there are bicycle attachments that you can use to connect your dog and the bike, preventing them from running too loose behind and getting injured. Don’t get carried away during your pedaling. Make sure to stop for breathers and don’t ride too fast or too slow; dogs will do whatever they can to keep up with you!


Hiking is a wonderful exercise for both you and your dog, as long as you walk together. If you aren’t in a safe, fenced area, be sure to use a leash. If you’re a hiker, consider purchasing a lightweight backpack for your dog, that way, your pup can carry its food and water. If you have a small dog, you may want a special pack to hold them in, considering they tire more easily.



Swimming is another excellent activity for you and your dog. It’s low-impact, so it doesn’t stress the joints of more aged or arthritic canines. Swimming is also great because it works many muscles at the same time, and while not all dogs are natural swimmers, most will learn to enjoy it. If you’re worried about chlorinated pools, have no fear, its perfectly safe. The chlorine will do to their fur what it does with your hair; just make sure they don’t drink the water.