Popular College Animal Mascots in the United States

Ever wonder how those fluffy animal mascots became a part of the cheerleading squad and the overall experience of the college football game? Here is a brief list of the most popular mascots in American college and their story.  The creation of a mascot is derived from the nickname of the team it is supporting. Although it is seen at some universities that don’t have animal-related characteristics in their nicknames and have made their unique character.

University of Alabama

The University of Alabama has an interesting one which is nicknamed the Crimson Tide had created their mascot inspired by an Elephant which they call ‘Big Al’. Regardless if mascots are based on fictional or real characters, their anthropomorphic nature is part of the teams’ tradition and the spirit of the university.

University of Georgia

Not all mascots are costumes, some can be real animals but don’t worry these animals are treated like royalty. For example, at the University of Georgia, their mascot is the Pitbull UGA who has his own airconditioned home to relax in when he’s not representing his team on the field. Whenever the mascot passes away, they hold a private funeral and entomb them alongside their fellow UGA’s. The University of Georgia is now on its 9th generation of UGA!

Getty Images Photo by Marc Serota
Getty Images Photo by Marc Serota

University of Florida

Florida is infamous for its alligator population which is why it’s no surprise for the University of Florida to have one as their mascot. Not only is it an alligator, but there are also two of them and they are a happy couple that has impeccable dancing skills which earned them quite a popular reputation in the US.

University of Colorado

When it comes to living animal mascots, the University of Colorado surely demands your attention as they use a live buffalo called Ralphie. They are currently on the fifth generation of Ralphie’s’ and it takes a team to contain her 1000-pound body as she does a lap around the field before the match.

Louisiana State University

A buffalo is one thing, but have you ever heard of a Bengal tiger being a mascot? Yes, a real one! Although they use an anthropomorphic mascot at most games due to the dangers of having such a predator on the field, Mike the Tiger lives near the northern stadium at the Louisiana State University to welcome all. Whenever it is a home game, Mike the Tiger will make his appearance on the main field to welcome the visiting team.

Getty Images Photo by Streeter Lecka
Getty Images Photo by Streeter Lecka

When it comes to contact sports like football, you must channel your inner beast to dominate in the field. With the little help of an anthropomorphic mascot that can hype the stadium up to root for you, you are unstoppable. Many of us reminisce on these times in college as the best time. No one remembers the content of their final exams but can remember that incredible touchdown and the mascot that led the show.