Photographs That Are Completely Unedited

The dawn of technology has ushered in a whole new era for humanity; from artificial intelligence to realistic animations, we can now expect the unexpected. But amidst the groundbreaking discoveries, one thing remains the same: photographs are still one of the best ways to immortalize a moment. Photos can capture a reality that our normal eyes can’t see. Have you had your picture taken while talking? You’d see a face you swear you never made. That’s because the power of a photograph lies in its ability to capture life in between spit seconds.


While it is true that photographs can be a testament to a once-present reality, we can now manipulate images to our liking, I’m sure you’ve come across Photoshop. This software is a revolutionary tool that has helped people create extraordinary moments out of ordinary ones. We have rounded up 109 of the most “unreal” pictures that are, well, real. And no, there wasn’t any Photoshop involved. We promise!

The great Yao Ming!

Well, what can we say? He’s not only well ENDOWED with height, but he also is a basketball player. Get it? Yao Ming was a Chinese basketball player who played for the CBA under the Shanghai Sharks team and the NBA under the Houston Rockets.

Getty Images Photo by Brian Bahr

Today, the 7’6” ex-player is a Chinese basketball executive. His height made him the tallest active player in the NBA during his final season. He broke a lot of records as he was the only player outside the US who led the NBA in All-Star votes.

Rubber Ducky

Well, an artist decided to create a giant rubber ducky and set it free in a river. Whoever that artist is, please tell him that he’s just brilliant! My childhood would have been so much more fun if he had created this earlier.

Getty Images Photo by TPG

Kidding aside, this rubber ducky floated around the Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong to signal the Rubber Duck Tour Exhibition 2013. A Dutch artist named Florentijn Hofman created it. His art revolved around contemporary inflatable art that aims to amplify the healing and relaxing power of bath buddies.


Dubai has leaped a lot of boundaries when it comes to growth. Today, this is what it’s’ skyscraper looks like: Almost 22 buildings can reach the clouds. These buildings are reportedly known to exceed 75 stories. No one can ever deny that this country is an excellent example of progress in almost all aspects.

Getty Images Photo by Rustam Azmi

In the UAE Dubai has grown to be its largest and most populous city. It’s the business hub and global city as well as a significant global transport hub for cargo and passengers. One it’s most vital resources? You guessed it: Oil.

Talk about on cue!

Unless you can do a decent pirouette, you apparently can’t sit or jump with these synchronized ballerinas. Ballet is a classic dance that originated in the 15th century during the Italian Renaissance. It has, later on, evolved into a concert dance by the French and Russians.


This highly technical form of dance has become widespread since then that it developed a French-based vocabulary. Today, there are ballet schools all over the globe.


No, they are not the main cast of Game of Thrones. They are the stunt doubles, and it feels so eerie that they look almost exactly like them! As much as it would be super awesome to think that Emilia Clarke is riding the back of that dragon as Daenerys Targaryen, it’s not.


Game of Thrones is today’s one of the most successful shows that HBO has ever produced and just like any other shows out there that require demanding stunts and action scenes, they will need stunt doubles for takes that the main cast couldn’t possibly ever do.

Grace under pressure

Despite the heavy rains, this pool still managed to look “Instagram” ready. If you think that this is an impossible sight, well, that’s where you’re wrong. Let’s break it down, shall we? The heavy continuous rain caused the flood that you see here, the water has reached quite a height, but it didn’t get inside the edges of the pool.


There weren’t any strong winds, that’s why the pool didn’t get any debris that’s big enough to be seen at a distance from where they took this photo. The water remained clear due to the chlorine. What a series of fortunate events!

A great home design idea

The photo shown above is that of a house which seemingly appears to have some 4D effect to it, but really, it’s just a regular photo taken from a regular camera with some strategically placed mirrors to it. The light is just bouncing back to our eyes; that’s why it seems like it’s giving off this cool effect!


This kind of style can make a house seem futuristic and unique. Also, homeowners can enjoy having a mirror to look at when they are in front of the house.

And the best realistic cosplay award goes to:

Cosplaying is probably one of the hobbies that requires creativity, craftiness, time and money. While it consumes a lot of resources, it can be a fulfilling activity as you get to gain new friends and sometimes if you work hard enough, you’ll get noticed and become famous.


Just like the guy who came to a cosplaying event as the photo shown above, a pixelated video game character! They call it the 8-bit Samus character from Metroid.

We hope this isn’t real, but it is!

The thought of walking above a gigantic sinkhole isn’t something that you’d want to think about as you go through your daily hustle, but unfortunately, these things exist. The one shown in the photo above happened in Guatemala City brought by the torrential of Agatha. It was the first tropical storm brought by 2010’s hurricane season. It blew over Southern Mexico and Central America and triggered fatal floods and landslides.

Getty Images Photo by JOHAN ORDONEZ

A sinkhole, sometimes called by people as a swallow hole happens when the surface layer collapses due to outside interferences. These interferences mostly occur through chemical dissolutions or suffosion processes of carbonate rocks.

Question: why?!

The world has so many different people with different beliefs and personalities that one would never have an identical way of living because in some ways. Being different is not a bad thing, it’s what makes the world such an interesting place.


We must learn to admit that we vary when it comes to interests, but my question right now is, why would someone put watermelons on their heads while watching a baseball game. Can someone please tell me!?

Perfectly timed photos, the sequel!

It’s not what you think! That kid is not Jesus, and he cannot walk on water. It’s just another one of those perfectly timed photos that are going around the internet; only this one could be the mother of all perfectly timed photos. Can you see how everything about him is relaxed making it seem like he’s just casually doing something that he does daily?


The kid even looks like he’s tipping his toes on the water to check the temperature. To whoever took this photo, call me because I need pictures like that also!

The mother of all perfectly timed photos

Everyone knows and love seemingly infinite amounts of perfectly timed photos scattered across the internet, but this might just arguably be number one on that list. Here’s a genuine and unedited picture of a Yosemite waterfall taken at the perfect and precise moment when the sun reflected from the splashing waters.

Getty Images Photo by AaronP/Bauer-Griffin

They call it the waterfall rainbow, and it isn’t the only photo of its kind that’s going across the internet. It’s a photography discovery commonly seen among the waterfalls of Yosemite.

Believe it or not, that’s paint

They took the photo shown above at “Sergels Torg” or “Sergel’s square,” the most central public square of Stockholm, Sweden. They named it after the 18th-century sculptor named Johan Tobias Sergel. The sculptor had built a workshop located at the northern part of the square


Somewhere in the square is an artwork that bends reality by combining all the elements of a grand optical illusion. If you notice in the photograph, there’s a big almost triangular hole on the floor; they used paint and a few shading techniques, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Here’s a satellite photo of the Namib Desert

Behold Southern Africa’s coastal desert Namib, its name derived is from the Khoekhoe language and means a “vast place.” Namib, not to be confused with Namibia, stretches for more than 2,000 kilometers across the Atlantic coasts of Namibia, Angola as well as South Africa.


This dessert is almost entirely uninhabited by humans except for a few indigenous groups and small settlements including: include the Obatjimba and the Ovahimba Herero located in the north, as well as the Topnaar Nama situated in the central region.

Don’t be Alarmed; it’s not a Tsunami

It’s just a strange thick fog that’s enveloping the hotel buildings of Panama City Beach, Florida. The conditions were right which allowed for the saturated fog to flow from Mexico over those 20+ stories high-rise buildings including the coastline. The saturated air rose up over the buildings and cooled on its way up, and the process enabled it to form into these cool wave clouds that you see in the photo.


It went viral across the internet right after J.R Hott posted it. It generated all kinds of discussions online and received thousands of share and likes.

The first photo of a living fetus still inside a woman’s uterus taken in 1965.

This photo ended up in Time magazine. Lennart Nilsson took it along with other, jaw-dropping portraits across many pages inside the magazine. It triggered the debate concerning “when life begins and who will ultimately wield the control of a woman’s body”, in the premise of before and after birth.

Adding to Lennart’s brilliant magazine cover, he took this photo when it was seemingly impossible to make a portrait inside the human body and much more of a fetus inside a woman. It was a breakthrough that sparked heated debates among political and religious figures and a personal milestone that cemented his name in the industry.

Someone probably beat you to it!

Will you look at that, it’s the end of the rainbow, but where’s the pot of gold? For those of you who don’t know, it comes from the legend of the Leprechaun from Irish Folklore. It’s these little-bearded fairy men who allegedly leave a pot of gold at the end of  rainbows.

Getty Images Photo by Alan Dyer

Leprechauns will also grant three wishes to anyone who able to capture them.

Your crush: “I love flexible personalities” You:

Here’s a photo of Zhou Xiaojing, a professional Chinese rhythmic gymnast appearing to be headless as she bends her head backward while performing her ‘clubs.’ This was her routine in the Asian Games for the women’s rhythmic gymnastics individual all-around finals held in Bangkok, Thailand.


She has been consistent in her performances across the world including in the Olympic games, but she never got any medals. Nevertheless, this photo of her has been famous on the internet for a very long time. She might not be an Olympic medalist but she’s renowned as the super flexible girl meme, and that’s just beautiful.

That’s not snow, it’s salt!

Motoi Yamamoto is a pioneering Japanese contemporary artist who’s famous for his ability to work with salt. His artworks are often in the form of temporary, large-scale and intricate installations. He was able to connect to this art form at the time when he was mourning the death of his sister.


He has many fans. His most popular projects include shattered planets, entire oceans, violent typhoons, fractured staircases, mountain ranges and vast plains of coils. All of those made possible by using his  medium of choice: Salt.

Noah’s Ark has been found, in Korea!

No, not really. As you can see, that’s not a real ship; it’s a hotel resort shaped like one for marketing and aesthetics purposes. It’s the country’s great idea of spiking tourism to their country. It’s called the Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht located in Jeongdongjin of South Korea’s east coast.


They modeled the hotel before the reputed Royal Caribbean International Sovereign Class. The hotel is 165 meters long 148 meters tall overlooking the beach resort. They say that it is the very first hotel shaped like a cruise ship in the world.

On another episode of perfectly timed photos!!

The photo shown above gives you a two-headed rhino realness at first glance. While it’s never impossible nowadays for science to produce different species, this time it’s not real but rather another case of a perfectly timed photo. It’s good as in some way it gives rhinos a spot in the limelight in which they remind people that they still exist, and unfortunately they are still being hunted down.


The reality behind these prehistoric looking animals is that they have such precious Ivory growing from them that poachers will do anything to get one. It is why the species have experienced a steady decline.

Egyptian Eye View

They took this photo on top of the famous Giza Pyramids. Remember this view because you’ll most probably not be seeing this view in person. Giza’s great pyramids are the most massive and most ancient of the three existing pyramids in the El Giza, Egypt. For many years, it has remained mostly intact.


For those who of you don’t know yet, researchers claim that ancient men created the Pyramids to serve as tombs for royalty. It remains as the tallest human-made structure in the world for more than 3,800 years.

Don’t get too excited, that’s not a beer tsunami

They took the photo shown above while an Australian dust storm developed on top of an ocean. These particular type of storm is a meteorological phenomenon that usually happens on semi-arid to arid regions. Dust storms initiate when a gust of strong winds blows loose dirt and sand from a dry surface. The small particles then undergo suspension and “saltation.” It’s a process that moves soil from one place and deposits it in another.


People usually use the term “sandstorm” on desert dust storms or on places where sand is more prevalent than soil..

Mammary clouds!

The Mammatus or the mammatocumulus is a pattern of cellular pouches that hangs underneath the center of a cloud. It got its name because of its mammary gland-ish shape. These clouds form this way as they usually form under cumulonimbus rainclouds, but there have been reports that they are hung on other types of parent clouds.

More often than not, these seemingly large sky pouches are associated with severe thunderstorms, and sometimes, tornado storms in the US. Aviators are advised to avoid at all costs these types of clouds as they are an indication they’ll surely experience turbulence.

It’s not a giant cotton ball, and it’s a fluffy Angora Rabbit

This woman is an Angora rabbit breeder that has been able to reproduce a special breed that’s ultra-fluffy just like the one shown in this photo. For those who don’t know, the Angora rabbit is one of the popular types especially for the French aristocrats in the 18th century.


As you can observe in the photograph, they breed Angora rabbits because of their long, shearable soft wool that they use to turn into hats, mittens, scarves, and sweaters. It is one of the silkiest out there with 14-16 microns in diameter making it resemble cashmere with 14, and that’s already top quality.

Ancient spirits in the Trees.

These are not spirits, but there’s no Photoshop here either. It’s an artwork made by Clement Briend, a French artist. As evident in the photo, he uses 3D light projectors on motionless objects to create images for the public to see. We’re sure he freaked some people out the first time they saw faces on their neighborhood trees.


We all have different ways of doing art; it’s a reflection of who we are. From our emotions, memories, and experiences, we produce something that’s a collective product of our individuality, and sometimes the results are mind-blowing.

Yep, those are real balconies!

Here’s a photo of the skyscraper located on Silom Road, Bang Rak business district, Bangkok, Thailand. The largest building in Southeast Asia built in the year 2001, and ever since then, it has been considered as the most significant building to ever grace the lands of Southeast Asia with a floor area of 3.2m sq.


The Bangkok State Tower has 68 floors and is said to be 810 feet tall, giving it the title of the third tallest building in Thailand in 2011 and ranking in 139th in the whole world. Rangsan Torsuwan is the Thai Architect behind this skyscraper.

That’s just ordinary beach sand

Using old and used tires, someone made a contraption to create a sand pattern that can resemble wood markings on plywood. The reason behind building a contraption that can make these? We’ll never know why as the creator never stated the reason behind its inception.


One of the reasons why wood becomes expensive depends on the marking that it has. Sometimes wooden furnishes skyrockets in price because of its patterns.

 Monster Earthworm

Don’t worry, it’s not venomous because it’s not a snake. It’s a giant Gippsland Earthworm. These giant creatures grow from 3.3 feet long and 2 cm in diameter. They can even appear longer than that when they expand and contract their bodies to make them appear larger.

Getty Images Photo by Education Images

An average Gippsland Earthworm weights about 200 grams usually dons a dark purple head and a bluish gray body. They might seem a little intimidating, but they are harmless.

One in a million moment

Doing activities outside of houses, buildings or cities to be exact can be such a rejuvenating experience not just for your mind but also for your soul. If you don’t believe in the spiritual stuff, well there’s a scientific explanation for that and it’s because being in sync with nature relaxes our bodies and can help remove accumulated stress.


The photo shown above is another perfectly timed photo where the sunlight hits the reddish brown mountain giving it a majestic highlight from its surroundings. By the looks of how the sky is lighting up and the shade of the rays, they took the photo taken during the golden hour which serves the perfect lighting.

I bet you 50 bucks you can’t stay here for two nights

Not all swamps look as aesthetically designed as this one. Yeah, we know, no one would still dare to sleep in this kind of place, but the colors are amazing — a testament you can find beauty in anything.


This swamp is in Louisiana, probably the most breathtaking one among it many other swamps.

Photos you can feel!

Ouch! We know how rewarding it is to train like a boxer and win a boxing competition, but what’s happening in between that stops most people from pursuing this sport? Imagine punching and getting punched for a living… I barely just survive papercuts. But did you know that boxing dates back to the Middle East in the 3rd and 2nd Millennia BC?


It then, later on, evolved into an organized sport with rules and regulations developed by the Greeks. It was part of the early Olympics, and it has grown to the game that it is today.

Have you ever heard of a ‘zony’?

What happens when you put a pony mare in a barn together with a zebra? You get a zony, and we need one! It turns out; you can breed zebras with its any cousin species. That didn’t come out right, but you get the point!

Alamy Stock Photo

For example, it’s called a Zorse if you breed a horse mare and a zebra stallion. These hybrids are always sterile, so they can’t reproduce and categorized under one general name: Zebroids. People prefer to ride these hybrids more than zebras since its body shape is more conducive for riding.

No, it’s not a magic portal!

Don’t freak out; it looks like some dark sorcery created this, but it’s perfectly harmless. This vortex looking hole is man-made and is just an infrastructural feature of several dams scattered around the world. It also happens to look supernatural in photos when taken under the right lighting.


Located in Derbyshire, England, The Ladybower Reservoir provides hydroelectricity and drinking water to its region. Every year numerous tourists and photographers worldwide fly to this place to take a photo of this phenomenon.

2012 London Summer Olympics’ Rainbow Laser

Well, it’s the Olympics! Would you still doubt its authenticity? With an event as significant as this one, you can expect anything to happen. They have the budget, the connection and the star power to make everything happen, including a simulated rainbow that’s better than the natural ones.

Getty Images Photo by Bethany Clarke

They held the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and the construction they did for the games involved significant redevelopment as the organizers wanted to emphasize sustainability. They knew that the Olympics was a great platform to spread the word about the subject.

A waistline no diet can achieve.

Move over Instagram content models, Cathie Jung is here, and she’s slaying with her 15-inch waist. It’s true, this isn’t a digitally altered photo, Jung had altered her body by wearing corsets, and for as long as she can remember.


Maye you didn’t now this, but corsets have played a key role in women’s fashion for many centuries, especially in Europe. It has survived the times by evolving along with the everchanging fashion trends. Just like Cathie Jung, many women – including men, have used them to alter the appearance of their bodies.

In a black and white world, be like this bright hibiscus flower.

We all know what you’re thinking, “Edited, next!” Sorry to break to you, but it’s not. You can even have it checked with your go-to Photoshop expert. The reason behind this seemingly retouched photo is that everything got covered in ash except for the flower.


It isn’t the first time everything got covered in ash though, one of the earliest records of this phenomenon dates back to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The lava and ash covered the whole city and preserving it in such a mint condition that reports show that there was no later modifications and accretions done to this once great city.

What do you mean it’s not a painting!?

Well, it isn’t. Someone just took a photo of the stars in the universe, and it’s just a fantastic sight to see. Experts claim that every actor is as big as a planet and that alone describes how vast the universe is, and that how little even our most significant problems are.


This photo is awe-inspiring as well as humbling. Thousands of heavenly bodies scattered across the universe and yet you live on the planet earth. If that doesn’t open up a few existentialist questions on your mind, I don’t know what will!

The Bear Whisperer.

I know what you’re thinking, “A bear? At the dinner table? Are they crazy!?” No, Deborah, they’re not! The bear is actually very friendly with everyone, as naturalist, Casey Anderson, raised him since he was a cub. The grizzly bear is named Brutus, and he is famous for being a part of Anderson’s National Geographic documentary entitled “Expedition Grizzly.”


Brutus the Bear was born on January 2002 inside a 6-foot square steel box as he was, together with his mother, a captive of a bear facility. It’s a bad idea to release a Grizzly bear like him to the wild because they don’t have the same survival skills that a wild bear has to in order to be able to thrive in the wild.

Say hi to the color split kitty everyone!

Everyone we’d like you to meet Venus, the ‘two-faced’ cat, literally! As shown in the photos above, she’s completely ginger on the left and black on the right. And if that’s not awesome enough, her two eyes are different! Her eyes on the ginger side are blue and green on the black side.


Venus lives in Florida and is taken care of by her two amazing owners named Chris and Christina. Her life wasn’t all peachy as she was a feral stray kitty roaming the streets of the North Carolina dairy farm. She was found by Christina when someone posted her photos online. She immediately fell in love with her! Now, she lives life happily with her two loving mommy and daddy.

These are real snow sculptures!

These things happen in China during a celebration they call “The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.” The annual winter festivities occur in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China, and usually differ in theme every time. It is considered to be the largest ice and snow festival in the world.


Different nationalities compete against each other making it an international competition. In 2017, it had 18 million visitors which helped the festival generate $4.4 billion in revenue. It also includes there world’s most prominent ice sculptures.

When the wooden pole rotted away

It’s no surprise that wood, under specific instances, can rot away. It may be an insect infestation, fire or random accidents. Everyone knows that wood is one of the most versatile materials when it comes to building structure. You can mold it as you please, and it has excellent insulator properties. The only weakness that it has is that it is combustible and is prone to rotting.


The four factors that cause wood rot is the quality of wood itself, level of warmth, moisture, and oxygen. The moment these four elements meet, the rotting begins.

It’s a human talent, not Photoshop skills

What’s the initial thing you do when you see someone putting a snake through his nose? You’d probably think why he’s doing that right? Honestly, we think it’s talent. Most people can barely hold a snake much less putting it across their nasal cavities, it requires effort and training… that’s for sure.


India is a very diverse country as it’s enormous that they experience different weathers in different parts. The country is said to house over 270 species of snakes in which 60 of them are highly poisonous. They have the big four dangerous snakes, and those are the Indian Cobra, Russell’s viper, saw-scaled viper as well as the Krait.

 What Millennials are up to nowadays:

No, we swear your screen isn’t damaged, and we promise this photo of a supposedly standard cabinet isn’t Photoshopped. It’s made of oak and created by designer Ferruccio Laviani using computer-aided machine tools. The furniture was put on exhibit for a furniture expo in 2013.


He wanted to create a glitch like a deformity on furniture as a type of artwork expression. This cabinet is one of the many deformed artworks from his “Good Vibrations Collection.” A lot of people commended him for this collection and had gained quite a good reputation that elevated his career.

Is this a college? Nope.

Nope, this isn’t a photo collage. The photo shown above is an artwork created by an artist who looks for abandoned buildings and paints them to create this particular kind of optical illusion.


The artist behind this is Georges Rousse who combines the elements of color, architecture and line elements. His pieces are known to be large-scale and impressive. Most of his artworks are incredibly deceptive especially when viewed from a specific vantage point. One journalist described his artworks as something that “Compels u to reach architecture as static, images as immobile, then gradually transforms our perception of Space and Reality.”

Houses in Mexico City

It’s not even virtual reality; it’s the real thing! What makes it seem so fake is the fact that hundreds of houses look the same which only makes it appear that someone copied and pasted the houses near each other while playing sims.


Believe it or not but it’s part of a two-part plan of building 2.5 million houses on the first phase, followed by another 2.5 million in the second place. It’s a significant project in Mexico that aims to create employment opportunities, providing business to industries that are in the housing sector, slum area reduction, better living for poor people, and the list goes on.

Not trying to scare you but, this face-like structure exists

NASA took the eerie photo shown above on a mission to the planet Mars. In one of the many images taken by the Viking 1 in 1976 of the Cydonian mesa, appeared to have a face of a human. When it was acquired, the chief scientist of Viking, Mr. Gerry Soffen dismissed it as a mere trick of shadows and light.

Alamy Stock Photo

While his explanations were considered reasonable, a second image surfaced in which it is showing a humanoid face again at a different sun-angle and after 35 Viking orbits later. It was a discovery made by Gregory Molenaar and Vincent DiPietro, two computer engineers working at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

The man who made himself a mirror costume.

Here’s a photo of a guy who covered himself in mirrors and is slowly getting famous because of his street performances. He’s one of the most intriguing performers out there. His personality becomes instantly mysterious as he masks his entire body in hundreds of mirror pieces. When he wears the mirror suit, it becomes such a stunning view as his clothes reflect the light of the world right back to the eyes of the viewers.


Mirror man is starting to be a celebrity as he visits events in order for people to photograph him. He lives around Los Angeles, USA, so if you happen to be in the area keep your eyes peeled for this excellent and brilliant performer!

There’s a rainbow always after the rain, or while there’s a tornado

Well, that’s true in this photo. Here’s a rare phenomenon where a rainbow appears simultaneously with a scary tornado, you don’t get to see these things every day. The photograph shown above was taken on a Thursday afternoon when two rare phenomena appeared simultaneously. Luckily enough, photographers are quick to act and were able to immortalize this moment and informed the world on social media.

Alamy Stock Photo

On a different note, more than 50 homes were damaged including trees so it’s not something that people should look forward to seeing anytime soon. It’s a one-time thing, and it should stay that way.

Relax, it’s not a pokemon.

No. It’s not a ‘butterfree’, but an Atlas moth, and it’s the biggest of its kind. This creature’s scientific name is Attacus Atlas, and it’s categorized as a gigantic saturniid moth that’s endemic to Asian forests. It’s also one of the largest lepidopterans with a wingspan that measures 25-30 cm and a wing surface area of about 400 cm2.


As you can see, its body is disproportionately small compared to its wings. The upper-wing parts are colored reddish brown with some patterns of white, black, purple and pink lines with scale-less, triangular windows bordered in shades of black.

Car Camouflage

Someone needed to show off their painting skills and decided to camouflage a car based on a particular camera angle and its background; It’s brilliant and amusing all at the same time. The artist’s name is Sara Watson, and she is the woman in this photo. She’s an art student at the University of Central Lancashire.


The optical illusion art is part of her image and drawing making course. It is evident that she has taken inspiration from the famous pavement artist, Julian Beever.

Photography is all about angles.

One of the best points of photography is that you can alter reality by manipulating light and angles. A photographer can dictate how the viewer will feel by associating brightness and colors to the emotions that they want to portray. A person doing one thing can depict different things, and the person can manipulate that meaning behind the camera.


The photo taken above expresses an emotion of novelty and amusement. It is because the angle makes the woman’s head appear more prominent as she rides an exaggerated flat car. Also, the lighting is very bright allowing for a light visual that invites a happier emotion. Hence, content that encourages joyous laughter and slapstick jokes.

An Aquarium?

No. It’s an Opal with unique patterns inside. As you know, gems and crystals like this are often revered and collected for their beauty and monetary value. The photo shown above isn’t just your run-off-the-mill stone, but it’s called an Opal crystal.


Opals feature a broad spectrum of colors, but this particular kind has a different and unbelievable visual effect. It seems like you’re seeing an underwater water view with light shining above it. It looks so surreal that it looks like a pocket-sized aquarium. It almost seems as if its a memory suspended in Opal.

This ripped dog doesn’t even go to the gym!

Wendy, who seemingly appears to look like a Mastiff or a Pitbull with a tiny head is a whippet who has a muscular disorder. One would think she’s just been hitting the gym and drinking lots of protein powder, but her condition makes her develop twice the muscle mass a healthy and slender dog could ever dream of acquiring.

Alamy Stock Photo/Pinterest

Her condition is called the “Bully Whippet Syndrome,” they have seen the condition on some species of cattle. The genetic condition happens when “double muscling” is caused by two defective copies of myostatin. This condition exists on sheep, mice, and humans like Captain America!

A fire devil. Don’t be afraid, be terrified.

This is a fire whirl, also known as a fire devil. It’s a rare and very dangerous phenomenon that forms when strong winds and potent fire combines. People call this, erroneously, a fire tornado, but in fact it’s a whirlwind infused with fire. You wouldn’t wish this on your worst enemy.

Alamy Stock Photo

It starts as a small whirl of wind that is usually made visible by the smoke of its friction, and when the right amount of heat and turbulent conditions it forms a tornado-like vortex that sucks varying debris along with combustible gasses.

This photo is not a funny meme.

The dog in this photo might look like it came from weird meme from Facebook, but it’s not. It has a condition called the “Baboon Dog Syndrome” or “Short-spine syndrome,” a drastic shortening of the spinal/vertebral column. The remaining spine becomes compressed giving the dog a sort of hunched back look.


Dogs with this condition seem to retain their spine in its cartilage form. In some cases, some vertebrae become stuck together making their bodies less flexible compared to their normal counterparts. They cannot turn their heads because their necks appear to be missing, so they have to turn their whole body around to see what piques their interest.

Giant Chair and Table. Real or Not?

Definitely, real! The location of this 30-foot giant table and chair is just across Hampstead Heath, England. From a distance, it looked like the common Ikea flatpack table and chair, the only thing that’s different is that it’s the size of the average house. They called the artwork as “The Write” was made by the Italian sculptor Giancarlo Neri.

Alamy Stock Photo

Artist Neri describes the artwork as a “monument to the loneliness of writing,” but he also hopes that spectators will make of it according to their will. He chose Hampstead heath to be the place of this artwork because of the literary significance it had accumulated throughout its history.

The Real Barbie Girl

Meet Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova, and she’s the real-life Barbie girl! She is a Ukranian entertainer and a model who rose to internet fame because of her cunning resemblance with the famous Barbie doll. She uses a specific style of makeup and contact lenses to enhance the full-on Barbie fantasy. She matches the colors of her contact lenses to her naturally blue/gray/green eyes.


In an interview, the model stated that she had to undergo breast augmentation to have the same physique as the toy. She also claims that its the only part of her body that she had any plastic surgeon touch.

Perfectly synchronized.

No, this is not a case of copy-paste, or when your windows processor hangs, these men are just perfectly in line. This photo might seem amusing to many, but it requires a lot of training, focus, and bonding to make possible. Soldiers are known to undergo rigorous training and would receive face great punishment if they don’t perform properly.


From getting their first training and education, military men and women are governed by a set of strict rules to ensure that they develop a sense of discipline and organization. It takes years to perfect a march like this.

Good news, this photo is real! Bad news: it may seem cute, but obesity is terrible for cats!

It’s just a photo of a morbidly obese cat who was up for adoption. Clearly, the ex-owners of this cat didn’t know how to raise it properly. Part of being a great pet owner is understanding the physical needs of an animal such as basic health and fitness. I know cats and dogs always seem to be hungry, but it doesn’t mean you should feed them so much that they get as big as this cat!

Getty Images Photo byLaurentiu Garofeanu / Barcroft USA

These animals don’t know how to take care of themselves, especially the ones who are domesticated. We understand that chubby kitties and puppies are the best to cuddle with and that’s okay, but don’t feed them to the point of obesity. Remember, when it’s not healthy anymore, it’s terrible!

Human teeth on a fish? That’s just weird.

The world is home to millions of different species, so it’s not much of a surprise if we still come across new species now and then. But to see a fish that has human teeth? WEIRD. And it’s not a result of some genetic mutation.

Getty Images Photo by jean claude soboul

It’s just a fish called the ‘red-bellied pacu’. It’s an aquarium fish famous among hobbyist. It’s an ornamental fish that grows to significant sizes when taken care of properly. People import these fish from South America across the world.

That’s a real-life person, not a cartoon!

Make-up artist Chris Alex recreated Silver surfer’s comic book cover Vol 3 Issue #20 by Ron Lim. This Marvel released this character on February 1989. The materials used in making this body paint so realistic are all premium to make sure that the colors will pop out.

Image via Complex Original

He also created the board and rock using foam core and acrylic paint. It took him an additional 3 hours on top of the 6-hour process of painting the body. The model was asked to pose under strong fill light and a black background to make the colors pop more.

This is not a photo collage.

We are not kidding. It’s not a photo collage; it’s just one photo. We know what’s going on in your head, but as tricky as it seems, it’s a photo taken from a set that creates an illusion of four different images.


Artist Bela Borsodi arranged it to trick the brain into thinking there’s more than one image exists. She has coordinated colors and natural in such precision that it created a whole new visual dimension. The artist is known to create artwork that defies space and time, well at least, visually.

When film cameras glitch

Everyone loves the idea of a floating ship, but sadly the one seen in the photo above isn’t what you think it is. The boat looks like it’s traveling midair, but the camera’s white balance was just off.  The blue body of water that you see here is the sand.


Some call it a “Fata Morgana” which is a form of mirage seen on narrow bands right above the horizon. It’s named after the famous Arthurian sorceress Morgan le Fay. These mirages, as they believe, usually show themselves in the Straits of Messina, where their magic creates fairy castles in the air or false land so that they could lure sailors to their demise.

The Magic Tap

Here’s a neat structural trick: the Magic Tap! Located in Spain’s Aqualand, people can’t help but feel baffled or be in awe by the genius idea who made this possible. The secret to this is magic, yeah.. Not! A pole placed in where the water is running is what holds it up. No one will be able to see it when the water is on.


The Magic tap has been listed in many publications to be among the most amazing fountains scattered across the globe, and we couldn’t agree more!

No edits, just pure nature!

The photo shown above is that of an aurora that appears on the planet Saturn. The spectacular light formation that you are seeing is caused by an energetic solar wind that circulates the earth just the way it does on the planet Earth. But unlike Earth, the Saturn’s auroras are seen when there’s ultraviolet light. Auroras on Saturn are powered and shaped by the flow of charged particles coming from the sun as well as the planet’s magnetic field.

Alamy Stock Photo

The study of Saturn’s auroras began in the year 1979 when the 11 spacecraft, which was a pioneer at that time observed a far-ultraviolet brightening on the poles of Saturn.

Scarier Than Ghosts

The real horror that people should be scared to death about is pollution, most especially in the air. Here’s a photo of the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan, covered in massive air pollution. Imagine living in the world when the air that you breath is as dirty as contaminated water.


Almaty is the biggest city in the country of Kazakhstan with a booming population of 1.8 million people. They make up about 8% of the country’s total population. One of the reasons why it’s polluted is due to the fact that it’s the major cultural and commercial center of the whole country.

It’s not a torture device! It’s just an illusion trick that makes your arm look warped.

Both are incorrect! The right answer is- Optical illusion! At first glance, you’d think it’s some device that can twist your arm, but if you look close enough, the person putting their hands inside the contraption are not in pain. Jerry Andrus creates it, and that device was brought to an optical illusion conference to help teach and educate fellow people in the field.


An optical illusion is a visual system characterized through a visual perception, making it appear to be different from the usual things that we can do in reality. There are three main classes of optical illusions: cognitive, physiological, and physical illusions.

It’s Miss Monotonous Santa for you!

Jingle bells, slay those bells! Someone got the memo and took it one notch higher. Of course, in a sea of red spangled Santa costumes, it’s hard to stand out when everyone is as bright as everyone’s favorite Christmas mascot, so a girl decided to stand-out by toning it down.


Who would ever think that sticking with monotones could make you shine the brightest? Most especially in a festive and brightly celebrated occasion like Christmas? Well, lesson learned. Great job, girl!

Imagine this being your hobby:

Would you be able to make this as your hobby? Or something that’s part of your daily lifestyle? Well, the guy shown in the photo above is a Ukrainian roofer, and he risks his life on the regular by merely hanging and climbing from different towers and buildings.


He has a photographer that follows him around who, we firmly believe, is also putting his life in danger. There have been reports of people who shared the same hobby falling from a building after just one single mistake. It’s a very dangerous hobby, but they say that the adrenaline that it gives you is better than any kind of “high” that’s available in the market today.

What in the sharkception?!

Sharks are one of the fiercest predators in the world. It’s sharp fangs, and substantial power is what makes them such lethal animals. It can almost devour any fish, human and even its kind. Yes, it does have hard skin, but cannibalism isn’t something new for the species.


Sharks are known to eat each other right from the womb, so seeing this smaller shark get eaten by a bigger one, well, that’s natural folks! Play the song baby shark while staring at this photo, it gets disturbing.

The Good o’ American Salut

Before the heartless reign of Hitler, Americans taught their children to salute the flag the way they do it on the photo shown above. Today, they are accustomed to putting their hands over their hearts whenever they need to give respect to the American flag.

Time Magazine

A lot has happened during those times that changed people should give respect to the national anthem, the pledge of allegiance and whenever in front of the American flag. It was a monumental moment that changed the course of history.

We’re calling this the obsessive-compulsive trees!

How in the hell was it possible to make such precise cuts? Well, it was as easy as buying a machine and letting it all do the dirty work! The reason why this is such a well-maintained garden is that it’s a royal one. Most especially, the former imperial summer residence called the Schonbrunn palace located in Vienna, Austria. Obviously by someone who loves combining symmetry and nature.


Call it posh, call it royalty, but on this page, we will call it obsessive-compulsive realness, and that’s okay! Sometimes being a little OC can help you bring out great results just like the one in this photo.

No one asked for this photo, but here it is!

Some genius decided to fasten his shoes, hold onto the rails and take a photo. We have no idea why he did such a thing, but hey, he did! If your humor makes you do weird things and it gives you and the people around a great big laugh, you’re terrific.

Youtube/Roddy Audinot

So if you or someone you know loves to do weird things just for the heck of it, I’ll give you one advice: Go for it and do it with a pleasant grin baby!

Coincidence or sign?

In this photo, you’ll see the shape of a man appearing in the mountainsides of Alesund. A small town and municipality of the More Og Romsdal County of Norway. This port town is the center of the Alesund Region and the traditional district of Sunnmore. Known to be a place where Art Nouveau architecture is prominent, seeing a man-like silhouette drawn in the snow will make you think that some artist living around the area made it, but it is just mere coincidence.


Whether the snow and winds of Alesund are trying to tell us something, or it was just a series of moments that led to one another forming an image by accident, it is still a picturesque moment.

It isn’t a prank; it’s for research purposes

While researching prehistoric life, scientists devised a way to re-enact and show the way dinosaurs, more specifically T-rexes, reproduce.  Then they decided to exhibit it at the Jurassic Museum of Asturias. The place is unique in many ways, and the photo shown above is one of the reasons why.

Alamy Stock Photo

The museum shows the mating practice of the Tyrannosaurus Rex in three halls. It is something that no major dinosaur museum has ever shown making it ahead of the pact. It’s important to explain how these creatures multiplied during their time.

Queen Bee Realness!

Imagine working with bees every day; it removes all your fears of these hardworking little critters. That’s why this man right here, decided to cover himself up with bees. We might not know the reason why he wanted to do it, but one thing’s for sure: the bees love him!

Alamy Stock Photo

Did you know that for bees to gather one pound of honey, they have to collect nectar from two million flowers? That means that a single bee has to fly about three times across the globe to make that happen. They are also very complex and social creatures, they communicate with each other by dancing. That’s so cute!

3D Printing, is it art?

Here’s a photo of the human body intensely rippled to create a specific glitch effect. It is just as a compelling as a handmade sculpture, but the question is, can it be described as art if a machine prints it?


While traditionally ones hands create art, contemporary and modern art combines the old techniques with new technology. Art is a form of self-expression, and if there is some intent to portray emotion through 3D printing, then it can be definitely be considered an art form.

No One Got Murdered Here

Believe it or not, this photo might seem to be a creepy one, but it’s more icky than scary. The reason for the blood scattered in the room is from a horse who had a nose bleeding. It sneezed, and the blood spread all over the place.


What causes a nose-bleed in horses you ask? It’s usually a foreign object getting trapped or damaging their nasal area by coughing. It can also happen when there’s a bleeding polyp or soft growth in the nostrils area, or when tumors in the respiratory tract begin to harden and grow.

How to spot a great photographer

The ability to play with the elements available to you when taking a photo is what makes a photographer great. It’s not easy to achieve a particular effect if you don’t know how to operate the ISO, flash, exposure and other things. Photographers today can easily edit any photo with ease through Photoshop and make it look like it’s real and that’s okay.


But if you want to learn how to identify a great photographer from someone who’s just knowledgeable about the field, then you must look at their raw photos. A great example would be this photo shown above.

We can’t believe those are not stained glass!

Often, they call the photo shown above as the “stained glass windows” of China. It looks like a regular rice field when you’re on land, but it’s a whole different story when you see it on a bird’s-eye view. The look is almost as if it’s from a canvas made by an impressionist.


The Yuanyang Terraces, the specific place in China where you can find the artistic looking rice terraces, receives incomparable glory from cultivating rice.  At a latitude of 200 to 2000 m above sea level, the rice fields cover more than 20,000 km2.

A Breathtaking sunset

Here’s something that’s hard to fake: a great sunset. What’s more beautiful about it is that it happens every day. We have the luxury of witnessing breathtaking sunrises and sunsets on the daily.  There’s a saying that goes “The Sunset is a promise of a new beginning,” and there’s so much depth to it.


We all know that there’s always a beginning in the end. So every day we are reminded that when something in our lives appears to be reaching its conclusion, we should not weep because it only means that a new horizon is just around the corner.

Confused? It was a foggy night.

Here’s a photo that most people won’t quite figure out at first sight. Do you know electronic billboards? Well, one decided to show a system error during one of those foggy nights. The mist covered the feet of the billboard itself making the photo look like it’s an error with the trees as the desktop’s background.


Electronic billboards are made to eliminate the tiresome installations and excessive use of ink, tarps and other materials. Though the downside is having errors like these, it also helps lighten up the dark sky at night. So I guess there’s more positive as opposed to negative in this situation?

It’s not an alien egg, we promise!

We know it looks like the spawn of a race that will soon put an end to humanity, but it’s just a geyser caught on camera midway into eruption. If you must know, it is a spring that’s known to make intermittent discharges of water where it’s turbulently ejected out of the surface and mostly accompanied by steam.


The formation of geysers is mostly a rare phenomenon and happens if the environment meets specific hydrogeological conditions. All geyser field sites exist near active volcanoes, activated through the magma heat. The eruptive activity of a geyser may stop or change if there’s mineral deposition under its original plumbing.

Rooftop Forest!

Yeah, everyone loves a rooftop garden, but a rooftop forest? That’s amazing! The photo shown above depicts a rooftop garden that has grown to immense proportions and honestly, it’s what the world needs: more plants! There should be a law that every building should have a rooftop garden.

Getty Images Photo by Simon Song/South China Morning Post

This particular building is located in Beijing, China and created by Professor Zhang Lin. He spent a total of six years gathering rubble and rocks so that he’d be able to achieve his dreams of having a penthouse that looks like a mountaintop! The residents from lower floors hated him for it because now, the building his creation is causing the building to crack and as a result, experience leaks. I guess too much of everything is bad huh?

 Goodbye in B&W.

This photo is a creative take on goodbye. We all know how goodbyes are; mostly sad and usually associated with dim lighting and dark colors. Well here is the monochromatic expression of that created by artists Simon Jung and Erik Sturm. They colored the house a full black before they demolished the house and named it “Haus in Schwarz” (House in Black).


It was an art gallery in Mohringen, Germany and was later on demolished, only to be replaced by another art gallery.

When Aquaman calls his royal subjects

Well, not really! But this photo is real, and it makes things creepier. The square waves happened off of the Island de Rhe located in France. The phenomenon happening in the photo shown above is called a cross-sea; it’s a state of ocean waves that’s wind-generated, made of nonparallel wave systems.


The dangerous thing about a cross sea is that it has a large amount of directional spreading. It occurs when the waves from one weather system continue even if there’s a shift in the wind. Now, the waves created by the new wind is at an angle against the old which makes it more treacherous.

This is a stained glass spider!

Well, it’s real, and the scientific name for it is the Thwaitesia Argentiopunctata. It also has different names like the sequined spider, twin-peaked Thwaitesia and the mirror spider. This arachnid can live on all the states of Australia. The species is known to have a body length of around 3 millimeters for males and 4 mm for females. Their abdomens are often most patterned attractively with colors red, yellow, cream and green.


The Thwaitesia genus all features reflective silvery patches on their abdomen. The scales look like they glue varying solid pieces of mirror on their backs. What’s more amazing is that the spider has full control over how it will look like depending on how much they feel the need to protect themselves.

Here’s a photo of a giant goldfish, you’re welcome.

Goldfish are known to be a  house aquarium fish with their colorful scales and attractive appearance. Most people would think that they have a short lifespan because they die so quickly in their homes, but that’s only because they require more maintenance than you think, and water with precise pH levels.


If taken care of properly, these fish can grow to be as big as the one in the photo that they found in one of the Southern rivers of France. In the wild, these fish can be very invasive and destroy a whole ecosystem.

Oh no! It’s Sheep Jam!

No one edited this photo; you can even ask the locals in New Zealand! Here’s a phenomenon that happens all the time in this country. If you must know, sheep have this strong urge to follow others of its kind so when one keeps walking for some grass eating; others will follow until it becomes a whole colony stepping whenever yummy grass will take them.

Alamy Stock Photo

These creatures are known to have an excellent sense of smell because of existing scent glands on both their feet and eyes. They use these traits to mate and mark their territory.

Adobe Photoshop who?

Before the dawn of photoshops and other image editors, photographers had to do things manually. Lighting effects and shadows are made by blocking light sources or filtering them. There was no liquify, and the only way to crop a photo is to chop it with a blade literally.


So this photo isn’t necessarily impossible to make. With the right knowledge, resourcefulness, and talent, it’s achievable. So really what it all boils down into is that photoshop, being the breakthrough that it is, can work as a secondary tool when it comes to effects.

The bull with the world’s largest horns.

We know he looks like the final boss on RPG games, but it’s a Watusi bull named Lurch, and he has the world’s most massive horns according to the Guinness Book of Records, which cemented his name to international fame. Upon receiving his title, he has drawn visitors across the globe.

Tpi/Lara Tomasetta

People from Vietnam, UK, Kenya, Sweden, Japan, Germany, and Canada flew to see the majestic beauty of his horns. He has graced three different networks in Japan and has been posted on the pages of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! He’s like the Miss Universe titleholder of bulls!

 Modern Architecture

When it comes to beautiful architecture and interiors, you can count that the Grand Hyatt group of hotels can give you that. That photo is a photograph from the Grand Hyatt Shanghai Hotel’s Atrium. The building itself occupies 53 to 87 floors and is considered to be one of the highest hotels in the world. It ranks second only to its sister building: the Shanghai Park Hyatt.


On the 88th floor of the Shanghai tower, there lies a skywalk that allows guests to see the seemingly infinite visuals that the hotel’s atrium can give. The barrel-vaulted atrium begins at the 56th floor and continuously extends upwards to the 87th.

Here’s what an arm wrestler looks like

Meet Matthias Schlitte, the shining example that arm wrestling is a real sport and it requires skill and talent, It’s not just for fun. He’s a professional who has earned the title of “Hellboy” and has won a world championship!


He was born having a genetic defect causing an individual to develop the right forearm bone to be 33 percent larger than the left. That’s why he’s right arm is so strong, and it looks strikingly like the cartoon character Popeye.

See you in your nightmares.

Hope no one’s scared of spiders here because this photo isn’t from a horror movie set, these are in fact trees covered in massive spider webs potentially created by thousands of spiders who’ve worked together…


This photo was taken in Texas where apparently everything is bigger, even their spider webs! During this time, it was such a discovery for arachnologists that a group of spiders can work together to create a community when they thought that these critters were loners.

Thin Crust Inception

When inceptions don’t only happen in movies, but pizzas too! If you all must know, Inception is a famous science fiction and action film released in 2010. Emma Thomas co-produced this movie together with Christopher Nolan who wrote and directed everything. It’s about a professional information thief that infiltrates the human subconscious mind. He got caught, but then was offered an opportunity to erase his criminal history if he implants an idea to a specific target’s subconscious.


The cast includes Leonard DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ken Watanabe, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Dileep Rao, Michael Caine, and Tom Berenger.

Relax, it’s a Tree Hotel and not a UFO

The photo shown above is that of a seemingly futuristic Treehotel by the amazing Tham & Videgard Arkitekter. The rooms are mirrored glass boxes suspended around the trunk of a tree located in Hards, Northern Sweden. The forest and sky reflecting rooms are accessible through a rope bridge.


The room’s interior is made of plywood and can accommodate two people. Inside, you’ll see a bathroom, double bed, roof terrace, and living room. It debuted to the public on July 2010 and has been receiving great reviews up until now.

 What A Small Earthquake Can’t Do

This photo happened way back on September 4, 2010; the internet named it as the “Canterbury earthquake” in New Zealand. The wiggly rails are the ones that crossed the fault rupture right at the eastern end of the Rolleston fault. The buckled rail lines might be the result of a compressional deformation due to the earthquake.


Imagine how much damage even a small earthquake can cause on the earth’s surface. That is why it’s so much better to be cautious and alert when these things happen.

I’m Keeping an EYE on You

Hollywood director Eli Roth is posing with a sinus cancer survivor named Billy Owen, he, unfortunately, lost his eye from the disease but he still managed to make a joke out of it.


If you must know, Eli Roth (the guy who has two eyes) is a horror movie director/actor whose best-known work is Grindhouse and Hostel. He also opened up Goretorium, where guests can walk inside a haunted, fictitious ’60s hotel named the Delmont. Customers walk past scary displays as fake blood pours on their faces with scary sound effects. It’s one of the best places to feel the adrenaline rush from being absolutely terrified.

When you fight fire with fire.

Yes, bullets collide, but it’s a one in a million chance. Reportedly, a lot of fused shells happened during the Civil War, so you actually find a few on the internet. It’s not an edited photo, but the real question here is: did it actually collide midair?


If you look at the bullet on the left, you’ll see that it doesn’t have rifle marks on it. That only means no one fired that bullet. Hence, the possibility of these two bullets colliding quickly after being shot is zero. If you ask me if these bullets hit each other? Yes, but probably not in mid-air.

Not an explosion that signals the end of the world, but close!

This somewhat large group of patterns resemble a deep red rose in the middle, with vibrant green foliage in the surrounding. It is a false-color image taken from Cassini of a North Polar storm on Saturn. The eye (colored deep red rose), measured at a whopping 1,250 mil across has a corresponding estimated cloud speed of 330 miles per hour.

Getty Images Photo by Callista Images

When the Cassini spacecraft arrived within the Saturnian system in year 2004, a northern winter was occurring, and the planet’s north pole was under complete darkness.

Yes, goats climb trees.

Goats love climbing, and yes that includes trees. This phenomenon is a common sight in Morocco; they usually hang out on top of Argan trees on the road between Essaouira and Marrakesh. They love eating the fruits that these trees bear, and since goats are excellent climbers, they gather up and stay there all day long.


The goats cannot digest the argan seeds, so they excrete them whole. Workers then collect the seeds from the goat poop and then further process them to get the world famous argan oil. This oil is precious as they are rich in antioxidants like vitamin E. People commonly use it in their skincare and hair products, as well as a great dressing on foods when the seeds are lightly roasted.

Tapirs have very flexible noses

If you all must know, the adorable animal shown in this photo is called a Tapir. It’s a sizeable herbivorous mammal that has a similar shape to a pig with a short, prehensile nose trunk. They inhabit the jungle regions of Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Getty Images Photo by Nancy Nehring

The closest relatives of these cute little critters include donkeys, horses, rhinoceroses, and zebras. Sadly, there are a few extinct relatives in the superfamily Tapiroidea, and the four species left existing have been evaluated and classified as Endangered or Vulnerable.

Smooth Criminal

Here’s a photo of a young Michael Jackson attempting to live a normal life and taking Tatum O’Neal on a date by creating a bearded version of himself. If you must know, Michael Joseph Jackson was on top of the musical food chain respected as the “King of Pop.” He was arguably the most influential icon of the 20th century.


He started his career at such an early age as a member of the Jackson 5. After seven years as part of the group, he began his solo career and eventually became one of the most famous figures in the music industry.