Photos Captured By Google Street View

The arrival of the Google Streets feature enabled any person with a good internet connection to have a first person view of anywhere in the world. But did you ever wonder how this was done before this incredible feature came about?
It all started with Google employees driving around in cars with a 360-degree view camera. Cool, huh? The coolest part about this though, was that they managed to catch unforgettable moments on camera.  Check out these incredibly timed photos.

Halloween Decorations Or Massive Party Morning-After?

We’re not sure what the first thing that comes to mind is when looking at this photo. Our first thought is that some people went crazy with the toilet paper Halloween decorations, but it could also be that they decided to have a massive party the day before and, it was so banging, that the toilet paper art survived the morning after.


On the other hand, maybe this is a modern-version of egg throwing, and some neighbors just wanted to play a prank on the lovely neighbors.

A Live Proposal

It’s always great to catch someone mid-proposal. Assuming the bride or groom says yes, of course. If not, the situation could tend to turn a bit awkward. We don’t know if this guy is going for his second round, since he wrote ‘Proposal 2.0’.


If so, we really hope it goes better for him the second time around. And if not, at least the nice women on the right got to say hi to their mom.

A Horse Eating A Banana, Amongst His Flamingo Buddies

This is just priceless. Imagine you are looking for a specific address on Google Streets and this pops up. Wouldn’t you be even a little curious to go there and see what the heck is going on? It appears this man woke up with a mission: Dress up like a horse, eat a banana, and say hi to his flamingo buddies.


Is that a phone on the table? Are there more animals coming to the picnic? We’re not sure what is actually going on here, but we’re certainly curious to meet this man. Oh, and, why in the world are his calves blurred out?

Where did he go?

This guy definitely can’t catch a break. In what looks like a prison uniform, this guy appears to be running (most likely away from something or somewhere), and Google Streets isn’t doing him any favors. Just when you thought you could quietly escape prison. Jeez…


At least his face is covered. Otherwise, this guy wouldn’t know what hit him when they stop him further down the road and ask where he’s going. Which, most likely, is what happened anyways.

A Humble Santa

It looks like Santa had a bad year. Either that or we just stumbled upon Amish Santa. This picture is open to all kinds of speculations. Could be that Google just caught a mall Santa next to his squat spot, or, this old man simply felt like going out for a walk in his red pajamas.


Regardless, this is a priceless moment. If this is a Santa of some kind, we certainly hope his Holiday spirit improves for Christmas. Those crossed arms ain’t giving us cheery vibes, man. We promise we were good this year!

Got you!

Another everyday occurrence (for third world country residents, at least). This Google camera certainly caught these guys in the act. We wonder what was going on here.


And we certainly hope never to be hit with an imagine like this if we ever decide to look up our neighborhood on Google Streets.

A Man On A High Wheel… Towing A Penguin

This is definitely one of our favorite pics. Just look at this – it’s fantastic. What you are seeing is a man, on a high wheel, towing what looks like a stuffed penguin around. We don’t find it that weird. Haven’t you ever just felt like a ride with your favorite stuffed animal?


Seriously, we don’t know what this guy is up to or where he’s going, but we’re sure happy Google caught this one-of-a-kind moment.

Is That BigFoot?

OK. What actually IS that? Seems Google has proved that big foot exists once and for all. Maybe it was a strangely dressed hunter, or a bear, or just a weird angle of a tree, but whatever this is, we hope it was friendly.


We’re sure the guys at Google had a laugh when they caught this one. In fact, if this were the 50s, and by some weird time loop the 360-view cameras existed and were used by Google, they could send this photo to a newspaper and come up with a story of how there’s scientific proof that Bigfoot exists. Ha! Tabloids in the making.

Old Man With Wooden Paddle vs. Bear

First of all, we have to give credit where credit is due. Our respects to this old man for his fearlessness and courage – he’s actually chasing off a big brown bear with what looks like a wooden paddle.


We wouldn’t consider this the best of ideas when faced with a bear, but this Russian is going for it, and we’re impressed.


Wao, we feel for this guy, or girl. Looks like they’ll be fine but it was definitely a hard hit against the pavement. This is any biker’s biggest fear, we only hope another car wasn’t coming too fast behind on that lane.


It was a good move to put her hands first, but it still looks like it was a painful recovery from some serious scrapes. At least maybe they’ll have this photo to look back on and show their friends. How many people can say they have a photo of the exact moment they were in an accident?


Did these people just miss trick or treat? Or are they just a bunch of homeless people that thought they’d have better chances of getting some food as pigeons? It seems they’re just standing there, trying to make a point.


Maybe its Pigeon Conservation month and we just missed it? Whatever this is, it certainly is worth catching on picture.

A Psychedelic Big Bird?

People certainly know how to party it up in Pittsburgh. This guy is either coming from an interesting rave, or getting ready to play a character somewhere. Is it some kind of bird costume? Where is this man going?


Maybe they were just trying variations of the Big Bird costume and the camera just happened to catch this staff member wearing the psychedelic version of the beloved character.

Return Of The Rubber Duckies

This looks like a scene out of a weird sci-fi movie – The Return of The Rubber Duckies. Maybe they’re not even rubber duckies, but yellow peeps (the marshmallow candy). Whatever they are, it looks like this teenager is selling them. If so, he did a great job exhibiting them.


It looks like there are a couple of white ones there next to him. Maybe he was saving those for special customers. Or maybe he just figured they would mess up the color scheme.

There Were No Casualties

Whoa! This is definitely one for the books! What an insane moment to catch on camera. This Northwestern bus driver must have been insanely terrified. Luckily it doesn’t seem like the bus was too full at the time.


We’ll never know what exactly happened here, but we’re happy to report that no one was hurt. By the looks of it, there was ice on the floor, and most likely, the bus started to spin out of control until it finally hit the railing (and thank god for that!)

A Rebel At Heart – Or An Unfortunate Accident

This guy decided he was too cool to drive on the road, so he just decided to go for the grass instead. Is the guy standing a few feet away the owner of the car? Or just a lucky passersby that happened to be in the right place at the right time?


The people in the car probably had a scare, but we’re sure everyone was fine, since it doesn’t look like a serious crash. In fact, it seems as if the car simply slipped off the side of the road.

Car Skewer

Well, we’re certainly hoping this was (an intentional) art installation on top of a restaurant, or a car shop, or a used cars garage. If not, then, there are too many loose ends in this photo – how did those cars get there?!


Regardless, what a treat for Google to catch this on camera. It’s one of those photos you can show your grandkids and say, this is how we parked back in the day. Ha!

Inception? Or Bad Parking?

We really don’t even know what to say about this one. It appears to be photoshopped, because just how in the heck? It could just be a very well done graffiti or art installation.


Or maybe the camera is just playing with our minds by shooting from a weird angle. Anyways, our best parking award of the year goes to the red car on the side of the building!

Completely Stuck

This poor car either had the gate malfunction and fall down on the hood, or he pressed the button way too soon! What a ridiculous way to scratch your car – damn automatic gates.


Wherever they are, we hope the owners of this car come soon, otherwise they’re looking at a very expensive repair bill. And probably a tow car.

God Bless America, Indeed

What happened, man? You just decided to decorate your car with a crime scene tape and some U.S. flags so we would all know this brilliant idea came from a proud North American? We have to admit though, we’re loving the orange cone on top.


What’s funny is the car actually looks like a prop from “Back to The Future”. The photo was probably taken some years ago – remember Google still had vehicles going around with cameras back then.

A Cat Hat

Bravo. We’re loving this guy’s taste in fashion. He just decided he’d wear a cat on his head today, and why not? He is wearing a baseball cap underneath.


The cat, on the other hand, has fantastic balance. Can you imagine how hard it would be to sit on someones head without falling? It certainly is a moment for the camera – a guy and his cat decided to go for a walk.

Woodcutting Taken Way Too Lightly

This guy is way too breezy to be cutting wood with a chainsaw. Come on, man! You’re holding a chainsaw and standing in your underwear WAY too close. Even though it looks like it was very hot, you still need at least a pair of pants.


It makes you nervous just looking at this photo. Plus, he’s not even looking at what he’s cutting! We can understand the heat, but this is just taking wood chopping way too lightly.

Cows In The Roundabout

Well that’s really something you don’t expect to see when going out for gas. A herd of cows eating grass on the roundabout. And if you look closely, the gas station sign reads ‘Pemex’, which is a Mexican oil company. So, we guess these lovely Mexican Cows decided to go for a stroll.


We really like this photo. It shows how modern society and nature can coexist. The cars keep driving by carefully, giving the cows their space to walk through and eat.

A Traffic Light In A Car

What would be even more amazing than this photo would be a ‘right before’ photo, so we could hopefully understand how in the world did this happen.


The traffic light is literally inside the car. That’s one big accident. We certainly hope no one got hurt, because it looks like that light almost went all the way through.

Thus Guy Knows How To Party

You know you had a good night when you look like this in the morning. Surrounded by beer cans, lying on the ground, next to a park, wearing a crown – this guy had his fun.


Gladly, Google’s cameras caught this glorious morning-after moment, right before he wakes up and the hangover kicks in. We would’ve loved to have a photo of this guy an hour later.

The Mutt Cuts Van

That policeman in the motorbike to the right is looking about as baffled as we are right now. This giant doggie looks exactly like the Mutt Cuts Van, the famous van from the Dumb and Dumber movie franchise.


Did someone steel the van from the prop closet of the film set? Or are there actually people out there that drive in this? We’re really hoping it’s a mobile pet grooming business or something of the sort. That is one cute looking pup, though!

Mannequins Go Bye-Bye

Obviously, this is the back part of a clothing store. But to be honest, who knows? This is one of the great things about these captured photos – you can imagine a lot of different scenarios and dream up any back story you like.


That’s a funny way of getting rid of your mannequins, though. Look at how they’re all placed as if they alone decided it was time to climb into the trash.

Easter Bunny Vendor

Definitely one of the more creepier ones. Clearly, we’re looking at a store of some kind, and either, one of the vendors decided it would be a good idea to go out and greet customers like this, or a man wearing and Easter bunny costume just needed himself a pair of shoes. What do you think?


The thing is, we’re not sure if the kid is actually with him, or just got caught in the frame by accident. Another funny detail is that the Easter bunny actually looks like he’s wearing a onesie costume and a purple, Harry-Potter type vest. This whole scene is a little weird.

The meanness of childhood

This photo captures a very true reality of pre-teen childhood. The girl on the ground clearly fell, and her friends (or what we would assume were her friends) appear to be laughing!


This is one of the amazing things about these cameras, they captured totally spontaneous moments that show us a tiny glimpse into the other day life of other people and societies. Hopefully, they helped her get up afterwards.

Tin Man Family: Party of Three

These guys just decided to dress up like the tin man family and go for a walk. Either that or they leaving some sort of Comic Con event. Maybe they were going to a theme futuristic theme party.


Regardless, we’re loving this rare sighting of gold, metallic people walking around the streets. Bravo, Google. This is definitely a good one.

The Guys That Went Golfing In Hazmat Suits

Such a lovely day to go out golfing with your pal. Only these guys decided to go in Hazmat suits, because why not?


What’s even more interesting is that one of the guys is in full boxing pose, while the other is about to smack him with the golf club. What’s going on here?!

The Mother Load

Behold the authors of our wonderful photos! Google themselves show us a parking lot of other Google Street vehicles.


Imagine a bunch of these driving around every corner of the country. The footage is just endless – we can’t even begin to imagine what these people have caught on camera.

Lawnmower Meltdown

This guy was either done mowing the lawn for the day or just felt like taking a breather and saying “@**& it!” And we say, why not? He decided to flash the Google cameras and give them all something to see.


This photo brings us back to the days when mowing the lawn was a part-time job, and you could do it in shorts, in the summer, while listening to music. Beats an office, we’ll tell you that.

Can’t Hide From The Law

Busted! These guys couldn’t run fast enough, it seems. Sad thing is, they all look like young teenagers, and we sincerely hope this body search doesn’t land them a night in jail.


The other police officer seems to have caught the Google camera, or maybe he’s just staring very intensely at something. Regardless, not a pretty situation to be in.

Pennies For Our Cheerleading Routine

Is there a reason why these people decided to do their pirouette in the middle of a transited street? Are they looking for practice in difficult spaces? Or are they simply looking to recollect money for their next adventure?


But nonetheless, the girl is pretty impressive to be able to pull this off in the middle of the street, during a traffic light stop.

Google Street Tricycle

Google was so on it that it even had tricycles with 360-degree view cameras. And here, a vehicle camera captures one on the job. Imagine having that job. The guy that drives the Google Street tricycle.


You’d literally ride around all day and then get to see what you filmed. What a fun way to spend your days. Plus, a tricycle is much less noticeable than a vehicle, so the things they catch are different.

Mr. Funky Minotaur

There are a lot of theories with this one. The guy might have just decided it was purple sweater, horse head day and went for a walk. Or, maybe these two cars know each other and they’re playing a prank.


It’s definitely a strange thing to capture on photo, but it’s kind of nice to know people still do this – simply decide to do whatever they feel like and go outside.

Ready For Space Travel

Google spotted the missing power ranger. This person is either missing a motorbike or ready for a trip to space. That’s a serious helmet. And those are some serious shoes!


Is he waiting for something at the edge of the road? Whatever the kind, this guy is definitely ready for travel. Not your typical bike rider.

Where’s The Water, Pops?

They probably got stranded on the road, while carrying their kayaks, because we’re having a hard time thinking about what other situations might explain this picture. What are they doing there?


We know they say to practice some movements on dry land first, but you don’t need to stay out there in the sun, dad. You’re kayaking on a piece of grass in the middle of the street!

Gumby Under Attack

This is a hilarious one. These kids are actually throwing a shoe at Gumby. What did the quirky clay animation ever do to you guys? Gumby was a cultural icon from the 50s to the late 80s.


Even today, you can catch the Gumby show reruns in some channels. We don’t know if this is actually intended to be Gumby, maybe it’s just a guy in a costume promoting some kind of green soft drink. We prefer to think the kids got into a fight with Gumby.

Lawnmower Mafia

These guys look like members of The Sopranos family, only instead of pork, they sell lawn mowers as a store front. Maybe these two decided it was time to get rid of all the old lawnmowers one collects through the years.


Or maybe this is just a thing about this particular place – everyone leaves their lawnmowers out at dusk so they can prove they did their days’ work.

San Francisco Legs

It looks Google cameras stumbled upon a giant, 50s fashioned woman coming out of a house window in San Fransisco. Well this is just marvelous. It had to be in a city as quirky as this one.


We’re loving this original art installation of a pair of legs coming out a house window! Did the tenant put it there? Or was this originally a psychedelic homage to Alice In Wonderland?

Toddlers Pulling Off An Armed Robbery

These toddlers had enough of the grown-ups controlling the meals, and bed time, and when it’s time to leave the park. So they decided to assault their dads.


I think that’s definitely a cue your kid is watching way too much television, dude. Give him a ball to bring to the park next time. Do it for the terrified kids in the back, too!

A Date With A Doll

Kudos to this guy, he couldn’t find a real date so he decided to take out his plastic doll for an afternoon stroll instead. You got to give him some points for courage. We just hope he doesn’t bring her to the in-laws anytime soon.


To be fair, this guy was probably transporting goods to or from a sex shop, or maybe he just purchased it, but he was certainly caught red handed!

This Dog Is Ecstatic

We would give anything to be able to ride like this doggy. Just look at its face, it looks ecstatic. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s being driven around in a snugly little carriage.


Maybe the dog’s just a bit older and the owner decided it was the perfect day for a long bike ride, so he decided to bring the carriage along just in case. Anyways, we’re loving that these two cute pals were caught on camera.

The Neighborhood Watchman

The days of feeling unsafe around the neighborhood are long gone, folks! This skeleton man has decided to drive around in, what looks like, a cheap golf cart, and make sure all the neighbors are safe and sound.


Talk about ironic. If we ever saw a guy dressed in a skeleton costume we’d freak out and call the neighborhood watchmen! The ones that look like regular humans…

In Today’s Headlines

Simply hilarious. This man just decided to walk out in his underwear and barefoot and sit in the plaza to read the newspaper. His feet do look sandy, so it very well may be that he’s close to the beach and just wanted to catch some shade in the gazebo.


Maybe it’s a homeless man, but regardless, catching the news headlines seem to be very important to him. Perhaps he’s reading about how Google Street vehicles are taking over society like big brother. Go figure.

Feeling Like Garbage

Poor guy. We’re not sure if he’s ready to get out and he just got stuck, but it’s safe to say he got in there voluntarily in the first place. Maybe him and his friends we’re filming a comedy bit, or maybe he was just sending a sad video to his ex-girlfriend, asking her to take him back.


Even though, we have to say he actually looks quite comfortable sleeping there, with the sun on his face. We’d say this is the result of a crazy night and a funny prank from friends.

Caught In The Act

This guy is going to town with the nose picking! Yikes! He probably thought no one would notice, as one usually thinks when stuck in traffic.


You’re in the privacy of your own car, that should mean you’re able to do anything without anyone watching or judging. Little did he know, a Google vehicle was filming the entire moment.

Car Hood Plank

Get up. Check. Brush Teeth. Check. Do some planks on the hood of the car. Check. What is going on here, man? Did the car keep going when it was your turn to cross and you just decided to throw yourself at it? If so, we applaud him.


The driver doesn’t seem too shocked by the whole thing, which leads us to think that maybe it was a planned joke all along. Regardless, it’s always fun to watch a guy looking like a sardine on the hood of a car, during heavy traffic.

Going For Coffee With Your Alpaca Friend

Here we have a lovely shot of a man and his alpaca sitting down to enjoy some morning coffee and pastries at the local town bakery. Is this the man’s pet? Was he randomly having his coffee and got a visit from an alpaca that escaped from a zoo nearby?


Whatever the situation, this guy certainly seems comfortable with his furry friend. The man walking way seems to be as confused by the situation as we are, though.

Top Secret Mission Caught On A Not So Secret Google Camera

You can quickly tell something serious is about to go down here. These five men look like they’re going on or coming from a secret mission. Too bad they were caught on Google’s not so secret cameras.


They don’t look particularly happy to have been caught on camera either. Armed and uniformed, we think if it were us driving that Google vehicle, we would quickly continue the journey and leave these guys to whatever it is that they’re doing.

Like An Action Movie Set

This is a bit of a worrying situation. We don’t really know what happened here – if the guys had an accident, or are simply taking a break in the sun while waiting for their friend to properly park his motorcycle – but it really looks like the middle of a scene in an action film.


Maybe this was a real copper that came to a house call and this is what he found. We just hope those guys got up in the end.

A Naked Man In A Car Trunk, And An Indifferent Dog

We’re not sure what happened here, but it definitely doesn’t look legal. Let’s start with the man in the trunk. At least if he were laying naked outside on the pavement we could say he probably just had a rough night. But, how did he get in the trunk of the car?


And even more disturbing, is the fact that his dog (if it’s even his) seems completely indifferent to the whole situation. Maybe it always knew the guy was OK and it was just some friends playing a prank. We’d hate to think of another reason why the dog is lying so still there.

Any Chance You Guys Have Some Snacks?

Don’t mind if I do…pop inside your car suddenly and scare the living daylights out of everyone. What we have here is a lovely, huge ostrich popping its long neck through the open window of a car.


The driver is probably hitting himself for not having closed the window. And the car next to it seems to have driven off the road to avoid hitting the poor animal. Maybe it was just looking for a snack, or some new friends.

Panda Life

Pandas are one of the most beautiful animals on earth. Just look at them on the grass here, so relaxed and happy, eating their bamboo. Most of them seem oblivious to being caught on camera. All except for one.


Just look at that last panda over there peering right into the camera. Imagine what he must have been thinking the Google view vehicle was.

The Best Post-it Note Prank

This is just genius. Seems the person that left this beautifully decorated car just got tired of having to remind the woman of the same thing day after day, so he decided to make things easier and just leave a thousand post-it notes on her car!


How annoying though, we hope this woman wasn’t running to work or anything, because whoever did this managed to cover her entire front windshield.

A Special Moment

Isn’t it just wonderful when you manage to catch a moment like this one on camera? This moment is sure to change these people’s lives forever, and we got to see it, even if we never get to meet them. And by the looks of it, she said yes!


We’d say the camera was probably distracting him from his probably much practiced proposal, but it seems they didn’t even notice they’re being filmed. Understandable. This is definitely one of those moments in life when the rest of the world ceases to exist.

Party In A Hot Tub

And why not celebrate the end of a work day with a nice hot tub? We say good for them that they decided to go all out. You have your comfy beach chair, some supplies, and a background view of a hard-working tractor, in case they needed to be reminded of what awaits after a 12 hour shift in the sun.

These guys definitely know how to chill out and enjoy some down time. Plus, what more could you want? We can bet the hot tubs in any fancy house doesn’t have this view, and certainly not the fresh air.

Santa Had A Rough Christmas

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a gem. Poor old Santa freshly released from jail after, what we can only assume, was a rough Christmas eve. At least they kept his bag of toys for him.


We just hope this guy could go straight home after this and didn’t have to rush to a job at the mall. This should be a photo parents show their kids, as proof that even Santa gets punished when he does something bad!

Scuba Street Fight

Full scuba gear or not, these guys are going at it. We can’t exactly see what one of them is about to throw the other one, but we realize there’s a sort of attack situation going on here. And the one in red seems to be holding some kind of rake…


The question is, why do they look like they’re seconds from diving off a boat? Did they just decide to get ready at home and a fight broke out all of a sudden? Did they walk off the boat and onto the street?

The Segway Bunch

Think about it. What could be better for a group of old people than jumping on a segway and being driven all over the city to do some sight-seeing? Segways have, even nowadays, become a prime tool for tour organizers around the world.


f Poultry Bus Stop We’re not sure if this one is actually a tour or Google’s cameras just caught three very active old friends zooming by. They’re even dressed alike. Imagine seeing this photo back in the 70s or 80s, you’d think it was sent from a futuristic time, far, far away.

Sheep Riot

Oh boy. These sheep aren’t going anywhere. And one of them looks like its even ready to pick a fight with the angry driver. Which already looks furious that he can’t be on his way because a massive herd of sheep are blocking the road!


“Sorry I was late for work again, boss. This time, it was the sheep, they were blocking the road and I couldn’t pass!” Good luck with that excuse if you work anywhere other than a farm.

Chilling Out In Our Scuba Gear

We can’t make out what part of the world this was caught in, but wherever it was, we’re digging the locals. These guys decided to park it right here, in the middle of traffic, in the middle of the day, fully dressed in their scuba gear.


Maybe they were on their way to the boat and the traffic got so bad they decided to make a day of it, put on their scuba gear and sit and enjoy the sun.

Street Gymnastics

Clearly, this guy just felt it was time to interrupt his walk with some more elaborate gymnastics. That’s definitely an interesting alternative use for a street post. And we have to hand it to him, he is quite flexible. That’s not as easy as it looks!


On a closer look, it seems he even put down his coffee cup on the floor next to him, and the other passersby (who is obviously laughing like crazy) is about to hit – making this an even better scene, 5 seconds from now!

Run, Kids, Run!

Looks like these kids had to make a run for it after, what was probably the police, scared them off. By looking at the kid with the black and white baseball cap, we could maybe think the other three kids stole something from him and that’s their reason for high-speed running.


However, if you notice the one with the red shirt, you can see he’s cautiously peeping behind him, so it just has to be a police chase.

Samurais Spotted In American Suburb

Just your typical day in the suburbs – green lawns, quiet streets, local stores, and medieval samurais. Yeah, you read that right. These two guys felt like an old-fashion sword duo in the middle of their neighborhood.


They really went all out with the costumes, though. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think Google’s cameras just caught two Game of Thrones actors mid-scene!

So This Is Where Superheros Meet After Work

Google Streets’ camera seems to have stumbled upon a casual superhero meeting in a restaurant by the side of the road. We don’t know if they just popped by after a Comics convention and decided to grab a drink before heading back home, but it surely looks like a fun group to be in.


Maybe, we finally found the top secret meeting point where all our favorite superheroes meet for a drink after a hard day’s work. There seem to be some guys in suits, too. It certainly looks like an interesting scene.

Lemonade, Anyone?

Whatever this woman is selling, we’re sure the bikini top, short skirt and high heels didn’t hurt. Apparently, this is the Spanish version of a kid selling lemonade in the suburbs, and we’re sure it’s way more effective.


Especially because the half-naked woman is the first thing cars on this Barcelona highway will see. By the time she pulls out the thermos, some guys probably already offered to buy her a house. Sales skills: 100!

Waiting For It

Even though this photo doesn’t have the (often hilarious) element of surprise, because obviously people already knew a Google camera would be filming them, it’s still a very cool picture. It seems a naughty Google snitch tipped these people off, and it made for a perfectly timed photo.


Our question now is, were these people working in the same office? Or were they just a random group of people that knew exactly where the next Google Street vehicle was going to be passing next?

Bottle Rocket

By the looks of it, this man wasn’t in the mood to be disturbed, and certainly not caught on camera! He appears to be throwing a full bottle of coke towards the camera!


At least we hope that’s a coke bottle and not a homemade Molotov bomb. This doesn’t exactly look like your white picket-fence, family neighborhood, now does it?

For Those Times You Just Can’t Hold It In Anymore

How many times have you actually wished for there to be a toilet in the middle of the street? Well there you go. We don’t know if it was placed there momentarily until the guys in the white car got their stuff properly organized or what, but it certainly makes for an interesting pic.


The actual functioning might be a bit problematic, but in a perfect world, one of these would be around every time you really needed it.

Poultry Bus Stop

Look at these lovely poultry, all politely waiting on the bench. It almost looks like they’re waiting for the next bus to arrive. They seem to be quite distracted with whatever is happening on the other side of the fence.


We’re thinking a distracted farmer forgot to close the pen last night, and we’re sure he wasn’t happy to find it empty the next morning. But since you already made a run for it, don’t forget to turn around birdies, or you’ll miss the bus!

Here We Go!

These two look like they’re ready to go to the races. The driver is so concentrated he looks like a cartoon next to his trusty sidekick! Apparently, they were going quite fast. Ha!

google street view

The funny thing is they both look scared to death. Probably not a great combination when you’re driving around in a car like that. Wherever these two are headed, they are sure to make a grand entrance.

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife!

Well this definitely classifies as a “hide your kids, hide your wife” situation! There’s a big van going up in flames in front of a house in Canada, and no one seems to be bothered by it! It looks like the fire has been going on for a few minutes, how has nobody come out yet?!


The most ironic part is, the red truck next to it seems to belong to a handyman of some sort, who’s probably inside fixing something in the house. People, run outside, NOW. Otherwise there’s not going to be a house left to fix.

Casual Wheelie

This teenager went out for a ride and decided to do some acrobatics! We’re loving his wheelie, and his casual, laid-back style. Whoever said you had to be a hardcore, bad-ass motorcycle driver to be able to do a cool wheelie?


We hope he didn’t notice the Google camera and lost his focus, because that could have been a very hard and painful fall. Especially since he’s not wearing any protective gear. Or even a shirt!

Google Found Waldo!

After all these years of searching, Google finally found him: the legendary Waldo! Whatever this guy was doing dressed like this -whether it was a costume party, a personal prank, or just simply waking up and feeling like Waldo – we have to thank him for giving us this great pic.


He definitely had all the Waldo books, because his costume is perfect, up until the last detail. The hat, the glasses, the shirt, and even the cane!

All’s Good, The Skateboard Is Fine

This skater fell so bad it looks like he’s doing a break-dance move. This actually looks like a pretty bad fall; we hope it didn’t end so badly. On the bright side, though, the skateboard doesn’t seem to have a single scratch!


It’s quite surprising to see the guy still firmly holding on to his skateboard. It’s as if his first instinct wasn’t to make sure he didn’t decapitate himself, but to keep the skateboard safe!

The Worm Dance

This woman decided to practice her ‘worm dance’ right there on the street. Maybe she was trying to crawl into a house through the bushes? Or sneakily take a peek inside someone else’s garden? Whatever she’s doing, she seems to be very focused.


If she’d at least worn a grey sweatshirt she could somehow camouflage into the street, but she went for a bright orange color. Good going, girl.

How Would You Even Caption This?

If we had to caption this, we’d say “I knew I shouldn’t have listened to my mother and gone out for a run”. In all fairness, it looks like she slipped, since she is wearing flip-flops.


What a harsh landing. But at least she managed to put out her arm quickly and land on it first. And it looks like she was ready to put the hand, too. How did she manage to fall this way?

Keep Going, Nothing To See…

And we’ll just leave this here, folks. What do you think they’re carrying? It certainly looks like a body, but we don’t want to speculate.


Just when they thought they were safe doing these kinds of things in the middle of the day so no one would see, a Google street camera pops by and catches them in the act!